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According to Plan

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Tsunade had a problem. Tsunade had nothing but problems since taking the post of Hokage three months ago, but this was the most worrying. She was looking out of her office window on Konoha under the night sky when she heard her office door creak open.

“You’re late,” she snapped without turning around. When there was only a grunt in reply she spun around. Rising from her chair and walking around her desk she pursed her lips, “and you’re injured.”

“Mah, Hokage-sama this is nothing,” he tried to wave her off.

“I can see you favoring your left side from here; sit.” He sat. As her hands began to glow with green healing chakra she looked him over. “No time for your report now, Kakashi. I have a new bottle of sake, and it’s been a long day.”

He studied her carefully. Nothing about that seemed logical. He was three days late returning from a mission that only the two of them knew existed, he was injured, and she never let him drink after being healed. He slowly nodded his head. “I could use a drink.”

Over the next couple of hours they finished two bottles of sake and chatted about seemingly nothing. Tsunade informed him Sakura was now her apprentice, of the letters she received from Jiraiya, and the general goings-on of the village. But not once did she bring up any active missions or ask about Kakashi’s mission.  Then she stood up and began to sway. Kakashi knew Tsunade well enough to know that drinking two bottles of sake wasn’t enough to cause that. He jumped up to anchor her anyway. It was then he slipped the scroll to her. With a slight smile she dismissed him.

After arriving safely in the Hokage quarters and retreating to her private study, she pulled out the scroll. She carefully read through his report she knew her problem was close to home. His mission had been to deliver intel to the other nations and bring back intel reports. It wasn’t something that required a ninja of his skill, nor did it need to be such a closely guarded secret. But the facts that he was intercepted on his return and that there were several attempts to steal the scroll told her two things. Someone knew about a mission that was unnecessarily designated S-class and off the books, and they had fallen into her trap. Trying to ambush Kakashi had been a mistake. They gave up the fact that someone in her office was keeping tabs on her. And the only people who had access to her office when it was closed for an S-class briefing would be her personal ANBU guards. There was a spy in her personal guard. Tsunade had no doubt Danzo was behind this.  

Tsunade has suspected a spy from her first week in office. After sending Kakashi out she began to very quietly look into the history of all the ANBU assigned to her.  And she had concluded Shiranui Genma was part of Root. From the outside it would seem preposterous. Shiranui was sociable and well-liked, generally the life of any party. Nothing like any of the Root agents Tsunade had ever met, but there was something about his file. His missions up until the end of the Third Great Ninja War were all perfectly normal.  Some went well, some didn’t. It was after the war that concerned her. It was too perfect. The file indicated he had been a guard to her predecessor, but that just felt off. If he had been a Hokage guard why was he moderating the chunin exam during the attack? It was just wrong. The more Tsunade thought about it the more she thought Shiranui was a Root spy. The more she thought about her plan, the more she hated herself.  


Shizune was an impeccable kunoichi, and practically a daughter to Tsunade. That was going to make this all the harder. But there was no one Tsunade trusted more, or could communicate with as freely. She really was her only choice, and she wasn’t going to like it one bit.

This is how Tsunade found herself two days later drinking in her office again. Three bottles of sake later Shizune walks into her office with the end of the reports to find a very inebriated Hokage slouched over her desk.

“Hokage-sama, let's get you home.”

Tsunade smiled, and allowed Shizune to half carry her home.

Once the door was closed and they were truly alone Tsunade stood up and easily walked into the kitchen and put the the kettle on. She turned to Shizune with a smile. “Tea?”

Shizune fixed her with a hard stare. She and Tsunade had worked and traveled together too long for her to think this was anything but planned. Knowing Tsunade wouldn’t say anything until she was good and ready Shizune sat down at the kitchen table. “Tea sounds good.”

Tsunade sat the two mugs on the table. They sat there in silence for an uncomfortably long time. Tsunade sipped her tea, but Shizune never looked away from her. She waited. Finally Tsunade looked Shizune in the eye. “I have a mission for you.”