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Fleeting or Surviving

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In the bedroom, they are clashed in a fit of passion and desperation. The lights are dimmed to mimic candlelight. Satin sheets are, after months of emptiness, becoming warm again, no longer stiff and stale from the absence of sex.

(Sex. Its aroma is sweet, like virgin-white roses in a garden. Tony has been told he has this scent. He is still not sure why his Alphas don’t see a stained red rose. He has spilt his fair share of blood over the years.)

Tony’s unblemished skin, which hasn't felt the bite of his Alphas’ teeth in months, soon becomes a canvas for their design. They have accompanied him to bed tonight, kissing him deeply to show him what they’ve missed. Their room is a haven of sorts: pure white walls and thin windows, foundation all perched on a bed of rocks beside a shore and rising tide. It’s a beautiful thing to see and a beautiful thing to feel. There they are, their reflections blended in the ocean’s as a stunning, starry night spills diamonds into open water.

So many beautiful things and Tony is the center of them all, they say, and say it again as they ravage his body; one peppers kisses up his trembling navel; another descends with the intent to fill their mouth and throat. They desire to make Tony’s body burn, it seems, as every kiss and lascivious suck feels like fire. His flesh gradually reddens as the sensations begin to climb, nipples hardening and chest tensing, abdomen shaking and cock plump, core aching and thighs quaking.

James’ broad hands spread him wide and he sinks into Tony’s body with a moan. The sigh of relief pushing past Tony’s lips is like music. It curls into James’ growl like leaves caught in a breeze. Tony wonders how far this will go—if this will be their last embrace, their last kiss, their last fuck—because lately, that breeze hasn’t been very strong.

Steve’s cock parts his lips, pausing, momentarily, those dark thoughts in his head. He welcomes the stretch in his jaw, head tilted back, with racing mind occupied with satisfying his Alpha’s hunger.

James grabs his ankles. Now, Tony’s stretched on both ends, forced to share his love equally among the two. (Before, he’d only shared it with one, eventually coaxed from his solitude by an artist and his sincerity; and then it became two. James, the man with a mystique about him and a dark edge in his eyes.) Between the two of them like this, Tony often feels the urge to bare his neck and let it happen quietly. The feeling doesn’t have a name—it isn’t submission—but it can be heard in his cries, felt in his core, and tasted in his flesh. Perhaps not every type of love needs a name….

Elbows and knees are sure to leave permanent imprints in the mattress, the arch in Tony’s back encouraging his Alpha to empty his seed. The way he grinds back onto James’ cock shows off his lithe muscles, shiny from slick and sweat. The way he begs for it with his voice and demands it with his eyes is in his every movement. The way his heart begs to be shown the love he’s been neglected for so long present in every breath. His next exhale is in a breathless rush as Steve pulls out his mouth, and the ceiling blurs into a dizzy mosaic.

Steve murmurs a little tease in his ear.

Tony’s knees lock and his legs quake as he lets out a deep, guttural moan.

He smiles, and they kiss.

James slows his thrusts, showing off his cock sliding in and out of Tony’s body. If Tony were on his stomach, he wouldn't be able to see that slick flesh sliding in and out of his core, impaled to the root with every thrust.

James gradually slows to a stop- but Tony still needs more.

“Tell us what you need, Doll,” he hums in a sultry voice.

Tony rolls onto his stomach and prays it’s enough. The sight of the sun on the ocean surprises him, or it could be the sense of tranquility that suddenly washes over him. All at once, the flame inside him grows out of his control—and it feels good. Is James feeling this? Is Steve feeling this? The impact of stars colliding, of striking gold.

Steve takes his time fucking Tony, while James strokes his head. The sensations nestle in Tony’s chest, emanating in a long, pleased purr. He reminds himself to remember every little detail and every little expression on Steve’s and Bucky’s faces.

After all, this is only a means to an end.