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“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian said, his voice quivering despite the teasing smile that shaped his lips. “I didn’t think you’d be devious.” The words were playful as always but there was a hint of anticipation within them as Wei Wuxian’s hands moved around the soft material of their bed sheets.

There was nothing out of the ordinary as night had fallen and they had retired to their jingshi in order to rest. Though resting was never truly in the cards for them, not yet at least, and their nightly bath had turned into tempted kisses while hands raked over wet skin with purposeful intent. It didn’t take long before Lan Wangji was climbing out of the wooden tub and hitching a giggle Wei Wuxian up and out with him. Wei Wuxian allowed himself to be manhandled into his robe before he drew Lan Wangji in to capture his mouth once more, his hands curled into the sides of Lan Wangji’s open robe with the intent of pulling him even closer.

And closer Lan Wangji came with his arms coiling around Wei Wuxian’s waist, his breath hitching when the tip of Wei Wuxian’s tongue trailed the curve of his bottom lip before his teeth gently sunk into the plush flesh.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji murmured, the name soft between his lips as he parted from their kiss to press sweet marks into the pale length of Wei Wuxian’s neck. His teeth bit into skin which caused Wei Wuxian to gasp in approval at the slight sting that followed and tilted his head back as the wet warmth of Lan Wangji’s mouth soothed and licked and nipped and sucked.

This hadn’t been their idea for the evening despite how they made love every night due to both of them being highly insatiable. But the day they had left behind had been rough as they had dealt with minor matters regarding the sect which proved to be more complicated than it should have been. Wei Wuxian had been exhausted and he could tell that Lan Wangji felt the same way by the minute details in his actions. His gait had slowed down just a bit and the straight line of his shoulders had turned into a barely noticed curve as they drooped.

The plan had been to rest as there were many more nights to ravish one another until they were reduced to nothing but mindless pleasure puddles. But even that proved a challenge as Lan Wangji’s mouth and body had called Wei Wuxian forth like a siren singing his sweet song. Tonight wasn’t going to be different from the others and soon enough Wei Wuxian’s back was pressed against the hardness of their bed as Lan Wangji loomed over him. His golden eyes slowly darkening with arousal as his cock was insistent against the bend of Wei Wuxian’s left knee.

“We were supposed to be sleeping,” Wei Wuxian said, his laughter bright before it turned into a shuddering breath. Lan Wangji had turned his attention to Wei Wuxian’s neck and worked with ease as he marked Wei Wuxian as his and his alone. His lips then travelled down until they reached sharp collarbones and Wei Wuxian moved his head back with a moan when Lan Wangji bit and licked at the prominent lines. “We had such a busy day today so we agreed that we’d both rest.”

“Agreements can be broken.”

Lan Wangji spoke the words into Wei Wuxian’s heated skin, his hands already curving a path up his thighs. His mouth then landed on its desired location and strong hands curled around his thighs before parting them. This gave Lan Wangji the space he needed to settle in between them and another moan left Wei Wuxian, a little higher in pitch than the last. His robe had been open, exposing his entire front to the many ministrations that Lan Wangji inflicted upon him. There was no barrier to keep the intensity of his touches at bay and nothing to dim the delicious friction of Lan Wangji’s robes against his aching cock. The smooth material touched the sensitive skin with every movement of the body above him and the sensations were dangerously combined with the hot press of Lan Wangji’s lips upon his skin. His own hands had busied themselves with holding onto the sheets beneath him as they shifted with his ever-tightening grip, heart beating with anticipation as that tempting mouth neared one of his nipples.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian tried not to whine when that mouth danced around the hardened bud, his tongue peeking out to graze around it. The teasing continued as Wei Wuxian arched his back with the intent of bringing his chest directly to Lan Wangji’s mouth, hoping that he would finally give him what he wanted. But that never happened as Lan Wangji continued the torment with his hands pulling Wei Wuxian’s thighs further apart to give himself more space. “Lan Zhan, this isn’t fair.” His words fluttered with the barest hint of desperation as he refused to break down just yet. He needed to maintain some form of composure despite how wild Lan Wangji’s touches were making him.

“Mn,” Lan Wangji hummed and glanced up at him through thick eyelashes, dark eyes glinted with quiet mischief. It took Wei Wuxian a second to note it before a loud groan clung to his throat, a moist heat enveloping that nipple at the same time Lan Wangji’s hips gave a firm thrust. That groan immediately forced its way out as Wei Wuxian’s body came alive with the first drop of pure ecstasy. His fingers held onto the sheets as Lan Wangji pushed forward once again. Their cocks brushed together in sweet movement, the friction of Lan Wangji’s trousers wonderful against him as he held the firmness of Lan Wangji’s half-hardened length. His own groan was trapped around the perked nipple in his mouth and Wei Wuxian swore beneath his breath when Lan Wangji rocked forth once again.

The thrusts continued at their slow pace, the material of Lan Wangji’s robe soon joined by his hard cock that pressed against his own. They moved together as Wei Wuxian rocked his hips up while Lan Wangji bared his down, the two of them finding the rhythm that made their blood boil. The assault on his skin still remained at large with Lan Wangji licking at his chest and humming in approval at every time Wei Wuxian arched his chest into his mouth. It was building up the heat which coiled itself at the base of their stomachs, hands roaming each other’s bodies as their pleasure went higher and higher until-

“No!” Wei Wuxian suddenly exclaimed and Lan Wangji ceased in his action, his hips giving one last push which caused Wei Wuxian’s eyes to roll back just so. His chest heaved with heavy pants and he already knew that he was covered with the marks of a lover as they stung so nicely whenever he moved. Wei Wuxian brought his hands up to rest them on Lan Wangji’s shoulders and took in the beautiful sight of his husband, cheeks flushed and hair an absolute mess. His expression remained fairly passive though one could see that he was drunk on pleasure, his eyes still dark with want as his chest moved with the breaths that he took in.

The way he looked at Wei Wuxian was almost too much, like a silent predator who wanted to pounce upon his prey but waited until it was time. Wei Wuxian’s cock leaked at the thought and he resisted the urge to squirm as he fought to keep himself steady. His hands slid from Lan Wangji’s shoulders and moved up his neck before cupping his cheeks. His thumbs smoothed over high cheekbones and Lan Wangji leaned into Wei Wuxian’s touch, his eyes closing happily. He looked at peace within this moment, their desperation having ceased to give way for the simple need to be near each other. It was a simple act but it was one that flared that feeling of contentment and Wei Wuxian felt it as well, settling comfortably into his bones.

He could stay this way forever if he could but the insistent tugging of something more was enough to pull him from that warming haze. There was more that he needed to do and a reason why he had stopped Lan Wangji in the first place before they both fell from that edge. It had been too close and the fact that he could have come without Lan Wangji’s cock inside him was a crime.

“You’re lost in your thoughts,” Lan Wangji spoke, his voice pulling Wei Wuxian from his inner depths as well as the kiss he placed upon on the marks on Wei Wuxian’s neck. It stung pleasantly and a soft sigh drew itself from Wei Wuxian’s mouth, his hands moving upwards again to tangle themselves into the silk of Lan Wangji’s hair. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking about how I need you to fuck me,” Wei Wuxian said, his words blunt and grinned at Lan Wangji’s sudden intake of breath. “I didn’t want to come so quickly and the end was too close with you grinding your hips against me like that.” He then sighed wistfully, shaking his head into the pillow. “It would have been so sad. You would have wasted your cum on our clothes when it could have been down my throat or my ass.”

Lan Wangji’s hips jerked at the thought and a slight moan caught itself in Wei Wuxian’s throat, his head tilting back once more. He heard his name pass through Lan Wangji’s lips, hoarse and rough in his arousal and it made Wei Wuxian burn with desire. He wanted to hear him say his name like that again, closer and louder until he could no longer speak, completely overwhelmed.

Your mouth .” Lan Wangji’s words were like a growl and he was wounded up, his skin flushed until tempting collarbones that Wei Wuxian wanted to bite. His hair was somehow not tangled into knots and was pulled back, showcasing such a gorgeous face that deserved to be admired at every possible moment. Wei Wuxian threaded his fingers through the dark strands once again and pulled at them to get Lan Wangji even closer, their mouths centimetres apart with the teasing possibility of a kiss.

“You like my mouth,” Wei Wuxian purred, merely speaking the truth that he knew Lan Wangji couldn’t deny. “I really want you to fuck me, Hanguang-Jun, but I want to make it more interesting.” His lips curved into a wide grin. “A little more exciting.” The idea had formed the second they had fallen into bed and putting it into motion meant that Lan Wangji would have to part from him for a brief moment or so. A terrible thought but Wei Wuxian was hoping for it to come into fruition and it had been a while since they had placed that forehead ribbon to use in their bedroom activities.

He was about to explain it when Lan Wangji shifted an arm to retrieve something. It took a second as his body had been pulled flat against Wei Wuxian’s due to the pull but it was worth the wait when Lan Wangji produced his forehead ribbon.

Wei Wuxian stared at it wide-eyed before he laughed, loudly and a little too in love. “You’ve been hanging around me for too long.” He joked but his heart tugged at this revelation, tugged until it was too painful but too wonderful to ever ignore. It was the type of pain that Wei Wuxian would love to feel for the rest of his days if it meant all of this. And it leapt when Lan Wangji’s expression softened before he leaned down to press a simple and chaste kiss against Wei Wuxian’s lips.

“Not long enough.” Those words were whispered and held a note of reverence and it was all too much once again that Wei Wuxian was left speechless.




“I didn’t think you’d be this devious,” Wei Wuxian said, his sight gone with the ribbon tied securely around his eyes. Everything had gone quiet and all that he could hear with faint breathing coupled with the cicadas that played their nighttime songs. All of his other senses had intensified and Wei Wuxian waited with bated breath as the sheets rustled with every movement that Lan Wangji made.

It left him on edge as the nerves beneath his skin sparked in excitement, mind whirling as he thought about what Lan Wangji would do to him. His breathing stuttered when he felt long fingers brush against the inside of his knee and he shivered when a tongue licked up the curve of his hip. Then there were kisses, there were always kisses, paired with lightly stinging bites that made their way towards his left inner thigh. Wei Wuxian waited, arousal currently dimmed like a warming candle but ready to be ignited at the first full touch. But that never came because Lan Wangji knew how to tease him, knew how to made him squirm until he begged to be released from this frustrating cycle.

Lan Wangji continued his path of slow destruction and it didn’t take long before Wei Wuxian gave a near-violent shiver at the hot breath that brushed the tip of his cock. He took in a deep breath, his eyes wide and searching beneath the blindfold as his fingers curled into the soft sheets. There was another breath and Wei Wuxian could almost choke on that desperation that sat in his throat, pleads ready to fall from his mouth in case he could no longer resist.

Wei Wuxian didn’t want to beg but he was being tested, awfully and cruelly, as the flat of Lan Wangji’s tongue went firmly against the tip. A whimper broke forth as that was all Wei Wuxian could give before Lan Wangji took it upon himself to swallow his cock.

It was hot, too hot.

The head of his cock hitting the back of Lan Wangji’s throat which spasmed around it and Wei Wuxian’s hips rocked up without his permission. He apologised quickly though his words were breathless and that didn’t stop Lan Wangji who merely groaned, the sound rich and so good to his ears. He panted, heat coiling at the pit of his stomach again, as he felt that wondrous mouth move up and down, growing tighter as he hollowed his cheeks and Wei Wuxian couldn’t take it.

“I don’t, ah , know how you got so good at sucking—” His words were interrupted by a particularly hard suck and Wei Wuxian’s entire body jerked, pleasure zipping roughly through him. “ Lan Zhan .”

“Mn,” Lan Wangji hummed around him and the vibrations only added the sweet agony that Wei Wuxian was going through. It wouldn’t be long until he succumbed to the sensation that curled his toes too tightly and arched his back with a roll of his hips. The end was too near again and a desperate plea ripped itself from his lips which was more than enough to get him what he wanted.

“You’re teasing me,” Wei Wuxian said, a little breathless as he listened to Lan Wangji move to retrieve their oil. “Is it because I have the blindfold on and I can’t see what you’re up to?”

“Partially.” Lan Wangji responded and his words were rough around the edges, sharp with a need that made Wei Wuxian writhe. He heard the cork pop out of the glass bottle and the slick of liquid being poured onto Lan Wangji’s fingers.

“Is this revenge for all the times I’ve teased you?” Wei Wuxian asked as he chuckled, allowing himself to be manhandled by strong hands which pushed his thighs further apart. “Is this for all the times I distracted you in front of the juniors?” He stumbled on his words ever so slightly when he felt the press of a well-coated finger against his hole. It teased the furled skin with delicate touches before it began to push, Wei Wuxian’s mouth falling open at the small stretch and how good it felt.

“Shameless.” Lan Wangji managed to huff before he slowly worked a rhythm with the sole digit, working Wei Wuxian until he was loose enough to take another finger.

And then another.

And another until he had three fingers crooked inside Wei Wuxian, his ragged breaths mixed with Wei Wuxian’s aching moans. He pushed them deep, his other arm curled around Wei Wuxian’s waist as his fingers moved at a pace that almost had Wei Wuxian drooling. His toes were curled tight, his hips grinding down into the delicious sensation, pleasure high and sparking as he shook with it. Then those lovely fingers rubbed against something inside, the feeling soft yet sharp causing his back to arch with the wave that was created. Lan Wangji’s mouth had found his skin again and looked for places where he wasn’t marked, the dip of his hip and his upper thigh. The sting of those bites and soothing sensation of his tongue against his heated skin was causing his orgasm to fast approach, the edge in near sight and he refused to come without Lan Wangji—

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian pleaded, his hands which were buried in his husband’s hair sliding down to push at his shoulders. “Lan Zhan, stop teasing me and fuck me. I need you to fuck me until I scream and I know you can do that, Lan Zhan.” His words were coming out in pants and a whine followed through as Lan Wangji removed his fingers, leaving him horribly empty.

The worst thing about having the ribbon over his eyes was that he couldn’t see Lan Wangji’s face in moments like this. He could only rely on the memories from their times before and greedily took in the mental images of Lan Wangji’s cheeks flushed a soft pink, plush lips slightly parted and the space between his brows creased in obvious urgency. He pictured Lan Wangji’s fingers dipping into the waistband of his trousers and slipping further down to wrap around his cock, the very thought of it making Wei Wuxian’s mouth water. He wanted it in his mouth, wanted to feel the heaviness of it on his tongue and the bitter yet addictive taste of cum dancing upon his taste buds. But there would be time for that later, they had forever after all, as the most important place for Lan Wangji’s cock to be was deep in his—

Wei Wuxian shouted when Lan Wangji took hold of his legs before spreading him wide until he was left exposed before him. His face felt heated, his own cheeks developing a flush of their own but that didn’t deem his want any less. He arched his back seductively, his hands having moved up to hold onto the pillow under his head as he waited with barely a breath. He pushed his hips forward in an attempt to get what he wanted, his main goal the wonderful feeling of Lan Wangji’s cock preparing to enter him. It was only a few moments until he felt it as the bulbous head came to press against the tight entrance before it slowly pushed it.

“Fuck,” Wei Wuxian panted as he was stretched wide, his body greedily taking Lan Wangji while submitting to the wonderful burn that accompanied it. His hands had taken the pillow into a death grip and Lan Wangji’s hands had settled on his hips, holding onto them tightly to refrain himself from bottoming out too quickly. It was torture for the both of them and words came from Wei Wuxian’s mouth, telling and almost begging Lan Wangji to hurry because he was getting so full. But Lan Wangji didn’t listen, always intent in making sure Wei Wuxian was fine and that he had adjusted well.

Wei Wuxian always adjusted well to Lan Wangji though, his body made for him and only him that no one else would be able to have this. It took a little longer before Lan Wangji was fully seated, their heavy breaths filling the space as neither of them made to move just yet.

“Beautiful.” Lan Wangji murmured, the single word strained and Wei Wuxian whimpered as he leaned into the hand that had come up to caress his cheek. It was too much, that had made it too much yet again and Wei Wuxian shook his head, tilted it back with a soft whine before he managed to speak.

“Lan Zhan, if you don’t move right now, I’m gonna—”

The rest of his sentence turned into a scream as Lan Wangji finally moved, his hips drawing back before sharply thrusting forward and that was it. The tempo had already been set by the fast pace that Lan Wangji was fucking him at, merciless and almost brutal as he held onto Wei Wuxian’s hips like they were the only thing keeping him sane. The sharp divots of his hips pressed into Wei Wuxian’s ass and that would leave bruises but Wei Wuxian didn’t care, he wanted all of them.

He was lost in the wave of ecstasy, his mouth permanently opened to cry out and moan his pleasure as he didn’t know what else to do. The head of Lan Wangji’s cock rammed into his prostate without a care and the tight walls of Wei Wuxian’s ass tightened in retaliation, tightening with every thrust until both he and Lan Wangji were speechless. His mouth was back on him again, littering more marks over the curve of his shoulders and in the crook of his neck. Wei Wuxian’s head fell back once more with a choked moan, his hands now on Lan Wangji’s back and scratching down which earned him a rough moan of delight.

Wei Wuxian couldn’t see but he had fallen prey to his other sensations. They had heightened and turned every touch, push and pull into absolute fire. It was hot once again and it felt so good, Wei Wuxian’s body writhing uncontrollably as his legs wrapped around Lan Wangji’s waist in a successful attempt to bring him closer. They moved in desperate unison, hips grinding up to meet hips which slammed down. The slapping of skin loud against the silence and their noises entwined together to form a symphony of their pleasure.

“Harder,” Wei Wuxian managed to put forth with a hard upward thrust of his hips and stars erupted in the darkness of his blindfold when Lan Wangji met it with one that was even harder. “Only you can fuck me so good.”

Lan Wangji grunted, his hitched breaths and moans the best kind of music to Wei Wuxian’s ears and he continued to pound into Wei Wuxian until the bed began to squeak. He moved with precision, struck Wei Wuxian’s prostate without fail and caused the bubbling heat to rise and rise until it was to the point of bursting.

Hips began to stutter and lose their rhythm, hot and tight walls clamped down onto a hard cock with everything that they had. Pants turned into high pitched whimpers and fingers left imprints on pale skin due to the harshness of their grip. The bubbling heat reached its final point until—

Wei Wuxian’s back rose into a sharp arch at the last thrust to his prostate as he held onto Lan Wangji’s forearms tightly. His cock spurted his release as it shot up the flat plane of his stomach and coated his skin. It was like fireworks had gone off in front of his wide eyes, lighting up the darkness as his lips parted in a weak cry as he shook with his orgasm, his walls fluttering around Lan Wangji’s cock which fucked into him still. A soft mewl escaped from him as he tightened his ass even further, overly pleased with the choked breath that came from above.

“Lan Zhan, please,” Wei Wuxian purred, his eyes rolling slightly back as oversensitivity now took him and sent shivers down his spine. “I want to be filled with your cum.” He wanted it, wanted it so badly as he rocked his hips into Lan Wangji’s ever hastening thrusts. “ Give it to me.

And that broke Lan Wangji.

Wei Wuxian’s mouth was caught in a rough kiss as hot release coated his walls and was pushed deeper with the last remaining thrusts that Lan Wangji had to give. Wei Wuxian melted as he was filled, clenching his ass to keep all that was given. He opened up beneath the kiss and chased after it once Lan Wangji pulled away, only to blink when the ribbon was taken away from his eyes. And there he saw Lan Wangji, his beautiful and poised Lan Wangji, wonderfully wrecked as he stared down at Wei Wuxian with eyes now golden again and soft in their stare.

It was so warm, magnificent and all the beautiful words that could be used to describe a man like this.

Wei Wuxian reached up for him with slightly shaking arms and Lan Wangji was quick to lean down until their bodies were pressed together, both of them falling into another kiss.


It was all so perfect.

As it always was.