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Tricks the Angel of the Lord

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Chuck was a very old being.

He created the universe and all the galaxies that call it home. He made the angels, he loved them, he cared for them, and lost them. He created humans, he loved them, cared for them, lived among them, and lost them. He created many things, loved many things, and lost many things.

He created Earth, he loved Earth, lived on Earth, and many things that he loved lived on Earth, and he lost Earth. He lost Earth in the battle between his two oldest and lost children.

There was only one survivor from that battle: Tricks, an angel of the lord, and the fledgling of Gabriel.

Tricks sat in the ruins of heaven and in his hands were three humans souls and an angel's feather.

Chuck sighed and sat down next to his son.

He felt, not for the first time, his very old age.

“What do you want?” Tricks asked. His voice was wrecked in a way that could only scream broken.

Chuck wrapped his arm around his son and pulled him close.

“I'm sorry,” he whispered into his son's ear.

“I know, but it won't bring them back.” Tricks leaned against a destroyed pillar and looked at Chuck with golden tinged green eyes.

“I know,” Chuck said with bitter smiled. He watched his punk dressed son as he held the souls close to his chest.

The souls: Sam, Dean, and Adam, The Winchester brothers.

Sam's soul stayed close to Tricks, it was covered in cracks and went too far from Tricks.

Dean's soul stayed close to Sam's but glued it's self to the angel feather.

Adam's soul stayed in Tricks' hand, never leaving him.

Chuck wanted to reach out and touch them, to heal them, to comfort them.

Yet, he knew they would flinch away in fear and lash out at him.

“Where are you going next?” Chuck asked.

Tricks shrugged his shoulders. His clothes were ripped and tattered from the final showdown. Chuck wanted to reach over and wrap his son up in a blanket and hide him away.

Chuck wanted to protect his last son but said son wouldn't want that protection.

He looked at the stars of the universe, he looked and saw the lights and planets that he created. He looked and saw.

He looked and saw something that could help Tricks and the souls in his protection.

“Tricks, how would you like to go to a different world?”

Tricks looked up in confusion, “What the fuck do you mean? We – well I – can't leave!”

Chuck laughed, “Tricks, I'm God. I can do anything I want.” He held his hand out to Tricks and said, “I can get us – you – to any world or universe you want.”

Tricks looked down at the brothers and their angel and looked back up to his father. “I'm not leaving them behind.” And Chuck knew that as truth, Tricks wouldn't leave his own brother or the three brothers in his care.

“Pick a universe and I'll get us there.”