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The Heathers Fanfic You Won't Forget

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Hello! I’m Heather, coincidentally, just in case you were wondering.
This is just a quick intro to this book (preferred if you skim-read or something).
Just a couple of warnings and things before we go onto the book that I’d like you to know.
Firstly, this book is dedicated to my friend from school, Kit, because she is really nice, a good friend AND she helped pitch in ideas for this book and gave me really good ideas for it so Kit, because I know you’re reading this, I really hope you like it.
Secondly, warnings. There are a couple, just so you guys don’t get triggered or anything-
- Abuse (not very much- will be warnings at the start of the chapters)
- Strong Language (never thought I’d type that but here I am)
- Explicit-ish scenes
- Murder (obviously- it’s Heathers!)
- Other stuff that could be triggering (probably)
Anyway, that’s all I have to say. I hope y’all don’t kill me by how I’ve changed characters and added stuff and yeah… but this is how Kit (friend) and I wish Heathers had gone. Written by Heather (me).