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An early morning mist hovered over the lake just barely obscuring the water from the rising of the sun. Alice loved mornings like this. She just finished her breakfast by wiping her hand across her lips to remove any blood from them. The buck that she drank from was extremely satisfying. Deer were one of her favorite animals to hunt. She normally only hunted the ones that were close to death, like the old or injured. Today she caught a strong buck. She would have let it go, but that was the last deer in the area, and she needed to feed.

Alice Cullens

Alice Cullen


The wolves loved deer meat. Usually, Embry and Quil would make deer-jerky out of a large part of the carcass, but tonight may be a special treat from Leah, she sometimes made these venison kabobs that Renesmee loves so much. But, instead of heading back to the house with the deer like she normally does, she stashed it up high to protect it from wild scavengers' like bears or mountain lions. Today was different because she now can have some alone time with Jasper.


She reflected on how everything had changed since Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee. Jacob's pack had literally moved in with the Cullen's and went everywhere they went. It was hard to believe how everything fell into place. Normally vampires and wolves don't get along, but since the pack has been a part of Renesmee life since her birth they were there to stay. Their presence has become an awakening of life in the Cullen's world. Gone was the boring and tedious life of being a vampire, where things were carefully measured, to a point where life became dull. The dullness that comes from living for eternity. The wolves brought chaos and drama to the lives of the Cullen's. At first, it was overwhelming for the vampires, many times, arguments would almost come to physical blows. But, eventually, things got into a rhythm and fell into place. Arguments still took place almost daily, through these arguments' bonds formed.


The vampires still needed their space to be alone. This was Alice and Jasper's time to be alone. She looked across the lake to where she knew he would appear. She saw him drop a bear on the beach of the lake. He was shirtless, and Alice could see the scars across his torso. She thought his scars were some of the sexiest things about him. He looked around the woods and stepped into the sun. His skin reflected the rays across the lake. He caught sight of her, and she could feel the waves of lust and love emanating from him. She raced along the edge of the lake towards him. Their lust and love mixing together. Her body tingled with excitement of things to come. She could smell his arousal emanating from him. She could no longer take it. She bolted towards him even faster. He watched her run towards him. His desire and longing growing stronger with each step she took. Her emotions building with his.


Jasper Hale


As she collided with him their impact could have been heard for miles. He an immovable object and her an unstoppable force, love and lust colliding as one. Their passion could last days or weeks at a time. This was the only time that he could let go of his emotions. She could concentrate on the present and not worry about the future. Their time together was total bliss for both.


But, today was different. Today her gift, or curse depending on when it came. Would override their passion. She was caught unprepared as the vision hit her. This vision was not normal. Usually, she would have to be thinking of someone if they made a choice it would allow her to see what would happen to the people she loved. She would be able know what was coming and could warn them. This vision was unlike anything she had before, this vision she knew not only affected her and her family, but one that affected everyone.


She knew that she was visibly shaking and that it took all of Jasper's strength to hold her down as her body thrashed about. She could not control herself, her body convulsions were out of her control. All because of this vision, it was so different from the ones that she normally had. In her vision, she was hovering high above the Earth, as if she was a satellite in outer space. She saw a craft, shaped like a battle ax, coming out of the atmosphere. It climbed out of the atmosphere and turned its crescent shape front out towards space. As it was rotating itself towards deep space, it made a quick turn towards its right. She saw that it was facing three other crafts that came around the planet. These crafts were different from the first one that she saw. They looked more like military tanks made for outer space. She could feel the emotions coming from each of the different crafts. The emotions were surprise, fear, and hatred all mixed in one.


She watched as two of the tank-like crafts move in front of the largest of the three as if they were protecting it. She saw three new ships suddenly appear near the moon. She was shocked when one of the new crafts fired a ball of light. The ball of light struck the large tank like craft and it exploded into a million pieces. She watched as the battle ax ship turned on its axis and then zoomed away faster than her eyes could see. The two other crafts that were protecting the now non-existence craft also fled in a different direction. She watched has the three-victorious crafts headed towards the moon.


In a blur that made her dizzy, her vision changed, this time she was on the moon. She saw one of the remaining crafts hovered over a crater. It lowered a circular device that had three metal fingers coming out of it. When the device was in the crater the metal fingers started to close towards the top. The machine started to life when the fingers were almost touching. A greenish-yellow beam erupted from in between the metal fingers. The beam shot forth out of the machine and towards the Earth. As the beam reached the Earth's atmosphere. The Earth started to blur in her vision. Instead, of seeing just one Earth she saw multiple Earths overlaid with each other. It reminded her of looking through a kaleidoscope. The beam changed from a greenish-yellow color to more of a bright yellow. She looked at the Earth again, this time instead of seeing Earth through a kaleidoscope. She saw a beautiful blue marble that was the Earth hanging in space like nothing happened.


She awoke from her vision to see Jasper looking at her with concern and worry in his eyes. "Everyone and everything will be in so much danger," she whispered to him