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I love you, okay?

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"Ugh, fuck Kookie!"


Taehyung mewls next to Jeongguk's ear as the latter grips his hips from behind, desperately fucking into him, pressing him hard into their mattress and red satin sheets.


"Fuck, you feel amazing" Jeongguk says, leaning down over Taehyung's back to press a kiss to his shoulder blade while bucking his hips in a harsh thrust.


Jeongguk grips Taehyung's shoulders to straighten him up against his chest, nuzzling into the side of his neck, lips stuttering as he tries to press a wet kiss to the side of his throat when he leans his head back against his shoulder and moans his name into the thick air that surrounds them.


"Feels so fucking good" Taehyung moans in a breathy exhale, reaching behind himself to grip Jeongguk's thighs, breathing heavily next to his face. Jeongguk pumps into him, a hand pressed flat across his tummy to keep him in place as Taehyung moans right next to his ear like a pleasant harmonious buzzing noise that just won't quit.


"I wanna see you" Jeongguk whispers in a gruff rumble, sucking a light bruise onto the side of Taehyung's neck as he ruts his hips forward, rolling into Taehyung's tight heat, hands gripping at his soft flesh.


Taehyung seems to like the idea, smiling next to the side of Jeongguk's face as he looks up into his hooded eyes, noting the darkened gaze that circles his pupils.


Jeongguk pushes Taehyung down gently, rolling his hips slowly into his boyfriend while soothing his hands flat along his back up to his shoulders. He slowly pulls out, his cock gliding deliciously along the inside of Taehyung's tight walls.


Taehyung whimpers at the loss of friction, an emptiness creeping upon him as a shiver runs up his spine when he feels Jeongguk's rough hands twisting him around and tugging his hips forward to press the head of his cock against his rim.


"Don't tease" Taehyung blushes, bottom lip caught between teeth as he hums out a familiar pleasant sigh of relief when Jeongguk pushes back in.


He begins rocking his hips, grinding slowly into Taehyung before picking up the pace when he feels the latter clench around his cock.


"Fuck" the younger sighs when Taehyung grips his sides, desperately pulling him closer.


Taehyung whines breathily beneath Jeongguk as he continuously fucks into him, hips rolling forward to sink his cock into the warm, tight hole that swallows him up so perfectly every time he thrusts harder, deeper, faster.


"You feel so fucking good" Jeongguk pants into his mouth when he connects their lips in a desperate kiss, licking into Taehyung's mouth to get a taste of the poison that recklessly endangers his reservations.


"I-I know ~ oh fuck! Right there!" Taehyung whines, fingertips pressing hard into Jeongguk's shoulder blades as he leans up to bite at his shoulder in order to suppress a moan.


Jeongguk angles himself just right, hitting into that sensitive bundle of nerves deep within Taehyung's warm body — the spot that has his beautiful boyfriend shamelessly melting into the mattress, so pliant and needy for more, thighs shaking uncontrollably around his waist as he tightens his grip and tries to pull him even closer against his chest.


"You-you know?" Jeongguk mumbles against Taehyung's neck, loving the warmth that encompasses his body as he thrusts particularly hard, earning another breathy gasp from the latter, his tight hole clenching around Jeongguk's length. "Little bit-ah fuck! Little bit cocky, no?" he adds, nibbling on the skin of his throat.


"Shut the fuck up and fuck me" Taehyung orders in the shape of a whine, legs tightening around Jeongguk's waist as he tries to lift his bum higher so Jeongguk has more access, so he can thrust deeper, so he an reach that juicy sweet spot that calls his name.


Jeongguk lets his hands smooth along Taehyung's frame, reaching down to grip his ass firm — a cheek in either hand — as he rolls his hips slowly, letting his movements falter into an agonizingly light and shallow thrust.


He's close, an expectant shiver of ecstasy threatening to overcome his senses and wrack his body in pleasure if he keeps moving at the pace he was two seconds ago.


Jeongguk pulls out purposefully slow until the tight ring of muscle clenches around his tip, Taehyung's hole fluttering around his length as he pushes back in to the hilt in a quick and deep thrust, feeling himself quake with avidity the closer he gets to climax.


"Fuck!" Taehyung moans out, throwing his head back in pleasure, eyes fluttering shut as his mouth falls open to let the shiver of whines float between their lips. "Fuck me!"  he whines again, tugging Jeongguk's lower lip between his teeth.


"I am fucking you" Jeongguk hums with a grin, leaning back slightly to look into Taehyung's foggy hazel eyes, flecks of burnt orange glistening back at him along the outside of his pupils. "Look at me" he demands, kissing the corner of Taehyung's mouth.


Taehyung opens his eyes, does as he's told and whimpers when Jeongguk slows his movements again in an attempt at successfully pulling a needy response out of him.


"Harder!" Taehyung demands, gripping Jeongguk's waist, hungrily rolling his hips up to meet his thrusts...trying to coheres him into moving the way he wants him to.


Deeper. Faster. Harder.


"God, you're so demanding" Jeongguk smiles against his chin, pressing another gentle kiss to his skin before sitting up to look down at the beautiful man he gets to call his lover, his best friend, his boyfriend, his soulmate.


"Fuck, you're beautiful" he exhales in a breathy admission, sliding his hands under the back of Taehyung's thighs before pushing his legs up to his chest and bending him in half, gripping at the soft flesh for support as he fucks into him, finally giving him what he wants.


"Just fuck me ~ ah fuck!" Taehyung gasps, hands flying to his sides to grip at the soft, silky sheets beneath his body, pulling them from the mattress as he grips them in a tight fist.


"That better? Huh?" Jeongguk growls next to Taehyung's ear when he leans down against his legs, pressing his entire body's weight down onto Taehyung as he bucks his hips in quick deep thrusts, anchoring his arms around the back of Taehyung's knees to keep him pinned.


"Oh fuck! Kookie! Fuck! Yes! Yes!"


Taehyung is quickly falling apart, head thrashing from side to side as he feels Jeongguk's throbbing length penetrate his body, large strong hands gripping at his skin as a hot breath fans across his face with each deepening thrust.


"Fuck, let me hear you. Scream. Scream for me baby" Jeongguk says in a raspy growl, kissing the side of Taehyung's face as he rolls his hips deeper, slowly pressing into him as lube squelches around his cock and drips down Taehyung's thighs.


"FUCK, Jesus f-f-fuck!" Taehyung stutters when an intense shiver wracks his body, thighs trembling like an earthquake as he tries to straighten his legs but Jeongguk keeps him in place, folded in half like a hallmark card.


He whimpers profusely, clutching Jeongguk against his chest as he feels the latter's thick cock abuse his prostate — so deep, so firm — as a tingling sensation builds up and ripples beneath his skin, edging him that much closer to relief.


"God, you're so fucking loud" Jeongguk mutters, letting go of Taehyung's legs, hands sliding down the back of his thighs to wrap them back around his hips with a tug. "You're so fucking sexy. I fucking love you."


Taehyung's hums, a simpered giggle that starts as a soft affectionate drawl and quickly turns into a loud, breathtaking moan as Jeongguk grips his waist and thrust hard into his body, sending an abrupt wave of pleasure to caress his body in sin. Jeongguk reaches between them to stroke Taehyung's cock, flicking his wrist slowly around the head as a crystalline bead of pre-cum coats his fingers in a warm sticky wetness.


"Fuck! I-love-you-too" Taehyung whines between thrusts before one particularly deep buck of hips sends him over the edge as he cries out in pleasure, gripping Jeongguk's shoulder's as the younger bites his neck and fists his cock faster, tightening his grip. "OHHH FUCK!"




Suddenly, Yeontan emerges from beneath the bed, loudly yipping like a crazed maniac upon hearing Taehyung loudly yelling out, startling Jeongguk in his movements as his hips falter, heart racing wildly in his chest as if he's just had the daylight knocked out of him.


His intentions are reckless and his thrusts quickly become messy as he pulls half way out, and then tries to push back in, angling his hips slightly off centre with Taehyung' body.


Yeontan's bark rings in his ears, clouding his sense of stability and before he can even stop himself, he's crashing his hips forward in an attempt to focus, dick catching the rim of Taehyung's hole but missing the gentle glide along his inner walls and instead—


"JESUS fuck! Oh my-OW FUCK!" Jeongguk cries out, pulling away from Taehyung.


Unfortunately, when he tries to sit back on his feet — hands clutched around his length as a pained expression falls upon his features — he slips off the edge of the bed and tumbles down to the floor landing straight on his ass, another sharp pain rippling along his tailbone. "FUCK!"


He sits up and grips his dick in his hand before looking down to see his manhood throbbing angrily in his hand, a brightening pink that's quickly turning red as he clutches it harder, groaning out into the room as Yeontan continues to bark, jumping at the side of the bed to get to Taehyung.


Jeongguk glares at the dog as he seethes in pain on the floor, watching Yeontan freak out next to him while he slowly comes to terms with what's going on.


One second he was passionately fucking his boyfriend, the next, he's on the floor, wailing in pain as his dick throbs mercilessly with a dull aching pain that courses through his veins.


It feels fucking broken, he thinks.


That's the first thing that comes to mind.


"WHAT THE FUCK! MY FUCKING ASS HURTS, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" Taehyung yells out above him from the bed, writhing against the sheets as he clutches his bum cheeks in his hands, rolling around in minor pain.


It doesn't hurt that badly and the pain quickly subsides a few seconds later. He's mostly just being dramatic, because, what the actual fuck just happened?


"HOLY FUCK, MY DICK! FUCK, THAT HURT!" Jeongguk whines from the floor, licking his lips in concentration before glancing down to see his throbbing length twitch in his hand, blood coursing straight to the tip as the shaft swells and turns a bright reddish purple before his eyes.


"What the hell, why are you on the floor?"




Taehyung glances at Yeontan before looking over the edge of the bed. He quickly notices Jeongguk slouching in on himself, watching in shock as he winces in pain, groaning up at the ceiling and he's quick to his feet and at his boyfriend side on the floor.


"Oh my god! What even-Kookie, are you okay??"


"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! TAE, IT FUCKING HURTS!" Jeongguk cuts in as Taehyung shifts closer to his side.


He's quick to wrap an arm around his shoulders to rub soothing circles along his lower back, trying to observe the situation as eyes dance all around Jeongguk's tensing body.


He notes the white in Jeongguk's knuckles when his eyes settling upon his hands, how tightly he's gripping his crotch, how pink and angry the head of his dick is as it peaks out from beneath his thumbs.


Panic spreads over his heart and he frowns at Jeongguk's hands, reaching down to gently clasp his wrist.


"Let me see!" he says, gently trying to pry Jeongguk's hands away from his member so he can see the damage, because something's clearly wrong and he wants to help.


"NO!" Jeongguk wails, keeping his hands tightly clutched over his junk.


"BABY! Just let me see! I can't help if you don't let me see what happened!" Taehyung worries, boring into Jeongguk's eyes with a genuine concern that oozes affection and care.


He just wants to help, can see the pain in Jeongguk's eyes, wishes he knew how to make it go away.


"Fuck! No! You-YOU BROKE MY DICK" Jeongguk suddenly whines, kicking his feet against the floor like a toddler.


Taehyung's eyes widen at this, brows furrowing as a confused cloud of befuddlement washes over him.


Huh? He—he what now?


Yeontan runs to Taehyung's side, jumping at his knees, barking his little growly snout in Jeongguk's direction.




"Why is he barking at me!" Jeongguk whines, frowning at the small dog who's usually incredibly cuddly and fond of him.


"Because you scared him!"


"Me?! He scared me when he started barking after you fucking screamed!




"I can't help that!" Taehyung whines back, blushing as he leans his head against Jeongguk's shoulder in an attempt to hide his rosy cheeks. "It felt good" he mumbles into his skin in a small voice.


"I know, I'm sorry" Jeongguk says, inhaling a sharp breath as a residual pain flickers along the length of his dick, heartbeat attacking his chest when Yeontan begins barking again. "Ah! Just make him stop!"


"Tannie! Hush!"


"I think-I think you broke my dick!" Jeongguk says calmly, half smiling at Taehyung when their eyes meet again and Taehyung sits back on the floor on his bum next to him with a confused pout.




"Tannie! He startled me...and then you moved" Jeongguk pouts when he explains a second time what happened and Taehyung can't help but lean forward to kiss it away, gently pressing his lips against the plush swollen pair that plump up against his mouth.


"It can't be that bad" Taehyung says mirthfully, locking eyes with Jeongguk to offer a gentle,  reassuring smile.


"It is" Jeongguk blushes, turning his gaze down to look at his crotch, gripping his dying erection in his hand — the firm throb that once pulsed a pleasant euphoria, now pulsing a dull sharp ache that prickles beneath the skin and throbs within his muscles.


"Let me see" Taehyung urges further, grasping Jeongguk's arm lightly while soothing his palm over his knuckles.


"Tae, it's—it's bad" Jeongguk continues to fight back, trying to keep his boyfriend from freaking out, knowing he gets worked up over the simplest of things.


"Baby, just let me—" Taehyung finally manages to pry Jeongguk's hands away, immediately gaping at his swollen member as it visibly pulses between his legs and he's quickly cutting himself off in shock. It looks so painful. "—oh my god! OH MY GOD!"


"Calm down!"


"But...holy fuck! Does it—"


"Yes, it hurts!" Jeongguk cuts in as a whine, biting his bottom lip before clutching his dick tighter.


"FUCK! I BROKE YOUR DICK!" Taehyung wails, offering Jeongguk an extremely worried frown.








"TANNIE!" both Taehyung and Jeongguk yell back at the same time, glaring restlessly at Yeontan before meeting each other's eyes again once the dog settles down and sits next to Taehyung.


"YOUR DOG BROKE MY DICK" Jeongguk eventually realizes, pouting again.


This never would have happened if Yeontan wasn't in the room. This is exactly why Jeongguk doesn't like him in the room whenever they fuck. It's just feels weird having him watch...


"AHHH LET ME GET SOME ICE!" Taehyung decides.


He's quick to jump to his feet, running butt naked into the kitchen to fill a clean hand towel with ice cubes from the freezer.


"Please hurry!" Jeongguk whines from the other room.


"I'LL BE RIGHT BACK! Don't move!" Taehyung calls back from the kitchen, filling the cloth with ice cubes before twisting it loosely in his hand and rushing back toward the bedroom.


"I can't! My dick is hurts too much" Jeongguk complains as Taehyung comes back into the room, rolling his eyes at the comment as a short giggle rolls off his tongue.


When Taehyung enters the room, he finds it slightly amusing to see Taehyung sitting in front of Jeongguk like a statue, staring at him angrily as if ready to pounce the moment he moves. He's not being aggressive, just slightly protective and it makes Taehyung laugh.




"Don't laugh! ~ TANNIE PLEASE STOP BARKING!" Jeongguk pouts.




"Don't yell at him! That will get you nowhere. And I'm not laughing at you! I'm sorry. Here, I brought ice."


Taehyung walks across the room toward Jeongguk with the hand towel of loose ice in his hands, stepping over Yeontan.


"He broke my dick!" Jeongguk repeats, ignoring the small dog in front of him to refocus his pout on Taehyung.


"He was probably just trying to protect me after I screamed" Taehyung kneels down next to Jeongguk, reaching his hands forward to hand him the towel filled with ice so he can rest it against his groin when-




HE'S PEEING ON MY SOCKS!" Jeongguk yells in an annoyed groan, shaking his feet while feeling a warm, wet sensation wash over his toes as he reaches for the towel.


"TANNIE NO!!!" Taehyung yelps, leaning over to wave Yeontan away from Jeongguk's feet.


Distracted by his pupper, he completely forgets he's holding onto the towel of ice, essentially dropping it straight down onto Jeongguk's lap as ice cubes ripple down onto his bruised dick.


"OW FUCK, TAEHYUNG!" Jeongguk whines as ice clatters down to the floor between his thighs, keeling forward to grip his dick tightly in his hand.


As if it didn't hurt already before, now it's cold too.




Taehyung is quick to lunge forward onto the floor, wrapping his arms around Jeongguk's head and shoulders to lace his fingers through damp, raven locks of hair and kiss the side of his face and temple profusely in apology.


"I love you, I love you, I'm sorry, oh my god" he says over and over, pressing soft kisses to Jeongguk's neck and face in an attempt to console his aching boyfriend.


"I-fuck...I think I should go to the ER. It really fucking hurts" Jeongguk says, turning to face Taehyung as the latter captures his lips in a gentle embrace in an attempt to distract his pain.


It sort of works.


Taehyung nods, pressing another soft kiss to his cheek before turning his gaze down toward Jeongguk's groin to take a look. "Okay, okay. Just let me see how-holy fuck! Your dick is like, purple!"


"You think I don't know that already?" Jeongguk replies meekly, brows furrowing as a slightly amused grin curls upon his lips, embarrassment washing away because right now...he can't even be mad.


Somehow, in this strange situation — in as much pain as he's currently in— he still finds Taehyung incredibly auspicious and absolutely adorable in all of this mess.


"I'm sorry! Okay, let me get you a clean pair of socks" Taehyung states, getting up from the floor to rush over to his closet.


"Fuck the socks, I'll wear your Gucci slides" Jeongguk replies, slowly picking himself up off the floor as the intensifying throb between his legs, electrifies his senses now that he's standing upright.


"The fuck you will" Taehyung barks back at him, hand on his hip as he turns to shift his weight to one leg and offer a glaring smirk, eyes wide with disapproval.


"I literally broke my dick...and you won't let me wear your slides" Jeongguk says melancholically, sarcasm laced beneath his tone as he grins at Taehyung from across the room.


God he's even cute when he's annoying, Jeongguk thinks.


"I love you Kookie...but your feet smell. You can wear my old slides."


Jeongguk snorts.


"I literally can't decide if I love you, or hate you right now" he smiles through the pain.


Taehyung steps toward him in a sultry prowl, still naked.


"You'll love me because my ass is amazing" he says, gripping his bum in his hands playfully. "And, I'm taking you and your broken dick to the ER with blue balls now."


Jeongguk glances down to see Taehyung cock slowly softening, still slightly pink at the tip and probably coursing with angst beneath the skin.


"I'll take care of that later" he says, smirking at Taehyung when he meets his lustrous eyes.


Taehyung can't help but smile.


"You'll be high on pain meds later" Taehyung grins triumphantly back at him.


"Oh" is all Jeongguk says. He forgot about that part.




"TANNIE!" They both yelp back at the small dog, shooting him an annoyed glare before chuckling to themselves at the hilarity of the situation.


"It's okay, doesn't mean I can't just put on a show for you instead" Taehyung adds as he steps toward his boyfriend confidently, a smug look on his face that Jeongguk can only read as pride. "Even if you are high."


He knows Taehyung likes having the upper hand. And he literally ruined their anniversary tonight by nearly breaking his dick...


So he knows he's never going to hear the end of this one, and yet, he doesn't care in the slightest. Doesn't give a single fuck about letting Taehyung have a bit of control over his messy heart.


In fact, he happily anticipates Taehyung's eager (but cute) shenanigans and intends to willingly endure whatever sensual torture he already has planned in the sexy little brain of his.


"You're literally doing to be the death of me" Jeongguk smiles.


"I'm okay with it" Taehyung shrugs, stepping forward to kiss Jeongguk on the cheek and push him back on the bed. "Let me help you get dressed."


"What a way to go" the younger grins up at him, shoving his hands through the holes of the shirt Taehyung is putting over his head.


"Huh?" Taehyung hums, grabbing Jeongguk's sweatpants from the ground where they'd be thrown a-strew hours ago, slipping his feet through the holes and pulling them up onto his legs and over his thighs, careful of his tender genitals.


"I said what a way to go. You putting on a show for me...really just, anything that has to do with you honestly. I think I'd be okay with it" Jeongguk explains shamelessly, head lolling to his shoulder as he thoughtfully looks up to the ceiling and stands up to let Taehyung dress him. 


"You're so goddamn corny" Taehyung rolls his eyes, meeting Jeongguk's gaze as he pulls his sweats up over him bum and around his waist, careful not to cause him any more pain than he's already in. "Don't move too much."


"I don't plan on it...I can barely walk"


"Well I can't carry you. You're too muscly!" Taehyung teases, smirking playfully at Jeongguk before giving his right bicep a quick squeeze and stepping away to quickly dress himself.


"Like you're complaining about my muscles..." Jeongguk mocks.


"I'm not" Taehyung winks over his shoulder once he's thrown on some sweats and a shirt, stepping back over toward Jeongguk.


Taehyung shoves his arm through Jeongguk's bent left arm to cling to his elbow as the younger grips his groin over his sweats, dragging him out of the room and into the hallway of their shared apartment.


"You're right. I love the muscles. And you. So here" Taehyung says nonchalantly, kicking his newest pair of Gucci slides in front of Jeongguk on the floor.


Jeongguk looks down to his feet, sees the fluffy insides of the brown leather Gucci slides that he knows Taehyung hasn't even worn himself yet, staring back at him.


They look so soft, so comfortable, so nicely crafted, so — so expensive.


"But I thought—"


"— I said I love you, okay? Just put them on and let's go" Taehyung blushes, kissing Jeongguk's arm before unraveling himself and slipping on another random pair of shoes.


"Love you too. I hope my dicks okay..."


Taehyung snorts, looks back at Jeongguk as he paces toward the door, glances down toward his crotch and then starts snickering.


"Me too" he giggles.


"You're such a pain in my ass" the younger comments.


"Excuse literally bent your dick out of my ass. So no! You're a literal pain in MY ass!" Taehyung argues, gripping his left ass cheek, earning a snicker from his boyfriend.


"Okay, you got me there. I'll make it up to you" Jeongguk says, reaching forward to give Taehyung's bum a squeeze, one hand still clutched over his groin as they move to exit the apartment.


"Damn right you will" Taehyung smiles before swatting Jeongguk's hand away and pulling him out the door. "Be good Tannie! Be back soon!"