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Don't Wanna Be Lonely

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Yoongi woke up when a heavy body pressed up against his back.

He groaned he was just trying to get some lousy sleep.

“Hyung wake up,” his younger group member called to him, breath on his neck. Jungkook pulled at the collar of his oversized white baseball tee and placed small kisses on Yoongi’s bare shoulder.

“Hyung please let me,” he breathed into his ear. Yoongi knew exactly what he was asking for.

The young alpha was horny and snuck into his room first thing in the morning.

Hoseok had a higher sex driver and was usually more willing to sleep with the youngest member, but he was the most controlling of all the members in bed. Even when he let Jungkook top he still dominated the other alpha in bed. Namjoon was too big for Jungkook to fully enjoy, and barely flexible, he still felt good but… Yoongi was Jungkook’s favorite.

In contrast Yoongi has much smaller and had a tiny waist that Jungkook liked to grab onto while he hammered into the older man. So, on days like this Yoongi was usually his go to when he wanted someone in the house to fuck, but he rarely actually agreed to go to bed with him.

“Get off of me you brat, it’s way too early for this,” the older man didn’t even open his eyes, but his seriousness was apparent in the bite of his words. “Ugh you’re no fun hyung,” Jungkook whined, “you’re always to mean to me.”

“I’m not being mean Jungkook, you’re being unreasonable, it’s too early for this.”

“Come on just a quick blowjob then,” Jungkook tried to reason with him running his hands up and down the older man’s sides.

“No, get off of me,” Yoongi was actually getting upset now.

Jungkook raised himself off of his back still pouting. “You never want to play with me, you must not find me attractive anymore,” Jungkook accused him in a hurt tone.

Yoongi scoffed, “of course I find you attractive you brat, you’re so sexy to me,” he told him.

“But you’re also way too rough with me, I’m not an actual omega I wasn’t meant to take your huge cock. And you always leave bruises.”

“Hyung I can be gentle,” Jungkook promised him.

“Eh I don’t think you can buddy, and we have a photoshoot today, I just don’t want to spend all morning in the makeup chair getting lectured while the staff tries to cover up bite marks on my neck.”

Yoongi was up now fully awake. He couldn’t sleep anymore, Jungkook was emitting upset alpha hormones all over his room and it was clogging up his nostrils.

Yoongi headed for the shower and Jungkook trotted down the hall back to his room blue balls still intact, frustrated.


That morning Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jungkook left their lavish apartment to head to their jacket cover shoot for their next full-length album.

All four alphas made up, CYPHER, one of the biggest rap groups in the world.

They were a pack a real family. They believed it was the key to their success.

There was no jealous or rivalry among the members. They all genuinely loved and respected one another, and they pushed one another in their craft to be better rappers, singers, dancers, and overall better performers.

The staff at the shoot was great. Namjoon and their managers had come to an agreement on the theme and overall concept of the album, and he was thrilled with the execution.

Hoseok was not.

While Namjoon was the leader of the pack Hoseok had a naturally controlling personality, even for an alpha.

Hoseok was unhappy with the hair and makeup that day. All four men had gotten their hair permed for the concept, to give a curly and tousled look. But when they arrived on set the hairstylist decided to curly their hair with a curling wand even more after that.


Hoseok thought the curls were too defined and too voluminous to look good on four grown men and spent half the morning arguing to get everyone’s hair changed back. Namjoon called him a diva and they argued.

Jungkook was upset with Yoongi and refused to speak to him. He even refused to go wake up the other alpha when Hoseok asked him to fetch Yoongi.

The day was only salvaged by a miraculous and professional staff, ensuring the shoot was still a success.

At the end of the day their manager Sejin pulled them to the side.

“Guys what happened today? You were all fighting again, this isn’t like you all,” he asked.

“I’m sorry Sejin hyung, I think we were all just a little emotional today,” Namjoon tried to explain.


“Well I think there’s a bigger problem at issue here,” Sejin sighed. “You guys have been together for about a decade and an official pack for about 4 years now. An all alpha pack-”

“Hyung please stop, we’ve discussed this, we’re not ready. We’re way too busy to take care of an omega. Especially now as we prepare for our comeback,” Hoseok interrupted him. Truly the thought of the four alphas getting an omega together terrified him. It wasn’t a responsibility to be taken lightly.

Sejin threw his hands up in defense, “I know you boys don’t want to discuss it, but I’ve signed you up for a service. I’ve thought about this a lot, and you have too much alpha testosterone in your home. You need someone to calm you down.”

“We calm each other down,” Yoongi added.

“Yeah that’s why you were so helpful to me this morning,” Jungkook rolled his eyes getting out of his seat. “Are you really this upset over the fact I didn’t suck your dick at 5 o'clock in the morning” Yoongi asked him incredulously.

“That’s not it hyung, you never want me to touch you like that. It’s hurtful,” Jungkook told him.


“No what hurts is that you all think cause I’m the smallest that I’m the ‘omega’ of our pack, whatever that means, and that I should bend over for you all the time. I’m older than all of you and I’m just as much of an alpha,” Yoongi told them all.

“Maybe we really should rethink this,” Namjoon added. “I’m sorry it’s been so hard on you Yoongi hyung.”

“I like taking care of you guys, but it’s hard on me to take care of you like that,” he told them quietly.

“Like I said I looked into a service that the group could use. They cater to a very expensive clientele. They match high powered alphas with some of the best omegas from around the country.”


“I don’t know about this though. It’s a lot of responsibility, and we all have to agree,” Hoseok chimed in.

The world had a shortage of omegas. It was a horrible problem that lead to vast inequalities when it came to finding a mate. And violence against omegas had risen when desperate alphas couldn’t find an omega willing to help them through their rut.

There were laws that no one alpha could have an omega all to themselves. They had to form packs and triads in order to mate. The government would only allow a pack of four like theirs two omegas at the most.


Not only would they have to make a life changing decision to bring someone into their lives, but it had to be someone they all felt a connection with.

“Give me the information Sejin hyung, I’ll look into it. We don’t have to make a decision now, we’ll think about it,” Namjoon told him.

“Okay, but please I want you all to really consider the opportunity,” he left them with that.




The ride back to their apartment was tense, to say the least. No one spoke to each other or even looked one another in the face. Namjoon knew he had to do something.

Sejin was right. The alphas could only take care of each other so much. They needed someone to help them.

Once back in his room alone Namjoon looked up the company information that Sejin had given him.

The site was called First Love, and it seemed to be an elite matchmaking site that required every member to go through a rigorous approval process.

For alphas it seemed they just had to prove they were rich and a registered pack with no omegas, which Sejin had done for them already.


But omegas went through a much more strenuous screening and evaluation. The site guaranteed every omega was clean and fertile as well as willing be join the alpha pack.

Outside his room Namjoon heard something break and growls coming from the common area.


Namjoon went to the living room to see a cute omega girl with short hair and a big round bottom bouncing up and down on Jungkook’s lap, she was screaming and making a raucous. Jungkook was a horny young alpha and it was hard for his mates to keep up with him so he slept with random omegas he could find. It was messy and Namjoon hated that it could cause problems for the group in the future.

The sex always left Jungkook wanting more as well which made Namjoon feel even worse. Having sex with an omega was always nice, but nothing compared to the physical and emotional connection mate’s shared.


It really was time for them to make a change.

“Hey, fill this out,” Jungkook accepted the stack of papers Namjoon was handing him.

“And when you’re done with the little alpha you can come to my room,” he whispered in the girl’s ear, she looked at him and nodded her head in agreement. But any whisper this close Jungkook could still hear of course he fucked into omega harder and faster as if trying to prove a point. Namjoon laughed, of course he wasn’t serious, but he liked to rile up his mate.

Namjoon handed out the papers to all the members. They were surveys they needed to fill out to be matched. He figured it was worth a shot at least to see what kind of options the company would have for them.



A few weeks later their album has been released and it is a huge success on the charts, and critically acclaimed. The group is in their last week of promotion which would end in a huge concert for their fans.

Namjoon got another email from the organization. The had been a few sparse dates. They were a young wealthy pack the company had sent them plenty of offers. The alphas had went on dates with a few, but they never lead to anything.

Namjoon wanted to give up but he decided to give this lastest omega a try at least. If they could get something to get into their schedule after the comeback was over they would give- Kim Seokjin a try.



Jin was late, and not like cute fashionably late, but like horribly ridiculously everything that could have gone wrong went wrong today late. He was supposed to be meeting his potential alphas for dinner.

A few weeks ago, Jin, in a moment of desperation, had signed up for a matchmaking site that matched omegas with wealthy alpha packs.

The site was famous on his campus, all omegas knew about it, which was why Jin had turned to the service in his hour of desperation.

There was a reputation that if an omega was able to get on the site they would be set for life, chosen by a wealthy pack. The hardest hurdle for omegas was getting past the application process. But Jin had been told by his friends that the hardest standard was not getting your photo thrown out by the selection staff and he would have no problem getting in.


He was still shocked when he was called in for an interview. The employee he spoke with was a gorgeous and scary omega. She was obviously judging him harshly during the meeting they had.


He thought he was done for after his interview with the scary lady, but then he got an email with a time and location. His profile had been sent to a small number of alpha packs he could remotely match with and most had accepted to meet with him.


Jin was currently on a crowded subway train trying to calm himself down. He was meeting his potential alpha pack and he wanted to make a good impression but being 30 minutes late made him anxious they had already left and given up on him.

He ran into the fancy restaurant and greeted the hostess. She led him to the back. When Jin entered the quiet back room the site before him took his breath away.


There were four alphas. Four very handsome alphas looking up at him. They all stood to greet him and Seokjin thought he would melt then and there.

“Seokjin, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” the tallest one bowed to him and he quickly returned the gesture. “I’m Kim Namjoon, thank you for meeting us here,” he told him.

“No, I’m so sorry alpha for being late,” he told him on the verge of tears.

“Hey, it’s okay Seokjin,” the next one greeted him, “we figured something important must have come up.” His smile was so bright it made Jin feel better, he seemed like he genuinely wasn’t upset. “Jung Hoseok at your service princess,” he greeted him.

The next alpha was bigger than him as well, but he looked so young it took Seokjin off guard. He grabbed his hands and bowed to the omega so deeply it made Jin blush by how respectful he was being. “Jeon Jungkook, thank you for agreeing to meet with us.”

The last alpha was the smallest of the group with platinum blonde hair. “Min Yoongi, you can call me hyung” was all he said, and he sat back down.

Jin bowed deeply to all four alphas, “Kim Seokjin, please take care of me.”

“Seokjin-ah come sit down we were waiting on you to order. Are you hungry little one?” Namjoon asked. He sat down at the booth with two alphas on each side of him.

“Oh no alpha, I’m really not,” Jin told them with a shy smile. Of course, at that moment his stomach started grumbling. It was quiet and Jin tried to place his hand over his midriff area to muffle the noise. But alphas had impeccable hearing it was too late.

“Yah you are hungry don’t worry, Jungkook go get the server,” Hoseok made the youngest get up. Jungkook quickly hopped up. They were in a private back room the server wouldn’t be able to see they were ready, so he went to find her.

“So, do you want to tell us why you were late?” the smallest alpha Yoongi asked. “Ah, it’s not important Yoongi,” Hoseok chided.

“It’s important to me,” Yoongi looked up from his menu to look in their direction.


“Again, I am so sorry for being late hyung,” he apologized embarrassed now. “Well after work I had to run back to my apartment unexpectedly and I live on the other side of town from this restaurant. I really didn’t mean to be late. This meeting was so important to me alphas,” he told them earnestly.

“What happened at work?” Yoongi asked staring seriously.

“Uh my boss just wanted me to clean something before I left,” Jin couldn’t admit to them that his sadistic boss knew he had somewhere important to be after work. He had asked him about it when Jin came in and hung his suit up in the back. As a punishment for just existing his boss made him mop the floors, and wash all the dishes, and take the trash out back to the dumpster before he left, which wasn’t usually the responsibility of someone leaving before dinner, night shift usually did those tasks.

“So why did you have to go all the way back to your apartment?”

“Yoongi leave him alone,” Namjoon spoke in a threatening half-whisper.

“No, I won’t agree to him if he’s lying. Why can’t he just tell us what happened? He was already late and if he can’t be honest then I won’t entertain this courtship,” Yoongi starred the pack alpha down.

“I-I went back to my apartment to shower,” he admitted, “I had to do alot of hard work today at my job and I ended up sweating and getting gross and I took the trash out today and the bag burst on me, and I knew that if I didn’t clean up an alpha would be able to smell trash on me. I just didn’t want you guys to think I was dirty,” Jin didn’t realize he started crying.

He wasn’t ashamed of his job, he needed money, so he worked for it, but it was demeaning to relive a gross part of his service job in front of a group of handsome and extremely wealthy men he was trying to impress.

“Yoongi good job being such an ass we told you to drop it,” Hoseok pulled Jin into him. “Hey Seokjinnie please don’t cry.”


Yoongi’s express quickly softened. He felt horrible making the omega cry at their first meeting.


Hoseok pulled Jin into his lap, “ah don’t cry baby hyung is here for you,” Hoseok cooed in his ear.


Namjoon rubbed his hand up-and-down Jin’s back releasing calming pheromones trying to help Hoseok calm his down.


“I’m so sorry that happened to you today. We’re proud of you for dealing with all that, and still making it here,” Namjoon told him.

“I ordered the food,” Jungkook came bouncing back into the room. “Wh-why is he crying? What happened?”

“It was Yoongi,” Hoseok whispered as he continued to lightly bounce Jin in his lap. “He’s a big bad alpha isn’t, but don’t worry I’m here for you. No reason to cry.”


“Stop we’re not blaming anyone. Seokjin has had a hard day, and he needed to cry it out,” Namjoon informed him.


“And we don’t think you’re dirty, little one. I’m so sorry you had to go through all that at work,” Namjoon told him.


“You don’t think it’s gross,” Jin sniffled peeking out from Hoseok’s chest.

“No of course not,” Jungkook chimed in. He had no idea what was happening, but he definitely didn’t think the omega was gross.

“I used to work at this Chinese restaurant as a delivery boy,” Yoongi told him. “I would always leave smelling like peanut oil. Felt like it was stuck to my skin once I would leave... If the cook didn’t have any leftover entrees to give me at night, I would have to buy my own dinner… I got paid so little if I had to buy dinner, I couldn’t afford to take the bus home. I would have to choose one or the other those nights,” Yoongi said in a quiet tone shaking his head.

Jin lifted his head up he was listening to Yoongi’s story.

“We didn’t always have all this,” Yoongi still wasn’t looking at Jin but it was obvious he was talking to help him. “We’d never judge you people for the work they do.”


At that moment the server returned with the starters Jungkook had ordered for the table. Jin jumped out of Hoseok’s lap, face still red.

The dinner went well after that. Jin told the men all about his studies at university. Yoongi was impressed he was in such a competitive program.

Jin blushed at the table as they praised him. He felt like he was just telling them normal facts about himself, but they were deeply interested. They also talked about favorite tv shows and fun activities they liked to do.


The group sat in the booth and talked for hours.

“Alpha you should tell me more about yourselves,” he told them. “Ah, we’re much more boring than you are Jin,” Yoongi told him with him a smile. “Well what do you guys do for a living?” he asked.

Namjoon almost choked on his wine, and Jin looked at him concerned.

“Uh we’re rappers,” Hoseok quickly told him. “Sorry I thought you knew who we were,” Namjoon told him.


Wow Jin thought they must be successful to be so rich, but he had never heard of them. “No, I’m sorry alphas I don’t really listen to rap,” he told them. “We sing too,” Jungkook reassured him.


“We started off as just rappers, but our music taste heavily evolved.”


“That’s really interesting,” he told them. “Yeah yeah enough about us Jin, it’s getting late,” Yoongi told him.

“Jin we’ll take you home,” Namjoon told him standing up. “Oh no I really don’t live close, it would be out of the way,” he tried to explain.

“Yah we didn’t ask if you live close. We’ll drop you off,” Hoseok grabbed his hand smiling. Jin smiled back and let them lead him out of the restaurant.

Seokjin stepped into the back seat of their expensive black SUV. Jungkook drove with Hoseok navigating them to Jin’s apartment. Jin sat in the back seat between the biggest and smallest alphas in the pack.


“Seokjin before I let you leave today can we briefly discuss our arrangement now?” Namjoon asked him seriously.

“Yes alpha,” Jin nodded his head.


“We want to sign the contract, and register you as a member of our pack,” Namjoon just let it out.

“Really are you all sure?” Jin was astonished. “Yeah of course!” Hoseok told him from the front seat, “you’re the best date we’ve been on. Ever.”

“And we’re ready to meet all of your demands,” Yoongi told him.


“Oh well they weren’t really demands…” Jin felt awkward talking about all the money he asked for now that he had met the alphas and actually liked them. It felt more like a real date when he was with him, and not like a business transaction.


“Jin we went over what you asked for and we’re ready to meet your demands, and have you move in with us as soon as possible. So, we can start our courtship,” Namjoon told him.

“Really?” Jin asked nervous.

“Can I ask you a question love?” Yoongi took Jin’s hand in his. “I know the last time I was too mean… But what is all this for?” he tried to ask as sweetly as he could. “Hyung,” Hoseok’s tone was more serious and biting as it had been the whole night. He looked back and Yoongi.

“Well if you move in with us when the courtship starts why do you need another apartment? And no offense Jin but you’re not the age of a college freshman so why do you need three years of college tuition from us? It’s not about the money I think it’s fair we know what we’re getting into” he asked hurriedly.


“Jin you don’t have to answer that,” Namjoon told him. “We don’t care, we’ll pay for it.”


“No, it’s okay alpha. I don’t want you guys to think that you can’t ask me difficult questions because of the incident earlier,” he told them.


“Yoongi hyung it’s not for me. I got a scholarship when I got accepted into my school that pays for most of my education, and like you said I’m almost done with my program anyway. It’s for my younger brother, Kim Taehyung,” Jin explained.

“He started school this year and it was hard to come up with the money for him but I really want him to get an education. He’s an omega and I want him to have options when he gets older. And the apartment is so he can have somewhere to stay when I leave.”

“See that’s beautiful omega, thank you for sharing that,” Yoongi praised him.

“Seokjin hyung is this where you stay?” Jungkook spoke up for the first time during the car ride. He had been focusing on the road, making sure they had a smooth journey.

“Oh yeah this is my place,” Jin undid his seatbelt. “You’re not getting out here,” Yoongi put a hand around his waist.

The dilapidated structure stood in near ruins before them. Their expensive car out of place in the lower socioeconomic neighborhood.

“My little brother will be looking for me hyung, please let me out,” Jin calmly told Yoongi. Shame rising up his throat he was proud of the little apartment that he and his brother had. Yeah it was in a bad neighborhood, but Taehyung had decorated it to his liking and Jin paid the bills every month on time without fail. It wasn’t much but it was theirs.

But he realized how it would look to others. “Oh, I don’t want you to think you can’t leave the car. But let me walk with you,” Yoongi pulled his hand back and unbuckled his seat.

“You and your younger omega brother live here?” Hoseok asked. “By yourselves?”

“Yes hyung,” Jin answered.


“Seokjin tomorrow you’ll get an email from me with information on potential apartments. You and your brother can pick out one that you like,” Namjoon told him. “The moment you decide on something a moving truck is coming to get him out of this place. This complex is not safe for two unmated omegas to be living alone.”


“Once your brother is somewhere better you can move in with us,” Yoongi told him. “If you didn’t have a younger brother to take care of, I’d make you go grab a bag now and come with us, but he can’t live here by his self,” Hoseok told him.


“Thank you, alphas, that’s so considerate,” he told them.

In the end Jungkook parked on the side of the street and all four alphas got out and walked him to his front door. The unit was a walk-up, the alphas followed him up the stairs to his door. Namjoon sighed when they got to his door. There was little to no security. If an alpha in rut knew two young omegas lived here on their own, he or she could easily break the door down and take them. It gave the alpha chills just thinking about it.

“It was great meeting you,” Namjoon told him and they hugged.

Hoseok was next, “come here,” he told the omega. He softly grabbed Jin’s face and they shared a passionate kiss. Hoseok’s lips connected with Jin’s and he saw sparks.

They separated and Hoseok had a huge smile on his face. “If Hobi hyung gets a kiss I want one too,” Jungkook pouted. Jin could tell he was definitely the youngest. “That’s fine Jungkook,” he told him.

Jungkook pounced on him afterwards. Not grabbing his face but wrapping his arms around his waist and pressing close against him until he got his fill of the omega.

“Bye omega, it was a good date,” Yoongi told him after Jungkook moved. Yoongi gave a chaste kiss on the mouth, it left Jin wanting more.

“I want a second shot at my goodbye,” Namjoon told him light blush on his cheeks. Jin laughed and wrapped his arms around Namjoons shoulders. When Namjoon kissed him Jin couldn’t think straight, it felt like he was engulfed by the larger man. Everything suddenly became about this alpha.

“Wow hyung,” he heard a familiar voice call him. Jin quickly opened his eyes and separated from the alpha. “Taehyung go back inside,” Jin shouted.

“No, do you know who these people are! Why are kissing the members of CYPHER in front of our door!” he asked mouth wide open from shock.

“Bye alphas I really enjoyed our date,” Jin called out flustered. He pushed Taehyung inside the apartment quickly and slammed the door shut.




“Wow that date was amazing,” Hoseok told the others when they finally got home. “Yeah even though Yoonie hyung tried to ruin it,” Jungkook laughed.

“Hey, if we’re going to be with him, he has to be honest, there are things we need to know as his alphas to take care of him,” Yoongi defended himself.


“Yeah but you could have lightened up a little hyung, if Hoseok wasn’t so good at calming distressed omegas the date might not have been salvageable,” Namjoon told him.


“Okay I admit that, but aren’t you glad we learned something of substance about him? And Namjoon you were the main one who was pissed he was at him for being late.”

“And when I saw that perfect face and smelt his scent all my anger was immediately gone. That’s something we need guys,” Namjoon told him.


“And I’ll be the first to say it. His brother was just as beautiful,” Jungkook said, he sat on top of the counter undoing his tie.

“Ah ah no, we’re not going there. We need to focus on Jin right now. Let’s lock down one omega. And no more omega booty calls we’re about to start a real relationship. That especially goes for you little alpha,” he teased Jungkook.

“Again, I don’t like screwing random omegas. If I could get a decent blowjob from someone in my pack it really wouldn’t be an issue.”


“I’ll give you one if you promise to stop complaining,” Yoongi whined.

“Fuck yeah! Deal hyung! I’m gonna go take a shower,” Jungkook jumped off the counter and sprinted down the hall making the other alphas laugh at their youngest.

“I’m sleeping in your room tonight hyung,” he called to Yoongi from down the hallway.




That night Jin opened his phone and started playing CYPHER’s latest album. He drifted to sleep listening to their beautiful voices. His future alphas.