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Have Some Confidence

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   Kim Seokjin is a confident gay.


   He has been since he found out he was attracted to men in the first year of highschool. Why be scared when you have a face that could rival a gods? At least that’s what Seokjin said every time someone brought up his shameless actions. He was fine with letting people know what he liked and how he liked it. If he liked big dicked men, the world will damn well know he liked big dicked men.


   Seokjin was also good at finding out where people were on the “Gay Spectrum”. It was a thing him and a bunch of friends made back in highschool. He considered it a small thing to think about when he was bored. Mostly in his Korean Language class. The spectrum in question ranged from Panicked Gay to Confident Gay, with just the average, boring Gay in the middle. As it turns out, all of his friends rank on this spectrum perfectly.


   First up, we had Min Yoongi. Seokjin’s roommate since freshman year of collage, Yoongi was a fiery young man who took nothing from no one. He was tallーnot as tall as Seokjin, but he still stood proudly at 5’9ーwith raven black hair. Yoongi was cold and intimidating, usually straying away from people to produce music. Yoongi somehow scared people. Yoongi, no matter how he looks or however he terrifies the average stranger, was a Panicked Gay. It didn’t matter whatever big words he spewed from his mouth, whenever his crush, Hoseok, came within 5 feet of him, Yoongi was a blushing and sputtering mess. Now, Yoongi would kill Seokjin to learn that he thought of him like this, but it was only the truth.


   Second on the spectrum was Park Jimin. This one took some time to think of on Seokjin’s park. However, after observing Jimin’s actions, it was obvious. The dance major would flirt with with anyone who was interesting enough, Seokjin included once. It was easy for Jimin to spark these, as he was a pretty man; same height as Yoongi and sporting pastel pink hair with big, pouty lips. The moment anyone would return the actions at a skill higher than his own, however, Jimin would turn red and sweat like he just ran a marathon. Park Jimin was a Fake Confident Gay, as Seokjin likes calling him. It isn’t everyday that Jimin was hit with a worthy opponent, but Seokjin always likes teasing him. Jimin rarely tries with him anymore.


   After Jimin was his soulmate, Kim Taehyung. Taehyung was sweet boy, who always brought the party with him. Seokjin even dare says he’s almost as handsome as he is, with his sharp features and bright red hair. However, to be as handsome as Seokjin, you have to be as confident as Seokjin. At least, that’s what he believes. Taehyung is a Semi-Panicked Gay, meaning he would panic at the same interactions Seokjin would thrive in, however with a lesser extent than Yoongi. Taehyung just blushes and maybe coughs, but he certainly doesn’t look like he’s about to pass-out or have a heart attack―or both in special occasions―like a certain raven head.

   Now in the middle of the spectrum was the boring ass Gay. However, the gay ass of Jeon Jungkook was anything but boring. The youngest of the group who made it his life’s goal to annoy the ever loving hell out Seokjin, was just a simple gay. Jungkook could take the normal amount of flirting and dish it back before he turned into a flushed mess. And sure, Jungkook got a lot of admirers, with his soft but equally sharp features and aww-inducing bunny smile, but they were always not his type. They were female. Seokjin always makes sure to point this out when the younger complains that he needs some sex, which is daily now. Each day Seokjin says Jungkook can have sex with a girl is a day closer to Seokjin’s untimely demise. At least that’s what Jungkook says, but Seokjin isn’t scared of the 5’10 ft bunny with doe eyes.


   Next in line was the Semi-Confident Gay. The one right below the Confident Gay himself. The very man in this spot was Jung Hoseok, a dance major who shined on the stage and off. Hoseok was a man who could take whatever he dished. Seokjin’s only seen the man blush twice, and both have included his long term crush, Yoongi. Seokjin is done watching them dance around each other―or in Yoongi’s case, run away from Hoseok―and has suggested to Hoseok to ask out Yoongi more time than he could count. However, this was the reason why Hoseok wasn’t a full Confident Gay.


   “He’s too out of my league, hyung,” Hoseok would always say, “I don’t want to mess up our friendship. He means the world to me.”


   “Bullshit, and you know it!” Seokjin would always respond, “If it was me, I’d ask him out.” Hoseok would always complain afterwards. Seokjin once tried to get Yoongi to do the same thing but decided to never ask again after Yoongi nearly fainted at the proposition. Other than his dilemma with Yoongi, Hoseok was second most confident in his sexuality.


   However, within the close-knit group of friends was an enigma. And that enigma’s name was Kim Namjoon. As much as Seokjin tries, he for the life of him cannot find out what type of gay Namjoon is. Namjoon was probably Seokjin’s second closest friend, behind only to Yoongi. He sported purple hair that made him equal to royalty, a pair of deep dimples that could hide the world’s secrets if they wanted too, and shining eyes that lit up when Namjoon was talking. He never ignated any flirting within the group of friends or when they went to club. Whenever Jimin or Hoseok would flirt with him, Namjoon just brushed them off.


   Kim Seokjin is a confident gay. And was confident he would find out where Namjoon landed on the spectrum.

   When Jimin suddenly decided they should all go clubbing, Seokjin saw the perfect opportunity to find out where on the spectrum Namjoon landed. They all agreed―though Namjoon opposed the idea as it was Thursday and they all had classes tomorrow―and went separate ways to get ready. Seokjin threw on some ripped jeans and a silky blue button up tucked in, deciding that his face was the best final touch. When Yoongi exited his room, he was wearing black jeans with rips on the knee and a white t-shirt with a leather jacket over it. As Seokjin looked closer, he could make out eyeliner around his eyes and clear lip-gloss across his lips.


   “Dressed to impress, I see,” Seokjin said with a smirk. Yoongi only blushed and rushed out of the apartment, grumbling under his breath. Jimin’s minivan was parked outside the building, the man seated in shotgun. If Yoongi was dressed to impress, Jimin was dressed to kill. His pink hair was gelled back on one side, the other side styled messily. He had pink lip-gloss on his pouty lips, making them even more irresistible, and eyeliner over his smoky eyeshadow. Seokjin couldn’t see the rest of his outfit, only making out a black sweater that was falling off one shoulder.


   In the driver's seat sat Hoseok, his orange hair curled slightly. He had a white silky button-up not unlike Seokjin’s, only his had a black leather jacket over it. Light lip-gloss adorned his lips, though that being the only makeup visible. Seokjin saw Yoongi’s cheeks get red as Hoseok smiled at him.


   “Get in, dammit, I need dick!” Jungkook said from the middle seats, causing Yoongi to flip him off. They climbed in, seeing Jungkook and Taehyung had both dressed like they were there for sex. And with what Jungkook had said, Seokjin probably wasn’t far off the mark. In the back sat Namjoon, who took a more simple approach, though Seokjin didn’t have time to admire his outfit before Yoongi pushed him. With Namjoon in the middle, the car drove off to the nearest club.


   The car pulled into the nearby parking lot, and they made their way to the club. The group walked in, and was immediately hit with the smell of sweat and alcohol.


   “There’s not that many people tonight,” Hoseok mused from beside Yoongi.


   “It’s Thursday, like I said,” Namjoon responded.


   “I’m getting shots!” Jimin announces before running off to the bar, Jungkook and Taehyung trailing behind. It wasn’t long before the others made their way over.


   Only fifteen minutes into the outing and Jimin was already grinding on someone. Taehyung wasn’t far behind, sending a guy on the dance floor, as Jungkook liked to call it, the “Sex Stare”. Seokjin observed Taehyung a bit more, noticing red pants that simultaneously complimented his hair and his ass. A black and white striped shirt was tucked into his pants. Seokjin could see a dangling earring on his left ear. Overall, he looked fuckable. Seokjin nursed his beer as Jungkook slid up beside him.


   “Hyung, I can’t find anyone here!” He complained, lips red with lipstick in a pout. He wore black skinny jeans with holes everywhere, his own white button-up having a black blazer thrown over it. Seokjin scanned the club, noticing a girl throwing Jungkook the “Sex Stare”. He smirked and turned back to the pouting male.


   “That girl over there seems to be thinking of many things to do with you” Seokjin said with a giggle. Jungkook groaned, his head falling backwards before he snaps it back up.


   “I found him,” Jungkook said, running off before Seokjin has the time to blink. He sighs, finishing off his beer.


   “Jungkook really thinks with the head between his legs, doesn’t he,” A sudden voice speaks from besides Seokjin, causing the older male to jump in fright. He turned to face Namjoon, who was chuckling into a cup of rum.


   “Dick,” Seokjin said, glare with faux anger, “I could’ve had a heart attack right here and died and it would’ve been your fault!”


   “Aww hyung, don’t be like that,” Namjoon responded.


   “I would’ve haunted your ass,” Seokjin grumbles before calling the bartender for another beer. As he waited, Seokjin took the time to study Namjoon. His purple hair was swept to the side stylishy, showing off his tan forehead. Light eyeliner could be seen. Seokjin allowed his eyes to trail down to Namjoon’s torso. He was wearing a simple white button up, sleeves rolled up and top three buttons undone to show off more tan skin. The shirt was tucked into a pair of black pants which nicely complimented his long legs. Seokjin’s eyes snapped up to Namjoon’s gorgeous face.


   If someone asks, Seokjin’s ears were red because of all the warm bodies surrounding the pair.


   Namjoon looked troubled. Seokjin was about to ask about his worries before Yoongi grabbed Seokjin’s arm, turning him around. Seokjin’s wide eyes met Yoongi’s frantic ones. Seokjin could make out a confused Hoseok behind Yoongi and put two-and-two together. Yoongi gulped, making Seokjin look at him. His sweaty hands were making Seokjin’s shirt damp.


   “Get me out of here before I do something stupid,” Was all Yoongi said before Seokjin sighed. He finished the last bit of beer, before standing.


   “Yoongi has diarrhea, so we have to head home!” Seokjin announced, addressing both Hoseok and Namjoon. If he is going to head home early, he’s at least going to have fun. Seokjin could barely make out Yoongi’s red face as he dragged him out.


   “Wait, we can drive you guys home!” Hoseok said, about to run over before Seokjin shook his head.


   “It’s only a ten minute walk, plus I think you’ll have trouble dragging the others away,” Seokjin motioned in the direction of the others dancing with various people on the dance floor. Hoseok sighed in defeat before waving bye. Yoongi’s face got impossibly redder.


   Once they got outside, Yoongi grumbled about tact as Seokjin let out loud cackles.

   “I don’t know what to do,” Yoongi said, complaining into a bite of cheap pizza, “Everytime I see him, I blush and freak out and next time Hoseok smiles I might actually self combust.” Once they got back to the apartment, Seokjin proposed ordering pizza seeing that they both were relatively hungry.


   “Come on Yoongi,” Seokjin responded, thumping Yoongi on the back, causing the smaller male to choke on his bite of the gooey cheese and sauce, “You can’t hide from him forever.”


   “Try me, bitch,” Yoongi said, staring Seokjin directly into his eyes. A beat of silence went around before they collapsed in a fit of giggles. Whether if it was the comedic timing or alcohol they drank at the club, they didn’t know.


   “Oh...okay!” Seokjin finally breathed out, “Just wallow in self misery. Just don’t come crawling to me if you’re lonely. And it better not make Hoseok upset! If I see Hoseok’s face fall even the slightest bit, I’m telling him about your crush and the wet dreams you’ve had!”


   “I regret telling you that, you bitch!” Yoongi groaned out. The air was light with laughter before they both retired to bed.

   It’s been a week since the club, and Yoongi has become hypersensitive to any form of attention that Hoseok gives him. Seokjin doesn’t know whether to laugh or groan at his roommates actions around the dance major. Yesterday, all Hoseok did was say hi and Yoongi rushed out, claiming food poisoning as the reason. Seokjin comes home to a moping Yoongi face down on the couch, blanket lazily thrown over him.


   “I can’t handle him!” Yoongi groaned into the stained couch cushion, “All he does is blink and I suddenly forget how to breathe!”


   “I can’t help you, bud,” Seokjin responds, heading to kitchen. He came back a few moments later, holding a tub of chocolate ice-cream and two spoons.


   “I can, however, offer you some ice-cream and a cheesy drama?” Seokjin says, shaking the two items for added effect. Yoongi sits up and sighs, opening the blanket for Seokjin to slid into. Even if he won’t admit it, Yoongi had a fun time.


   However, the problem soon came not only a day later in the form of a text.


   Seokjin just finished his classes when he got a text from Hoseok, asking to meet him at a caf é to talk. One sigh and brief walk in the autumn chill later, Seokjin was warming his slightly cool hands on a cup of hot chocolate. The familiar face of Hoseok suddenly sat in front of him, eyes slightly frantic.


   “Hey, hyung,” Hoseok finally said, “I have...well a question.”




   “Did I make Yoongi-hyung mad?” At Hoseok’s words, Seokjin choked on sip of his now luke-warm hot chocolate. All he could do was laugh at Hoseok’s question. Hoseok was obviously confused, eyebrows knitted downward.


   “Is something funny?” Hoseok asked, a small bite to his words.


   “Yes!” Seokjin responded, calming himself down enough to talk.


   “And why is it so funny?”


   “Because Yoongi can’t physically be mad at you!” Hoseok looked a little relieved at those words, “He’s just being dumb right now.”


   “Good, I thought I did something,” Hoseok sighed, before a puzzled look returned to his face, “How’s hyung being dumb?” Seokjin weighed his options. He could keep his promise with Yoongi and tell Hoseok about his not-so-little crush on him ―and his wet dreams, Seokjin did not forget that part―or he could simply push them in the right direction.


   Seokjin decided to save his friend of mortal embarrassment. The wet dreams could be revealed after the pair were together.


   “Yoongi is panicking due to his big dumb crush on a certain dance major who made me give up precious nap time to ask if Yoongi was mad at him,” Seokjin lived for the way Hoseok’s eye’s got impossibly wide, ears tinted with a red that was slowly covering his tan face.


   “I’ll...I’ll go talk to Yoongi-hyung!” And with that, Hoseok rushed out of the caf é. Seokjin pulled out his phone, and opened it to Yoongi’s contact.



   [2:47 PM] You’re welcome


   Bitch Ass Roommate

   [2:48 PM] ?


   “What did you say to Hoseok to make him run out like that?” Namjoon suddenly asked, scaring the living daylights out of Seokjin.


   “Jesus shit, you almost gave me a heart attack! Again!” Seokjin raised his voice for affect, making Namjoon let out deep chuckles that made the tips of Seokjin’s ears red.


   “I’m on my break right now, hyung,” Namjoon said, sliding into the seat across from Seokjin, “What did you say to him?”


   “You know, the usual. The weather, Yoongi’s big fat crush, global warming…” Seokjin said with a growing smirk.


   “You told Hoseok about Yoongi’s crush!” Namjoon asked, eyebrows raised.


   “I just gave them a push in the right direction!” Seokjin said, arms raised in surrender.


   “At least the sexual tension will go away,” Namjoon sighed out, “I swear, you could cut it with a knife.” After the statement, a comfortable silence fell over the two. Seokjin took the time to study Namjoon. His hair was messy is a stylish fashion, falling across his face with grace. His lips were cracked, no doubt from the sudden chill of autumn. However, the thing that really stood out to Seokjin were Namjoon’s eyes. They looked as they had a galaxy in them, shining with a passion and fire only Namjoon would have. Seokjin doesn’t know why he only noticed them now. Those same eyes met Seokjin’s wandering ones, and they seemed to have a worried tint to them.


   The café seemed so warm now. Namjoon bit his cracked lips, looking troubled once again.


   “I’m off my break now, hyung!” Namjoon stood up with haste, causing Seokjin to jump a bit, “Bye!” And with that, he rushed off. Seokjin felt a little puzzled at Namjoon’s sudden exit, however he couldn’t explore the thought before feeling a buzz on his hand.


   Bitch Ass Roommate

   [3:04 PM] thank you


   Seokjin’s small frown sprout up into a smile.

   Seokjin was confused. As a confident gay, he of course was not going to ignore how hot his friends were. Hell, he’s had small puppy crushes on some of them. He’s pretty sure he was Yoongi’s first kiss. If not, he was the first real kiss. However, Seokjin can’t think on why Namjoon seems to just be getting more and more sexy. It frustrates him. And it flusters him. Foregoing all his pride, Seokjin knew he needed to ask someone. He mentally excluded Team Rocket from his list. Jungkook would never let him live this down, Taehyung would suggest a makeover and a trip to the nearest sex shop, and poor Jimin could not keep a secret to save his life. Namjoon obviously was off the list, so that left Yoongi and Hoseok. Seokjin sighed before texting them to meet at his and Yoongi’s apartment.


   “So what’s this so-called emergency?” Yoongi asks, boredom dripping from his tongue as he snuggles deeper on Hoseok’s lap. Ever since Seokjin got them together two weeks ago, they have been inseparable. Yoongi was always in Hoseok’s lap and Hoseok was always at the apartment now. Seokjin is pretty sure he hasn’t seen their hands leave each others for a week. Not to mention that they go at it like rabbits ―which isn’t good for a late night cram session. Seokjin sighs, eyes refusing to meet the others.


   “I...I’m confused on something,” Seokjin finally mutters out. The couple turn to each other, eyebrows raised.


   “Oh?” Hoseok said, returning his gaze to Seokjin’s closed-in form, “Confused about what?”


   “This...feeling I have,” Seokjin responded vaguely.


   “What feeling?” Yoongi asks, lips slowing curling up into a smirk. Seokjin took warning.


   “Warm and fuzzy,” Seokjin gestures around his body, “Tingly?”


   “Does it involve someone?” Hoseok pries, now sporting the same cocky smirk Yoongi has. Seokjin doesn’t like it. Not one bit.


   “Yeah, Namjoon,” Seokjin’s puzzled now―and a bit insulted if he must be honest.


   “Describe it!” Yoongi said with more energy than Seokjin has seen him with for months. Hoseok and Yoongi keep making eye-contact, giggling everytime they do. Seokjin can’t help but compare them to a pair of mischievous kittens who watch your every single move and know all the secrets you try to hide. It was pissing him off.


   “Well,” Seokjin sighed, deciding to indulge them for a bit, “Whenever he comes by, it’s all ooey and gooey and mushy. My heart speeds up, like he might be killing me! It’s not unlike how you described...liking...Hoseok.” It suddenly clicked in Seokjin’s brain. Oh God. He had a crush on Namjoon!


   Like a dam bursting, the room was filled with evil laughter of Yoongi. Hoseok’s own heart-warming yet diabolical laugh was mixing with his boyfriend’s, creating a harmony that was set out on destroying Seokjin. While they laughed, Seokjin was having a crisis. He couldn’t have a crush on Namjoon! Kim Seokjin does NOT get crushes. Yet, he couldn’t deny the way his heart fluttered when Namjoon laughed. Or the way his ears burned when Namjoon whispered a little too close. Snap out it, Seokjin! You can’t have a crush on him!


   “You dumb bitch!” Yoongi’s harsh words brought him out of his own spiraling madness, “I can’t believe you just now figured it out!”


   “Yoongi, I don’t fucking get crushes!” Seokjin hissed out, “I don’t have a stupid puppy crush on Namjoon!”


   “Then why do you look at him like he created the universe,” Hoseok asked.


   “Don’t forget the ‘Sex Stare’!”


   “Oh my god, Yoongi, I do not give Namjoon the sex stare!”


   “Yes, you do!” Yoongi sighed, “Hyung, I get it. Crushes are scary. They are big and mean and emotionally exhausting. However, crushes bring us peace and happiness that no one should regret ever wanting to experience. Allow yourself that, and you will be happy later in life.”


   “It’s…” Seokjin looked down, “What do I do now that I know?”


   “Well that’s easy,” Hoseok said, heart smile making a way to his face, “You get yourself some dick, my dude!”


   “You seriously did not just say ‘my dude’.”


   “So what, Yoongi-hyung? Makes me hip with the kids!”


   “God shut the fuck up, Hoseok.”


   “You love me!”


   “No. Absolutely not.”


   “Jin-hyung’s words state other wise. I remember hearing that it was all mushy and ooey and gooey―”


   “God, shut up!”


   Seokjin laughed at their bricker, thoughts of Namjoon quieting for the time being.

   A few days after Seokjin’s epiphany, he still hasn’t gotten dick like Hoseok suggested. Frankly, he hasn’t really talked to Namjoon at all recently. Seokjin hasn’t even seen him in the last few days. It wasn’t like he was avoiding him or anything.


   Confident gays don’t do that, and Seokjin is a confident gay.


   However, when Jimin told Seokjin to get his ass ready for night at the club, he won’t deny he got a little scared. If Namjoon looked as well as he did the other night, he might as well scream that he had a huge crush on Namjoon directly in his face. Naked. Alas, Seokjin agreed to go against his better judgment.


   Seokjin stared at himself in the mirror. He decided on a black button up with first three buttons undone. Black pants hugged his legs, rips on his knees and thighs. On his feet were black converse. Seokjin’s gaze landed on his face. His black hair was styled out of his face, showing his strong brows. Eye liner made his eyes pop. Seokjin winked at his reflection, throwing finger guns.


   “Are you done yet?” Yoongi asked from the doorway. Seokjin jumped, eyes moving to his roommate. Yoongi wore a much simpler outfit than from before, opting for a simple white button up tucking into black jeans. It made sense to Seokjin, Yoongi had already gotten what he wanted.


   “Someone’s impatient,” Seokjin teased, grabbing lip gloss on his way out.


   “I’m going to see sex personified, of course I’m impatient,” Yoongi replied, pace fast as he made his way to the front door.


   “I’m right here, you know!”


   “You look like a crumbled shoe.”


   “You wound me so!”

   The club was hot and sweaty. Seokjin only had two drinks, yet he was Niagara Falls from head to toe. The moment they arrived, everyone had scattered. The troublesome trio went to the dance floor, no doubt scanning for their next meal. Yoongi and Hoseok went off to a corner, probably sucking each others lungs out by now. And Namjoon was nowhere to be seen. Seokjin just busied himself at the bar, watching the madness of Friday nights. He sipped his beer as Yoongi suddenly appeared next to him, Hoseok not far behind.


   “Stop avoiding Namjoon,” Yoongi said, cutting to chase.


   “I’m not avoiding him!” Seokjin replied, feeling accused.


   “When was the last time you saw him?” Hoseok asked, eyebrow raised.


   “In the car, on the way here.”


   “I mean, when have you last talked to him!”


   “Monday…” Seokjin’s shoes where suddenly very interesting.


   “Jesus fuck, stop avoiding him!” Yoongi groaned, “I need a drink.”


   “I just…” Seokjin sighed, “I just haven’t found the right time.”


   “Well now’s the right time, hyung!” Hoseok smiled, “You got this!”


   “I...I got this!” Seokjin gulped the rest of his drink down before standing up. Kim Seokjin was a confident gay, goddammit! He could talk to his crush and tell him how much he wanted to bang him. Kim Seokjin is a confident gay.


   “That’s the spirit!” Hoseok cheered as Seokjin made his way through the crowds of sweaty and hormonal students. He was tall, making his job much easier. Seokjin finally spotted the familiar head of purple in the pulsing crowd. He smiled a bit before heading that way.


   “Nam…” Seokjin’s words didn’t leave his mouth. They couldn’t. Not while Namjoon had his lips locked with a girl in a red dress. His hands seemed to be roaming her body as the session got heated. Seokjin’s throat dried up, like a sudden drought in the desert. The loud music was pounding in his head, making thinking impossible. However, he couldn’t think in this moment. It was like time had stopped. But only with Seokjin. Only he was the one stopped by time. The mass of bodies molded around his frozen form. The sudden chill on his wet cheeks is what brought Seokjin back into reality. He moved his hands to wipe his eyes. Once they lowered, his eyes betrayed him and shot Namjoon one last glance. Only this time, Namjoon was staring directly at Seokjin, eyes wide. Seokjin snapped his own gaze downward. He had to leave. He would break down if he stayed here. So, Seokjin ran away. He could faintly hear the sounds of his name being called, but he just kept running. Not even the sudden swears and start of an argument could stop his legs.


   Now Seokjin knew why Namjoon was such an enigma. He was straight.

   If Seokjin had been avoiding Namjoon before, he had successfully cut him out of his life now. He hadn’t replied to texts or even left his room. He’d have to make up a lie to his professors to explain his absence. Like his goldfish died or something. Yoongi has tried to get him to talk but Seokjin just shuts him down. He just doesn’t want to face the world.


   “Hyung, come on,” Yoongi sighs from the doorway, “You got to leave your room. You’ve barely eaten the past few days.”


   “M’not hungry,” Seokjin’s voice was muffled from the pile of pillows he was laying in.


   “You leave me no choice,” Yoongi was out after that ominous statement. Seokjin sat up, puzzled before Yoongi walking in with a plate of rice and chicken.


   “Leftovers, now eat,” Yoongi practically shoved the plate into Seokjin’s hands. He sighs, eating the warm food reluctantly. The plate was almost finished before there was a knocking at the door. Yoongi eyebrows furrowed before leaving the room. Seokjin placed the plate on the bed before following with careful steps. He peered behind the wall, just in time to see Yoongi open the door. Behind the door was the cursed head of purple that Seokjin had came to stupidly love.


   “Hey―” Yoongi shut the door in Namjoon’s face, effectively cutting off his words. Seokjin let out a small laugh, letting his position known. Yoongi turned to him, and set out a small smile. Yet, Namjoon knocked again, causing Yoongi’s gummy smile to be turned into a snarl―equally as cute but if Seokjin said that, he wouldn’t have made it out with all his limbs.


   “Go away, grape head!” Yoongi yelled at the door.


   “Please let me talk to Seokjin!”


   “That’s a big ass no!”




   “Eat shit, plum ass bitch!”


   “Yoongi!” Seokjin finally cut in, “Let me fight my own battles, please.” Yoongi blinked before sighing. He opened the door, letting a disheveled Namjoon stumble in. Before he could make it any farther, Yoongi snatched Namjoon by the collar and pulled his close, whispering something in his ear. Seokjin could only make out the words “dick”, “spoon”, and “cactus”, but whatever it was, it left Namjoon nervous.


   “I’ll be in the other room,” And with that, Yoongi left. Seokjin knows he went to the hall to spy on them, but he won’t say anything. Yoongi is a good friend. Seokjin looks back at Namjoon, he is standing awkwardly at the door.


   “Sit down, Namjoon,” Seokjin motions to the seat beside him on the couch.


   “Yeah!” Namjoon responds, voice weird. He sits a few feet away Seokjin, causing the man to frown. Seokjin is about to open his mouth before Namjoon beats him to it.


   “I’m so sorry,” Namjoon said with his head looking down.


   “Why?” Seokjin asks, confusion dripping in his voice.


   “Because, hyung, I hurt you!” Namjoon’s stunning eyes snap up to Seokjin’s own pair. Seokjin suddenly found himself having no words, or any breath.




   “All because I was in denial!” Now Seokjin was more confused, and a little intrigued.




   “I have the biggest ass crush on you, and refused to believe it!” A bolt was sent down Seokjin’s spine. Biggest ass crush? Namjoon had the biggest ass crush, on him? Seokjin could hear his own heart in his ears and briefly worried if Namjoon would give him a heart attack.


   “!” Seokjin forgot his own language. His heartbeat is wear his brain should be.


   “Yes!” Namjoon had moved closer during Seokjin’s breakdown.Their thighs were barely touching but Seokjin’s skin felt extra sensitive at this moment. He couldn’t blame the rush of heat to face on a mass of bodies now. It was only one body. The body of Kim Namjoon.


   “You made out with a random girl at the club...because you didn’t want to believe you had a crush...on me?”


   “God, don’t remind me!”


   “Just kiss me, you idiot!”


   And he did. Seokjin has had a lot of kisses in his life, but he has never had a kiss like this. Not even his kiss with Yoongi could compare to this, and Yoongi knew how to use his tongue.


   It was nice. This was nice. Namjoon was nice. Everything was nice.

   “God, you guys were the biggest idiots ever, and we know Jungkook,” Yoongi laughed at the bar. It’s been a month since “The Grape Head Incident”―name given after the group heard the friendly names Yoongi had given Namjoon while he was at the door―and the gang was all gathered at their favorite club.


   “Fuck you, dick,” Jungkook grumbled.


   “That’s hyung to you, brat,” Yoongi glared.


   “Sorry,” Jungkook cleared his throat, “Fuck you, dick-hyung.”


   “Watch your ass!”


   “What ass?”


   “Stay out of this, Taehyung!”


   “So how have you guys been getting along?” Jimin asks the new couple, ignoring the chaos racking behind him.


   “Pretty well,” Namjoon smiles at Seokjin, who in turn winks at him.


   “You misunderstand my question,” Jimin chuckles―not unlike a Disney villain―and tries again, “How have you two been getting along?” This time it was asking with a pointed look. Seokjin smirked, never one to back down from a challenge.


   “Well,” Seokjin said loudly, “He certainly is a better kisser than Yoongi!”


   “That is so not true!” Said man jumps up from his seat in defense.


   “Wait, when have you and Seokjin-hyung kissed?” Hoseok asks with wide eyes.


   “That was long ago!”


   Seokjin smirks at the mischief he created before snuggling closer to Namjoon. He responds by wrapping his arm around Seokjin’s broad shoulders, pulling him closer. Seokjin sighs contently, all wrapped up in Namjoons arms. He recently found out what type of gay Namjoon was, and it made Seokjin giggle every time.


   “Hey, babe?” Seokjin peers up through his eyelashes.


   “Hmm?” Namjoon hums, looking down with his eyes made up of stars and planets.


   “You’re my gay,” Seokjin giggles, and Namjoon looks puzzled before laughing with him.


   Because Kim Seokjin was a confident gay, and Kim Namjoon was Seokjin’s gay.