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Big Possible 6: Role Model

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Night has fallen in the Colorado State Penitentiary. All of the prison inmates were asleep, ready to face another grueling day tomorrow. Two of the more well-known inmates are also living inside here; famous self-proclaimed mad scientist; Dr. Drakken, and his sidekick, Shego.

They have been brought in this prison cell by the famous superhero team, Kim Possible and her longtime friend and now boyfriend, Ron Stoppable when they destroyed a tower the villains used to control Japanese toys called Diablos to cause destruction throughout the world. Now, after so long, both supervillains are finally captured and taken to prison to rot there for a very long time.

Right now, Drakken was covering his ears while his annoying prison mate, Frugal Lucre, who was still blabbing about his previous life before he got into this prison.

"And so anyways, I was simply doing my business in Smarty Mart, you know, being a cashier, when this family of a mother and 4 kids came into the front and started creating a ruckus! The youngest, a four year old, somehow destroyed a five hundred dollar worth poster from a famous artist whose name eludes me for the moment, but still! And I liked that painting! So what I did was" he rambled on. Drakken however, was just sitting in the corer, hands covering his ears, eyes bloodshot. Thanks to Frugal Lucre, he barely got any sleep…for the past four nights.

"If something doesn't happen right now, I am going to strangle this loser!" Drakken thought in his mind, gritting his teeth in frustration. And at this rate, he might, were it not for a practical angel just outside the prison yard.

In the entrance of the prison yard, several policemen are standing by, rifles at hand, waiting to shoot any oppressing forces that wish to come to their prison. The taller guard wrinkled his nose for a moment, noting a particular smell coming from further outside the gate.

"Do you smell something, partner?" he asked. The other guard sniffed the air, and he too could pick it up. "Yeah…donuts?" he asked. The first guard shrugged, before he took in the scent again. "Maybe. Otherwise, it wouldn't smell…so good." He complimented, beginning to lose focus. The other guard immediately began to grow frantic, and patted his shoulder to get him to stay aware. "Dude, I know this smell is pleasuring, but we need to…get...back…" he began to lose focus as well, as the smell began to grow stronger. Soon, the smell began to extend to the entire prison yard.

All over, guards and even the prison inmates have been hypnotized by the smell. Even Lucre had stopped chatting, mind and consciousness being overwhelmed by an unknown force. Drakken looked at Lucre trying to walk towards the source of the smell, but unable to thanks to the bars, making him look as if he was mindlessly trying to walk through the bars, but couldn't.

"Huh?" he asked, slowly standing up. "What's gotten into you, Lucre?" he asked again, approaching him to pat him in the left shoulder to get his attention. However, the smell also reached Drakken, who became silent, and he too slugged forward towards the bars, stopping and pressing against them.

Nearby, Shego was lying on the bed, trimming her nails when her eyes caught another set of prisoners slumped up against the bars, moving so sluggishly. Shego caught interest of this, and she soon straightened herself up.

"What in the heck is going on with you?" she called out tauntingly, looking at the prisoners against to her room. The prisoner, a buffy female, didn't reply. Instead, she has a dazed look on her face, tongue hanging out like a dog. Shego furrowed her brows impatiently and snapped her fingers. "Hey! I'm talking to you, kitty cat!" she taunted once more, snapping her fingers repeatedly, before she too picked up the smell. She pulled back, taking in the smell. It smelled so…sweet. It was better then anything she has ever had. Shego smiled warmly, eyes fluttering for a moment, she was in such a trance that she was leaning forward.

Then, she suddenly shook her head. "Oh no! I have already been mind-controlled twice! I am NOT going through that again!" Shego declared as she pulled the front of her shirt up to have to cover her nose. Then, in an attempt to get away from whatever is causing this, she tensed up her hands and soon, green plasma energy began to glow and intensify. She then clasped her hands together, making the glow grow much bigger.

Once it got big enough, Shego launched it towards the bars, meting them with utmost ease. Finally, Shego is now free!

Shego ran into the hallway, making sure her nose stays covered from the smell. "Dr. D!" she cried out, looking for him. Of course, there wouldn't be a response since everyone is hypnotized by the smell. Shego sighed in frustration. "I guess I should expect a response." She said to herself as she continued running across the hall.

Eventually, she found the cell that Drakken is being kept in. He was still in that daze, tongue hanging out in ecsaty at the smell. Shego briefly smugged at the comical scene before her, just before she shook her head and began to exert her powers once more.

"I would say to you to get the hell out of the way, but you're in a trace, Dr. D…so," Shego mumbled as she then unleashed her plasma beam towards the cell. It not only cut into the bars, sending Drakken and Lucre flying sideways, but it also melted the wall behind, exposing them to the outside world. Shego smirked underneath her shirt. "Hm, how convenient." She mused to herself before she grabbed Drakken's collar and jumped out of the cell, and into the prison yard.

Shego easily landed flawlessly on her hands and feet, while Drakken was dropped into the ground, effectively snapping him out of his trance. "G-Gah, huh! W-What? What happened?" he went, regaining his senses. Shego looked down at him with her usual expression of bore. "I'm busting us out of here. Someone is emitting a, admittingly sweet, smell." She explained, shrugging when she described the smell. Drakken raised a brow, but then smirked evilly. "Yes! Free at last, Shego! Hahaha!" he gloated. Shego rolled her eyes and frowned. "You're welcome!" she said, before she turned her eyes towards the front gates, which is visible thanks to the clearing. There, she could see a girl in her early teens standing right beside a cart of donuts, strangely without a mask to cover her nose. Immediately, she began to feel like something is not right. She quickly grabbed onto the mad scientist's shirt and pulled him up.

"Get up! We're getting out of here!" she ordered, pulling him towards the forest. Drakken nodded as he followed after her. "Yes! Let's get out of here, and we will once more exact revenge on Kim Possible once and for all! Mwahahaha!" he boasted. Shego would have told him to shut the hell up and focus, but she didn't. Instead, a brief thought came into her mind as she ran off across the forest;

Who was that girl, and why was she trying to allure Drakken and herself towards her? What purpose…

AN: Hey guys, superkoola here!

Alright, a crossover between Kim Possible and Big Hero 6! For those who have only followed me recently; I am a  FAN  of these two franchises. Sadly, I have wondered why there is no crossover between them. I wanted to wait for a while until someone decides to. But as the saying goes,  "If you want something done, you've gotta do it yourself."  Am I right?

So that was the first chapter. Sorry if it seems a little short, but I'll be sure to get things right next chapter…whenever I can get to it, because life is a jerk!

Anyways, hope you enjoy it, be respectful to one another and I will see you all soon!