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history will hate us

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Teams :

*Their team names do have a meaning, it's corresponding to the colors that I believe fit the team. EX: Imperial is a shade of purple, the color I found most fitting to them.

• Imperial (Leader: Ivan)
• Emerald (Leader: Sadik) • Echo (Leader: Alfred)
• Sapphire (Leader: Tino)
• Amber (Leader: Alistor)
• Sepia (Leader: Yao)
• Sable (Leader: Roshuan)
• Scarlet (Leader: Elizabetha)
• Lilac, Rebels (Leader: Lindita)

Team Members

*For the sake of time I will be only using country names in this specific instance: they are humans and I will use their human names but keep in mind I'll always mention their ethnic background so it's not confusing if that makes any sense (EX: 'The Argentinian laughed' like of course it's Argentina)

Emerald: Turkey, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Palestine, Iran, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Morocco, Somalia, Afghanistan (Alive)

• Imperials: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Albania (Alive) Mongolia, Vojvodina, Uzbekistan (Deceased)

• Echos: America, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Liberia (Alive), Belize, Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador (Deceased)

• Sapphire: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. (Alive)

• Amber: Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, France, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Luxembourg (Alive), N. Ireland (Deceased)

• Sepia: China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia (Alive) Laos, Bangladesh, Burma (Deceased)

• Sable: Cambodia, Seychelles, Madagascar, Kenya, Ethiopia, Botswana, South Africa, Somalia, Ghana, Mali (Alive), Central African Republic, Sudan, South Sudan (Deceased).

• Scarlet: Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Romano, Malta, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Germany (Alive), Prussia (Deceased)

• Lilac / Rebels: Kosovo, Taiwan and Georgia.

Credit to Hetalia: Hima
Credit to Latins: Latintalia? I don't believe this has a distinct creator.
Credit to most Balkans: Yugotix
All Other OC's: Me

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Chapter One
Modern Day - 2018
Team Imperial

Ivan's eyes stood attached to the clock he had placed right above the door frame in his grand office space. Thought it looked more like an apartment.

5:42. Almost to sunrise.

He had been sitting and staring for a solid 4 hours.

"Sleep is for the weak" is a phrase most joked about but the Russian figure simply couldnt.

Too many papers, too many targets, too large of a risk. His entire livelyhood depended on him not straying from the light— to be as wired as possible.

He had officially been leader for almost 14 years; beginning when he was 13 to now, at 26 thought it was soon to be older.

December 10th, just 20 days until he turned older and would be thrown gifts he never even uses. To crack an already objectively forced smile and attempt to piece together his emotions in a simple "Thank You!".


He didn't miss his childhood, not that it was anything depressing compared to some of the stories his own team had but typical slavic childhood and unenjoyable past time. It simply reflected in how his siblings interacted.

He was not the most well liked in his team: that wasn't the issue entirely on his mind currently. So what they did not like him? They can run away like half of their team did a decade ago. That was not the issue in the bag, he knew he rolled with a certain punch— it was uncomfortable to be around him; to know he knew exactly what street you killed that man on, how many grams of drugs you stole, what you were hiding: simple.

The problem of this came in the form of he still ran a business where his relations and social out going was key.

"So Tired." He grumbled as he felt his head slip onto the marble desk he had dozens of taxes and also hit lists to produce.

 One Nap, I have to be up 6:15AM so I cam simply make this my first power nap. Perfect? It's my rules anyway.

Just as he began drifting to the soft thunder outside.


He was completely startled and almost shook the desk.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me come back when you take your power nap." The most distinguishable female voice he knew was his one true friend, Anahid whom had been through all ups and downs with him since he was 11.

"No, No it is alright. If it is a matter concerning the team please inform me." He sat up fixing his dark, swollen eye bags with some damp water.

The Armenian frowned but knew by now it was wrong to beg of questions or concern or sympathy.

"So we may have a bit of an issue concerning an Emerald."

Ivan's nose hairs puffed. The pure, elicited anger that came from that team made him bound into a slinky.

"But of course." He mumbled, now angered more than anything.

The Emerald's were a packed team filled in part by defected Imperial members. And their leader was the most foul mouthed, bothersome Turk he had ever met.

"What are his little dogs up to?"

Anahid slipped a file with a picture of a gorgeous girl, stomach length dark brown hair, green eyes and long eyelashes with standard ID Emerald protocol boosting when it came to her team jacket with that green embellishment on the front.

Ivan raised an eye, "I am a bit confused." He said before looking through her public records as Anahid spoke:

"She is attempting to install a wired connection by orders of their leading man to spy on us and see our international outreach. I did not notice until Vuk found some silver wiring sticking from the roof top."

Ivan was impressed truthfully.

His fingers grased the paper on which her public records.

DoB: MARCH 1ST, 1995.
Citizenship: AMERICA, CROATIA.

"Impressive, another Balkan."

The Armenian tapped her fingers anxiously waiting what this poor woman would have to endure.

"I don't think we should send out Vuk and such however, she is a foe and I have an idea for such a lady. Please send me Šćepan whenever he may awake. I believe I have a task planned."

Anahid nodded and turned on her feet before leaving a small box of rasberries and blackberries.

"You have to eat. I know you dont." She said clearly before walking out and gently closing his door.

Ivan sighed. Not much else to do.

He knew that the Armenian was the one member of this team who truly cares about him but he would deal with the rest.

He had to continue building an empire and taking up more assignments but only after a nap.



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Team Emerald

Modern Day - 2018

7:54 AM

"Stop eating all the Halva both of you! If you think Sadik won't be mad that you both are eating his personal stash—"Enis and Arash smirked and snickered at eachother before only stuffing more in their mouth.

"No, no. Idri I'm his second in command I have the permission just by position." The Bosnian grinned before offering her. "No thank you, I'll actually follow the rules." She replied sitting with them at the longue table.

The view from any of the teams buildings were amazing but maybe it was a bias, Emerald had possibly the most pristine view of them all. The pure greenery of Manhattan was stunning and all the tall buildings and billboards.

It was truly beautiful but Idriza sighed, her eyes hitched to the view.

"Do you ever wonder what its like to live down there? So unaware." Her words stumbled but a true question.

Here were three of the top ranking hitmen in their team and the area.

Precise, confident but terrified.

"Sometimes." Arash spook up.

"No. I ran away from Sarajevo for a reason, I don't like to think about any other place. Sometimes I feel bad when we have to do our job but it's what we have to do."

The Bosnian hushed the other two into uncomfortable silence until Arash stood up humming, grasping their shoulders and placing himself in between them.

"Listen! Don't make this job even more uncomfortable. I love you both, you're my... what's the word? Brat! Brothers. Yeah?"

Since Enis was 9, Idriza was 8 and Arash was 10 they were inseparable from the team. They always had to train, had to eat, go out, do kills together. Everything. The bosnian pair giggled, "Your pronunciation was perfect." Idriza commented before Enis rolled his eyes.

"Listen I am Azeri not balkan don't make fun of me!" He teased before jumping off his chair, "So I think we should go exploring."

Idriza nodded at the prospect, the worst that would happen is she'd have to be called in. Everything was near by to begin with. Enis shook his head, "I'm fine but you two go out just have your precautionary stuff on hand." He sat back down staring at his documents.

Idriza knowingly smiled and rubbed his shoulders.

"You're stressed about your work but you have to stop sometimes. You're a stubborn idiot sometimes and I'll say it but, I still care."

That was a lot of Idriza who often just coldly comnented on issues or would simply shut herself in.

"I know, I know!" He hissed before sighing heavily. "I'm sorry. I know. Tonight lets go out all of us but right now I can't."

The door busted open.


The Bosnian groaned, "I know that voice." She grumbled before looking straight at her brother. Enis flushed and swallowed his pride.

Idriza would never understand how anyone could love her brother.

He was pretty, yeah.

And also annoying, stubborn, vengeful, so many other things. Of course she still loved him.

Their relationship was also insufferable. They so very clearly were in love but are both so stubborn and bratty that they constantly had to postpone it, had to constantly awkwardly interact.

The Croatian snapping at her woke her up from her inner monologue.

"Idri this isn't a joke they caught you!"

The bosnian shook, confused. "What the hell? I haven't done anything."

Her brother tossed the photos and files bunched by a paper clip to Enis who eagerly opened at command.

"Holy shit." He mumbled before holding up pictures of broken wires and snippets.

Idriza froze.

Arash sat back down and again, silence plagued the room.

"Idri you have to go and take everything out. If they suspect its you we'll have even more trouble."

"Who says they haven't already." Enis mumbled as Idriza raced out.

Dražen turned and grasped the Bosnian's hand, smiling.

"She'll be okay. I promise, she can defend herself." The Croat assured grinning.

Enis found himself trying not to suffocate in the moment.

Arash coughed obnoxiously.

Moment ruined.

Dražen rolled his eyes and left. "I'm sorry princess didn't mean to ruin your day."

"Adje U Kurac!" The Croat yapped before shutting the door.

Enis held back his laughter until Arash gasped, "I know he did not just curse at me."

"Oh it was much more tasteless than that."


Idriza groaned to herself attempting to remove these damn wires.

I mean its one thing to expose it but cut it up? Fucking hell. On a roof nonetheless.

"Fuck whoever cut it up."

She heard footsteps and went into a full panic and turned on her feet quickly pulling out her weapon.

"A Para-Ordance, I am impressed." A male voice probably about her age spoke up in front her.

He was very well put together appearance wise. Black hair, dark eyes, very good figure, typical slavic adult.

Her irises instinctually noticed first the Imperial emblem and she wanted to collapse.

He was handsome but she was not about to die for some damn wires.

"Put the gun down sweetheart I'm not here to kill you." He yawned, "That's so boring, you think a guy as cute as me would kill a girl as lovely as you?" He came closer and Idriza groaned.

"Stop it. I'm only 23. You look 19."

The man groaned, "Oh cmon! I'm 24 damnit."

"You look very young." She grinned at him before taking only a spilt second to hit him down to the concrete floor, her leg knocking his whole lower body with a loud groan.

"Jesus!" He yelled before running a hand through his hair. "Great introduction by the way!" He pressed.

She almost giggled. This is the mess they sent?

"Idriza, Krleza." She finally spoke.

"Šćepan, Petrović. I'm unfortunately a part of imperial thanks for that quick wit." Grumbling he stood up and stared at her.

"You okay?" She asked kneeling as she continued to take these wires out.

To her surprise he not only sat near her but pulled up all the wire in two moves.

Idriza for once was jaw dropped.

"How did you? What?" Stumped.

He smirked, enjoying the moment.

"I can tell my cousin found it because he tied some of it in knots. It's his dumb ass markings. As if anyone gives a shit you tied wires. But he'll make just huge clumps that'll knot when you try to pull more than one out."

Solid explanation but Idriza was still stunned.

"My cousin is second in command. Very cool right?" He rolled his eyes.

Now she gasped, "Wait, you are Vuk's cousin?"

Šćepan grinned widely, "The hotter, younger, Montenegrin cousin. Indeed. What? Should I get you an autograph?"

The Bosnian shunned him. "No! He is annoying and constantly on my brother's ass. Can't fucking stand him."

"Ah so you're Dražen's sister. You poor thing."

She shrugged.

"You're very pretty."

She laughed and shoved him almost off the building.

"No, no. I am not about this."

The Montenegrin smiled, "Are you free this Friday?"

She was officially bewildered. He really wouldn't give up.

"Yes but not for you." She snickered before a flush hid on her cheeks. He was unbearably witty but also really handsome.

"Are you sure?

She caved.


He fumbled with a paper and pulled out a pen and wrote his number.

"Friday. 6pm and sharp. Nothing fancy but I'm not clubbing."

She nodded and he grinned, "For our worst enemies you sure are pretty. See you soon beautiful, I am looking foward to it" He said before handing her the paper and slipping into a window.

Idriza stood puzzled and shook her head.

This is so wrong.

Šćepan fumbled with his phone.

This was so wrong.

He got to messages and began typing:

To: Vuk (Dumbass)
From: Šćepan Petrović

Hey I did my job. Just tell Ivan I got her on Friday. I'll find out what I can.

His mind wondered endlessly.

It's a part of the job isn't it?

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November 8th 2018

Team Echo


Luciano took a long drag on his cigarette.

"See this is where you are wrong Manuel!" The Brazilian sighed and handed the Chilean his cigarette.

"Your country didn't even qualify for the World Cup do not even attempt to speak."

An eye roll from the Chilean; "Hey, we tried our best and my other favorite team made it to the finals!"


"Nope. They beat Uruguay I was very angry."

"Oh Croatia, yeah!"

Manuel stepped on the cigarette and smirked, "Seeing them beat my boyfriend's team 3-0 was wonderful."

Luciano laughed. "I don't like Argentina as much as the next Brazilian but I'm surprised you don't like his team."

"Well he also hates Chile, Copa America 2016 hurts very much."

Alfred stepped onto the porch and smiled and had his iced coffee.

You would never really suspect the American to lead an entire group truthfully. Especially in such a situation and tense area of life but he was extremely well trained.

Sometimes however, his anger sometimes got the best of him; he wouldn't think before he spoke or did anything.

Not like anyone in the group could truly do anything once their former leader stepped down.

Alfred had only been leader for five years with Martín as his second in command.

"Morning!" He cheerfully interrupted.

"Morning." Both of them spoke up before Alfred sat in one of the large patio chairs admiring the noon life; sun, the trees and huge buildings everywhere.

"Hey Alfred, Sorry for asking but— do you know where Martín is?" Manuel knew he was always busy but he was also a worrysome sport. Martín was reckless and cocky even when he was on missions.

"Well, I sent him on a mission. I needed him to take care of someone close to the Imperial group."


"Someone outside the team who handles their international shipments."

Luciano whinced, "That big of a mission? Alone?"

"No, no he's with Gabriela."

The Costa Rican was trustworthy enough but still quite new to the group.

Some quiet time passed, it felt like the world was at a stand still and then three large bangs at the door.

"Alfred, Alfred!" Two piercing screams.

All three of the men stood up and ran before opening the door to Gabriela who's legs seemed to shake and her fingers bruised, dried blood on her pants.

"Holy shit, what the hell!" Alfred yelled more at the situation not directly at her.

"I'm sorry! We were going and—" her words were stuttered.

"We were running and one of the Imperials, black haired, green eyes; medium height I guess someone— someone saw us and sent him or he just saw us and we started running and we were about ten minutes away and I didnt get shot anywhere but Martín got shot in his leg and another one grazed his shoulder and he was bleeding everywhere and we didn't have gauze but I just tried to carry him and we kind of made it but he passed out and—"

Manuel bolted down the hall, his whole mind was in a state of shock.

No, no, no, no. This is not happening.

He ran until he reached the 11th floor where Sebastián was.

"Sebi!" He yelled before feeling himself get dizzy and wanting to throw up.

He ran, almost crashing into the door.

"Where is he, where—"

Sebastián held his shoulders, getting up from his area.

"Manuel. Manuel! He is here, weak but here. He suffered a lot of blood loss okay? You have to calm down."

The Uruguayan sighed and saw Alfred and the rest come.

"Oh wonderful, everyone is here to watch me take bullets from my brother's leg out." He spat angrily.

Sebastián just preferred to be alone when he worked, it was a well known fact he'd kick people out of his area if they were even loud and talking.

"I need to see his condition please, he is my second in command." Alfred mumbled first.

"Yeah let Alfred and Manuel to, he's about to pass out." The Brazilian spoke before smiling at his boyfriend. "I'll leave you be and Gabriela will come with me!" The Uruguayan nodded, "Okay. I want her to see me after so just make sure she washes, gets new clothes and give her some tea." His instructions came with a small grin before kissing his cheek. "Now go please! Alfred, Manuel with me."

Alfred rubbed Manuel's back, the Chilean just staring at the floor, hopeless.

"Hey I believe in him, he will make it."

Manuel nodded, that's all he could do.

Sebastián opened another door and let them walk first through it.

Martín sighed gently, just weakly breathing. His wounds exposed.

"Please don't touch him I need to—"

"Martín!" Manuel yelled, his breath hitching and running toward the table almost collapsing on the Argentinian.

"Work on him." Sebastián sighed.

Alfred smiled seeing his second in command ALIVE. Weak but alive.

"Oh shit..." He grumbled before laughing softly at Manuel and using one hand to ruffle his hair.

"I'm hurt but not dying c'mon." He snickered before Manuel started crying on his chest.

"Stop crying please." He mumbled, Manuel sighed and sat in defeat before Martín kissed his hand.

"Va a estar bien." He mumbled rubbing his hands.

Sebastián gently lifted his leg up, his gloves inspecting the wound.

Alfred stood near, "If you can talk, do you know who did this? I know Gabriela said it was an Imperial member."

The Argentinian swayed his head, "Yes. He was taller than me but not by a ton, he also had very dark hair. Green eyes." Sebastián listened and grabbed guaze and fumbled until he pulled it the bullet.

"Jesus!" Martín screamed before his brother shook.

"I'm sorry! Its gone now." He said applying medicine and wrapping his left leg.

His hands moved to his arm, cleaning the blood that was dried and giving him antibiotics.

Alfred hummed looking through the file cabinet.

"I found four possible matches!" He said before holding them all up as Manuel took them to show Martín.

"That one." He pointed.

Manuel handed back the one public record and putting the rest back.

"My money is on the second in command, the Serb." Sebastián cut in washing Martín's hands.

"No, no. Another eastern obviously but not him."

Alfred inspected the paper in his hands.

"Oh God I'm gonna butcher this like I do with all your names." He chuckled before grazing the records.

"George? Georgi? Lord." He grumbled.

DoB: MARCH 4TH 1994.
Sex: MALE.
Citizenship: USA, BULGARIA.

"Ivanov. Okay then." Alfred whispered before gripping the paper.

"I'm going to arrange a meeting with Ivan."

Sebastián almost whipped his head backwards.

"No, no, no. I do not trust you both in the same room."

They began to argue but Martín turned to Manuel, "I'm happy you are here."

"Of course I am. I love you."

The Argentinian grinned and grabbed the Chilean by his waist and pulled him closer.

"You could just ask me to move!" He laughed leaning into his chest.

"Nope. I wanted to kiss you was all."

Manuel smirked, "Just kiss?"

"Well for right now obviously only kissing. Sorry to disappoint you."

They snickered and Martín leaned in and gently cupped his cheeks.

"Oh no, no, no, no." Sebastián said seperating the two.

"You guys can make out and shove your tongues when I'm finished. Both of you out please!"

Martín widely smiled and Manuel waved a goodbye.

"Hasta Luego!" Alfred yelled in a thick american accent, atleast he was trying.


Martín turned to his brother.

"So I'm not going to die?"

"No, thank god you didn't get an infection."

A pause.

"So it probably won't be a while until I can have—"

"No sex. And I can hear you when you do so do not test me."

"Che! I was just asking!" A defensive blush on his cheeks.

The Uruguayan nodded, "You should've been more careful."

"I know. But I'll be okay."

His tired eyes closed, "I just need rest."

Sebastián understood and lowered down the lights and made sure to close the door on his way out, tossing his gloves in the trash.

His ears opened at the sound of Alfred and Luciano having a conversation in the main hall of the floor.

"I cannot have more and more Echo members dying on me."

"I understand."

"I trust you to hurt her. She is the key to breaking down one of the leading forces in Imperial, if she is gone we will have no trouble getting to his second in command."

"I understand."

"Do not kill her. I do not want a death on your fingers, unpaid, simply because Ivan thought he could get one of his men to attempt to kill my leading man, understood?"


Alfred nodded, his breath and eyes heavy and puffy.

"I hate this but you're dismissed, by tonight please. Just her knee, her leg, something delicate that will break and enable her to fight."

He passed the Brazilian a file filled with information on the poor girl.

The Uruguayan felt himself clench his hands, this is just how the job went. He walked off to find the elevator.

Luciano frowned.

"So she is engaged to?"

"Married. Married to the second in command."

He opened the file and smiled, a superficial one.

She was young, very beautiful.

"Got it."

Alfred patted his shoulders, "Thank you."


"Don't even think about it." Luciano said throwing away the file knowing Alfred had copies anyway.

Her knee it is. 

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November 8th 2018
Team Echo

Luciano huffed.

This was the price of this job.

He did not want to hurt this poor girl, she was probably just taking barking orders everyday, not actually wanting to hurt anyone perhaps.

He slipped into the last floor from the roof, gently stepping to the interlaced, patterned marble floor.

It was a stunning building. Imperial was known for being boujee and fancy in all decorum, they always got foreign investment on that factor.

Tatjana, red hair. Find her on one of the top floors.

His mand wondered as he gripped his metal club.

The discomfort grew and grew and grew with every single step.

He jumped behind a large wall hearing heels against the same floor he had just seen.

His irises peaked just barely around the wall.

Red hair, glistening smile, alone.

It was her.

"Fucking hell." He cursed himself before hiding under his jacket, curling up and making sure she was walking, unaware.

She dressed in a casual suit, they most likely had some kind of meeting or maybe she handled business aspects.

For Martín.

He walked up and felt her breath stop but before she could even say a thing his hand grasped the club and bashed her left knee right in the kneecap.

He bolted. Ran faster than he had ever felt.

The club fell to the floor.

He got up the roof and heard the most piercing scream and sob of his life.

A repeat scream of, "Why, why, why!"

He did this.

"Just run, just run, just run." He whispered to himself in an absolute sweat.


Tatjana hummed walking down the hall and felt herself grip her phone and lower her hands into her pocket.

It was finally a done meeting and she was released; literally and metaphorically.

Her whole heart seemed to freeze,

Something is wrong.

Before her brain could even begin to process she felt herself be under a taller, male, figure.

A sudden bang to the kneecap, hard.

Her whole body fell to a thud.

Her wrists landing roughly on the marble, she screamed.

Tears overflowing in her eyes.

She hated being in such a large building who knows if anyone would hear her?

She couldn't move. Her knee was suddenly purple and bone imparting.

She sobbed constant screams of "Why, why!"

She heard heavy footsteps and it was Ondrej and Hedvika.

"Holy shit! Tatjana what happened!" The Slovakian sat near her, she yelled and they both couldn't believe it. "Love, someone left this." Hedvika picked up a metal club noticing her knee was completely busted.

Tatjana cried out slurred Balkan phases, The Slovak gently rubbed her shoulders and hugged her, "It's okay, it's okay." He tried to mumble.

The Czech got up and ran, "I'm getting Vuk!" She yelled, taking her heels off and racing down each floor.

Hedvika rushed barefoot getting weird looks like certain members including Vuk who raised his brow, he was sitting in his office. "Is it casual Friday already I mean—"

The Czech rolled her eyes and almost threw him up, "No. Come with me now!"

The Serb groaned, "Hedvika what the hell I mean—" he was raced out the door.

"Stop questioning dammit!" She screamed with fire in her eyes.

Vuk winced.

This better be worth it.

As they approached floor and floor up he heard just screams— giant sobs.

His entire body stopped.

Tatjana. Fuck.

He bolted up the stairs leaving the Czech behind and feeling his heart drop seeing his own wife crying in pain.

"Ondrej! What the fuck!" He screamed more because he was about to break.

He could be cocky and handle many things in this job but his sister dying and his wife hurt or angry were the two things he can't handle.

Ondrej gently stood up and Vuk almost collapsed on the floor, gripping the Macedonian in his arms, brushing her hair aside.

Her eyes red, puffy and her whole body shaking.

"Ljubav..." He mumbled, "What happened?" He gently spoke.

His eyes widened seeing her kneecap completely bruised, busted and open.

"Some... Someone came and took the club and just..." She could barely make a sentence without breaking into a sob.

Šćepan approached the scene, "Jesus Christ who's screaming?" He yelled before his eyes widened.

"Oh my god." He ran and sat near his cousin as the Czech-Slovak pair gently circled around as she cried.

"Jana, what happened?" He asked holding her hands, gripping his sister-in-laws hands.

They were constant teases and sometimes mad at eachother but the Montenegrin was always thankful his cousin found the right person.

"Someone clubbed her knee." Vuk spoke up stil caressing her hair.


He stood up and Hedvika stopped him, "Hey, hey, not right now."

Šćepan nudged his brother, "Get her to Vlad and Natayla right now."

The Serbian nodded and warned Tatjana she was about to be picked up, she simply sniffled and breathed deep before the Serb scooped her up and held her tight, not racing but still pacing himself down to the clinics.

"Nat! Vlad! I need you both immediately." He yelled before they came out, Vlad rushing him to one of the tables, he gently let go of Tatjana as the Romanian groaned.


"Nat! Gauze, Ibuprofen, Rays, Gloves."

The Belarusian rushed under tension and Šćepan stood by with the weapon.

"Tatjana, I know it'll hurt but please straighten your leg."

The Macedonian gripped her lover's hand and did so with a few groans and yelps, sweating.

They inspected and Tatjana turned to her husband.

"I'm gonna kill him. Or her. Don't care."

Anger raged in his entire body; the one important person he had left may never have the same body again because of some stupid idiot.

"No, no, Vuk please." She whispered. "I love you so much but you have better people to kill. He wasn't even Emerald or Sapphire. He was an Echo, I saw the color."

Vlad perked up. "That honestly make's a bit of sense. Georgi told me there was an Echo member he shot because he was attempting to kill one of our sponsors CEO'S."

Vuk slammed his fists in the wall.

"Stupid fucking ass! I told him don't even try if you can't fucking kill them! Of course they're gonna hurt one of our members, my beautiful wife nonetheless!"

Vlad silently nodded.

"Did you see him?" His gentle tone returned, gently kissing her head.

"He was tall, Echo member but he had darker hair, darker complex. I didn't see most of his face." She admitted disappointed, frowning.

"Thank you. It helps a lot." A small smile on his face.

"Tatjana I truly don't know yet but it looks like he only wanted to injury you, not completely break your knee off. So I believe you will heal but just perhaps not walk as straight." Natayla admitted quietly near the end.

Tatjana teared up again and started crying in her husband's shoulder.

It was all over.

Treading foot steps.

"What is going on?" Ivan approached.

He freezed, his sister turning away.

"Tatjana my dear, who did this?"

Vuk spoke up for her as his second in command.

"She was found sobbing on the floor, an Echo busted her knee cap."

Ivan was surprised, "All because of our little fumble earlier?" He scoffed.

He gently smiled at his friends' wife.

"I will make sure for you and Vuk get the treatment. Don't worry."

Ivan turned, "Rest but Vuk, tomorrow we have to talk about this. Šćepan—"

The Montenegrin looked up.

The Russian smirked, "I expect information about the Balkan girl. Saturday."

He walked out.

Vuk turned, "Is she Balkan?"

The Montenegrin frowned, "Yeah. Dražen's sister— the Croatian who you shot once."

Vuk groaned so loud that Tatjana had to giggle.

"His sister must be the same. Don't get attached, just screw her, get information and go. That's your job."

Šćepan nodded. "I know shithead."

Vuk gave him a look.

Šćepan flipped him off and groaned, he then kissed Tatjana's hand.

"Rest well, don't let my cousin bother you." He smirked before walking out.

Tomorrow will not be fun.

Chapter Text

Team Amber
November 9th 2018
2:56 PM

Allistor's fingers gently tapped his desk, he was bored out of belief.

Some might say it was a privilege that his team didn't get into trouble or killed as many members as say the Imperials or Sepia members but personally, Allistor couldn't fucking stand it.

Not that killing people and throwing their dead bodies in empty pavilions or below degree lakes was anything positive or fun but business wasn't supposed to be the only objective of a team.

The Scot heard a small knock at his door and his body perked up, "Yes?" He yelled clearly with an attempt to seem welcoming.

It was Bella, his favorite Belgian nonetheless.

"Hello lovely! Im assuming you have news?" He grinned, crossing his legs.

The Belgian giggled and crossed her arms, "You are a big tease but yes! The Scarlet representative is here to see you. First floor in the left wing." She said handing him a mint.

"Aren't you a darling? Thank you love, tell him or her I will be out in a second." He popped the mint in his mouth and he got up and hummed, hands in his suit pocket walking toward the elevator.

He got in as his younger brother and French team member were also in the elevator. He grinned widely, "My favorite married couple!"

The Brit groaned, "What a fucking ray of sunshine you are." He said only holding onto his partner's hand tighter.

Francis snickered and patted his shoulder, "I saw the representative in the hall you know! He's very smart, I met him once when we had to exchange files." He nudged the Scot's shoulders.

Aruthur groaned, "Francis my dear, dont encourage his flirting habits. We are already tortured enough in our own building aren't we?"

Allistor smirked, "Hey I'm damn proud of it. I will find my match someday." He said rubbing his brother's hair as he yelled in anguish.

The elevator opened and he waved a goodbye, "I'll see you both later!" He yelled before sliding across his building's main floor.

Chandeliers engraved into the gold painted ceilings.

He noticed a blonde about the size of his brother.

"Hello?" He said uneasy a bit, not really having interacted with many Scarlet members besides the important ranks.

The blonde turned, "Are you actually the leader?" He coughed trying not to laugh.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?"

"You're not as put together as I believed is all."

Allistor scoffed. "I'm so touched." He spat before sighing and leaving his hand out.

"Allistor Kirkland."

The other blonde looked a second before extending his hand and shaking it.

"Janez Oblak."

He nodded, he was quite cute— very nice blonde hair, typical looking Eastern European but definitely with much more attitude than expected.

"You are Eastern European I'm assuming? Sorry, your group is just very mixed."

Janez nodded, letting his hand go.

"Yeah, Slovenian."

They walked and talked, mainly about tensions and wanting to possibly merge.

"Merge?" The Scot was almost astonished.

Janez nodded, "That's my thought exactly. But, I am simply under rules to talk to you about it."

"Yes, I am aware but, Really?"

"My leader, she said that it seems like a fine idea since it's been working under the Sapphire-Emerald bond, we both have a lot of tension with the same people namely Ivan."

That was true. A good and fair point.

Allistor stood closer to the Slovenian and nudged his hips, "And what do you think about it?" He grinned.

Janez took a step to the right to distance himself, "I think it's a fine idea if you are willing to stop flirting with everyone you come in contact with."

"You don't know me!" He was impressed the Slovenian had the balls to comment on his love life.

"I've heard enough stories. I'm not fucking deaf. You also look the part of a teenager so fantastic job." He spat.

"I'm impressed truly. Your attitude might be as big as my ego."

Janez grumbled, "I'm not having attitude, I just can't stand people like you. But back to the deal please— I need your permission, some kind of signature."

The Scot swallowed his pride, "I just don't think it can work, your businesses could never merge and our styles of working are too different. I would be happy to invest more into your team."

"Elizabeta's team." He corrected.

"Yes, yes you are correct— her team."

They both nodded and stopped near the exit of the first floor.

"That's all you have time for?" Allistor grinned. Janez flipped him off and pushed him to the left, "Yes, for sure I didn't come to see you."

"We'll meet again, I'll bet on it."

"You're just gonna lose money I'm sure you don't have."

Janez grinned, "But sure, see you around."


Team Scarlet
November 9th 2018
3:30 PM

"Oh finally. You took longer than expected." The Hungarian leader outspoke from the main floor office.

Her perhaps-too-large office.

"Yes I'm aware." Janez cut in, running his fingertips through the sides of his hair.

"I brought you also Iced Coffee but—"

"He didn't sign did he?"

The Slovenian simply took a sip of his iced coffee, setting his leaders down.

Elizabeta groaned, "Damnit! Why!" She yelled in anger but not directed toward Janez.

Janez stood and leaned at the doorframe, another sip.

"He said the work is too different, he said our styles of ethic wouldn't be able to work."

The Hungarian tried not to let her anger show, "Fine." She spit throwing the file at the trash.

"I'm sorry."

"Janez it's not your fault, you just had to talk, he clearly can't see this is a good opportunity."

An uncomfortable almost exhausted emotion sprayed inside the room, Elizabeta stood up and looked at a picture on her wall.

It was her, a second in command at the time with the former leader: Gilbert.

Three years since he died, on that roof, fucking idiot.

Anyone could see the influence he had, he was a fantastic leader and had the whole world ahead of him; he was egotistical but also a strong, well minded and kind leader.

A rarity now.

"Do you think— do you think he's proud? Of me, of the team."

The Hungarian's eyes became watery, her fingertips blotting the creases of her eyes.

"I mean, you were his second in command weren't you? Of course he's proud, he knew you would eventually be leader."

She nodded, that's all she could really do.

"Thank you."

"It's just the truth."

She grinned and grabbed his waist and hugged him, "God! Do you remember when we first met. You're still a brat sometimes but you're like the son I never had."

Janez groaned before rolling his eyes, "I mean I don't really remember being 8!"

Their age difference wasn't that major but it was apparent.

She was now 29, He was 22.

"I still remember! You were just annoying then as you are now." She teased.

"Atleast I didn't quit!"

"Surprised you didn't truthfully."

"I like the benefits what can I really say?"

"I know you are very motivated by money and—"

He interluded, "Hey! Sterotypical, I am motivated and attracted to wine, sweets and nice things: doesn't have to be specifically money."

She pushed him out and laughed, "Go eat please. Send Vash down I need to talk to him."

"Got it."


Team Emerald
November 9th 2018
6:54 PM

Idriza stood in the corner of an open shop, tapping her heels against the dirty New York City sidewalk.

She would truly never understand how so many, millions, could live in a city so damn crowded, polluted and most of all, loud.

Much different from her original home and much different now, though she didn't live in a small, four square foot apartment. She lived in an 50 floor building. All beautifully spaced out and decorated with a fantastic view and not as much noise from their own patio.

So did anyone who was in this damn job, all the teams got their fancy, 50 floor buildings; decked out in whatever could possibly be bought.

Idriza was beginning to be agravated.

"If he doesn't come in 5 minutes, I'm leaving." She mumbled to herself, checking the time on her phone.

This "date" which she had surprisingly agreed to was the last thing she wanted and hiding it from everyone was much easier than she thought.


She winced but peaked her head up, she waved her hand over to the Montenegrin who came over, smirking, impressed almost.

"You look very, very—"

"Save it. Thank's for making me wait." She spat, fixing her black, unfortunately tight, wrap dress.

"You're still the same angry girl I met, wonderful."

He looked very, very good. So good it almost made Idriza uncomfortable.

She hid it with a smirk, "Still an overdressed brat." She said adjusting the tie on his black and white suit.

"Overdressed?" He laughed, "I believe you mean hot."

"You certainly look like you might overheat, indeed."

He felt himself gravitate toward her and coughed putting an arm around her shoulder, he smiled.

"So, I'm assuming you picked just the most perfect place?"

"How did you know! Of course I did. I said we're gonna do anything that isn't clubbing."

Šćepan hummed walking down the street but kept his contact on the shorter girl in his keeping.

This almost felt wrong, what he said wasn't scripted but he knew what his job would entail.

It was proving difficult to not genuinely fall for his own enemy, she was the first girl he had met in both this setting and his own team that wasn't a complete prick with an expressionless face or even worse, was just constantly giggly and clearly, in some kind of need for help he couldn't provide.

Just remember your job. You need information.

"Tell me, what's a gorgeous girl like you even doing in such a sad job."

She raised her brow, "I quite enjoy my team actually, they're my family. Much better than living in Mostar where everything was in a state of hell."

He blinked. "Oh." Was all he could really express.

"Your parents must miss you though, yeah?" He pryed on.

"No. My mother died after my birth and my father knew the authorities were after him and ran away when I was about 5, he knew staying in Bosnia wasn't the right choice. He probably died after Kosovo."

Well shit.

Šćepan nodded, "I understand."

She scoffed, "Please."

"I do. I was never worried about dying, I lived in Kotor, it's a beautiful town; I had a wonderful mother but both my parent's were just too sick after the war, they passed peacefully but moved with my cousins to New York and well, safe to say you can guess where the next puzzle piece is."


"But besides that uncomfortable shit, you ever go back?"

"Mostar? Not really, I go back to Zadar sometimes with my brother but, not for fun stuff; sometimes we get down time but it's mainly paperwork."

"Atleast it's something. Ivan doesn't let us, he can go back to Moscow or Dubai but unless it's a high tension matter where he can't be spotted, we aren't allowed."

"Your leader's a fucking bitch."

He gripped her shoulder tighter, "Yes, I am very aware but keep in mind we're in a public place." He mumbled before sliding his hand down to hers, she reluctantly took it.

They began to drift from their work and talk of mainly dream vacations.

She would snicker at how romantic his destinations were and then he'd laugh at how damn cold her's were.

They approached the place which turned out to be one of the most fancy restaurants she had ever seen, a level of discomfort filled her.

She couldn't stand the environment in those places, she wanted to suffocate whenever Sadik took her to these places because they had to meet with foreign investment.

"Wow." She choked out before showing an unamused expression.

"Don't worry." He said before telling the hostess they had a reservation under his name.

She took them to a corner of the restaurant and down a hall which revealed a smaller but isolated area with a table and couch, they were isolated.

"Thank you!" He hummed before bending down, "After you." He grinned

She laughed, "Thank you. I really hate these places."

"Well good thing we are isolated!" He reiterated.

They sat a close distance from eachother and she sighed, "I'm still confused why you wanted to take me anywhere."

"I don't know. You're the first girl who's been honest but still entertaining and not a complete ass to me. You're also very—"

"Got it." She hushed him.

Could this girl take a damn compliment?

His patience was running thin but he knew she wouldn't a typical, easy, target.

"You're very beautiful."

She snickered, "You've said that three times, thank you."

He scooted closer, "You deserve to know is all."

Reel her in.

"So glad I've been on your mind." She said smiling.

Her eyes were a damn Aurora Borealis.

Šćepan flushed it seemed now the tables turned, "Yeah..."

He attempted to make a move but she laughed and put her hand on his head, rubbing his hair.

"I'm not one of your toys. I'm a lot smarter than you think."

He was in awe.

"You're playing with fire." He replied only getting closer.

"A fire that's burning up right in front of me." She added.

He grinned, "We'll see about that."

"Will we?"


Chapter Text

Team Lilac
November 10th 2018
1:27 PM

Jano glared on to the street and looked before crossing the packed street to get across another bothersome sidewalk in New York.

It felt still odd to even exist within the same realm of the same city he used to be above figuratively and literally, in a 50 story building, cowering at the feeling of killing someone in cold blood for money and because someone told you to.

It wasn't as if the Georgian purposely left and everyone in his former group, Imperial simply wished him goodbye.

Absolutely not.

He had to leave, he obviously didn't decline to but it wasn't exactly a choice.

It was have Ivan kill you or run away, never look back.

So he had run away, three years ago to the day: Now he was 23 but, he still kept great contact with his sister, Anahid as well as Ivan's older Katyusha whom now seemed to be just as uncomfortable with the Russian leader as he was.

His feet jumped across the tiles before opening the door to a two story cafe where one of his "members" should be.

"Jano." A clear and loud voice spoke up as he made his way up the stairs to the second floor before turning his head back around and spotting his fellow friend, he smiled and waved.

"It's Lindita!" He jumped excitedly before hugging his close friend and sitting down with her, taking the menu from his Kosovar roommate.

"It's Jano!" She yelped back before snickering and putting an arm around his shoulder.

The Georgian took his phone out and placed it on the table as he looked over the menu, "I was walking and saw a really cute Ramen shop, we should all go tonight."

Lindita shrugged, "Up to the girls." She simply answered before a waiter came up to their window-side table, ordering two coffee's and some food.

The male's brown eyes inspected the view, it seemed so boring when compared to famous landmarks and skyscrapers; simply people and cars attempting to get to Third Street. But, to two former and working hitmen, it was an entirely different ball game.

To say their lives had changed was a complete understatement but that did not mean it was a bad thing. It also meant that it was never a guaranteed good thing.

They were still constant targets being escapees now living among the people, especially Jano and Lindita since they had so impolitely and consistently escaped and had put Ivan in his place.

Especially Lindita who had the sheer impulse and confidence to completely pour gasoline all over Ivan's second home in Brooklyn and light it on fire, pulling apart wires to make it seem like some kind of issue with electrical hazards but no, all her and Ivan knew it to.

He knew.

Jano on the other hand was only verbally in disagreement and hated with Ivan so often, what most likely saved his ass from being killed while even still being on the team was his sister, Anahid who clearly was constantly in Ivan's favor.

Ivan would come to appreciate and trust the Armenian so much that it would strain their hate for eachother further but luckily, he did not ever get hurt.

Not yet anyway.

"It's still weird isn't it?" Lindita spoke up first before sighing, her blue-painted finger nails tapping onto the marble table.

"It is but sometimes it's a good thing we left."

"Sometimes? I say always, I hope Ivan burns in hell."

Jano smirked, "Well you burnt his second home so you've already begun his transition down."

She laughed quietly, "You have a good point. But, in all honesty; I like who we are now, I do not enjoy the constant threat but I enjoy the freedom."

They sipped on their coffees and left soon after so they could get home, they weren't in any kind of rush they just didn't want to risk being target though, it be quite a stupid move to kill in front of the thousands walking on the New York City sidewalks and roads so that atleast eased them slightly.

Just keep it together.


Team Sepia
November 10th 2018
3:45 PM

Leon tapped aimlessly on his laptop, pretending to look important as his South Korean partner looked over and huffed, "I can tell from the other side from this table you're not doing work! Atleast do something, play a game, don't bore yourself." He said munching on a bag of chips, spinning in the chairs placed on their floor's kitchen area.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it." The Hongkonger spoke up and opened tabs on his laptop beginning to scroll aimlessly through new's stories.

He turned his laptop to his friend so he could read one of the headline's.

"Plaque honoring Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten unveiled in Almaty."

The Korean then frowned, "He deserves a whole stadium after him!"

"I heard they are considering in Astana."

"He will forever be a legend, it's what he deserves." Soo spoke passionately.

The two had become obsessed with figure skating since stumbling upon Kiku watching Yuzuru Hanyu on the Olympic stage while taking a week to recover from an infection to the leg.

Soo had been gleaming that his home country was hosting and they were wowed and would watch every event with skating after and even now.

Leon hummed before looking around and stealing a chip, not really making an attempt to steal it gracefully; just putting his hand in the bag immediately.

"I saw you!"

"The point wasn't for you not to."

Lien walked in and coughed to end their short-lived argument.

She threw the file at Leon and Soo though it hit Soo straight in the jaw.

"Can you just hand me stuff?"

She shrugged, "I'll consider." The Vietnamese woman spoke up before clearing her throat once more.

"Yao gave you both a new mission, have fun." She said before waving and stealing a bag of chips on her way out.

The Korean quickly grasped the file and flinged the paperclip off. A sticky note attached on top of the files needed to identify the person whom Yao had so decided fate for.

'It is imperative you read this note: Ivan has given me this paper work so Soo and Leon specifically can work on this mission. Soo and Leon, do not question any decision and I expect this mission done and cleaned up to expectation by the coming Monday. The person attached has been haggling the Imperial's and is a defected member. Please make sure they never mess with our greatest alliance again. — Yao.'

Leon sighed, "I wonder who it could be." He sarcastically put in before throwing it to the garbage and picking up the file.

DoB: FEBRUARY 17TH, 1997.

"God damnit I knew it! It's one of Mei's roomies." Leon spoke giving the file to Soo who sighed and shrugged, "An order is an order."

"Hey, hey, hey. I am not going to hurt someone close to my best friend."

"Your best friend who left the team, broke the rules and continues to be a sour talking point for Yao."

"She was our best friend since we were four! Do you really want to kill her best friend?" He now yelled before Soo shushed him.

"Okay the note never specifically said 'Kill her' did it?" The Korean asked.


"Okay so if we, gently talk to her we aren't inherently breaking the task, yes?"

"You made a good point for once, I am impressed."


Leon grinned and nodded, "That's fine but bring a weapon atleast make it look realistic." He mumbled hitting him in the shoulder.

"I know what to do I am a professional! I'm 25 Leon, not a teenager anymore."

"You still act like it."

"Do you want to go see her or not!"

Leon waved him off and took his coat and a basic supply of weapons in his leather jacket and put on his emblem and boots.

They took the elevators and door down to the main street and began their walk to find their building.

"This will be very fun." Leon spoke walking down, staring at the recently-rained on concrete sidewalk's.

Very fun.

Chapter Text

Team Emerald
November 15th 2018
7:10 AM

"Morning everyone!" Arash yelled busting through the doors on the tenth floor's kitchen hall.

"Morning." Sadik was the only one to call back, Arash smirked; "You all are so rude expect Sadik of course."

"Fucking kiss up." Dražen grumbled under his breath before Arash crossed to him, "Speak up, yeah?"

Sadik looked over at Enis who had a look of worry on his face but gestured him that it would be fine.

I wanna see where this goes.

"I said you're a fucking kiss up, wash yourself before you walk closer to me and get me smelling like you, okay?" The Croat spoke up clearly before the Azeri simply backed off, hands up in defeat.

He whispered something untainable to Dražen's ears since he did not speak very good Turkish.

"I don't get what the fuck Enis see's in that damn brat."

Sadik laughed while Enis slugged getting the gist of the sentence and hiding his red face by coughing as he sipped on more coffee.

"Morning princess!" Arash called up teasingly as Idriza walked through, perdectly put together and dressed as always.

"It's my true favorite!" The Turk leader yelled before the men at the table argued at him, Idriza smiling and hugging her brother as she sat down and grabbed coffee.

"You seem happy." The Croat commented, impressed.

Idriza shrugged, an obvious grin implanted on her face.

You could definitely say that.

Dražen suspiciously glared at her, she was never this happy, atleast in context of the job or waking up.

Enis wrapped his arms around her shoulders, "Let her be happy! This job is depressing enough."

Sadik hummed, "Speaking of."

They all turned, knowing what this would entail.

"Idriza I want to take you with me to see Tino in a bit but, Enis and Dražen— you both, there's an Imperial supplier connected to the team. You know the deal: kill him, wash the area, bury him, dismember him, I don't care but I trust you both to do so."

They nodded before smiling shyly at eachother.

Idriza rolled her eyes.

Fucking idiots.

Sadik passed the file down to Enis who held it tightly in his right hand.

"Got it." Dražen smiled before dragging Enis out with him, they ran down the hall together.

"Idriza let's go."

The Bosnian nodded, "Alright."

Arash scoffed, "So am I in charge?"

"No! Gupta is of course!"

The Azeri waved him off before Idriza laughed, "See you!"

"See you."


Team Emerald
November 15th 2018
8:00 AM

Enis inspected the paperwork and picture as Dražen kept a closer look on the roof top.

Thirty minutes of jumping and running had led them to this roof top, right over the supplier's personal home.

The Bosnian sat with the Croat who tapped his shoulder.


He pointed quickly and spoke up quietly because the roof wasn't a large, tall one like usual. It was the damn community house roof that overlooked this man's private house, a very secluded neighborhood.

Dražen was to go now, Enis nodded before the Croat smirked and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Volim Te." He mumbled before waving and disappearing quickly before Enis could process what happened.

"Wait, wait—"

The Bosnian froze, completely red but shook it off.

He loves me?

"Always one for timing." He spat angrily, only Dražen would kiss him right before they had to shoot a guy right in the head.

The plan was quite understandable in concept: he walks out to go to his car, Dražen acts like a lost adult who needs to find the next neighboring house, Dražen grabs him, chokes him until he passes out, Enis comes down, shoots him in head and back twice, they drop him in the lake surrounding his house, maybe the alligators would get him, he didn't care. But, execution was his worry.

Enis felt his heart beat suddenly five times faster, his leg involuntary shaking.

"Idemo..." He whispered as Dražen approached the man innocently, holding directions they had printed to make it seem like the Croat was lost.

To his suprise it was working as the man begun to point around, Enis slowly got off the roof and made it into the grass, slipping behind the smaller clubhouse.

"So I am to go left?"

"Yes, please hurry I have a job to go to." The man frustratedly commented.

"Oh don't worry about that."

Dražen suddenly grabbed the confused man and threw him on the floor, his leg stepping on his back as he took the rope from his leather jacket and pulled aggressively from the front of his neck.

Heavy coughing, breathing for a minute or two until finally he collapsed right in front of the Croat.

"Enis!" He yelled.

The Bosnian ran out and helped the Croat tie his legs and arms together, knotting it just as a simple precaution.

His family was on vacation in Peru so not as if anyone would hear in such a secluded private, area.

But they still had to work quickly.

They dragged him to the lake out back, near his home and put him down before Enis did a shot in the head.

"I think we can throw him in now."

They both lifted him, he was not a lightweight.

"Dražen, before you left you said that—"

The Croat snickered looking up as he began smothering glue and rubbing alcohol all over the dead man, hoping to mask the blood and fingerprints before using gloves to plastic wrap his entire body.

That lake was atleast fifty feet deep, He had to sink anyway.

"Enis are we really gonna do this now?"

The Bosnian was surprised, now he was a bit angry.

"Yes because all you do is act shy around me or act all over me and you never have a fucking answer!" He yelled.

Dražen was dumbstruck before Enis threw his body in the deepest area he could find, stepping in the water for a quick second to do so.

He sunk.

Enis turned back, "Let's go."


"Stop. I don't want to know anymore." He mumbled before Dražen stopped him at the back of the club house. Standing in front of him, grabbing him by his jacket.

"I meant what I said." He whispered before letting go and angrily climbing to start heading back.

"If you meant what you said you wouldn't keep running away from me!" Enis yelled at him.

The Croat felt himself get anxious, his eyes wet.

"Just fucking shut up! Can you leave me alone?" He spat before quietly adding the last part, wiping his eyes.


They navigated the buildings and jumped from the roofs or climbed.

They were about a block away before they heard footsteps.


Dražen hesitated before Enis yanked him down behind a small covering.

"I saw you, I'm not scary, I swear!" The voice called approaching them.

Enis tilted his head before smirking and standing, "Oh it's just you, yeah?"

Dražen laid confused and terrified.

"Hey don't worry I'm all good!"

The two high fived before the Croat stood up and then groaned.

"Oh it's just you."

The blonde in front of him grinned, "See! I'm not threatening."

"Matthias I'm well aware."

The Dane was his team's second command and since the merging of their teams had become very close with Enis, the other second in command.

He was all laugthter and smiles until he was in the environment and was possibly the most menacing and violent thing Dražen had seen, he really was not afraid of this job.

"Im guessing you guy's were on a mission together, yeah?" He hummed.

"Yeah, we were." Dražen spit at Enis before continuing to walk.

The Dane looked back at Enis, mouthing:

What happened?

"Long story." The Bosnian sighed before adjusting his jacket and emblem.

"I have to go but I will come see you! I hope you guys work out."

They shook hands before waving and Enis trailed a small amount behind his partner but decided the Croat probably wanted it that way.

How was killing a man easier than this?


Team Sapphire
November 15th 2018
9:30 AM

"Welcome!" A cheery voice greated before Sadik waved and smiled to the other leader. He shook Idriza's hand and offered them coffee and sweets.

Idriza rejected but her leader accepeted.

Tino sat down on his plush chair, spinning it around a bit.

"So you came to talk with me?"

The Turk munched and nodded, gesturing Idriza to talk.

"He wanted to see if we could build a small bridge since our new buildings arw right next to eachother."

The Finnish man pondered, "I do like the idea! I am just worried about break in's especially from you-know-who."

Sadik spoke up, "I realize it is a risk but we can also attach security measures and Enis said we should put a code on each side to get in, the doors we have are aluminum steel anyway."

"Oh that be good! I can get Emil and I'm sure Dražen could do it to, they're the technology people."

They all shrugged in agreement.

"I like it!"

Sadik asked to be excused for a minute to take a call but Idriza stood, politely folding her hands.

"Oh god, you don't have to be that formal—" The Finn laughed before Idriza flushed and turned away.

"You seem a bit more responsive in a way, you meet anyone special recently?" Tino leaned on his desk.

Idriza almost had whiplash.

"How did you—"

"I'm old but I'm not stupid trust me, I was the same with my husband of fourteen years!" He happily gushed.

Idriza nervously leaned back in her hair, just twirling her hair.

"You can tell me, I know Sadik doesn't know romance as good as me!" He teased.

"He's in Imperial member."

An uncomfortable silence suddenly was whisked into the room.

"Idriza..." Tino almost cried in disappointment.

"I know!" She looked like she was going to burst into tears.


"His name is Šćepan. We went on a date on the 9th and I've seen him eight times these past six days."

Tino sighed, "I mean I have no words."

He dug through his files and found Imperial and digged for Šćepan before opening the file and placing it down for both of them to see.

DoB: JULY 13TH, 1994

"He's not bad looking."

"God, I know." Idriza flushed heavily now, almost smirking.

"Idriza this is serious!" Tino whispered.

"I know but listen he's different! He can't stand his team and he's an asshole sometimes but really its a facade and he's the nicest and most funny person I've ever met." She spoke with affection and grabbed Tino's hands.

"I see." Tino smiled.

"We're not perfect but, you have to be careful."

"I know."

"Are you going to see him tonight?" He said letting go of her and tapping his wooden desk with his black-gel pen end.

"Maybe, probably." She mumbled.

The Finnish leader could only smile and sigh, he saw how passionately she felt but recongized that his entire facade might be for him to date her.

"Just be careful. You don't know his motivations."

"I will."

They eventually departed and Idriza walked with Sadik out to the streets to enter their building but Idriza felt herseld now trapped in a game.

Is Tino right? This is very wrong, he's my enemy and he might be even using me but it feels pretty damn good.

Idriza coughed and Sadik wrapped his arm around her, "Have I ever mentioned you're my favorite?"

She smiled, "Sometimes."

"You're like a daughter to me, Enis and Arash are my annoying sons."

She had to snicker before he continued, "I want you to know that I asked Enis to make you his second once I'm gone. I trust you, you are very loyal and smart and will help him, yes?"



Well, Shit.

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hello, just wanted to make an update that I am indeed alive and still writing this but slowly. I love this au with all my heart because it is mine and truthful and a lot of fun imo but I'm also struggling with motive from interaction and not knowing if somebody truly does come back to this to read it, please always feel free to leave comments: constructive or a "nice!", anything helps truly. next chapter up very soon, I am hoping. I'm thinking about making it how Prussia died and how shit hit the fan. we'll see! xx - lily

Chapter Text

Team Emerald
November 16th 2018
5:15 AM

Idriza slurred and groaned, turning on her side, her hair tangled in her fingers.

"Morning princess." A voice mumbled next to her, sounding just as exhausted.

Her whole body rose in shock before her irises could finally focus on her room, her green eyes finally stumbled upon her friend.

We're still doing this aren't we?

The Bosnian laid back down and put her pillow closer to the male and hummed gently, "You have to leave you know."

Šćepan snickered, "Tired of me already?"

"No but if anyone catches you here they will so gladly throw you out this window, clothes on your not." Her voice was serious but she still smiled throughout the sentence, she was too tired to make it any more witty.

The Montenegrin rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, I get it!" He almost yelled before Idriza shut his mouth with a hand over his lips, "Can you fucking calm down? It's five in the morning!" She peered to her phone before the male gently pulled her hand and brushed their lip's together in an unsuccessful attempt to be romantic.

Not at this hour.

"I'll try but I'm still a Balkan." He winked before Idriza rolled her eyes, standing and switching on a small lamp.

"So what are we?" Idriza finally asked, it came quietly as he wrapped his arm's around his waist tightly.

"Secret lovers, yeah?"

"Don't say it like that."

"It's like Romeo and Juliet and if it all goes bad well— we know what to do."

Šćepan thought it was hilarious but the Bosnian in front of him clearly did not.

"Go. I'll find you later." She reiterated.

The Montenegrin rolled his eyes, "Damn you really are a tough one huh?"

"You'll thank me when Ivan doesn't dispose of you." She placed her fingertips under his chin and gave him a small kiss, her fragant floral-perfume lingering in her room.

"Bye gorgeous." The last thing the Balkan whispered, kissing her hand after getting dressed, still with bed-head.

"Dobro je videti vas moju ljubav."

The Montenegrin flushed before the Bosnian shut her door gently, he gushed.

He felt his stomach explode in both sadness and happiness.


Her scent, her smirk and small, sprinkled dry insult's more directed at him in a teasing way. She was beautiful, understanding and could kill him anyday with whatever weapon's Imperial had supplied her with.


This was a job, a damn task. Get as much information out of her, leave her in a week and report constantly to Ivan. She had to have a weakness, secrets.

"Don't even think about it Šćepan..." He whispered, his hand against his heart.

This was much more difficult than expected because she was everything he loved and had never experienced in previous missions.

A woman who could actually stand on her phone, be witty, beautiful, not someone who would just giggle and shake her head when he spoke simple conversation, someone who didn't beg for anything but still made their interest's clear.,

Fuck, she was everything.

Just keep your job going, it's your damn life now.

"I fucking hate this." He cursed at the dim moon and stars that simply stated back.

"I have to come up with something."


Team Imperial
November 16th 2018
9:31 PM

Feliks gripped a file in hand, enclosed in a beige cardboard folder, a paper clip surrounding it.

It looked like normal work Ivan might give him, assignments, it looked like something he would receive from Vuk or Ivan for a mission, to wipe someone out.

The papers slipped out of the file and dropped in his lap. The Pole picked one up and crumpled it in his hand's, the scent stained from what must've been old coffee because of the brown corners.

Dear Feliks,

Handwritten letters are much more romantic, don't you think?

I know we have all this technology but I like to spend time in my day to write these. Elise is good, she will make a good wife for me: she is very beautiful, smart, trusting and a good friend.

But she's not you, that's my problem.

There is not much to say tonight but, I miss you.

Please come see me, I love you.



"Oh god..." He whimpered, ripping the letter to shreds and feeling his entire eyesight become blurry from tears.

"No—" he shook, his whole body leaning against his wall, he opened a new bottle of alcohol that was on his bedside and took two shots: one for him, one for the German who had passed.

It was two years of secrecy, it started as an odd friendship and then perhaps unfortunately evolved into something unexpected.

He was supposed to get married dammit!

Elise was far too good for anyone, when he died and Feliks sat on his death bed, there was no bitterness.

She simply would wipe her tears when he explained, when Gilbert finally told her minutes before he died. Her fingertips would just push the hair out of her face and pat the back of the poor Polish boy, who cried for atleast three hour's on hand.


"I'm so sorry, Elise I'm so sorry, I'm so—"

"Stop that. He loved you. I am just sorry I was in the way of... you both."


Feliks pondered for a few minutes, feeling just a bit hazy from the alcohol before chugging a good amount of the bottle, managing to not spill any on his uniform, the Imperial emblem almost mocking him.

Taunting him.

"God, I hate you for this." He spat at himself, at the ceiling which turned in a blur.

"I miss you so much Gilbert." He whispered, his hand's grasping the rest of the letters.

Something glimmered in his head, something irreversible.

Fuck it.

The Pole went to his bathroom and smuggled out the drug's he kept in his jacket, usually for identification and to help the dirty work.

Ectasy and his own Antidepressants sat on the marble counter, mocking him.

His hair swizzled and tossed around in his face, "Finally Ivan will be gone."

The entire bane of his existence, this team. He had met some of his closet friend's however, this did not stop him from being used as a puppet by Ivan.

The drugs slipped into his hand's and he just begun to go at it, whatever would make it go fastest.

For fifteen fucking years I've been under you, asshole. You've killed everything that was dear to me, made my best friend run away because you were selfish. Pierdol Się!

"Please let me see you again, please..."

He collapsed after five minutes and felt heavy breathing and shaking, Finally.

"Karma will be a bitch, Ivan."

Chapter Text

Team Lilac
November 22th 2018
7:56 AM

Mei hummed and turned the page of her book, laying into the couch; body spread out against the cushions as her face implanted the light blue pillow.

"Hey Jano— when is your friend coming?" She asked, an obvious smirk appearing on her face the minute she said the word friend, as if there were imaginary air-quotes around it.

The Georgian huffed, "He is just a friend I know, we owe him a lot you know! He bring's us money from our contracts!" A gentle reminder plagued the three as they sat in their decently spaced studio condo, overlooking those busy New York streets.

Every team had different clauses and fine print but it was known fact that every team, whether liked or not, had contracts when it came to income.

Whether you were defected or not, you still earned the paycheck every month. A large sum to, especially for the three of them and their own independent work.

Of course, when you killed or did task's it could earn you even more money from the leader but many didn't push for that since the clause also included your own space— your own damn floor almost, if you worked for your leader and loyally.

Fine print was something their leader's failed to discovered until all three of them ran away.

Clause A, Subsection IV

"All member's defected or present in all underlying cases are to be granted the average monthly sum until he or she shad turn thirty years of age, after thirty contract renewal is an option or they may lease the preexisting conditions."

Smirks and money ablidged, it was a quiet deal between the team's and defect's. Arash, a Emerald with high enough status, was at their doorstep with three check's for 15,000 grand.

They saved and spent their money careful knowing Ivan especially would fuck over Jano and Lindita any chance possible.

A sudden ding at the door turned their attention before Mei got up excitedly, the Taiwanese perking up and winking at Jano before he rolled his eyes.

She was more surprised.


It wasn't Arash but he still had the Emerald emblem. Slightly taller, dark hair but very hazel eyes, foggy expression with much more straight hair.

"Hi, Arash had to take a mission, I'm here to drop check's?" He waved the sums of money in his fingers and gently handed them to the girl before collapsed on impact due to someone kicking herself into his arm's.

"Shit!" He yelped before falling into their carpet, face down.

Lindita nervously inched, "Sorry! Sorry! But Enis I—"

Before she got another word out he was jaw dropped and hugging her back just as hard and smirking, suddenly yelling in some language Mei and Jano weren't very aware of.

They both got up and Jano closed the door, ripping into his check.

"So you know our friend I'm guessing?"

Enis, still hugging the Kosovar let go, "Oh yeah, way before any of you." He boosted before Jano glared at him suspiciously.

"Him and my brother, Vuk, they were both second in command's when they came to New York from our area and they never got along very well but we always were sneaky kid's and we celebrated all our holiday's together since my sibling's were Orthodox Christian and we are Muslim— well not strict but kind of?" She tried to explain.

"That's well enough, if you trust him, so do we! Do you want tea? I make a great milk tea!"

"Yes, I don't mind." He smiled.

They eventually all sat in a circle and laughed about their old stories all being in their respective gang's.

"So you and Dražen still a thing after all these years?" Lindita pressed, smirking.

Mei and Jano grinned and obnoxiously ooo'ed, as if they understood.

"Who's Dražen? Pretty nice name."

"The most fucking obnxious Croatian over." Lindita answered before Enis frowned, offended. "Hey! He's my friend."

Lindita laughed manically, "Oh god you're just friends? Sheesh! I thought my love life was bad."

Jano cut in, "Wait so are you two a thing or not?"

Suddenly, Pandora's Box opened.

After thirty minutes of explanation's the three reached a conclusion: Enis is a damn pansy.

"Second in command and can't even tell your boyfriend you love him."

"Second in command and too busy for a love life." He corrected, grabbing his third cup of Mei's Taiwanese Milk Tea.

"Aren't you Arash's boyfriend?"

Mei and Lindita collapsed on teacher, choking on the drink and almost snorting. The Georgian grew redder, "No— No! We are not together!"

"He sure talk's about you a lot."

Jano perked curiously, "Wait, what does he say?"

Enid stood up and smiled, "Maybe you should ask him yourself. I hate to leave so early but I know my team needs me for some reason I'm sure. It's nice to meet you two!"

They sweetly hugged and greeted him a goodbye before exchanging numbers and Enis headed out.

"He's nice! A little prude and blind but very nice." Mei shrugged before Lindita yawned, "He's always been close with me, I like their team a lot."

"Well now you're stuck with us!" Jano wrapped his arm's around the two girl's shoulder's.

"And I don't want it another way."


Team Emerald
November 22nd 2018
1:28 PM

A chilling wind breeze blew through the skies; Arash, Idriza and Bashar all on a lonely rooftop scouting for the best option to complete the given task.

"So Sadik said we have to?—" the Palestinian leaving a blank in his voice for Idriza to fill in exactly what he was missing here.

"There's someone in Sepia who we've been instructed to attempt to kill. From Japan, Kiku Honda. He's the grand charade in his team and the biggest ace card is how Sadik put it."

"So he wants three of us to kill one guy?"

"He's pretty good, he has the most kill's out of anyone at 30."

Arash whistled, the Azeri impressed. "He must get bank."

They traveled, the direction's and the three leading themselves into a deserted roof confused.

"This doesn't seem like the kind of place Sadik would lead us to." Bashar expressed, though they all thought the same thing.

"This has to be a damn scheme."

Three gun's simultaneously clocked in their direction, Idriza quickly getting out her own and Arash following the same, Bashar slower but more scoping the view.

There was a shadow projected onto the roof from the east but before he looked up, he felt a great ache in his shoulder and collapsed with a scream. The heat growing greater and greater in his muscle, blood spewed from his wound; he was shot.

"Fuck—" Arash looked back but they both had to adapt and stand over him, the blood cascading to their leather shoes.

Another gun shot but this time to the floor, making the two standing jump.

"Yes. It was a scheme." A voice much softer than expected rose but still stern enough to make some kind of impact.

Three Sepia members emerged from their right side, perched on the close by roof.

One was a woman: quite tall, straight black hair and eyes that looked ready to kill at any given moment, the one on her other side was a tall, more tan counterpart but he looked more tense, as if he didn't want to be in this position right now.

The one in the middle was the damn guy they were instructed to hurt.

Kiku Honda, slim but very commanding, clutching a pistol in hand, eyeing down the two Emerald's.

"You know I'm always impressed how you never check the handwriting. Almost too easy."

Oh, so it was a charade.

"Lien just had to write over your leader's handwriting, I'm surprised you didn't look close at the signature, or were so confident that you didn't even stop to think?" He pressed further, Idriza fuming.

It was such a stupid mistake, her fault.

"Quite cocky for someone barely recognisable as an adult with that face." Idriza spat.

Kiku shot at her leg but she jumped back and fell into Arash, it hit the floor again.

"You're quite mouthed, unsurprised. My leader warns about you."

Arash made a shot and it grazed the other male's leg and he fell before Lien grabbed him again, The Indian quickly standing.

A shot came from the other direction and hit Lien directly in the thigh, she went down but simply shook, holding in breath's and covering the blood with her hand's as if that would help. Neeraja quickly falling and covering her, Kiku looking desperately at her.

Arash was now confused, was there more than one trap planned?

"This is for Martín, fucking priss!" The man hissed before shooting at Kiku, he skipped quickly to a place near with a covering, Arash and Idriza dragging their Palestinian teammate to the other corner but they simply sat placed and amazed.

Manuel took another round before his gun was emptied, "Alfred, now!" The Chilean scarmbled to refill his gun with ammunition before the American stomped his feet impatiently, "Kiku."

The Japanese name cursed under his breath, gently holding Lien's hand before giving his two teammates a stare and realizing that the Emerald member's were now gone.


"Alfred. We meet again." He smirked, trying to keep his confidence in the right place.

His gun aimed right at Kiku's head, "Your collaborative team did something quite unkind to my own second-in-command."

"And I would gladly do it again if it meant seeing you squirm, from me and all of Sepia. じゃあね."

Alfred blinked before a bomb of powder erupted and the two coughed heavily, "Fucking shit! Manuel, down." He yelled before the Chilean attempted to hold his breath out as long as possible.

The mix got to their eyes and stained hard, burning like hell.

"Now! Now!" He heard Kiku yell before they seemed to disappear from their sight.

Alfred sat hopelessly on the roof, his knuckle's bruising from falling on the hard pavement.

"Fucking dammit!" He screamed.

This was the last time Alfred would let Kiku escape alive, even if he died trying.

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Team Echo
November 23rd 2018
8:56 AM

"This is such bullshit! We should just go right after them." Manuel spat, sitting on one of Sebastían's recovery couches, his sight recovered fine— so did Alfred's but, they suffered a nasty fall on the roof pavement and the Chilean only realized on the way back that his thigh got grazed by a bullet, lovely.

"After that? You're so lucky we didn't die." Alfred commented before turning to the Uruguayan who was wrapping his wrists, "Sebastían you are the only one here that isn't a chaotic mess, thank you!"

Sebastían had to laugh, "I mean your second in command is my family, think we are all chaotic, I'm just much more subtle about it." He hummed before looking at his fingers checking for any burns and tears in the skin; his knuckle's clearly dug into the rough material when he got attacked, the skin on his hand tethered and red, dusty. "I'm gonna clean this before I wrap your knuckle's, just ignore me."

A burst came from the door, "Where's my fiancé!" the blonde screamed almost tripping on the way in, Martín's hair misplaced and clearly disoriented.

"He's in here and fine but if you're just going to—"

The Argentinian brushed his brother aside and scrambled into the Chilean's arm and just laid there hopeless, "I'm gonna kill him."

"Well you're too late for that but we're fine." Manuel assured, patting his lover's back. "Jesus you're touchy, eh?" He teased before Martín silently sat intact, "You should be more careful." Was all that came out.

"Oh he was, I was just too late and almost killed Kiku but well— even leader's make mistakes." Alfred cut in as Sebastían finished cleaning all the dust and dried blood from his hand's.

"What happened to other team they were attacking?" Manuel asked before both Sebastían and Martín looked up curiously, "Wait there was more than one team?"

"Yeah Emerald, from what we understood Kiku put them up to some fabricated bullshit, they left pretty quickly after me and Kiku started going at it. They didn't do anything to us though, Sadik is better than that. He's no Ivan or Yao."

Martín smirked, his head now in Manuel's lap comfortably, "I guess but we aren't exactly the best allies either, you know?"

"Yeah but he's not them! He's fair and doesn't give us any shit, we do business and they hate Ivan probably much more than we ever can so good on them." The American boy admitted, shrugging. "I'm way younger to, Sadik is 37 and I'm barely 21."

Sebastían snickered, "And you are, leading an entire pack." Alfred frowned, slugging his shoulders, "It's what I was meant to do! I was a second in command for Victoria since I was 13! Then when she, well— I guess retired is the best word, I took over and here we are."

A cloud of reminiscing gathered around the four before a knock gently broke the pact silence. "Come in!" Sebastían yelled loud enough to trigger a response, a yawning Matthew coming in and shaking a large bag of food and drink's from the local café.

"You are my savior." Alfred commented, holding his brother's hand before grabbing the coffee he knew was his, he checked to make sure it was absolutely perfect: a large macchiato with sugar, three cream's and an extra espresso shot.

"I just came to see how you all are and drop by some food, me and Luis went an hour ago, long line but here we are!" He answered referring to their Mexican teammate, grabbing a toasted bagel and bringing the bag to Martín and Manuel after Sebastían picked up his usual: iced tea with an enormous amount of sweetner and two muffins, toasted.

The Chilean took his coffee and thanked him, not wanting food while Martín gulfed down the rest of the food knowing Luis always ordered him a damn smorgasbord of food.

Matthew sat with his brother on the bed, checking out his left hand, the Canadian glaring. "You know it was real fucking dumb of you to just grab the pavement—" Alfred had to laugh, "I know, I know!"

"So I also have some news." Matthew admitted rolling his sleeves, a somber tone. They all glared, knowing something not-so-great was coming.

"Feliks from Imperial, the Polish guy, you know— he died a few days ago, he killed himself."

Silence was cast upon them, more in shock. Sure, death was never out of the question in this job so was betrayal but suicide was not the most well known form of passing in this field, sure mental health was often an issue with many members but suicide?

"Do you know why?" Sebastían finally asked, looking at the floor as if Matthew would have an answer, "I don't know, I'm sorry. But, they wanted to keep it secret. I found out through someone in Imperial, Natalya who found him just lying dead in his own bathroom."

"Fuck them." Alfred spoke up, "Alfred!" Matthew angrily hit his shoulder, "Don't take out your anger on someone who's dead. I know Imperial isn't—" the Canadian was suddenly stopped. "No, no, he was great. I had to work with him and see him a lot after Gilbert died. Fuck Ivan, I mean he's gonna keep it secret? As if him dying insult's their image, like Ivan already isn't the biggest fucking prick!" Alfred angrily yelled at no one, just the room, the wall.

"Just send my best wishes but not to Ivan, to his second in command. I don't want anything I say reaching him."

They all awkwardly sat before Martín nodded, "I'll do it, no worries." He took another bite of a bakery good before the tenseness easied slightly.

"Alright, tomorrow I want us all to have a meeting, I'll make the call but I wanna talk about an idea."

"An idea?" Manuel perked up, nervous of exactly what that could possibly entail.

"Yes, that one can help every single team, swear on it."


Team Imperial
November 23rd 2018
6:45 PM

Anahid huffed, sitting in her bedroom and laying back, staring at the clock inscripted on her phone or the white crown molded cielings, attempting to make some kind of sense of what the hell happened.

So he just killed himself? Why? Was he that miserable with us?

Feliks was never quiet, he was quite the opposite. Expressive, Ivan hated it but Anahid loved it. He wasn't afraid to critique and make changes that bettered all of them but deep down, he did so much that only barely came out after Natalya found him dead, drugs on the floor along with his body that no longer exuded the pure soul and wit he was known for.

The Armenian got up, adjusting her jacket and emblem and taking a walk around the building that housed all of them, some (who were namely Tatjana and Ondrej left flowers at his newly inhabitanted door).

"Feliks is dead. He killed himself." Natalya broke three days ago at a meeting, the Belarusian serious, the first time she ever cried; she told everyone as her brother was in his office. At first everyone thought she was playing, that she was kidding until she threw his emblem on the table and stared at it before mumbling something unintelligible to her but her sister and second in command got it and blinked.,

Oh, this was happening, this was not some cruel exercise on Ivan's part. He decided to do this to himself

Hedvika took it the absolute worst and ran out the minute she heard and her whole body quivered, the Czech's sobbing heard from the bathroom but as to be expected, the reason Ondrej and Hedvika even joined the ranks were because of their childhood best friend, Feliks who had moved to New York two year's earlier.

For an hour they sat in various states of disbelief, almost all of them— expect Aruzhan showing some kind of pain in their eyes. The Kazakh just sat, almost bored of the sadness, wanting to move on to something else, for this to be done with.

The Armenian paced herself and made it to one of the lounges and saw herself in before Georgi and Tatjana stared up at her, usually some kind of formality, a greeting— but recently it was more followed by some questions, "How are you?", "Have you been feeling okay recently?", Something more personal.

"Hey! How are you feeling?" Tatjana asked, sitting down in one of the couches, her knee still horribly bashed and bruised but she now was in a clunky cast and not with canes. Anahid smiled, "I'm doing a bit better. You guys?" The Armenian pressed, making tea.

"Could be better. Heard Kiku got into a big grumble with Echo and Imperial, Ivan and Yao are pissed." Georgi commented, sitting with his Macedonian friend and eating a random assortment of chips. Anahid shrugged, "You know Kiku. He's just trying to prove himself."

"That kind of suck's though, you work so hard to be in such a position to have it taken from you. I remember when Vuk had to step down for a bit because of his injuries, it was the worst day in his entire life but he atleast knew he could return, Kiku just waits and has to follow other's constantly." Tatjana sang, stealing one of Georgi's chips and leaning her head on a pillow.

"That's true. Vuk still mad about your knee?" She asked, stupid question clearly because the Macedonian laughed heartily, grinning. "He won't shut the hell up about it. It hurt's like hell but my husband is so scared for me that when it's late he makes sure to leave every light on in our complex, as if I'm blind. I may be hurt but I've been on his team as long as he as. Constantly talks about he's gonna murder the Echo guy who did it to me."

Georgi rolled his eyes, tensly rolling his shoulders. "How romantic of him, what a good husband." The sarcasm in his voice rapid, "He is a wonderful husband, you focus on your problems with Vlad and then you can try to talk to me about relationships, dobro mojot prijatel?" She punched his shoulder before groaning, "Seriously hope this never happens again."

"I hope so to."

"I miss him so much. I hope he is happy now, wherever he is."

Chapter Text

Team Sepia
November 27th 2018
1:48 PM

Yao tapped his fingernails against the cherry-oak desk that covered the entire length of his office. Expensive paintings strung on the wall's and neatly organized file cabinets behind him. A sigh left his lips, the Chinese leader eyeing Kiku, almost too exhausted to say a single thing.

"You are so lucky you escaped, you are so lucky Lien is okay." Was all that escaped his mouth, his gaze focused and eyeing the Japanese man across from him intently. "You know the code of this group better than anyone else, the fact you did not get our own second in command out of there quicker, let's say those idiots had a plan, huh? I am disappointed to say the least."

Kiku swallowed a breath, his heart beating. Might as well take a chance. "I don't get why she is your second in commnd in the first place, I respect her very much, she is family but: I have been here for almost two decades and I am not given any position of higher respect, of higher honor. What am I doing wrong?"

Yao blinked, Kiku's expression cowardly stricken. "You are not in any leadership position because I do not trust you. You are too rebellious and too much of a wildcard, okay?"

"Bullshit! I am sorry for cursing you out but I have been doing my duties since I was a child, I deserve to be recognized." Kiku angry, slamming his hand's on Yao's desk, quickly sitting back down but letting the silence eat up the room.

"I said the same thing, the same thing— about Mei. Look where that has gotten me. Kiku please, we can speak about this later." Yao glancing over at the picture that sat turned away from his desk, a colored photograph taken in Shanghai on a business trip with Him, Mei and Leon; the two people he could trust must, atleast he thought so.

Kiku stood and began walking to the door, silence. "If you won't take me seriously, I won't hesitate to leave. Sepia has been a joke since we have joined with Ivan." He spat before slamming the door behind him.

Maybe Mei was right about all this, maybe.

His heart beat at the thought of her, he had missed her so dearly but wasn't sure of her location, understandbly so but missed her hugs and all their gentle, fun banter. He missed having his better half constantly.

If you won't take me seriously Yao, I know someone who will benefit.

Kiku knew this was a horrible idea, he is betraying all his team has built, every code will be broken but his pent-up anger seemed to have other plans. He walked aimlessly, covering his uniform with some giant coat that only made him look more suspicious until he came across exactly what he was looking for, he knocked on the first floor door, expecting some kind of assassination attempt for him.

"Yes?" A voice rang, through the small speaker as Kiku crossed to speak into it, his entire life might be ruined from one moment.

"This is Kiku Honda, I want to speak with Alfred Jones, in private."


Team Scarlet
November 27th 2018
10:11 PM

Janez shook off the copious amount of shots he received free of charge from the flirty bartender, not that he minded but not like this unassuming man ever stood a chance. He gave a good tip and headed out of the bar, the wind strumming along and hitting his blonde hair profusely, his hand's in his coat pocket's with his phone deep in the left pocket— hiding with it his team emblem, careful to pin it inside the pocket so he wouldn't drop it.

He climbed up on the stairs, not really having a destination but running wildly through his building, he always liked how quiet the roof was, how secluded and far away it was from his usual life, curiously stopped noticing a face not exactly familiar but remembered from aimless scrolling in Elizabeth's office. No fucking way. The man shaking his auburn hair and with a dying cigarette in hand, he was very handsome but looked too familiar to have some fun.

"Smoking is bad you know." The Slovenian hummed, standing near him on the deserted roof top, moon glimmering on his hair, he turned shaking off his anxiousness. "Yeah whatever, life fucking sucks."

Janez smirked, nodding and sitting near him and keeping his hand out, "Give me one." The Croatian looked dumbfounded, "Pridi! Daj mi, give me one." Dražen tilted his head, handing one anyway as he spoke, taking a long drag on it, cracking his neck; "I didn't fit the pieces together but you're Janez right? That Slovenian kid I hear about sometimes."

"Well yes but I'm fucking 22, not a child. You're Dražen, my leader knows you well." He let the Croatian lit his cigarette before dragging a long pause, coughing before taking in the hazed sky. "I'm 23 and yes, I know—" he grinned wildly, "We knew eachother way back, before all this shit."

Take a chance here Janez.

"So, its quite late. Should I walk you home or are you good and have a strong partner to do so?" He snickered but Dražen frowned, like he was about to cry and lay it thick. "Oh shit, didn't mean to offend, I'm sorry—" The Croat waved him off and coughed, tossing the cigarette aside after getting up to step on it.

"I regret falling in love." He spilled, taking a swig of some alcohol Janez had just noticed was smuggled into his pocket. The Slovenian patted his back awkwardly, not sure exactly what to say; luckily he continued his banter. "I've been in love for ten years with this asshole and here's still the dumbest man I've ever met and it's so funny he's second in command when he can't take a fucking hint!" He yelled at the sky, crying in his hands, wiping his red eyes with the sleeve of his jacket.

Oh shit he likes someone? He likes the Bosnian guy Elise had to meet? Well, there goes my chance.

Janez simply nodded, "It must be shit. Sorry about that but, you're cute, don't let him take advantage of you, yeah?" Dražen grinned, sniffling, "Stop flirting." The Slovenian backed into the other man, "I might be tipsy but why? Are you seeing someone right now, clearly not." The Croatian eyed him up and down, "You really want to test me?" he grabbed Janez and got them both up and yanked the Slovenian over by his tie, leaning into his neck, "Tako ću te povrijediti." His breath smelling off smoke and Rajika.

"It's harmless fun, no one gets hurt and we never speak again of this, yes?" Janez smiled, pulling out a key, "My friend's hotel, not my team building, I wouldn't wanna be seen with you but I think we both need this." Dražen scoffed, offended, his fingers against the other's waist, "The same guy you just said was cute? You're an interesting one. I will do this on term condition, okay?" Janez nodded, he wouldn't be picky.

"This doesn't turn into anything, I will never love another man. Especially not someone on another team, you are for fun, not for love, got it?" The words weren't an intentional harm but felt like shards of glass, intent.

"Got it." He coughed, putting out the cigarette and walking near the other man, he would usually think this was too fast paced but he was an adult, he needed relief with no consequences.

What was simply seven minutes seemed like forever before Janez threw cash on the desk, keeping his key's out and humming, intentionally sliding his arm's around the Croatian who didn't protest but almost warmed into it.

Dražen stole his key's and only turned to take his coat off as Janez made sure to lock the door and turn on lights since it was dark out now, the stars showing not enough light to manage. The Croatian completely threw himself on the other man, no consequences, he felt nothing but pure want, jealously, and greed.

Janez wasn't surprised but definitely stumbled a bit when Dražen threw them against the wall of the room, they were barely in the damn room. His fingers slipped through the croatian's hair and Dražen kept his hand's around his neck, he could kiss extremely well, this guy he spoke about was truly missing out.

"You're good at this." He breathed out as the Croatian kissed the base of his neck, his hand's moving to the hem of Janez's shirt. Dražen looked up, "Am I? I'm barely even functional right now." He grumbled back before Janez stopped them and made their lips meet again, a much softer kiss. "You're really beautiful, tako lepo."

Dražen whined, pulling him to the nearest bed and dropping Janez on it, climbing to him in desperate want of love, something artificial but needed before mumbling, "No feelings please, I can't fall for you." He reminded before Janez got his shirt off and smiled, "You're very cute, that doesn't take feelings, it takes eyes to see that." Dražen had to snicker, his finger's lacing around his belt, "Yeah? Atleast you are smart, I'll give your stupid little team that."

It was two hours later of whining, kissing, irreversible actions later that Dražen stumbled back into the bed, turning to his left side, guilt filling his stomach but needed satisfaction in his heart completed. "Goodnight Janez." He fumbled with the pillow before drifting into a moodless sleep, not fully aware of the awe that he had just kissed, had sex with and was sleeping in a hotel room with someone considered an enemy, someone not Enis. It hurt beyond relief but was also the most calm he had felt in weeks.

Janez just whispered goodnight, staying up, his stomach hurting badly. He knew exactly why but wasn't going to say a thing out loud, he knew he had broke everything in conduct, he stared admiringly at the sleepy face next to him before shaking his head in knowing belief. He was so beautiful, very cocky and emotional but he seemed perfect to Janez, this was already a big mistake.

He will never love you, you're his toy. Get over it before you hurt yourself.

Chapter Text

Team Emerald
November 28th 2018
5:30 AM

Dražen stepped idly into his floor and tried to be as quiet possible, not like anyone would really care, people were always up and about at this time anuway; it was the perfect time to do whatever the hell mission was assigned, get it done and have the rest of the day until you're called again.

He felt around his waist grabbing his keys and put his forehead against the door, regret. It felt wonderful, that was exactly the problem. He hoped it would be shitty and unamusing and just the worst thing ever, that he wouldn't have to put himself in that loop again but, Janez was good in more way that one. He felt his pockets buzz, he picked up his phone disinterested at first before reading the message.

From: Janez

I hope you got home safe. That's all, hope you had a good time, you know where to reach me.

That's exactly the fucking problem asshole, it wasn't supposed to be good. We were both tipsy and lonely.

To: Janez

Thank you, I enjoyed myself. Hope you can say the same (;

The Croatian threw his phone into his jacket rolling his eyes before he unlocked the door in front of him before almost jumping back in the face of another body's shadow. He caught his breath, hanging on the edge of the doorframe before taking his coat off and flushing, "Hey Idri." He grumbled knowing the pure slaughter of arguments that were about to come from his younger sister.

"Where the fuck were you. You never leave without throwing a fit or texting me or Enis. I have been here since midnight waiting up for you!" She yelled, the Bosnian getting up and hitting his shoulder more out of pure frustration, she sighed— "Please don't tell me you did stupid shit. I can't take it right now."

The Croatian kept shut, "Do you want truth or not right now?" Idriza impatiently raised a brow, sitting on his bed, "Whatever you decide." Her muttering barely even reaching his ears.

"I was mad at— people and, I decided to go have some alone time and then got kind of tipsy on Rajika and went to a hotel with this really cute but overbearing Scarlet member and well—" Idriza shook her head in disbelief, her eyes wide, Oh god Dražen you can't follow me like this, you cant.

"So you slept around with someone? Not even someone! A fucking member of another gang!" Dražen shushed his sister but sighed, taking off his scarf and clearly showing an abundance of proof prompting a quiet, "May peace be upon him." She mumbled before stepping on his toes and shifting her anger on all the present marks around his neck, "So how do you plan on hiding this?"

"I'm not going to." The response was stern and a surprise to Idriza who backed away, "So this is about more than anger, this is about jealously." The Croatian bit his lip knowing she was right. "You know he was scared reckless right?" Dražen looked at his shoes and shrugged, "He's not my boyfriend, doesn't need to be."

"Oh fucking bullshit! He loves you so much and what's worse is that you know and you're abusing and exploiting that! I love you, you are my family but Enis has become mine to, I hope you're proud of yourself." She spat, her anger clearly resonating deep. "I'm sorry Idriza." Was all he could muster before Idriza shook her head, "I'm just glad you're okay." A hug was always in question but this one was cut short by her handing him something. "It's your mission for today, have fun with this one, it's a good one." She smirked and left the room with her phone and coat in hand.

Abruptly he tossed the paperclip aside and tore into the files that were binded inside the folder, God if you are here for me please don't make me deal with him today. A sticky note attached to the front in Sadik's messy but eligible handwriting, he doubled checked to make sure it was indeed his, the scramble with Sepia had everyone on ease.

Dražen, Enis, Matthew, Emil: I need the four of you (yes I got this approved from Tino, stop complaining Emil) to go speak with the three arranged members of Imperial. I trust you will keep this civilized, it is a business matter and if they ask anything not pertaining to that well, you know what to do.
— Sadik, Emerald.

The Croatian groaned and jumped a few times on the floor, his cheeks red in anger and embarrassment, "God, you are testing me so much!" He yelled at the wall, hopefully it reached the heavens. Not to mention it was with the team they had the absolute relation with, lovely. His fingers grazed the papers to see the three that had been set up to meet, he breathed in a sigh of relief seeing Ivan was no where near it but only felt his anger fall further into a hole realizing who was.

Number One:

Birthplace: ODESSA, UKRAINE.
DoB: AUGUST 24TH, 1990.
Citizenship: UKRANIAN.

One of Ivan's second in command's, she truly was not as bad as she looked though. She was his older sister and truly did not take an ounce of bullshit from Ivan, which everyone found refreshing since he was running his group so forcefully. She was the brains of any operation and quite diplomatic, easy to speak to but hard to please. Dražen nodded, it could've been much worse but then: it did get worse.

Number Two:

DoB: FEBRUARY 15TH 1994.
Sex: MALE.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me— jebi ga!" He cursed, because he truly didn't think it could get worse. The absolute bane of his existence and the other second in command came in the form of a 24 year old Serbian manchild. He was definitely good at his job: talking and killing, he had skills that he abused and his younger sister's death only made him twice as angry— twice as ruthless. Three attempts of murder against Dražen himself, no form of contact was ever attempted, he was the King of Hell and Ivan was close to dethroning him.

The Croatian had to admit he didn't exactly recongize the third member all that well, they probably kept much more low profile.

DoB: JANUARY 1ST, 1996.
Sex: MALE.
Citizenship: SLOVAKIAN.

He looked very misplaced, too clean and proper and almost sweet for this job. Obviously he chose his own path to hell and this team, poor thing. Dražen eyed the papers and sighed, putting them back in the folder and jumping into his bed, his eyes desperate for pure darkness, just some sleep.

Today will truly be the end of me.


Team Sapphire
November 28th 2018
4:28 PM

Emil groaned, putting all his weight annoyingly on the Danish man walking near him, the deserted rooftop not exactly a calling to the Icelandic himself as all he had done for twenty minutes was complain of the walk, begging the question of: "Why couldn't we just take a fucking car, huh?" Before Enis would reply it was "safety protocol", something about assassination attempts.

"Sounds much better than having to meet with this shithead, I'm sorry— these shitheads." He corrected himself before Dražen gently grinned and almost found it amusing enough to snicker, "I agree." Emil winced noticing some odd dust and concealer on what looked like an injury or something else maybe he shouldn't comment on but would anyway, "Gee Dražen, you clearly like it rough." His grave error arrived at the face of Dražen almost looking at him like he was about to pull the gun on the seventeen year old before tapping the back his neck and groaning, "God damnit!"

Enis fely himself almost shatter. "You fucking had sex with someone?" He yelled, disregarding the fact they were on a random roof, as if someone would care to hear this anyway. The Bosnian cursing at him unintelligibly to the Danish and Icelandic members next to them, Enis getting a wift of that concealer on his fingertips, atleast he was hiding it, there was some attempt.

"Yeah I did because I'm an adult and you're not my boyfriend, keep walking." Dražen commanded before Matthias awkwardly begun to walk faster, now in front and almost watching over the rest of the crew. Enis wanted to jump off the roof at that moment, nothing had hurt more, the timing was perfectly horrid. "Volela bih da te ne volim." His words completely destroying Dražen who stopped, staring before Emil forced him to move, Enis kept his pace with Matthias randomly striking up some conversation before Emil looked at the Croatian in despair, not meaning to start this up.

Ten minutes of complaints and silence later, they ended up inside a long hallway, stares exchanged and forced handshakes before they all entered a spacious conference room, Ivan clearly spent a sum of his earnings on making the place look as decked out as possible.

"I know we usually do not meet but it's lovely to meet you all! I'm Ondrej and I mainly help with the business side of things here but I also understand your tasks well enough to be participating here." The Slovak spoke up, smiling gently. He clearly didn't belong, he stood out as sorely as you possibly could.

"Look we know we are not the greatest commrades in this city but, business goes beyond what our leaders tell us to do." The Ukranian added before turning to Vuk who gave them all files with too many documents of numbers, money and statistics but Emil went to town with something finally not concerned with blood and corpses. The Serbian intently eyeing Enis, an indisputably pressed smirk across his lips, "Tvoj dečko izgleda uznemireno."

Dražen felt his entire body want to stand up and throw Vuk out a cliff, watch him die and stomp on his body for fun. He pretended to pay attention to the speech Katyusha prepared about the importance of outreach and honesty in economic earning for each team but really waiting for some kind of response from Enis who finally mumbled, "Odjebi, on nikada neće biti moj dečko."

The Croatian's entire body shut down, so he really doesn't love me or doesn't anymore? He now wished for death himself.

He wished yesterday never happened and hoped Ivan planned some sneaky assassination within this meeting but instead it went on for two hours, Dražen too saddened and quiet to fill in anything useful and expect one worded answers to things Emil had to say, which he sure did. He admired his intelliect and fearlessness when it came to authority, it was a rarity.

The Serbian smiled in Dražen's direction, fixing the sides of his hair, "You look down, yeah?" Dražen gritted his teeth knowing it was a test, "Fuck off before I throw you out this damn window." Vuk smirked, "I'd be impressed if you did, I think I could land on my feet."

The Croatian said something he knew he would regret, "Your sister sure didn't, yeah?" Enis's eyes widened as the rest of them blinked, expecting Vuk to cock his gun and shoot, his sister was a sensitive topic, even three years later. "Nadam se da ćete goriti u večnom paklu!" The Serbian screamed before grabbing the Croat and throwing him to the ground with a hard thump, stepping on his back and kicking him, his teammates quick to grab him and Matthew quick to grab Dražen, the Croatian blank in expression as Enis grabbed his hand's and stood in front of him, "I'm so sorry— I didn't mean for this to get out of hand, please. I wish you all the best in progress and my teammate didn't mean to say such things."

The Croatian tightened his grasp, it was the most comforting thing to happen in the past week. Vuk spat in his face and Ondrej grabbed him again and made him sit in the chair watching closely and patting his back, the Serbian not taking his eyes off Dražen who simply looked at the floor, swallowing his breath and noticing his bleeding fingertips, probably from hitting something as he fell.

"Please, leave. We appreciate you coming out." The diplomatic words strained from Katyusha as they walked out, all four of them quick as possible. They obeyed quick as possible and got out before Dražen could hear Vuk screaming and cursing, the other two seemed silent.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" Enis screamed at Dražen slapping his emblem, "Yeah Dražen, I know you don't like him but no one deserves to see their sister die because of a training mistake." Matthias added, trying to find comfort ro him as Enis just stared, "I've never felt so hurt and disappointed in one day." He hissed before turning his back and ignoring Dražen the whole time.

Emil wrapped some of his extra bandages around the Croatian's fingers and bit his lip, tryung to stray attention from any drama, "Hey I'm sorry about earlier."

"Don't worry please," he chuckled, "I'm more concerned about my fingers right now but thank you."

They made their way back to their respective buildings, Matthew and Emil hugging and taking a deep sigh, "Sorry about that, that was stressful." The Dane admited to the younger teammate who opened their team's door watching Enis and Dražen walk across the almost finished bridge that would now connect their buildings.

"It's okay, I'm okay. It's them I'm worried about." He whispered before they departed and Emil raced into the kitchen and stole whatever sweets he could find and looked around before locking his room and kicking his feet up against his bed, his phone staring at him.

Fuck it. No one would ever find out right? I couldn't be the only one seeing someone whom is not exactly morally correct to see due to team restraint, right?

To: Leon (Asshat)

Hey, asshole, I miss you. Call me.

The Icelandic teenager smiled upon the response he received,

From: Leon (Asshat)

I will in twenty minutes, leaders are wild. I miss you, call me on whatever xx

Emil held his phone close to his heart and giggled like a small girl, "He's so cute." His heart felt full and happy, something clearly not being experienced by his teammates obvious by today.

Maybe I'm the lucky one.

Chapter Text

Team Echo
November 28th 2018
8:19 PM

"So— you just decided to leak me valuable information and files?" Alfred swishing around his glass of Bourbon, time passing by since the Japanese Ace had so decidedly to walk through his door and spill any passing information he could about his own team, it was an act of betrayal in every order but Kiku almost looked proud of that fact: that he was being so open and banging out all the dirty secrets possible.

"I got mad for being used for so long, I'm tired of being everyone's quiet bitch." Kiku coughed, swallowing hard on the alcohol that the American leader so kindly offered, hoping above that it wasn't some kind of trick and poisoned with cyanide but that was the easiest trick in the book, Alfred also valued his alcohol too much to attempt such a thing.

Alfred had to chuckle at his latest statement, "Well— you're quiet but all your team seems to break the rules, it's what we know Sepia for. You have a leader but you guys don't let that dictate you, you only behave when you must." He hummed, pouring more alcohol in the cap and leaning back in his chair, in a quiet kind of peace.

"So can I help you or not? I thought it would be a blessing to you, especially since our teams know everything about you. Don't think Ivan is over one of your members slashing Tatjana in the knee— or that Manuel isn't going to not be targeted. You are not at all sly, you are messy. You will make all these big kills and attacks but cower so quickly we can all trace your footsteps." The Japanese man spoke, pouring himself more alcohol, Alfred staring intensely.

"Alfred, I'm telling you, this would be beneficial for you." Kiku grumbled, the American nodding, thinking about it. The Echo leader tapped his fingers on this desk and shook his head, "I shouldn't trust you." He replied softly before he looked at the clock, as if time would help his own damn decision, time wasn't kind.

"Okay, I'll trust you but you have to do one thing!" Alfred smiled, Kiku tilting his head, "And that is what—" the American intruded on his words quickly, "You join us, full membership, full contract, all the perks but you leave Sepia and stay. I'm not about to have you CIA on me."

The Japanese man blinked, almost impressed the words came out of his mouth, So he is willing to take me seriously? Kiku passed the empty glass to Alfred, "Okay, but you give me a chance for leadership. You actually give me a chance and don't just use me for shock value and for your own riches, deal?" The Japanese man standing and extending his hand nervously, Alfred laughing, "You act as if I do this job for money." They shook hands, the tense feeling going up Alfred's spine, this whole business was about to get even more fucked up.

"We have a deal, welcome to your new team Kiku Honda."


Team Scarlet
November 29th 2018
4:51 AM

"Give me back my jersey, fucking ass." Janez grumbled throwing a large pillow at Dražen's head, he whined and tripped over it and grabbed the wall before the Slovenian laughed, "Clutz." The Croatian sneered in his direction before checking himself out in the large mirror attached to Janez's wall, "You know, I'm Croatian but I think I'll take this for good measure." Sporting the Slovenian national team jersey, the number on the back reading 13, Oblak. Dražen smirked, "You play or just a coincidence with the goalie guy from Athletico?" The Slovenian quickly jumping in, crossing his arm's defensively, "I like football!"

Dražen looked at the time and sighed, "I have to go." A toneless emotion in his words, clearly dreading the idea of doing the damn thing he signed up for. Janez waved, "Adjio." before standing up, tired and brushing their hands, "Do you wanna meet at like midnight, I promised someone I would go get a drink with them."

Any form of affection thrown in Dražen's way that wasn't senual threw him a curve, he wasn't exactly sure what it was like to feel actual love, love that made you stop and think. Janez was nice, Janez was very nice in many way's but not for him but they had a promise and it was shakily standing, on a brinsk of collapse but Dražen would throw cues to remind him indeed, this wasn't something to he turned into a romance, he was just a cop out and a good distraction.

"I mean—" Dražen slyly kissing his cheeks and showing off the jersey, now fully clothed and grasping his phone and work clothes, stuffing them into a bag as best as possible before looking up and giving him a wink, "Hvala, Ne." The door shut and Janez blinked, collapsing back into his bed and leaving his phone to charge as his thoughts drifted.

He doesn't like you, stop trying so hard.


Team Amber
November 29th
5:30 PM

Mogen was feeling himself coming close to absolute insanity. "Antonio!" He scolded to his Spainard team mate who stopped idly making conversation in the midst of the New York afternoon, the sun hanging high above them.

"We're here to take care of someone, it's what Allistor wants and he is trusting us, stop talking about food. I'll buy you fucking food after this." The Dutch man ranted before Antonio eyed him brightly, snickering; "You know me so well!" Giving him a quick hug before letting go and staring back at the roof tops above them as they strolled aimlessly through these deserted alleyways and curb sides.

"We just have to take out someone unimportant, I read his files and turns out he doesn't have any alive family expect his deadbeat father who seems to be vacationing in Barbados so, I don't think we will have any company." He explained, Antonio nodding. "I know he's for Yao's gang but, what exactly is he doing or do we not get any reason?"

Mogen gave a run down of all the illegal counterfeit operation's he was connected to and his business with the black market and drugs, just left an overall bitter taste in the month. Not that Yao would ever care, he ran a business and a huge stock exchange, money was what mattered not someone's incoherence and story arc.

What they found left them speechless: there the man was, the 29 year old, dead in the dust and being tossed into a stuffed garbage and with multiple gun shot wounds to the head, the blood spewed to Mogen's leather shoes. "Well, great, we don't get commission." He was absolutely marveled, Antonio nervously stuttering, "Well, we didn't even get him first."

"Hello!" A cheerful, feminine voice pricked out before two other's stepped from the shadows, giving the trashcan a quick tap and then closing it. "Oh, hello." The Dutch man choked out politely as Antonio waved, much less afraid. Michelle and Roshuan were never ones to fight, Sable was very much down low, especially on missions, it was surprising to see both the leader and second command on a joint mission, one that they either intruded one or were just handed first.

The Seychellois smiled, "We got instruction from Echo, heard about this guy. We didn't intrude did we?" Her innocent tone making it hard for the Dutch man to implode on her, though that extra money seemed almost worth it. His face returned to a normal shade from it's red undertones and he shrugged, "Well, we were hoping to make money but, it is okay. Haven't seen you both in a while, how are you?" As if small talk was any good in this emviorment. "We are fine, getting a job done, just return before we have to share any trouble that comes next." The Cameroonian's word's thick and unjust.

"Right." Mogen replied before giving a quaint nod and shaking hands with Michelle, who always came out of a whirlwind of trouble and yet still managed to make a quite good second in command.

Antonio groaned aloud, expressing exactly what Mogen was feeling without words. "Dammit, I wanted that money! Well, can we atleast get food now?" He stared, with puppy eyes that even the Dutch man couldn't ignore, too sad of a sight. The sun seemed to move closer to them as it was to set soon, everything felt quite weary, Mogen's gut reaction feeling tuned out and off pitch.

"Sure." He hid his emotion, grabbing his wallet and giving it to Antonio to stop at whatever he would like, not a successful afternoon but, they had a good family unlike the rest of the other's who were either insane, dysfunctional or all three.

Antonio gravitated toward a cheap but authentic looking Chinese market that sold dumplings and other small things, Antonio getting two Iced Tea's and making the poor cashier put in an order for twenty fried dumplings, extra chili oil.

Ten minutes later Antonio was walking out happily, beaming waving the plastic bag around and sipping on the commercial Iced Tea, Mogen not quite liking how sugary and fake it tasted but he kept his mouth shut and enjoyed Antonio's happiness which came only to food, Mogen and his close friends. It was a change from his upheld, angry personality he had during missions or anything involving public appearance, guess it was just a facade, as most things were in this business.

We might be boring but we sure as hell are not ever going to betray eachother, especially not Antonio, he wouldn't be able to do anything without me.

Chapter Text

Team Sepia
November 30th 2018
7:51 AM

Leon swallowed his breath, retreading on Yao's words that had just dropped in their strange impromptu meeting. The Hong Konger stopping the swirling of his chair's wheels, everyone around him just as tense, Yao aggressively running his hands through his hair; almost embarrassed that he had spoke.

"Kiku has left. He joined Echo on terms I don't understand and has told me that I betrayed all his trust." The words muttered coldly, with every bit of heartbreak and disrespect. The Chinese man attempting to hide his pride and absolute dismay but his vulnerability was shining.

Lien felt herself slump in her seat, the hostile environment and words getting to her, He left because I'm in the position he so deserved to have. The Vietnamese girl getting up and leaving the room, unable to speak and comprehend what we was happening, hiding her hands in her chest. Her cheeks flushed, she shut the door and stayed in another office near by, deserted and empty but her mind full enough.

Yao opened his mouth but nothing came out, perplexed he looked to his team and shook his head. "None of you are to blame but this does not at all mean I will be easy on him or his new team, Echo has betrayed us and Imperial too many times and I'm not going to cower because Kiku betrayed his family of almost two decades."

The Hong Konger nodded, staggered by how quickly Yao was making such a sudden adjustment. The meeting was dismissed but Leon followed the taller figure into his office and Yao closed the door and felt his eyes become watery, "Are you going to leave me to?" He asked skittishly, Leon quickly responding with a firm, "No. You helped raise me." I owe you everything.

He could still recall that winter day, when on the streets, deserted and cold, bundled in just a stolen blanket and gloves eating whatever he could steal from the Asian markets, he was eight. Yao came, saw him and quickly graviated to his care and well being as if some kind of spark was in him perhaps not for the team— but for Yao's well being. The then sixteen year old quickly scooping him up and taking him to his care, his building and then he had joined Sepia and got adjusted to the gang and hitman side of things.

"That's what Kiku said! 他妈的!" He cursed, slamming the glass frame of an old picture into his window, breaking the frame and the picture falling to Leon's feet, Yao sitting and wiping his eyelids. The picture was probably taken before Yao was leader, indicative from the emblems and their expressions: the Japanese man smiling and with his arm's around the other who just stared into the camera jokingly and had Mei, who was long gone, bombing the photo with a peace sign up in the air, all of them in uniform however.

"Fuck him, I hope I never have to see him again." He whispered, Leon rubbing his shoulders as he stared, souless, to Leon; "If I see him again, I will make sure to murder him. I've never felt so betrayed." His words resentful and attempting to patch up the mental scaring he had experienced, Mei leaving made Yao bitter, it made him scream and swear that him and Ivan, who lost two members of his own as well, would get their pay back.

This was sure to be the final push over the edge, Yao was ready to destroy anyone in his path: fair or not.


Team Imperial
November 30th 2018
3:06 PM

The curtains draped inside the large bedroom, the snow falling from outside the window and basking the clouds and hidden sunlight from the sight of any New Yorker present and currently working. Tatjana's yawns startling her partner who turned and smiled slightly, "Morning, even though it's three but you need rest so it is okay." The Serbian crying out before leaning over as he sat next to her on the large bed, kissing her head and asking about her knee; that ever present, growing issue.

"Ljubav, im fine!" She repeated, her smile blissful as she waved around her leg, "I am just as tough as you." The Macedonian called out, hitting his shoulder; Vuk snickering before the smile fell to a frown, it was pitiful.

She leaned on his lap and sat peacefully, not saying much. His finger's just stroking her hair, fingers laced together messily. "I know you miss her but it has been three year's, you can't let this keep happening, your anger is understandable but needs to be contained better." The truth dawned on Vuk who felt himself stagger and only pull at his own hair, he was going in circles about how he had an absolute throw down with Dražen not even days ago.

The wind blew into their room, as if it was some kind of omen for an agreement, a signal. That's all Vuk had ever hoped for, all the praying and celebrations and holiday's and visits to Orthodox Churches, it was just one wish: to feel his sister's presence again. Lindita running away was a grand slap in the face especially before the giant nightmare of his younger sister's death. "See! She agrees." Tatjana hummed, trying to lift the spirits a bit, the candles not adding enough of a comfort.

"I miss her so much." He cried on Tatjana's shoulder, her hands gently wrapping around his head, tears overflowing on her shirt, she tried to shush him and tell him it was okay, he had a right to show his emotions, but he only cried louder. "I know you miss her, you think I don't? Šćepan to, he is your cousin, both of you. Sometimes, this job is beyond cruel but we just see we have eachother and try to move on. Milica is still cursing somewhere how you are underestimating her spirit, trust me."

Vuk sniffled and dried his eyes with his wife's fingers and sighed. He felt completely replushed and attacked by his dream's and all he saw, still remembering every second of that day like it was play back and a script he had to memorize. The Serbian taking a second and smiling at his wife and kissing her ring hand, "Volim Te."

A knock suddenly was heard before Vuk groaned, rolling his eyes behind his head. "Come in!" He yelled securely before Tatjana tucked herself under layers of blankets and holding a pillow close to her, Šćepan waved. "Hey there." He ate a bag of Smoki, throwing the bag to Vuk, "I wanted to see my favorite sister in law." Tatjana grinned wildly, "Oh yeah, yeah; how much money do you want?" They laughed and held onto eachother, Vuk eyeing him and sitting on the bed as they latched and hugged, Šćepan was quite sketchy and egotastical on the outside but was quite a pushover around those he loved, still with the same snarky attitude.

"How's your mission?" The words unintentionally stung the Montenegrin, "It is— it's fine." He mumbled, shaking his head before laying on his best friend's chest, the Macedonian mouthing a "what are you talking about?" to her husband.

The Serbian moaned, "Oh c'mon! She's just another girl, get over yourself. Idriza is here for information not your well being and actual interest. You know how Ivan will deal with you if you disobey him, not as if me being second in command saves you from any punishment."

"Oh fucking stop it! This is different, this is actual love and not just something artificial, it's something with substance, I don't give a fuck what Ivan does because he's a damn fool and everyone takes him as an inpatient bitch!" The male spat at his cousin who was taken back, Tatjana leaving them at a distance, curiously onlooking.

"So you love her?" He reiterated. Šćepan froze, "Well— maybe. Not yet, yes? Perhaps. But it's not your business! It's my mission, my commission and I will do whatever it takes to keep from spoiling this and so help me Vuk, if you rat me out I will curse your name to Milica for the most of my life." His teeth gritting and clinging the bed sheets, Vuk blinked. "I trust you, you should trust me to." Was all he got out before standing up and exiting the room.

Tatjana scooted near him, a comforting but anxious arm around his neck, "Hey, hey. He wouldn't ever do such a thing, he puts us and his family before any team, any money, any day." The soothing words calming the male who nodded regretfully, "I love her." He spoke, as if he had just told himself that, not her.

"If you love her after that short amount of time, I just advise you to speak with yourself, not me. I have found my only love, you haven't and if you think you have, you aren't in the best position to claim so. I am not doubting you, I just want you to be safe." She spoke, their hands shaking and patting eachother's shoulders.

This wasn't supposed to happen. I was just supposed to sleep with her, get information and maybe some trust from her but here I am, sneaking off every single day.

"Thank you." He finally replied, hugging his close friend. She smiled in return and nodded, "I am here always, just go easy on Vuk, he deal's with enough." Her words insightful and clearing his head a bit.

"I will, I promise."

Chapter Text

Team Sapphire
December 2nd 2018
10:16 AM

"Alright so—" Tino begun, seeing both Sapphire and Emerald members sitting side by side in their giant conference room, Sadik only stepping out to get an extra two chairs but everyone was quaint and fit. The Finnish man begun projecting his voice, "We recieved 24 tickets for the annual banquet—" groans erupted before Sadik told his team to hush.

The banquet was an annual celebration hosted by a rich stock owner in New York City, they opened such a large part of almost every team's stock so naturally, what better way to seem approachable and keep a good public appearance than to dress up fancy, enjoy free booze and act like all the team's wouldn't attempt to commit murder after this. It was the one time a year perhaps besides the holiday's where there was no killing and everyone pretended to act buddy, buddy though; most would just stick with their same team anyway.

"Wait, one second." Eduard stood up, the Estonian quietly mumbling numbers in his head and occasionally pointing to people, raising an odd silence in the room before he paused. "So we have 25 of us here but only 24 tickets." Sadik quickly responded, "Yes, I am well aware. Bashar is not going because he is going to recover and I refuse to let one of my own members go when injured so badly. He has been informed and is okay with it, I have trust in him to watch over for us."

The Estonian sat back down and Sadik continued, leaning on his chair next to Tino, "Also I'm not going to be a bitch about when you can leave but please, atleast an hour, we were invited and I think our team has class and I'm not worried about Sapphire, you all have been great at this, mine however—" snickering arose before he pointed to Arash, "If I see you leave after sixteen minutes with Idriza and you both are at a pizza place again, you are going to be on my hit list." They laughed and Idriza hummed, "Maybe this year will be different."

"Also, everyone atleast until you get checked in has to be with a pair, don't ask me why, it is what it is stated on the paper so just pair up now and we won't have any drama." Sadik yelled before having a tranquil smile to Gupta who smirked and nodded, the Egyptian raising his hand, "Well I have my partner." He said aloud before everyone moved around or— scooted around persay. Tino grabbed Berwald's hand and giggled, "My husband is my partner, duh!" He yelled before sitting down and checking himself, Berwald, Sadik and Gupta off the list they had organized to make sure everyone had a partner.

Two minutes passed before Tino begun going around asking who was with who. "I'm going with Eduard." Raivis said, beaming brightly at his boyfriend and high giving him. The Lithuanian next to them shrugging, "Me and Emil." Toris mumbled weary, rubbing his eyes. They finally ended at Enis who said he would go with Arash, the two best friend's marveling at eachother.

"You guys have two days so have fun with that, Sadik just found the tickets so we should've had a week." Tino added, calling out the other leader next to him, the crowd in dismay. The Turkish man shrugged, "You all take too fucking long anyway, now you have to be on it." He replied.

Dražen leaned on his sister's shoulder, not exactly wanting the pressure of going there but sitting in silence, knowing the obligation was torture enough. Damn, wish I got shot so I wouldn't have to go to.


Team Emerald
December 2nd 2018
11:30 AM

Dismissed from the room, Dražen walked down the hall as Arash and Enis joined him and Idriza, all of them wanting to go get lunch somewhere and go buy outfits. Sadik allowed it and Enis grabbed his wallet and waved it, throwing another one to Idriza, it was her own and she smiled and stuffed it in her winter coat, all of them dressed properly for winter since New York was unassuming and unkind to anyone from November to January, luckily the group was much more used to it now living in the state for so long.

"I want middle eastern food!" The Azeri whined to Enis as they walked out the building, Idriza uplifted and wrapping her arm around his shoulder, "Yeah! C'mon Enis, let's go get what he wants, I'm in the mood." Enis looked at Dražen, "You okay with that?" He asked politely, the Croatian astonished he talked to him, he quickly stuttered out a, "Yes— yes, no worries." He assured himself, rubbing his own shoulders.

Idriza and Arash secretly high fiving eachother and sending a grin to Dražen who ignored them and shook his head, his face red from more than just this chill. Enis's phone lead them to a seven minute walk to a quaint Lebanese place, they quickly walked in and were about to request a table, Arash speaking solid Arabic for easier explanation before Enis noticed Lindita, Jano and Mei sitting at a large couch area, the restaurant almost empty. "Hey, hey, wait!" Enis ran over, Arash apologizing before Lindita gasped happily and they embraced, Enis not even needing to ask about joining them, Mei and Jano quickly scooting and Lindita trading spots to sit on the right of Enis. The Bosnian gesturing the other three over, Mei smiling: "We don't bite!" Arash explained the situation to the hostess who kindly went over and put down four more menus and extra silverware, giving them a few minutes.

Idriza eyed Lindita, "No way!" She said gasping and hugging the old Imperial member, introducing herself to Jano and Mei who she could distinctly remember but not put down. Arash needed no introduction especially to Jano, the Georgian quicky patting down the area next to him, "Stop being shy." He grumbled in his ear before smiling and Idriza joining him on their side deliberately so Dražen had to sit next to Enis. "And you are?" Jano asked the Croatian who flushed, "Oh my, I'm sorry— I'm Dražen." He pressed, taking his coat off and sitting next to Enis but keeping a comfortable distance.

Lindita snickered and earned a punch in the stomach from Enis before Mei looked up, the Taiwanese girl shaking hands with him, "Nice to meet you. Well, this was unexpected but here we are!" Idriza nodded, "Did you guys also get tickets for that banquet or just the united teams." She spoke quietly before Mei held up three tickets and clicked her lips, "Nope, we were all also invited so we are all going."

The waiter came back and three of them ordered traditional tea, a lemonade and then Jano spoke, "I want Arak if you have it, whatever is best." Enis, Idriza, Arash and Lindita eyeing him widely. "You need the extra push, yeah?" The Kosovar pushed before ordering soda and Dražen stumbled, "Do you have wine?" He asked before the waiter nodded and showed him the wine section of the menu. He ordered something red before looking to the food as Arash took over, "So obviously we will get pita for all of us and then we will have a large Hummus, Tabouli, Baba Ghanouj and why not, let's get some Batata Harra to start." The waiter attempting to hide a laugh, probably from the huge amount of food the kitchen had to prepare that Arash just considered a pre-warm up meal. Lindita laughed, "Well, maybe we won't have to order anything."

Jano put his arm around the Azeri who smiled and leaned back, "So, how is it still being in a team?" He asked honestly to the four Emerald members who all shrugged, explaining they were quite content besides petty drama and of course, the arising conflict with Ivan and Yao. "Yeah, Kiku left recently." Mei's eyes widened before she almost slammed her fists on the table, "He— he, what?" She grumbled before her eyes closed, staring into space. "Sadik told us he was not happy so he moved to Echo." Idriza explained quietly.

The Taiwanese girl nodded, So Leon just decided not to tell me? What a great best friend. "Understandable, especially after we merged, that's when Lindita and I decided to leave, Ivan and Yao together? Too much power, scared for my life." She commented before two waiters came and placed the food in various places and handing them two baskets stuffed to the brim with fresh, hot pita. "Thank you!" They all said together smiling as Jano shot down the Arak and leaving a bit for anyone who wanted to try. Idriza asked and downed the rest before shaking her head, "Wow." She coughed before grabbing one of the pitas and breaking it open, not caring about her burnt finger tips and layering on the Hummus and throwing in some herbs and eating it, passing around the basket everyone started devouring the food.

"How are you all holding up?" Enis asked Lindita about their general living situation, though their apartment looked quite spacious for three people and overlooked the city beautifully. They all snickered, "Well—" the Kosovar begun, stuffing hummus in her mouth and swallowing it down with some tea, "We still get monthly payment remember. None of us are thirty yet and, our business is going quite well, we invested in booming stocks and we're fine, just on edge constantly about someone attacking us." She admitted somberly before shaking her head.

The Georgian passed over some of the baskets to Dražen who declined, Idriza stared down her brother. "I am not hungry." He said, sipping his wine slowly, looking disinterested and uncomfortable. "Eat, please." Enis mumbled before Dražen rolled his eyes and took some of the remaining food and ate in small bites, The Bosnian hiding a slight smile and looking back at the rest of them who stared teasingly before they broke into conversation quietly, regarding the fact they were in a public place, about the upcoming banquet and how prepared they were while continuing to order more food and stuffing that down to.

Arash ignoring the conversation and grabbing Jano's hand under the table and looking up at him and smirking, "You good?" He mouthed before the Georgian ignored the flush across his face and sighed, "Yeah." He mumbled in happiness before leaning on his shoulder, Dražen attempting to not be a jealous onlooker before staring at his phone, I shouldn't.

The plates came and Dražen only whished around his wine more, leaning on his hand, clearly bored as the other's chatted. He finally decided to take the chance and laid his head on Enis's shoulder with no further comment and closing his eyes, tired and not wanting to see any reaction to it. Enis winced before looking away and feeling a red blush on his cheeks, not saying a word he continued the conversation occasionally brushing their fingers together until Dražen got tired and finally inlocked their fingers tightly, Enis not complaining.

After some more food, chatter and Baklava, Enis insisited to pay for everyone, him and Lindita screaming at eachother in slurred Bosnian and Serbian before he grabbed the check and put in his card and handed it to the waiter before turning to the Croatian who sat comfortably and only hummed.

They said their goodbyes before wishing eachother a good day, excited to see them soon again. The four headed out after Arash said something unintelligible to Jano who smirked and bit his lip, shaking their hands, "We'll see about that." The three wishing love to the Emerald members who all begun walking, Enis and Dražen closing the distance near eachother.

Two hours spent in eight stores later, they all walked out with large bags, stuffed to the brim with a dress, three suits, multiple flowers and a large box of chocolates for themselves.

"We're back!" Arash yelled to Sadik who was absent from his office oddly. Gupta told him to lower his voice but acknowledged their presence and gave a hug to Enis who explained that they had eaten and brought him some back from the restaurant, the Egyptian lighting up. "That is wonderful, thank you but— Sadik is in the medical facility." They all worriedly put down their bags and all quickly ran to the second floor and knocked heavily on the door before Sadik approached and huffed, "Back I see, please be quiet." He warned.

They all stepped in and groaned at the sight before hushing themselves. Iakovo's waved before holding in a sharp breath, "Hey there— fuck!" He screamed before his brother patted his wound and went to work at getting the bullet out from his shoulder. Idriza quickly ran and sat on the bed and held his hands, nervous. "What happened!" She exclaimed, her face white at her next door roommate and confide. His brother coughed, the Greek quickly taking a sip of water and handing it to his brother, "I think you can guess who but..." He left the point blank so Sadik could fill in, the leader beginning his sentence again; "He was on a mission, a simple one to, and I was stupid and let him go alone and he got ambushed and shot twice, shoulder and leg, guess who?" He tossed the file to Enis and Dražen who eyed eachother as the Cypriot groaned in pain and grabbed Idriza's hand for comfort, the Bosnian happily complying.

"Oh fuck him. I'm going to—" Dražen quickly in anger and grabbing his gun from his jacket and heading to the door, dropping the file, Idriza peaking and huffing seeing it was indeed Vuk, Two other male's attached but probably not the main men of the operation before Enis stopped him, "Hey, hey— stop. You know he would kill you, no remorse." The Croatian spat, "Good! Then I'll kill him in cold blood and make sure he joins his fucking sister!" He screamed before racing out the door before Enis followed.

Arash made a gesture that he was going to follow as Sadik and Idriza quickly nodded, staying with the Cypriot as Heracles sighed, "The good news is no infection from what I can see, the bullet looks clean. I've heard that when Imperial attacks they'll specifically use infected or rusted bullets so that when they shoot someone with minor injury, they die anyway from the infection and sickness that comes with it, it's the cleanest way to get someone off their hands." Sadik shook his fists and leaned down next to Iakovos, "I am not going to make you go to that banquet, I will make sure that someone else stays home with you." He assured before exiting the room.

Idriza looked around uncomfortably, the banquet was going to be interesting considering all the security around, not like even Ivan would try some stupid shit around a public area, he had a bigger braincell than that.

To: Srce (Šćepan)

So, I am not exactly happy your cousin tried to kill one of my best friends.

She pressed send and got a response almost seconds later, her expression changed from angry to endearing.

From: Srce (Šćepan)

I told him not to but he didn't listen, I'm very sorry about your friend, I think it was Ivan's idea and not my cousin's so atleast he didn't come up with it but, still. Ljubavi, im going to that stupid ass banquet so I'll see you there yeah? Just act like we don't know eachother but I'll still dance with you.

She snickered before putting away her phone and helping out Heracles and cleaning all the blood, it was too much. "Are you sure he's gonna be okay?" She pressured before the Greek blinked, "Of course."

Chapter Text

Team Echo
December 4th 2018
5:45 PM

"Alright team, we have to be there by 7PM sharp so please be getting ready! I am not about to be late for the second year in a row." Alfred cried out as he stumbled through each room, knocking intensely. So far everyone was getting prepared and Kiku was already prepared, simply helping him by quietly the same words Alfred had been exclaiming for the past hour.

The blonde ran a hand through his hair and opened the door to one of the main bathroom's waving at Martín who was adjusting his hair and who seemed quite well prepared, his suit laying on the counter. "So are you excited for forced laughing and free alcohol?" Alfred asked his second in command as he turned on the faucet. The Argentinian laughing, "The free alcohol certainly." He mocked and checked his phone for the time, they seemed pretty good on time, the issue was that their transportation had to be sent to each three groups of pairs, it was some blasted security issue and was meant to add a sense of security though it just made everyone inside them uncomfortable. Luckily they got to pick this team who was in what car!

Alfred snickered, "Do you think I'll meet someone cute?" He nudged, Martín rolling his eyes, "Don't ask me, the man who will be married soon." He reminded tensly before flipping on his suit pieces and putting the blue blazer over it all, "What do we think?" Alfred whooping and hollering at his friend as he spun around and danced obnxiously, "You look hot, I approve." Giving a thumbs up, Alfred quickly applied hair product and coughed, sliding on his own blazer, black but with a peach colored tie and edges, his shoes also leather but with small painted flowers sprouting from them, he felt quite put together.

The blonde leader gestured Martín out the door but he quickly ran to find his brother preassembly. Kiku whimpering, "Alfred I'm not sure if I should be going. I'm not ready for the staring and—" the American quickly rubbing his shoulders, "No, no! You'll be fine. Just say you moved because of the business side of things if anyone tries to ask in front of anyone they shouldn't be."

"What do we think!" A female voice shouted from the other side of the hallway before Gabriella struted jokingly down the long, marble, hallway and spun around in her white, halter style dress, a white rose attached to her hand and with bright hazel eyes and a very well done face, Alfred had to say. Kiku gave a thumbs up at his partner for the night, "You look very pretty." He said politely she held out a matching white rose and pinned it to the lining of his pocket, "You as well!" The Costa Rican gave a high five to Alfred, trying to not trip in her clear heels, the American now waiting for Victor, Vanessa and Matthew. Ten minutes later the Mexican, Venezuelan and Canadian were racing down the hall, Matthew and Victor sporting red suits while Vanessa in large platform red heels, made an attempt of catching up but gave up, letting go of the ends of her dark red mermaid dress and grabbing Alfred's hand who smiled and attached a red carnation to his pocket and he gave a thumbs up. "My date for the night gentleman!" The Venezuelan laughing as she adjusted the white rose in her perfectly curled and sprayed hair.

"Car One is leaving!" Victor screamed before yelling some word's in Spanish that must've been cursing because the girls giggled. Alfred looked at his watch, "6:15 and with good time! Bravo." He applauded his team before they all stepped out, arm in arm and Alfred quickly skipped to open the door for everyone, giving the driver all six of their reservation invitations and a quaint smile before he hopped into the limo, "My god they're boujee." Alfred announced as if that was any surprise.

"Let them, it means more alcohol." Vanessa said pouring herself from the champagne next to her area. Kiku fiddled with his fingers before Gabriella comfortingly assured the Japanese man. Alfred was surprised how acustom they had taken to Kiku especially Gabriella and Sebastían. Manuel on the other hand was very, very much on the edge and expressed that with no moderation.

The drive itself would take twenty minutes, possibly thirty but not as if you would find any kind of mansion clustered with all the skyscrapers and hotels in this area. They made small talk amongst eachother, Martín sending him hilarious pre-party photos of him and Manuel clustered with Sebastían, Luciano, María and Lin.

"Well this place is bigger than I remember..." Matthew was the first to mumble to their sheer amazement. The two floor stone mansion staring back at them. The driver going around the custom built entrance loop and vallet area. Patches of trees and green yard surrounding the home, a fountain sprouting from the wheel, inviting them in. The driver paused in front of one of the front entrances and opened the door, Matthew helping Victor out first and the two of them waiting for the rest of the gang. The pool not vacant but lighting and blaring music on some kind of wireless connection, the same music that could be heard pounding from the door.

This is really what we get? We murder people, we batter and bruise people for money, good and bad, and we get invited to a party of this quainty? Life is interesting. Matthew and Victor walked in front before the Canadian brushed his hands on his pant's and stared at how occupied it already was, there must have been atleast a hundred people here. A marble stair case endurning the other side of the what must be called a "living room", fully decroated and a full bar other installed or already built in place.

"Jesus Christ..." Victor grumbled before Vanessa clapped, "Alfred you're doing shots with me!" She excitedly yapped before Kiku huffed, introducing himself to some barely familar faces who asked him about his move, of course it came up, it had to. Gabriella shifting the conversation pleasantly before Kiku was also dragged to the bar. "Do you have whiskey?" The Japanese man asked, Alfred and him suddenly receiving whiskey plain, on ice. "Thank you." They drank and so it begun.


Team Imperial
December 4th 2018
7:05 PM

Ivan stepped onto the marble floors from the back entrance, grabbing Aruzhan's hand, the Kazakh gently watching the ends of her long tulle, Black Ombre dress. Careful to not catch any of her straightened hair on the car door before Ivan and her inlinked arms, "You are mine for the night but I am not strict." Ivan attempted to tease but the Kazakh simply nodded, as if he was serious. Her black heel's hitting the marble floor hard, her clacking heard even above the distressingly loud music.

"Well, well—" the Russian mumbled in an Ill temper spotting Kiku right next to an enthuastic Alfred and another Echo member who seemed to drinking her life away, understandbly. "I'm going to go have a drink, join me?" He asked before the Kazakh shrugged, Aruzhan giving less a shit about what this party's purpose was. "Yes." She finally replied out of respect, the two approaching the lone members with a curt cough, Kiku glaring in disgust. "Ivan." his words having that mix of animosity and fear, just how Ivan so wished it would.

"Da! It is me, I know." He shot a smile before brushing the lone hair off Kiku's tie, Alfred quickly standing and throwing his hand off, "I will fucking demolish you." The American whispered, "Make it happen, it's more eventful then what you try." The Russian spat back before seperating seeing the host come up, dapper and with all smiles, Alfred's smile showing an agony painted so clearly.

"Why, why isn't it two of my biggest business stocks, it is odd to see you both interacting but I suppose this party was for exactly that! Drink and Eat please! The second floor has more eats and bathrooms and please, if you need to use the room, I get it." The man quickly answered before waving and turning away, Ivan smiling at his kindness before whipping his head back to the Echo leader who was already walking off with Kiku, the other woman only drinking more and more.

"Just ignore them, you cannot do anything right now, in this location, anyway." Aruzhan reminded so gently before Ivan coughed and put himself together again, grabbing a drink and sitting down with the Kazakh on a large couch before they were joined by Vuk and Tatjana who matched as always, looking very, very well put together. The Serbian in a classic black and white tux with a poppy next to his tie while his wife was in a long, white side spilt lace dress, she looked very beautiful and seemed be recovering well from the injury, though she was still wearing the cast under her right leg. "Hello!" She called out, Ivan happy to invite them to the couch, Tatjana was offered alcohol but declined, Ivan impressed.

"I can't drink." The Macedonian laughed, sipping on water before the Russian tilted his head, trying to piece it together before his two sister's walked over with Georgi and Vlad who looked dead inside to even be here, wanting to be home and scarfing down the shitty food they had bought from the pizza place downtown.

Katyusha rolled her eyes walking up with vodka in hand, her dark Blue A-Line lace dress perfectly matching her intense blue eyes, his younger sister in a Rose Gold long, tulle dress with roses designed on the chest and shoulder area. "We are going to join you, we saw Kiku." Katyusha commented, still impressed by the whole ordeal. Ivan acknowledged that by smashing his fist near his drink and sighing, Vuk and Katyusha exchanging a glance before the Ukranian took his drink away and fixed his hair, "Stop stressing." She yelled over the music anxiously.


Team Scarlet
December 4th 2018
8:00 PM

Janez stumbled into the scene, arms in locked with Elizabeta, they had a matching color palette going for them as well; the Hungarian sporting a long, silt white lace dress with long sleeves, embroidery and lace decroating every stitch. Janez with an all white as well, sunglasses over his eyes with no tie or bowtie, the shirt collar open with the Blazer also just as white— two matching red carnations on their chest.

The Scarlet leader gestured in the remaining members of her team, her husband deciding to go with Ludwig, both of them in classic suits and ties while Elise and Vash matched in pink carnations and both quite pretty in pink.

"Enjoy yourselves!" The Hungarian reminded them before they scattered in the absolute mess that was the entire first floor of the mansion, drunkily dancing and shots a pour, the Slovenian's entire body felt unready for forced interaction, drinking and seeing people he didn't want to exactly see right now. He snatched a shot of Vodka, cheering with Elizabeta before she quickly got into conversation with one of the millionaires who apperantly owned oil offshore but Janez, disinterested, leaned against the bar, shades inside his blazer before Roderich joined.

"This isn't your scene? I'm impressed." The Austrian teased though in a serious way. "Yes, I enjoy fun and drinking but not when I know there's other teams here." He nervously stated before drinking more, Roderich shrugged; "We are pretty middle ground here, we are just the cross roads, we aren't Imperial or Echo, we don't have any real enemies." He reminded carefully scooting closer so the conversation could be without judgement of the others around.

They chatted for ten minutes, shots galore, Roderich beginning to get tipsy and lean on the bar, Janez unaffected; his Slavic and Balkan genes speaking to him. He didn't come here to soul search but was impressed to not see Dražen until he did, making sharp eye contact with the Croatian who was in a navy blue suit, tie barely hanging around his neck, Janez felt his entire heart stop before regretfully waving, his sister Idriza (he had come to realize) in a gorgeous blue lace and mesh dress, reaching the floor even with the plunging neck line, flowers adorned all the chest and side areas. She was looking to impress clearly or maybe she already had, Janez wasn't concerned with her.

Dražen bit his tongue,  making eye contact clearly: "Hey, I'm gonna... Go get a drink." The pause making Idriza and Enis exchange a suspicious look before they grabbed the first round of shots and watched perched from the edge of the first floor, a small perch where they could see above and sit, act unamused and busy, Arash quickly running off to find Jano or Sadik. They looked before the Bosnian smirked, "Oh no way..." She whispered directing her attention to Dražen and who she assumed was Janez, blonde and taller than him as well, the two looking quite fragile. He is not half bad but c'mon! 

The other Bosnian beside her tried to not overract and held his pride swallowed, the other guy wasn't bad looking, he was pretty handsome but Enis wasn't going to act like Janez wasn't a threat. A Scarlet member? Really? I've loved you for ten fucking years and you're playing around with a team barely stable? Idriza punched his shoulder and coughed, gesturing for him to come closer, he obliged and she grabbed him and bent down, "Go make a move before you regret it." She whispered before Enis smirked, the two holding eachother's hand for a moment before the Bosnian quickly picked up the pace, chugging more alcohol before waiting for Dražen to finish speaking, he walked away to another location and then Enis tapped him on the shoulder, nervously offering his hand to dance but it was a lot more than that.

"Dance?" He asked, smiling genuinely. Dražen's eyes saying it all with a large and quick nod, the two gripped hands before Enis gestured him to not be shy and come much closer to him, Idriza giving a large thumbs up at the Bosnian second in command, she watched happily perched at her brother and her best friend finally and hopefully tying it down.

Enis spun him around before grinning at his yelp, Dražen quickly catching himself on the Bosnian's shoulders. "Did you know you mean a lot to me?" He more told than asked the Croatian. "Really?" He wondered slyly at the back of his head, the corner of his lips smiling. Enis coldly smiling before Dražen raised a brow, "Are— are you okay?"

Okay? Fucking hell, I'm more than okay, I might die at this very moment if I don't make a move after ten years. Enis overdramatized before inching near Dražen and mumbling, "Yes. I'm scared I'll hurt you." He blurted before seperating their faces but still griping his hand's as they danced and moved well enough. Dražen scoffed and shook his head, "Please stop, you are saying such bullshit, I might literally slap you." He coaxed before pulling him aside and then outside, Enis not taking a single second to question him.

The Croatian dragged him to the back, the music blaring but the stars and moon quiet as them. "I just wanted to dance with you but much less noise." He smirked, grabbing Enis by the tie and pulling him close to his face and spinning Enis, who boasted before stopping. "Dražen—" he croaked before running a hand through his hair, "Volim Te." The Croatian eyeing widely, his feet planting to the ground and his arm's dropping to Enis's, grabbing their fingers. "Took you fucking love enough." Dražen confessed before finally, finally pressing their lips together, the Croatian draping his hands around the Bosnian's neck as Enis kissed back, stunned but finally in relief, his hand's running through his hair.

They breathed after a solid minute before only grabbing eachother again and leaning against the outside back wall, just attempting to get as close as possible, ten years and finally something gave in.

"Oh god— you took so fucking long. The fact I have to wait to get home and absolutely wreck you is so rude." He barked before Enis laughed and kissed him again, their fingers interlocking and happily content.


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The next chapter will hopefully be up next week or earlier, I'm working on it, it's a very, very, very long one. Eurovision is over and I am so thrilled for Duncan / Netherlands, my winners were Slovenia, Macedonia (so happy for Tamara, she made us proud and that jury voting killed me), Spain, Serbia and Albania !!! Poland being 11th killed me but we can all agree Iceland stole the show (; xx - lily.