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I'm Lyin' Down Thinkin' 'Bout You

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Miles morales likes to think of himself as a person who was always aware of his surroundings.

His spider sense never failed him and it was a habit to always recognize or observe other people. That ringing of caution to danger never failed him once but it was a habit of his to learn more about others and their intentions. It clashed with his social butterfly self and while he was certain he was safe in Visions his anxiety always got the better of him.
This of course would probably signify that he knew and remembered everyone.

Oh god how wrong he was.




It was a busy day of classes and has been two weeks since the spiderfam went back to their dimensions. And while he had been on his regular routine of afternoon watches as Spiderman, Miles liked to say he was getting the hang of it. As the pressure of classes and day to day life was eased and life in school was normal.

If you reminded him of that fact today though he would tell you it was karma spitting on him again. He and Gwen teased Peter last night about texting old memes but he was only doing God’s duty. The man was sending Rick Roll memes for christ sake someone had to tell him.

He was dragging his feet as he headed to his dorm this late afternoon. Of course he knew he had to go out at night again but he was more focused on falling asleep when getting “home”.

When he finally arrived he saw shoes in the front of the door. His mind jumped to a possible burglar or a villain who found out his identity.
He hesitantly opened the door as his senses were ready to set an alarm to a threat. But just as he put a foot into the door a hard binder hit his shoe as papers spilled from it. His eyes went down to the mess.

“I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to be so clumsy!”, exclaimed a panicked voice.

Miles quickly looked up and gapped as it took him a minute to realize the source of the voice.

An asian boy stood just a few feet in front of him and looked rather concerned. But that wasn’t what caught his attention. The boy had soft peach lips with fair skin and ink black hair. His glasses screamed hipster and his beanie with pins snuggly on his head. And yet his view gravitated to his monolid mocha eyes and a blush that could rival a peach.

He quickly realized that he expected an answer from Miles. He figured he was already dumbily gapping at the other boy so nothing out of his mouth would be any worse.
“Uh...yeah just pretty”, he stuttered mistakenly which made him want to bang his head against the door,”I-I mean I’m not saying you're pretty! I’m just saying I’m pretty alright right now! N-Not to say you’re ugly or anything! I-!“

He was so fucking wrong. This was so much worse.

A snort of laughter interrupted his thoughts that ringed heavenly in his ears.

“Sorry! It’s just I was panicking and it was cute how nervous you got”, the pretty stranger replied as he chuckled and whipped a tear crinkled in his eye.

Miles was in shock of the reaction, but one word rung in his head.




Fuck did his heart soar for this beautiful stranger in his dorm.

His cheeks darkened and bloomed to a burgundy as he tried to save himself, “I kinda panicked. I mean you are just a random person in my room”

The raven haired boy’s eyebrows crinkled as his smile changed to a pure look of confusion.

“Huh? Don’t you know who I am?”

“No? I’ve never met you before? Maybe I’ve seen you during passing period?”

“We kinda are roommates.”



That makes a lot of sense, since he’s been going through a watch shift as spiderman after classes. Miles usually does homework and falls prompt to sleep. (He’s decided to take a night shift because his teenage body can’t take sleeping early.) He’s only seen glimpses of his roommate and even when hiding on the ceiling that one time with the spidergang, he didn't get much of a look at him.

Actually if it wasn’t for the stuff, that wasn’t his in the room, he would never guess his roommate really existed. Well he could cross aware of his environment of his ‘lies I will tell myself’ list.

“I never really seen you in the room? Never really seen you around either.”

“I figured that was the case. I’m usually at a cafe or in a library to study during the evenings. And you’re always asleep by the time I get here before curfew.”

“Oh..Yeah that makes a lot of sense honestly.”

“Well it seems we got on the wrong foot”, his roommate said as he bent down to grab his binder.

‘Wait..a minute did this guy just make a pun?’,thought Miles.

He promptly stood up and with a blue binder in one hand, extended the other in front of Miles.

“I’m Ganke Lee.”

His face was closer in view and it took everything Miles had to not caress his round face and the freckles splashed on his cheeks.

“Nice to meet you dude. I’m Miles Morales. How’d you manage to drop that binder that angle by the way?”

“Oh! I usually pace around the room to do my work and I freaked out when the door opened. It’s been a habit to just never expect you this early so my first thought was to defend myself.”

Miles laughed at the idea of someone throwing a binder in terms of defense against a trespasser.

“Pftt! And you thought a binder was the best weapon?”

Ganke’s cheeks turn a pretty pink as embarrassment flowed suddenly through him, “H-hey! It isn’t like I had a bat or like a taser next to me or something!”

“Hah...right..,’’ Miles lifted his brow as a knowing smirk was placed on his lips.

“Anyways I think you spent too much time squashing my dignity. Make yourself at home, roommate”, Ganke teased.

Miles stepped inside as Ganke closed the door, and quickly set his backpack next to his bed. He promptly sat down and took out a Nevada green tea can from his bag. He cracked it open as the fizz sound echoed in the air. Nothing like a refreshing drink after a day of hell.

He sipped the tea as he looked at Ganke place himself in the chair across from him. He too, looked exhausted as piles of papers on the desk showed evidence of that. Ganke took out a can of coke and opened it.

“Cracking a cold one with the boys”, Ganke joked.

It’s been a while since Miles full heartedly laughed and he admits that he did in fact snort loudly.

“I think me and you are gonna get along.”

To this, Miles raised his soda can as if he was preparing a toast.

“To new friendship. And using binders as self defense.”

Ganke exaggeratedly gasped in offense,

”Hey! I would’ve kicked your ass with that binder!”

“Yeah right. You’re lucky I’m gonna be in the dorm more because you would be hopeless in a fight.”

Ganke looked ultimately unimpressed with that statement as he stared at Miles. Miles couldn’t help but feel a spark in his chest over this. He’s never had a connection this fast and never been this interested in another person. Sure he had his close friends from his old school but he could hardly remember how they met since they went all the way back to elementary.

“Okay then,” Ganke slyly exclaimed,” I guess this makes you my knight in shining armor right?”

His eyebrows wiggled as he clearly said this in a joking way, but Miles just couldn’t help that his heart skipped a beat.

Miles nervously sweated as he stated, “I guess it does.”

“Long live the prince and his knight!”, Ganke yelled with a twinkle in his eyes and his can raised up.

Miles slowly lifted his own can and enamored with Ganke Lee and felt his stomach fill with adoration.

“Long live the prince and his knight”

He was fucked.