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iA Watches FMA '03

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This right here is the introduction page to what will be a liveblog of the 2003 anime Fullmetal Alchemist. The following chapters will record my thoughts, predictions, and reactions in text with supplementary image use. The chapters will be split up into an episode each. As of writing this, I plan to release at least one new chapter a week.

With preliminary information out of the way, I'm sure there are some questions the reader may have. Or at least one major question: Why the 2003 anime?

The simple answer is it's the one that interested me the most out of any of FMA material out there. But also, long time ago I encountered a vague spoiler regarding the end to FMA'03 and that it differs significantly from both the manga and Brotherhood. I've also heard that the creator of the manga was to some degree involved with the gecko ending (or gecko half? gecko 2/3rds?). I don't really even remember the spoiler anymore. Not enough to understand it or put it into words again, anyway.

But that leads me to the next question: What have I been spoiled on? Well, here's a list of everything I think I know going in, in a sort-of increasing order of severity.

-I have read the first chapter of the manga a fair few years ago, so any details from it may be subconsciously remembered and recognized as they come up
-Main character's name is Edward... Elric? I forgot how it's spellt and I know looking anything up is a dangerous prospect, so in case I get anything wrong here, I don't want to be corrected yet.
-There's a guy called Armstrong that's really buff and has a mustache. Seems like a good guy.
-Some "law of equivelent exchange" for the story's magic system that it calls alchemy. I love hard magic, and this certainly seems to indicate that FMA has a hard magic system.
-"Da...ddy." I know the general circumstances surrounding this quote because I send references to it to a friend of mine to tease them, and learning about it in such a circumstance was unavoidable.
-Beings call homunculi named after the seven deadly sins. I think I know what Envy looks like, as well as a power they have, because it is relevant to my interests.

I think aside from that, I'm totally blind.

So without further ado, let's get this ball rolling!