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The Future of in Our Hands

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It was a quiet afternoon, at a small cafe that served creamy milk tea and small pastries, the type refreshing with a cup of coffee after a long day. At this very cafe, was a group of fourteen to fifteen year olds, all from different middle schools. Some wearing it formally, others wearing it modified with rolled of sleeves and jewelry. All of them were talking and occupationally laughing, a few were louder then the others and a few quieter then others. Except one of them, one of them was a boy around fifteen, with short black hair and soft teal eyes, wearing rimless glasses, and with two ahoges on the right side of his head one pointing left and the other pointing right. He was wearing a uniform for a middle school called Sandgem Jubilife Academy with a hat that looked like the same one from an anime character called Ash Ketchum The Pokemon Trainer with a school bag that had a few Pokemon key chains like Pikachu, Eevee, and a shiny Umbreon. Anyone that took one look at him would know he's a Pokemon fan. His name was, Satoshi Saihara, meaning he's the son of a well known detective and Ultimate Detective named, Shuichi Saihara. Many said he gained his dad's beautiful genetics and how he was very handsome with the eyes that came from his mom, Tsumugi Shirogane, or now known as Tsumugi Saihara the Ultimate Cosplayer and mother of three children, which included him and his two little sisters. Unlike all the others, Satoshi was sleeping, he was tired after reading a whole night worth of fanfiction believe it or not. He was soundly asleep until he was woken up by one of his friends.

"Satoshi! Satoshi! Wake up!" said his friend seated next to him. This very friend was, Najirama Chabashira, Tenko Chabashira's son. Tenko's men hating didn't apply to him, she was friends with his birth mom, meaning he's adopted yet he doesn't know yet. Tenko wanted to fulfill her promise with her which was caring and protecting him no matter what, even if she's dead, which she is, she trained Neo-Aikido with him every morning since the age of two so he wouldn't be a "degenerate male". He was stronger then he really looked like, one of the more shorter guys in this group of friends. He had wavy black hair going in every direction, a large ahoge pointing right, and warm lilac eyes. He was wearing the uniform for Furinkan Kumon School, a school close by from the cafe. "Nya! Oh my God, why the hell did you wake me up?!" Satoshi replied back still half asleep. "I apologize then for disturbing you, but we all want to know what talent you were given at enter Hope's Peak!" Najirama excitedly said back. "Hm? If everyone is really that curious I got the Ultimate Counsler. I don't believe i'm worthy to have that talent though." Satoshi proceeded to put his hand behind his neck. "Aw come on! Your talent fits you so well! You always help fix our problems, I got Ultimate Karate and as for-" Najirama was cut off by being hugged by a short girl from behind. "On-Oni what are you doing?" Najirama said back to her.

Oniko Ouma, or Oni is what Najirama refers to her, is Kokichi Ouma the Ultimate Supreme Leader and Himiko Yumeno or now known as Himiko Ouma the Ultimate Magician's daughter. She was very short, and the most under-developed girl in the group, with shoulder-length messy blackish hair and reddish brown eyes. She always wore a hair clip on the left side always of her head and had a small ahoge in the middle of her head. Her uniform was a mess compared to everyone else, she went to an advance school called Perisan Studies Academy. "Nothing Naji~ Just wanted to hug you!" Oniko said in a high pitch voice. "I see, but can you tell Satoshi your talent?" Najirama smiled and looked back at her and put his hand on her head. Oniko pushed his hand off her head and picked it up "Of course! Anything for you Naji. I got the Ultimate Language! It's better then your lame-ass talent! Oniko made a cheeky small at Satoshi. He sighed and then looked up at her "Thanks, rat child.". "No problem! Now if your not going to drink that tea give that shit to me!'' she leaned over and tried to reach for his drink. Satoshi pulled it farther and farther from her reach until he dropped it on Sebastian Gokuharu.

"Oh shit- Sorry Sebastian!" He started sweating a bit. "It's okay, it was an accident I can ask my mom to help clean me up." Sebastian replied. Sebastain Gokuharu was always insecure about things, he had trouble talking sometimes. Like the last name suggest, he's Gonta Gokuharu the Ultimate Entomologist's son and Angie Yonaga or Angie Gokuharu the Ultimate Artist's son. He looked nothing like his dad, he had his mom's white hair that was slightly wavy with a hime cut styled bangs and hair with two long antenna like ahoges that makes him look like an oarfish. But the main thing about him were his large red eyes, he used to wear glasses so nobody could see his eyes since every time people looked at him they always complimented his eyes and said he was very attractive with them, until Oniko bought him contacts for his birthday. He wore the uniform for River Thames School.

"Are you sure? I can clean you up now." Satoshi pulled a small handkerchief out of his bag with Umaru-Chan on it and handed it to him. "It's fine Satoshi, I can just ask my mom to clean me up." Sebastian smiled and was about to hug him before Oniko interrupted the two "You should tell them about your talent Sebass~ it's really cool!" Sebastian's soft smile turned into a worried smile fast "Really? I don't believe it's very interesting Oni, but I got Ultimate Marine Biologist.".

A girl next to Sebastian with rolled loose buns pulled on his sleeve a bit, until it caught his attention. "Hm? Is everything okay Mei?" Sebastian turned around and looked at her directly in the eye. "I believe the four of you, have forgotten about everyone else, do we matter the same as the others to you Sebastian?" she coldly said in a firm voice. "O-of course Mei of course." He replied quite fearfully. This girl had a calm expression at all times, and spoke in a calm but chilling voice. Similar to her adoptive father Korekiyo Shinguji the Ultimate Anthropologist but not like her adoptive dad Kaito Momota, or better known as Kaito Shinguji the Ultimate Astronaut. Her hair was always in loose rolled buns held with small ribbons that had a kiku pattern on it and had hime cut bangs. Her eyelashes were sharp but long, with golden yellow eyes, and baby blue hair. Her name was Meikuriki Shinguji, but due to how long her name is, everyone prefers to call her Mei. Her uniform was a modified version of Marion Hope School's uniform.

Mei sighed, and looked over at her twin brother, Kaidokuro Shinguji who looked exactly like her with the same baby blue hair, same golden yellow eyes, and same hime cut bangs except with a small ponytail held by a small black rope. Same adoptive parents, same siblings, same long name, same high school, and both given nicknames. "Kai, tell everyone about our talents." Mei pulled on his tie a bit. "Jesus fuck Mei, I got the Ultimate Delinquant, and Mei got the Ultimate Geisha." Mei was silent and then proceeded to pull his tie until he was almost choking. Everyone watched the two argue for a few minutes, this wasn't uncommon for the two though.

Satoshi sighed and looked over at everyone else, and immediately laid eyes on his crush, Kazahana Amami. Kazahana had wavy breast-length, green tea hair, two large ahoges, and purple eyes. Satoshi has had a crush on her since 4th grade, and both of his parents joked that two hot people would automatically make a beautiful child. Okay, maybe her parents were a little hot, Rantaro Amami The Ultimate Adventure and his wife, Kaede Akamatsu or now known as Kaede Amami the Ultimate Pianist. She even made it into a pretty good school, Little Ampersand Valley School, which was one of the best middle schools in the area.

Satoshi was about to speak, until a different pair of two ahoges spronded up in front of him. "Hey Shi Shi! How are ya? Did you get a good score on your last test huh? huh?" He was startled at first, but then took a closer look at who these two ahoges belonged to, it was Kara Iruma. Kara was Miu Iruma or now Miu Idabashi the Ultimate Inventor, and Kiibo Idabashi the Ultimate Robot's daughter. No one ever question how a robot fell for a horny human inventor, and how they had children. Kara had blond-white hair with bangs sideswept to her left, two large ahoges, and a huge puffy and wavy ponytail with icy blue eyes. Unlike her mom she's not as horny, but that side is still part of her, and mostly admires her huge breast and "thicc" legs. She's not dumb though, she got into a huge school dedicated to advancing technology, and the future called Connection Detroit School Of Those Who Will Succeed. Satoshi started to sweat, "I'm okay Kara, and I got 92 on my latest test. Is that good enough for your expectations?".

Kara sighed, and the grew a huge smile "Oh Shi Shi! You know you can do better~" she made a small giggle before speaking again "We both got talents that we both don't think we deserve! I got the Ultimate Robotics! But all I can do is make a robot cat and make an android make toast, pretty lame huh?" "No! That isn't lame your talents perfect for you!" Satoshi said back to her. "Oh Shi Shi you always say cute things like that, te he!" Kara said as she walked back to her seat and pulled out her phone.

Kazahana walked over the Satoshi, and handed him a small donut. "You look hungry and tired, here eat something." Satoshi grew a small blush on his cheeks and went silent, before realizing Kazahana was talking to him. "Ra! Oh, I apologize Kazahana I spaced out for a second, Of course I would happily take the donut." he made a quick smile at her before she sat back down. They both always watched out for each other since they were six years old, they were best friends. "No problem Satoshi, best friends always help each other! If you want to have better sleep I can give you some English ivy, Chinese evergreens, or peace lilies, there suppose to help you. As a Florist I can grow you some!" He blushed at the thought of getting flowers from his crush before telling her that he'd love them.

After, he finished his donut he heard a voice, and it was Haruchika Shinguji behind him about to blow an airhorn in his face. Satoshi snatched it out of his hands and turned round looking at him. Haruchika was Korekiyo and Kaito's Biological son, he always liked to scare people. He had Kaito's hair color but Korekiyo's eye color. "What the fuck man!" Satoshi yelled at him " I wanted to see your reaction to things. It's really cool!" Haruchika argued back. "What the fuck? No it isn't! Especially not if your the person you're doing it to!" They argue for a few moments "Your talent is lame!" "Oh yeah? What the fuck even is yours?" "The Ultimate Star Gazer!" "Lame!" before both of them get a cold chill down there spine and feel like there being watched.

They both look at each other before turning around to see the Ultimate Class President's deep red eye. Haruchika ran back to his seat in fear, while Satoshi looked back at the red eye back. This was Yugaresa Harukawa, the Ultimate Class President, she was different from everyone else appearance and personality wise. She had long bangs that covered the right side of her face and eye and hair that went down to her waist, she always wore royal blue no matter what and a headband, with a deadly red stare. She constantly swears and shund people, so it was an ironic talent for her. Many claimed she was like her mother Kirumi Tojo the Ultimate Maid or better known Kirumi Harukawa appearance wise yet like her mom Maki Harukawa the Ultimate Child Caregiver or the Ultimate Assassin.

"Hey, Yugaresa h-how ar-are yo-you?" Satoshi fearfully said. Yugaresa looked down and looked up at him "I'm fine, Thank you" "You sure? I ca-n-" He soon was cut off "Look bitch, I said I was fucking fine, no leave me fucking alone shithead!" she yelled at him. "Go-got it." Yugaresa walked back to seat and pulled out a book to read while everyone else talked about there invitation letters and other things. At 6 pm everyone was reading to head out and leave so everyone packed up and said their goodbyes.

Satoshi and Kazahana were walking home together as usual until Kazahana froze in the middle of the sidewalk.
"Hey is everything okay?"
"Huh? Yeah, everything's okay I just feel kinda weird."
"Yeah? What kind of weird?"
"Like something is going to happen."
"Like what kind of something?"
"The type where something bad is coming."
"We'll be okay? Right?"
"Of course we will! Were friends!"
"Heh, I like that about you Satoshi."
"He-hey, stop trying to flatter me."
"Hey, hey let's head home already, you got your two little sisters and I got my twelve little siblings."
"Yeah, let's go!"
The two walked off together to the train station waiting for the day the attend Hope's Peak.