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Somewhat Damaged

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Jonathan was a mess. A beautiful, gracious mess, all wrapped up and ready for him.
Dio opened a vicious smile, licking his lips.

《 If only you could see how beautiful you are for me, Jonathan. 》

Jonathan whimpered, his lips stretched around the gag ball, drooling all over his stretched neck. Dio looked at him from his chair, his fingers still playing with the horsewhip he was holding.

 《 I'm sure our guest will love to see you like this. Be patient for a little longer, won't you, pet? 》

 If some part of Jonathan's mind had understood the implications of what Dio just said, he didn't show it. All he did was twitch, trying to shift his weight from one knee to another, while struggling not to choke around that cute ball of his.
Dio smiled again, his legs crossed. He had never been to Jonathan house before, but he had to admit it was really cute. Really middle class, full of cute ornaments and family photos. He really did settle, with that cute little bride of his. What a nice couple with a nice house. Would be a shame to stain all that with dirt and sin, wouldn't it.

There was some noise outside the door. Someone was picking up the keys, opening the door, walking inside...
Dio smiled again, when he heard the noise of the bags hitting the floor.

《 Jonathan! 》

 What a nice voice. All that fear and shock in her voice just made it nicer. Jonathan let out a high moan behind his gag, and tried to move from his position. It was, obviously, utterly useless.

 《 Don't worry about him, Erina. What a nice day to see you again, how are you doing? 》

 Dio got up from his spot, and turned around to face the blonde girl. She looked at him, still in shock.

 《 Dio! What are you doing here? What does this mean? 》

 Dio opened his arms and shook his head.

 《 Now, now, dear Erina, don't be so cold with your brother in law. Me and Jonathan were waiting for you. Look how he dressed up just for you. 》

 Jonathan tried to talk, but all he could produce were muffled sounds against the ball.
Dio walked to Erina, stopping beside her to see how good the show was from her point of view.
Jonathan was kneeling on the floor, legs opened, his nice and thick cock closed inside his favourite cage. Sweat coloured all his skin, his whole body constantly trembling. His hands were tied behind his back, his bare, wide chest completely visible, his pretty nipples closed in two clamps. He was a mess, and he surely was Dio's masterpiece. The blindfold covered his pretty eyes and the pretty black gag kept him from talking, and right now, all he was was this delicious piece of meat, this beautiful toy Dio could play with.
Erina stood beside him, cold as stone. Dio knew she was never the brightest of women, but she surely expected some better reaction.

《 Have you lost your tongue, dear Erina? Don't you want to play with your cute husband? I thought newly wed couples were full of passion and want. 》

《 This... is sick. Let-- Let him go! 》

Her voice was but a whisper, but Dio was surprised nonetheless. So she could speak indeed. What a discovery.

《 Now now, don't be so rude. We worked really hard for this, you know? Why don't you play with him? I'm sure you'd want to know your husband better... 》

 Erina ignored him and ran beside Jonathan, kneeling in front of him and trying to free him of that blindfold and gag. Dio let her do. He still thought Jonathan was prettier that way, but this wasn't about him, right? It was about those lovebirds.

 《 Erina I'm so sorry I didn't know what he w--- 》

 Just a flip of his finger was enough to shut Jonathan up. His words were cut by a deep moan when Dio switched the vibrator on, making him melt. Dio smiled again. Poor Jonathan, so worked up already, he was over sensitive.

 《 You see, Erina, Jonathan really is a big liar. He sure knows what I would do, we've been doing this since we were young. He always acts so nice and pure around you, but a wife should know her husband for what he truly is, right? This is what he is. 》

 He switched the vibrator off again, and walked near the couple. Jonathan was panting, his eyes clouded with pleasure, his lips parted. Dio put two fingers under his chin, to make him look him in the eyes.

 《 Stop that cute boy nonsense, Jonathan. Your wife should know what a slut you are  don't you think? Your wife should know how you beg for it when you're all tied up. How you stretch yourself for me and beg me to fill you up. Don't you think? 》

 There it was. The shame in his eyes, the fear, that sweet pain. That was more exciting than everything else. Dio smiled softly, his thumb gently touching Jonathan's cheek.

 《 It's okay, your wife loves you so much, I'm sure she would love you like this too. Am I right, Erina? 》

 Erina was silent and still, like a stone. Poor cute, innocent girl. She always dreamt of the perfect marriage, with a good boy and many cute children. What a surprise this must have been.
Jonathan was looking down, that deep shame still weighting on his shoulders. Dio laughed gently.

《 Oh, I'm sure she just needs time. Why don't we show her something more, uh? 》

 Jonathan's eyes looked up to him, suddenly filled with fear. He shook his head, trying to speak again.

《 No, Dio, please, don't --- 》

 He voice was cut again, this time by Duo's hand wrapping around his neck and holding him tightly.

《 Are you trying to misbehave, pet? How dare you look up to me without my permission and calling me by name? 》

 Jonathan shivered in his grip. Fear and shame rose up again. He struggled to be quiet, but he knew Dio would have not let him go until he got that right. He had to.

《 I'm sorry sir. Please let me go--- 》

 Dio smiled again. What a good boy. He let him go.

《 So, Erina, why don't you sit back and watch? I'm sure you'll like the show. 》

 Erina looked at Dio for the first time, pain and fear painted all over her face. To take Jonathan apart, that was fun. But Erina? Oh, she was really a beautiful toy to break.
She slowly walked to the chair and sat there, silent, too shocked to do something other than obey.

《 Very well then. It's time for us to show your beautiful wife what you can do, don't you think? 》

 Jonathan moved and twitched, trying to break free from his handcuffs, but it was no use. His over sensitive body was trembling and sweating and he had nowhere near enough strength to rebel.
Dio walked behind him, his horsewhip still in his hand.

《 Now count for me, pet. Show your pretty wife how good you are. 》

 Jonathan let a weak whimper. Dio ignored him, caressing his back with the leather tip. Such beautiful skin. Even prettier when painted with his red marks.
The first time the whip landed on his back, Jonathan cried out loud. Dio smiled.

《 I'm not hearing you, pet. Be a good boy for me, if you don't want me to make you beg in front of your lady. 》

 Jonathan whimpered, and nodded frantically. It was a nice sight indeed.

《 Very well. Let's start over. 》

 A loud smack, and the whip hit his back again, hard and merciless. Jonathan cried again, but this time he was prepared.

《 One--- 》

 He sighed, his whole body arching and leaning down. Dio smiled softly, and looked at Erina, whose eyes were fixated on her husband.

《 See? He really is a treat, don't you think? You know, he loves this. Loves being helpless. He's a little worked up right now, he's not used to having an audience, but he will get over it. Won't you, pet? 》

 Jonathan didn't answer, his eyes still fixated on the floor, shame covering his entire body. Dio was nothing shorter than joyful. Playing with him was fun, but breaking him, piece by piece, that was a whole new level.
He hit him again, and again, stronger and faster, making sure every hit landed on a new spot, marking all his skin. Jonathan's body was trembling, he kept arching and moaning, crying and counting out loud. He knew he couldn't restrain himself, not anymore, not as Dio kept hitting and working his body, making him melt, every second more.

《 Twenty! 》

He cried, and Dio lowered his arm, smiling. That was really a sight. Jonathan was leaning down, his head low and his back exposed, red marks slowly coloring all his skin. His erection, still trapped in the cage, was twitching and leaking, the seed pooling between his legs.

《 Look at the mess you've made, pet. You're really shameless, aren't you? I should lick that clean, you know? 》

Jonathan trembled again.

《 Please, Dio, stop this, what do you want from us. 》

His voice was a broken whisper, tired and sore and full of pain. The sweetest music Dio had ever heard.

《 Me? Oh, I don't want anything from you, pet. I just think your wife should know what a slut you are, you know? I think our little, innocent Erina should know what his husband did when he was younger, with his brother, hidden in his room. And I think she should see how easy it is to uncover your true self. Maybe one day I could teach her, hm? Would you like your gorgeous wife to tie you and fill you up? I'm sure you would. 》

 Jonathan didn't answer. Dio knew he was right, he knew it because he knew Jonathan better than anyone else. Jonathan was his toy, his pet. His.

《 You know what, I think you should show her how pretty you get when you're desperate. 》

Dio decided. He could feel fear rising from Jonathan, but the poor boy didn't dare to speak. Dio walked behind him one more time, and kneeled down. He still had the remote for his vibrator in his hand, so he decided to switch that on again. Jonathan moaned out loud, his back arching again, his legs opening wide. He was so desperate, so torn between his guilt and his need, he was just cute. Dio leaned down to whisper in his ear.

《 If you ask nicely, I can free your pretty cock and make you come all over the floor, right in front of your wife. It's useless, you know that. I know you want it, I know you want her to see you crying out loud and coming without being touched. I know you want to walk up to her this evening and tell her you like this. I'm making you a favor, my dear pet. So stop whining and put on your best show, you know you want to be good for her. 》

And Jonathan was so lost, so tired and sore, his mind so blank, he couldn't do anything but nod, leaving all of himself in the hands of his brother.
And Dio knew exactly what to do.

He walked in front of Jonathan and kneeled down, he put a hand in his pocket and took out the key to the cage, opening it with experienced hands. Jonathan's erection was red and leaking, trembling and twitching at the slightest touch. Dio pressed a finger against his tip, just barely brushing it, but it was enough to drive Jonathan crazy. He moaned loud and tried to lean into the touch, and before he knew it, words came rolling down his tongue.

《 Sir, please, just --- touch me, it hurts so bad. Let me come, please, I just--- 》

Dio didn't need anything else. He held his erection tightly with all his hand, and started stroking it hard. Two, three full strokes, and Jonathan was coming, hard and loud, his whole body shaking, a stream of 'thank you' rolling down his tongue.

《 See? It wasn't so hard. Tell me, Erin, do you like how desperate your husband can get? 》

 For the first time, Dio stood up and turned to face the woman. She was frozen in her spot, hands gripping her skirt. Dio smiled softly.

《 Come on, be a good wifey, Erina. You should help him clean up the mess he made. 》

Erina's eyes moved to him, then back to Jonathan. Tears were so gracefully painting her cheeks. She didn't say anything. She just stood up, turned around, and run towards the door. Dio thought about stopping her, but Jonathan was calling her name, confused and scared, and Dio decided that was the best ending he could ask for.
The door closed with a loud noise, and Dio smiled.

《 Oh, Jonathan. You truly are a mess. You made her run away. Do you think she will ever come back? I mean, you really are not the man she married... Maybe you scared her for life. 》

 Jonathan was silent, his eyes fixated on the floor. Dio could feel on his skin the force of his agony, his shame, his fear. It was intoxicating.

《 But then again, no one would never want someone like you, am I right? You are just too sick, too tainted, too dirty. I am the only one who can see you for what you really are, and still want you. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy, but family comes before anything, right, brother? 》

His voice was a soft purr near Jonathan's ear. The young man didn't answer, too tired and defeated and broken to speak. Dio was happy anyway. He was his toy. They both were his toys, they were his to play as he pleased. And nothing could take them away from him, ever.