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Chat: Hell

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Chat: Class 1-A

Friday, 3:59 pm

Shouta Aizawa has added Iida Tenya , Tsuyu Asui, Koji Kouda, and 17 others to Class 1-A


Shouta Aizawa: The principal said we teachers should make chats for our home rooms.  Despite the fact you all live together. Only use @everyone if there’s some kind of emergency. Try to behave.  Only @ me if you need something. I’m always watching.

Shouta Aizawa: I changed my mind.  If you need something @Momo Yaoyorozu or @Iida Tenya because I made them mods.  Goodnight.


Izuku Midoriya: Aizawa-sensei plz it’s not even 4 pm yet


Tsuyu Asui: check again

Tsuyu Asui: bitch


Iida Tenya: Tsu!!!


Tsuyu Asui: what are you going to do?  Bitch.


Uraraka Ochako: Tsu!!!  What happened to you???


Tsuyu Asui: ive been training with Bakugou


Iida Tenya: @Bakugou Katsuki explain


Bakugou Katsuki: no fuck you


Mezo Shoji: You corrupted a good frog girl.  Look at her. She said bitch.


Momo Yaoyorozu: This has… gone downhill


Iida Tenya has changed the chat name to Help


Yuga Aoyama: I don’t believe any help is coming my darling :)


Iida Tenya: That feels threatening!  I don’t Like that very much


Todoroki Shoto has changed their name to fuck you endeavour


Iida Tenya: I don’t approve of the language, but I like the sentiment.

Bakugou Katsuki has changed their name to Lord Explosion


Minoru Mineta has changed their name to I like boobies


I like boobies: hey ladies, how about we spice things up in this server?


Ashido Mina: blocked

Ashido Mina: stay away from me and my family


Kyoka Jiro: You disgust me you little gross ass man.


Toru Hagakure: why.  Why are we cursed to be in the same class as you.  I hate my life.


Kouji Kouda: hey mineta maybe please don’t because you’re gross and not nice?




Fumikage Tokoyami: Mineta I must implore you stop this.  Your harassment of the women in this has gone on far too long.


I like boobies: I have never harassed anyone!


Yuga Aoyama: Oh?  Then do you care to explain all the times you’ve asked me to use my laser to tear the girls’ skirts?


Uraraka Ochako: Or the time I caught you going through my drawers when I forgot to lock my door?


Tsuyu Asui: Or the repeated times you’ve grouped me or the other girls?


Lord Explosion: or when you made gross fucking comments about my chest when I put my binder on in the goddamn bathroom?  ...not that I want to defend him but you’ve done the same to Ayoma.


Hanta Sero: Or when you asked me to use my quirk to tie up Mina?


Momo Yaoyorozu: Wait, I've heard about all of these except Bakugou… did he really do that?


Lord Explosion: this morning.


Ashido Mina: that’s why you were so quiet?

Ashido Mina: brb suddenly have some acid to splash somewhere


Shouta Aizawa: Are all of these accounts true? I’ve taken screenshots and I’m prepared to send them to Principal Nezu.


Iida Tenya: They’re all very true, sir.  I’ve been told many of them.


I like boobies: This is unfair!!!  You won’t even let me defend myself!!


Fumikage Tokoyami: There is no defense for your sexual harassment, you pathetic little man.


Shouto Aizawa: ...well put bird child


Aizawa>Principal Nezu


Aizawa: [screenshot.jpg]

Aizawa: Nezu, I’m afraid I’m just finding out some unsavory things about Minoru Mineta in my class.


Principal Nezu: Oh my!  I will have him report to my office right away.  I will be certain he is expelled, and if possible, he will be off UA premises before the sun is down!  I will personally issue an apology to your students for not seeing a problem sooner!


Aizawa: Thank you.  I may do the same.


Chat: Hell

Friday, 4:53 pm

Shouta Aizawa has banned Minoru Mineta from Hell

Shouta Aizawa: @everyone After messaging  Principal Nezu and speaking with him on the phone, Mineta has been expelled from UA.  Present Mic will be coming by to inspect his room and remove his things. A new student will be selected from the General Studies program to fill the empty space.  I want to apologize to all of you. I knew he was perverted, but I never saw him do any of those things to you kids. I should have seen it sooner and taken action.  If any of you feel the need to talk about things he said or did, my door is open. If you’re more comfortable, feel free to DM me. I’m here for all of you, I promise.


Hagakure Tooru: Thank you Sensei!  It may be unheroic to say, but thank fuck that ball of slime is gone!


Tsuyu Asui: mood


Momo Yaoyorozu: Mood!


Ashido Mina: mood’st’d’ve


Uraraka Ochako: Mood


Kyoka Jiro: mood


Lord Explosion: mood


Yuga Aoyama: mood * <3


fuck you endeavor: mood


Mashirao Ojiro: mood!!


Shouta Aizawa: understandable.  I’m going to make a good dinner because you children are gremlins who don’t eat.  It should be ready by six. Iida, since you’re in the common area, keep an eye out for Mic and let him in.


Iida Tenya: yes sir!!


Friday, 5:03

Shouta Aizawa>Lord Explosion


Shouta Aizawa: Bakugou, I wanted to reach out to you after you mentioned what happened with Mineta.  Are you okay?


Lord Explosion: Fuck off I’m fine.


Shouta Aizawa: You can just tell me if you don’t want to talk about it.  I’ll respect that.

Shouta Aizawa: Why don’t you come help me with dinner?  I have some onions that could be chopped.


Lord Explosion: down in 5


Friday, 5:15

Chat: Hell


Iida Tenya: So I’m in the common area waiting to let Mic-sensei in, and I’m just watching Aizawa in the kitchen.  Bakugou has a knife, but isn’t threatening anyone, and Hagakure came downstairs and joined them. I guess she’s upset, probably telling Aizawa about things Moldy Grapes said/did, and he gave her a hug.  Then he paused and said something about how he didn’t know her hair was so long.


Mashirao Ojiro: oh, yeah, her hair is super long!


Iida Tenya: Aizawa is,,, our dad


Uraraka Ochako: Can we just appreciate that Iida called M-slur Moldy Grapes?


Izuku Midoriya: hdhhfjfkska


Ashido Mina: We Get It Izuku.  You’re A Bottom


Izuku Midoriya: WHAT

Izuku Midoriya: dont call me out Mina


fuck you endeavour: lmao

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Saturday, 11:43 am

Chat: Teachers’ Lounge


Cementoes: anyway, that’s why bricks are a shit building material.


MidFIGHT: You’re just pissed you can’t control them lol

MidFIGHT: Oh also guess who just bought an engagement ring!


Lucky number 13: Midnight!!!!  That’s incredible!


Aizawa: I’m glad you and Joke are finally tying the knot.


MidFIGHT: lmao remember when she used to flirt with you all the time


Aizawa: trust me, I try not to remember.


Big Rat: @everyone I apologize for cutting off this intriguing conversation, but there is a decision to be made!  There is now a vacancy in the hero course in class 1-A, and it needs to be filled!


Aizawa: I have a few students in mind.  Based on the Sports festival.


Scream boi: not based on the fact that your son is in the general studies class?


Aizawa: you know my only son is Noodle the cat.

Aizawa: Also Chicken.  He’s a good cat too.

Aizawa: ...and my daughter Dizzy.


Big Rat: Are there any other cats you would like to mention, Shouta?


Aizawa: Yes.  Trash bag.

Aizawa : I’m done now.


Big Rat: Excellent!  Now, I would guess that you were thinking of Shinsou Hitoshi?  He was quite remarkable in the sports festival and has a very strong quirk!


Aizawa: I did have him in mind, yes.


Big Rat: Very well!  He is top of his class, so he would be first choice.  I know he was aiming for the hero course in the acceptance testing, but fell a bit short in the practical.  I will start his paperwork, and on Monday, we can start to move him to your class and move him into the dorms.


Aizawa: Thank you Nezu.  I will let my class know.


Scream boi: Wait we have a 4th cat?


All FIGHT: I knew about Noodle, Chicken, and Dizzy?  When did we get Trash Bag?

All FIGHT: Aaaannnnnd Shouta is offline.


Between Friday and Saturday

Chat: Hell

Aizawa Shouta changed their name to Erasercat

Fumikage Tokoyami changed their name to The Abyss

Ashido Mina changed their name to Alien Goddess

Hagakure Tooru changed their name to Prismic Beauty

Mashirao Ojiro changed their name to Taillest Boy

Denki Kaminari changed their name to danki

Yuga Aoyama changed their name to ALWAYS SPARKLING

Tsuyu Asui changed their name to off brand Kermit

Iida Tenya changed their name to Ingenium 2

Kirishima Ejiro changed their name to Manly!

Kouji Kouda changed their name to soft love <3

Rikidou Satou changed their name to cheesecake at night…

Mezou Shouji changed their name to Tentacool

Kyouka Jirou changed their name to Bass Drop

Hanta Sero changed their name to Spiderman kin

Izuku Midoriya changed their name to bone breaker

Momo Yaoyorozu changed their name to Creati


Saturday, 11:47 am

Chat: Hell


Alien Goddess: not to call them out or anything, but Kouda’s door was open and I peeked in to make sure his bunny didn’t escape, and he and Tokoyami are cuddling and it’s super cute.


soft love <3: yeah!!!  ginger didn’t get out, she’s cuddling with us too <3


Uraraka Ochako: that is,,, so cute and good


The Abyss: Ah, yes.  Kouda is very nice to lay with.  He says he likes resting his chin on top of my head because my feathers are soft.


Tentacool: that is incredibly cute


Uraraka Ochako has changed their name to Uwuraka Ochakowo


bone breaker: ,,,bad


danki: Ochako!!  Why?


Spiderman kin: Thats so cursed


Uwuraka Ochakowo: I know :3


off brand Kermit: god Kouda is so good at cuddling.  I’m jealous.


Tentacool: I’m just chilling downstairs if you want to come cuddle me.


Alien Goddess: lmao Tsu just fucking sprinted past me


fuck you endeavor: my life flashed before my eyes,,, I was almost crashed into by a touch starved frog


cheesecake at night...: hey guys, I’m gonna go to the store and do some baking today!  anyone want anything? like from the store or for me to bake?


Creati: Oh, Satou, could you please make those peanut butter cookies you made a few weeks ago?  They were delicious!!


ALWAYS SPARKLING: ^^^ I agree with Momo! <3


cheesecake at night...: Definitely!  They’re a really easy recipe anyway.


off brand Kermit: Could you pick me up some seaweed snacks?  I can give you the yen before you leave.


cheesecake at night...: sure!

Saturday, 12:06 pm

Erasercat>cheesecake at night...

Erasercat: Would it be alright if I requested you bake something?


cheesecake at night...: Of course!!!  I didn’t know you liked sweets, sensei!


Erasercat: I’m quite fond of cinnamon rolls.  If they aren’t too difficult to make.


cheesecake at night…: I’ve only made them a few times, so I only have a generic recipe, but I’ll definitely make some!  I’ll let you know when they’re done!


Erasercat: Thank you. :)


Saturday, 12:16

Chat: Hell


Erasercat: I hope you all remember Shinsou Hitoshi.  Starting Monday, he’ll be joining our class.


Taillest Boy: Really?  That’s great news!  I can add him to the chat if someone makes me a mod!


Aizawa Shouta has made Mashirao Ojiro a moderator


Mashirao Ojiro has added Shinsou Hitoshi to Hell


Shinsou Hitoshi: finally im home

Shinsou Hitoshi: Thanks Mashi


bone breaker: Shinsou!  Hi!!!


Uwuraka Ochakowo: I’m so glad you’ll be joining our class!


Prismic Beauty: You’ll be a great addition!!!  Way better than… him.


Shinsou Hitoshi: to be honest i always kinda wanted to punt him.


fuck you endeavor: haha mood


Lord Explosion: He was the fucking worst.


Shinsou Hitoshi changed their name to Shinsou Catoshi


Shinsou Catoshi: I have a cat.  Can I bring it with me to your dorms?


soft love <3: !!!! :O please do!  Aizawa let me bring my bunny, so I don’t think itll be a big deal!


Ingenium 2: Speaking of cats, there is one in the hallway.  Who has a cat that already lives here?


Erasercat: … that’s Trash Bag.  I’ll be there in a minute.


Shinsou Catoshi: When did you get a fourth cat?????


Manly!: a FOURTH cat??? I didn’t know he even had any cats.


Shinsou Catoshi: Aizawa is pretty private about his life, I guess.  I know him pretty well outside of school though. :3


Erasercat: Okay, Trash Bag is contained.  New rule. No exposing my private life.  That’s mostly for @Shinsou Catoshi and @Ingenium 2 , I guess




Ingenium 2: He and my brother Tensei are friends!  They were classmates when in UA. So I suppose I saw him outside of school quite a bit.


bone breaker: and you never told us??  Your best friends/whatever we are anymore???


Uwuraka Ochakowo: Deku and Tenya, sitting in a tree!


bone breaker: you’re literally on his lap, Ochako.


Erasercat: ...are the three of you having a conversation over text despite being in the same room?


bone breaker: let us be teenagers, sensei


Erasercat: Fair enough

Chapter Text

Tuesday, 11:45 pm

Chat: Hell


Erasercat: god I’m so gay.


bone breaker: ????


Ingenium 2: Aizawa??


Erasercat: shit wrong chat


Tuesday, 11:47 pm

Chat: Teachers’ Lounge


Aizawa: I fucked up


All FIGHT: ??? Is everything okay???


Aizawa: I may have sent “I’m so gay” to the class 1-A chat





Aizawa: Shut up,,,

Aizawa: I’m getting a million notifications from that chat.

Aizawa: I’m going into hiding now byeeeee


Scream boi: babe no


Lucky Number 13: I’d laugh, but I once said “gender?  Is that a sauce?” in front of a class


Aizawa: 13 you’re more valid than anyone I know.


Lucky Number 13: <3


Cementoes: you’re all so gay


Scream boi: begone HET


Cementoes: I’m bi thank you very much


Lucky Number 13: ayyy same sexuality squad!


All FIGHT: same!!!

All FIGHT: also Shouta I’m coming over


Aizawa: really?


All FIGHT: Yeah, I can’t sleep so I might as well visit my dumbass boyfriends 


Aizawa: Hizashi isn’t here.  He’s working late at the studio


All FIGHT: I’m still coming.




Aizawa: blocked


Wednesday, 12:05 am

Chat: Hell


Alien Goddess: Aizawa sending that to the wrong chat is a mood


ALWAYS SPARKLING: Oui.  I too have come out by accident!


Alien Goddess: holy shit, please tell us that story!!


ALWAYS SPARKLING: haha, well, when I was in middle school, not yet out as a man, I was unable to resist making puns!


Ingenium 2: Ayoma, have I ever said how much I love you?


ALWAYS SPARKLING: haha, many times, mon cherie!


Ingenium 2: too bad, I love you so much.




Shinsou Catoshi: is it always this gay?


Uwuraka Ochakowo: considering Bakugou, Kirishima, and Sero are in a cuddle pile sleeping right now and I’m squished between Hagakure and Tsu on the couch?  Yeah.


Creati: I mean, I’m spooning Ojiro right now.  That’s heterosexual.


Bass Drop: Momo, babe, neither one of you is even remotely heterosexual.


Creati: Fair enough.  Ojiro is super nice to cuddle with though??  His tail is super soft and it’s twitching in his sleep.


Erasercat: It’s nice to know at least one of you is getting some sleep.


Tentacool: lies.  Kouda and Tokoyami are both asleep.


Erasercat: I’m not going to excuse anyone falling asleep in class tomorrow.  Good night.


Shinsou Catoshi: night dad.


fuck you endeavor:


bone breaker: why is all might here at midnight thirty


cheesecake at night…: Izuku please tell me you don’t really call it midnight thirty.


bone breaker: what else would I call it???


cheesecake at night…: ...good night.

Wednesday, 8:19 am

Chat: Hell


Spiderman kin: not to alarm anyone but all might is in the kitchen


Lord Explosion: why


Alien Goddess: lmaooo I think he’s wearing Aizawa’s shirt.  With the cat face



Creati: come get y’all juice


Bass Drop: what


Creati: I made fresh orange juice!  Hagakure has been teaching me these memes.


off brand Kermit: Tooru can I just,,, propose to you right now


Prismic Beauty: I’d always say yes to you, Tsu! ^-^


off brand Kermit: :0 *gay ribbit*


Ingenium 2: Guys, we have class!!  Please hurry and get dressed!


ALWAYS SPARKLING: I prefer you undressed, mi amore ;)


Lord Explosion : Why is dumbass Midoriya sobbing in the hallway


The Abyss: Because he wanted to make out with me but realized I don’t have lips

The Abyss: Which??? Has never been a problem???


Manly!: Rip


The Abyss: He is now hugging Dark Shadow

The Abyss: ...Dark Shadow is crying. 

The Abyss: we may be here awhile.


Tentacool: I feel that on an emotional level.  I’ll carry him to class.


Alien Goddess: God I wish that were me.


Wednesday, 9:49 pm

Chat: Hell


Erasercat has added All FIGHT to Chat: Hell


All FIGHT: I am here!!!


bone breaker: All might!!!


All FIGHT: that’s right, young Midoriya!


fuck you endeavor: I see your dad showed up, Izu


bone breaker: HE ISNT MY DAD

bone breaker: Shouto,,, I’m going to throw down


fuck you endeavor: lmao I beat you last time


Bass Drop: “it’s your power Todoroki”


fuck you endeavor: we don’t talk about that


bone breaker: it’s effective™


fuck you endeavor: i hate you, midoriya


bone breaker: :(


Alien Goddess: Shoto!  You made him sad.  Sad Izuku is,,, the saddest thing everrrrrr


All FIGHT: oh no is he crying

All FIGHT: my boy it will be okay


fuck you endeavor: I’M SORRY IZU

fuck you endeavor: also hi Izuku’s dad


All FIGHT: Young Todoroki, I can assure you that I am not young Izuku’s father.


fuck you endeavor: very well.  I’m sure I can look into other hero relations.


Erasercat: why do i suddenly fear for my life


Shinsou Catoshi: Todo,,,


Lord Explosion: Shut the fuck up he isn’t Aizawa’s kid


Shinsou Catoshi: wellllll, it’s a funny story actually


Ingenium 2: lmao


ALWAYS SPARKLING: Excuse moi the fuck


Erasercat has added Scream boi to Chat: Hell


Erasercat: You explain I’m too tired for this shit


Scream boi: I am…. confused


Shinsou Catoshi: I have 3 dads.

Shinsou Catoshi: The end


bone breaker: 3?  I kind of figured Aizawa and Hizashi, but… 3??


Shinsou Catoshi: I stole your dad Midoriya.


Scream boi: Hitoshi, Yagi can have two children, be nice


fuck you endeavor: wait what

fuck you endeavor: thats not what I expected


Uwuraka Ochakowo: geez Shinsou, how come you get three dads


bone breaker: I don’t even have one dad


fuck you endeavor: same


All FIGHT: Incorrect!  You’re all my children now!


fuck you endeavor: see izu?  He is your dad


bone breaker: ….your dad now


fuck you endeavor: hell yeah fuck you endeavor


cheesecake at night…: i can’t believe we’ve all been adopted by all might and aizawa


Taillest boy: I’m content with this development.


Prismic Beauty: As long as it isn’t Snipe.  I think he’s scared of me


Alien Goddess: lmao yeah he is


Manly!: To be fair, he does run into you every single day


Scream boi: he’s very distraught over it, Hagakure


Prismic Beauty: I wear neon headbands with big flowers??? And I’m partially visible sometimes???

Prismic Beauty: My quirk is a curse


Shinsou Catoshi: Nah, its pretty cool, actually.


Prismic Beauty: (。♥‿♥。) Shinsouuuuu


Lord Explosion: God you’re all so mushy


Alien Goddess: Awful bold words from somone within hugging range


Lord Explosion: Stay away from me


Manly!: he’s cute when he’s mad


Lord Explosion: I must be real fuckin adorable then >:(

Spiderman kin: rip