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The Beginning of The Omegaverse

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Dean knew the end of the world was here. Dean wasn’t the type to get depressed; he was usually known for his cheery and upbeat attitude, actually; but hey, the end of the world would do that to a guy.

Dean felt numb and hopeless, sitting {silently?} in the middle of the room. The breaking news coverage had interrupted his favorite show and he couldn't seem to rip his eyes away. His gaze remained glued to the TV as he watched the last woman on the entire planet take her very last breath after delivering a son.--What brought about this feeling of hopelessness was his favorite show interruption is Dean felt numb siting in the middle of the room. His eyes glued to the TV as he watched the last woman on earth take her final breath after giving birth to a son. It was all over nation--

From one moment to the next, women didn't exist anymore.


---It had started with a few women and girls coughing. No one thought really thought much of it. Doctors ruled out the flu, strep, and allergies over and over for those first few days and weeks.However, after a week and blood coming out of their ears followed by blindness, vertigo, then death it was taken much more seriously. Especially when they found it wasn’t contained to the U.S., No one could figure out what it was or how to cure it. All that was found was that it only effected women. They labeled it the Plague Virus because it spread so fast that within 20 years the entire female population was wiped out.--
Suddenly, females were experiencing bleeding from their ears, loss of vision, vertigo, and then death. Somewhat belatedly, concern spread. Reports from all over the world confirmed it was completely planet-wide. The US decided to call it "the Plague Virus" and that was basically the total extent of anyone's knowledge. In the years that came after, the only thing that became readily apparent was how rapidly and unstoppably it spread. By the 20th anniversary of the first deaths, the last human beings with a double X chromosome were gone.

In short, the end of humanity was obviously near.

Most people thought it would be some long, drawn-out ending while young boys became men and lived out their lonely lives. Dean knew better, though. For the past few months he had developed strange pains in his lower abdomen that have been gradually getting worse with time. It was clear to him that he wasn't the only guy dealing with this; He saw other men wincing or doubling over in pain nearly every time he was in public. It seemed the Plague was beginning to wipe out men the same way it had eradicated women. Dean never heard anything about it on the TV or the internet, but he still knew. Guess it was the government being merciful and keeping people from total despair, from knowing that in a short time all humanity would be extinct.--It was him suffering from this. Everywhere he went he would see a guy doubled over in pain clutching their stomachs they same way Dean did.--

Dean held off going to the doctor as long as he could but the pain became unbearable. He knew there was nothing the doctor could really. But that didn’t matter if he could get something - anything - to relieve the pain, hauling himself into the doctor would be worth it. Leaving his tiny apartment, Dean was soon met with a booming voice.

“What do you mean you’re not coming over, Dav?”

Dean turned to see the man that the voice belonged to, his neighbor Arthur Curry, a hulking guy with shoulder length dreadlocks, a surfer’s tan, and a body covered in tribal tattoos. A complete contrast to Dean who usually wore sweaters and baggy jeans.

Dean didn’t pay him much attention.

“Oh, come on I know it’s sad about the last woman, but we gotta keep moving forwa- AH!!!”

Arthur doubled over, his hand clutching his stomach in a sickeningly familiar fashion. Dean tried to go back and help the man but was too slow as Arthur put his cell phone back up to his ear while clumsily jamming his key into the door. He groaned out loud and then said, “No man it’s nothing . Just that stomach thing acting up again.”

Watching the door shut behind his neighbor, Dean’s dread grew.

He hoped he was wrong, but it seemed like "it" was spreading through his apartment building.




Castiel had heard the news about the last woman dying when he walked past a few men gathered around a TV in the reception area. Ever since his girlfriend, Meg, passed away from the Virus he had devoted his life to finding a cure for it. He has spent years relentlessly working and has watched thousands of women die. The biggest and almost only thing motivating him now is keeping as many men alive and healthy as possible.

Humanity must live on, he supposed.

But that wasn’t important right now. Entering his next patient's room , Castiel was met with that strange throbbing sensation around the base of his cock that had been plaguing him off and on for months. “I’m Dr. Novak. What seems to be troubling you, Mr. Winchester?”

“Wow, you get right to the point,” The attractive younger man said a little jokingly, trying to settle his own nerves down.

“Oh, sorry I’m not much of people person.” Castiel looked apologetically awkward, “So…how about that weather out there? I hope it wasn't inconvenient to your journey over here to see me for...?”

Dean let out a surprised laugh, “Just some pains in my stomach Doc.”

“Do you often laugh when you’re in pain?” the dark-haired doctor tilted his head and shot Dean a half-smile.

“No, it was just that the way you said 'what brings you here?' was cute.” Dean flushes almost imperceptibly with a smaller, less cocky smile.

An answering (very much needed) smile grew on Castiel’s lips, “Why yes I suppose it could have been I guess.”

It might not have been much, but any form of joy on such a horrible day was very welcome.

“Anyway Doc, I’ve been having these weird pains in my lower abdomen for a few months now and they are definitely getting worse.”

“Why didn’t you come in when you first started having these pains?” the doctor asked with a slight frown.

With that perfectly reasonable question, any casual happiness that had been starting to shyly bloom in Dean's chest quickly vanished as melancholy overpowered it. “It… wasn’t that bad until now…”

Castiel didn’t want to pry, and to be honest he wasn’t sure he wanted Dean’s answer. “Ok… What are the pains like?”

“Sharp, like someone’s stabbing me in the stomach.”

“Do you have any other symptoms?”

“Well, for the past few days I’ve been getting really hot for no reason, but I didn’t really think too much about it.”

“Ok, I’d like to run some tests and give you a sonogram to see if there is anything unusual.”

Dean was hesitant, “Couldn’t you just give me some pain medicine or something?”

"I'm not comfortable prescribing pain medication right now for new patients without a very thorough evaluation and search for any possible reasons that may be curable. There's too many people who've suffered loss and the last thing they need is to self-medicate depression with narcotics that I prescribe. I'm not against them when needed but I've only just met you and we have no idea what is going on." he laid his hand on Dean's shoulder, with an apologetic frown marring his forehead. "I will do what I can, and I'm not ruling out helping you with the pain but it's not that simple. It'll be much faster if you can consent to the tests and cooperate openly with me."
Dean glanced sideways from under his lashes at Castiel's hand still resting on his shoulder and was mildly confused how a simple gesture was making him feel calm so suddenly. He lifted his lashes and looked into the doctor's eyes quietly before he nodded slowly. Dr. Novak nodded back and smiled.

"Good, let's begin with a regular physical examination if you can remove your shirt for now. I'll call lab in to draw blood after I'm finished." Dean sighed and stood up to strip his sweater over his head, avoiding the doctor's face. Castiel gestured back at the table, "take a seat again please."

Forty-five minutes later, there were no more answers than there had been when Dean walked in.


All the tests that the doctor had ordered seemed to drag on forever. It was so pointless. Nothing anyone could was going to save him. He might as well just get something to take away the pain so Dean could pass in peace.

Laying back on the doctor’s table, Dean lifted his shirt and twitched as Dr. Novak squirted a weird gel on his stomach. “Sorry it’s kind of cold.”

“No Problem Doc,” said Dean, ”So do you do a lot of these?”

“Quite a few actually, yes.”


“That, surprises you?”

“Well yeah, every time I see one of these things on TV,” He points the sonography machine, “It’s always on a pregnant lady.”

“You watch a lot of medical shows?”

“Just old reruns of Dr. Sexy.”

Dr. Novak practically rolled his eyes at the name.

“You don’t like Dr. Sexy?!”

“It’s ALL’s just when you’re a doctor and watch medical shows you see all the inaccuracies.”

“Oh, you’re one of those people!” Dean laughed as Castiel placed the wand into the cold gel on his stomach.

“Those people?” Castiel kept his expression stoic as he spread the gel across his belly with the wand.

“One of those people who think that if a show isn’t 100% accurately portraying something you should be offended by it.” Dean slid a small laugh and wink at the doctor to soften his words

Dr. Novak chuckled, “Not really I just find it ridiculous. They didn’t even know where the tibia-“ Dr. Novak’s hand stilled and clenched the wand, eyes widening alarmingly fast, staring at the monitor. “What is it Doc?”

He didn’t respond.

Dean shifted uncomfortably,

“Uh, DOC?!!!”

He snapped out of it, “Oh…sorry, sorry I just… think this machine isn’t working right.” Dr. Novak nearly bolted out of the room leaving Dean totally confused. What was the virus doing to him?

Striding back through the door the doctor took him to the next room. He proceeded to do the same steps as the previous sonogram, only to end up even more baffled than before.

“Doctor, seriously, tell me if there is something wrong.”

Dr. Novak looked down with overwhelmed eyes at the man who already looked resigned, “I’m going to have to get a second opinion on this.” The ashen doctor again flew out of the room while Dean frowned. Knowing that something was killing him and having a doctor run away metaphorically screaming were not quite the same thing and he couldn't help but be worried.

Dr. Novak came storming back into the room accompanied by a slightly older Asian man. “Mr. Winchester this is Dr. Shin he’s going to be looking over you as well.”

Not giving Dean time to respond Dr. Shin rolled his eyes at his apparently deluded coworker and spit out, “You do realize what you’re saying is nonsense right.”

Castiel clenched his jaw for the 5th time in the last minute and tried not to roll his own eyes or tell the older doctor to shut up.

“Just look for yourself!” he settled for gritting out.

Dr. Shin reluctantly sat down in the the chair in front of the ultrasound machine, “Mr. Winchester, my colleague just informed me-”

“Just look at the images!” Dr. Novak commanded.

Dr. Shin begrudgingly agreed, placing the wand back on Dean's lower abdomen. Dean watched on as the skeptical Shin soon became just as dumbstruck as Dr. Novak had seemed.

“Mr. Winchester…” Dr. Shin mumbled, “are you... a man?...”


“Of course I’m a man.” Dean responded.

“Have you always been a man?”


“Come with me.” Dr. Shin ordered.


“Just come with me.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you until you tell me what’s going on.”

Dr. Shin was visibly struggling to find the words around his shock and irritation when Dr. Novak butted in, “On both of the sonograms you appear to have a uterus. We need to do a more thorough examination of your abdomen and internal organs.” Dr. Shin glared daggers at the younger doctor for being assertive and didn't add anything.

Dean gaped at the two men and fought rising hysteria. “Wait, what?”