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next person to ping me is dead: I hate this class

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Aizawa Shota created 1-A Group Chat

Aizawa Shouta is Channel Admin role

Aizawa Shouta added Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto and 17 more

Aizawa Shouta added Student role to Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto and 17 more

Aizawa Shouta: Congratulations for not getting expelled on the first day of school.

Aizawa Shouta: Nezu thought it was a good idea to create this to promote class bonding or whatever.

Aizawa Shouta: For the record, I am strongly against it.

Aizawa Shouta is offline

Iida Tenya: This is a good idea, Aizawa-sensei! This way we can share information about class activities and help each other with homework! Please keep this chat serious!

Kaminari Denki: sure :)))

Asui Tsuyu: I have a bad feeling about this, ribbit


Kaminari Denki: what

Ashido Mina: what

Kirishima Eijirou: Don’t mind Mina

Hagakure Tooru: Hey guys! o/

Sero Hanta: wait did you just type ribbit Asui-san

Yaoyorozu Momo: I was going to hope that this chat doesn’t derail, but I’m not naïve enough for that

Ashido Mina: where did you get that weird i

Yaoyorozu Momo: I used the alternate letter function of my phone keyboard.

Ashido Mina: holy shit! Look :D öĐéáßä

Asui Tsuyu: Call me Tsuyu-chan

Sato Rikido: OwO What’s this?

Jirou Kyouka: A group chat, apparently

Jirou Kyouka: also stop spamming my ears vibrate when I get a new notification

Jirou Kyouka: while I’m plugged into my phone

Mineta Minoru: Oh, so your phone can act as a vibrator?

Sero Hanta: then don’t plug yourself into the phone?

Ojirou Mashirao: Mineta-kun what

Sero Hanta: also how do you even do that

Sero Hanta: wait

Sero Hanta: you’re the girl with the usb cable on her ears right?

Jirou Kyouka: It’s an aux cord

Jirou Kyouka: but yea that’s me

Aoyama Yuuga: Bonjour everyone~ Let my brilliance engulf the class~

Kaminari Denki: weird flex but okay

Yaoyorozu Momo: You did great on the standing reach test!

Ashido Mina: Is bonjour in French or something

Asui Tsuyu: ...Bonjour is literally the most known French word

Asui Tsuyu: even I know it and I’m terrible at foreign languages, ribbit

Jirou Kyouka: Thanks ^^

Midoriya Izuku: Yaoyorozu-san, you did great on almost every test! You seem to have a really good grasp on your quirk

Midoriya Izuku: It’s really versatile and strong, although I don’t know the specifics yet!

Ashido Mina: I’ll have you know I almost flunked English twice in middle school and haven’t ever touched any other languages

Tokoyami Fumikage: Darkness spreads, and in the centre stands the black masquerade. Nameless, the mass lets loose the evil within.

Uraraka Ochako: I still wonder why Aizawa-sensei allowed the cannon

Ojirou Mashirao: Says the girl who literally got infinity on the ball throw test

Iida Tenya: Ashido-san, poor academic performance is not something to brag about! Please study to pass the class, otherwise you will not be an effective hero! What if you have to rescue someone who doesn’t speak Japanese?

Shouji Mezo: I mean, he allowed us to use out quirks and Yaoyorozu-san’s quirk is Creation so technicaly fair play?

Sero Hanta: @Tokoyami Fumikage what’s that even supposed to mean???

Kouda Kouji: (*^▽^) /

Aoyama Yuuga: With all due respect, Iida-kun, calm your tits

Kirishima Eijirou: People are coming in one by one

Mineta Minoru: Tits? Where? *q*

Iida Tenya: I agree, the chat is slowly becoming populated! Although I do not agree with people having multiple conversations at once. It makes the chat hard to follow.

Kirishima Eijirou: Mineta-kun, stop that.

Iida Tenya: Also my chest is in a state of rest, I’m not sure what you are trying to say

Uraraka Ochako: Give it a bit of time

Uraraka Ochako: People will calm down eventually

Uraraka Ochako: ...I hope

Bakugou Katsuki: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS




Bakugou Katsuki left 1-A Group Chat

Uraraka Ochako: ...or not

Asui Tsuyu: My bad feelings were not unfounded

Kouda Kouji: ((´д`))

Midoriya Izuku: Kacchan has never been good with group chats...

Tokoyami Fumikage: What a mad banquet of darkness.

Kaminari Denki: wait who th is kacchan

Kaminari Denki: don’t tell me

Asui Tsuyu: He doesn’t seem like a nice person, ribbit

Kaminari Denki: this guy who just exploded in the chat is called kacchan? ROFL

Ojirou Mashirao: Although I’m mildly impressed with the fact he fit seven swearwords into four messages.

Kirishima Eijirou: Blowing up at a normal conversation like that and leaving is unmanly

Hagakure Tooru: ...What was up with this guy? Sounded more like a villain than a hero.

Yaorozu Momo: Wait, wasn’t Bakugou Katsuki the person who got the highest score in the entrance exam without a single rescue point?

Todoroki Shouto: Possibly? I got in on recommendations, so I only tangentially followed the exam process.

Midoriya Izuku: Yes, Kacchan got the highest score!

Midoriya Izuku: As to answer your question, Kaminari-san, we used to be childhood friends! Please don’t call him Kacchan or he’ll explode you. Literally.

Midoriya Izuku: Although he has a short temper, he’s very determined to be a hero! He wants to be the best and surpass even All Might!

Kaminari Denki: good luck with that lol

Iida Tenya: @Aizawa Shouta Please add Bakugou-kun back into the group chat, as he is still part of the class!

Uraraka Ochako: Maybe we should leave him be? I mean, he was pretty clear about not wanting to be here.

Aizawa Shouta is online

Aizawa Shouta: what do you want?

Aizawa Shouta: oh

Aizawa Shouta: *sigh* since outside class this is going to be the primary method of communication between me and the class, he has to be here

Aizawa Shouta added Bakugou Katsuki to 1-A Group Chat

Aizawa Shouta granted Bakugou Katsuki Student role

Aizawa Shouta: Just mute the chat or something, but leave ping notifications open

Aizawa Shouta: none of you can ping everyone anyways

Aizawa Shouta: and since re-adding someone is a hassle, if anyone leaves, I take it as a them leaving the school and expel them automatically

Aizawa Shouta: Understood?

Bakugou Katsuki: ...Fucking whatever.

Uraraka Ochako: Yes sir!

Iida Tenya: Understood! I shall make sure nobody leaves, ever!

Ojirou Mashirao: That sounded a bit creepy, but okay.

Midoriya Izuku: Yes

Midoriya Izuku: I mean, to the ‘understood’ part

Asui Tsuyu: Understood, ribbit

Hagakure Tooru: Understood!

Jirou Kyouka: Understood

Yaoyorozu Momo: Understood

Tokoyami Fumikage: Understood

Kouda Kouji: (〃´・ω・`)ゝ

Kaminari Denki: understood

Ashido Mina: Understood!

Aoyama Yuuga: Understood~

Sero Hanta: understood

Mineta Minoru: Understood...

Shouji Mezo: Understood

Kirishima Eijirou: Understood! Leaving is unmanly anyways

Sato Rikido: Understood

Todoroki Shouto: Understood

Aizawa Shouta: Good

Aizawa Shouta changed Aizawa Shouta’s channel nickname to next person to ping me is dead

Kaminari Denki: wait, we can edit our names? Crash

Kaminari Denki set Kaminari Denki’s name to Thor bs he's cool

Warning: Student role does not allow name changing.

next person to ping me is dead: I don’t want to have to look through the entire chat if I need to ping one of you.

next person to ping me is dead: You can change your nicknames only.

Kaminari Denki: Nicknames?

Hagakure Tooru: Yeah! In this app you can set a nickname that’s only for a specific server or even a specific channel on a server, so other servers or other channels on the server don’t see that nickname ^^

Hagakure Tooru changed Hagakure Tooru’s server nickname to Floating clothes

Ashido Mina: that’s GENIUS

Ashido Mina changed Ashido Mina’s channel nickname to acid trip

Kaminari Denki: haha

Kaminari Denki changed Kaminari Denki’s channel nickname to Thor bc he’s p cool

Aoyama Yuuga changed Aoyama Yuuga’s channel nickname to Sparkle~

Kouda Kouji changed Kouda Kouji’s channel nickname to (́ ω ̀)

Mineta Minoru changed Mineta Minoru’s channel nickname to SexyLadiesMan69

Jirou Kyouka: ...

Jirou Kyouka changed Mineta Minoru’s channel nickname to creep

creep: Hey!

creep changed creep’s channel nickname to LadiesMan

Jirou Kyouka: *sigh*

Uraraka Ochako changed Uraraka Ochako’s channel nickname to no gravity

Asui Tsuyu: I got a better idea

Asui Tsuyu set no gravity’s channel nickname to Infinity Girl

Infinity Girl: Hey, I like it! ^^ Thanks, Asui-san!

Infinity Girl: I also got an idea for your nickname!

Infinity Girl changed Asui Tsuyu’s channel nickname to Ribbit

Ribbit: Well... I can’t argue that, ribbit

Ribbit: Also call me Tsuyu-chan

Sato Rikido changed Sato Rikido’s channel nickname to Wreck-It Ralph

Ribbit: ...I can’t argue that either.

Yaoyorozu Momo changed Yaoyorozu Momo’s channel nickname to 3D Printer

Shouji Mezo changed Shouji Mezo’s channel nickname to One-Man Army

Thor bc he’s p cool: oh my god

Kirishima Eijirou changed Kirishima Eijirou’s channel nickname to Hardening Is Manly

Ojirou Mashirao changed Ojirou Mashirao‘s channel nickname to Ordinary guy but with a tail

Acid trip: That’s too long

Acid trip changed Ordinary guy but with a tail‘s channel nickname to Guy with a tail

Guy with a tail: I’m fine with that

Jirou Kyouka changed Jirou Kyouka‘s channel nickname to AUX cord

Tokoyami Fumikage changed Tokoyami Fumikage‘s channel nickname to Shadow of the Dark Masquerade

Sero Hanta: Again, what’s that supposed to mean

Sero Hanta changed Sero Hanta‘s channel nickname to Duck Tape

Shadow of the Dark Masquerade is offline

Izu: He’s the one with the bird head, right?

Midoriya Izuku: He may be referring to his quirk

Midoriya Izuku: His quirk seems to be an emitter type, with the shadow entity poking out from his stomach. He seems to be able to control it at will, but I think I heard him talking to it at noon.

Midoriya Izuku: Although his bird head may also be part of his quirk. It’s hard to deny that the appearance of his head and his shadow entity are similar...





Wreck-It Ralph: Quirkless?

Ribbit: Bakugou-kun, you saw the ball throw test

Ribbit: He obviously has a quirk. Why are you calling him quirkless?


Bakugou Katsuki: FUCK OFF

Bakugou Katsuki is offline

Midoriya Izuku: ^^”

Midoriya Izuku: What Kacchan means is that I didn’t use to have a quirk. It came in super late

Midoriya Izuku: Like, straight before the entrance exam late

Infinity Girl: That explains why you broke both of your legs and your arm when you saved me

Hardening Is Manly: and your finger in the quirk apprehension test

Midoriya Izuku: Yeah, haha

acid trip has changed Midoriya Izuku’s channel nickname to new quirk who dis

new quirk who dis: ...accurate

acid trip: Alright, who else doesn’t have a nickname yet?

AUX cord: Todoroki-kun, Bakugou-kun and Iida-kun

Todoroki Shouto: I don’t even know how to edit my nickname

Thor bc he’s cool: It’s ok

Thor bc he’s cool has changed Todoroki Shouto’s channel nickname to Asymmetric

Asymmetric: ...okay

Duck Tape: I’m lowkey surprised you know that word

Thor bc he’s cool: I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked rn

3D Printer: By the way, I think it’s spelled duct tape, not duck tape

Duck Tape: it is? crap

Duck Tape has changed Duck Tape’s channel nickname to Duct Tape

Iida Tenya: Please treat each other with respect! This chat exists for the purpose of promoting class bonding! Insulting each other disrupts that! Besides, we are going to share a class for the next three years! Do not promote hostility towards each other!

Floating clothes has changed Iida Tenya’s channel nickname to Calm your tits

Calm your tits: My chest and my pectoral muscles are still in a state of rest because I am not exercising at the moment.

next person to ping me is dead: oh my god

next person to ping me is dead: I hate this class



It started out as a UA faculty chat

sleep? i don’t know her: I hate my new class

Bible Discussion Study Meeting Lover: ?

Apollo 13: It hasn’t been six hours since the start of the year

Sonic: It can’t be that bad with my little brother in the class

sleep? i don’t know her: first off, your brother has no chill

sleep? i don’t know her: in fact, he has the opposite of chill

sleep? i don’t know her: also who added you back here?

Sonic: Haha, that’s Tenya for you

Sonic: It was Nemuri

Bible Discussion Study Meeting Lover: snitch

YEEEAH: How many have you expelled so far

All Might(TM): Aizawa-kun has not, in fact, removed anyone yet from the class!

YEEEAH: what

Bible Discussion Study Meeting Lover: what

Concrete Angel: what

Apollo 13: what

Sonic: what

Your Lady And Saviour: what

Bloodbender: what

YEEEAH: Shouta going soft? More likely than you think

sleep? i don’t know her: I hate you all

I could kill you in a thousand different ways and make it look like an accident: What a pleasant surprise! It’s always a hassle to deal with angry parents after their children are expelled on the first day.

sleep? i don’t know her: I came this close a couple times

sleep? i don’t know her: there was that kid who keeps breaking his bones every time he uses his quirk

Bible Discussion Study Meeting Lover: Oh yeah I noticed during the entrance exam

sleep? i don’t know her: turns out his quirk literally emerged before the entrance exam

All Might(TM): I had nothing to do with that.

sleep? i don’t know her: I’m just going to ignore how specific that denial was

Your Lady And Saviour: He has been twice on the UA campus and both times ended up having to be healed

Your Lady And Saviour: Hope it doesn’t become a running joke

sleep? i don’t know her: I almost expelled him during the quirk apprehension test, but he didn’t have zero potential I guess

McCree: You said it was a couple times

Bible Discussion Study Meeting Lover: Let him finish

sleep? i don’t know her: and then Nezu told me to make a groupchat for them so I don’t have to always get new burner phones for student contacts

I could kill you in a thousand different ways and make it look like an accident: Yes, I still believe it is an excellent idea! Did something happen?

sleep? i don’t know her: first off, there’s a god damn memer in there, or maybe multiple, not sure

sleep? i don’t know her: and an emo edgelord

sleep? i don’t know her: one of them had two separate meltdowns and left the chat once

sleep? i don’t know her: and there was a perv that legit set his nickname to “SexyLadiesMan69”

Bible Discussion Study Meeting Lover: ew

McCree: seconded. What a disgrace

Reverse vore man: Good to see Snipe still drinks respect women juice daily

McCree: Damn right I do


sleep? i don’t know her: @Bloodbender How’s your class going

Bloodbender: Pretty well, actually. Got through orientation and classes without a hitch

Bloodbender: There’s this blonde kid who won’t shut up though, but another student took care of him

I could kill you in a thousand different ways and make it look like an accident: I do hope that I won’t have to fill out the paperwork for his death certificate.

Bloodbender: She just knocked him out wtf Nezu

Bloodbender: And one of the girls keeps asking me if I need to be purged with holy water...

Apollo 13: Pffft

Sonic: The real question is do you


YEEEAH: I mean your quirk is blood manipulation

Lunch Lord: And you prefer red foods

Bible Discussion Study Meeting Lover: I’m pretty sure at one point I saw you straight up drink blood

Bloodbender: That was tomato juice wtf

Bloodbender: what’s wrong with you all

Bloodbender: I am not a damn vampire

Bloodbender has changed Bloodbender’s channel nickname to Not A Vampire

sleep? i don’t know her: I’m going to once again ignore how specific that denial was

Not A Vampire: If anyone’s a vampire here, it’s Shouta

McCree: Hmm

Bible Discussion Study Meeting Lover: He does stay out of sunlight whenever possible, is nocturnal and abnormally pale

Lunch Lord: I saw him eat human food like once or twice

Apollo 13: He’s always scraggly... as if he never saw himself in a mirror

Reverse vore man: And his eyes glow red when he uses his quirk

sleep? i don’t know her: I hate all of you

I could kill you in a thousand different ways and make it look like an accident: I can attest to the fact that nobody in the UA faculty belongs to any supernatural species.