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Ils sont morts

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Hanschen and Crazy Frog were laying in the former’s bed, doing the make out and having the sex. It was very hot and sexy.

“Mmm, Crazy Frog,” Hanschen moaned into the anura’s mouth as the continued sexing. Then, Crazy Frog put his thingy in Hanschen’s you-know-what. Suddenly, Ernst opened the door to Hanschen’s room, interrupting their fortificating.

“Hey Han- WHAT THE FUK!!!” Ernst shrieked, shattering the window.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Hanschen replied, looking absolutely flabbergasted.

“Bing bing!” Crazy Frog added, trying to look shocked but was just too sexy to.

“Oh, I know what it looks like!” Ernst yelled, taking the glock he kept in the bedside table and shooting both of them. after he cleaned up the blood and bodies, he got a capri sun from the kitchen and turned on Guy’s Grocery Games, satisfied with his murders.