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Excitable Human

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There it was again, the eager voice from that loud human. It was bad enough she had to hide from him! And now live with him? What was her human thinking?

Did he bring him here to take care of him? He can't even take care of himself since he was always being so wobbly and hardly eating!

“Geez, now I have to take care of you?” Haru curled up in the box she found to hide in, her pinned back ears returning to normal when the voice was starting to fade.

He was always so loud, too touchy for her liking and always hovering over her with that weird object that made clicking sounds.

However, on the upside he did bring yummy treats sometimes and toys for her to hunt. He was pretty good at finding food and gave her that delicious soft kind too.

So maybe he wasn't that bad, but she still preferred her human over him!

The only time she could get some peace and quiet is when he'd leave and it'd be just the two of them.

“How it should be..”

Or when they'd both leave, but she didn't have to worry at least since he was in good hands. But not as good as in her paws!

Just to make sure he'd be okay, Haru sits in Subaru’s lap when she can to protect him from any strangers that stop by. Recently its been louder than usual, but some of them bring really yummy food for her so she isn't all that bothered by them.

It's not until later that day when Haru is finishing the food Subaru got for her that she realizes Kawase is actually taking care of him.

“Say ‘ahh’, Subaru!” Kawase smiles as he holds a piece of food out to his boyfriend. At this point in their relationship he's not surprised the other would do this sort of thing considering how Kawase and yet..

“K-Kawase, I know you're making sure I eat, but I really don't need you to feed me.” It doesn't help his case when his stomach growls loudly that makes him feel even more flustered.

With a sigh of defeat Subaru opens his mouth and quickly takes the food pulling back with a faint blush, but his face lights up at the rich flavor.

“This is good..” Subaru says in surprise and takes another bite that Kawase offers.

“I knew you'd like it.” Kawase hums happily a warm smile on his face. Subaru hardly ever cooked so it was up to him to make sure he was in good health. If not him he always had his friends looking after him as well.

Haru stares from her bowl watching the exchange, her usual scowling face gone soft.

“He really is taking care of him.. I guess he's not so bad then..”

Haru proceeds to pad over to Subaru and rests on his lap, ears going down when she feels a hand on her head, gently stroking her fur.

“Geez, what am I going to do with you? Now you need two of us to watch after you.”

“D-did Haru fall asleep on you? She must have loved my cooking too!” Kawasaki suddenly gets up, phone quickly in his hands as he starts snapping pictures of the two much to Subaru’s embarrassment and much to Haru’s annoyance.

“You're so cute, Haru! And so are you, Subaru! Together you two are absolutely adorable!” Kawasaki coos while Subaru hides his face in embarrassment.

“I change my mind!” Haru growls. “I want this loud human out of my home!”