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Fool's Paradise

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2 October 2004

B didn't show today, although we spoke on the phone. I spent the day making a list of questions for her:

1. What's my real name?
2. What year was I born?
3. What's the deal with London?
4. Why did I lose my memories?
5. If I don't have a green card, how did I get into the States?
6. If I don't have a green card, how the hell do I get out?

Those are decent for starters, I reckon. I told her that I'm ready to know what she has to tell me, warts and all. She said she needed a day to collect herself but promised me she will be here tomorrow. I find that I'm so thrilled by the thought of seeing her again, that I can hardly sit still. Maybe...maybe I can ask her about us, too. The idea of us being only "companions" leaves me a trifle cold.