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One Sinful Night

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It had been a rather long day for the two gunslinging men. After an unfortunate shoot out, with a gang of human traders, that thankfully resulted in only two casualties (A badly busted shoulder for the leader of the ruffian gang and a spattering of bloody noses and broken teeth for his henchmen) The two friend had decide to celebrate a job well done. The townsfolk were more than happy reward the traveling saviours with a free meal and logins for the night for their help getting rid of the awful men that plagued their quite little town.


Wolfwood and Vash were now shearing a good, hearty, meal. Relaxing, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of the surprisingly swanky saloon and each-others company. Vash was being his usual dorky self which Wolfwood found both to be annoying as fuck but absolutely endearing. It was so frustrating to the priest that he had such muddled and conflicting feelings for the troublesome but gentle blond man... He was convinced that Vash would be the death of him… one way or another.


Though the evening was going well, the food tasty, the drink good and the company wonderful, Wolfwood did have the feeling that they were being watched. A quick subtle scope of the place told him that there was only one person that seemed to be watching them with any intensity and with a curiose but calculating eye. A woman, 30ish, brunette, very pretty, well dressed. She didn’t seem to be a threat but then… You could never really tell… His companion being a prime example of how looks were deceiving.


While he had been distracted, said companion was now trying to sneak the last sausage he’d been saving off his plate. The priest quickly smacked sharply his knuckles with his fork. The gunman yelped dramatically and pouted. Nick just scowled before asking.


“Hay… you know that lady?”
“Hun? What lady?” The blond asked looking around.
“Subtlety is clearly not your middle name, Needle noggin,” The dark haired man sighed. “The lady in the booth over there. She’s been watching us for a while.” Vash looked round, seeing the woman for himself.
“Wow, she’s pretty.” He smiled at her, surprised when she smiled back and gave a little nod of acknowledgement.


“So you don’t know her?” the clergyman clarified.
“Nope. I’d sure like to though. She’s a babe.” The blond said with a wiggle of his brows. Nick just laughed and looked at the lady again. She now seemed to be smiling at the pair of them.
“I’d have to agree with you.” Nick said taking a long swig of his drink. “A lady like that is certainly worth getting to know.” Movement caught Vash’s eye, the woman got up from her seat… and begun weaving through the tables and straight over to them.


“Aw crap! I think she’s coming over!” Vash freaked. “Act cool! Act cool!”
“What are you? 12?” Nick said flatly just before she reached them drink in hand. The pair looked up at her as she stopped before them.
“Why hello there miss.” Vash said, putting on his suavest voice and giving his most dashing smile. The priest rolled his eye’s before addressing the woman.
“Ma’am.” Wolfwood nodded to the lady. She smiled at them both brightly.


“Hello gentleman, my I sit down?” She asked, a strange but not unpleasant ascent in her voice.
“Why, certainly! Here let me get that for you!” Vash jumped up and retrieved a chair for the woman. Inadvertently making someone else fall on their ass as they went to sit.
“We’d be delighted to shear a drink with a beautiful lady.” Nick grinned, offering the bottle of scotch they had on the table.


“You’re both too kind.” She said as she sat in the offered chair, she downed the rest of her drink in one before putting her glass down. Nick was impressed that she didn’t even seem to flinch as the amber liquid when down. “Thank you both. I herd what you both did today for the town.”
“Aw that was nothing… all in a day’s work for those who chase the elusive butterflies of peace.” Vash said smoothly. If Wolfwood hadn’t been a professional and in the presents of a lady, he would of smacked the blond up-side the head.
“Well, regardless, we are all very grateful for your actions.” She said with that lovely smile again. “But I’ve not seen you two around before. Are you planning to settle down here or on your way somewhere?”


“We’re just passing though,” Wolfwood said, pouring them all a drink.
“Yeah, we kinda travel around form place to place, righting wrongs and defending the innocent.” The outlaw said dramatically.
“My, that dose sounds exciting!” The woman seemed genuinely impressed.
“Sometimes it’s a little too exciting.” Nick laughed, “To be honest, we’d like nothing more than a peaceful life. Trouble just seems to find us!”
“I see.” She smiled, a mischievous glint in her eye. “Have you two been traveling together long?”


“Wow, you sure are full of questions lady, and we don’t even know your name.” Nicolas chuckled. At that the woman did seem a little embarrassed, a slight blush colouring her cheeks.
“My apologies. That was very rude of me, I’m afraid I just sometime forget not everyone knows who I am.”
“Are you famous?” Vash asked, intrigued by her words.
“Well, Not Vash the stampede famous, but around this town I’m pretty well known. You see, I own this bar and quite a few other establishments around town.”


“You own this!” Vash cried in surprise, taking another look around at the rather nice looking place. “Wow! You should be proud! This place is great!”
“Thank you, I try.” She laughed, “My name is Kathrin Karlieal.”
“A pleasure to meet you miss Karlieal.” The priest said, tipping his glass at her.
“I’m Vash and this is my good friend Nicolas D. Wolfwood the traveling priest.”

“So a humanoid typhoon and a gunslinging clergyman. What a interesting couple you are.” She chuckled taking a sip of her drink.
“Okay… so I gotta ask,” Nick said, his face turning serious, “What’s the real reason your over here chatting to us?”
“I’m sorry?” Kathrin asked, her brow furrowing delicately.
“Yeah, whadaya mean Wolfwood?” Bless Vash and his good-natured innocence, but he was far too trusting.
“Well, not that we mind the lovely company, it’s just… we rarely get people, especially beautiful lady’s, that just want to talk to us. So… What’s on your mind? I can tell you wanna ask us something.”


The woman fell silent for a moment her face unreadable. The woman and the priest looking at each other rather intently for a long moment, Vash was left glancing between them, like a child caught between two parents on the brink of a massive fight. But after a tense moment, she smiled and looked away from the dark man’s intense eye’s.


“Hum, I can see I can’t fool you. Must be that preacher man truth detector of yours. Never know a priest without one.” Kathrin smiled at him.
“Comes with the job.” He grinned. “Can’t get anything past me. The lord almighty sees the truth in all things.”


“Alright then. You see gentlemen,” Kathrin started, leaning in and her voice lowered to a more conspiratorial volume so only the two mean could hear. Vash and Nicolas following suite. “I have… particular tastes in pleasure and… I wondered if you would both be interested in helping me sate them with a little… business transaction.” Fuzzy impure thoughts drifted through Wolfwoods mind. He may be just shy of drunk but his libido was certainly fully sober and taking notice.


“What kinda… ‘pleasures’ you talking about, sweetheart?” he asked, leaning in closer with a sly smile, “And are you going to need a confessional afterwards? Cuz I can take care of that for ya as well. No sin is too big to be forgiven.” The dark haired man was thinking that a ménage à trois might be quite an interesting way to end the day. He couldn’t deny he was more than a little attracted to the blond at his side… but he doubted that the virtuous Vash would go for something like that, no matter how pretty and curvy the filling in this particular sandwich would be. But he’d thought it wouldn’t hurt if he’d ask anyway.


“Well… there is no gentle way to put it so… I’ll be blunt.” Kathrin picked up her drink and looked at them over the rim with a devilish gleam in her pretty blue eye. “I want to watch you fuck each other.”

Vash swallowed the bozze he’d just drunk down the wrong pipe and started coughing loudly. Nick thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. He’d… not been expecting that…

“WHAT!” Vash cried out after clearing his throat, looking utterly scandalized.
“I can make it worth your while.” She said simply, not at all looking fazed or ashamed that she’s just propositioned two men.
“W-what do you take us for?!” Vash cried out,
“lady I don’t think-” .

“$$20,000.” She said softly cutting them off. That silenced them both for a moment. Wolfwood whistled, that was a lot of money… but one sideways look at Vash’s still freaked out face told him everything he needed to know. The blond wasn’t going to go for it, not in a million years. It was for the best really … it would only have complicated things even further between them… but… it was a shame…
“Well, Miss Kathrin, that’s really nice offer an all, bu-” Nick started.


“Each.” She added with a smile, causing both men to nearly topple out of their chairs.
“Are you serious!” Vash gawped. “That’s-That’s crazy!”
“How the hell can you afford that?!” The priest asked astounded. $$40,000 was nothing to laugh at. Most people wouldn’t see that kind of money if they lived 3 lifetimes on this sand ball. This woman was willing to just give it away to satisfy a kink of hers.


“I’m rich and make good investments.” She shrugged nonchalantly. “And if you boys put on a very good show… You’ll get a bonus of another $$10,000. Each.”
“That’s just… wow….” The blond was lost for words. Wolfwood was pretty much in the same boat. The brunette female continued unfazed.
“Now, I’m sure you both could find a good use for that kind of money. Travel expenses, put away a little nest egg for your later years. Or even give it to some unfortunates? I’m sure that would be right up your street wouldn’t it Padre? A church? Or an Orphanage perhaps?”


Even though it was clear she had just plucked the example form the air, it struck deep with the priest. She wasn’t wrong. The kids back home would be a lot better off with that kinda money in the Kitty. All those repairs that needed doing. Buying new clothes and shoes. Getting them better food, education. Suddenly the ridiculousness of her proposal didn’t seem so farfetched.


But as an old nun he’d once known said… too good has a pretty smile and sharp teeth…


“Now… Not trying to be disrespectful, but I cannot believe you’d really pay ‘that’ much just to watch us screw.” Nick frowned, thumbing between him and the still wide eyed Vash.
“Yeah I mean… why us? There are plenty of other good looking guys around.” The blond said. He wasn’t wrong, the saloon was sprinkled with dashing looking men. The owner just smiled pleasantly, looked around and took another sip of her drink.


“As I said I have particular tastes… But many of the men here have benefited from my generosity, as around, they’ll tell you my offer is genuine.” Kathrin said confidently waving to a handsome man at the bar. The man smiled and waved back. “And no, you’re right. I don’t pay that much usually. But… it is quite rare I find two such handsome men whom take my fancy as you have done, or who I find… fit together well. So… I want to make you a very generous offer.”


The two men were left sunned, neither of them sure exactly what to say. The woman seemed to sense that she had overwhelmed them and just regarded them with a kindly smile.


“I can see that I’ve shocked you, I understand that what I ask is very unusual and not to be taken lightly. I know you’ll want time to think over my proposal,” She said standing. “I have a house on the outskirts, you can’t miss it. I’ll be happy to welcome you both anytime. Or even just one of you… I’m sure I can find playmates if you wanted to come individually. Of course, I’d have to pay you less, seeing as what I really want is to see you with each other but… beggars can’t be choosers. Still, I’ll pay you handsomely for your time.”


Kathrin waved over to the bartender, he came over quickly with a bottle of expensive whisky. She took it with a thank you and placed it on the table.


“Please accept this as a token of my thanks for the company and listening to my offer.” She said brightly “Good evening Gentleman. Enjoy your time here. I hope to see you again soon. If not, I wish you both nothing but good fortune and good travels. It has been a pleasure.”


And with that she left them with a smile and very awkward atmosphere…