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Double Eight

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If one knew of the multiverse, then one knew of the Handplates AU.

A twisted world where Doctor Gaster created Sans and Papyrus and treated them like lab rats.

The same could be said about the Underswap!Handplates. But with the river person as the royal scientist.

Underfell!Handplates had a major difference; Gaster had made Sans and Papyrus into living weapons, they could shift into forms that resembled gaster blasters.

Swapfell!Handplates was just the same, but with the river person, like Swap.

There are many other dark AUs, possibly with much more horrible conditions. However many find Handplates’ level of child abuse to be far too sinister.

But this story does not just tell the tale of the Handplates AUs, it also involves the four basic Undertale AUs. Undertale, Underswap, Underfell, and Swapfell.

And we should all know that when those four AUs get together, there will never be a dull moment. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

This story begins in an Undertale AU, where monsters have been free, living on the surface, and slowly integrating into human society for ten years.

In the forest of Ebott; far from the cities busy streets and crowded neighborhoods, a large portion of the land is owned by a writer, who lives alone in a large house she had inherited. Her name was Yin Kazumi. She was a normal human, a normal genius human.

At sixteen she was already taking her college courses, when she turned eighteen she had graduated college, and was already a world-wide famous writer. She wrote something in every genre of reading, making her infamous to every bookworm in existence.

Despite all her fame, Yin was not the kind of person to wave her ego around. She preferred to be left alone, especially after the incident.

Like any young lady, Yin had fallen in love shortly after she graduated. But it did not last, the man had tricked and used her, only caring about her fame and money.

Her heart was greatly scarred, even more so, because they had broken up five months into her pregnancy. Not only that, but the baby had also passed away, leaving her alone with no one to love.


It has been five years since then and Yin has not let any into her heart, other than her family who would visit or call from time to time.

Yin has become an important monster supporter, changing people’s view on monsters by writing many documents online. Her words often move the hearts of her viewers and they change their ways, forgetting their fears.

But despite all the kindness she gave to others, she never let herself become too attached to anyone.

Yin often felt more like a failure, as any women who lost their child would.

But she distracted herself from the depression, spending hours writing, reading, cleaning, sewing, gardening, and anything to keep her sadness at bay.

Unknown to her, the life of solitude she had accustomed to would change. In a most unexpected way.