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The Loki Alphabet

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Disclaimer: - I don’t own any of the characters or places mentioned in this fic.

Note:- This is my first time writing about Loki or MCU in general. I hope you like this! 

Ch. 1:- A For Asgard



Loki missed Asgard. He let out a sigh as he stood near the window of a small flat in Midgard that he shared with his brother. It obviously wasn’t easy for the two of them to stay in such a small place together, but they were trying.

Right now Thor had gone to attend some important meeting of the Avengers which had given Loki some much needed free time and space. Too bad, he had spent most of this free time thinking about his old home.

Loki stared out of the window and saw some of his fellow Asgardians walking down the street, trying extremely hard to adjust to the Earth ways. He felt bad for them, but at least they didn’t had to endure hateful glares from most of the Midgardians. Loki had thought that after he’d helped the Avengers in defeating Thanos and the fact about him being mind-controlled by Thanos was made public, the people of Earth would forgive him for the New York incident. But that was not the case from what he had experienced so far.

Loki missed Asgard. It was true that he was mocked and humiliated over there. Was never quite given the ‘prince treatment’ that Thor always received. But still, for all of its faults, that planet had been his home.

When he was on Asgard, he felt like he had an aim and purpose, a goal in life. He never quite wanted the throne. He just wanted to teach Thor a lesson and to knock down his arrogance by a few notches. But once Thor was fit enough to be a king, he would have been happy to be an adviser to him.

Loki snorted as he remembered how badly his plan at Thor’s coronation had failed, which reminded him of everything on Asgard all over again.

Apparently the Earth people had a term for what he was feeling right now. ‘Homesick’ or something like that.

Loki missed Asgard. Because it reminded him of the one person who had loved him the most. His mother, Frigga.

She was the one who had always stood up for him, chosen to defend him even when everyone else was against him. And now her home was gone. He sometimes wondered what Frigga would have thought of Thor and Loki’s decision to release Surtur on Asgard and destroy it. Even if they did it to defeat Hela, Loki was sure his mother would have been hurt to see her planet gone.

Loki remembered the one time when he was a kid and his magic had gone out of control, he had accidentally made their entire palace invisible. Odin had been furious about it. Loki himself had been close to tears because he loved the palace and had thought he had vanished it forever. But Frigga had managed to make it visible again and had comforted him in a very loving and gentle manner.

Now he would never see that palace again. For that matter, he would never get to see Frigga again either.

Loki had no idea when, but he’d started crying. He hastily wiped his eyes and hurried into the kitchen to find something to eat.

‘Something sweet’, he decided firmly. He knew eating sweet stuff cheered him up.

He found a box of cookies and started munching on them desperately. He remembered Thor saying something about leaving half of them for him. But right now he didn’t cared. He needed these to get his mind off those thoughts.

But the sweet taste of the cookies reminded him of the sweet and delicious taste of the food made in their palace which none of the Earth food that he had eaten so far could ever compete with.

He dropped the cookie and groaned. Why did he had to miss Asgard  this badly again?

Loki remembered a certain spot on top of the mountain which was his favorite place on the entire planet. If one looked down from it, they could see Asgardian homes arranged in a heart-shaped pattern. And at night-time the lights of these houses glowed in the darkness making the pattern look really beautiful.

Loki often got teased for liking something so silly, but he didn’t cared. Or at least he tried not to. He liked the peace and quietness of his favorite spot, and often spent hours over there practicing his magic.

He couldn’t believe how an entire planet like Asgard could get destroyed just like that. How his home could get destroyed just like that. He had never even known he loved his planet so much until it was gone. Talk about not realizing how much you love something until it is too late.

Just as he was thinking about all these things, the door opened and someone entered their house.

Loki let out another sigh. Of course he knew who this person was. Only two people had the key to that flat and one of them was currently sitting with a box of cookies on his lap looking thoroughly depressed.

Thor entered, looking tired and for some reason extremely awkward. His and Loki’s gaze met for a second. Loki was about to ask him what had happened at the Avengers’ meeting, that is, until he remembered their fight over Thor insulting his cooking abilities in the morning, and decided not to speak until he apologized.

Thor stopped in front of him fidgeting uneasily. Finally he said, “I have noticed that you miss Asgard a lot brother. So I brought something for you.”

He shoved a gift in a surprised Loki’s hands, and then said, “Also, your cooking is nice,” before hurrying inside.

Loki blinked. He wondered how many of the Avengers must have forced him to do this exactly? But still it was nice and he liked it.

He slowly opened the gift and a huge smile spread over his face. It was a miniature replica of their palace on Asgard. It looked exactly like it, refreshing a lot of Loki’s memories and making him both nostalgic and happy.

He realized he needed to thank Thor for this. He also realized not all was lost of Asgard. Some of its people had survived. He and Thor had survived. And he would be resurrecting Asgard in his own way if he managed to repair his relationship with Thor.