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There’s no way you didn’t do this on purpose

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Jyuto was bent over the desk, the edge of it was hitting his hips painfully but he was too far gone to care. It would leave bruises for sure.
Samatoki was thrusting inside him with a wild pace, and judging by his grunts he was going to come soon too.
Jyuto’s arms finally gave out and he almost hit his face over the desk.
The cold surface against his naked torso made him shiver.
He felt Samatoki’s hands grasping harder on his sides – the nails sinking painfully on his skin.
Jyuto came hard, and Samatoki did as well soon after, putting all his bodyweight over him, pressing Jyuto even harder against the desk.
“You’re... too... heavy!” Jyuto’s voice sounded strangled since it was hard to breathe.
Samatoki bit Jyuto’s back just because he could, but he finally stood up.
Jyuto would have liked to, but his legs weren’t ready for that yet.
“Woah.. that was good” Samatoki tied the used condom and threw it away with a satisfied grin.
Jyuto tried his best to reach his bed and threw himself over it. He closed his eyes and nodded “Yeah… I need a cigarette, Samatoki”
“Where are them?”
“Uhm... in one pocket of my jacket... I think”.
Samatoki searched the ground for Jyuto’s jacket – in their rush, they had thrown their clothes all over Jyuto’s apartment.
Once he found the cigarettes, he took one for himself and lit it up.
He sat up on the bed next to Jyuto and laughed.
“We made a mess this time!”
Jyuto looked around and grimaced.

“God, this will be a pain to clean...” he hit Samatoki’s arm to get the lighter.
“Next time, let’s get to the bed okay?”
Samatoki took a drag, pensive “That was great though... it seemed like I could get even deeper than usual...”
“... if you’re the one taking it, I could consider it” Jyuto said offhandedly but Samatoki burst laughing like he had just heard the most ridiculous thing in the world.
Samatoki couldn’t reply because he was almost crying.
“That image... was hilarious!”
“Why? Are you scared to be fucked?”

“No, it’s just... you... topping me...” Samatoki laughed even harder.

Jyuto broke his cigarette in half.
“What is that supposed to mean?”
Samatoki, hearing the sudden change in Jyuto’s tone tried to stop laughing.
“What? Just look at you! You’re so delicate and short and frail...”
“Are you fucking serious?”
“It’s just that I can’t imagine you topping anyone!”
Jyuto immediately stood up, ignoring the pain just to look at Samatoki from above.
“Get the fuck away from here”.
“What? Why? I didn’t...”
Samatoki stood as well bewildered by that reaction.
“Oh, come on...” He tried to pat Jyuto’s shoulder but Jyuto slammed his hand away.
Samatoki was asking Riou for advice. They were in a family restaurant, eating some burger. It had been two weeks after the incident happened, and Jyuto was still refusing to talk to him. Samatoki couldn’t even go to his house to meet with Riou like they used to. He didn’t know what to do anymore.
“I don’t know, Riou, one moment we’re having a smoke after sex and then he goes crazy and throws me away! Did he hit his head when I didn’t see or what?”
Riou had listened carefully without saying anything, his face as expressionless as always.
“I think everyone would have gotten mad, honestly”
“What? Why? Have you seen that guy? He looks like a gi-”
“-Don’t” Riou stopped him. He sighed softly. “His looks don’t have anything to do about what he does in bed... those things just don’t go together, you know?”
Samatoki looked at him like he had grown an extra head.
“He likes both. I know from experience” Riou made sure to talk slower.
Samatoki turned his head slightly, like a confused dog.
Riou’s eyes grew slightly bigger. He was getting confused too.
“You didn’t know we had sex too?” That was strange. It wasn’t like Jyuto didn’t make comments when Samatoki was around.
“Of course I did” Samatoki rolled his eyes and Riou relaxed on his seat. At least he didn’t have to explain THAT to Samatoki or this was going to take the whole day...
“You’re the top...right?”
Riou didn’t know where to start. This was really going to take the whole day, for different reasons.
“Not really? Like, sometimes yes, but usually...”
“WHAT THE HELL?” Samatoki slammed his hands on the table like he needed to steady himself.
“We switch, you know, taking tur-”
Samatoki’s laugh was too loud. Some guests turned their way.
It took some time for Samatoki to calm down.
Riou looked at him with a frown.
“Did you laugh like that in front of Jyuto too? I’m...” Riou just sighed and shook his head,“It’s... very irritating”.
“But! You’re so big and tough and you let that twink...?”
“... Samatoki, you’re pissing me off”.
“Are you still angry with Samatoki?”
Riou was with Jyuto in his room, helping him change from his uniform.
“Of course I am, Riou”
“I don’t know him as well as you but... I don’t think he did it on purpose. ..”
“I’m still deciding if that makes it worse or not”
“Well, maybe we should explain things to him… I’m sad I can’t meet both of you at the same time any more”
“I don’t have enough patience to explain... you’re turning me off talking about this”
Riou was trying to hide his worry, but things were getting ridiculous. Was the MAD TRIGGER CREW really going to split up over something like this? He had to find a solution.
“That’s bad”
He bit Jyuto’s ear, sucking his lobe and making him gasp in surprise, hugging him close. When Jyuto didn’t expect it, Riou pushed him down the bed, a mischievous smile on his lips.
“Maybe there’s no need to explain”
He took off his shirt and looked down atJyuto.
“Maybe we just have to show him”
Jyuto liked his lips, a spark of interest in his eyes.
“Oh, I like this”
Samatoki was in his car smoking his last cigarette.
Riou had messaged him, asking him for a ride from Jyuto’s home to his base in the woods since he needed to collect something from it, but Riou wasn’t waiting for him in front of the building as usual. Strange. Riou was never late.
After thinking about it, Samatoki went upstairs to check on him, hoping not to find Jyuto.
He rang the bell before finding out the door was already open.
Now he was worried for real. That area wasn’t dangerous but Jyuto wasn’t the type that would do something like that.
He burst in looking around.
Nothing was out of place but all the lights were off. The only light came from the windows and the setting sun.
‘They’re strong. They’re okay’ Samatoki tried to reassure himself.
He heard a strange noise coming from Jyuto’s room and he rushed in.

Jyuto was fine. More than fine actually.
Jyuto was sitting on the edge of the bed, fully clothed, the zip of his pants down.
The only reason he couldn’t see his junk was because of Riou.
Kneeling between Jyuto’s legs.
His face was right in front of Jyuto’s crotch and judging by his movements and Jyuto’s moans, and…
“The fuck?!”
Samatoki's first instinct was to close the door and get red. But as soon as he realised, he opened it again
screaming while looking down.
“There’s no way you didn’t do this on purpose! Fucking perverts!”
“You mind?” Jyuto asked, a smug smile on his slightly red face.
Samatoki felt so stupid for having worried for his teammates.
“I didn’t need this kind of image buried in my mind… wait.” A sudden realization hit him like a truck. “Riou, you’re the one blowing him?!”
“Sorry, Riou can’t answer with his mouth full”
Maybe it was Jyuto’s sultry tone, or just curiosity, but Samatoki looked up.
Jyuto was caressing Riou’s head.
“You can came closer if you want, Samatoki”
Samatoki gulped but he get closer. Standing next to Jyuto he could see Riou’s face.
He had never thought he could make an expression like that.
“Riou seems pretty into it… would he suck mine like it was candy too?”
Jyuto laughed at that, adjusting his glasses.
“You could fap to this in a corner… or you could join in”
Samatoki started taking his own clothes off eagerly..
It wasn’t what he had expected but it wasn’t bad either.
“But,” Jyuto smiled mischievously “You’re going to be the bottom”
Samatoki stayed still, his boxers halfway down.
“Riou, stop” Jyuto patted Riou’s shoulder.
Riou didn’t seem too happy about it but he followed the order, making an obscene “pop”.
“Let’s show him what he's missing out” Jyuto said, crouching down to kiss Riou.
A sloppy kiss, passionate.
“Get on the bed. And make sure Samatoki has the best view”.
“Of course” Riou said smiling.