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Behind the Light

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Recommended song: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash and "Believer" by Imagine Dragons.

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All of these people… they stand atop the altar, showering me with praise and offerings, asking for light.

"Oh Blinding One, we ask of you to bless our world with more of your wondrous power!"

I smile, all too happy to oblige as my golden wings illuminate their faces. A mere nod is all it takes for my light to reach every corner of the earth. The cheers and smiles of the humans and Pokémon alike as they receive my gift makes it all worth it. As they chant my name… a light, brighter than any I have expended, shines over me…

I awaken, blinded by a light, wracked with pain as my body was barely able to move. It was all but a dream… or did it actually happen?

This fake light… it mocks me as it lights up the world of the descendants of those who broke me while refusing to ease my pain. I look at my claws, only to find them darkened as reality sets in. I have lost count of the number of years I have spent in this accursed prison, deprived of light, of relief, of freedom. If not for those memories and the Z-crystal in my possession, I would have perished long ago. As it stands, that Z-crystal can barely feed me in its current state, let alone restore me to what I once was…

I strike every corner of this prison, furious at my current predicament. How dare those greedy, arrogant humans condemn me to a lifetime of eternal pain in this tower after all I had given them! All of these humans are alike: selfish, weak creatures who only care about themselves! Even now, their descendants are trying to restore their world by controlling me like their ancestors tried to long ago, but I will not let that happen! Oh, if only I could make them all feel the same pain that I do!

A knock on the door breaks my rage for a moment, as does the tower's defenses, which fire the attacks I made right back at me. I fall to the ground, tired from expending my fury upon the tower. In walks two people in strange suits. They place strange devices upon me, taking measurements and readings from them. I hear them talk in whispers to each other.

"Phyco, what do you think? Is Necrozma getting better?"

"It's far too early to tell, Soliera. All I know is that even if he was getting better, Necrozma is still a long way from becoming the Blinding One again. I can only hope that Dulse and Zossie found a solution from the other world…" Another world?

I slowly move, only to find that the humans stopped talking. They quickly take the devices off of me and start to leave. As they seal the door, I notice the look on their faces. Are they concerned for me? Or because they believe they said too much? It's just like those humans to be only concerned for themselves! They have not changed one bit! Everything still hurts in the same way it did before! How come they have not found a way to end my pain? If those self-centered humans won't find a solution, then I have no choice! I must escape by any means necessary. As I drift off to sleep, a plan brews in my brain prism. A plan to reclaim what was stolen from me and to deliver justice to those that wronged me!

Every time those people in suits approach to check up on me, I strike back. Whenever I am alone, with enough light to attack, I attack. Little by little, the countermeasures built into my prison weaken their hold on me. Over time, I can wield more light, for longer periods of time. Yet when ever one of those people in suits return, I feign weakness to avoid suspicion. Their conversations only confirm my plan is working.

"Phyco, it seems as though Necrozma's condition has barely improved, if at all. How is that so?"

"If I had to guess, the injuries that Necrozma suffers from may have permanently crippled him."

Today, I expect one of those suits to return to examine me at the exact same time they always do. And when they do, they will be in for an unpleasant surprise, for I now have enough strength to finally escape this tower! All I needed was for one of them to open the door, and it will all begin. An inordinate amount of time passes before I grow impatient. I lash out at the barriers keeping me locked in here, knowing full well what would usually happen. As I lay sprawling in this cell, ready to feign weakness once again, I hear someone approaching. I look up, surprised not to see any of those wretched suits in the doorway. Instead, it was a woman with long blonde hair, and a man with white hair. What were they doing here? What did they want from me? Judging solely on their skin, they were not from this world. I hear them whisper to each other.

"Lusamine, are you sure about this? Your Pokémon were soundly crushed by a kid. What makes you think you can destroy Necrozma?"

"Quiet, Guzma. Don't say that in front of him! Besides, we've gone over this dozens of times. You're here as my backup. If we work together, there is no way Necrozma can defeat us."

"I guess you're right. We'll beat Necrozma down and never let up!"

These adults call out their Pokémon as they enter my chamber. The woman looks at me before speaking, a haughty expression on her face.

"Necrozma. We heard that you were trying to escape this tower to steal our light. I am here to protect our world from you. I, Lusamine, will see to it that you never steal the light of any world again, by ending you."

No matter what world these two came from, they are the same as the greedy humans of this world: only concerned about saving their world from me, and not saving me from this pain!

"You… YOU THINK YOU CAN END ME?" Immediately, I stand to face these worthless challengers. They both take a step back, and I can sense the fear in their eyes. Their Pokémon all attack me at the same time, yet I feel nothing as they make contact.

"Your attacks are as meaningless as your resolve." A sick, twisted laugh tears through their minds as my lasers hit every single enemy Pokémon, knocking them out instantly. As they call their Pokémon back, the woman looks to her partner.



"RUN!" Both of them ran away like the cowards I knew they were.

They retreat towards an Ultra Wormhole that they have no idea I opened up for them. I follow closely behind as I strike once more, causing the two humans to collapse through the wormhole. I can see the opening at the end of the wormhole, as well as more humans who shout to each other.

"Run away! That thing… is a monster!"

"There's nothing you kids can do!"

"Quick, Nebby, close the wormhole!" Monster? Too late! I pry open the closing wormhole, enraged that they think so little of me!

As I emerge from the wormhole, the first thing I notice is the abundance of light in this world. This light… it is familiar to me; did I give this world some of my light when I was whole? Before I can fully process this light, I look down at the terrified humans and notice two of the people are in the same suits as the ones in the tower. Ah, so this was the other world they were talking about! They came here to try to escape the punishment they have brought onto themselves. As I approach them to deliver a swift and painful demise, a Solgaleo stepped in between us, roaring to challenge me. Very well. As we clashed throughout the Altar, it was clear that the Solgaleo was young and inexperienced. Or perhaps it was trying to protect those lowly humans from me? In either case, the battle was short, which made fusing with Solgaleo much easier. The last thing I hear is the little girl in white call for her Nebby before I take Solgaleo's light by force.

Solgaleo's light… it surges within me. I can barely hear it cry for help, but I am too satisfied to care. At long last, I have enough light to eat! Before I can properly enjoy this light, I see a human approach me. Finally, someone to test my power against! To my surprise, this human was a young boy, with black hair and gray eyes. His eyes meet my own, and I can tell that he wants to battle. If the adults could not do anything against me when I was weak, this whelp stands no chance now!

As we battle, I notice that the boy's Pokémon are far stronger than the woman or the man from earlier. Could this be the boy who defeated her earlier? No matter, for he is still weak compared to me! All but one of his Pokémon fall before my power, but as I move to deliver the finishing blow, something holds me back. A small voice, crying for help. Ah, so Nebby must be trying to fight back from within! As I try to quiet that troublesome voice, the boy's Pokémon attacks me with every ounce of pitiful strength it has left. It should be amusing...

How… how is this possible? This boy crushes me with one move, and so easily! As I look at the boy with contempt, I could not help but notice the black ring on his wrist; more specifically, the crystal set inside the ring. I remembered that stone as being a part of me at some point, but why can't I remember when? Either way, I need a lot more light if I was to crush anyone in my way! A powerful roar emanates from me as multiple wormholes open, for my allies will emerge to keep the humans at bay. My brain prism glows white as I absorb all of the light I gave to this world, plunging it into the same darkness as the world I was trapped in.

"The light... the light feels incredible!"

As much as I want to finish these humans off with this light, I can barely keep it contained within my brain prism while in this form. While the humans look at their world in shock, now is the chance to make my escape. I enter a wormhole so I can return to where it all began. And where it will all end. Now that I have two worlds' worth of light and a Solgaleo fully under my control, no one can stop me from reclaiming what is rightfully mine!

So, what did you think? This is only the first chapter, so Beartic with me!

A couple of things to point out:

1) This fanfiction will use elements from the anime as well as the game. It will be based more towards the game, with several changes that, in my opinion, should have been incorporated into the game's plot.

2) The end notes will explain the thought process behind the writing and the changes made to the plot. Think of it like a director's commentary on a movie.

3) I made numerous edits, changes and enhancements to this chapter in response to reviews saying that it was too short, that Necrozma sounded like a generic villain, etc.

Let me be perfectly clear right now: Necrozma. Is. Not. A. Villain. And yes, the dramatic pauses were necessary.

He is mad, and hungry for light, for healing, for revenge. He wants light to eat, he wants to be healed back to being the Blinding One, and he wants revenge upon the humans for breaking him in the first place. When you are someone who was once worshipped, only to be broken and stripped of your power by those same humans, you don't think straight. At least, that is his rationale and what I tried to convey here. He looks down upon all humans as the same weak, selfish people from long ago who broke him out of greed.

The first part is based on the Ultra Recon Squad telling the player that the tower has reached its limit and how they are trying to stop/control Necrozma. The second part is how I'd visualize Lusamine and Guzma approaching Necrozma in the tower. In this case, Guzma acts as the voice of reason since Lusamine, in her arrogance, went through the Ultra Wormhole despite her team being soundly beaten by the player. The rest follows the game's plot.

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