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3 Stories of the DukeSaw Variety

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“Wiggle your fingers, I need to make sure it’s not broken.” Heather instructed. She’d spent the last hour checking over Veronica’s other smaller cuts and bruises. To make a long story short: Her girlfriend had over-estimated how much weight a tree branch could handle. Luckily, they weren’t too far off the ground, but that didn’t make Heather any less concerned.

Veronica gave her a quick eye roll. “It’s not that bad, Heather. It feels fine really.” She assured. They both knew it was bullshit, of course, but it wasn’t like Veronica was about to admit outright that her arm was hurting like crazy. 

Heather gave her a pout. “Please? It’s just for a second.” 

Veronica looked at her, then sighed. She couldn’t say no to that face. Reluctantly, Veronica extended her arm and tried to move her fingers. She grumbled in pain, muttering an occasional curse word or whine. 

“See? This is why I wanted to check it.” Duke said, pulling off her scarf, “We’re going to the hospital right this instant.” She gently moved Veronica’s arm, slinging it into the scarf and tying it as securely as she could manage. 

“Alright, you win.” Veronica said, giving in, “…Sorry I worried you.”

“I’m your girlfriend, it’s my job to be worried… You don’t have to play the strong one all the time, you know.” Heather replied, helping Veronica to her feet. The two walked back out of the woods, towards where there car was parked.

“My parent’s are probably gonna blow a gasket when they find out.” Veronica commented.

“At least it’ll be entertaining.” Duke said with a chuckle. They continued to laugh all the way to the car, and even a bit after they were driving away.