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It was totally NOT a typical day at G&K HQ base due to Alisa feeling quite horny today more than usual as she tries her best to control her urges while doing her job. Her pussy can’t help but feel a bit wet down there because all she can think about is AEK’s hot dick going in and out in her mind. She quietly blames AEK for getting her to feel like this for quite some time. Unable to control it, she walks out and leaves and heads towards a quiet room to relieve herself.

On her way over, AEK takes notice that Alisa is walking faster than normal. “Hey commander, is everything okay?” She asked her casually.


“Uhm, I’ll take that silence as a maybe.”

Alisa looks at her with a tearful pouty look on her face before she runs away in frustration.

“Well now… I don’t think she is happy with me right now. I better go check up on her.”

She follows Alisa to where she last saw go through but is unable to find where exactly she went off. She finds PKP casually going by and asked her.

“Hey PKP, have you seen the commander come by here?”

“Oh? Commander Alisa?”


“She went that way but she is not happy right now. Did you do your usual snarky teasing or what?”

“Hey now, I didn’t do shit to her, yet that is.”

“Huh. Well then, I’ll leave that to you. I have to be off somewhere because I don’t want to see the dirty stuff happening in front of my eyes.” She says and points at the direction while displaying her typical tsundere behavior towards her. She takes her leave without saying another word.

“Uhm, thanks, PKP.” She goes towards where PKP pointed out to her and sees Alisa in an empty rec room sobbing in frustration and softly fingering her pussy. “What the… She’s… masturbating?”

AEK suddenly something hard down in her pants; it was her dick getting a massive hard-on, more than her usual morning wood she gets. And that is just from looking at Alisa masturbating. She is unable to control that dick of hers and want to simply fuck Alisa but she can’t because Alisa is unaware of her watching. “Damn it, Fuck this!” AEK bursts in and interrupts Alisa who is shocked to see her come in like that.

“AEK! W-What are you doing in here? Have you been watching me?”

“Alisa… you horny girl. Let me put this as bluntly as I can. I’m going to FUCK that pussy of yours right now.”

“You’re going to what?”

“You dumb silly girl.” AEK unzips her pants and takes out her hard dick. “I’m not here for the usual teasing on you. I’m here to fuck your pussy. No questions asked.”


AEK grabs her and slowly shoves her dick inside of Alisa’s wet pussy. “I said, no questions asked.” She proceeds to go in deeper and begins to move back and forth in a thrusting motion that for some reason is making Alisa moan in a way that delights AEK.

“Heh, that’s the beautiful sound I want to hear from you.” She says as she starts to thrust inside of her. All Alisa can do is take it and moan sexually from AEK going faster and harder with her dick thrusting. It was what she wanted this whole time. “Haha, that’s it. I want to hear more of your cute moans, Alisa.”

“I-I… I can’t hold it in any longer…”

“You better hold it in because I’m not ready to climax yet. We’ve only just begun here.” She pulls her up and holds her tight in an embracing hug. “Just close your eyes and let my dick continue to pound your pussy like this.”

“I… It feels so warm and wet. I love your big thick dick, AEK. Please pound my pussy more.”

AEK continues to pound Alisa’s pussy more with each thrust goes by, making it harder for Alisa to resist in climaxing but that won’t stop AEK at all.

“W-Wait… we can’t climax in here… this is not my private quarters.”

“Too late, I’m gonna cum inside of you at any time, any place. You better be ready.”

“AEK, don’t!”

But it was too late. AEK came in hard inside of her like an unstoppable sexual force. Alisa can only respond back by cumming as well. The whole sex moment turned super spicy hot. An unforgettable moment here.


“I told you I was going to fuck your pussy hard. Thank you for the tasty spicy meal.”

AEK gives Alisa a lick on her cheeks and lips. Alisa is unable to respond or move much from the intense sexual moment. “Thanks for the meal, commander. But I’m still hungry for more. Let’s go somewhere more private to continue.” She says as she pulls up her pants and carries Alisa away for some more fuck pounding sex in her private quarters.

(That was super nutty and spicy than what you thought).