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Video game characters x Reader

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It was a warm and sunny day, and everything was just fine.

You were in a giddy good mood, and waiting here, on this comfortable forrest ground, for Sam’s signal.

Looking out in the wild, trying to spot your boyfriend’s message, with Nadine and Chloe right beside you, was exactly what you wanted to do right at this moment, on your birthday…

Yeah. No.

It was raining like cats and dogs. You were hiding ou in a cave but by the time you ran in there when it first started to rain, you were already soaked and it was too damn cold and humid for you to dry. Oh you hated the feeling of the fabric of your clothes sticking to your skin, freezing you to the bones.

Sam was taking ages to signal you to join him and you were starting to get extremely worried and Nadine ? Oh man, Nadine.

You could feel her intense eyes burning a hole in your back, as she was seated behind you, against the wall, staring at you while you were scanning your surrounding in hope to see any signs from Sam.

You had absolutely no idea why she kept just staring like that, making you uncomfortable, but ever since the night before, she hasn’t been very discreet about it. You tried to talk about it, but it always resulting in her looking away and totally ignoring you, making an almost silent “tt”, and you didn’t understand it !

So far, you and her were getting along so well !

Few months back, a certain Chloe Frazer, one of Nate’s old friend, came to you and Sam to ask for your help.

Long story short, after multiple perilous adventures, you guys found the precious Tusk of Ganesh, and this all story helped you and Nadine become genuine friends so…Why was she totally blowing you off right now ? And staring at you as if you were crazy ?

And goddammit why was Sam not signaling you !

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

And as water was falling across your face, and everywhere really, making you shivering, you snapped.

Enough was enough.

You startled Chloe who was standing next to you as you turned around aggressively and, with a voice full of frustration asked Nadine :

"Ok what’s the deal ?"

She tried to act surprised, but she quickly realized you weren’t buying it. Oh no. You noticed. You know you’re not crazy. You know she stared. You know she snobbed you Hell, it was fairly obvious ! You were far from being an idiot after all ! And here it is again, she makes this small face of disdain, and look away…

You cross your arms, waiting for her answer, before she finally says :

"It’s nothing really. Nothing important."

You roll your eyes to the sky and, after a deep sigh, you say :

"Nothing ? Are you fucking kidding me Nad’ ? I swear to God if you don’t tell me what’s wrong right now, I will…"

There’s a hint of fear in her eyes, as you start your threat.

And it’s kind of satisfying really, after everything that happened between the two of you on the day you met.

Let’s just say that, the first time you and her ever saw each other, it didn’t really go well…She underestimated you, and you hated being underestimated.

Things blew out of proportion, as you were both quite hot headed, and you ended up fighting…you totally kicked her ass (though it didn’t mean you didn’t walk away from the fight with a bloody nose, bruised ribs and a busted knee).

Ever since, she tended to try to be on your good side.

So as you start to loose patience, soaking wet and cold on your goddamn birthday, she cuts you off and finally tells you what’s been bothering her. She’s not about to take chances right now, as you’re already in the worst mood possible, and so she says :

"Alright alright. It’s just that I was…I was wondering like…I…You’re with…You’re really with him ?"

"With who ?"

"You’re with Sam Drake ?"

The question surprises you so much that you stay silent for a few minutes, stunned. You don’t even look out for Sam’s signal anymore, and that’s proof enough you’re just…very confused.

Was this really the reason why she kept staring like that ? Why she ignored you and…Uh really ?! After an eternity, you finally manage to say :

"What ?"

"You’re dating Sam Drake ?"

"Hum, yeah. Yeah I am. Since a while really."

She almost gasps, and you’re more confused than ever. You don’t have time to say anything else though, as she continues :

"But you…You…You deserve so much better than…Him. He can be such an asshole and he’s a huge opportunist and…how ? Why ? You deserve so much better than Samuel Drake, (YN). I don’t understand."

You can’t help the small smile creeping on your face. Oh if you won a penny every time someone told you that…You’d have like, at least 2 whole dollars.

Nadine is looking at you expectantly, waiting for an answer, and you give it to her :

"Oh come on Nad’, you know he isn’t like that. Yes, sure, he’s kind of an ass sometimes…We used to drive each other crazy at the beginning. But…He’s really better than you think he is. And you know that."

Nadine scoffs, and Chloe just rolls her eyes before focusing back on the amazonian forrest unfolding below you guys, trying to spot any sign from Sam.

Your shoreline friend says :

"You know what I mean. How long have you been together anyway ? How the hell did it happen ? I always imagined him to be so…so…you know !"

You laugh this time. OH yes. You know. You definitely know. Many people wrongly thought Sam was a Don Juan…He used to, true. He used to flirt with every women he met and he had more sex than most men but…Ever since he met you, everything changed. Hell, everything you met him everything changed. And it happened so…Well, neither you nor him expected this.

"We’ve been together for a few years. I’m frankly kinda surprised you only noticed yesterday we were together…"

"Well, I always thought you two were rather close, and touchy feely, but it’s only when I saw him shove his damn tongue down your throat yesterday, behind the hostel, that I finally understood…"

"Oh Nadine, you can be so observant and yet so oblivious sometimes…Ok, let me tell you the story. Stop me if you don’t want me to. So, here we go, everything started when I finally got the guts to go speak to my dad…"


Life has never been easy and calm. And that was a good thing.

You were raised by your mother, always on the road as her job as an archeologist/researcher (which meant she was always out of museums, looking for new artifacts and such) took her everywhere in the World, and there was no way she’d leave you behind.

Only one day, she went where you couldn’t follow…Cancer.

It killed her in a month. And here you were, all alone, and lost. You were a grown woman, and followed the same path your mom took but…Without her, you didn’t really know what to do !

And from this loneliness and pain, came a crazy idea.

Your mother raised you, but she never hid who your real father was.

His name was Victor Sullivan, but from your understanding everyone called him just “Sully”. And from what your mom said about him he was…quite special. A treasure hunter. Archeologists’ worst ennemies.

Him and your mom met ages ago and had a small but passionate fling (ew) and…Well, nine months later here you were. Your mom never told him about you, and you understood why. She explained. With a man like that ? You could never have a normal life.

Not that following your archeologist of a mother around was a normal life but…at least everything she was doing was legal. But now…now, as you mom was gone, you wished she had told him. Because it would have made your life exponentially easier.

Because then, you wouldn’t have to go and knock on his door to tell him you were his daughter. You don’t even know why you thought this would be a good idea but…without your mom you were lost, and though you never met him, you just figured that the next best thing was your dad ?


Your timing couldn’t have been worst.

But, that was all you. It seemed like you were cursed with that : “always in the wrong place at the wrong moment” thing.

It took you WEEKS to find where “Victor Sullivan”, your biological father, was.

The trail first lead you to the Rossi estate…To a Rossi Estate, infamous for its art black market, and with walls littered with bullets impacts ! You were always rather good to bullshit your way through things and, without even mentioning your father’s name, you gathered that there was an incident the night before at the estate.

An object they were selling at a private auction was stolen, and a violent encounter between the thief and guards ensued. Someone talked about rumors the thieves being a certain “Nathan Drake” and “Sully”, famous in the treasure hunting business…

You tracked him down to Scotland, but missed him there too, and got fucking shot at by shoreline mercenaries ! They apologized for almost killing you when they realized you were “merely a civilian” who was just “at the wrong place the wrong moment”.

Your step then took you to Madagascar, but you missed him there too. And then…Well, then you finally found him.

Or rather, found his motel room. You watched from afar as he and two men were coming toward their room and decided it was your time.

But really. It wasn’t. Such bad timing…Long story short, you basically ended up bursting into their motel room and yelled that you were Sully’s daughter (thinking it was just easier to rip the bandaid fast, hoping they wouldn’t shoot you because you’d scared the hell out of them bursting in like that), right when a certain Nathan Drake, who would become one of your best friend, was revealing to his wife that he had a brother, and has been lying to her about his job for the past few months…

Oh the mess it was. Everything was so confusing and after a lot of “who the hell are you ?” and “I don’t know you, who are you ?” meaning a lot of differnet things, Sully ended up telling you he’d be back and ran after Elena to make sure she was Ok, while Nathan was sulking and…Oh the mess.

Of course it wasn’t really your fault, things would have been a mess anyway but…you felt awful, thinking that you probably handled that very poorly. Sitting outside of the motel room, waiting patiently and anxiously for your father to come back, Sam startled you as he sat down beside you.

"So…You’re Sully’s secret daughter uh ?"

"And you spend those last fifteen years behind bars somewhere in Panama uh ? Own lots of money to a mob boss ?"

"Well princess, I feel like Destiny made us meet today. Feel like we were made to talk to each other you know ? I’m Sam, by the way. Sam Drake."

He tells you, as he shoves his cigaret in his mouth and extend his hand so you can shake it. And if you were totally honest with you, it’s in that moment, right there, as you smile to him and shake his hand that you kinda started to fall for him.

"(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N)."

You answer, smiling back.

"Beautiful name. So, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), what’s your story uh ?"

"Oh Sam Drake, I’ll only tell you what’s mine if you talk first."

"Isn’t there a saying that goes : “ladies first” ?"

"We’re in 2017 man, this changed."

"But I’m a gentleman."

"I’m sure you are, which is why you’ll talk first."

"Oh…It’s like that uh ?"


"Well ok then."

The smug smile you gave him made him almost melt on the spot, and the intense and serious gaze he laid on you made you blush like crazy…

Of course, it was a constant battle between you and him to know who fell for the other one first so you’d never say it but…Yes. As you met his beautiful hazel eyes with yours, and shook his hand. As he smiled at you and shamelessly flirted with you while you knew nothing about him ? You already had a massive crush on Sam Drake.

You knew it was a bad idea right away, his charming ways giving him up. It was clear he was the “flirty” kind, the “one night stand” kind. Somehow, you felt like he was that kind of man that was afraid of commitment but…you couldn’t help it. A crush you had. But again, you’d never tell him that it happened that fast…

Little did you know he fell for you the instant you bursted in their motel room, yelling you were Sully’s daughter…You were so beautiful. So intriguing. There was something about you that instantly drown him to you, even more than he was drawn to lost cities and treasures…


It was…Surprising.

When Sully came back, and after making some plans to go get this mysterious treasure they were trying to talk discreetly about (though you quickly guessed it was the legendary pirate Avery’s treasure), he immediately went to you and…

Things weren’t awkward. Things weren’t weird. He instantly knew who your mother was by looking at you, saying you looked so much like her. Except the eyes. You had his. And by the look in those eyes of yours…He knew you were saying the truth.

A daughter. He had a daughter. He admitted to you he never expected that but…Well, you were there right ? He wouldn’t ignore you. Besides, he told you jokingly, you were already a grown up, he would have to change diaper or anything, so he was totally fine !

He spoke so fondly of your mother that you felt tears welling up in your eyes…To him, it seemed that it wasn’t just a one night stand, that it could have evolved in something more but she left. Your mom left, thinking he was one of those charmer that was afraid of commitment and…Well, he respected her choice. Never saw her again. He was pretty sure she was avoiding him, thinking he saw her more than once, out of the corner of his eyes, on an archeologic place.

Things went much smoother than you’d think and…Oh the relief to not be alone anymore. Sure you and him weren’t instantly close, relationship took time to build but…still. Besides, you didn’t know it yet but what he said about having feelings for your mother and her not trusting him…it would help you greatly one day.


You fought like hell to go with them, but they refused. You weren’t trained to fight or anything, you could get hurt, and this was a personal matter. You had to admit you got a bit hurt when they told you that, but…well, you didn’t know them since very long. Only a few days. Of course their personal matter had nothing to do with you.

Besides, when Sully told you he wasn’t about to loose you while he just found you, you couldn’t resist. And when Sam jokingly added that he couldn’t loose such a beauty as you either, and that neither of them could be worried about you while being out there, you smiled, thinking he was just joking (he wasn’t, his heart was beating so fast when he told you that, afraid you’d come and he would really have to worry…which was ridiculous because he only knew you since a few days ago !), trying to light up the atmosphere. And so you stayed behind when shit went down in “Libertalia”, and you knew you’d regret it forever.

Libertalia ! The great lost pirate city ! But then again, when they all came back, your father, Sam, Nate and Elena…you thought maybe it was for the best.

And that’s when things really started.


From the get go, there was an undeniable attraction between you and Sam. Something neither of you could explain. Something that drawn both of you to the other, that made you want to spend time together…And oh the blessing it was that you started to stick around with your father for his adventures, and his new business partner was…Sam.

Under your dad’s suspicious eyes, you and Drake grew so close…You made each other laugh, you killed him with your talk back and witty answers while his jokes always made you burst into crazy laughter. You never let him walk on your feet or be overprotective and God he loved that ! He was flirty and charming and seemed to genuinely care about you and…Well, it felt great.

You never really had an actual relationship, too busy with work. And…It was Sam. The only one you ever met who understood truly the pain of loosing a mother, and having an absent father. Who understood how difficult it was to let go off of things, to move on…You never met anyone that understood you so well. And he never either. Even Nate didn’t always understand him…but you ?

You understood why he didn’t come back to Nate right after Rafe came to free him from the Panamian prison. You understood why he couldn’t let Libertalia go. You understood why he couldn’t retire just yet. You understood his pain and traumas and…It felt so good to have someone that didn’t pity him you know ? Whenever he talked about Panama, people were always : “Oh poor Sam, he lost 13 years of his life”, while you asked him stuffs like wether or not he managed to find cigarets there, and how was it to not have sex for that long…

How could he resist you ? How could he resist such a woman ? Someone who understood him so fully and didn’t even take any of his shit ? Someone who never really answered to his flirting and yet…oh yet…Yes.

How could he resist you ?


Insufferable. He was insufferable.

And as you hear your dad’s plane leave the island he dropped you and Sam on, you couldn’t help but think about it over and over again.

Goddamn know-it-all. And the worst was that he was right ! You were both working on an enigma to know the location of a treasure and…he got it right before you. And he was being an ass about it ! Smirking smugly at you every damn seconds…This is probably why it all happened really.

You weren’t focused enough. You weren’t paying attention enough. And as it often happen in those cases…You fell. Hard.

Not literally. Though you almost fell a few time as you two were climbing a temple to the treasure. No. You just didn’t notice…you didn’t notice armed men coming towards you as you were following Sam from afar.

It was really stupid of you. Every time you were on the verge of finding important treasures, there were always other hunters, more ruthless and such than you, Sam, or your dad. And…oh. Oh those particularly ruthless.

The last thing you remember seeing is Sam turning around to look at you smugly once again and…his expression turning to pure fear. Then everything went black.


You opened your eyes to find yourself in a cave, wrapped in…Sam’s coat ? Way too big for you, as this man was a damn giant really.

And it hurts. It hurt around your chest. You stir and…You let out a whimper of pain that attracts Sam’s attention.

He was right there, next to you, putting some more wood in a small fire. And his face is riddled with worry…He crawls to you and takes your hand, squeezing it, and there’s so many emotions shared in that instant…You try to speak, but you can’t, and she brushes calloused fingers softly against your cheek before saying :

"Sh sh sh. Rest (Y/N). I called your dad, he’s coming as fast as possible. It’s just there’s a storm right now and it’s dangerous to fly…Don’t worry, I reassured him. You made it. Barely though…You gave us quite a fright (Y/N). You gave me quite a fright."

In a croaked and weak voice you say :

"I thought the great Sam Drake was never scared…"

He smiles weakly at you, and sits down beside you, still holding your hand as his other brush your cheek lovingly and, oh it feels so good.

"I’m not afraid of a lot. But I’m definitely afraid of loosing the people I love."

You don’t even have the energy to blush and he continues :

"You know, I’ve grown quite fond of your…presence. I’m going to be honest, at first all my flirting was just that, harmless flirting but now…Now I’m only half-joking. I wish…Uh. Cheesy isn’t my thing. I don’t know how to tell you that…That I was scared shitless when I saw you get shot. That my heart never raced that much, and that…Uh. I guess I just care about you you know ?"

Of course he wasn’t going to tell you “I love you”, though his tender gestures toward you are screaming it, though the way he avoids your gaze is pouring of it…He does love you. But he’s not ready. He’s not ready to tell you. Besides, what if you don’t say it back ? You’d definitely don’t say it back. And when you gently chuckle and say :

"Aw that’s cute Sammy."

Calling him of the nickname he hates so much…He knows he did right not telling you he loved you. You wouldn’t have taken him seriously. You heard too many of his stories when he talked about girls he slept with and how he was a “no strings attached” kind of guy to take him seriously if he told you he loved you.

And yet. And yet after months of knowing you, and your friendship growing so naturally…he couldn’t deny it. He knew you were the one. He loved you. But he just couldn’t say it.

"Thank you…"

You whisper as you drift back to unconsciousness.

"You’re welcome."

He answers, but you’re already asleep again…He brushes some strand of hair behind your ears and gently kisses your forehead, letting out a sigh.

Well, he was totally doomed.


Sully came back for the both of you, sheltering you to the point you almost told him to fuck off…you hated when people were being overprotective but…Well, he was your father, and in a few months you both developed a strong father/daughter relationship. You were more alike than you initially thought.

It took you a few days to recover enough to walk again and leave the hospital, and as your dad went to buy some fruits and snacks to the local market, you went out of your hotel room to go and sit next to Sam, outside, as he was smoking his cigaret.

He glanced at you and rolled his eyes :

"Aren’t you suppose to be resting princess ? "

"I rested enough Sam. I’m tired of staying in bed."

"This makes no sense. "

"Shut up."

He looks away from you and smile, his gaze loosing itself in the beautiful landscape in front of you. You get closer to him and make a move to grab at his cigaret but he takes it away from you. You frown at him but before you can say anything he says :

"Uh uh. No poison for you (Y/N), it’ll kill you."

"You know Sam, it’ll kill you too."

"Yes, but I’m not you. I can’t let you do that you know ?"

"Oh, right, because you “care about me”."

You say in your jokey way, the one you always use when orally jousting with Sam but…The way his smile drop and how he looks away…What’s wrong ?

And suddenly, it hits you.

“I care about you”. This…He said it as he was caressing your cheek, and holding your hand, worries all over his features.

“I care about you”. This wasn’t a joke to lighten up the mood. This was…This was real.

“I care about you”. The realization of it all hits you right in the face and…You take his chin between your fingers and force him to turn his head to look at you.

You’re not ready to say it either, those three dreaded words but…

"I care about you too, Sam."

You whisper, and he can barely hears you. But when your lips are brushing his softly. When your hand moves from his cheek to around his neck…He’s sure you said it too.

“I care about you”. Yes. You care about each other. You love each other. But that, you can’t say it. Neither of you can.

The kiss turn heated, as you let him slip his tongue in your mouth and…you can feel him guiding you back to his bedroom. And you let him. Because you want it. Because you’ve wanted it for a long time…And though you’re ready to get your heart broken…You do it anyway.

You don’t realize that this day, he made love to you. That he didn’t just fuck you, as he would with other women. Oh no. He made love to you, meaning every last bit of it…When he woke up though, you were gone.


You left a letter to your father, and as he read it, it reminded him of bad memories years before, when your mom left him a letter too.

You left one for Sam too. Similar to your father’s, but not quite. Your words were the same than your mom’s. You needed to go away for your sake. You needed to lead a normal life, trouble free.

You added, on your dad’s letter , in a post-scriptum, that you weren’t pregnant…and that made Sully laughs. But oh, years before he didn’t do anything to run after your mother while he should, he wasn’t about to let Sam make the same mistake.


"Are you ready to go, Sam ?"

Sully knew that his partner wasn’t ready to go, that his partner was still tortured by memories of you…Sully knew. And he had a plan.

Victor Sullivan wasn’t a man to walk around the bush. Something you inherited of him (as was proof the day you bursted into his motel room to tell him you were his daughter). No, Victor Sullivan wasn’t one to waste time, as he knew the importance of it, and so he said :

"You should go after her."

Sam looked up from his bag and gave the older man a questioning look. Sully rolled his eyes and continued :

"You know what I mean. You should go after her, after (Y/N). It’s my kid and I don’t want to actually know what happened between you but…Ever since you guys met, before Libertalia, and though you didn’t even know each other, it was fairly obvious something was sparkling between you two. And after ? Oh man I’ve been third wheeling you two for months ! So…Go after her."

"I don’t know what you’re talking ab…"

"Oh trust me kid, you don’t wanna go there. I know what I’m talking about. Years ago, I made the mistake to let her mother go, even though I was in love. Hell, she was probably the only woman I loved. I made the mistake to let her go and there isn’t a day I’m not regretting it ! Life could have been different. I would probably still have chased treasure and such…but when I’d come home, I would have had a wife and daughter greeting me, instead of a half-asleep Nate that passed out on my couch. Don’t get me wrong I love your brother like a son but…Well, eventually even him left. And I was alone. I am alone. Believe me, you don’t want that. Just run after her. What you got to loose ?"

Everything. He had everything to loose. And this is why he ran after you…


You couldn’t quite believe it, when you saw him arrive, covered in dirt and such, on one of the burial site you were working on.

You couldn’t quite believe it, when you listen to his story. How he tracked you for the past weeks. How you were damn difficult to find. How he crawled through mud and soil to find you because the place you were in was only accessible by helicopter and he didn’t have a fucking helicopter, so he found a way…which meant getting dirty.

"The Hell are you doing here Sam ?"

"I…I had to see you. I had to…I just had to come and see you. "

"And you couldn’t wait for me to get back on land that was easier to access ?"

"No. No I couldn’t."

You couldn’t quite believe it when he repeated to you what your father said. You couldn’t quite believe it when he dared to say it…When he turned to you, got hold of your cheeks in his hands and said :

"I love you."


Sam “I’m afraid of commitment” Drake. Sam “I only have one night stand” Drake. Him. He told you he loved you. And his hazel eyes were so full of honesty…Your heart speak before your mind.

"I love you too."

Because how couldn’t you say it back ? He travelled for weeks, and went through so much to find you…He went through so many troubles that…Well yes. He could only love you, chasing after you like that, as he usually chased treasure.

You were his greatest discovery. His greatest treasure. He told you so, and he talked about you with the same passion he talked about goddamn Libertalia, or any other lost cities and ancient treasures !

He talked about you, to you, as if you truly was all he wanted and needed and…in that moment, you were. As long as you were around, things would be good. Sure he would still chase after treasures and such, for the thrill of the adventure but…he couldn’t do it without you. And he told you so. He told you everything he had on his heart. Everything.

He never talked like that to anyone else before…And oh the sweet taste of your lips on his is the best feeling ever. You don’t even mind the fact that he tastes like mud…You loved him.

You were his greatest discovery. His most precious treasure.


As you were telling the story to Nadine, you could see a slight sparkle in her eyes. You were selling her a dream, something she’d deny wanting but that was still there…She eyed Chloe and you understand.

She felt something for the indian woman, but she would never say out loud that she was almost jealous of your relationship with Sam. Of the fact he chased after you like that, like he’d chase after the biggest treasure of them all.

She envied you to have someone that loved you like that. And you wanted to tell her that you knew Chloe felt the same way but…you thought it wasn’t your place. That they needed to sort their relationship out by themselves. And if you had to be the “Sully” of the story later on, then so be it, but for now, you were just finishing your story.

This all happened quite a few years ago. And you never left each other ever since. Sure there were…Difficult moments. You almost broke up a few times because things weren’t always easy. But what linked you and Sam ? It was true love. Even in the worst of moments you’d stick up for each other, and you’d be there. Because you were perfect for each other.

A match hand made in Heaven.

You talked about how sweet Sam was, behind closed door. How attentionate and how he always made you feel like a damn queen. You talked about how you’d look out for each other, and how you’d never be alone as long as the other was still alive…You talked about all of it, defending the love of your life against Nadine’s unfair comment about you deserving better than him.

You were just finishing your story when finally, FINALLY, you spotted Sam’s flash light signaling you in morse code.

It took you less than twenty minutes to join him, and before he could tell you anything about his findings you punched him in the shoulder.

"Outch ! What was that for ?!"

"For worrying me."

"You know, most women would greet their man with a kiss, instead of a punch, for worrying them. And damn nasty punch at that, it’s gonna bruise…"

You give him a small smile and oh, his fake anger leaves him right away…he can’t even act annoyed when you smile at him like that. You go on your tip toe to softly brush his lips with yours (neither of you were too much on PDA, and knowing Nadine…). You pull away and…

What is he hiding behind his back ? Only one of his hand went to wrap itself around your waist, usually, both his arms would be around you. You pull away a bit more and, with a wide smile, he puts his hidden hand from behind his back in front of you and…

Flowers. A bunch of beautiful flowers, a most tasteful bouquet you must say. And a small gem. You look up at him a bit confused, and he explains :

"Happy birthday love. I’m sorry I dragged you out there in the pouring rain on your special day…I promise I’ll make it up to you. In the meantime, found those flowers and this stone that made me think of you so…Here. For you. Now let’s go, we gotta a treasure to find."

And with a last kiss (lasting a bit too long for Nadine’s taste), he leaves again in a perfect “Sam” way. He’ve always been like that. Especially in public. He would do something extremely sweet and then brush it off with a joke or something. And as he leaves, followed by Chloe who gave you a knowing look, you can’t help but clutch those flowers and this small green stone, smiling to yourself.

You turn to Nadine and…You can see it in her eyes. After your little story and this…She knows.

She knows Sam Drake definitely deserves to be with someone like you.