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Yoongi’s day can't possibly get any worse than this. Seriously, he must have been a serial killer or something in his previous life because that’s the only reason that he can think of to explain why karma is such a bitch to him.

It all started when he spilled his coffee on his expensive as fuck laptop and then continued when he realized that he just lost all the work that he had accomplished last night because of it. Then, as if this wasn’t enough, his band-mates decided that it would be okay to leave for the studio without him so now he has to take the bus. Which is going to be a pain in the ass because someone is bound to recognize him and the last thing he wants right now is to have fans ask him for autographs or photos.

Now, he really loves his fans. He knows that without them BTS would be nothing but this doesn’t mean that he likes being ambushed so early in the morning, especially when his morning crappy.

He swears as he leaves his apartment and calls Hoseok while he walks towards the bus station.

“Hello,” Hoseok's annoyingly cheerful voice comes through the phone. “Yoongi, my friend, you’re finally awake”.

“Why the fuck didn’t you wake me up,” he hisses as he walks past some schoolgirls that are watching him a little to intently for his liking. “Now I have to take the bus to come to the fucking studio, you ass”.

“Hey, I tried, okay?” Hoseok defends himself. “You were like a rock. What was I supposed to do? Jin called us this morning with some really important news. We had to leave right away or he would have handed us our asses. You know how he is about those things”.

Jin is their manager and a really good friend to all of them. If he wasn’t there to support them, their little three man group wouldn’t have come as far as they are today.

“Jin called for a meeting?” he asks with a frown. “Why? Is it about the scandal? I already apologized about it”.

“Nah, I think it’s about our next album,” his friend says after a short pause. “Namjoon was actually about to call you. Jin wants us all here before he starts the meeting so get your butt here right now”.

“I’m going to kill you two,” Yoongi growls. “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes”.







Yoongi gets there in ten minutes thanks to the fact that Seoul is pretty much still asleep at this hour. When he walks into their studio he finds Namjoon and Jin sitting on the couch, talking in hushed voices. Predictably Hoseok is sitting in front of the TV watching a drama that Yoongi is sure that is sappy as fuck.

“Hey,” Jin says as soon as he spots him. “Would it hurt you to be on time just once?”

“Hey, don’t blame me,” Yoongi defends himself with a scoff. “First of all, those two idiots were supposed to wake me up. We were supposed to come and start on our new song. Also, I had no idea that we had a meeting with you”.

“Well, I know for a fact that waking you up is pretty difficult so I don’t blame them,” Jin says with a laugh. “As for the meeting, this is my fault. It is a last minute thing to be honest but something really important came up and I couldn’t wait”.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow at that but before he comments on this he needs his coffee. Thankfully someone already brewed some so he just pours himself a cup and sits beside Namjoon. His friend ruffles his hair playfully and Yoongi shoves him away with a scowl.

“Okay, guys I want your attention,” Jin announces with a serious expression that makes Hoseok finally turn away from the TV in order to listen. “So, you’re currently working on your next album and even though the songs so far are really good I thought that this time we should try something new”.

“New?” Namjoon asks with a frown. “New like what? Do you want us to change our style?”

“What? No,” Jin exclaims with a frown. “You guys know that I love your style. It’s what makes you so unique. No, what I’m saying is that you should do a… Collaboration”.

“Collaboration?” Yoongi asks with a raised eyebrow.

They have never done a collaboration before. Everyone knows that BTS likes to work on their own and don’t really like compromising. This is why they had to fight so much to be acknowledged. They were themselves from the beginning and always refused to change their style in order to become more popular like their previous managers wanted them to. In the end it paid off because now they are a really well known rap group with a very loyal fanbase that really likes them for who they are.

“Yeah, it will be really good for you,” Jin says and raises his hands to silence them when he sees that they are ready to object. “Just listen. You don’t have to change anything about your music. I just think that it would be really nice to have a collaboration with someone that isn’t a rapper. You know? We seriously need something to boost our sales and have more people become familiar with us”.

“We don’t need that,” Yoongi says a little angrily. “We are doing really well and our fans are really happy with our songs”.

“Yoongi just listen,” Jin pleads. “The group needs to become more popular. I know that you hate compromising but it is becoming harder to find the funds for Mvs and promotions. Also, the last scandal made some of our sponsors withdraw. You can’t afford to be picky right now”.

This gives Yoongi a pause. The scandal that Jin is referring to is his fault. Yoongi knows that he screwed up that night but he seriously didn’t expect to be caught as he was walking in a hotel with his latest hook up. Apparently someone had recognised him and took a picture. The next day everyone on the internet was talking about it and it was really bad, especially since said hook up was a guy. Korea is not really supportive of the LGBTQ community and many people didn’t take it well.

Yoongi doesn’t really care about what people think about him but this scandal had seriously hurt the group’s reputation and that is something that still makes him feel like shit. Even if Namjoon and Hoseok are still trying to convince him that it is not a big deal.

“Who is it?” Yoongi asks with a defeated sigh.

If this collaboration is going to help the group then he doesn’t really have the right to make a fuss. He is going to agree to anything that his band-mates decide. It’s the least he can do after this fiasco.

“Park Jimin,” Jin says and a shocked silence falls in the room.

Park Jimin is currently the most popular Idol in Korea. In fact he is considered Korea’s sweetheart. Yoongi isn’t really familiar with the Idol’s music but he knows of him. Honestly it is hard not to since the kid’s face is plastered everywhere from billboard signs to his fucking cereal box.

“Park Jimin agreed to collaborate with us?” Namjoon breaks the silence. “Seriously?”

Jin gives them a proud smile. “Yes!” he exclaims enthusiastically. “To be honest I am as surprised as you are. I contacted his manager and asked him if Jimin was interested in a collaboration and half an hour later he called me and said that yes, he was”.

“Seriously?” Hoseok shouts happily as he jumps up and down. “Wow, I really like his music”.

Yoongi snorts at that. He hasn’t heard any of the Idol’s songs but he doubts that it is anything special. Everyone knows that the kid is popular because he is pretty as fuck. And he is pretty. Yoongi honestly thinks that Park Jimin is the most beautiful human being on this planet. He is not blind, he can see why there are so many fangirls -and fanboys- screaming wherever the Idol goes.

“Well, I am not familiar with his music,” Namjoon said with a frown. “If we accept this we will have to listen to his songs and become familiar with his voice and style. We will have to incorporate those things into our songs and produce something good”.

“Of course,” Jin says with a nod. “I’ll give you a day. I brought his album so you can listen to it and make up your mind. It’s up to you but you really need this collaboration guys”.






That night, when the three of them get home, they sit down and listen to Park Jimin’s album. Yoongi is relactantly surprised by the kid’s voice. It is a really nice voice. In fact Yoongi can already imagine how in would sound combined with their rap. He can imagine writing a song about love or heartbreak and have Park Jimin’s voice sing the words. 

“I think we should do it,” Namjoon says with a surprised smile. “I really like his voice”.

“Right?” Hoseok asks enthusiastically.

“I think so too,” Yoongi says, surprising everyone, even himself. “We could work with this”.

“Alright then,”Namjoon says with a wide smile. “I’m going to call Jin to manage the details. Go get some sleep, guys. Hoseok, don’t stay up playing games again, we have work tomorrow”.

That night, as Yoongi lays on his bed, trying to sleep he thinks that he was just as bad as the people that judged them without knowing anything about them because he did the same thing. He just decided that he did not respect Jimin as an artist without even listening to any of his work. Yoongi knows that part of this behavior started from his resentment towards the idol that climbed his way to the top in less than a year because of his good looks.

This is just a fact. Even if the kid is talented, that doesn’t change the fact that his good looks were the main thing that helped him become so popular. This is just how the music industry works, especially when it comes to idols.