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Oh Good You're Home

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A loud pounding on his door startled him and cause Sam to jump slightly. What now, he thought. Earlier he’d been interrupted by a Jehovah's Witness pair, a wrong number, and a telemarketer. With nothing else to do today all he really wanted was to finish the current book he was reading. It seemed every time he sat down he kept getting interrupted. The banging resounded again and Sam finally shoved himself up from his chair.

“This better be good,” he muttered making his way to the door. The second he opened the door he did a double take. Out of all the people he could have expected Barnes was one of the last people he ever expected to show up here. “What are you-”

“Oh good, you’re home. I need you to help hide a body.”

“Excuse me?” Sam asked completely taken aback.

“I didn’t kill her if that’s what you’re worried about. I just need somewhere to store her for a little while longer. I don’t know the area that well and you were the closest,” Barnes stated as he shoved his way past Sam and into the house.

“Wait up, you want me to what?”

“Help me hide a body,” Barnes repeated without glancing back.

Finally able to move Sam slammed the front door shut and turned to follow. When he was close enough he grabbed Barnes by the shoulder.

“Hold up. Where is this body?” Sam demanded.

“In the backyard,” Barnes said sounding impatient and a bit exasperated. “I couldn’t very well leave her in the front yard where everyone could see her. Are you gonna help me bring her in or not?”

“Bring her in?” Sam asked stunned.

“Oh, maybe I should mention she’s not dead just temporarily frozen.”

“You want to explain why she’s frozen?”

Barnes faltered slightly and seemed to be wrestling with how to answer that. “Okay look, I’ll answer all your questions but just help be bring her in first. Okay?”

Damn it, Sam thought. How do I always let myself get talked into this stuff. “Fine,” he finally consented. “But you better tell me everything afterward.”

“Deal,” Barnes agreed.


After they retrieved the woman, brought her into the house, and stored her in the guest bedroom they both sat down in the living room. Sam sat on the couch and Barnes took one of the two recliners. He carefully thought about how to phrase his first question when Barnes beat him to the punch and spoke first.

“She was nice,” Barnes stated simply.

“Okay,” Sam drawled slowly.

“I mean, when everyone else was either beating on me or… I mean us,” he growled. “She was nice. She was always more concerned with how we were coping than.. Than… I don’t know. More concerned than was prudent? Anyway I suppose it doesn’t matter. She was the only person that ever showed one iota of concern. She was also ultimately the brains behind how to make the program function. As much as we know Hydra would want to get there hands on her once again can we really trust S.H.I.E.L.D. ?”

Sam thought about it. The more he thought about it the more he realized they needed to keep this information out of everyone’s hands. Damn it.