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An early morning mist hovered over the lake just barely obscuring the water from the rising of the sun. Alice loved mornings like this. She just finished her breakfast by wiping her hand across her lips to remove any blood from them. The buck that she drank from was extremely satisfying. Deer were one of her favorite animals to hunt. She normally only hunted the ones that were close to death, like the old or injured. Today she caught a strong buck. She would have let it go, but that was the last deer in the area, and she needed to feed.

Alice Cullens

Alice Cullen


The wolves loved deer meat. Usually, Embry and Quil would make deer-jerky out of a large part of the carcass, but tonight may be a special treat from Leah, she sometimes made these venison kabobs that Renesmee loves so much. But, instead of heading back to the house with the deer like she normally does, she stashed it up high to protect it from wild scavengers' like bears or mountain lions. Today was different because she now can have some alone time with Jasper.


She reflected on how everything had changed since Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee. Jacob's pack had literally moved in with the Cullen's and went everywhere they went. It was hard to believe how everything fell into place. Normally vampires and wolves don't get along, but since the pack has been a part of Renesmee life since her birth they were there to stay. Their presence has become an awakening of life in the Cullen's world. Gone was the boring and tedious life of being a vampire, where things were carefully measured, to a point where life became dull. The dullness that comes from living for eternity. The wolves brought chaos and drama to the lives of the Cullen's. At first, it was overwhelming for the vampires, many times, arguments would almost come to physical blows. But, eventually, things got into a rhythm and fell into place. Arguments still took place almost daily, through these arguments' bonds formed.


The vampires still needed their space to be alone. This was Alice and Jasper's time to be alone. She looked across the lake to where she knew he would appear. She saw him drop a bear on the beach of the lake. He was shirtless, and Alice could see the scars across his torso. She thought his scars were some of the sexiest things about him. He looked around the woods and stepped into the sun. His skin reflected the rays across the lake. He caught sight of her, and she could feel the waves of lust and love emanating from him. She raced along the edge of the lake towards him. Their lust and love mixing together. Her body tingled with excitement of things to come. She could smell his arousal emanating from him. She could no longer take it. She bolted towards him even faster. He watched her run towards him. His desire and longing growing stronger with each step she took. Her emotions building with his.


Jasper Hale


As she collided with him their impact could have been heard for miles. He an immovable object and her an unstoppable force, love and lust colliding as one. Their passion could last days or weeks at a time. This was the only time that he could let go of his emotions. She could concentrate on the present and not worry about the future. Their time together was total bliss for both.


But, today was different. Today her gift, or curse depending on when it came. Would override their passion. She was caught unprepared as the vision hit her. This vision was not normal. Usually, she would have to be thinking of someone if they made a choice it would allow her to see what would happen to the people she loved. She would be able know what was coming and could warn them. This vision was unlike anything she had before, this vision she knew not only affected her and her family, but one that affected everyone.


She knew that she was visibly shaking and that it took all of Jasper's strength to hold her down as her body thrashed about. She could not control herself, her body convulsions were out of her control. All because of this vision, it was so different from the ones that she normally had. In her vision, she was hovering high above the Earth, as if she was a satellite in outer space. She saw a craft, shaped like a battle ax, coming out of the atmosphere. It climbed out of the atmosphere and turned its crescent shape front out towards space. As it was rotating itself towards deep space, it made a quick turn towards its right. She saw that it was facing three other crafts that came around the planet. These crafts were different from the first one that she saw. They looked more like military tanks made for outer space. She could feel the emotions coming from each of the different crafts. The emotions were surprise, fear, and hatred all mixed in one.


She watched as two of the tank-like crafts move in front of the largest of the three as if they were protecting it. She saw three new ships suddenly appear near the moon. She was shocked when one of the new crafts fired a ball of light. The ball of light struck the large tank like craft and it exploded into a million pieces. She watched as the battle ax ship turned on its axis and then zoomed away faster than her eyes could see. The two other crafts that were protecting the now non-existence craft also fled in a different direction. She watched has the three-victorious crafts headed towards the moon.


In a blur that made her dizzy, her vision changed, this time she was on the moon. She saw one of the remaining crafts hovered over a crater. It lowered a circular device that had three metal fingers coming out of it. When the device was in the crater the metal fingers started to close towards the top. The machine started to life when the fingers were almost touching. A greenish-yellow beam erupted from in between the metal fingers. The beam shot forth out of the machine and towards the Earth. As the beam reached the Earth's atmosphere. The Earth started to blur in her vision. Instead, of seeing just one Earth she saw multiple Earths overlaid with each other. It reminded her of looking through a kaleidoscope. The beam changed from a greenish-yellow color to more of a bright yellow. She looked at the Earth again, this time instead of seeing Earth through a kaleidoscope. She saw a beautiful blue marble that was the Earth hanging in space like nothing happened.


She awoke from her vision to see Jasper looking at her with concern and worry in his eyes. "Everyone and everything will be in so much danger," she whispered to him


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Hi and welcome to this story. I hope that you enjoy it.

Some info to help clarify things.

Think of this story as a TV show that has many different actors and plot lines. Almost like a soap opera in a way. In the beginning, it will seem like things are confusing since each chapter or scene will have different characters in it. Once you get used to one character, bam the story will change to another character. As the story progresses the characters will start to interact with each other more and hopefully if I am successful you will be able to follow them without any problems. I know that it will be hard to follow in the beginning, especially if you don't know the series from which the characters are based. I will try my best to make them interesting so that you will want to check them out. If you want to get a better understanding go over to Wikia/Fandom for the ones you don't know. They are a good resource to help acquaint yourself to the characters and their genre.

This first chapter is to introduce the characters. Just to warn again it will seem disconnected and it jumps around. There are a lot of characters in this story. So, please bear with me as I lay the foundation for each of them. It will take some time to bring them all together. I hope that further in the story you can follow it.

Here is a list of Scenes in this first chapter and the genre that they come from:

01A Teen Wolf

01B Roswell

01C The Nine Lives of Chloe King

01D The Secret Circle

01E The Tomorrow People

01F I am Number Four

01G Underworld

01H Animorphs

01I Terminator: The Sarah Connor's Chronicles

01J Kyle XY

01K The Vampire Diaries

01L Covenant

01M Runaways

01N Shadowhunters

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Scott McCall

Scott McCall

A news reporter on the radio: "It has been three months since the Paradise High School was attacked by terrorists. Authorities don't have a clue yet on who is behind this tragedy. So, far none of the known terrorist groups have come forward to claim responsibility..."

Scott pressed snooze on his alarm and laid back in his bed not ready yet to face the day. There was so much going on in his life. But, his mind was not thinking about how Derek might kill one of his friends or that he was a werewolf with incredible powers. No Scott's mind was focused on one thing... Allison. She had captivated his thoughts.

He was replaying in his mind the dream that he just had of her. She was coming out of a lake. The water was crisp blue. The sun was shining perfectly to allow him to see her come up from the water. Her hair slicked back. Drops of water running down her forehead. His eyes were fixated on one drop in particular. This drop arced around her arched eyebrow. Then it slid down the side of her cheek showing off her porcelain pale skin. The drop landed on her shoulder. It kept moving down her chest. The drop hesitated as it reached the top of her breast. It was as if was trying to decide to go to the outside of her breast or go towards the inside where her cleavage was. Scott waited for the drop to make up its mind in anticipation...

"Scott hurry or you are going to be late for school," yelled Melissa McCall from the kitchen as she was pouring herself a cup of coffee. A pile of bills laid on the table. She had picked up three back-to-back 12-hour shifts on top of her regular ones. But she was not sure even if that was going to be enough. 

Allison Argent

Allison Argent

"I'm hurrying" stated Scott shaken out of his fantasy. He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to do the morning routine, shower, shave, and relieve himself. Not necessarily in that order. He pulled his bandages off. The fight he had with Erica and Isaac was over. The wounds that he had sustained were there. He was amazed at how fast he heals but, an Alpha made these wounds. Deaton said that he would heal but that he was going to take more time. He hoped that he would not have to fight Derek again. Fighting an Alpha was something he hopes he never wants to do again.

Scott opened his mirror. He pulled out new bandages and started to redress his wounds. He was trying to decide if he wanted to have his mother look at it, since she was a nurse at the hospital, just to make sure he was OK. But, thought better of it. Having her look at it would open too many questions that he did not want to answer.

He wondered if Allison thought that scars were sexy. Would she trace her finger over them and try to comfort him? Would she swell with pride at him having survived a fight? He shook his head trying to stop his mind from going down that road. He needed to get to school. He turned the shower on only using the cold handle. He desperately needed a cold shower this morning.

A news reporter on radio: "Now, in our follow up section today. It has been a year since the explosion at the industrial park. The witnesses stated that they saw an airplane crash at the site are now recanting their story, but authorities are not saying why..." Scott turned off his radio grabbed his phone, helmet, and backpack and headed out the door.

"Good morning," Scott said as he came into the kitchen. His mom quickly tried to hide the envelopes she was looking at. Scott saw it anyway. He knew that they were behind on some bills. The cable had been off for two weeks now. But, he didn't mention it to his mom. He knew that she was doing the best that she could. 

Melissa McCall

Melissa McCall

"Morning, you want some breakfast before you go off to school?" Melissa said as she got up from the table looking in the refrigerator. She literally needed to go to the grocery store there was barely anything edible in the house.

"I got this," Scott said as he reached for the milk to pour it on his huge bowl of cereal, sat down at the table and started eating.

"I definitely need to get to the store," Melissa mumbled to herself as she pulled her dark hair out of her face. "This kid is going to eat me out of house and home," she thought.

"I have to work a double tonight, so you will be on your own for dinner," stated Melissa trying to hold back a yawn.

"Mom, do you have to. Why don't you call in sick?" Scott said. "You have been working so hard lately."

"We have been through this before Scott. I am too tired to argue with you. Once we get caught up on some bills I can take some time off. Plus, some new doctors are coming in to start working on the night shift. So, they want a charge nurse on the floor in case anything happens." She stated as she ran her fingers through Scott's dark hair. He smiled up at her. She turned away from Scott and started walking up the stairs.

Scott finished his cereal in three big scoops, then put his bowl in the sink. Grabbed his helmet and went out the door. Slinging his backpack over his shoulders as he got on his motorcycle and headed off toward school.

Scott pulled off his helmet as he got off his motorcycle. He grabbed the keys and turned around right into Stiles.

"Hi," he said smiling at his best friend and taking a step back. He could tell that Stiles was hyper.

"OK, I was up all night and this thing is written in Archaic Latin. Who even can read this," said Stiles running his hands through his short hair. His mind going a hundred miles per hour.

"So, what did she say?" asked Scott.

"Dude we have more important things to think about than be a messenger to you two lovey-dovey love birds," said Stiles having a spas attack.

Stiles and Scott

Stiles and Scott

"C'mon," said Scott giving his best friend a crooked smile.

"No, No, No," said Stiles walking towards the school. "I am done being the Hallmark poster boy for you two."

"Hey, wait up," said Scott as he went after his best friend.

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Max Evans

Max Evans


Max was staring at himself in the mirror. Thinking to himself of what he did and trying to figure out why he did it. So, many emotions were going through him. But they all seemed to keep bringing him back to Liz. The most beautiful, spectacular, captivating woman... "There you go again." Max thought to himself.

"Max, are you ok?" asked Isabel as she walked into Max's room.

Max could see her face in the mirror it had concern written all over it. He knew that he had to have this talk with his sister. He could not keep anything from her or Michael. He just did not want to have it now.

"I'm not sure Izzy," stated Max turning from the mirror. "Yesterday, I might have done something that maybe I should not have." 

Isabel Evans

Isabel Evans

"Max what did you do?"

"I was at the Crashed Down Café yesterday with Michael," said Max.

"Well, this can't be good," stated Isabel in a sarcastic way. She moved to the mirror pushing Max out of the way to check her make up.

"This has nothing to do with Michael," stated Max in defense of his friend. Max saw Isabel roll her eyes.

"Good morning," said Mrs. Evans as she poked her head into the room. "Are you ready for school?

"Good morning mom," Isabel said turning from the mirror. Max nodded to his mom.

"Your dad and I are going to have to go out of town this weekend for a client's meeting." Mrs. Evans said. "Now, there is plenty of food in the house. I just don't want any wild parties while we are gone."

"Mom everything will be ok," stated Max seriously.

"I know you and Isabel are very responsible." said Mrs. Evans "I just want to play mother with you and Izzy. You are both so well behaved. I know that we don't have anything to worry about. Now, hurry, I have breakfast ready."

"Ok mom I'll be down in a moment," said Isabel as she rechecked herself out in the mirror. Max just looked at Isabel then his mom and shook his head and smirked. Mrs. Evans just smiled and headed out the door.

"Isabel, you know Liz Parker?" asked Max.


"Well, yesterday at the Crash Down. Michael and I were having lunch. When these two men started to argue." said Max. "One of them pulled out a gun and shot her."

"What?!?! is she ok?" asked Isabel. Max could tell that she was really concerned. Even though Isabel could come across as a person who did not care or even as a stuck-up snob. Deep down she really cares for people. She had a natural maternal instinct.

"She is now," said Max soberly. "I healed her."

"You did what!" Isabel said through her teeth. "Did anyone see you. You could have exposed us. Max why?"

Max could tell that Isabel was furious. He knew that she cares most of all for him and Michael and in keeping their secret. Isabel's maternal instinct now turned on him.

"I don't think anyone else saw me. I told her that she was ok and that the blood was just ketchup. I broke a bottle of ketchup and poured it on her to make it look like her blood." stated Max trying to calm her down and see reason.

"Max how could you be so irresponsible," said Isabel not in the least bit calmed down.

"I don't know Izzy. I just had to react. I could not leave her there to die." said Max.

"Kids breakfast is ready," yelled Mrs. Evans from the kitchen.

"Come on let's go," said Max as he headed out the door. Isabel following him out of his room.

"We will talk about this later," Isabel said before they enter the kitchen.


Mrs. Evans


Mrs. Evans

"Talk about what?" asked Mrs. Evans.

"For acting like a jerk." said Isabel looking at Max.

"Honey, you know brothers can be jerks sometimes. It is in their DNA," stated Mrs. Evans as she smiled at Max. "I am sure you can talk to him after breakfast. I made your favorite. Waffles, eggs, and bacon." said Mrs. Evans.

Max smiled at his mother. Isabel just gave him the sister look. The look that all sisters give to their brothers when they are mad at them. Max and Isabel sat at the table and started to put tabasco sauce all over their food. Mrs. Evans still did not understand how her children could put hot sauce on everything.

Max ate his breakfast as his mom made small talk about school and work. He answered most of her questions with a yes or no, sometimes with a nod of understanding, His mind was still on Liz. He looked over at Isabel and knew that she was still angry with him.

"Mom thanks for the breakfast," said Max as he put his dishes in the dishwasher.

"Yeah, thanks, mom." said Isabel getting up from the table and handing the plate to Max to put in the dishwasher. Max took it and place it in the dishwasher. He gave her a smile she narrowed her eyes at him.

Max grabbed his backpack and keys to his jeep and headed out the door with Isabel behind him.

"Max what are you going to say to her when she asks you about it?" asked Isabel as she was getting into the jeep.

"I am going to tell her nothing. I am going to act as if nothing happened," said Max putting the keys in the ignition and starting the jeep and backing out of the driveway and heading towards school.

"Max what if she goes to the hospital and gets checked out?" asked Isabel turning down the radio.

"They won't find anything." Max said.

"What if the police find out? What if she tells them what you did?" asked Isabel.

"She won't Iz," said Max. "When I healed her, there was this connection. I don't know how to describe it. But it was as if I was looking into her soul and she was looking into mine. I have never felt anything like it before."

Isabel looked at Max. She could tell that the experience deeply moved him. She was still mad at him. He was being careless with their lives. They did not speak any more as Max drove them to school. Each lost in their respective thoughts.



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"Good morning," said Meredith King to Chloe as she came down the stairs.

"Good morning mom," said Chloe as she walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and started rummaging through it. 


Mededith King

Meredith King

"Here you go," Meredith said handing her a smoothie. "Spinach, Kale, and yogurt smoothie with strawberries, bananas, and chocolate.

"Thanks," she said absently.

"Ok, I'll bite," said Meredith. "What is up with you. You have been in a weird mood lately."

"Mom, I am fine," she said. "It is nothing," she said again answering her mom's look. The look that all moms get when they know something is wrong with their child, but the child is not telling her.

"Mmm." Meredith made a sound through her mug of coffee. "Something is up. You know you can talk to me about anything."

"Yes," Chloe said as she watched her mom pick up her attaché case and coffee cup. Grateful that her mom was in a hurry. "How could she tell her mom about what has been going on. Hi, mom just wants you to know that I am freak called a Mai made by some Egyptian god. But that is not the best part. I am also like some sort of great Uniter of the Mai that they have been waiting on for like forever. Plus, there some mean guys called The Order that wants me and the rest of the Mai dead. Plus, I cannot kiss anyone because if I do they will die. So, yes, I will not be telling you that today." she thought to herself. 

Chloe Ling

Chloe King

"I am just tired from helping Amy and Paul study," she said aloud.

"Well, get some sleep tonight," said Meredith. "I want you home early. Amy and Paul will have to understand that you need rest too."

"Tonight is Friday. We were going to go to Amy's and hang out and watch some videos," she spoke aloud.

"Are there going to be any boys there?" Meredith asked as she grabbed her purse.

"Just Paul," she said.

"What about Brian?" her mom teased.

"NO!" she said a little too quickly.

Her mom just smiled at her as she went towards the door. "Ok, that is fine. Just don't be home too late. Oh, and by the way, I will be home a little late also. I have a date."

"What?!?, with who? you have to tell me everything," she yelled through the door as she saw her mom walking down the stairs towards her car. Her mom just raised her hand and waved at her.

Chloe finished her smoothie, picked up her school bag and purse. Grabbed her keys and headed out the door. Walking down the stairs. She felt someone behind her. Turning around with cat-like reflexes her claws extended ready to slice whoever was there.

"Oh, it's you," she said. "I could have hurt you."

"Not likely," said Alek in a superior tone.

"I could, but today we need to get to school," said Chloe. "Plus, I do not need a protector"

"Yes, you do," said Alek following behind her.

"No, I don't," she said as she got into the car. Alek grabbed the door handle to get into the passenger side of the car, only to find it locked, he looked at her. She smiled as she started her car and pulled away. She glanced into the rear-view mirror and saw him standing there with a smirk on his face. She turned the music up and glanced into her side-view mirror for Alek. She noticed that he wasn't standing there.

She drove to school singing along with the latest song on the radio. As she pulled into the parking lot of the school she saw Alek leaning against a tree with the same smirk on his face. She rolled her eyes in annoyance with him. She grabbed her backpack and got out. 

Alek Petrov

Alek Petrov

"Did you enjoy the long way to school?" Alek teased walking beside her. She looked at him gave him a weird look and wrinkled her nose.


"You need to take a shower," Chloe said. "You smell."

Alek looked at with a hurt expression in his face. The gave himself a quick sniff near his armpits. All the while trying to look inconspicuous about it. It just made him look adorable to Chloe. She very rarely got to him. He always seemed to be too calm about things. But, this time she would have to put this one in the win column for her.

"I don't smell," he said.

She gave him a look that said yes you do. He could be so stubborn sometimes.


She smiled at his small confession. She did not know why she started to have some feeling towards Alek. He was good looking and all. But, she did not normally go for the arrogant jock type. Her taste we more towards the artsy or musical type guys. The Brian types. She flushed just thinking about him. She knew that she needed to stop. That relationship would never work.

"Why did I have to be Mai?" she muttered to herself.

"What?" Alek asked.

"Nothing, I was just talking to myself," Chloe said. She heard a motorcycle drive up. A blonde girl in a red motorcycle jacket got off. She took off her helmet letting her long blonde curls fall away. She looked around and saw many guys staring at her. She did not need her Mai ability to know what they were thinking.

She looked at Alek to see his expression. His expression changed to one of alert. She looked with her Mai ability and could not find any lust coming from him towards the blonde girl. She looked over the blonde girl who was walking up to two dark hair guys, one of which was putting out major love vibes towards her, and another blonde girl. She noticed that she could see emotion coming off the blonde motorcycle girl. She just could not figure out what it was.

"Come on let's get to class." She heard Alek say as he grabbed her arm and pulled her out of her thoughts.



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"Luca get up," said Stephen.

"No." mumbled Luca rolling over in his bed and wrapping the covers over his head.

"Come on, time to get up," said Stephen louder this time. "Mom will be home soon and we have to get to school."

"Do I have to go," said Luca opening his eyes for the first time.

"Yes," said Stephen trying to pull the covers off Luca. Luca held on the covers tightly, but Stephen was still able to pull the covers and him. Luca finally released the covers when he realized that he was half off the bed.

"Ok, Ok, I'm up," said Luca rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and sitting up in bed and yawning. "Is mom home yet?"

"Not yet, but she called and said that she was on her way," said Stephen. "So, hurry up. I don't want her getting angry with me for you not being ready."

Stephen JAmeson

Stephen Jameson

"I'm getting ready," said Luca. "You don't need to babysit me. I can take care of myself."

"No, you can't!" said Stephen as he teleported onto the other side of the bed. "Just because Ultra is not around. The people who were behind it are still around. They will stop and nothing to control or even kill us."

"I know," said Luca nonchalantly.

"Luca this is serious." telepathed Stephen to Luca.

"I know." thought Luca back.

Stephen could feel the emotions coming off Luca in that thought. He could feel the frustration and fear. He knew that it was not easy for his brother, he had just recently broken out and if that wasn't hard enough. They had to move out of the city because of the Ultra fiasco. Luca had to start a new school and going to school and being the new kid was bad enough. But having to learn to control your abilities on top of that was even harder.

"Hurry up mom is on her way," said Stephen trying not to let Luca realize that if he knew his thoughts that would have upset him. "Breakinner is almost ready". Breakinner was what Luca called their breakfast with their mom. Since their mom had to work the late shift at the hospital it was her dinner and their breakfast. It was the only real time that they got to spend it as a family.

"What is for breakinner?" asked Luca standing up and stretching.

"I made chicken and rice with peas," said Stephen as he teleported out of the bedroom.

"I don't like peas!" yelled Luca.

"I know, but mom does." thought Stephen to him. "I also made some oatmeal also."

"With brown sugar and butter?" thought Luca.

"Yes, now hurry up. Mom should be here any time now." thought Stephen.

Luca could feel the impatience of the thought from Stephen. Luca thought that must be a big brother trait. Stephen always seemed to be always frustrated or impatient with him. Luca went to the bathroom and washed his face, then looked inside of his closet for something to wear. He picked out a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt with white lines on it that look like wild bear claws ripped into his shirt. He concentrated and tried to imagine the kitchen. He took a step and teleported. When he materialized instead of the kitchen he was at the bottom of the stairs. He fell face forward and hit the stairs.

 Luca Jameson

Luca Jameson

"Luca are you ok?" said his mother as she was coming in from the outside.

"Yeah," said Luca as he picked himself up while rubbing his left forearm.

"How many times have I told you," she said as she was looking at his arm. "Not to teleport in the house. You are going to get yourself hurt. You need more practice but not here. We have to be safe, we don't want to draw any attention to ourselves."

"I know mom," said Luca as he pulled his arm back. "I was just trying to hurry up. Stephen teleported down here, and I wanted to do it also."

'Stephen!!" yelled Marla as she walked into the kitchen. "How many times do I have to tell you not to use your powers. You never know who is watching."

"Mom I'm sorry, But Luca would not get out of bed this morning. So, I had to go up there and drag him out," said Stephen while giving Luca a telekinetic slap to the back of his head. "I had food on the stove and didn't want it to burn."

 Marla Jameson

Marla Jameson

Marla sat down at the table. She looked at her boys. Stephen with a pan of chicken and rice in his hand. Luca was sitting down at the table rubbing the back of his head. "I'm sorry," she said. "I know that things are not easy right now. Plus, I had a terrible time at the hospital we lost two patients last night. I just want you to be careful. I mean very careful. No teleporting, or telekinesis, or telepathy. Please blend in. Luca, I know that you are breaking out. So, things are going to be hard. Stephen, I expect you to watch out for him. Things are difficult now, but they will get better." The sadness and tiredness of her emotions hit the boys.

"I'm sorry mom," said Luca coming over to his mother and hugging her. "I won't do that again."

"Here is your dinner mom," said Stephen setting down a plate in front of her and kissing her on the top of her head.

She held each one. "This smells good. Thanks for dinner. I did not get a break all night. I am famished." she said as she took a bite of her meal. "So, what is going on at school?"

"Nothing much. Too much homework," said Stephen.

"It is boring," said Luca.

"Speaking of school, we have got to hurry, or we will be late," said Stephen as he finished off his plate.

"I'm done," said Luca having only eaten some of his food.

They both got up and put the dishes in the sink. Kissing their mom goodbye.

"It is your turn to do dishes when you get home," said Stephen to Luca as they were heading out the door.

"No, it is your turn," argued Luca.

Marla sat at the table finishing her dinner she could hear Stephen's car pulling out of the driveway. She knew that her boys were not happy. She hated running and hiding but did not know what else to do. She looked around the empty kitchen. She then levitated her dishes to the sink. She looked around the kitchen one more time. The next instant she was in her bed falling asleep.



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"She is totally beautiful," Four thought to himself as he laid next to her. Looking at her face and how the morning sun coming through the window framing it. Her beauty took his breath away. He loved to watch her sleep. She looks so peaceful, unlike when she was wide awake, and the cares and anxiety of the world weighed on her. He wished that she would have stayed home. But that went bad last time.



"John Smith"

She opened her eyes and saw his face. "Good morning." she smiled at him.

"Good morning," he whispered as he moved in closer. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tight. She just nestled in closer, embracing the embrace.

They embraced each other for as long as they could when they heard a knock on the door. "You awake," said the voice.

He did not answer the knock, hoping that they would go away and that he could stay like this forever.

KNOCK, KNOCK. Louder this time.

"We are up," said Sarah. "We will be out in a minute."

"OK breakfast will be ready soon," said Mark from behind the door. Mark has really taken on the role of den mother. Ever since the Mogadorians attack the school. They came the next day attacked his and Sarah's family. Mark watched as they killed his dad in broad daylight in the front yard. Kill his mom and the rest of the family when they blew up his house. He caught up with Sarah before she got to her house to let her know about the attack when they arrived at her house they found that the Mogadorians had attacked and killed her family as well. They ran and called Four and the gang and told them what happened. Since then Four had not let Sarah out of his sight for the last three months.

"Do we have to get up," said Four with a slight grin.

Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart

"Yes," she said. "We need to get to school. The crystal brought us up here to Beacon Hills to find the other Garde."

"You know what happened at the last school that I attended." Four said. "I just don't want anyone else getting hurt." Four knew that he should not have said that. The pain of losing her family was still a fresh memory. The pain played along on her face. He quickly kissed her to let her know he was sorry for bringing that up.

"Well we better get up and see what "Mother Mark" has for breakfast," he said

"Yes," she said as she buried the pain down deeper and throwing the covers off her. She and Four dressed and headed towards the kitchen.

"OK these should work," said Sam to Mark as he was turning the bacon in the pan.

"What should work?" ask Four.

"I printed out our transcripts from Paradise High," said Sam.

"But if we use the same identities won't the Mogadorians just track us down?" ask Sarah while sitting down at the table, grabbing some waffles that Mark had made and putting them on her plate.

"Well, the way that I figure it," said Sam. "Is that everyone at Paradise High is going to need to get their transcripts to go to a different school and because no one is going to be able to go to that school anytime soon. What I figured is that the Mogs will be looking for the ones that don't get their transcripts."

Mark James

Mark James

"Huh," said Mark as he brought a plate of bacon to the table.

"I believe that the Mogs know that we will likely change our identities," said Sam as he put about seven pieces of bacon on his plate. "I believe that they think that everyone who is not involved will use their own identities. So, they will not look at them thinking that they are human. We can use our own identities we will blend back in."

"So, hiding in plain sight," said Sarah

"Yes except for you and Mark," said Sam. "The Mogs know who you are, so we are going to change your identities."

"So, OK who are we going to be?" asked Mark

"Well, right now both of you just got released from Eichen House," said Sam devouring the bacon.

"What is Eichen House?" asked Four reaching for the bacon before Sam could eat all of it.

am oode

Sam Goode

"Well it kind of like a hospital for sick people," said Sam pouring syrup over his stack of waffles.

"A hospital but won't they have records and pictures of who we are," said Sarah.

"Well, this is not that kind of hospital. This hospital is more of the mental type," said Sam while wiping syrup off his chin.

"So, you are saying that we just got released from the insane asylum," stated Mark.


"Cool," said Mark eating his pancakes.

"So are we going to have to act crazy and stuff like that," said Sarah.

"No actually, it's weird this Eichen House as an unusual setup with the institutions here," said Sam. "I did some research it seems that they have very little computer access, or their computer system is not set up to connect to the outside world. They have a list of names from people who are in there and their diagnosis but no other personal information. It kind of like they don't want you to know where they came from."

"So how does this help?" ask Four finishing his waffles.

"Well, Eichen House has this agreement with the school here," said Sam eyeing the last piece of bacon. "When a student gets released from Eichen House they get a piece of paper from Eichen House saying that they were there. The school takes them in without a background check or transcripts."

"That sounds great," said Six. "All when need to do is steal some paper from Eichen House. I see some "B and E" coming in our future."

"Hold on their criminal," said Sam as everyone else at the table just looked at her like she was out of her mind. "I got a copy of the paper we need from the school. Eichen House might have no computers to the outside world, but the school does. So, I made copies for us."

Sam got up and went over to the printer and pulled the papers off it. Holding them up. "Who is ready to go back to school?"

"Hey, everyone put your dishes in the washer before you go," said Mark as everyone was getting up. "I am not your maid."

Everyone got up from the table and put their dishes away. Grabbed their stuff and headed out the door. Bernie Kasor turning into a lizard and getting into Four's backpack.


Bernie Kosar




Chapter Text

She changed her outfit for the fourth time this morning. She just could not decide. She was excited and a little bit scared. She was happy. She had gotten tired of always running and looking over her shoulder for Lycans or Vampires. Since they have not seen any Lycans or Vampires in over a year. Her dad, had finally, convinced her mom that it was time to settle down. Her uncle David agreed, and he even joined them when they came and settled down here in Beacon Hills. It was easier to settle down now since her mom could walk in the sun.

Eve Corvin

Eve Corvin

"Let's go over this one more time," said Selene as she came into the room.

"Mom we went over this already," said Eve. "My name is Eve Corvin. I moved here from London. My dad is Michael Corvin he is a doctor and he has a job at the hospital. My mom, Selene Corvin, was a personal trainer but now stays at home. She and my uncle David are planning on opening a gym here in Beacon Hills just like they had in London. They are now looking at places around Beacon Hills for a gym."

"That is not all," Selene stated very icily. 'Teenagers' she thought to herself. "You have to make sure that you don't use your heighten abilities, you can hurt the humans."

"I know mom. I will not vamp out on them," said Eve as she put another shirt in front of herself while looking in the mirror.

Selene Corvin


"Remember do not outrun them or walk too fast," Selene said.

'Mom, I think that I have this." Eve said as she reached for another shirt in her closet.

"Eve," Her father said as he walked into the room.

"Good morning dad." She said running to him and giving him a hug.

He gave her a big hug. His hugs were always the best. It made her feel so alive and in a way human. Her dad was patient and kind. Her mom was hard, and she could be cold and very businesslike. But, she was thawing out some. Her dad was teaching her mom to be more human, well somewhat human, except when she was giving instructions to Eve. She knew that her mother loved her.

She did not know much about her mom's earlier life. She knew that she was a fierce warrior and that at one point something dangerous was hunting her. She knew that her mom had experienced a lot of hurt in her life. She shared her mom's blood and could access it if she wanted too. She felt that would invade her mom's personal privacy and she did not want to do that. She wanted her mom to tell her in her own time.

"Your mother is correct. You must be very careful around them," said her father as he released her. "If you hurt someone..."

"You will fix them at the hospital," she said looking in the mirror again. Trying to hide her nervousness from her dad. He could always read her emotions.

"Yeah, but we would have to pull you out of school and you would have to be homeschooled from uncle David," he said.

She turned quickly from the mirror, her face a shade lighter. "I will be extra careful. I will let them hurt me if I have too."

Michael Corvin

Michael Corvin

"No, don't let them hurt you." Selene barked. "They would see you heal and that would raise suspicions."

"Honey, you will be ok," said Michael reassuring her. "You have been doing well when interacting with humans. Remember school is like the mall in a way. Instead of stores, people go to classes where a teacher gives lectures on subjects and quizzes students."

"I know dad," she said. "Remember I have yours and mom's blood in my system. I can access them to keep me caught up on the assignments."

"Knowing something from the bloodline is one thing. It will help you on test and quizzes," he said. "But you can't beat experience."

"That is why I don't think she is ready for this," said Selene. Eve looked at her dad with pleading in her eyes. Please don't side with her.

She could tell that her dad was seriously thinking about taking her mom's side. She really wanted to be in school and make friends. She only had the laboratory and the Lycans as experience. She watched TV and her uncle David, who really wasn't her uncle. Told her all about the human world. She wanted to be a part of it. Not hide from it. She was so relieved when her dad smiled at her, Relief flooding through her.

"Selene, we have talked about this. We want to settle down and be a real family. This is the beginning of it. Eve goes to school. you and David start your business." He said as he moved closer to Selene now and picked her up to hug her. "And I go to work and come home and watch the game. You bring me my beer and rub my feet."

"I am not rubbing your feet," Selene said as she hit his arm playfully. "You don't even drink beer."

"Eve hurry up and get dress. You will be leaving soon," said Michael as he carried Selene out the door.

She watched as the door closed behind her father. She could hear her father still talking about a foot rub and beer. She finally settled on an outfit, dressed. Checked herself in the mirror one more time and went out the door with a smile on her face.

She ran downstairs and into the kitchen. She saw David sipping on a blood bag watching the small TV he had installed under the counters. He was watching the news. He turned and looked at her.

"Well you look really pretty today," said David smiling at her.

"Thanks," she said trying to hide the redness of her face. "Do you really think that I look ok?"

"Yes," David said. "But, remember it is not what you wear that makes you beautiful. It is how you carry yourself. But, most of all it is how you treat people."



She nodded her head in understanding. David was always bringing her back to reality. She grabbed a donut out of the box that was on the counter. She was the only one in the family that could eat human food.

"So, are you ready?" asked David as he pulled his car's key out of his pocket.

"Yes," she said following him out the door.

Chapter Text

'Anything?' thought spoke Jake to Cassie as he flew in bat form. 'I am not sure,' thought spoke Cassie as she transformed from an opossum to herself. Jake morphed into himself while in flight. He almost fell over when his feet hit the ground.



"I forgot to use sonar," he said sheepishly, trying to cover his awkward landing.

Cassie morphed into herself. She yawned. She was tired but here lately things have gotten strange with the Yeerks. They have not heard anything from them. She knew that they were around. She was certain there was another pool that they have set up for Kandrona Rays. But so far, they have been unable to find it.

"So, anything to report?" asked Jake trying to stop a yawn.

"No, I concentrated on the East side tonight." said Cassie. "I have found no Yeerk activity. But, the woods seem a little different tonight." She did not want to tell him that she thought that there was something in the woods that scared her. She found no trace of anything. Yet, she was sure there was something there and it was creeping her out.

"Well. I got it from here. You need to get some sleep," said Jake. "You look like you could use it"

"I am tired," she said thankful that Jake took her worried as tiredness.

She morphed into a deer since it was dark outside and ran off towards her house. Once she got into town she morphed into an owl and flew home silently.

Jake watched her go. This war was taking a toll on all of them. He wondered how long they would have to keep fighting. He knew that the Yeerks had enslaved many worlds. But, Jake was not going to allow them to enslave his world.

Jake Berenson

Jake Berenson

Jake decided to concentrate on the West and South side of the woods, He morphed into a bat, mole, fox, and even an ant, to get the feel of the woods. There was something off in the woods tonight. All his animal morphs screamed at him that something was off. But there was not one thing that he could put his finger on.

He made his way back to the small clearing that they all met at. Tobias was already there. He would be taking over the next shift. Jake released is morph. He stood next to Tobias.

"Wow, you look tired, said Tobias upon seeing Jake.

"I think we all are," said Jake giving a small smile to Tobias. Jake had pity for Tobias. His parents had died, and he lived with his uncle and aunt, who did not care about him at all. They were drunks and abused him. Sometimes they would throw him out of the house. Jake remembered, before the war, that Tobias was a loner. Bullied at school, usually for wearing the same clothes for three days in a row. Jake did not know that at the time is uncle or aunt threw him out and he only went to school to eat.

Now, Tobias is a fierce warrior. He got stuck as a hawk when he went in to save Rachel from the Yeerks. Morphing is wonderful, but it has some draw backs. The biggest is you can only stay in morph form for up to two hours if you stay any longer than that, you are permanently stuck in that morph. That person is a Nothlit. As Ax explained it to him. Tobias was a Nothlit. Luckily for Tobias, the Ellimist was able to give the power of morphing back to Tobias, but he must turn back into a hawk every two hours. He can now take is original human form. But, now his base form is that of a hawk. Jake had a suspicion that Tobias went into hawk form to escape his human troubles and liked it better as a hawk.

"No, you really do look bad," said Tobias.

"Thanks," said Jake trying to hold back a yawn. "I covered the South and West. I saw no signs of the Yeerks.

"They have been quiet lately," said Tobias.

Yeah, and that is what is worrying me," said Jake with a yawn.

"You have school in two hours. You need to head home," said Tobias with concern in his voice.

"I know... I will," said Jake this time giving into a yawn. "I wish that I knew what they were planning. They have been quiet for three months."

"Maybe, they have decided to go on to greener pastures," said Tobias smiling.

"I wish," said Jake smiling. "There is something in the woods. I am not sure what it is. But every morph that I went into could tell that there is something not right in the woods. I am not sure how to explain it. There is a predator in the woods is the only way to describe it."

"Did you see anything?" asked Tobias

"No, and neither did Rachel," said Jake. When he said her name, he saw Tobias' eyes light up. He knew that Tobias had a crush on is cousin. He wasn't going to say anything about that. Let them sort it out was his motto towards them. He suspected that Rachel liked him also.

"His she Ok?" asked Tobias.

"Yes," said Jake yawning again.

"Why don't I fly with you home," said Tobias.

"Ok," said Jake too tired to argue.

A great horned owl flew slightly through the night. To a casual observer the owl looked majestic and strong flying silently through the night air. To an astute observer one could tell that the owl was flying fast and hard towards a target. That target just happen to be a bedroom window. The owl flew silently in. When the owl hit the floor there was a boy in its place where the owl should have been.

'That is cutting it too close Jake.' Thought spoke Tobias to Jake.



'I know Tobias.' thought Jake as he fell into his bed falling asleep.

A falcon flew where the owl once flew. To anyone watching it would have been unusual for a falcon to be flying now in the morning especially before the sun broke the horizon. As the hawk flew it shifted into a bat and kept flying.

'What is that noise.' thought Jake trying to wake up and reach for the alarm clock that was making that infernal noise. He failed at the last part knocking the alarm clock off his night stand and on to the floor. Now the infernal noise was now underneath him and the only way of turning it off was to get up and find it. That took care of the first part now he was awake, well at least partially awake.

'Jake.' thought Tobias as he landed on the window's ledge. 'I completed my patrol and there were no signs of Yeerks anywhere.' Tobias hated to wake Jake up. He needed to give report. He knew that Jake would be more worried if he did not show up.

'Really,' thought Jake back. "It has been over three months since we destroyed the Kandrona Rays surely they built another one."

'If they did,' thought Tobias to Jake. 'They are keeping it well hidden.'

'Rachel and Cassie have been following Tom for a while now,' thought Jake to Tobias as he dressed for school. 'They have even joined the Sharing but so far they have not been able to turn up anything either.'

'It is strange for them to be this quiet for this long,' thought Tobias. 'Well I am going to go and get some breakfast. This patrolling thing is hard on this hawk-boy.'

'Yes, tell me about it,' thought Jake as he yawned aloud. 'I will talk to you at school'

'OK,' thought Tobias as he flew out of thought speak range.

Jake finished getting dressed and hurried down to the kitchen. He poured himself some cereal and a big cup of coffee. "I am going to need this today" he said aloud.

"Bad night last night?" asked his brother Tom. 


Tom Berenson

"Yeah, up playing on my phone." lied Jake. "This new game that I downloaded is really addictive. You should get it too."

"No thanks, I am ok." said Tom in a very leveled voice. For three months now, Tom has been acting weird. Jake new that he was a controller. A controller was someone who had a Yeerk in their brain. But this was like different. It was like Tom didn't get emotional any more. He didn't laugh or harass Jake anymore, he came in a did his work, went to the sharing, and came home and pretty much nothing else. Jake new it was the Yeerk inside him controlling him. But this was so different, even for the Yeerk.

"Well it is probably better that you didn't. I would beat you so badly that you would have to give up your phone permanently due to the humiliation you would receive." said Jake.

"Yeah, you are probably right." said Tom in the same emotional less voice as he headed out the door.

Jake finished his cereal and coffee. He was worried about his brother. He filled up his coffee cup again and grabbed his backpack and headed out the door to school. 'I am going to set you free Tom,' he thought to himself.

Chapter Text

"John" Cameron said as she stood outside the bedroom door. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," John Connor answered as he came out of his bedroom and looked at her.

Cameron and John

Cameron and John Connor

"Good," said Cameron as she looked at him with her head cocked slightly in her analyzing pose. She then turned around and walked away. She heard the door slam behind her.

John looked at himself one more time in the mirror, ran his fingers through his hair, and picked up his backpack off the end of his bed. 'Another school, time to pretend to be someone else.' he thought to himself. 'Wonder if there would be any cute girls. Would love to have a girlfriend.' But he knew that was not going to be a reality this time.

John hated his life. He was not some super leader in the future. He never asked for it. He just wanted to be a normal kid. His mom was always training him and preparing him. Nothing was off limits from her constant training. Even a simple dinner turned in to a training session. Which foods to eat. Which to stay away from. How to take apart this gun or reassemble this gun. How to rewire technology. Always a training session.

All he really wanted was a mom to tell him about girls. How to talk to them. How to make them laugh. How to tell him if they liked him or not. No, stuff like that was not for the great John Connor, savior of humanity. No, he had to lead. Show no emotion. He did not have room for romance. He felt so hollow inside. It was like he was trying to give up his humanity to save it.

He took one more look at himself in the mirror. He made sure that he was inconspicuous as possible he needed to blend in. He ran his fingers through his hair one last time before heading out the door.

"Morning," John said as he walked into the kitchen. His mom was at the stove cooking pancakes. She always made pancakes when they were starting over. Reece was at the table cleaning his gun. Cameron was just standing near the window looking out it. Always on guard.

"Morning," his mom said as she put a stack of pancakes on the table and sat down. Reece moved his gun parts to the side and took two pancakes off the stack and put them on his plate.

"What is your name," his mother barked at him. She never let up on him. The constant drill instructor.

"John Smith," he started filling his cup with coffee.

"Where are you from John," barked his mother again.

"I am from Paradise Falls, Ohio," stated John pouring maple syrup over his pancakes. He really passed the petty stuff of why he was here. Who is was etc. But, his mom always went over the "basics".

"What brought you here to Beacon Hills, John," stated Reece this time. Reece normally did not go over the basics with him. This sudden interest from Reece threw him for a loop. He suspected that Reece knew that he was answering the questions without giving any thought to them.

"Well, after the terrorist attack at my old school my mom got scared and decided to move here," stated John in a bored voice he was not going to give Reece the satisfaction of knowing that this was boring him.

"Why would she come here," asked Cameron this time.

"Yes, why would she come here?" asked Sarah while giving Cameron the I don't trust you look.

Sarah and John

Sarah and John

"Because she is hiding me from killer robots that are trying to kill me. Because I am the great John Connor the savior of mankind," stated John shoveling a fork full of pancakes in his mouth.

"This is not what we discussed," stated Cameron.

"John this is no joke. You need to keep your guard up, always," stated Sarah. "One little slip-up John and this will all be over. You will be dead; the world will be dead. I will be dead."

"Mom, I know the drill. We just moved here from Paradise Falls, Ohio. My uncle and cousin joined us. My father died in Afghanistan while serving in the Marines," said John. "My mom worked at a flower shop in Ohio. She is now looking for a job. My uncle works in IT. We moved here to get away from some bad memories. Plus, my mom was freaked out by the accident at the school. I wasn't there that day, so I don't know what happened. My uncle can work from anywhere, so we came here. Good enough?"

"John what is wrong with you?" yelled his mom getting up.

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor

"Nothing!" yelled John back while getting up and dropping is plate into the sink and grabbing his backpack and heading out the door." Cameron looked at Sarah than to Derek and then followed John out the door.

"Teenagers," said Derek and went back to eating his pancakes.

"This is not funny," said Sarah.

"You forget that John is a teenager," said Reece. "He was not brought up in this war. You had a life-changing experience. He knows what is going on. But he is still a teenager."

Sarah looked at Reece." I need to train him."

"Yes, you do," Reece said. "But, he is still a teenage boy. He is not interested in saving mankind. Right now, he is more interested in the fairer sex and trying to figure out how to approach girls."

"He does not have time for that," said Sarah.

"Do you remember when you were a teenager?" asked Reece.

Sarah thought for a moment. She tried to remember what it was like to be a teenager. All those hormones running through you. How things were confusing and trying to figure out who you were.

Derek Reece

Derek Reece

"What did you do in the future?" asked Sarah.

"We would have gotten the young man or woman laid," said Reece. "This way we could continue the war. Sex was something to continue humanity. There was very little emotion in it. But, it does not have to be. John wants to be with someone he cares about."

"So, you think his behavior is all to do with his hormones?" asked Sarah.

"Would you like me to show you his internet history?" asked Reece.

"He doesn't have time for romance," said Sarah sadly.

"Yeah, but right now that is the only thing on his mind," said Reece as he started to put his guns back together.

Chapter Text

TV reporter on screen. "Now in local news. Yesterday two men were arguing at the Crash Down café when things got out of control. One of the men pulled a gun out and fired it inside the café. There are conflicting reports with witnesses. Some say that a waitress was shot, and a young man healed her. Other witnesses are saying that the bullet hit a ketchup bottle and spilled on the waitress. Here is our field reporter now..."

"So, are you nervous?" asked Stephen Trager to his wife wrapping his arms around her. She was in the bathroom getting ready for her day.

Stephen Trager

Stephen Trager

"Honestly no, I am not nervous, I am terrified," said Nicole putting her other earring in her ear. "Did we do the right thing?"

"Honey we have been through this already," said Stephen kissing her on the back of her neck. "We needed a fresh start, especially with the kids. Since everything that happened with Zzyzx, Kyle, and Jessi. The kids agreed to this though, I am still not sure why we needed to bring Declan or Amanda with us."

"I know that we are doing the right thing with the kids," she said turning to face him. "You know that Declan's dad threw him out. How could a father do that to his son, is beyond me? Plus, he and Kyle have become close. It is just tragic that Amanda's mom died in that car crash. She just did not have anyone. She needed someone and with the foster care system overloaded. I just could not put her through that stress."

Nicole Trager

Nicole Trager

"I know Amanda is great, but Declan... Really?" said Stephen breaking their embrace. "Didn't he get in trouble with the law? I am not sure that he is such a good influence on Kyle or Josh."

"He is a good kid. He took a fall for helping out his friends, that is an excellent quality" she admonished to Stephen. "I know, he did help Kyle with his memory which is important for him. He is almost like an anchor for Kyle."


Declan McDonough

"So, are you worried about your new job?" he asked changing the subject. He did not want to go into why he did not trust Declan all the way. He knew that Declan had dated his daughter. He had a suspicion that they had sex, He thought that his daughter was old enough to make those kinds of decisions. He just did not want it to happen under his roof. He knew that Declan and Lori were friends, He was worried that if they ever wanted to rekindle their relationship. It would not turn out well. He pushed those thoughts from his mind. it was no use worrying about what-ifs. So far Lori had put Declan in the friend zone and he knew from his own experience when he was younger a boy almost never got out of that zone.

"He looked down at his wife. She looked up at him and smiled. It was a forced smile that said yes, I am. But, he could see right through her. "Honey you are going to be great at the school. You are going to be fantastic. You are going to be better than fantastic." he said as he hugged her again.

"Thanks.... I love you." She said as she welcomed his touch. She felt all warm and secure in his embrace.

"Well let's go downstairs and get the kids ready for their first day at a new school," he said while breaking the embrace and kissing her.

"Why did we come here again," said Josh as he closed the refrigerator door. "I mean couldn't we have gone to Hawaii, I mean, who has ever heard of Beacon Hills."

Kyle looked at him as he poured cereal into a bowl then added the milk that he got from the refrigerator. Kyle was much amused by reading Josh. He could tell that he was nervous. Kyle surmised it was from him going to a new school and probably not knowing anyone. Kyle was sympathetic to him.

Josh Trager

Josh Trager

"Josh, you might like Beacon Hills," said Kyle with a grin.

"Have you read anything about this place. It is strange, I'll tell you," stated Josh as he took another spoonful of cereal. "I mean murders that have gone unsolved. Fire burning houses and boats down. I mean there is an active arsonist around here somewhere. Don't even get me started on all of the animal attacks and unsolved murders."

"Fire happens in every town. It is sad but true," stated Kyle.

"Yeah, that is true. But, from what I read there is a lot of strange things that happen in this town." Wild animal attacks, corpses without blood." said Josh taking another big spoonful of his cereal.

"What corpses without blood?" asked Lori as she and Jessi came into the kitchen. "Have you been playing your video games again."

Lori Trager

Lori Trager

"No!" stated Josh. "It's true."

"What is true?" asked Nicole coming into the kitchen.

Jessi XX


"Josh thinks that there are corpses walking around without blood," said Jessi.

"I didn't say that," said Josh. "I said that there were some very strange things happening in this town. I read some guy's internet site about this place. It is bizarre central around here."

Kyle XY


"Well, I was going to make breakfast, but, I see some of us have already eaten." said Nicole as she walked in and picked up the empty box of cereal." Kyle just smiled at her as he took another bite of his cereal. Josh was still arguing with Jessi over some video game.

"Well ladies, since the guys ate without us, how about we pick up some Starbucks on the way." said Nicole as she grabbed her keys and headed out the door with the girls following right behind.

"A white chocolate mocha with caramel drizzle sounds fantastic," stated Amanda as she followed behind the others.

Amanda Bloom

Amanda Bloom

"Hey, we want some too," yelled Josh as he and Kyle ran after them leaving their cereal bowls on the table.

Declan picked up the cereal bowls and put them in the sink. He did not want there to be a mess when they got home. Declan was trying to help more around the house. His father always told him that he never helped around the house and that was why his mother left them. He knew that it wasn't true. The sting of his father's words still haunts him. He was going to make sure that he was going to be nothing like his father thought him to be. He also wanted to show the Trager's how thankful he was for allowing him to live with them. He rushed out the door after making sure that the table was wiped down.

They all pile into the SUV. Kyle could tell that everyone was nervous except for Jessi. She seemed to be filled with curiosity at starting in a new school. Kyle just hoped that she would not call too much attention to herself. He realized that she was only trying to make friends. Doing things that normal people could not do could cause people not to trust you. He hoped that she learned from last time and instead just be herself and not a freak.

Chapter Text

Turning off the shower and stepping out of the tub. Elena wiped the moisture off the mirror. She looked at herself in the now streaked mirror. The reflection that was looking back at her seemed to be getting harder to make out as the steam tried to cover up the clear spot she just made. Her life lately seemed like that mirror. The more she thought that she saw things clearly, the cloudier they became. She had still not come to terms with her parents' death. She understood in her head that life had to go on. But, her heart still ached from the loss. She did not even know how to pick up the pieces let alone put her heart back together. She turned on the exhaust fan and waited as the fog on the mirror began to fade. Wishing that she could have an exhaust fan in her life that would remove all the fog that covered her heart.

"I need an exhaust fan for my life," she said aloud. She finished getting ready for school. She took one more look at herself in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. She smiled to make sure she had it right for she knew that she was going to have to wear this smile that was in the reflection in the mirror for the rest of the day.

Elena sat on the end of her bed. 'I can do this.' she said to herself. She quickly got up and started looking through her closet for something to wear. She chose a red shirt, a pair of jeans, and a light jacket. Something that was comfortable yet not mourning clothes. She looked in the mirror one more time before leaving her room. She smiled just to make sure it looked right.

"Good morning," Elena said to Jenna as she came into the kitchen heading straight for the coffee. She poured herself a cup.

"Good morning," said Jenna as she put her coffee cup down on the counter. "Have you seen Jeremy this morning."

Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert

"No," said Elena.

"Elena am I being a bad caregiver?" asked Jenna.

"No," said Elena hoping that her voice sounded like she wanted it too. "I know that it has not been easy taking over for your mom and dad. But I have no complaints."

"Thanks," said Jenna. "I just feel overwhelmed sometimes. I am not sure if I am making the right decisions when it comes to you kids."

Just then Jeremy came into the kitchen. He went right for the coffee pot. Poured himself a cup and took a large swallow out of it. Then poured himself some more filling his cup to the brim before walking out of the kitchen without acknowledging either one of them.

Elena looked at Jenna then started to laugh, "Well, I think I can see your problem. You are completely overwhelmed I see." It felt good to laugh. Jenna could always make her mood light.

"I know right," said Jenna picking up the coffee pot and pouring the scant remains into her cup. Put the cup up to her mouth and was about to drink it. Looked at the coffee in the cup and decided she did not need the coffee anyways and dumped it down the drain.

"Just give him some time," said Elena more seriously. "He has been through a lot. I will talk to him."



"No, that is ok," said Jenna, "Let us give him some time."

"Ok but if you need help. I can talk to him," said Elena putting her coffee cup in the sink.

"So how is school?" said Jenna changing the subject. "Any cute boys going to be there?"

"School is good," said Elena. "And I am not looking for a boy right now. I have too much going on with everything that has happened lately."

"Elena, you need to get on with your life," said Jenna. "You just can't keep on living this way. I believe it is time for you to have some fun. Get out of this house and live a little."

"Thanks, Aunt Jenna," said Elena trying to change the subject. "Don't you have a presentation to give or something?"

"Oh, crap yes I do," said Jenna looking at her watch. "I am a terrible person, your first day of school and I am so unprepared."

"We will be fine," said Elena. "Bonnie is on her way to pick us up. So, don't worry. We will be ok."

"If you need anything just call," said Jenna as she raced out the door.

Elena went over to the sink and put the cups in the dishwasher. Wiped off the counter where Jeremy spilled his coffee and removed the coffee ground from the coffee machine and threw them in the garbage. Jeremy walked in and went straight to the refrigerator and opened the OJ and started to drink it right from the carton.

Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert

"Jeremy stop that," said Elena. "Other people want to have some also."

Jeremy just looked at her and continued to drink from the carton. When he finished he threw the empty carton in the trash. Elena just looked at him in disgust.

"Bonnie is coming by to pick me up for school. Do you want a ride also?" asked Elena.

"No, I think that I would rather walk," he said.

"Jer, if you..." said Elena with as much concern in her voice. She knew Jeremy was trying to cope with everything just as she was. She felt that she and her brother have grown apart more instead of growing closer during their time of grief. She was dealing with her own emotions which were difficult enough. She wanted to be there for Jeremy but did not know how to do it.

"Stop Elena. I am ok, you don't need to mother me," said Jeremy as he headed out the door.

Elena stood there for a moment. Mad and hurt at the same time. She knew that her brother was hurting. But, she sensed that he was just making some bad choices in his life.

She heard a horn beep and knew that Bonnie was here. She grabbed her stuff and headed towards the front door. She saw Bonnie in her car. She looked like she was enjoying the song on the radio, her mouth was open, and her eyes were closed as she sang with the melody. Elena got in and smiled as Bonnie turned down the radio.

"Hi," said Bonnie. "Is Jeremy coming?"

"Hi and no," said Elena. "He wanted to walk."

"Well his lost," said Bonnie. She put the car in drive and drove towards the school.

"So, Grams is telling me I'm psychic. Our ancestors were from Salem, witches and all that, I know, crazy, but she's going on and on about it, and I'm like, put this woman in a home already!" said Bonnie talking really fast like she does when she is excited about something. Elena was glad that Bonnie gave her room to grieve but pulled her out of it when she started to mope too much. "But then I started thinking, I predicted Obama and I predicted Heath Ledger, and I still think Florida will break off and turn into little resort islands...Elena! Back in the car."

Elena turned her head and face Bonnie. "I did it again, didn't I? I...I'm sorry, Bonnie. You were telling me." Elena did her best to try and listen to what Bonnie was saying again.

"I think that I am psychic now," said Bonnie giving a small smile to Elena.

"Right," said Elena deciding to play along with her friend. Elena did not believe that her friend was a psychic. She did believe that people could have psychic abilities. She just was sure if Bonnie had them. "Okay, then predict something about me."

A smile spread across Bonnie face "I see..." before Bonnie could finish her sentence a crow flew into the windshield of the car. Bonnie slammed on the break and the car swerved on the road.

"What was that?!" Bonnie looked over at Elena concerned in her eyes. "Elena are you okay?"

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett

"It's okay." Said Elena doing her best to keep the nervousness out of her voice. "I'm fine."

"It was a bird or something," said Bonnie trying to comfort her friend with her words. "It came out of nowhere."

"Really," said Elena answering Bonnie's looked that said that she did not believe she was ok. "I can't be freaked out by cars for the rest of life."

Bonnie looked at her one more and smiled. "I predict this year is going to be kick ass," Bonnie said as she put the car in drive and headed towards the school. "And, I predict all the sad and dark times are over and you are going to be beyond happy."

Chapter Text

"Mother I need you to understand this" Caleb said. "We have to do this."

"All I understand is that I lost your father. Now I am going to lose you too." said his mother.

"You are not going to lose me," Caleb said walking towards his mother. "We talked about this. We have to find him we are not safe until we do."

Caleb Danvers

Caleb Danvers

"Why can't you just let it go," she said with a higher octave in her voice. "Why do you have to pursue him. Are you trying to get yourself killed? Just because you have ascended, and you have more power. But I know this power is seductive. You are just ready for another round with him. Just so you can prove who is stronger."

Caleb moved next to his mom and took the drink out of her hand, ran his hand down her worried face. "Mom we have gone over this before. All of us, even Tyler, has had the same dream. It is like we are being pulled, we must go. There is a foreboding drawing us to go."

"All the more reason not to go." said his mother.

"Mother I am sorry, but we need to do this," said Caleb breaking free from her and walking towards the door.

"How did she take it?" asked Sarah as Caleb enter the room.

"Not well," Caleb said as he put some shirts in the suitcase. "The others should be here soon."

"I am all packed," she said walking over to him.

"Sarah, you don't have to go," said Caleb zipping up his suitcase and turning towards her. "This could be dangerous. Chase might hurt you again. I am not sure if you should go. I think that you should stay here."

"We have been through this before," she said kissing him. "There is no place that would be safe from him, except with you. You are my protector. Plus, I need to protect you from those Beacon Hills High School girls."

Sarah Wendham

Sarah Wenham

He kissed her. Holding her tight. 'I am never going to let you go,' he thought to himself. Looking into her eyes. "Yeah, I hear those Beacon Hills High School girls are very aggressive and persuasive."

'Oh yeah," she said pushing him onto the bed. "How persuasive are these girls going to be."

"Oh, very persuasive," he stated as she started to kiss his neck and chest. He grabbed her and flipped her over and started to kiss her also. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a long passionate kiss.

Reid Garwin

Reid Garwin

"Whoa, cover your eyes baby boy," said Reid trying to cover Tyler's eyes as they walked through the door.

Caleb hurried and jumped off Sarah. "You were to call me when you came up the drive," said Caleb trying to straighten himself up.

"We did," said Tyler

"Several times," said Reid sarcastically. "But we can go back and wait in the car and give you guys a couple of minutes."

"No, we are ready," said Sarah red-faced.

"It is no problem at all," said Reid as he winked at Sarah. "Caleb is usually done in a couple of minutes."

"Still twice as long as you. I hear," said Sarah seductively to Reid.

"Ha!" laughed Tyler as he grabbed a suitcase and started to walk out the door.

"What are you laughing at. I don't think that you ever had a girl before," said Reid following after Tyler.

Tyler Simms

Tyler Simms

Caleb looked at Sarah. "I guess we will have to pick this up later."

"I always wanted to be in the mile-high club," she said as she walked out the room swaying her hips and looking over her shoulder with her blonde hair going down the side of her face.

Caleb's eyes widen, and a big smile broke out on his face. He grabbed his suitcase and hurried out the door after her.

At the driveway, Pogue had the back open of the Suburban that they were taking to the airport. "Hey," he said to Sarah.

"Hi," she said back to him before getting into the car. Tyler and Reid were still arguing over their conquest of women. "Are they going to be like this the entire time?"

"They can go on like this for days," said Pogue helping Caleb put the last of the luggage in the vehicle.

"Great," she said as she dug out earphones to put in her ears.

"You have everything?" Pogue asked getting into the driver's seat.

"Yeah," said Caleb at shotgun. "Gorman has everything prepared for us. We start school in a couple of days after we get settled in."

"Do you think that he is there?" asked Pogue

"I don't know, but something is there and we all feel drawn there for some reason. I think that we need to go there at least to check it out," said Caleb as the Suburban headed out of the driveway and towards the airport. "I think that we should be very careful once we get there."

"Do you feel anything different?" asked Caleb to Pogue changing the subject. He did not want to get everyone riled up. He wanted to protect Sarah as much as he could.

Pogue looked at him. He could tell that Caleb was asking him something that he did not want the others to hear. Especially, Reid and Tyler. Pogue noticed Caleb kept looking at them in the rearview mirror. He could tell that he waited until they both had their earbuds in before he spoke again to him.

"What do you mean?" replied Pogue looking out his window and watching the trees go by.

"With the magic," said Caleb. "It feels different, it is the same, but something is off. If you know what I mean."

"Maybe, it is because you have ascended," said Pogue. "It feels the same to me."

"It could be," said Caleb. "I heard my father speak on ascending and the dangers. He has never said that it would feel different, other than it will be a hundred times more addictive."


Pogue Parry

"Is it?" asked Pogue looking at him. The power was extremely addictive now. It could not imagine it being any more addictive.

"Yes, it is, I have all this power running through me. It feels like fire running through my veins," said Caleb. "I only get relief when I use it and when I do I want to do it again and again. But, dear oh dad told me about this. Just the same as your dad told you. I just did not believe them."

"So that bad," said Pogue. "So, what's your number?"

"25," said Caleb smiling at him. It was a fake smile. A smile that conveyed I am in trouble but for now, I am ok.

"Whoa," said Pogue he did not pressure Caleb any further. He looked out his window again. Is mind wandering back to when he, Caleb, Reid, and Tyler were younger and just came into their powers. Their fathers telling them all about it. He remembered how their moms worried. When they found out that the magic drained their life force. Every time they would use some of the power it would steal from the lifespan. Using the magic would age you. He remembered his dad dying at the age of 37. He looked like he was 90, It was a joke that they made up when they were kids. Who could live the longest, since he could remember Caleb always said 65. The reality of being supernatural weighed heavy on him. When Caleb told him his new number of 25. Was Caleb only going to live seven more years...


Chapter Text

Alex reached over and turned off his alarm clock. It was way too early for it to go off. He shook his head and pushed the covers from him. He sat on the side of his bed. His mind now fully awake was thinking about everything that happened last night. The girl kept coming to the forefront in his mind. He could not believe that his parents were involved in anything like killing someone.

'No that can't be it," he said to himself. His parents could not kill someone. No, he refused to believe it. There had to be another explanation. Things were just so weird since Amy died. Everything fell apart since her death. He wanted so badly for everything to go back to the way it was, Amy kept everyone together. She was the glue that held them. Without her, they were totally without direction and in some case meaning.

Alec Wilder

Alec Wilder

He grabbed his phone off the nightstand. He had no new messages or missed calls. He needed help to figure this out. He pulled up his contact list. The first name that he went to was Nico. He felt sadness and longing. He should have gone to Amy's funeral. He did not, and that decision has come back to haunt him.

Amy died. They said that she overdosed. Alex knew it was a lie. Amy did not do any drugs. She was not depressed. She played video games with him. They normally played Battlefield. Alex knew that something else was going on. He had a suspicion that whoever hacked her computer had something to do with her death. He stayed up all night before her funeral trying to find any evidence that someone killed her. He did not, but he did manage to sleep through her funeral.


Nico Minoru

Now how could he face Nico? The girl that he had a crush on since he was eleven years old. How could he explain that he thought someone killed your sister? Did he want to open old wounds like that? Now things have changed. There was something going with their parents and this so-called Pride meeting. He just needed to find out what it was. His gut was telling him that it had something to do with Amy's death.

He started to add people into the group text. Hoping that the others would respond. Was last night just a fluke for them. Did they all really come together and full their parents. He could not believe that his parents were fooled by them playing Twister. He had to laugh a little to himself. It did bring back good memories of when they were young. He typed on his phone. He hoped that the others would figure it out what he meant.

Alex: We need to all meet talk about our twister game that we had last night.

Gert: I can't seem to get the color red out of my mind for some reason.

Leave it to Gert to figure out that Alex was trying to use code to hide anything from his parents. Especially, Nico's mom was the head of the company that produced most of the new phones' software services. 


Molly Hernandez

Chase: ??? I more worried about the girl.

Molly: U alwayz haz a gurl on ur brain.

'Nice save Molly,' Alex thought to himself. Chase, you can be a typical jock at times. Alex hoped that he would catch on soon.


Karolina Dean

Karolina: It is funny that red reminded me of a fuzzy robe I had at this hotel that I went to with the church. They had the best robes.

Chase: A robe really with what happened last night.


Chase Stein

Karolina: Yes, it's funny that RED robe was so comfy. It is funny I only use it once. I took it off, then poof it was gone. Like it vanished in a bright light.

Alex could not believe Chase could be this dense. Did he not realize that they were talking about? They were talking about the girl that was possibly killed last night by their parents. If they texted that. Nico's mom would find out, that they know about what happened at their so call Pride meeting.

Alex: Nico when is your mom coming out with the new software updates. My PHONE seems to be lagging.

Nico: I am not sure they have to update their privacy setting or something like that.

Chase: arrgghh I am dumb.

Gert: Typical jock. But we won't hold against you.

Nico: I am going to go to the beach this morning to see the waves before school. Meet me there so we can catch up on things. Be there in 30 min.

Alex: Shower then I am there

Karolina: I think I can make it, have my morning meditations.

Gert: We are on our way after we finish getting ready.

Chase: Cya there

Alex put his phone on his nightstand. Got up and went to the bathroom. Turned on the water as hot as he could. He stood there for a moment as the steam built a good mist around him. The mist obscured his reflection in the mirror. He sometimes wished that he had that ability to do that with his life. Especially his pain. It would be great to be able to have a mist that he could conjure up. He would use it to hide his pain and hurt.

Alex finished his shower and dressed in his red shirt with a yellow number one on it, dark gray skinny jeans and his olive-green hoodie. He adjusted his glasses on his face before grabbing his backpack and heading out the door. He hoped that he could beat his parents out the door. He did not really want to speak with them right now. He had too many unanswered questions. He also thought that he did not want to give them any clue that they knew about the secret room.

As he approached the kitchen he could hear that his mom and dad were already there. He could hear them talking but could not make out what they said. He took a deep breath and let it out. He had to calm himself before he met his parents.

"Do you want some breakfast?" asked his mom.

"No," he said. "I am just going to eat on the way." He walked over to the pantry and pulled out a pack of blueberry pop-tarts.

"Did you have fun last night?" asked his father as he took a drink of his coffee.

The Wilders

Mr. and Mrs. Wilder

"Yes, it was fun hanging out with everyone," he said. "I hope that we did not leave to big of a mess."

"No, it is fine," his mother said. "You can clean it up later today. It was nice to have your friends over."

"Uh, ok," said Alex hoping that his parents took it for teenage angst, Teenagers were not supposed to talk with their parents. Alex looked at his dad before heading out the door. Letting them know that he did not want to talk about teenage affairs with his parents.

Chapter Text

"The Seelie queen will be here soon," said Raj as he walked up to Alec.


Alec Lightwood

"Is everything ready?" asked Alec.

"Yes, Luke and his entire pack are here," said Raj trying to keep up with the pace Alec was setting. "Raphael and his entire coven are here also."

"Good," said Alec he could tell that Raj was not happy with all the Downworlders in the Institute. Raj like most Shadowhunter's had a built-in prejudice against everyone that was not a Shadowhunter. The Clave literally brainwashed every Shadowhunter that they were superior to all the other creatures, be they werewolf, vampire, warlock, or mundane.

Alec thought that way until recently. Clary had opened his eyes to a different way of thinking. She was a Shadowhunter who was raised in the world of the mundane. She was not brainwashed by the Clave. When Alec first met her, he did not like her. Jase his adopted brother had taken a strong liking to her. Alec was jealous for he had a secret crush on Jase also. He knew that nothing would come of it, but he secretly hoped that it would. Alec buried all those emotions deep down. Clary helped him face them and he was able to find true love in Magnus Bane.

It still brings a smile to his face when he thinks about that day. It was his wedding day. He was going to marry Heidi. When Magnus showed up he knew that he had to follow his heart. He was so terrified at what his mom was going to say. To his surprise, his mother was not mad that he was gay but, that he was in love with a warlock. Magnus Bane to be exact the high warlock of Brooklyn.

His mother's reaction showed him how narrow-minded and bias the Clave's way of thinking was. They were tasked with defending the mundane against the demons' hordes. They looked on everything that was not of an angel's blood as inferior. But, Clary showed him that all life was equal, and he was going to make sure that his Institute would reflect that.


Luke Garroway

He formed a council with the Downworlders. The Accords were the guidelines. But, he wanted to include the vampires, werewolves, and the fair folk as equals. He wanted to give them a voice in how things were governed. The way things were now the Clave more or less dictated how the races behaved, now some parts of the Accords were perfect. Not killing of mundane. Not letting the mundane know about their world. Alec understood and agreed with them. The ones that kept the races apart and at each other's throats he did not like.

"Is the guard ready to receive the queen?" asked Alec as he headed to the Institute's grand hall.

"Yes," said Raj

Alec walked into the grand hall of the Institute. There were around twenty Shadowhunters dressed in their black ceremonial gear. They looked very professional. Alec was proud of the Shadowhunters that reported to him. It took a while for them to fully trust him and they him. But it worked out somehow. His only concern was they were slowly dying out. Children were not being born fast enough to cover their losses. This Institute should have over three-hundred Shadowhunters living in it. Now, they barely had fifty on a good day.

Alec walked up to Magnus he could not help but give his lover a small smile. He tried hard to be professional when he was around Magnus especially, here at the Institute. He was on Shadowhunters and Downworlders business, so he needed to stay focused. But Magnus had awakened something in him. He had been taught that emotions must be controlled. To put the Clave first and his own happiness was second. Magnus changed all of that. Now he had all these emotions and did not know how to express them. He would rather fight 100 demons than to deal with his emotions. Fortunately, Magnus knew how to deal with an emotionally stunted Shadowhunter. Which was why he was even more in love with the man.

"Can you open a portal, please?" He asked Magnus.


Magnus Bane

Magnus just smiled at him. "As you wish."

Magnus started moving his arms and hands in fluid jesters. A purple-reddish ball of energy was cast from Magnus's hand. It arched through the air and landed in the middle of the archway. It began to expand and fill the archway. Once the portal filled the archway. Seelies began to come through.

Alec watched as the first couple of Seelies came through they were dressed in their armor. As more and more Seelies came through he saw that they were all in armor. He looked over at Luke who was standing next to some of his werewolf pack mates. They saw it also. He saw that Raphael and the vampires were also getting a little concerned by the way they were acting. Alec was relieved when he saw more Shadowhunters enter the hall. Someone must have alerted them that something was wrong with their guest arrival. The queen finally arrived, and she was in armor also. Armor on a Seelie meant they were at war.


Raphael Santiago

"Greetings Alec, leader of the New York Shadowhunters," said the small queen. "We have much to discuss."

"Yes, we do," stated Alec.

The queen grabbed his hand with her little hand and led him away from the grand hall. Even though he was the leader of the Institute, it was apparent who was in charge here. The other Shadowhunters looked ready to attack. Alec gave them a nod to let them know that he was ok. He saw that these Shadowhunters were heavily armed also. It gave him a small sense of relief to see that his Shadowhunters were willing to protect him.

The others followed him to the council room. Even though he could never remember a time when the Seelie queen was in the institute. She knew exactly where to go. She took her seat to the right of his. Alec sat down as did Luke, Raphael, and Magnus who was on his left.

Seelie Queen

Seelie Queen

"Why are the Seelie's wearing armor?" asked Magnus. He was putting a voice to what everyone was thinking.

"We are at war," said the Queen.

"Did the Clave break the Accords?" asked Alec.

"We are not at war with the Clave," said the Queen.

"Who are you at war with?" asked Raphael speaking for the first time.

"We don't know yet." said the Queen.

"What do you mean you don't know yet?" asked Luke.

"War is here, we don't know with who yet." said the Queen. "Things are going to change when we get out of here. The world we know will be changed. Demons will not be the only thing that threatens us."

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

Nicole pulled the SUV into the staff's parking lot. She grabbed the plaque and hung it from the rear-view mirror letting the security guard know that it was ok for her to park there. She then pulled into the first parking spot she could find. She drank the last of her coffee, grabbed her stuff and stepped out, hoping that the kids didn't notice how nervous she was. She looked at them as they were getting out of the car. She was happy and nervous for each one of them, knowing that starting a new school would be tough on the kids, especially high school.

Nicole Trager

Nicole Trager

"OK, for now on we have to take separate cars," said Josh. "This is not cool having your mom work at the same school."

"Why would it not be cool?" asked Kyle.

"Look if any of these hot mamas found out that our mom works at this school," said Josh. "It would totally ruin our chances of getting dates. Girls want bad boys. Not teacher's pets."

"Why do girls want to go out with bad boys?" asked Kyle. "Wouldn't they want a guy who treated them nice. A bad boy would mean that he breaks the law and would eventually go to jail. Do girls like seeing boys in jail?"

"Not all girls like bad boys," said Amanda looking at Kyle.


Declan, Lori, Kyle, Amanda, Jessi, and Josh

"OK everyone you have your class schedule," said Nicole.

"Yes," said Kyle.

"I promise that I will try to stay out of your way," She said looking at Josh. "OK, I am going to my office, please stay out of trouble."

"Me, get into trouble?" said Josh mockingly. Nicole just shook her head and walked towards the school.

"Well I'm ready to take over this school," said Josh as he walked towards his class.

"That boy will find trouble," said Declan to Kyle as he walked up beside him, "So, do you think they have a good basketball team?"

"If not, with you on the team they will," said Kyle as they headed towards the school.

"Do all boys talk only about sports?" asked Jessi.

"Sports, girls, and video games," said Lori, "and not necessarily in that order." The girls all laughed and started walking to find their classes.

Nicole watched them go and took a deep breath as she started to walk towards the office. Her phone notifications went off. She looked at it and saw the message.

Sherrif Forbes

Elizabeth Forbes

"Good luck today, you got this," it read. It was from her twin sister, Elizabeth Forbes, the sheriff of The City of Beacon Hills. Good old Liz always knew how to make her feel better. She was proud that her sister made it to Sheriff. It made her feel safer knowing that she had someone in law enforcement on her side.

She remembered how Zzyzx Corp had the local police force in their back pocket. It was scary to think that if they had come. They could have forcibly, removed Kyle from their house, the police force would have looked the other way. That sent shivers down her spine. How pillars of society could be so corrupt.

She knew that it would not happen here. One of the reasons they decided to come to Beacon Hills was because Liz was the sheriff. There was one thing that was odd about this area is that they had three sheriffs. Liz was sheriff of The City of Beacon Hills. Sheriff Stilinski was the county sheriff and Sheriff Valenti was sheriff at large. Her sister said that they were great sheriffs and got along with each other well.

red hair lady

Red-hair Lady

She walked into the school building and towards the head office. She entered the office and saw a red-haired lady sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen. She walked behind the counter expecting the woman to notice her, but, she didn't. Whatever was on the computer seemed to consume her. She walked towards the back room and made her way to the time clock. They showed the clock to her during orientation. There were several other people there as well. Some were clocking in, others were checking their mailboxes.

"Hi." said a light brown hair lady, "You must be new."

"Hi," said Nicole shaking the hand that was extended to her. "Nicole Trager."

Emma deLauro

Emma deLauro

"Emma deLauro," said Emma "I teach anatomy and physiology."

"Guidance Counselor," said Nicole.

"Oh, are you the one from Washington?" asked Emma.

"Yes," said Nicole punching her time clock.

" I heard that you did really outstanding work out there with some troubled kids," said Emma.

"Thanks," said Nicole hoping that she would do OK with the kids here.

"I am glad that you are here," said Emma. "These kids could use a good counselor."

"Is it really that bad here?" asked Nicole. She remembered what her sister said about all the killings and the strange animal attacks that had gone on around here. She was sure that some kids had to be affected by that.

"Yes and no," said Emma. "Certain kids are oblivious as to what is going on around them. Others are special and need some help."

Nicole just nodded in agreement, wondering if she was up to the task. Her greatest fear was that she would get too attached to some of the kids.

"I need a good counselor for myself just to keep myself grounded." Emma heard her think to herself.

"Nice meeting you," said Emma as she walked towards the door. "I have to go get my class set up."

"Nice meeting you too," said Nicole.

"Oh, by the way. I believe they hired another counselor last week. A Ms. Topolsky I believe her name is," said Emma walking out the door.

Nicole finished clocking in and headed out the door to the guidance counselor's offices with worry and doubts playing on her mind. She hoped that her nervousness and anxiety did not show. She walked down the hallway and into the guidance counselor's room.

"Hi," she said, as she came through the door, to a blonde hair lady sitting behind one of the desks. "You must be Ms. Topolsky?"

Kathleen topolsky

Kathleen Topolsky

"Yes, call me Kathleen." said the blonde-hair lady.

"Nicole," said Nicole putting her stuff down and taking the extended hand that Kathleen offered and shaking it.

"You seem to have stacks of work," Nicole said, looking at the stacks of folders on her desk.

"Yes," said Kathleen moving back to her seat. "Well, I have been here for a week. The last counselor did not leave any notes. I am trying to build a history for each student, so I... I mean we can help the students here. This is going to be hard since we are getting many students from Paradise High"

"Oh, good thinking," said Nicole. Paradise High was hit by a terrorist attack. Luckily, they attacked at night and none of the students were killed. She heard that one of the janitors lost his life. The school was so badly damaged that the school board decided to send the students to other schools in the area. "How can I help?"

"Well, you can go through these," said Kathleen handing her a large stack of folders.

Chapter Text

Max pulled is jeep into the parking lot. He and Isabel got out of the jeep. A blue jeep pulled up next to "Bob" it was the name he gave his jeep. A skinny kid got out of it, well he more or less fell out of it.


Max, Michael, Isabel, and Bob

"Hi Isabel," said the guy fumbling around trying to get his backpack out.

"Hi Stiles," said Isabel. Stiles kept looking around. He always seemed so nervous.



"Hi Max," said Stiles "Have you seen Scott?"

"No," said Max. Isabel shook her head no. They knew he referred to Scott McCall. Everyone knew that they were best friends.

"Thanks," said Stiles as he headed towards the school looking for Scott.

"I'll see you later," Isabel said to him as she walked towards a group of girls.

Max grabbed his backpack from out of the back of Bob and looked around and saw Michael walking towards him.

"Hi," said Max.


Max Evans

"So, have you seen her yet?" asked Michael running his hand through his spikey hair.

"No, just got here," said Max. "We have first period together. I will talk to her then."

"What are you going to say?" asked Max.

"I am not sure yet," said Max. "I will see what she says first."

"Max don't do anything foolish," said Michael.

"Don't worry Michael, I have already gone over this with Isabel," said Max.

"What did she say?" asked Michael walking beside Max

"Basically, the same thing that you did," said Max. "But she was a little more dramatic about it."

"Good ole Isabel," said Michael "Maybe she talked some sense into you. Just don't screw this up."


Michael Guerin

"I will Michael," said Max. "I gotta go, I want to get to class early. Liz normally gets there early to help set everything up. I am hoping that I can talk to her then."

"Ok I'll catch you later," said Michael as he walked off to his class.

Max walked to his locker and emptied his backpack into it. He took his biology book out and folder and put it into his backpack. Shut his locker and started walking towards his first class. There was no one in the halls yet. The bell was still 15 to 20 minutes from ringing. He wasn't sure what he was going to say to Liz. He wanted to tell her so badly the truth. But he knew that he could not. He felt like he was in a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.

'Ok I am going to tell her,' he said to himself. 'What if she freaks out. What if she runs away and laughs at me. What if she tells the authorities...'

'No, I will tell her that I found her lying on the floor. I thought it was blood. But it turned out to be ketchup,' he said to himself. 'But what if she asked why I broke a bottle of ketchup and poured it on her. What if she says she felt the bullet when it hit her. What if she doesn't believe me but thinks that I am a freak.'


Liz Parker

He arrived at the classroom. He looked in saw Liz. She was wiping down the tables. She did not see him. She was just beautiful. The way she moved was hypnotizing him. Her dark hair flowing perfectly down her back. Her curves. 'Stop Max,' he said to himself. He steadied himself and opened the door.

"Hi Mr. Evans," said Ms. DeLauro. "Did you come to help?"

"Hi Ms. DeLauro," said Max his anxiety rising. He forgot that his teacher would be in class also. How was he going to talk to Liz without her hearing? "Huh, yeah I uh, need to know if any homework is due today."

Liz just stopped what she was doing and looked at him. She seemed a little nervous and maybe scared. Max thought to himself. His heart broke just looking at her like this. Why did those men have to come into the Crash Down that day? If they haven't shown up there. Things would be back to the way they were. He could admire Liz from a distant and she would be safe and happy. His head was hurting just thinking about this.

"All homework is due at the end of the week," said Ms. deLauro.

"Oh ok... Thanks," said Max as he headed towards the door.

"Well since you are here," said Ms. deLauro. "Why don't you help Ms. Parker set up the stations for class."

Max looked at her, then to Liz. Liz turned away from him, so he could not see her face. "Sure, what do you need me to do?" His heart quickened its pace a little just by being near her.


Emma deLauro

"Well you can help me get the kits out of the back," said Ms. deLauro as she walked towards the storage area at the back of the class. He looked at Liz she was still wiping tables, but she did glance at him quickly. He still could not tell how she felt. He wished that Ms. deLauro would leave.

"Ok here they are," said Ms. deLauro as she opened the bottom cabinet and pulled out a plastic container. "Ok, I need you to check each kit to make sure that there is alcohol swabs and gauze pads in each one." She gave the container to Max and he carried it out to the classroom and set it on a table.

"Ms. Parker once you finish cleaning the tables can you help Mr. Evans here with the kits. Make sure that each station gets one kit," said Ms. DeLauro.

Max could not believe his luck. He looked at Ms. deLauro and she gave him a wink and a smile as if she knew Max wanted to talk with Liz. Max just smiled back at her with gratitude as she left the classroom.

The moment has finally arrived, and Max was terrified. He needed to tell her something but didn't know what to say. He continued to look at the kits they all appeared to have complete sets. Liz goes over and puts the cleaning supplies up. "Ok Max," he says to himself. "Just act natural and cool."

He started to put the kits on the table. "We need to talk," said Liz.

"Ok," said Max as he put the last kit on the table. The bell rang, and relief flooded through his body. He needed more time to prepare for this.

"After class," said Liz as she walked to her station and sat down. Max sat down next to her and pulled out his book and notebook out of his backpack. He put a pencil in his mouth and was digging for a pen. The other students started to pile into the classroom and take their seats. A new kid came in also. He handed Ms. deLauro his schedule she looked at it and handed it back to him.

"Everyone this Mr. Kyle Trager he a new student. So please make him feel welcome," said Ms. DeLauro. "Mr. Trager there is a station in the back. For right now you will have to do the assignment alone." The guy went to the lab table and sat down.

"Can you meet me in the band room after class," said Max.

"Ok," said Liz.

"Ok, class I hope that everyone read over the assignments on blood types. Because today we are going to put into practice what you should have read."

The door to the classroom open and in walked a brown-haired boy. Ms. deLauro looked at him intensely for a second and grabbed the sheet of paper out of his hand, looked over it, and handed it back.

"Everyone this is Mr. Stefan Salvatore. Mr. Salvatore, please take a seat next to Mr. Trager who is also new to class." Pointing to where Mr. Trager was sitting in the back.

"Ok class," said Ms. deLauro. "Today we are going to look at blood samples and figure out blood types using the kits provided. So, I want everyone to pull out their microscopes and the blood kits. Put a drop of blood on a slide and examine it. Notice the characteristics of the blood and answer the questions on the worksheet."

"Mr. Evans," said Ms. deLauro. "You have a question."

"Yes," said Max. "Can I go to the bathroom."

"Sure," said deLauro. "But first come here."

Max walked up to Ms. deLauro. He could not believe it. She quickly grabbed his hand and drew blood from his finger and put it on a microscope slide. All while saying this isn't going to hurt. She handed him a hall pass and handed the slide to Liz. Max just looked at her hoping that she did not see the color drained from his face. He hoped that the slide would fall and break. He thought about turning his blood into bird's blood. But, did not have time to do it without people noticing. The bird was the first animal he healed so he instinctively knew that blood type.

Max walked out of the classroom and to the boy's bathroom. He checked underneath each stall to make sure that no one else was in here with him. He turned on the water at the sink. Splashed water on to his face and looked in the mirror. He wished that the water could have washed off what had just happened.

'Get a grip. Maxwell,' he said to himself.

Max wiped his face with some paper towels and went back to class. As he entered the class he looked at Liz first. She was looking at him with so many questions on her expression. He just gave her a small smile. He looked around to see if anyone else noticed anything. The new kid Stefan Salvatore was looking at him strangely.

'He must have seen something,' thought Max.

"Ok, class you should now have your results. Be sure to put them on the answer key," said Ms. DeLauro.

"We need to talk, "said Liz under her breath.

The bell rang, So Max acted like he did not hear her.

"Ms. Parker will you collect the results please and put them on my desk before you leave," said Ms. deLauro.

Max could have kissed Ms. deLauro she brought him some more time. He handed Liz his results and grabbed his backpack and headed out the door. He needed more time to think.

Chapter Text

"Hi," said Jake walking up to the gang. Marco was leaning against the flagpole. They all greeted him back. Each one of them looked very tired.

"Jake, I didn't see anything last night," said Rachel. "Neither did anyone else."


Jake Berenson

"I know. I didn't either. I spoke with Tobias and Ax. We have not seen any signs of you know who," said Jake as he looked around making sure no one was near them. They always met at the flagpole in the morning to update each other about the Yeerks. It was an area that everyone knew but no one hung out there, so they decided it would be a place they could meet in the morning and talk without looking too suspicious for the Yeerks. Just a bunch of kids talking before school starts.

"It is like they just disappeared," said Cassie. "We haven't seen or heard from them in a couple of months.

"Maybe they got scared and headed for the hills," said Marco. "Once they figured out that we were going to defeat them, they decided to move on to better pastures or, in their case, planets."

"I am not sure," said Jake. "They don't seem like the type that would pack up and leave."

"Have we even seen Visser 3 lately," thought Tobias as he arrived above them. If anyone would have looked up that day, they would have seen a hawk circling overhead.



"Guys, I know that we have not seen any Yeerks lately," said Jake. "But something is going on. There is something in the woods. I just feel it."

They all looked at him. Each one with a concerned look on their face. He could tell that they felt something was not right also.

"So, you have been feeling it too?" asked Jake.

"I know what you mean. I was out on patrol in my owl morph and I could feel something. I can't describe it exactly, but I morphed into my battle morph. But I have to admit, even while I was in that morph I was still a little bit afraid," said Rachel.

"I thought that I was the only one who felt that way," said Cassie. "There was definitely something in the woods last night. It made me feel like I could have been the one who was hunted. I also switched into wolf form and I still felt like prey. There should not be anything in the woods right now that is able to take on a full-grown wolf. Are there bears or mountain lions in the area?"



"I didn't feel anything different," thought Ax from the flagpole as a lizard. "But I did notice that all the nighttime creatures were quiet. This made me quite uneasy. I could not understand why the woods were silent. I even morphed into my Andalite self to see if I could pick out anything different. But still, there was silence. "

Everyone knew that Ax's natural form was his battle morph. They knew if Ax went into his natural form that he must have been badly spooked.

Just then the morning bell rang, signaling the start of school. They all groaned at the thought of school. Jake knew that they needed about a week off just to recover from the constant patrolling and always being on high alert. It took an emotional toll on them. Not to mention they all needed sleep.

"OK, we will talk more about this at lunch," said Jake trying to hold back a yawn. It didn't work soon the yawn made its rounds to all his friends as each one of them tried to not yawn but they were unsuccessful.

Gathering up their stuff they all walked in silence towards the school. To a casual observer just some friends going to class. Upon closer observation, someone would be able to tell that the four students walking to their class were deep in thought and very worried.


Rachel Berenson

"I felt something as well," said Marco in a sober voice to Jake. "It made me feel really uncomfortable. I am not sure it was the Yeerks. I mean I know how they make me feel. But this was different."

"I know what you mean," said Jake. "Something is going on. I hope we find out about it before it is too late. I hope that the Yeerks don't have something more diabolical up their sleeve than what we have seen. I am not sure if we can take much more."

Marco put his hand on Jake shoulder and gave it a squeeze letting his best friend know that he was there for him. Jake just nodded at him as they separated and went to their classes.

The hawk who always seemed to circle during this time in the morning flew towards a tree on the east side of the school. It landed on a branch and peered into a school window. It seemed that the hawk always looked for the window that had a certain blonde girl in it.

Rachel hurried to her class. She took her seat and looked out the window. She looked at the branch where Tobias was. She really liked his hawk form.

"You ok," thought spoke Tobias to her.

"Yes," she thought spoke back. "I had a really good time last night."



"I did too," Tobias thought spoke back. "I love flying with you."

Rachel mind went back to last night. Her and Tobias were both in their hawk forms. They flew through the air. Occasionally, they would touch each other. To someone looking at them, they would have thought that the Hawks were fighting. But, in reality, they were playing. It was exhilarating to her. She blushed at how intimate it was.

"I need to go," thought spoke Tobias. "I am going to meet Ax this morning we are going to go over some things."



Tobias looked at Ax in his lizard form. He watched as the lizard scurried down the flagpole and towards a row of bushes. In a few seconds, a small brown dog came out where the lizard went in. The dog must have known where it was going because it ran down the street without stopping to smell anything,

Chapter Text

Jake nodded his head as he walked up to Faye, Melissa, and Diana. They were standing near the side entrance of the school. He could tell that they were worried it showed in their eyes. He was worried also and hoped that his eyes did not betray him.

Jake Armstrong

Jake Armstrong

"Morning, sleepy head," said Faye teasing towards Jake. Jake could tell that she was nervous in the way she acted. She always acted a little slutty to get his attention. But this did not have the sexual undertones that she normally inserts when she speaks to him.

"Morning," Jake said not to Faye directly, but to Cassie and Adam who were walking up. He liked to get Faye jealous. He knew that she was jealous of Cassie. This would normally upset Faye so much so that she would try even harder to sleep with him. But this time she didn't seem to care. This upset him a little, he enjoyed having some power over Faye. She could be too full of herself and believes that she can have any guy she set her mind too. Jake could play the 'I don't care game' better than Faye. Faye lost the game when Jake realized that she really did like him. He just did not feel the same way towards her that she felt towards him.

"Hi," said Adam. Cassie just nodded as she looked around at the others. She could tell that they wanted to say something but, was unable to come up with the words to get it started.

"OK is everyone freaked out about the dream as I am," said Melissa. Leave it to her to find the right words to say.

"See I told you if we didn't bind the circle," said Faye. She did not like having to have another witch around to perform a spell. The binding bound their magic together. If they were not bound their magic would be unpredictable and dangerous. Especially to themselves. She understood why it needed to be bound. She just did not like it. It really went against her personality. "We would not have to worry about all of this stuff."

"We don't need to rehash the binding thing again," said Adam to Faye. She just looked at him in disgust. 


Melissa Glaser

"OK back to the subject people," said Diana before Faye could get into another argument over the Circle being bound. "There has to be a meaning for the dream we all had. I think this, whatever this is. Is going to affect the Circle."

'What gave you that idea," said Faye taking some of her frustrations out on Diana. "The fact that we all had the same dream or that it was creepy as hell."

"I told my grandmother this morning," said Cassie. "To see if she has any idea what is going on."

"You should not have gone to an elder yet," said Jake. "They might strip us of our powers if they think that it will keep us safe."


Diane Meade

They all knew that their parents' Circle had their powers stripped when they were their age. They knew that each one of them lost a parent. To this day they still don't know what happened with them. The parents that are left do not talk about. It is as if they do not remember it. The Elders, their grandparents also are very tight-lipped on the subject. When you do bring the subject up. You can see the pain that it causes them before they change the subject.

"I looked at my Book of Shadows this morning. But I did not see anything about collective dreams," said Diana. "I sure that there is something about dreams in there. I just did not have time to go through it carefully."

"Maybe it was not a true dream," said Jake deep in thought.

"What do you mean it is not a dream?" asked Faye.

"I said 'True Dream' I think that it might be more," said Jake.

"What do you mean by a true dream?" asked Cassie and Adam at the same time.

Jake looked at them. He did not like the way that they were in sync sometimes. "I am not sure. But when I was with the hunters, they were not always hunting Circle witches."

"What does that mean?" asked Melissa.

"Look I am not sure, but I need to check on some things. I will see you later," Jake said as he walked off the school grounds as the bell rang.

"That bastard," said Faye loud enough for him to hear. "He knows more than he's letting on."

"Faye!" Diana said. "Look we need to work together on this. I say we meet up with Cassie and her grandmother after school to see what she knows."

"The party in the woods is this weekend. Melissa and I were going to do some shopping tonight," said Faye as she started to walk towards the school entrance. "I don't want to meet with some old lady tonight."

"Well, my grandmother has to work at seven tonight," said Cassie. "So, we should be done before the store closes."

"OK, fine we will meet at Cassie's house after school then," said Melissa wrapping an arm around Faye's arm and walking off with her. "So, what outfit do you think we should get from the mall?"

Faye and Melissa

Faye and Melissa

"Something that is going to drive the boys' crazy and the girls envious," said Faye walking off with Melissa.

"Well the wonder sluts seem to be taking this seriously," said Adam. "Look, everyone, be on guard. We don't know what the dream means if anything."

The bell rang. They all dispersed to their class. Cassie looked at Adam before turning and going to class. He could tell that he was extremely worried. She had seen several images of him in the dream. All the images had a bad feeling attached to them about him. She could tell that he knew as well. She smiled at him to try to reassure him before heading to class.

Chapter Text

Cameron walked with John into the school's primary office. She quickly took a scan of the surrounding area. There was a red-haired lady talking to a man and a girl at the counter. The girl was signing a piece of paper on a clipboard. Her analysis concluded that the red-headed lady was not a threat. There were some people in the back part of the office. She could not get a good scan of them but knew that they were four females.

The girl finished signing the sign-in sheet. The man and the girl went to sit in the chairs on the right farthest from the door.

John ad cameron

John and Cameron

"I'll be with you in a moment, please sign the clipboard and take a seat." said the red-haired lady going back to her desk.

John signed the clipboard and sat down opposite the man and the girl. Cameron sat next to him. His elevated heart rate and temperature suggested that he was still angry about what had happened at breakfast. He had not wanted to talk on his way to school and Cameron did not pursue a conversation. Analyzing a 90% probability that he will get over this emotion by the time school was over. Perplexed, she was with John's emotions, even though John programmed her to understand him. Humans were extremely hard to figure out on an emotional level.

Cameron made another scan of the area. She analyzed the man with the girl. The man was dressed in well-fitting clothes. He had dark hair and fair skin. Her threat posture went up. There was something very different about this man. His heart rate, perspiration, and breathing were not normal for a human. His body temperature was a lot lower. His pheromones were something she had never encountered before. Her analysis puts this man as a threat. She did not know if it was a new hunter-killer class terminator. So far it made no moves of aggression. But he seemed to be concentrating on her, without trying to be obvious about it. He seemed to be trying to listen to something.



The girl who was next to him had dark hair that hung below her shoulders and fair skin like the man. Her analysis of her was even more complex. She seemed to have human pheromones mixed with some unknown ones as well. But, hers were different. Almost as if she was born a human and something else. She needed a more detail analysis to be certain of the data. She also seemed to be overly excited and was trying to control herself. The girl took everything in the office. She was very intentional in her movements. Cameron deducted with a 56% probability that she was purposely slowing herself down to human speed.



Cameron increased her threat level again. She predicted with a 47% probability that they were not after John or had not recognized him. Two more people walked into the office. One was a tall blonde guy and the other was smaller and had brown hair. Her scan put him at a 1% chance of a threat. The taller blonde male carried himself differently. His temp, breathing, and perspiration were normal. His pheromones were absent. All humans gave off pheromones. This one did not.

She increased her threat posture, moving closer to John and diverting more processing power to analyzing this additional information. After they signed the clipboard the two males sat in seats between her and John and the man and the girl. The man looked at the blonde hair guy as well. Cameron concluded that the man also seemed to be very curious about the blonde guy. The girl seemed to move more defensively closer to the man instinctively.

Cameron moved into more of a protective mode towards John. The door open and two teachers walk in through the door. They headed towards the back were boxes that had labels with names on them. The blonde female teacher pulled three pieces of papers from a box labeled S. Fox. The man pulled out a magazine from a box labeled B. Mulwray. They were talking to each other; Cameron was unable to hear clearly what was said. The blonde teacher looked past her counterpart towards the man sitting next to the girl. He was looking at her as well. Her eyes flashed a yellow-orange color and her pupils went to slits for less than a second.

Shalimar and Brennen

S Fox and B Mulwray

The man and the girl saw this as did the blonde hair guy. Her analysis concluded that there were stress pheromones from the teachers. The man and girl were giving off pheromones that she could not analyze. The blonde guy's heart rate increased due to the tension. She was about to go into combat mode when the red-haired receptionist calls the dark hair girl over to her. The Receptionist gave her a piece of paper with her schedule on it and a map of the school. Cameron looked around for the teachers, but they seemed to have left without her noticing it. The man and the girl thanked the receptionist. Cameron overheard the man tell the girl to have fun and that he would pick her up in front of the school as they walked out the door.

Four and Sam

Four and Sam

The receptionist called for Sam Goode and John Smith next. John was about to get up when Cameron stopped him. The other two boys got up and went to the counter. Her John looked at her for a second. She analyzed a less than three percent chance that the real John Smith would be at this school now. She got up to look at something on the bulletin board. She overheard the receptionist give the boys their schedules. She determined with a 98% accuracy that the blonde guy was John Smith. The John Smith from Paradise, Ohio. As she was going towards the bulletin board, she timed it so that when he turned around, he would bump into her. She touched his arm to get a better sample so that she can do a complete analysis later. She said excuse me and went to the bulletin board as if that was her purpose for bumping into him. She glanced over to her John and noticed that he was looking at her like she was malfunctioning. She would have to fill him in later.

"Cameron Smith and John Smith." said the red-haired receptionist. She turned around and met John at the counter. She could tell that he was stressed since the other guy was the real John Smith.

"Here are your schedules," she said, handing their schedules to them. "OK, you are both here." pointing to the map of the school. Cameron matched it with the school building plans that she had downloaded off the internet. She now knew which classrooms went with which teacher. "Sorry, that I called the other people before you. I had their schedules already printed and pulled their names first by accident."

"Not a problem," said Cameron.

"John, your class is here," she said. "Go out towards the left and up the stairs, you can't miss it. Cameron your class is here to the right, out in the area of the portables. You can go out the front of the school and walk around or you can go out the side doors to the outside, then turn right." She smiled at them and went back to her computer.

"Thank you," said John looking at his schedule for a minute, then grabbing his backpack from the chair and following Cameron out the door.

"I cannot believe how lucky we are," said John.

"This is not luck," said Cameron. "Be on guard."

Chapter Text

Four and Sam walked towards the school's front office. There were several kids who were waiting in there as well. There was a sign-in sheet on the counter. Four and Sam signed the check-in sheet and sat down in the empty chairs to wait. Four looked around the office. It was a very typical school office. The receptionist was an overweight middle-aged redheaded woman with thick glasses on her face looking at the computer screen.


John Smith


Four looked around at the people who were waiting in the office. On his left, there was a dark-haired guy sitting next to a dark-haired pretty girl. The boy looked bored. The girl was pretty, but her actions were strange to Four. She looked like she was constantly checking for threats. She was not making it obvious, but Four could tell that she keeps on guard very methodically. The girl checked him out several times, but her primary focus seemed to be on the other two people who were on his and Sam's right, two chairs down.

In the chairs, there was a man and a girl sitting next to each other. The girl had long dark hair just below her shoulders. She looked very excited to be in the office. She keeps looking around at everything and taking it in. Almost like she had never been in school before. She looks at Four and smiled. Four smiled back. She at once turned her head away and Four could have sworn she was blushing. He looked at the man beside her. He was a well-dressed good-looking man, Four supposed. But there was an air of danger about him. Upon closer examination, there was an air of power and danger about both. Four could tell that something was different about them. The man looked at him, and he could have sworn he sniffed him.


Sam Goode

Two teachers walked into the room talking. One was a beautiful blonde woman and her partner who was a well-muscled dark hair guy. They walked behind the counter towards the mailboxes. Four could have sworn that the female eyes flashed a yellow-orange when she looked at the man. The man seemed too tense. The atmosphere in the room went very tense. Even the boy who was bored was paying attention now. The teacher with blonde hair looked away and went to her mailbox to get her mail, followed by the dark hair guy who looked like he was trying to protect her while trying not to make it noticeable.

breenan and shailmar

Brennan Mulwray and Samantha Fox

"Miss. Corvin." said the red hair receptionist. She was the only one in the room that didn't seem to have noticed the tension in the room. "I have you all set up. Here are your class schedule and the map of the school. I placed an X on where you are now. If you go out that door and take a right, you will find your first class."

The two teachers had vanished. The man said something about picking up the girl after school and to have fun as they were walking out the door. The red hair lady went to her desk and the tension in the room went down somewhat. But both the girl and boy seemed to have a little tension between them. Sam was also tense Four could tell.

Cameron Smith

"I hope that I don't get gym first period," said Sam. "I don't want to stink for the rest of the day."

Sam has been getting up with Six in the early morning and doing a morning workout routine. Sam made small talk when he was nervous.


John Smith

"John Connor"

"I know what you mean," said Four. "I hate doing exercise early in the morning."

"Sam Goode and John Smith." said the red-haired lady looking at Sam and Four.

Sam and Four got up and went to the counter. Four noticed that the guy was also going to get up, but at the last moment decided not to. If was almost as if he heard his name called as well. The red hair lady had handed them their schedules. "You are here," she said, pointing to the map on the counter with her finger. "Mr. Goode your first class is here," moving her finger to where Sam's class was. "So, go out this door and turn towards your right and then take the second left, your class will be on the right."

"Thank you," said Sam then looking at Four. "I will see you around."

"See ya," said Four as Sam left the office.

"Mr. Smith your first class is on the third floor," she said. "The easiest way to go is out the door and you will see the stairs, across the hallway on the left. Go up to the third floor and take a right and your classroom will be on the right side, the second door down."

Four studied the map for a moment acting like he was following along with her directions. But he was looking for escape routes and places that he could use defensively in case the Mogs showed up. Four turned and went to the chair to pick up his backpack. He turned around, he ran into the dark-haired girl that acted a little strange to Four. She accidentally bumped into him and touched his arm.



"Oh, excuse me." she said in a typical teenage girl voice "I wasn't looking where I was going." She moved over to the bulletin board where some announcement was and started to read the information.



"That is OK," said Four but started rubbing his arm. It felt like he had his essence analyzed. There was something different about this girl that Four could not put his finger on. He thought maybe she was a Mogadorian, but he wasn't sure. All he knew is that he did not trust her. So, he slung his backpack over his shoulder and hurried out the door. He took a quick glance at the boy and notice that he was looking at her strangely. The look on his face was towards her was are you broken.