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There’s Two Sides to Every Story

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I was walking home from swim practice. The boys warned me not to walk alone but, being the idiot that I am, I didn’t listen.

Ever since the Socs jumped Johnny and Nico, they’ve been extra cautious. They got busted up pretty bad.

Don’t get me wrong, I can handle myself pretty well in a rumble and I know all the tricks in the book. Plus I had my trusty switch blade Riptide in my back pocket. I would be fine right? Wrong.

I glanced at a street sign and tried to decipher as best as I could what it said. (Stupid dyslexia) I never was real smart and having dyslexia just made it worse.

I turned down the street, thinking I knew were I was going. (Boy, was I wrong) I kept walking even though a car started to pull up. Uh oh. I didn’t stop walking until a guy shouted, “Grease!” The driver and his passengers piled out of the car. 

This happened to Ponyboy a couple of weeks ago. Almost the exact situation but, I am more prepared than he is. He wasn’t beaten as bad as Johnny and Nico but it still scared us.

They came up to me. I stood my ground trying to make myself look tuff and tough. It wasn’t that hard to do. My build plus my wits made it easy. The Socs faltered for a second  before continuing.

As soon as the first Soc stepped into the light, I recognized him immediately. “Luke,” his name left a bitter taste in my mouth. “Well hello Percy. It’s nice to see you old friend.” He had this evil smile that made me grimace. “Don’t you have anything else to do other than jump unsuspecting greasers,” I glowered. “Yeah, well I was bored.” He swung his fist. I dodged just in time. (I’ve never been so thankful for my ADHD in my life.) I faked him out by swinging then stopping halfway and kicking him. I quickly whipped out Riptide. Two of the five guys faltered but, Luke and two others kept advancing. Fists were flying and kicks were being dealt out left and right. I thought I had the upper hand until, someone pulled out a knife and stabbed me in the leg. Pain coursed throughout my body as I collapsed on the ground. They started kicking me until somebody yelled, “Hey! Get away from there!”

I recognized that voice immediately, it was Darry. The Socs scattered. “Hey, you okay Percy,” Soda asked as he passed me my towel so I could wrap up my leg. “Oh,  I don’t know. My leg hurts real bad. I just got jumped by some Socs. Oh, and I saw Luke,” Soda grimaced. “So great, thanks for asking Pepsi Cola,” I remarked sarcastically. “Sheesh. No need to get all Persassy on me,” he muttered. I laughed.  

Ponyboy and the rest of the gang piled in. Thalia came up to me and socked me in the arm. “Ow! What was that for?!” I yelped. “For you to stop being such a Seaweed Brain.” She socked me in the arm again, harder this time. “Okay, okay let’s get Percy home.” I was very thankful for Darry at that moment. The gang helped me up and into Darry’s Ford. I sat in silence with only one thought, Mom’s gonna kill me.