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a little situation.

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Jimin was woken up by the loud ringing of Yoongi's phone that was blaring out weird hip-hop songs. He reached a hand out and answered the phone, holding it to his ear as quickly as possible so that the noise wouldn't wake Yoongi up.

"Hello? Oh, hey, Hobi-hyung! What's up?" Jimin greeted when a deep voice came through.

"Eh? Jimin-ah? Where's Yoongi?" Hoseok asked.

"Shhh, hyung, not so loudly. He's still sleeping."

Hoseok chuckled but softened his volume nonetheless. "Ah, he's being the lazy ass he always is. Would you two like to have dinner with the boys tonight?"

Jimin lit up. "Sure! Where are we going?"

"Seokjin's apartment. He's cooking tonight since he was the one to suggest this gathering. So I'll see you and Yoongi-hyung at 7pm?"

Jimin nodded excitedly until he realised Hoseok couldn't see him through the phone. Mentally face-palming, he replied. "Yup. See ya!"

Then he hung up and checked the time before turning to his boyfriend and planting a kiss on his cheeks. "Yah, hyung, wake up. It's 10.30am already."

"Let me sleep, Jiminie." Yoongi grumbled and buried his face into his pillow, his eyes still closed. Jimin laughed a little and shook his head. "Hoseok is right. You really are a lazy ass."

"So that's who you were talking to on the phone?"

"Yeah," Jimin shrugged and the elder snorted. "Well, you can tell him to go fuck himself with a cactus then."

Jimin gasped and glared down at Yoongi. "Hyung! I can't say that! And you can't either! It's so rude..."

Yoongi huffed and cracked open an eyelid. "What. He's the one who called at 10.30 in the morning. Like dude, who calls at that time?" Jimin rolled his eyes at that, and Yoongi continued. "Besides, he woke up my precious Jiminie. Nobody can wake up my baby except for me."

Yoongi winked and the younger flushed, smacking him with a pillow. "Yah! Don't be so cheesy!" He sat up and hugged the pillow, pouting slightly.

"You love it either way," Yoongi replied with a smug look and pecked Jimin's lips for good measure. He swung himself out of bed and stretched, giving Jimin a good show of his back muscles.

Jimin's breath shortened and his pupils dilated, zooming in to Yoongi's  sexy ruffled bed hair, his pajamas bottom pulled down towards the right a little.

"Join me?" Yoongi asked with a smirk and the younger stood up, grabbing his own towel and pushing Yoongi into the bathroom.

Time passed like a hurricane and soon it was time to make their way to Seokjin's apartment.

"Yoongi! It's time to go! We're going to be late!" Jimin shouted from the door as he slipped his feet into his red Vans. He was wearing a simple white loose-fitting shirt and black skinny ripped jeans, paired with a small black choker.

"What time is it?" Yoongi's voice drifted from upstairs and Jimin pursed his lips, a little impatient. "It's 6.45pm, hyung. Quickly! I want to meet Jungkookie and Taehyungie!"

Heavy footsteps pounded from upstairs and Yoongi ran down the stairs, dressed in a grey shirt and black ripped jeans that looked almost identical to Jimin's, complimented by a black sweater.

"Oh shit. We're going to be so late." Yoongi muttered and pulled on his black converse. Jimin marvelled at how fast he could move and hurried to tie his shoelaces but he just couldn't lace it properly.

Yoongi watched Jimin fumble with his shoes until he himself got impatient and went down on one knee, tying his shoelaces for him. "Yah! Your smol ass hands are taking too long!"

Jimin gaped at him and smacked his head lightly. "Excuse me? My hands are small? Yeah, well, at least it's bigger than your dick!"

"That wasn't what you said when you were moaning my name so loudly in the bathroom this morning," Yoongi smirked.


"They probably already heard you screaming out in pleas—" Jimin covered Yoongi's mouth and glared into his eyes. "Not. Another. Word. Or I will chop of that banana of yours."

Yoongi nodded rapidly, fearing for the fate of his manhood and Jimin took his hand away, locking up the door.

"Banana? Really? Is that how you describe my dick?" Yoongi blurted out and ran away, laughing while Jimin yelled in outrage. "MIN YOONGI!!!!!"

They finally reached Jin's apartment after walking for 10 minutes since it wasn't that much of a distance and rang the doorbell. Yoongi was sporting a light bruise on his forehead where Jimin flicked him harshly after hearing his crude words.

"Yah! My forehead still hurts!" Yoongi pouted. Jimin snorted and rubbed the red spot above the middle of his eyes.

"That's not enough to compensate the pain you put me through," Yoongi declared and pointed at his bruise again. Jimin sighed and planted a feather-like kiss on the bruise, licking it a little. "You're just so lucky I didn't bruise your balls."

"Yeah, you almost did in the bathro—" Jimin raised a hand to smack Yoongi's arm when the door opened.

"Wow, what a nice greeting, you guys. The moment I open the door, all I hear is you two talking about dicks and balls. I assume you got some good action, Yoongi." Jin raised an eyebrow and Yoongi bro-fisted him, still wearing a shit-eating grin.

"Jin-hyung! Shouldn't you be telling him to stop being so damn crude and dirty?" Jimin complained and the older burst out laughing, sounding like someone running a sponge across the window —— really fucking scrubbing too.

"You want me to stop Yoongi, Min Yoongi, from being dirty? Boy, nobody can. It's basically impossible." Jin snorted.

"Yah, hyung, I thought you would've gotten rid of that stupid ass laughter during the few months that we haven't seen each other already," Yoongi shot back.

Jin opened his mouth to reply but Jimin blew out an exasperated breath and interrupted. "Can we just go in already? I don't want to stand here forever, watching you two bicker like you always do. Jin-hyung always wins anyways, since he's older."

"Because of what he said, I'll let the two of you in." Jin shot Yoongi a smug look and ushered Jimin into the house.

"You're supposed to be on my side, Jimin!" Yoongi gaped, his mouth hanging open from shock. He stepped into the house as well and crossed his arms, leaning against the wall.

"Jimin-hyung!" Taehyung cried out and jumped onto the smaller boy, squeezing the life out of him. Jimin reared off sideways, almost losing his balance. "Yah! Kim Taehyung, get off me! You're too heavy for this!"

Taehyung released Jimin and jumped back to the ground, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Sorry, hyung. I'm just too excited. I haven't seen you in weeks, months, years, ages, dinosaurs!"

Jimin choked on his laughter and looked at the younger weirdly. "Dinosaurs?"

"Don't mind him, hyung. He's being weird, as usual." Jungkook said and walked towards them.

"Jungkook! I'm not weird! How can you say that?" Taehyung gasped but Jungkook merely ignored him and smiled, "Hey, long time no see, hyung."

"Jungkookie!" Jimin yelled with glee and engulfed him in a gigantic bear hug. "I missed you, kid."

"Hey! Why don't I get the same treatment?" Taehyung complained and Jimin rolled his eyes playfully, giving him a one-sided hug. "I missed you too, pabo."

Apparently satisfied, Taehyung went back to the door and pounced onto Yoongi, screaming "Hello!" into his ear while Yoongi desperately tried to shrug him off. "Yah! Kim Taehyung! Get off me before I chop off your balls!"

Jungkook started laughing when Taehyung immediately scrambled off his back and covered his private area.

"Geez, he's such a gigantic fool." Jungkook wheezed.

"Yeah, he's a fool for trying to get Yoongi to piggyback him." Because only I can, Jimin continued the sentence in his head.

Jungkook just shook his head at Taehyung's adolescent behaviour, not noticing Jimin's jealously but Yoongi did, and he raised an eyebrow at the sour look he had on his face.

Jimin poked his tongue out and walked away, going into the kitchen to help Jin prepare the food.

The doorbell rang again and Jin screamed from the kitchen, "SOMEBODY GET THE DOOR! MY HANDS ARE BUSY!"

Yoongi, being closest to the door, opened it and greeted a bright ball of sunshine and a dead looking human being.

"Geez, what happened to him?" Yoongi asked and opened the door wider for the both of them to enter.

"He's been working at the studio since yesterday morning. I found him collapsed on the floor earlier and brought him here." Hoseok said while he half-carried, half-dragged Namjoon to the couch and dumped him there.

"Damn, he didn't get any sleep at all?"

Hoseok stared at him. "Does it look like he did?" He asked flatly and Yoongi didn't reply, for an answer would've been redundant.

"Hobi-hyung! You're here!" Taehyung hopped in, about to lunge at Hoseok when he spotted a dead weight on the couch and screamed, backing away into Jungkook who was right behind him. "IT'S A DEAD PERSON! HOLY SHIT! SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE!"

Jungkook exhaled loudly and pushed Taehyung away. "It's just Namjoon-hyung. Stop overreacting."

"Namjoon-hyung? Jungkook, stop lying! Namjoon isn't dead! He can't be!" Taehyung cried and shook Jungkook by the shoulders.

"Yah! Kid, quieten down! Namjoon isn't dead, for fuck's sake, don't curse him like that. He's just tired." Hoseok snapped when Namjoon stirred a little on the couch.

At the same time, Jin burst into the living room with a wooden spatula in hand. "What? Who's dead? Ain't nobody gonna be dying in mah house—oh my goodness, is that Namjoon?"

"Jin-hyung, shut up!" Hoseok groaned at the loud volume of his voice but it was too late. Namjoon was already awake. He slowly opened his eyes and blinked, looking from left to right.

"Hoseok-hyung? Jungkookie? Guys? What are you doing in the stud—wait where am I?" Namjoon asked, disoriented by his surroundings. Last checked, he was still in the studio, working on his mixtape...until he passed out.

"Silly, you're at Jin's house. I had to personally drag your unconscious body out of the studio so that you could make it today, so be grateful," Hoseok said.

"I—what? I should be finishing by track by now. Yes, I should. Where's my laptop?" Namjoon muttered, his mind still confused.

Yoongi sighed and placed a hand on Namjoon's shoulder to stop him from getting off the couch. "You should at least take a break, Namjoon. I know you're really anxious about your mixtape, but you need to balance between work and rest."

"You're the one to talk, hyung. You . in the studio working for three days straight without sleep!" Jimin accused, and the two started to argue.

Namjoon rubbed his eyes and stared at the floor. "I don't understand why you guys couldn't just leave me in the studio. I would've finished the track by now. You guys should've just started this party without me."

"Dude. You literally passed out on the floor. Like, eyes closed, no movement, drooling the whole ocean out of your mouth. You wouldn't have even woken up if it weren't for me." Hoseok looked at him pointedly.

"Besides, we couldn't have started this party without you. We wouldn't have. You're our leader, Namjoon. It's not the same without you," Jungkook added.

"Yeah, I mean like, I wouldn't have anybody to compliment me on my excellent cooking skills, Hoseok would be so lost without you, Taehyung's spirit would be dampened and Yoongi would just be a rock." Jin rattled off.

Jimin smiled. "What we're trying to say is that we need you, and we're concerned about you. We all love you, so don't push us away because of your work. Our friendship is stronger than that, right?" Everybody stared at Jimin with an unreadable expression, making him a little self-conscious. "What...was that too cringe?"

"No, Jimin, it wasn't. You're right. You guys are so much more important than my work. Besides, I really do need a break. Thank you. All of you. Including you, Taehyung, even though you're such a dork." Namjoon laughed, tearing up a little.

He received a lot of teasing from the others but Yoongi merely continued staring at his boyfriend and said softly, "You have a way with words, Park Jimin."

Jimin grinned a little at the compliment and mumbled a quick "Thank you."

"Guys, the food is ready." Jin called from the dining table, but he got no answer. Jungkook, Taehyung and Hoseok were busy teasing Namjoon while Yoongi and Jimin were off doing their own stare thing.


No answer.

"ALRIGHT GUYS, IF YOU DON'T SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE AND EAT RIGHT THIS MOMENT, YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE TO MY COOKING!" Jin yelled and the whole room went silent. Suddenly, all six of the boys were seated neatly, ready to eat in the blink of an eye.

What a weird bunch, Jin thought and sat down at his own seat. All of them started to wolf down the food, gobbling it up like there was no tomorrow.

"This is really good, Jin-hyung. Thanks for the meal," Namjoon said and went back to his food but he accidentally pressed down on the plate and a few pieces of macaroni fell out of his plate and onto Jin's.

"Hey! Stop the im-pasta!" Jin couldn't help but say, the pun leaving everybody speechless.

"Dude, that was so lame," Hoseok said.

"Shut up, horse." Jin retorted and was about to roast Hoseok even more when a small giggle from the end of the table paused all thought.

Jimin was bright with happiness as he looked at Jin, still laughing at the lame pun.

Jin picked up the macaroni and smiled. "Do you guys know what kind of noodle Jungkook is?"

"A nude-dle?" Taehyung joked, earning a slap on the arm from Jungkook.

"Nah, even though that would be a good pun as well, but he's a maknae-roni instead! Get it? Get it? Macaroni? Maknaeroni?" Jin started chortling at his own joke and a loud burst of laughter tumbled from Jimin's mouth.

Apparently seeing that Jimin enjoyed Jin's stupid puns, he blurted out more and Jimin laughed harder with every one until he had tears in his eyes.

"Have you heard about the kidnapping?" Jin suddenly turned serious. Jimin widened his eyes and shook his head, "No!"

"Don't worry. He woke up."

Jimin took a moment to process his words until it clicked and he started to giggle uncontrollably. He was simply so happy, enjoying himself so much that he slipped into Little Space.

"More, Jinnie! More!" Jimin squealed in a high pitched voice that only Little Jimin used, causing everyone to freeze, including Jin.

Yoongi snapped his neck towards Jimin so quickly that he almost got a mini whiplash. "Jimin?"

"Oh. Oh, no." Jimin whispered, turning very scared and afraid. He scanned every member's face and all he saw was shock and a judgemental look.

"What have I done? What has Minnie done?" Jimin's voice was hushed with fear and he curled up into a ball in his seat, tears welling up in his eyes.

"No, baby. Come here. You're fine, it's fine. There's nothing wrong." Yoongi soothed and pulled Jimin close, allowing him to hide his face in the crook of his neck.

"Dude, what's up with Jimin?"

"Why's he crying?"

"He's acting a little weird."

"What happened to him? Is he sick?"

The last comment hit Jimin's the most, striking him like an arrow through his heart and he sobbed even louder, his tears soaking Yoongi's shirt.

"Just shut up! All of you! Leave him alone!" Yoongi snapped, anger blazing through him. The noise volume softened but hushed whispers still circulated the table.

"I said, SHUT UP! HE CAN HEAR YOU!" Yoongi roared and finally, silence fell and stretched across the table.

"Baby, it's okay. I'm here. Daddy's here. Don't be afraid." Yoongi softened and stroked his hair, trying to comfort him.

"M-Minnie don't wanna see them," Jimin croaked into his ear and Yoongi nodded, picking him up and Jimin wrapped his legs around Yoongi's waist, clinging onto him tightly.

"If you'll excuse us, thanks." Yoongi said coldly, still furious at them for hurting Jimin even further and he walked to the nearest bedroom and shut the door, gently settling Jimin down on the bed.

"Shhhh, baby boy, don't be so upset. Tell Daddy why you're crying." Yoongi coaxed, rocking Jimin a little.

"Others d-don't like Minnie. T-they judge Minnie and...and...Minnie fewls s-sad because he loves them but they don't l-love him!" Jimin was hiccuping through his sobs.

"Baby boy, have they ever told you that they didn't love you?" Yoongi asked in a soft voice.

"They only love B-Big Jimin. Not Little Jimin."

Yoongi shook his head. "That's not true, sweetheart. They will realise how extremely adorable and lovable you are, and they will love you as much as they love Big Jimin. They're not judging you, baby. They're merely worried."

"Rweally?" Jimin sniffled.

"Really really. And they will only get to know Little Jimin if you let them in, just like how you let me in."

"Nooooooooooo!" Jimin buried his head in Yoongi's shoulder and the elder sighed. "Do you trust them?" Jimin was silent for a moment before he nodded ever so slightly.

"Then trust that they won't judge you," Yoongi said and smiled hopefully at Jimin.

Jimin paused even longer and swallowed. "Okay," He replied in an almost inaudible voice.

"Let's go out and introduce you to them, shall we?" Yoongi stood up and held a hand out towards Jimin.

Hesitantly, Jimin placed his hand into Yoongi's and allowed him to navigate their way until they stood in front of the other boys, who immediately shut their mouths when they saw the pair.

It was silent until Yoongi whispered to Jimin, "Go on, baby. Whenever you're ready."

Jimin took in a deep breath and began. "Hello, evawybody, I'm Minnie, small little J-Jiminie."

All that met him was confused stares.

"You have to be more specific, darling." Yoongi reminded the younger, who looked back at his caregiver with a worried expression. Yoongi nodded firmly and smiled, silently encouraging him to continue.

"Minnie is a little," Jimin mumbled.

"A little what?" Jin asked curiously.

"Noooo not what, silly. Minnie is a little! Little space makes Jiminie happy. And-and Big Jimin goes into Little Space when he feels stressed o-or tired, or when h-he feels like it." Jimin explained shyly. The others still didn't quite understand, judging from their confused and curious looks.

Yoongi sighed heavily and began explaining how little space worked and how it benefits Jimin, and also how it affects Jimin's behaviour and emotional state.

"A little needs a caregiver so that it is safer for them to be in Little Space or they might end up getting hurt. In Jimin's case, I'm his caregiver." Yoongi finished and put his arm around Jimin's waist.

Silence was all that met the both of them and Jimin's bottom lip began to quiver. "I-I'm sowwy if you guys d-don't like Little Jimin but p-please don't hate and ignore Big Jimin." A few tears spilled down his cheeks.

Jin was the first one to react and he got out of his seat, swiping away the tears. "Oh, honey, don't cry. We don't hate Little Jimin."

"R-rweally?" Jimin sniffled, a bit of hope seeping into his voice.

"Yeah, of course. We could never hate Jimin. Big or Little. You're our best friend, kiddo." Namjoon interjected and smiled warmly, standing beside Jin.

"Besides, Little Jimin is soooooo adorable!!" Hoseok gushed and pinched his cheeks slightly, making the younger giggle.

"Oh my god, his giggle. His giggle makes me feel." Hoseok clutched his chest dramatically. Jimin laughed and wrinkled his nose. "Seokkie, you're so d-d-dramtic!"

Namjoon chuckled softly and patted his head. "It's dramatic, darling."

"Minnie duuuuun caaaaare!" Jimin squealed and made grabby hands at Jin. "Upsies, Jinnie!"

Jin looked at Yoongi warily, silently asking for permission. Yoongi shrugged and inclined his head towards the right. Jin was about to pick Jimin up when Taehyung swooped in like superman and scooped him up.

"Soooopaaaamannnnn, ta-ta-ta-taaaaa!" Taehyung sang as he swung Jimin around in his arms. Jungkook walked over and snatched Jimin away. "You're going to drop him sooner or later, Taehyung. I'll carry him instead."

"But he wants Superman, not an old grandpa!" Taehyung complained and poked Jimin's soft stomach, causing him to burst out in bubbly laughter.

Everyone melted and crowded around the Little, cooing at how extremely adorable he was.

"D-Daddy! Minnie wan paci!" Jimin grinned at Yoongi and Hoseok snickered. "He calls you daddy? Wow, kinky much?"

"Yah! Shut up! Don't ruin his innocent ears!" Jin slapped Hoseok's arm.

"Yeah, Hoseok, shut up." Yoongi nodded and smiled brightly at the Little, taking a bright yellow pacifier out of his jeans pocket and putting the tip into Jimin's mouth.

"Dude, you keep a pacifier in your pocket? That's weird." Taehyung commented.

"I have to be prepared as a caregiver! Who knows when he'd slip into Little Space?" Yoongi defended himself and Jungkook smiled. "I'm glad he told us though."

Yoongi nodded. "I'm pretty sure he's happy that he told you guys too. He was so worried that you all would judge him."

"He shouldn't have been so secretive. I mean, all of us has been friends for four years. Shouldn't he have trusted us enough to tell us?" Taehyung mumbled, a little hurt.

Yoongi's fatherly smile disappeared. "You have to understand that he's really sensitive when it comes to issues like these. His parents completely abandoned him when they found out he was a Little and left him to get his own apartment, support himself. How would you feel if your parents did that to you?"

"Oh," was all Taehyung said.

"Taetae! Wanna pway with Minnie? Kookie too!" Jimin said through his pacifier, looking at Taehyung with the hopeful, innocent eyes.

"Of course Tae will play with you! You're such a cute baby boy!" Taehyung grinned and squished Jimin's cheeks, cuddling him while they played a few mobile games on Jungkook's phone.

"Does Jiminie want anything to eat or drink?" Jin asked sweetly and Jimin looked up from the screen, nodding excitedly. "Yes! Yes! Minnie wan a-a-apple joose!"

Jin smiled and ruffled his hair, going to the kitchen and coming back with a glass of apple juice.

Namjoon raised his eyebrows and pointed out, "Hyung, you do know that he's Little now, right? Which means he's going to act like a kid. Which means that if you give him that glass, he'll either drop it and break it, or he'll spill everything."

Jin paused for a while and looked to the others for help, since he didn't know to do.

"Put the apple juice into a small plastic cup. It's easier for him to hold and consume," Hoseok suggested.

Jin came back with the requested apple juice in a small pink cup and passed it to Jimin, whose eyes sparkled with happiness.

"Oh my god, my heart can't take any more of this cuteness or it'll explode." Hoseok gasped. Jimin giggled and wiped the back of his mouth, indicating that he has finished.

"All done?" Jin widened his eyes and praised Jimin, who basked in the compliment and nodded. He rubbed his right eye, and Yoongi immediately guessed what he was feeling.

"Hey guys, as much as I would like all of you to get more acquainted with Little Jimin, it's getting quite late and he needs to get enough sleep." Yoongi said and all of them deflated, including Jimin.

"B-but Minnie wanna pway moree!" Jimin whined but fell silent at the look Yoongi gave him. He pouted and crossed his arms, about to throw a tantrum.

Hoseok smiled sadly and patted Jimin on the head. "Don't be too upset, kiddo. I'm sure we'll see each other again soon." 

Jimin nodded, so disheartened by the thought of leaving his friends that he slipped out of his head space. "I'll see you all soon. Bye, guys."

"Wait, you're Big now?" Taehyung asked, his eyes wide. Jimin nodded and put on his shoes, managing to tie his shoelaces properly.

Taehyung paused before opening his arms and swallowing up the smaller boy in a hug. "Tell Minnie that I love him, and I'll miss him."

"Little Jimin and Big Jimin is still the same person, ya know?" Jimin laughed but nevertheless, hugged Taehyung back.

"Yah, dongsaeng, stop manhandling my boyfriend." Yoongi huffed playfully and dragged Jimin away, circling his arm around his waist in a protective motion.

Everybody laughed and waved goodbye to them. "Bye, hyung! Bye, Jiminie!"

The couple stepped into the cold night and walked home in silence, lost in their own thoughts. Jimin shivered and blew on his hands, trying to keep himself warm when Yoongi draped his sweater over him.

"Thank you," Jimin smiled gratefully and clutched the sweater closer. Yoongi shrugged and shoved his hands into his pocket. "No problem."

"Not just for the sweater, hyung. But for giving me the courage to tell the rest of them. Without you, I'd probably still be on my couch hiding away my stuffies and pacifiers a-and being w-wonewy (lonely) and saaaaaad," Jimin looked down at the ground, slipping into little space halfway through his words. "Jiminie will not be where he is today w'out Daddy. 'Ank chuu Daddy. Jiminie wub chu a lot!!"

Yoongi smiled and wrapped an arm around the Little's shoulder, feeling like nothing could take him away from Jimin. He kissed him on the forehead and smiled gently.

"Anything for you, baby. Anything for you."