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rebel red carnations

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It’s cold.

Just cold enough that the wind blows through Tyler’s sweater, goosebumps rising on his skin. He’s walking to school, it’s the first day of winter and he wonders why he didn’t wear a heavier coat. Tyler lets out a shaky breath as he picks up his pace, almost running on his tiptoes to get to school. He could see his breath.

“Tyler! Wait!” A voice calls behind him, Tyler shivers and spins around. He giggles as Jenna trips, prominent goosebumps rising on her slightly tanned skin. She doesn’t have a coat on. Tyler curses to himself. They’re still 5 minutes away from the school building, Jenna’s shaking in the cold.

“Jen,” Tyler breathes, his breath causing white smoke to fly into the wind, “You’re gonna freeze! Jesus.” He hastily pulls off his sweater, cursing to himself in his head as he realizes just how warm the fabric was. He doesn’t have time to regret the decision.

“N-No, keep it, I’m fine.” They both wipe their noses, the wind burning Tyler’s nostrils. Tyler scoffs, wrapping the sweater around Jenna’s shoulders and grinning at the appreciative sigh that left her lips. Tyler checks the time on his phone, gasping.

“We’re gonna be late! C’mon!” Tyler begins running, hearing the short intake of breath from Jenna before she chases after him. Tyler couldn’t be late, he’d already missed too much school. Granted, he’s 16 - he could drop out. He shakes his head as he sees the familiar building come into sight, slowing down at the gates and gasping for breath.

“Great, now my chest hurts.” Jenna groans, clutching the sleeves of the sweater. The fabric is a light pink color, it feels nice on her arms and she appreciates Tyler’s friendship. Tyler laughs, punching her shoulder.

“At least you have my sweater! I'm freezing, Jen.” Tyler whines, Jenna rolls her eyes and gasps excitedly as she spots Debby.

Debby Ryan, Joshua Dun's ex. Tyler did like Debby, nobody should think any different - after all, Jenna's been crushing on her since the 5th grade and finally got a date with the redhead - but he doesn’t exactly like the ties with capital A asshole Josh, who's targeted Tyler for his bullying. They’re still friends, he doesn’t want Jenna getting involved with the wrong crowd.

Debby spots Jenna and turns her attention from Josh, who'd been ranting about something Tyler could only assume was related to a shitty game he'd bought. Jenna tugged on his arm, successfully getting the frail boy to move towards the small group gathered by the school entrance. He was cold, hesitating to tell Jenna he was ready to enter the building - but it was obvious that she was set on saying hi to her girlfriend.

“We can go inside after we say hi. Promise.” Jenna seemed to read his mind, Tyler shivered. Her hand was warm around his wrist, tripping over his own feet as Jenna tugs him harder. He stumbles, crashing into someone's body and breathing out a shaky breath at the warmth radiating from said body. Tyler hurried to stand up, chuckles from the rest of the group reaching Tyler’s ears.

A warm hand grabbed his bare arm, pulling him up to stand and Tyler barely had time to look up before a jacket was placed around his shoulders. He turned to thank the person, gasping when he caught eyes with a smirking Josh Dun.


“Careful, Sweetheart. You’ll hurt yourself.”