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Streetwise Hercules

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“—ss. Boss.” a voice called, raised in pitch but not in volume, jerking Toshinori from his hazy, tired thoughts.

He blinked slowly. His gaze shifted to peer across the large mahogany dining table where Aizawa leveled his own tired eyes at him. His eyes were not the only pair trained on the large man at the head of the table, and Toshinori noticed this as he risked a glance around at his comrades.

“What’s wrong, Boss?” his dark eyes narrowed as they darted over Toshinori’s figure, searching for blood, for injuries no one might have noticed, yet finding none.

Toshinori let out a deep sigh. “Nothing, my friend. I am just tired.” he said. The others shifted in their seats. Toshinori tracked the movements with his eyes. He would never understand why they always shifted in discomfort when he admitted to weakness or fatigue. By now they had all seen him bleed, rage, and mourn. By now they should have stopped regarding him as something not-entirely-human, but by the look in their eyes, it was still something they had not given up. He sighed again and stood, pushing back his chair and stepping away from the table. “Sleep well, all of you. I will have my phone if you need me.”

With that his long legs carried him from the dining hall, out to the entrance hall and then up the winding staircase to his room on the third floor. He grabbed his wallet, phone, and keys, pulled a cap over his head, shrugged on a jacket over his broad shoulders in the gloom of the unlit room, and silently descended back down the stairs and out the door, locking it behind him. He could feel eyes on him as he made his way up the long driveway and through the gates that barred the property from the outside. He ignored them, pulled his cap a bit further down his face in the light rain, and began his jog to refuge.

The long empty road that held their mansion at the end of it was hidden at the corner of another long road. This one contained other large houses, the inhabitants of which were either almost always occupied elsewhere or knew the rest of the neighborhood liked to keep to themselves. Past this street were a few criss-crossing others, and finally the city’s roads puddled underneath Toshinori’s feet. His silent gait carried him swiftly through dim alleys, away from busy intersections and the flashing lights of police cars, through district after district, street after street, before finally slowing at the sight of small apartment complex.

The building stood five floors tall. It had no elevator or concierge, nor did it gleam like the dozens of others Toshinori had passed on the journey there. The entrances to the suites were on the outside of the building, accessed through either set of stairs at opposite ends of building. He sent a routine glance around him, watching the shifting shadows for signs of anyone lurking within them. When he found none, he moved towards the far staircase. He’d taken the closer side the last time he had been here and the fire escape ladder the time before that. He reached his door on the third floor and glanced to the right and then the left at the others. The doors looked undisturbed.

He unlocked his own door, heaving another tired sigh as he flicked the lock and deadbolt, kicked off his shoes, searched his apartment for anything out of the ordinary, pulled off his clothing when he found nothing amiss, placed his things on his bedside table, and crawled underneath his covers.


Toshinori startles awake, pulling the gun from underneath his pillow and spinning around. It takes him a moment to realize the loud banging and yelling was coming from outside and there was, in fact, no one in his bedroom. He threw on his shirt and darted towards his door, glancing out of the peephole. A shadow shifted on the ground in front of his door. The person stood in front of his neighbor’s door, the one directly beside his. He unlocked and jerked his open, stepping partially out as his left hand kept his gun hidden within the shadows of his entryway.

The man who pounded against the door reeked of alcohol and the cloying scent of cheap cologne. He was yelling someone’s name but the name, which Toshinori could barely make out through his slurs, was not that of his neighbor.

“Sir.” Toshinori’s voice cut through the chilled air, loud enough that the man stumbled around to face him.

“What!” he snapped, casting a glare up at him. Toshinori narrowed his eyes at him and straightened to his full height, watching as the other smaller, fatter man’s eyes widened at him.

“You’ve got the wrong place. The person you’re looking for doesn’t live here.” he said slowly, as clear as possible so the man wouldn’t misunderstand.

The drunk tried to regain his composure. “What the fuck do you know— ”

“If you insist on making noise,” Toshinori’s voice dropped an octave, “I’ll call the police.”

A moment flickered by in tense silence. Toshinori heard a door’s lock click. He couldn’t tell if it clicked open or closed. The man must have heard it as well because he chanced a glance around, shot Toshinori a weak glare, and stumbled over to the stairs closest to him, away from Toshinori. Soon he had disappeared into the gloom, and Toshinori grunted and was about to turn back into his suite when the door beside him, the one the man had been pounding on, swung open. His neighbor gave him a wide-eyed look before sweeping his dark eyes over to the empty landing.

“Thanks, Mr. Yagi.” he said. Behind him, Toshinori saw the shadows shift and a hand reach out to grasp the man’s. He knew why the couple had hidden inside the suite rather than engage with the drunk. It was safer inside, and they hadn’t known if the man was carrying anything that would have injured them if he knew someone was inside. Toshinori flashed the man a wide white grin.

“No problem. Get some sleep now, yeah?” he said. The man nodded, shot him another grateful smile, and slipped back into the safety of his home. With the man back inside, there was no one to block his sight of his other neighbor, who he hadn’t noticed until then.

The young man’s curly hair was disheveled, the dark green locks sticking up in every which direction while one side of it was pressed flat to his skull, likely because he was sleeping on it. He was wearing a threadbare t-shirt and sweatpants and Toshinori saw his bare toes wiggle in the cold air from the corner of his eye. His eyes were surprising sharp and lucid, despite how obvious it was that he had just been sleeping. And that vibrant green gaze was fixed on him. Toshinori’s mind blanked for a moment and he simply stared.

“Mr. Yagi.” the young man’s mouth curled up softly. “Good to see you’re back.”

“Yeah.” Toshinori said, still staring.

“When did you get back?” Midoriya Izuku leaned against his doorway, crossing his arms over his chest. The light from the corridor, which usually looked unflattering on most, softened his features with its shadows, which Toshinori thought was ridiculous because the man looked soft enough as it was.

“Last night.” Toshinori replied, taking care to keep his voice from traveling too far so their neighbors could get some proper rest.

“Ah.” Midoriya nodded before his smile was split by a yawn. Toshinori clenched his jaw to stop his own. He gave Toshinori a bashful look and peeled away from his doorframe. “I’d better get to bed then. Hopefully I’ll see you around?”

“I should be here for a while,” his hand raised in a small wave in response to the one that Midoriya gave. “Good night.”

“Good night.” He said, and the door clicked shut.

Toshinori stepped back into his own apartment, shut the door and flipped his lock, and sighed again. His free hand rubbed his face as he padded back over to his bed and laid back down, tucking the unused glock back into place. When he woke in the morning, he vaguely remembered a dream where he gazed at green-tinged stars in an infinite night sky.


Toshinori dragged in a breath as he stepped onto the stairs. He was rolling his shoulders back, stretching out his rapidly cooling muscles after his long run, when he heard someone call down to him. He stilled at the second floor landing and glanced up the stairs. Familiar red sneakers caught his gaze as it traveled, up toned jean-clad legs and up a long sleeve white shirt with “Shirt” written on it, and stopped at a smiling freckled face.

“Mr. Midoriya,” said Toshinori, glancing at the other people with Izuku as then stopped at the landing.

The one who drew his eye first was a tall spikey-haired blond with a fiery look in his crimson eyes. His posture was unwelcoming, his glare sharp, his hands curled to fists within the confines of his pockets. His muscular arms were bare despite the slight chill in the air and his shoulders were tense beneath the black fabric of his shirt. He was a bit taller than Izuku, but not as tall as the other man who stood on Izuku’s opposite side.

This one wore glasses, had nice posture, and dressed weather appropriate as well. His hair was neatly trimmed but, despite the schoolboy look to him, the breadth of his defined shoulders betrayed the small lining of muscle he carried. Beside him was a petite woman with soft features and light brown hair, cut into a long bob around her head. She was shorter than Izuku and wore a pale pink and black outfit.

Toshinori noted all this with a single glance as Izuku said with an excited voice, “Mr. Yagi! How are you? Have you met my friends?”

“I’m well. Thank you. And I don’t believe I have.” Toshinori said, smiling as he cast an now-obvious glance over the group.

“Oh! Well, this is Kacch—” he started, turning towards the blond only to receive a scalding glare. “Uh, I mean Katsuki. We’ve been friends since we were kids! He’s really smart and athletic and he has a bit of a temper but he’s not a bad guy and—”

“Deku, fucking chill.” the blond — Katsuki — cut in, making Izuku’s mouth click shut as his cheeks colored. Toshinori chuckled and reached out his hand. Katsuki jerked his own hand from his pocket and clasped it with his, squeezing with more force than necessary but not more than Toshinori expected him to give. The older man thought he saw something familiar in that red gaze of his.

“Nice to meet you, Katsuki.” Toshinori squeezed back to a polite degree and pulled away, ignoring the critical way the younger man was looking him over.

“And this is Tenya,” Izuku motioned to glasses-sporting man, who gave Toshinori a “nice to meet you sir” and a firm handshake, and then said, “and that’s Ochaco.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Yagi.” Ochaco smiled warmly up at him and shook his hand.

“And you, Ochaco,” Toshinori replied, noticing her smile change into a grin.

“You just come back from a run?” she asked, casting a glance over him.

“No shit.” Katsuki muttered, sending her a mild glare. She ignored him.

“I did.” Toshinori reached back to wipe the back of his neck with his shirt collar. “Do you run?”

“Oh no,” she let out a chuckle as she shook her head, “Running’s not for me. But Izuku runs a lot, right Izuku?”

Izuku let out a squeak and Toshinori felt a surge of bemusement as the green curls in front of him ruffled slightly as the younger man shook his head at his obvious inattention. “Sorry, what did you say Ochaco?”

“You run, right?”

“Uh, yeah. Every day, if I can, but I haven’t been able to that much recently because classes and work—” His jaws clicked shut this time on their own, muting the rest of his ramblings. Toshinori distantly thought that the rambling was quite endearing. He brushed the odd thought away before it could settle.

“You said you’re free, uh, Thursday mornings this term, right?” Ochaco said after a moment of thought.

“Yeah.” Izuku’s eyes widened a bit as he turned them back to regard Toshinori. “Mr. Yagi, how often do you run?”

“Every day, if I have the time.” Toshinori replied.

“Oh, in that case, would you maybe want to run with me on Thursday mornings?” His voice was tentative, and the blush had returned to the peaks of his cheeks.

Toshinori smiled, watching Izuku ease slightly from the simple action. “I’d be happy to run with you, Mr. Midoriya.”

“Great! And, um, Mr. Midoriya is a little… um, it’s alright if you call me Izuku.”

“Then I will.” he glanced around at the others. “Feel free to call me Toshinori as well.”

“Well, nice to meet you sunflowerman. We gotta go.” Katsuki huffed, brushing by Toshinori to go down the stairs. Ochaco rolled her eyes after the tense blond and cast her gaze back up to Toshinori.

“Don’t mind him. He’s just… prickly. At everyone. Even us. And Tenya and I have known him since high school.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said as he stepped to the side so the two of them could pass him easily. They sent back a small wave as they disappeared down the stairs. His gaze once again shifted to Izuku and blinked in surprise when his eyes met green ones in turn. They sparkled like gems in the warm afternoon light and neither of them spoke for what could have been a just long moment but was most likely a few minutes because Katsuki’s voice erupted from somewhere below them, yelling something colorful that threatened bodily harm onto Izuku. Izuku snapped out of his daze and laughed lightly.

“Right. Uh… Sorry, I’d better get going. Next time we see each other we’ll talk more!” said Izuku, darting past him down the stairs. Toshinori turned to watch his green curls glint in the sun as they disappeared from view with a musical “Bye Toshi!”

He blinked again and slowly turned back around. He didn’t let himself consider how long it had been since someone had called him Toshi until he was well within the safety of his apartment and even then his musings were interrupted by the shrill ringing of his cell phone.

“Hello?” Toshinori said.

“Boss!” Hizashi Yamada’s voice blasted into his ear. Toshinori tensed up, immediately moving into bedroom and tossing the phone, now on speaker, onto the bed as he pulled off his sweaty clothes. Not that it was terribly necessary; Yamada’s voice tended to be louder than normal standards even when he wasn’t yelling. “We’ve got information of a deal going down with the League in three hours. Word is Tomura Shigaraki might be there.” There was a pause. Someone in the background yelled something. Toshinori pulled on his jacket and picked up the phone again, turning off the speaker. “We’ve notified the whole family, and everyone who’s available is coming. Nezu’s supplies came in a few days after you left. How soon can you get here? Shota’s the one who got the tip so he’ll explain once everyone gathers.”

Toshinori slipped on his shoes in his entranceway. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.” He pocketed the phone and stepped out of his apartment, locking it quickly before spinning around and bounding down the stairs and down the street, trying not to grind his teeth as he ran.

The League was an up-and-coming criminal family that was beginning to rival their own vigilante family in size, despite the fact that they were newly formed. In the few years that they had been active, they had managed to cause almost as much crime as Toshinori’s family had stopped. Their actions were malicious, their intentions sinister. Their hits were planned well in advance and always mysteriously funded. There was someone running them behind the scenes, and Toshinori’s experience with the group told him that this, and the fact that the criminal group had not self-destructed despite their unsavory members, was all the work of a certain criminal. The same criminal that had pillaged their country’s good people for years. The same criminal that had haunted Toshinori’s old mentor’s city and eventually taken her life. The same criminal that Toshinori had thought he had crippled years ago, at great cost.

The scar in his side ached as he ran through his city towards the estate. Tomura Shigaraki was the grandson of his mentor, taken under his grandmother’s murderer’s wing and raised to be a criminal himself.

Aizawa had started to gather information about a new plot the League was in the middle of. His old teaching colleagues had began mentioning, since a year ago, of escalating crime among students. Youths were leaving high school before graduating, getting into drugs or crime instead of honestly making a living for themselves. Toshinori and the others suspected the League was somehow influencing this shift, giving the pattern and spread of the epidemic, but had yet to find any proof.

“Boss.” Aizawa greeted him as Toshinori entered the conference room. He was standing at the head of the table, surrounded by other members of their family as well as scattered sheets of paper littered with information. Toshinori shrugged off his jacket, noticing how the room had quieted the minute he stepped in, and accepted the body armor Nezu handed him with a nod of thanks. The material was bulletproof and barely weighed a thing, though it did bulk up his silhouette.

“Let’s hear what you’ve got.” he said, flashing them his signature smile, this one tinged with a hunger his neighbors would never understand.

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Through half-narrowed eyes, Toshinori watched two birds glide over the horizon. Beyond them, the muted colors of dawn bled into the sky. A chilled breeze brushed over his crossed arms and a shoe scuffed on the stairs beside him. He blinked, drawing himself out of his head and his lingering thoughts about the op to glance up the stairs.

Izuku Midoriya stared at him from where he'd stopped on the stairs. The younger man was at the perfect height for Toshi to see the sun turn his tired eyes into blazing emeralds. He was still thinking how pretty the image before him was when Izuku cleared the stairs and came to stand before him.

"Good morning, Toshi." Izuku smiled. Toshinori straightened, feeling warmer.

"Good morning, Izuku." said Toshinori, casting an assessing glance over the man. Izuku wore an off-white sports hoodie and dark green sweats. He shifted his weight and Toshi saw the strap of a small fanny pack across his waist underneath his sweater. Toshi assumed it was where he kept his phone and keys. "Ready to run?"

Izuku had been in the middle of stretching, pulling one of his legs back to his tailbone. He dropped the limb back to the ground and grinned up at Toshi. "Yes sir."

Toshi flashed him a small smile and set off at a light jog. They traveled down the street before veering right, heading east a few blocks until they hit the park. Izuku gave a small laugh. As Toshi raised an eyebrow at him, he elaborated.

"I used to run in this park all the time before university," he said. "Do you like running here too?"

"Yeah." Toshinori slowed while he checked the street as they crossed it. Their sneakers were silent as they got on the running track that surrounded the park. "Though I don't run here every day."

"Yeah? Why not?" Izuku turned those curious eyes over to him.

Toshinori reminded himself to watch his surroundings.

"I prefer to change up my routes." he said, watching a small group of birds pecking at the grass ahead of them. The conversation lulled as Izuku's attention shifted to the birds, and then to the sky as it lightened. Toshinori was pleasantly surprised that the younger man had barely lost his breath. At some point he noticed that Izuku's mouth kept on opening as if he wanted to say something, though he never did.

"Are you the type that prefers to talk when you're running with someone else?" Toshinori huffed, casting Izuku an amused glance.

Color bloomed on the tips of Izuku's cheeks. "I mean, I am, but if you aren't then that's totally fine, you don't have to force yourself to talk if that's not what you want to do." Izuku rambled before gasping a breath and flicking his eyes away.

“I don’t mind.” Toshi said, making sure he caught Izuku’s eyes when they widened and glanced back at him. He smiled at the younger man before steering them down one of the running paths as the main one split. And thought of what to ask him. “Ah, you’re a university student, correct?”

“Yeah. I go to the city one.”

“How do you like it?” Toshinori asked, and in response Izuku raised one of his hands, flattened his palm, and tilted the limb from side to side. Toshinori chuckled. “Why’s that?”

“Don’t get me wrong — for a city university, especially one that recently transitioned from a college into a university — it’s pretty good. But I’ve been there three years now and some of the faculty just—” he shot a glance at Toshinori and flattened his lips together for a moment, “— leave something to be desired.”

“Something to be desired in their teaching or in their personalities?” Toshi’s words drifted unanswered through the air as they passed over a long bridge and Izuku’s gaze rolled over the water that gently swayed underneath it. When they finally passed over it and began to round back around the park, the green-haired man’s attention snapped back.

“Ah, sorry. Sometimes it’s one or the other and sometimes it’s both.” he sighed and tripped. Toshinori’s arm shot out the stabilize him as they halted. Izuku’s weight rested against his limb for a long moment as he blinked up at him. The peaks of pink rebloomed on his cheeks. “Sorry. Thanks. I’m kinda clumsy sometimes.”

“It’s alright.” Toshinori gaze roved over him. “You’re not hurt, are you?”

“No. No. I’m fine!” Izuku stepped away, smiling in reassurance. They began to run again, silence brushing over them with the wind. Toshinori was just noticing more runners and walkers appearing around the park when Izuku said, “I mean, I know it’s not their job to be perfect, but they are getting paid to teach the material. I fail to see how it’s considered teaching if the exams contain things from the required readings that are never talked about in lecture.”

“Does that happen often?”

“I wouldn’t say often, but one my profs, who I’ve had a few classes with, always does that. And it’s really hard to… accept his way of teaching when the material he teaches and the material he tests us on is so different. Then add on the fact that the assigned readings are always long and really dry and, well, it’s hard to get motivated for that class.”

“I see. And what field are you studying in?”

“Oh! Law!” Izuku said, flashing Toshinori a grin. Something in him stilled. He suppressed the flair of anxiousness that appeared and watched the younger man’s eyes twinkle. There was no need to be afraid of a student, and from what Toshi had seen and found about Izuku, he was no doubt a just person. He wouldn’t become the type of law enforcer All Might had qualms with. He wouldn’t become the kind of law that All Might saved bullets for.

As they left the park, Toshinori asked whether his friends were in his program. Izuku told him that Tenya was also a law student and that they had a few courses together over the years. Ochaco was in the social work program, and was a year behind the rest of them because she took a gap year to volunteer with children in poverty across Africa. Katsuki was in the chemical engineering program. When Toshi expressed his surprise about the field and asked why his friend had chosen it, Izuku laughed through his panting breath and said “Kacchan’s always had a particular interest in how and why things blow up. I can’t remember how many times he shot homemade poppers at me.”

“Poppers?” Toshi asked.

“Yeah. They’re these small harmless firework-type things that crackle a lot. Spit sparks like snakes spit venom. Turn all of these really cool colors when they burn.”

“And he shot those as you?” Toshinori’s tone must have displayed more concern than he meant to reveal, because Izuku turned sombre eyes on him as they neared their apartment.

“I told you, they were harmless. The only way you could get hurt is if they popped up and got stuck in your hair, or if you stuck your fingers too close. Kacchan’s never been a bad kid. Aggressive sometimes, yes, but never hurtful for the sake of being hurtful.”

“I see.” Toshinori smiled down at him. They finally settled to a stop in front of the stairs. Toshi rolled his neck and ignored the dull popping sounds it made. He stretched and tried not to stare when he noticed Izuku was stretching as well. When they finished, they slowly ascended the stairs together. “How was the run?”

“Good!” Izuku beamed up at him. “Great, actually. You set a really good pace. It wasn’t too fast but it still burnt after a while, which was good. The route was also nice and you make a good partner. For running. A good running partner. Yeah.”

Toshinori blinked at the shorter man. Watched his flush deepen as the seconds ticked by. Wondered why he was embarrassed at having misspoken. Izuku’s hands clapped over his face, covering it from his view. He frowned before he even realized it.

“Ah!” Izuku’s hands fell from his face. The flush had faded by a small degree. “I’m also free on the weekends, you know, if you want to go for runs or something.”

“You don’t prefer to sleep in on weekends?” Toshinori asked.

“I’m not much of a sleeper.” Izuku rubbed at the back of his neck. The curls around the side of his face were damp with sweat. “But if you are then we could always go later or…”

Toshinori smiled down at him. “Is the same time as today good for you?”

“Yeah!” Izuku beamed that megawatt smile again.

“Then I’ll see you on Saturday for our run.” Toshinori said as they reached their floor. “But feel free to say hi anytime, though I might not always be here because of work.”

“Of course!” Izuku pulled out his keys from his pack and slid them into the door. “Bye Toshi!”

Toshinori lifted his hand in a silent goodbye and watched Izuku enter his apartment. He went to his own and unlocked it, shuffling into his entryway and locking the door behind him. As the morning light peered through his windows, he himself peered down at his arm. The spot where Izuku had pressed against him still felt warm.


As the weeks trickled by Toshinori found himself smiling more often; when he woke before dawn for their run, when he saw Izuku’s fluffy head of hair, when they were running or when they were getting coffee together or when they were going for a walk. Their interactions had eased from the mild awkwardness of being neighbors to the warmth of friendship. And not just shallow friendship either, but the kind where Toshinori found himself telling Izuku things he’d never cared to mention to his friends or family. Most surprising of all was Izuku’s reciprocation; he listened like he was listening to his childhood hero speak and exclaimed and laughed and giggled and gasped and rambled in turn.

He even had the chance to meet Izuku’s mother. She’d been visiting her son and was just leaving his apartment when Toshinori had come up the stairs, eyes widening as he took in the short, oddly familiar green-haired woman. She turned back towards Izuku’s door and the crown of her head fit into the curve of his throat as they hugged. As they pulled apart, Izuku’s eyes caught on Toshinori.

“Oh, Toshi!” He exclaimed, smiling at Toshinori as he walked towards them. His green eyes drifted back to the woman before him as he said, “This is my mom!”

“A pleasure to meet you, ma’am.” Toshinori held out his hand. The woman turned to face him, green eyes sparking with interest as she looked him over and shook his hand. His hand engulfed her own. “I’m Toshinori Yagi.”

“Inko Midoriya. I’ve heard quite a bit about you, Toshinori.” the woman smiled. The kindly nature of her look suddenly reminded him of Nana, his late mentor. Toshinori smiled.

“Hopefully nothing too bad.”

“On the contrary, it’s been nothing but good.” She laughed, making the corners of her eyes crinkle. Toshinori couldn’t see a single freckle on her. Did Izuku get them from his father? “I was beginning to think you weren’t actually real!”

From the corner of his eye, Toshinori saw Izuku’s face flame up. He turned slightly to look at him fully without even consciously thinking about it. He stiffened slightly and wondered why he’d done so.

“Mom!” he squeeked.

“What?” Inko blinked innocently at her son. Toshinori couldn’t tell if it was because she was feigning innocence or she honestly didn’t understand Izuku’s embarrassment. “Izuku darling, you know you tend to exaggerate when you tell stories.”

“No I don’t—”

“You do. Though I must say, this time your description is surprisingly accurate.” Her eyes trailed up Toshinori again. He raised an eyebrow, hoping she would appease his curiosity and tell him what Izuku had said about him. But all she said was “He is very tall.”

“Why would I lie about that?” Izuku’s lower lip jutted out as he leaned against his doorframe. Toshinori watched his freckled cheeks puff up slightly. He couldn’t quite pin why the expression captured so much of his attention until Inko laughed again and said something about pouting. Pouting. His eyes widened. His mouth opened.

Inko saved him from saying something that most definitely did not come from his brain. “I never said you lied. I just said you exaggerated. Walk me to my car, Izuku?” She made a grabby motion with her hand. Izuku rolled his eyes but shifted out of the doorway, pulling the door shut behind him.

“It was nice meeting you Inko.” Toshinori said.

“Likewise, Toshinori. I hope you continue to treat my son kindly.”

“Of course.”

She waved as she took Izuku’s arm and they disappeared down the stairs. Toshinori waited, leaning against his door and keeping an ear out for any sounds of trouble. Aizawa had given them an update today that the crime in the city was getting worse in the teenage demographic. Toshinori knew there was a highschool three blocks away and many of its students lived in the area. The patrol he’d just come back from had unearthed nothing out of the ordinary, though that failed to set his mind at ease. He was trying to remember the last time he’d been completely at ease — it had to be sometime before Nana’s passing — when Izuku appeared at the top of the stairs. His green eyes twinkled as he flashed him a grin and trotted over.

“Oh, you waited for me?” He asked, stopping in front of him. When Toshi nodded and mentally reasoned that he had continued to lean against his door because he was tired and not because it put his face closer to Izuku’s level, Izuku chuckled. “Well, thanks. I realized I hadn’t actually locked the door when Mom got into her car, but we were still talking so I didn’t want to worry her by rushing back up here. And we haven’t had a burglary or anything in a year or two, but now that I think about I shouldn’t have failed to be careful, so when I got back up here and saw you I got really —” his eyes widened. He ducked his head away, rubbing at the back of his neck — a quirk that tended to show itself when the younger man was embarrassed or shy — and filtered his gaze around them.

“You got scared?” Toshinori ventured, watching a few fingers card through the short curls at the back of Izuku’s neck and feeling his own twitch where they hid in his pockets. He wondered if those hands felt as small in his own as his mother’s had. From visually measuring them, they looked bigger than his mother’s, but were they bigger than his own? Had they shaken when he’d come up the landing and seen Toshinori standing at his own door? Had he worried about if he’d entered his home uninvited?

“No! No, that’s not it. I saw you and I was happy!” Izuku blurted.

A bird chirped in a nearby tree. Someone honked their horn down the street. The wind ruffled through their hair. Green eyes stared up at blue for a long, long time before Izuku finally unhinged his jaw and continued. “I was happy, you, um… I was happy you were still here and… even, even if you didn’t notice that I hadn’t locked the door, I was still happy when I thought you were…” his gaze settled on his red shoes, “guarding my place.”

Izuku’s head jerked up again. “Not that I think you’re like a dog, or anything like that! I just mean— Oh god.” His hands came up to cover his face. Between his fingers, Toshinori watched his skin flush again.

“Hey,” Toshi’s fingers gently pulled Izuku’s hands away from his face. “It’s alright. I understand what you’re trying to say. I just wanted to make sure I was nearby if something happened while you were downstairs.”

Izuku stared at their hands. Something in Toshinori thrilled at the contact but he ignored it for the time being and instead focused on Izuku’s face. Blotches of color still burned on his cheeks. He blinked rapidly.

“Uh, yeah.” Izuku started, turning his face back up. “Yeah. I heard the crime around here might be getting worse? The police are trying to crack down on it but its hard because its chaotic?”

“More than the police, really.” Toshinori’s left thumb brushed against the back of Izuku’s right hand. The skin felt softer than he imagined it would. Wait, when had he imagined it?

“What does that mean?” Izuku pulled his hands back. Toshinori frowned. Izuku’s eyes searched his own, questions bubbling up underneath the green orbs like magma bubbled in a volcano.

Toshinori stilled, realizing what he’d just let slip. His mind raced for something to say, something to deflect the conversation, but with mounting dread he watched Izuku’s curiosity grow with each moment that passed in silence.

“What did you mean, Toshi?”

“Nothing.” Toshinori pulled himself away from his door, straightening. Their height difference made a good excuse to not meet his eyes, but when he talked to someone he liked looking them in the eye and so habit made him hold Izuku’s gaze despite the increased distance between them. “I haven’t heard much,” he started, which wasn’t a lie. He didn’t listen to the news. “But there seems to be a vigilante group in our city.”

“Vigilantes?” Izuku echoed, brows furrowing as one hand came up to cradle his chin. Another quirk, this one for when he latched on to something in his mind. It was often a precursor to his mumbling. “Like the kind in comic books? Take the law into their own hands, those types?”

“Something like that.” Toshinori’s keys jingled in his pocket as he shifted his weight. He dreaded Izuku’s coming words. He knew the young man had a strong sense of justice; had gleaned it from the multitudes of conversations they’d had over the last couple of weeks. But god, he did not want to be forsaken by this man, even if Izuku didn’t realize what his words would do. He’d come to value their friendship, their time together, and he didn’t want to think about what he’d have to bear in order to distance himself when the law student shunned his profession and called them criminals.

“I see.”

Toshinori blinked. Turned his gaze back down to see the other man’s lips moving, mumbling so softly and so rapidly Toshinori knew it would be useless to try and decipher what he was saying. His head jerked up again. He tossed Toshinori a small smile, told him he’ll see him tomorrow, and then he was gone, rushing into his apartment and clicking the door shut behind him.

This has happened before, Toshinori reasoned, eyeing the closed door silently. Izuku, once latched onto an interesting new topic, tended to get tunnel vision about it. Perhaps the situation had not imploded on him as he thought it would, but he still couldn’t tell where he stood with the young man after his slip-up. He decided he would ignore the subject unless Izuku brought it up, and then see what happened then.

He just hoped he wouldn’t slip-up again.


Neither man mentioned vigilantes the following days they see each other, and this keeps up the next week as well. Toshinori doesn’t want to question why so he lets it be. Their friendship does not change nor become awkward. He’s glad.

Then one day Toshinori exits his apartment, trash bag in hand, and Izuku’s door opens. Out comes Katsuki, Izuku’s childhood friend with the bad temper and aggressive demeanor. Toshinori had interacted with the man on a few occasions after their initial meeting and could honestly say he liked him. He didn’t think he was a bad person, though his stubbornness, aggression, and vulgar mouth left a bit to be desired.

“Katsuki.” Toshinori felt his smile gave away a bit of his surprise because one of Katsuki’s eyebrows raised. “Good morning.”

Katsuki grunted, his usual greeting for Toshinori. It gave the equivalent warmth of a wall of sleet to the face, though Toshinori knew there was no malice behind it. The younger man kept a wall around himself that most people had no hope of breaching despite the best of intentions. The only person Toshinori had seen that seemed to be able to pass through it was Izuku, and even then one could never be too sure because of the crude way Katsuki referred and spoke to his childhood friend.

“Oi Deku, hurry the fuck up!” he yelled back into the apartment, not taking his eyes off of Toshinori.

“Kacchan, you don’t have to yell every single time. You know I’m right behind you!” Izuku said, pulling the door close behind him. It was until he’d locked the door and turned back around that his gaze caught on Toshinori. He had a bad habit of not being too mindful of his surroundings. It was a bit worrying, given their neighborhood. “Toshi! Good morning!”

“Good morning.” Toshinori said, giving his friend a small smile. “Heading to class?”

“Yeah.” Katsuki moved towards the stairs but gestured for Toshinori and Izuku to go first. Toshinori raised his eyebrows but went without saying anything. Izuku told him about the class he was on his way to. It was only when they reached the end of the stairs and Katsuki moved to walk down the street that Izuku stopped his monologue and stared after his childhood friend for a moment of silence. Softly, he said to Toshinori, “Katsuki is staying with me for a few days.”

“Is everything alright?” Toshinori asked, following Izuku’s gaze.

“I’m not sure.”

“DEKU!” Katsuki yelled, jerking to a halt when he realized the green-haired man wasn’t following him.

“Coming!” Izuku jogged after him, shooting a rushed “Bye Toshi see you later have a good day!” over his shoulder.

Over the next few days, despite Toshinori’s continual politeness towards the younger man, Katsuki regards him with thinly-veiled suspicion and barely speaks to him. Izuku vents about their fights to him on their runs or on their coffee outings. And before Toshi can think to consider what might have caused the tension between the two friends or why Katsuki was staying with Izuku, he’s pulled away from his haven to run a stakeout operation with his family.

An informant blew the whistle on a shipment company that could very well be smuggling drugs into the city. It takes them a week to fully scout the place, vet the workers, and sort through all the information they’ve collected. Then it takes another few days for them to prepare their sting and loup in the police workers they can trust. Detective Tsukauchi, an old friend of All Might’s, and one of the few people from the outside world who knew Toshinori’s identity, being one of them.

They bust the entire operation on Friday night without any problems, but it takes until Saturday evening for everything to be settled on both the legal side and theirs. Toshinori and most of the family members that worked on the op crashed at the mansion.

His dreams shifted between nightmares of gut wounds and exposed brains and children picking up guns to dreams of endless skies, tall blades of grass brushing the ends of his fingers, sunlight warming his skin and green gems glittering before his eyes. He reached towards them as they winked at him from between the gaps in the grass. His fingers gripped around a cool surface. A gun’s familiar weight rested in his palm.

Toshinori jerked awake. Already the dream was fading from his memory, but the feelings it had dripped onto his skin didn’t. Did he want to risk analysing what it meant?

No. No, he didn’t.

The howling wind outside echoed in the dark room. He settled back under his covers. No more dreams showed themselves that night.

“This is your house, you know. You don’t have to sneak out of it.” a voice said from behind him as he was halfway out of the mansion’s door the next morning.

Toshinori turned to glance at Sorahiko, referred to as Gran Torino by all who know him because of his quick feet and ability to jump absurd heights, who regarded him from the shadowed entryway. One of his recent jobs had given him a close call with a bullet, but the gauze that wrapped around his neck did little to diminish the older man’s powerful presence. Torino had been one of Nana’s dear friends, and as such had became Toshinori’s as well in the long years they’d known each other. He’d helped Toshinori build the family, and was never short of advice despite Toshinori now having more vigilante experience then him.

“I’m not sneaking.” Toshi said quietly.

“Then why do you always leave so quietly?” The yellow jumpsuit Torino liked to wear rustled in the still air as he crossed his arms.

“Habit, I suppose.”

“Are you going to your other place?” The older man’s eyes, shadowed as they were, unnerved Toshinori with the way they peered at him.

“Yes.” He stared back, refusing to let his unease show, as usual. Torino huffed and glanced out the window.

“Be careful.”

“Always.” The door shut between them, locking. Toshinori sighed and heading home, ducking his head against the bite of the wind.

Less than an hour later he was unlocking his door when Izuku’s burst open and a mop of green hair burst out. They stared at each other in silence for several moments before Izuku jolted and beamed at him. The smile made Toshi feel as if he’d taken a large gulp of fresh air for the first time in two weeks. He took care to make sure his face didn’t betray his thoughts.

“Toshi! You’re back!” Izuku said, stepping out from his apartment. He was dressed in his running gear.

“Yeah.” Toshinori smiled softly at him. His fingers on his door handle twitched and he felt a sudden urge to run them through someone’s hair. He jerked his hand towards his own before they could go anywhere else. He tugged at the blond strands with a faint sense of dissatisfaction. “Heading out to run?”

“Yeah! Care to join me?”

“Sure. You picked a good time. The wind just died down.” He unlocked his door and took a half-step in before craning his neck back to look at Izuku. “I’ll just get changed and be right back.”

He checked over his apartment quickly, changed, and was back outside in less than five minutes. He and Izuku ran around a few blocks, during which Izuku said that Katsuki had left a day after Toshinori had, and it seemed he’d resolved some of the issues that were bothering him, but Izuku didn’t sound too sure when he said that ladder part. Toshi wondered if his skin looked pale because of the grey of the sky or because the younger man hadn’t been sleeping well.

On their way back, they rounding the corner to a loud “JUST FUCK OFF ALREADY!” Izuku immediately darted towards the voice and it took Toshinori a few seconds to place it as he ran with him. Katsuki stood at the entrance to the parking lot shared between their apartment and the one beside it. His gaze was fastened to a hooded man who Toshinori had seen jerk away from the blonde and was currently running away. Katsuki’s teeth were visibly grinding in his mouth, his fists were curled into tight fights at his sides, and harsh noises grated out of his throat. His red eyes jerked towards Izuku as he reached his friend first.

Izuku’s own gaze was dark as it tracked the hooded man down the street. He didn’t look at his childhood friend until he saw the other man’s back disappear around a corner two blocks away. Toshinori stood silently beside the two of them, noting the duffle bag at Katsuki’s feet.

To his surprise, Toshi noticed Katsuki calming in the time between when Izuku had arrived and when his eyes had finally shifted towards him. The tense cords in his shoulders uncoiled and his hands relaxed in their fists. The harsh lines of his face eased slightly and the grating sound from his throat ceased.

“Deku.” he grunted, picking up the duffle. “‘Bout time you got here nerd.”

Izuku opened his mouth for a moment, eyes searching Katsuki’s for something. Toshinori wasn’t sure if he found it or not because his mouth clicked shut a second later. He sighed. Shook his head. “Want to tell me what that was about?”

“No.” Katsuki stepped away. Izuku moved to block his path. It looked like he made a conscious effort not to grab Katsuki’s arm to stop him.

“Are you hurt? Can I do anything?”

“Not hurt.” Katsuki said on a grunt. He sidestepped Izuku and made for the stairs. “If you want to help you can let me crash at your place again.”

“That’s all you need?” Izuku called up after him.

“That’s all I need.”

Izuku ducked his head. He held very still. Then a sigh shuddered through his body and he glanced up at Toshinori, who had come to stand beside him. “I guess he’s crashing at mine again.”

“Will you both be okay?” Toshinori asked as they stepped towards the stairs to follow Katsuki to their apartments. Izuku stalled there, one foot on the step above the one he was on.

“I’m not sure what’s going on with him.” His eyes looked watery in the grey light of the day, but Toshinori saw no tears at their edges. His heart gave an uncomfortable squeeze inside his ribcage. “And I’m… afraid he’s getting into something dangerous. Even though I know he wouldn’t, not if he could help it. But he won’t talk, because talking is not something Katsuki Bakugou does.” His mouth quirked mirthlessly. “One of the very few things he’s actually bad at.”

“Do you need help?”

Izuku shook his head. “I don’t know. But if something comes up, I have your— wait, I don’t have your number, do I?”

Toshinori’s eyes widened. Had he actually forgotten to gives his friend his number? He pulled out his phone from his pocket and checked his contacts. Izuku Midoriya was nowhere to be found. He glanced up to see that Izuku had pulled out his own phone and was opening a new contact profile. Embarrassed, Toshi rattled out his number and watched Izuku’s deft fingers input it in. He smiled as the phone snapped a picture of him for his profile, and soon enough felt a vibration in his own device.

“Alright. I sent you a message so you can save my number.” Izuku smiled, though it wasn’t as large as his usual ones. Worry for his childhood friend dampened his eyes. Toshinori couldn’t resist. His hand reached up to ruffle those soft curls — he would later think about how soft those curls were and then try not to think about it — and delighted in the surprised laughter that pealed out of the younger man. He took Izuku’s contact picture before that dazzling smile faded.

“There. Now let’s get up there before Katsuki blows something up.” Toshinori teased, pushing his phone back into his pocket as well as pushing away the growing worry for Katsuki. Izuku had said he would contact him if he needed help, so he would wait. Izuku let out another small laugh and followed him up. Katsuki whirled around as they reached the third floor, scowling at them both.

“Took you fucking long enough. What’d you do, stop for a bathroom break?” he said.

“Kacchan,” Izuku sighed, maneuvering around the blonde to get to to his door to unlock it. “We were only a few minutes. Don’t be rude.”

Katsuki scoffed and barged into Izuku’s apartment. Izuku and Toshinori shared an amused look and waved and went their separate ways.

When Thursday rolled around again, Toshinori smiled at the new addition to their running group to hide his surprise. The spiky-haired man glowered back at him and Izuku beamed beside him.

“Kacchan is going to join us on runs while he’s here!” he said, earning his own dark look from his childhood friend.

“Good to have you with us, Katsuki.” Toshinori said, and said nothing more, which prompts a searching look for the other man. He doesn’t want to press him about anything, and he doesn’t mind his company as the three of them begin their run. Izuku, who remained the ever-reigning king of conversation, continued to recount to Toshi the multitude of things that happened since during Toshi’s two week absence. From the corner of his eye, he saw Katsuki regard him thoughtfully, as if there is something on his mind that’s weighing him down. But when Toshinori took the opportunity to ask during a lull in one of Izuku’s tales, Katsuki promptly moved the conversation away by commenting on something Izuku said earlier, which drew the other man onto another tangent and shifts the attention away from himself. Toshinori frowned but pressed no further.


It’s the end of the week and the three of them are eating dinner in Izuku’s apartment. Katsuki had cooked a delicious sauteed meal of meat and vegetables, and after Toshinori and Izuku had gushed over it enough that the prickly man had relaxed slightly with a fulfilled ego, the conversation had shifted towards a project Izuku was doing about the police force.

“I understand that they were busy and short staffed, but as enforcers of the law — as people who embody what it means to be a good and responsible citizen, the treatment they gave to me, and some other people there asking about other things — was horrible!” he said, eyes focused on a water droplet that perspired on the edge of his glass of water.

“There’s a precinct on the east side of the city that is better equipped to deal with the information you want. They’re the ones who store the files about crime rates and patterns, and they’d probably be happy to show you what they have. I doubt people ask about those documents often despite them being open to the public to view if they want.” Toshinori replied, settling back in his chair. His stomach felt wonderfully full. His tongue rang over the backs of teeth still, trying to savor every last drop of flavor from the meal. He realized the other two were staring at him. “Something wrong?”

“No, it’s just…” Izuku started, his eyebrows climbing high on his forehead. “How do you know that?”

Toshinori clasped his hands together on the table, keeping his eyes on Izuku. Which wasn’t hard to do, considering that anytime the man was anywhere near him he was drawing his eyes towards him. “I used to be a police officer.”

“Seriously?!” Izuku shouts, leaping from his seat. Toshinori leans back, watching those sparking eyes cautiously. It had been a while since he’d seen the emeralds light up like that, and he mildly worried the sparks that burned behind them might not be bound to just the dazzling greens. He glanced at Katsuki. He stared hard at Toshi as well, his features colored with surprise.

“Uh, yes. Is it really that surprising?” Toshi said slowly. Izuku gasped, seeming to regain his senses, and sat back in his chair. Toshinori wasn’t fooled for a second. The green fire had yet to dim and the chair creaked slightly as Izuku shifted on it, refusing to sit still. Another quirk that showed itself when he was excited beyond belief.

Toshinori’s mind fixed on how the other man would behave if it was a different kind of excitement burning through him. One that collected further south.

He cleared his throat and took a gulp from his iced water. This wasn’t the first we-don’t-think-about-our-friends-like-this thought he’d had about Izuku, though it was the first he’d had at his dining table with Izuku himself watching him, oblivious to his thoughts.

“No. I mean yes! I mean no, it’s not surprising! But at the same time it is. I don’t know. Police officers tend to have this aura about them, you know?” Izuku blurted, tilting his head. Those green eyes swept over Toshinori. His gut clenched pleasantly at the attention. He was going to have trouble sleeping tonight. “But now that you mention it, a police officer fits perfectly with your personality, Toshi. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this earlier. You’re very polite and responsible and brave and strong, which fits with what the ideal policeman is. Your build fits as well, and the way you sweep the room with your eyes when you enter. Or how you look at someone you’ve just met.”

Toshi balked. He had noticed Izuku observing people before and he wasn’t sure why it had failed to register that surely if the man could analyze strangers than he could easily analyze him, who’d been around him much more often.

“No wonder you set me on edge when we first met.” Katsuki muttered, red gaze still fastened on him.

“Oh come on, Kacchan! Name one time you haven’t been on edge with someone you just met.” Izuku flicked his hand in a dismissive wave to Katsuki and turned back towards Toshi before the other male could open his mouth to cuss him out. “How long were you in the force for?”

“A little over ten years, I think.” Toshinori said, frowning slightly. Not all those years were good, and the last one was as far from good as possible.

“What rank?” Katsuki asked, feigning nonchalance as he piled the dishes together. His eyes were too focused and gave him away. The answer meant something to him.

“Chief Inspector. Leader of Riot Company.” Toshinori passed him his plate with a murmur of thanks.

“That’s so cool!” Izuku’s smile blinded him. He blinked and gave him an indulging smile.

“Hot shit.” Katsuki says approvingly from the kitchen. The plates clink as he left them in the sink and returned to his seat at the table. “Were you in charge of the bust against The Hero Killer?”


“Sick.” He took a sip from his protein shake. “Hey Deku, wasn’t there something about how all the cops he killed were corrupt or some shit like that?”

“Yeah, but Kacchan I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask that when— ” Izuku started.

Toshinori raised a placating hand. “Don’t worry. You don’t need to tiptoe around me. They were corrupt, though you didn’t hear that from me.”

“For real?” Katsuki brushed a hand over his hair. “Shit.”

“I’m sorry. Did you know any of them?” Izuku asked softly. His eyes had darkened. At what point though, Toshinori couldn’t tell.

“Some.” Toshinori took another gulp of water. Kept Izuku’s eyes in sight, watching them for further change. “None were friends though.”

“Can I ask… why you left?” Izuku’s fingers twisted in his lap. He wasn’t looking at Toshi when he asked the question. The demur image his posture gave did not sit well with him.

“Same reason.”

Izuku’s head came up. His brows furrowed further in confusion. “Sorry?”

“Stain didn’t kill all of the bad ones, and the ones that remained were powerful enough — and angry enough at the decrease in their numbers — that they made Stain disappear into the system.” His jaw locked and he took a few moments to relax it enough that he could continue speaking. Looking at Izuku helped. He didn’t bother to analyze why. “I don’t know whether they killed him or threw him somewhere no light would reach him. This wasn’t the first time the law had failed to do what it was obligated to do, but it was one of the last cases I worked on. I couldn’t… encourage the greed and corruption within our ranks. And I couldn’t do anything about it either. So I left.”

Silence wrapped around the room. Surprisingly, it was Katsuki that broke it.

“Do you think anything’s changed since you left?” He glanced at Izuku as he said the words.

“No doubt there are still bad eggs.” Toshinori said. The slump in Izuku’s posture got worse and he rushed to continue. “But I personally know a good number of real police officers as well. They hold the line.”

“Ya hear that Deku?” Katsuki huffed, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back in his chair. He gave Toshi a small nod before Izuku’s head raised again. A small smile touched Izuku’s lips though it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Yeah.” soft-looking lips opened to say. His sad eyes regarded Toshinori for a long, silent moment before he worried his lip with his teeth. Fingers reached up to pick at a small scab on the side of his thumb. Toshi resisted the urge to tell him to stop, sensing that keeping quiet at that moment was for the best. “Toshi, did I ever tell you why I’m studying law?”

Chapter Text

Toshinori stared at Izuku. At the his sad eyes, pools of subdued green that watched him silently, and the drawn lines of his face. From the corner of his eye, Katsuki tensed in his seat.

“I don’t think you have.” Toshinori said softly.

“Well— ” Izuku started, taking a deep breath.

“Deku. You don’t have to.”  Katsuki cut in. Izuku shot him a look that should have had more fire in it.

“It’s my decision, Kacchan.” He said with a finality in his voice that clamped Katsuki's jaw shut. Those green eyes shifted back to Toshinori, who straightened under their weight. “My father used to work in forensics with the police.”

Toshinori nodded as Izuku paused as if to convince himself that the older man was actually listening to him speak. He continued.

“He found incriminating evidence in a huge case. He had it vetted and double-tested and sealed. It should have been straightforward, but the perpetrator was a big crime boss who deserved the death penalty more than life in prison. He had money and power and connections everywhere.” Izuku took a breath again, then cleared his throat. “He paid off some people, pulled some strings. Made an honest man look like a guy who just wanted the attention from incriminating a big boss. He framed my father, made it look like he had tampered with evidence, planted evidence, in order to get him convicted. And then all of a sudden the trial about a huge gang hit was brushed under the carpet and my father was standing trial, telling the honest truth and watching as the law betrayed him for the man with more money and power.”

Toshinori hissed out a breath. He couldn’t recognize the case Izuku was talking about. Had this happened while he’d been in America? He suddenly wanted to curse his younger self, but knew there would have been nothing he could do at the time. Back then he had been an honest cop. Izuku had probably been but a child. Nana was still alive. Toshinori was just beginning his career. He had no power, no experience. That’s why he had gone abroad.

“Where is he now?” Toshinori asked, still keeping his voice soft and low.

“Prison.” Izuku looked up at him. Smiled a watery smile though his eyes were dry. Toshi realized with a start that it was because the younger man could cry no further about the subject, though it still pained him to touch on it. “Mom and I visit him every other Saturday.”

“Is there anything— ”

“No, Toshi.” Izuku’s smile turned a little more natural as he held up a hand, knowing what he was about to say. “We did everything we could, but every judge we go to gets paid off, and if not them then someone down the line from them that makes sure the requests for appeals and retrials somehow get lost. Dad doesn’t want to fight it anymore. He says he’ll serve his time and when it’s over he’ll be with us again and rest. We just have to wait.”

“Are you sure he’ll be safe when he gets out?” Toshinori hated to ask.

“Yes. When he does, I’ll be a public defender. I’ll be able to make guarantees that he will be.”

“I see.” His hand came up to engulf Izuku’s on the table. He patted it gently. “I’m here for you if you need me, Izuku. And I’ll help you with any law questions you have, if you want.”

Izuku’s eyes brightened. He smiled again. Toshi smiled back. Katsuki watched them silently, a furrow in his brow. His fingers tapped against his arms as he rested them across his chest.


“I know there are bad seeds there, destroying the process.” Toshinori said, gazing out of his window, phone at his ear. “Can I count on you to take care of them?”

“We haven’t done a sweep in a while.” Aizawa’s permanently-tired voice drifted through the device. “I’ve got some people I can call up for that area. No problem, Boss. Anything else?”

“That’s it for now.”


“Be careful.”

“Always. You too, Boss.”

The called ended and not a moment later the doorbell rang. Toshinori shut his laptop screen and stilled, eyes narrowing in the direction of the door. He moved towards it on silent feet and ducked to peer through the peephole. A bouncing head of green curls startled his vision. He chuckled and watched the head for a few moments before unlocking the door and pulling it open.

“Toshi! Hi!” Izuku beamed up at him. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything?”

“No, no, you’re fine.” Toshinori smiled back, leaning against the doorway like he’d done time and time again.“Everything alright?”

“Yeah. I just had a question for you regarding the procedures in the case I’m looking at. It shouldn't take long. Can I come in?”

Toshinori mentally swept his apartment for anything that could incriminate him. Finding none, he motioned Izuku inside. He found it endearing that Izuku often took him up on his offer to help with any law questions he had, when he knew the younger man could easily just use the internet to search up his answers. He suspected it had something to do with the fact that Izuku preferred gathering first-hand accounts of things and learning from experience than he did simply reading something in a book. But he never said anything about it.

Izuku, having been there quite a few times already for similar situations, easily made his way over to one of the couches in the living room. Toshinori’s gaze drifted down his back, tracking the delicious shape his ass and legs made in the jeans he was wearing. Izuku set his laptop and notepad down on the table and tucked his legs underneath him. Toshi smiled to hide his disappointment at losing his view and said, “Can I get you anything?”

The next day Izuku rings his doorbell and when Toshi opens the door he’s struck by how radiant the younger man looks in the warm light of sunset. His backpack is still on his back and he has his phone clutched in one of his hands. There’s a familiar gleam in his bright eyes. Toshinori opened his mouth to greet him but never got the chance.

“I read this article today about this guy called Present Mic.” Izuku blurted. Toshinori’s eyes widened. “And I thought it was so cool how he used technology to bust the walkie-talkies of this band of criminals and then hack into their sound systems to blast music and alert the entire neighborhood to their location. And it was interesting how he also engaged in fighting but held off from killing anyone, because, you know, that was one thing I was concerned about during my research on vigilantes; do they kill people? And when I was researching into Present Mic’s story and first sightings of him and his MO and people he works with, I started learning more about vigilantes even though I had thought I’d come up with some good research on them before. So that spurred me to read up on them even more throughout the day and by the time my class was done I was reading all about this hero called All Might and oh my god Toshi do you know about this guy?”

Toshi’s mouth clicked open to answer. Izuku didn’t wait.

“He just suddenly appeared a couple of years ago and he’s really shaped up the city! He has this group of vigilantes that he frequently works with, and there are first hand accounts of them calling him “Boss” and stuff, so I think they work kind of like a mafia family and at first that made me a bit skeptical but then the more I looked into them the more I realized that they work to defend the city and All Might works as their leader. They’ve dragged out dozens of criminals into the spotlight since they’ve been here, and they’ve also managed to keep the crime rate down despite the fact that everyone knows there are some really big players in this city. So anyways I was looking into all of this and I got really excited as you’ve probably noticed and so I wanted to come talk to you about it because I know you were the first person who mentioned vigilantes to me in the first place and we haven’t really talked about it since then but I thought maybe it was because you weren’t interested but I’ve gotten more interested in them and now I honestly don’t think they’re all bad and I wanted to ask if you would maybe want to talk about them with me if you aren’t against the idea?”

Izuku and Toshi both gasped in a breath. Toshi hadn’t realized he hadn’t been holding his breath since Izuku had mentioned All Might. He couldn’t figure out what to do. Here he was, the man behind the mask, All Might in the flesh, trying to keep his identity hidden as his dear friend and neighbor gushed about his crime life in front of him and asked him if he wanted to talk about the vigilantes — his own comrades — like he’d never heard about them before. He also realized that Izuku was staring at him.

“Uh, so you want to talk about vigilantes with me? Because you’re interested in them?” he asked carefully, searching those green eyes for any signs of suspicion or mal intent. As usual, he found none.

“Yes, but only if you’d like to discuss them with me.” Those eyes peered around the empty hallway for a moment before drifting back to Toshi’s face. “I know we’ve been friends for a while now but if you’re not actually interested in this then I don’t want to pressure you into it or anything like that. Ochako and Kacchan have told me before that sometimes when I’m excited I tend to be a little… overzealous.”

“I find it quite endearing.” Toshi said, distracted as he mulled over the options before him. He could participate in these discussions with Izuku, but he would need to be mindful of what he said, because he couldn’t reveal himself and he didn’t want to lie either. Or he could decline the offer. He sensed that the latter would draw a line between them, and that made his insides squirm. He didn’t want any walls or lines or even clothes between them, and he was realizing that more and more with each smile and laugh and touch Izuku sent his way. No, there was only one option he could chose. “I’d be interested in talking about this more with you.”

Izuku’s eyes widened. A blush rose on his cheeks and he smiled with all his white teeth showing and Toshinori, tall, fit, shadow-eyed Toshinori, melted a bit inside. “Great! Ah, I still need to drop my stuff back at my place — I came here right after my class because I wanted to see, uh, talk to you — but I finished the work I had planned for today already so maybe I can come back over?”

“Sure.” Toshinori couldn’t keep his smile from growing.

It was in the moments and minutes and hours and days and weeks from that point that Toshinori felt like a flower finally turned at just the right angle to get the full warmth of the sun. He woke up more energetic than he had been in years — both in mind and in his boxers — because he knew he would see Izuku that day. Everyday the younger man would make it a point to see him. For their morning runs, or their occasional coffee outings, or their increasingly-common law sessions or vigilante discussions.

Work would take Toshinori away and he’d feel the eyes of his family lingering on him as he left their closing meetings or clean up sessions or whatever it was, along with the occasional comment about how energetic or motivated he seemed. “Had something happened?” They would ask. He would only smile and say, “No, nothing really.” Because nothing had. But it didn’t feel like nothing to him. It felt like everything.

Izuku had joked the other day that he saw Toshi more frequently than he saw Katsuki, his childhood friend, or Ochako or Tenya. He also let slip that he felt more comfortable around the older blond than he had with his other friends too, and had turned beet red at the confession. When Toshinori had soothed him by saying the same, Izuku had giving him such a delighted and wide-eyed look that Toshinori had felt like he’d been physically struck dumb.

He was in love with Izuku.

He hadn’t loved anyone since Nana, and even then that hadn’t been the same type of love. He’d cared for Nana like a mentor, an older sister, a womanly figure that was not quite motherly but still secured a place in his heart. And before her there had been no one. His parents were long gone, his blood relatives distant save for the gifting of the manor to him. The woman or two he had dated in high school held some of this time, some of his firsts, but never any part of his heart.

Izuku was different. “Mr. Midoriya”, the neighbor who tended to catch Toshi’s eye and greet him with a stunning smile. The young man who Toshinori wanted to speak to more but no way to bridge the gap. Then suddenly he was “Izuku”, running partner and neighbor, and then Izuku, coffee friend and running partner and neighbor. Before long they were friends. And Toshinori treasured him as such.

But his feelings continued to grow with each mumbled-aloud thought and thoughtful expression and bitten lip and hand rubbed against neck. With each flush of blood that bloomed across those freckled cheeks, Toshinori began to wonder if the rest of his body flushed the same way, held the same constellations, felt the same under his hands, his body. Izuku’s thoughtful expressions and enthusiasm for debate made him wonder what he would do if they had to look for a new apartment to share: What would be his criteria? How would they arrange the space? Who would make breakfast or dinner? Would he want any pets? Would he want a seperate office or a shared one or none at all, where they just lounged in the living room to do their work?

They would smile and joke and talk and when Izuku would stand up to leave Toshinori would bite his tongue to prevent himself from saying, “Why don’t you stay?” because there was no way he could rationalize that question for anything other than it was; an invitation to his bed. And he wouldn’t — couldn’t — destroy the friendship they shared now, the ease in which they interacted with one another like two souls made from the same atoms, just for love. He loved Izuku, and that meant he wanted Izuku to be happy and healthy and safe. And he knew he could never ask Izuku to stay, least of all with him, because Toshinori was not safe.

So he suppressed the urges to replace Izuku’s teeth with his own whenever the younger man gnawed on his lip. Casual hid the twitch of his hands when he wanted to run his fingers through Izuku’s luscious green curls. Glanced elsewhere when Izuku walked or bent in front of him and thought of the different  ways he’d like to kill Nana’s murderer instead of how much he wanted to part those toned thighs and nuzzle, lick, bite, and thrust Izuku into oblivion.

He wouldn’t tell Izuku or anyone else because it wasn’t safe. He was All Might, vigilante boss and one of the most wanted men in the city. Toshinori Yagi, the tall blonde man who was Izuku’s neighbor and friend, would never be able to cut that part of himself out.

Toshinori convinced himself that being Izuku’s friend by day and his lover in his dreams was enough, and on days he needed convincing he would silently slip his hand underneath his pillow and remind himself why the gun was there.


“The interferences have been dealt with and the documents are on their way to people we can trust.” Aizawa said, shifting the scattered papers in front of him into a neat pile. Within the darkened skin of his eye sockets, his equally dark eyes glanced over at Toshinori, who sat the head of the table at his own laptop. “Everything alright, Boss?”

“Yeah.” Toshinori replied, eyes tracking over the new page he had clicked on as he read it. “Is this the scholarship you set up a few years back?”

Aizawa pushed out of his chair and lumbered over. His tired eyes sparked with some pride as he looked at the screen. “Yeah, that’s the one. Plus Ultra Scholarship. This year’s essay theme is unconventional heroes.”

“Clever.” Toshinori chuckled as he glanced further down the page. “And any student can apply?”

“It’s limited to students in this country.” Aizawa slumped back into his seat, throwing up his hood and snuggling deeper into his sweater. “You know how tedious it is to create foreign offshore accounts.”

“I do.”

The ex-teacher slumped further into his chair, eyelids drifting lower. While perpetually tired, the man never cut corners and hated wasting time. He’d had a good relationship with both his colleagues and his students before the city’s crime had corrupted more than half of his school, causing more dropouts and overdoses and fighting than the teacher could handle. Handle legally, at least. At the end of a particularly bad school year, Mr. Aizawa sent his graduates off, quit his job, donned his goggles, and set out to fix the problem himself. He’d gone through three crime rings before he met Toshinori and their initial clash of personalities did nothing to dissuade from the fact that they worked very well together.

Aizawa had set up the Plus Ultra Scholarship through some of his old contacts, with no one the wiser about who the founder actually was and where the money came from. Now, as Toshinori scanned the scholarship requirements and guidelines, someone who could easily write an essay about unconventional heroes came to mind. He smiled and sent Izuku a text.

I found a scholarship you might like to try your hand at.

His phone vibrated a few minutes later.

Try my hand at?? Is it an essay?


Okay… What’s the topic?

Unconventional heroes.


Send me the link Toshiiiiiii

Toshinori laughed softly, mindful of Aizawa sleeping closeby, and shared the link with Izuku.

Good luck.

Thanks! I’ll look into it (and maybe write it if I have time) when I get back from class today.



“Boss.” Aizawa’s voice greeted through the phone. Toshinori smiled, stirring his coffee with the phone wedged between his ear and shoulder. Early morning sun gleamed over the horizon.

“Aizawa. Everything alright?” he asked.

“Yes and no. Yes because I decided on a winner for the scholarship. No because the twerp wrote so much for his essay, which isn’t an outright problem because there was no word limit, but damn , did I spend a lot of time reading it. Can you guess what type of hero he chose to write about?”

“Firemen?” Toshinori guessed, though he hoped for something else. Something he knew Izuku had written about.

“Vigilantes. Vigilantes, Boss. And I’m kind of mad because this huge essay was actually so well-written and well-explained and well-researched that I wanted to finish it in one sitting, which meant I had to stay up late to do so.”

Toshinori paused. A small stretched across his face despite the mild misery in his friend’s voice. “Oh.”

“Yeah. There’s this year’s report on the winner of the scholarship.” Aizawa sighed, then yawned. “Bye Boss.”

“Goodbye Aizawa.”

A week later there’s a pounding on Toshinori’s door. He unlocked his phone to check the micro camera feed he installed above the door. Izuku’s fist continued to pound on the door as he practically vibrates in his red sneakers. His phone is clutched in his other fist. Toshinori has a feeling he got news about the scholarship, but keeps his face neutral as he moves to open the door.

He pulls the door open. “Yes?”

Izuku stumbles into him. Immediately Toshinori’s hands go up to cradle him and make sure he doesn’t fall to the ground. A gasp erupts from his chest. He looks down to see Izuku’s head jerk up, blazing green eyes staring up at him. Seemingly without thinking, he wrapped his own arms around Toshi’s back.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Toshi, you will not believe what just happened! I was just checking my emails after I came back from class and oh my god oh my god this is insane I feel like I can’t breathe what is going on— ” He said between nervous peels of laughter.

“What happened?” Toshi interrupted softly, casually shuffling them further into his apartment yet still afraid to speak louder lest he shock Izuku into moving away.

Izuku wiggled, and Toshi’s face fell as he shifted to let the younger man go, but Izuku only brought his phone screen up to Toshi’s face. His other arm stayed at his back. Toshi looked down at the email, scanning over it quickly and finally letting his smile release itself onto his face.

“You won?” he asked.

“I won!” Izuku squealed, dropping the hand with the phone away so they could grin at each other. “I won! Oh my god Toshi!”

Toshinori laughed and, in a moment of pure bliss, lifted Izuku in his arms. Before he could think to regret the action, Izuku squealed again, smaller hands gripping his forearms as he clung on and continued to laugh. Toshinori placed him back on the ground.

“Congratulations!” Toshinori said after finally regaining his breath. His face and lungs hurt but he was on cloud nine. Izuku was happy. Izuku was still in his arms. He wanted the moment to last forever. He took a deep breath again, watched Izuku regain his own.

“I can’t believe this is real!” Izuku huffed, pressing his hands to his red cheeks. He’d shoved his phone into his pocket sometime after Toshi had picked him up. “It’s a full ride, Toshi! All of university; paid!”

“You deserve it.” Toshinori ruffled his hair softly. “You’ve worked hard enough for it.”

“I mean-Ahhh!” Izuku slammed back into him, toned arms wrapping around him and squeezing him in another hug. “Thank you so much for telling me about this scholarship!”

Toshinori smoothed his fingers over the planes of Izuku’s back. “Happy to help. Have you told your mother yet?”

“That’s right! Mom!” Izuku pulled away, phone appearing back in his hand. “I wanted to tell you first but yeah, of course, I need to call her!”

He dialed his mother’s number and placed the phone at his ear. Toshinori chuckled and closed the door, guiding Izuku into the living room and proceeding to watch him jump around and laugh and cry all over again as he told his mother, then Katsuki, Ochako, Tenya, and his other close friends the news.

Toshi kept closeby, reviewing some encrypted files Nezu had sent him on his phone and making sure Izuku had enough water and the occasional snack to keep him going in his rollercoaster of emotions and newsbearing. By the end of it all, when the few who Izuku kept close were notified about the development and gave their congratulations, Izuku was face down on the sofa, mumbling into a pillow. His feet wiggled against the tips of Toshi’s toes and Toshi dragged his eyes away from the derriere that was wiggling as well because he respected Izuku and he felt that popping a boner right then and there would be awfully hard to explain away. He recited American cities in his head.

When he finally glanced back at the younger man a while after his wiggling at stopped, Toshinori found the green eyes that haunted his dreams staring softly at him from underneath the shadow of Izuku’s arm. He’d turned over sometime when Toshi’s eyes were focused elsewhere, and now regarded him from on his back. One arm stretched over his head onto the armrest, casting a slight shadow over his brow bone and eyes. Izuku’s lips were quirked slightly, pulled into a small, somewhat secretive-looking smile.

“What?” Toshi smiled back, raising an eyebrow at the other man on his sofa.

Izuku opened his mouth. His eyes flashed. Then he stalled. Toshi recognized the look of someone rethinking their words. He wondered why as Izuku chuckled lightly and merely said, “Thanks again, Toshi.”

“You’re very welcome, Izuku.” he replied. “Like I said, I’m happy to help.”

Izuku laughed and sat up. In doing so, his feet pulled away from Toshi’s. Toshinori suddenly had a ridiculous thought that with all his towering height, in this very moment he wasn’t tall enough. And then he thought about whether the madness of his love-struck thoughts would ever ease, or if he would have to deal with them for the rest of his life. But how could he say he was suffering when he was also experiencing the best time of his life?

“Well I hope you’ll come to the celebration party?” Izuku swung his legs off the couch and stood. Toshinori waited until he had passed him to head to the door before he stood as well. So he could hold the door open. Not for any other reason. “You probably overheard with how loud I was talking — sorry about that, by the way — but my friends are intent on celebrating and I honestly wouldn’t mind a breather from all the studying and working of university. So we’re having a small party at my place and I’d really like it if you were to come? Then you could also meet my other friends and relax as well.”

“I can’t make any promises because of the way my work is.” Toshinori said somberly as they stopped before door.

“Ah. Right.” Izuku’s hand went up to the back of his neck.

“But nothing would stop me otherwise. So text me the details when they’re settled and I’ll plan to be there. If I can’t make it, I’ll let you know.”

Izuku’s hand dropped and he beamed up at him. “Okay!”


The panic room door was in the middle of swinging shut when All Might grabbed it. For a moment his feet slid on the blood on the floor and the door continued on, undeterred. Then he regained his footing and strengthened his grip. The sound of grating gears screeched in the air as he grunted and pulled the resisting door back open.

Within the confines of the room, a gun leveled towards him. Something slammed into his chest. In the next moment, the man’s trigger finger was on the floor. Aizawa leveled another knife and silenced the screaming man. All Might felt the rest of his family gather behind him. Their target’s gun was trained on All Might, barrel pointed at his heart. Beside him, the last bodyguard regarded them with a cold expression. He twitched for his weapon. A dart lodged itself into his throat. He gasped and fell to the ground like a bag of flour.

“I’ll take him.” Midnight purred from over Aizawa’s shoulder. The metal of the door screamed as All Might finally wedged it fully open. Her black rimmed eyes narrowed like a cat’s eyeing its prey. “I’ve got a request for him.”

All Might raised his gun at the target and gestured with his free hand for Midnight to drag her own man out. She did so, making sure he hit any piece of hard furniture he could on their way to the door. If the man was a request from one of Midnight’s clients, it meant he’d defiled them or someone they knew. Midnight’s clients were victims with bones to pick. They came to her when the law failed to deal out the justice those who harmed them deserved.

“How much?” The aged man with rings on every finger asked from within his panic room. His voice grated on years of tobacco. “To let me go. How much do you want?”

“We’re not for sale, asshole.” Present Mic hissed from somewhere behind All Might.

“Everything has a price.” the gang leader hissed in reply, eyes never straying from All Might’s.

“Exactly.” All Might’s gaze sharpened. When the other man flinched, he continued. “You know what you’ve done. This is the price.”

The man tried to fire his gun. All Might lodged a bullet into his forehead before he could. As he stepped out of the room and watched his family gather all the cash and valuables they could reasonably carry, Aizawa appeared at his side.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Boss, but you got shot in the chest.” He said, pretending to casually glance at him. All Might could see the concern in his eyes.

“I noticed. The armor caught it.” He watched Nezu pick up a lifelike sculpture of a bird made entirely of gold. He couldn’t quite discern the look on the small man’s face as he tilted it in the dim light. He felt it best to look away.

“Anything broken?”



“What about you and the others?” His gaze swept over Aizawa’s black clothes, eyeing the floor at his feet for any tell-tale trails of blood that his friend might try to hide.

“Just bruises for me. Torino got shot in the arm. Fat Gum got a bullet to the stomach. We thought it might be bad but he seemed fine and Nezu said the sheer amount of fat that guy lugs around probably blocked the bullet from any major organs anyways. Him and Torino are heading to Chiyo’s place. That’s it for major injuries.”

“Pretty lucky, considering we just took out one of the biggest gang bosses in the country.” Present Mic said, sidling up at Aizawa’s other side. “Hey Shota, what d’you think of these gold sunglasses? I think I’m in love with them.”

All Might chuckled, and then winced. His ribs would definitely feel worse tomorrow and his left hand, now that he bothered to look at it, was cut up and bruised from clutching that heavy metal door. He was not looking forward to waking up tomorrow, and while he hoped that his dreams would star his favourite neighbor, he knew that more-likely-than-not, they wouldn’t.

Perhaps it was his subconscious trying to make him feel guilty, but on the nights after a job, the Izuku of his dreams was never more than a flash of green at the corner of his eye or a glimpse of freckles splattered in blood.


Toshinori and Izuku had just entered Izuku’s apartment, balancing grocery bags in their arms as they toed off their sneakers. Toshinori hears the click of Izuku locking the apartment door behind them and shuffling after him. He put the groceries on the counter and had just begun to unbag some of the items when something collided with his back. For a second he tenses, analyzing the blow. When he spins around, Izuku loses his balance and falls to his knees. He’d knocked his head against Toshinori’s back without realizing it as his eyes were glued to the screen of smartphone in his trembling hand.

“Izuku?” Toshi asked, reaching for the bags dangling precariously off of one of Izuku’s arms. He shifted them onto the counter with the ones he’d carried in and stared down at the green-haired man. “Izuku? What’s wrong?”

“ — dead.” His ears barely heard.


“He’s dead.” Izuku said, finally looking up at him. His big green eyes were wide, but not in an excited or happy way. No, the way they looked now reminded Toshinori of muted jades, foggy and somewhat opaque, like they were covered in a film of thick glass. His gut twisted.

“Who’s dead?” Toshi pressed, leaning down slightly and ignoring the throb of pain that erupted from his ribs.

“The… The gang leader. The one my father found incriminating evidence against. I told you about him a few months ago, remember?”

“I remember.” There was no way Toshi could forget. “How do you know he’s dead?”

“I set my news app to track his name and the name of his gang as keywords and notify me when anything new came up. You know, when I found out about what happened to Dad and I asked around, the police wouldn’t give me his name, because they didn’t want to me do anything stupid. I did my own research based on what little I knew from what Mom and Dad had accidently let slip, and soon enough I knew exactly what had happened and who was involved. I didn’t do anything though. I couldn’t. What power did I, a little kid, have against one of the most powerful gang bosses in the country? None. So I just keep track of his gang and him through the news and some discussion forums, and I just found a news article that says their gang was hit and the boss was among one of the many killed.”

“Check other sources just to be sure.” Toshinori murmured, lowering himself to the floor. Izuku nodded, already searching for more news about the hit. They sat silently, Toshinori watching those lithe fingers dart over the screen and Izuku reading headline after headline and report after report. Finally, the tapping stopped.

“Other sources confirmed it. I checked the local news, the city paper, the police department twitter feed, country news, and other places. They’re all saying the same thing. He’s dead. The gang is destroyed. An investigation is being done in whether it was gang related or something else.”

“And now that you know it’s true, how do you feel?” Toshi asked, watching him. Izuku’s eyes had cleared while he’d been looking through sources, but he couldn’t tell if they’d stay that way.

“I don’t want to say happy, because I’m not. At least, not from this.” Izuku said, shifting on his knees as if he had just realized they were sitting down. He settled with his legs crossed, shins brushing Toshi’s right knee. Izuku’s lips pressed together for a few moments before they opened again. “I think I feel more… secure. Safe. Dad might be able to get out earlier now. Other people won’t have to worry about that gang anymore. That’s good, right?”

“It is.”

“Yeah. I’ll call Mom about it after we put the groceries away.” Izuku said and smiled at him. He had yet to make a move to get up. “You know what?”

“What?” Toshi raised an eyebrow.

“So many good things have happened recently. Are you my guardian angel, Toshi?”

A surprised laugh sputtered out of Toshinori’s mouth. He stared at Izuku with wide eyes.

“I’m no angel.”

“True.” Izuku grinned, jumping to his feet and offering Toshi a hand up. Toshinori took it because his ribs hurt and the only person he lied to was himself. “I saw this tumblr post the other day that discussed what angels actually looked like. Apparently they’re not often described, but on the rare instances that they are, they are sometimes described as human-looking but more often as terrifying. Toshi, you look like an Adonis incarnate, but actual angels were so frightening that when they appeared before people they would tell them not to be afraid — which probably didn’t work, you know, given the situation, but hey, at least they tried…”

Izuku continued on as they organized his groceries and then packed them away. The party was tomorrow, and Katsuki had insisted that “he wouldn’t eat any nasty-ass food if he could just cook better himself”, so he was coming over the next morning. Toshinori silently listened as Izuku told him about angels and demons and then changed topics to heroes and villains, all the while basking in the compliment that the man who had captured his heart thought he looked like the handsome Greek who had been loved by Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Though it was hard to believe Izuku thought that way, there was no opportunity to correct him as he continued his endearing rambling, and Toshinori settled with making an exception and simply taking a compliment for once.


At close to four in the afternoon the following day, Toshinori knocked on Izuku’s door. It swung open a few moments later to reveal Izuku, dazzling his eyes before he had time to brace for the attack. Toshi blinked and looked him over. Izuku was wearing a high-necked, muted green sweater and pair of black fitted jeans with frayed knees. Nothing extraordinary but somehow he was blinding to look at. He smiled and it got worse. Toshinori had to take a moment to draw breath before he smiled back.

“Toshi! Come in, come in!” Izuku said, grasping onto Toshi’s blazer sleeve and tugging him inside. He toed off his shoes at the door and closed and locked it behind him.

“Here,” he handed Izuku the simple bag he was holding. “These are for you.”

Izuku stared down at the gift in surprise. “Wha-Toshi! You didn’t have to get me anything! Really!”

“It’s fine. It’s fine.” He waved away the comment and stared at Izuku long enough that the younger man sighed instead of arguing further and peered into the bag.

“The Adventures of-No!” His eyes snapped back up to stare at Toshi’s grinning face. “You got me the comics I was talking to you about? But I mentioned these months ago!”

“I saw them in a bookstore the other day.” Was all Toshinori said. He wouldn’t mention that he’d seen them there because he was looking for them.

“Oh my god! Thanks Toshi!” Izuku darted towards him, wrapping one arm around him in a quick breathtaking hug before pulling away and moving further into the living room, gesturing for him to follow. As they made their way in, three pairs of eyes turned their way. “Guys, Toshi’s here!”

“Toshinori!” Ochako called, ambling over. She wrapped her arms around him in a quick greeting hug before pulling back to smile at him. As usual, she was dressed tastefully. She wore a pale pink turtleneck and a high waisted skirt, with her hair, which had grown a bit longer in the time Toshi had known her, pinned back into a loose bun at one side of her head. She looked over his own outfit of black slacks and blazer over a simple white t-shirt with approval. “You look nice! How have you been?”

“I’ve been good, Ochako. You look very nice yourself.” he smiled down at her. “I take it you’ve been well?”

“You’re too kind.” she giggled. “I’ve been good, yeah.”

“Toshinori. Good to see you again.” Tenya appeared beside her, hand outstretched. They shared a firm hand clasp while Ochako subtly rolled her eyes.

“Tenya. How have you been?”

“Good. Good. I shifted my school and work schedules so I could be here without having to worry about anything. It feels like a load off my back.”

Toshinori chuckled. “I know the feeling.”

“How has work been for you?” Ochako asked, sympathy in her eyes. They knew about his sudden work calls, if nothing else.

“Recently it’s been alright. I don’t think I’ll be called out tonight.” he joked.

They chuckled and the two of them moved back towards the sofas while he went to the kitchen where Katsuki and Izuku were. Upon entering he was hit with the full blast of the pleasant aromas he’d been smelling from the entryway, and he eyed the simmering pots of the stove with interest. Katsuki glanced at him from where he stood stirring them.

“‘Bout time you showed, fucker.” he greeted. Toshi smiled at him and raised the bottle he’d brought. Katsuki’s red eyes locked on it. “You brought booze?”

“It’s for you.” Toshi said, holding it out for the younger blonde. Katsuki wiped his hands on the apron he was wearing and stepped away from the stove to plunk the bottle from his hand. His eyebrows raised as he read over the label.

“Spicy vodka.” Katsuki’s eyes dragged back up to his. A faint look of approval shone in them before Izuku moved over to look over Katsuki’s shoulder and began to laugh.

“Spicy alcohol! Toshi knows you so well, Kacchan!” He said, smiling at the both of them. While Toshi revelled in it, Katsuki jerked away from his childhood frown with a flushed frown.

“Shut up, shitty nerd.” he hissed, placing the bottle on the counter. He casually took out a glass from one of the cupboards. “Just for that cheek, I’m not giving you any.”

Izuku’s face turned serious. “Kacchan, are you insane? I would die if I drank that. You know I can’t handle spice like you can. I’m human.”

“Well not everyone can be as perfect as me.” he said with a smirk before turning back to the cooking dishes.

Toshinori watched as Izuku stuck out his tongue behind his childhood friend’s back and turned towards him. He cast him a small smile and they silently moved out of Katsuki’s domain and back into the living room. Soon enough the food was dished out onto plates on the living and dining tables, and the conversation was lively around the food. The ringing of the doorbell interrupts the conversation and Izuku clambores to his feet to get it.

He returns with a tall, stylish young man. From just a glance Toshi can tell that he must be Shoto, the police academy student Izuku and the rest of them had become friends with in high school. He pulled off his baseball cap and Toshinori took care not to stare at the burnt area around his left eye. Izuku had quietly explained how he’d gotten it a few days ago when Shota had told him he would be at the party and Izuku didn’t want Toshi to get surprised. If anything, Toshi thought the burn made the blue of his heterochromatic left eye look even more vivid. The split color didn’t stop at his eyes either. His hair was also split almost exactly in two. One side was red and the other was without color, a bright white that contrasted with the rest of him. He had a proud, sharp face and a gaze that scanned the room and guests first before settling on Toshi with a contemplative look.

“Toshi, Shoto. Shoto, Toshi.” Izuku introduced them. Toshinori stood from his seat on the couch, ignoring his sore ribs as he went to shake the other man’s hand.

“Nice to meet you.” He said.

“You as well.” Shoto replied, giving him a polite smile. The grip on his hand was firm, professional. Toshinori felt somewhat humored as he noticed the police influence already seeping into the younger man’s actions even though he wasn’t an active officer yet. “What’s your full name, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Ah. It’s Toshinori Yagi.” Toshi chuckled. “And yours?”

Shoto took a moment to look him up and down again. His eyes were still thoughtful as they resettled on his own. “Shoto Todoroki.”

Toshinori smiled at him, though internally his eyebrows raised. The young officer-hopeful had the same last name as his bad-tempered colleague back in the force. Looking over the other man again, he could see the similarity in the red hair but little else. Though he couldn’t say he had much of a vivid image of Enji Todoroki. The man had never been someone Toshi had wanted to be around, with his aggressive nature and lack of common courtesy.

“Your father is police chief now, isn’t he?” Toshinori asked. Immediately, Shoto’s face shuttered.

“Yes.” he said.

“Pity.” Toshinori cast him a small grin. “He’s a bit of an asshole, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

Izuku sputtered beside him. Shoto’s expression opened up completely as he let out a surprised laugh.

“Trust me when I say I don’t mind at all.” He said once he’d regained his composure. “And he’s a major asshole, for the record. How do you know him?”

This lead to Toshi retelling his tales of police work, which became the center of conversation as the night progressed. No other friends could make it to the party, but Izuku did not look disappointed. The night was filled with laughter, delicious food, and good conversation. Later, as he accompanied Toshi to his door as Katsuki cleaned up the kitchen and declared he’d be crashing there, Izuku confided in him that he was somewhat glad the others hadn’t shown up.

“I mean, none of them are bad people, don’t get me wrong!” he rushed to add. “But tonight was really great and I feel like it might not have been as good if the roudier bunch had made an appearance.”

“I can understand that.” Toshinori said, unlocking his apartment door. He couldn’t recall the sheer amount of times a good conversation had been ruined by the chaotic interruption of Present Mic or Midnight. They were both his dear friends without a doubt, but that didn’t mean they didn’t aggravate him at times.

“I suppose everyone’s got a friend or two like that.” Izuku chuckled. His cheeks were a bit flushed, from the diminishing heat of his apartment, the passionate conversation they had had not ten minutes ago, or the small bit of alcohol he drank, Toshi couldn’t tell. His eyes looked dark in the gloom of night. The dim moonlight from the clouds had his pupils blown wide. His lips looked damp. Toshinori realized he was leaning down. He straightened, hoping Izuku had not noticed the small shift in his posture, and cast his love a smile.

“I had a great time as well. You have good friends.” he said.

“Thanks. I’m glad you had fun.” Izuku smiled softly.

“Have a good night, Izuku.” Toshi’s lips didn’t want to let go of his name.

“Yeah,” Izuku murmured, stepping away and half-turning to his own door, “you too Toshi.”

They exchanged one last smile and  went their separate ways. Toshi locked his door and toed off his shoes again, moving silently through his dark apartment and to his bedroom. He shrugged out of his clothes, put them neatly away if they were clean and in the hamper if they were not, and climbed into bed in just his boxers.

He thought of the blush on Izuku’s face. The tender way his eyes had looked up at him. He imagined what would have happened if he had leaned all the way down and ask, with his breath on Izuku’s lips, if he could kiss him. He imagined the surprised squeak that would erupt from Izuku’s mouth and the look in his eyes when Toshi met his gaze. Izuku would flush further, but give a small nod and say, “Yes”.

Toshi bit his lip as he visualized pressing them to Izuku’s. He can’t imagine what he would taste like, only that he would feel soft and wet and he’d open his mouth further at Toshi’s probing tongue. Soon he’d be mewling and gasping between kisses, forgetting to breathe through his nose as he got too excited in Toshi’s arms. It wouldn’t be hard to bracket his hips with his long fingers and pull him closer. To grind against that body and delight in Izuku breaking the kiss so he could moan wantonly.  He’d reclaim his lips and tug him up his body, easily carrying him into the apartment and kicking the door closed.

Alone in his bed, his fingertips slipped underneath the hem of his boxers. In his mind, Izuku’s back hit his sheets and the younger man would barely notice as he grinds into Toshi’s boner through their clothes. Toshi cursed, wrapping a hand around his cock while he envisioned tugging their clothes off. Once they are naked, and Izuku is a vivid, panting mess underneath him, he’d pull away and ask, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Toshi. Please.” Izuku would say, fingers wrapping around the wrists on either side of his head as Toshi hovered over him. And Toshi would hiss and slam their lips together while he reached for the lube in the drawer beside his bed. One hand would work Izuku’s own cock, just like he was currently doing to himself, and watch him squirm and buck up into his fist and down onto his fingers at his hole. He wouldn’t have a hard time getting stretched. In his fantasies Toshi always imagined his feelings were reciprocal, and Izuku liked to finger himself when he thought of Toshi at night.

“Please. Please. Please.” Izuku would beg, unable to kiss Toshi anymore because his body was too relaxed, too pliant in the larger man’s hands. He couldn’t raise his head anymore, only roll it on the pillow as he moaned. “Fuck me, Toshi. Please. Fuck me.”

Toshi lined himself up against Izuku’s wet, twitching hole. The head of his cock breached the rim.

His hand pumped faster.

Izuku’s back arched deliciously and he cried out, “Go further. Come on. I can take it.”

Those words destroyed him. Toshi took a deep breath, whispered in the fantasy for Izuku to make sure he relaxed, gripped those thin hips, and thrust. Izuku screamed as Toshi’s huge cock bottomed out inside him. He came against his stomach, thick ropes of cum painting him white up past his belly-button, and clenched deliciously around Toshi.

“Izuku.” Toshi whispered through panted breath into the still air of his bedroom.

The man from his dreams suddenly grinded his hips down. Toshi’s balls pressed against his toned cheeks. Toshi gasped and thrust into that tight heat with renewed vigor. His head tilted down and he caught the junction where Izuku’s throat met his shoulder between his teeth. He slammed into him and came, biting down into his flesh, claiming him for his own. His friend. His love. His Izuku.

Toshinori stared at the mess on his hand, swamped with the urge to bury himself into Izuku rather than jerk off like he was still a teenager discovering porn. Here he was, a grown man with a criminal family and enemies around every corner, pining after a college student. God, he wanted Izuku. But he couldn’t have him. Not the real one. So he settled for closing his eyes and wrapping his slick fingers around his still-hard cock, and started round two.

Chapter Text

Work pulled Toshinori away on Monday. He gets a text from Izuku saying Katsuki was staying at his place again, and he can only send a quick reply before the family is moving out for another job. One of the ‘recruiters’ had popped up on their radar. They were the ones that targeted the students at school, lurking around the property and deciding which ones would make the best criminals. It sickened Toshi, and sickened his family, and no one could guarantee the recruiters they caught would live after their questioning. That’s why he wasn’t there on Monday, though he made sure to get back with enough time to shower and change his clothes before he went outside to run with Izuku.

The weather had turned for the better. Birds chirped and sang overtop of the lazy flow of traffic on the street. There were few people to be seen on the sidewalks. The soft light on the horizon gave little warmth, but Toshi could see buds beginning to grow on the trees beside the apartment. He hoped spring would come soon. He needed to think up how to ask Izuku on a picnic, as a friend. He ran a hand over his tied back hair and glanced at his watch. Perhaps Izuku was running a bit late. He would wait another ten minutes.

Half an hour came and went. Toshi wondered if Izuku had slept in for once. He chuckled at the thought and set out on his run, trying not the think about how odd running alone now felt. He ran through half the city, stubbornly ignoring the still-there ache in his sore ribs, before he returned to their street. There, as the sun finally peeked over some of the short buildings, Toshinori noticed a shifting shadow.

Looking harder, he realized it was a man in a dark grey sports jacket, baseball cap, and sweatpants. His sneakers were black. His hands were tucked into his pockets and his posture was casual. A half-done cigarette hung from his lips. Nothing seemed off about him, save the fact that the eyes in the shade of his cap were keenly focused on Toshinori’s apartment building.

Toshinori slows to a stop. Pretends to stretch outside the apartment building across the street. The man does not even glance at him. His focus remains locked on Toshinori’s building. Thoughts begin to swarm behind Toshi’s eyes. Was this man here for him, or someone else? He hadn’t looked at him, but there was a possibility he didn’t know what All Might looked like without his armor or face mask. Then if not for him, who?

The neighborhood wasn’t the best, but large crime didn’t operate here. It tended to live a few blocks west, near the abandoned shopping centers and run down businesses.

Toshinori pulled one of his legs back in a stretch and made eye contact with a woman coming out of the apartment. He gave her a smile in greeting and she flushed, flashing her own startled one back as she brushed a hair behind her ear and walked into the parking lot. He thought he saw her glance back at him, but the man across the street had turned away and was now moving down the sidewalk. Toshinori lurched forward to follow him, feet silent on the pavement as he jogged on the opposite sidewalk from the man. They went two blocks north before the man crossed the street. Toshinori slowed. The man went down the street in front of him. Toshi rested at the corner for a long minute before he slowly followed him. The man, unaware of Toshi’s presence, continued through the streets, down blocks and alleyways and finally, through a narrow fence.

The fence was short enough that Toshi could peer over it and watch the man enter an abandoned warehouse. His stomach clenched. The building looked almost exactly the same as every other warehouse in the area. Abandoned, with grates over the windows, graffiti on its concrete walls, and nothing but weeds growing from the soil around it. Hard to single out, harder to identify from any possible witnesses. Toshi waited five minutes after the man had gone inside before scanning his surroundings again. No people or cameras in sight. He jumped the fence and landed silently on the other side, scruffing the dirt so his footprints wouldn’t be visible.

He didn’t try to door. Instead, he moved around the building until he found what he’s looking for. The small window into the basement has a crate attached to it, limiting his view of what’s inside. He took care to not block out all the light streaming in. He didn’t want to alert whoever might be inside that someone was watching them. Crouched on his knees with dirt lodging itself into the small spaces under his nails, he bends forward to look between the planks of wood.

His blood freezes. There, at the base of the stairs to the basement, lie a pair of red sneakers. The left shoe is standing upright. The right has fallen over, showing that there was even grains of dirt stuck inside of it as well as all over it. Beside them lies a gaping open backpack, it’s content spilling out like someone had shuffled through the contents and then discarded the entire thing on the floor.

Toshinori heard a dull crack. He looked down to realize he’d unknowingly picked up some rocks within the dirt. Or at least, they might have been rocks once. He grinded his teeth together and emptied his hands. His gaze shifted back to the window. A single bare bulb hung down from the low ceiling. It flickered at sporadic intervals. Underneath it, a young man with matted curly green hair hung his head.

Izuku’s hands looked to be tied to the back of the chair he had been put in. His feet, his small, pale feet, twitched where they were tied against the chair legs. There was both blood and dirt imbedded into the fabric of his light grey jumper. Some of the blood was coming from his face, though Toshi couldn’t see if it was from his nose or his lips because of the angle his head was hanging at.

Someone was speaking. Toshinori physically shook himself out of staring at Izuku and shifted his gaze to the rest of the room. Two men sat at a table, smoking and checking their phones.

“I’m tellin’ ya, ‘eve got ‘im by the balls.” the one with his back to the window said.

“I didn’t understand a word you just fucking said.” the other one replied, not looking up from his device.

The one with an accent grunted and tapped his finger on the table. “Da wannabe-hero. ‘is guy,” the finger jerked at Izuku’s prone form, “is one of ‘is weak points. He’ll do what we say now.”

“Sure he will.” the man glared at the other. “Now shut the fuck up.”

Toshinori drew away from the window. His heart lurched at the bottom of his stomach. Bile rose in his throat. His eyes burned. His jaw locked. He checked his surroundings again, somewhat hoping there was someone there just so he could kill them. No one was in sight. He jumped the fence and sprinted back to his apartment.

Only once he had swept the entire block and his locked apartment twice did he collapse onto his bed and place his head in his hands. His breaths wheezed out of him. They had taken Izuku because of him. They had hurt him because of him. He need to save him. He needed to save him . His closet door slammed open as he dug inside for his gear. He pulled a large suitcase from the back of the closet and opened it. Regular clothes greeted him. He tossed them aside, impatient to get to the armor underneath. Once he had pulled them on and locked them in place, he shrugged on a long coat to cover it all, tucked his mask into his pocket, and pulled out his phone.

“Gather the family. We have a rescue we need to do as soon as possible.

It took them until that night to prepare. Toshinori cursed every minute of delay, but he knew if they did not prepare properly they could make the situation for Izuku worse. So he waited as his family gathered in one of their safehouses in the city, bringing supplies and intel and setting up sentries around the warehouse.

It was around six in the afternoon, just shy of twelve hours since Toshinori had discovered Izuku, when Nezu returned from checking the warehouse with chilling news. “Boss, Shigaraki was just confirmed going into the warehouse.”

All Might, who had been standing at the front of the room and confirming the plan and everyone’s respective orders, snapped his head up and snarled.

Nezu flinched. The other members of the family tensed. The silence that followed was only punctured by a morbid splintering sound. All Might pulled his finger’s clear of the table. Aizawa eyed the destroyed wood where his hands had just been.

“Is everyone ready?” All Might asked, voice coming out a bit rough despite his attempt to reign in his emotions. A series of confirming sounds erupted around the room after a moment of hesitation. All Might eyed Nezu again. The mouse-like man met his eyes despite the intimidated hunch in his shoulders. “My apologies for frightening you, brother. Do you know which part of the building Shigaraki is in?”

“The basement, according to the sentries and the sensors.” he said, posture straightening out and relaxing.

“Thank you.” All Might smiled instead of frowning like he wanted to. He was the boss. He wouldn’t get any more emotionally compromised until he needed to. “How many in there?”

“Five heads.”

“Total number of bad guys in the warehouse?” Mic asked, loading up a machine gun beside Aizawa, who eyed the powerful but loud gun with thinly veiled distaste.

“There’s ten more on the main level, two in the rafters, and three on guard outside.”

“Noice. Let’s have some fun!” Mic swung the gun up onto his shoulder.

“What did you just say?” Aizawa said, now glaring at the other man.


“No, don’t repeat it, you infidel!” Aizawa hissed, also getting to his feet. “In fact, don’t repeat it every again.”

“Yes, sensei.” Mic’s called back as he made for the exit.

“I’ll destroy you.” All Might heard Aizawa mutter before following the other man out. The other members of the family followed suite. All Might patted Nezu’s shoulder as he passed him by. The smaller man was not much of an attacking member. He was more deadly with his hands on one of his devices or computers and with the freedom to put his full intelligence to use.

The family scattered out the door. All Might was part of the team that rounded around the block and jumped back over the fence of the warehouse. As he landed, he heard gunfire begin to ring out at the front of the building. The frontal assault team would deal with the guards and those who joined them outside.

All Might reached the backdoor and, without stopping, slammed into it. With a loud splintering sound, it came off its hinges and slammed onto the floor of the hallway. The team didn’t break stride. All Might was the first to the door to the stairs. Behind him, he heard the near-silent ring of metal in the air followed by the distinct sound of a body hitting the floor. Aizawa tapped his shoulder to let him know he didn’t need to worry about watching his back. A useless notion considering All Might trusted his vigilante family with his life and each one of them had given that same trust to him in return.

He ripped the door to the stairs off its hinges. Pieces of the obscene and purposely-aggravating slander that Mic was throwing at the criminals he was engaged with at the front drifted to his ears. From behind him, Torino called to keep going as he took care of a man who came at him. The martial arts master disarmed and knocked the thug out before he could even fully raise his gun.

All Might bounded down the stairs. The two men he had seen during his previous visit pointed machine guns up at him from the base of the stairs. Their fear made them a second too slow. He slammed into them with more force then he’d slammed into the door of the warehouse. They made significantly more nose than the old piece of wood as they screamed and their bones cracked. A single gunshot rang through the air. He stuttered to a halt on solid ground again. The screams cut off. Aizawa had dealt out more knives. When All Might heard the tell-tale sign of him unsheathing another one — the family had never been able to find out just how many he could hide in those black outfits of his — he raised his hand to stop him from downing the men in front of him.

Tomura Shigaraki hissed through chapped lips, his pale skin making the dark bruises under his eyes sickeningly intense. He was a young man with the same cynical eyes of his evil mentor, back when the man had had eyes. Rumor in the underground was that the villain had managed to survive All Might crushing his head. How exactly, no one knew. The appearance of the washed-out man in front of him wasn’t what had made All Might freeze. No, it was the fact that Katsuki Bakugou was standing not a foot away from him.

The explosive blond clutched a glock in his hands, his face twisted in a strange mix of anger and surprise. His gun was the one that had fired when All Might had crushed the men at the stairs, but he hadn’t aimed at the vigilante group. Instead, his shot had knocked Shigaraki’s own gun from his hand, and was the reason why the villain swore under his breath and clutched at the bleeding limb. All Might’s eyebrows raised over the top of his mask. He was beyond surprised that Izuku’s childhood friend was here. Had he somehow found out about Izuku’s kidnapping and tried to take matters into his own hands?

Izuku himself was on the floor, limbs still tied to the now tipped-over chair. The skin of his wrists were stained red and were glaringly raw in the dim light of the overhanging bulb. There was blood matted to the side of his head that had hit the ground, but he was conscious enough to stare wide-eyed at All Might and his team.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Shigaraki asked, voice strained from pain. His hard gaze barely strayed from All Might’s own. “Teacher said you and your stupid family just caught one of our guys yesterday. So why the fuck are you here? Did you cheat? Is that it? You’re a cheater?”

All Might didn’t know what the cheating part meant, but things suddenly became clear. Shigaraki had been trying to recruit Katsuki into the League. He had seen the anger simmering under the surface. He had seen in the younger man a tendency for violence. But his attempts had been met with resistance and scorn. Despite how he seemed, Katsuki Bakugou was not a criminal. Shigaraki had kidnapped Izuku, Katsuki’s childhood friend, in order to get to him in one last recruitment attempt. Join us or he dies.

It had never been about All Might. All Might laughed.

“Tomura Shigaraki. We’ve been hunting you for a very long time.” he said, voice loud and deep and different from Toshinori’s because of the device hidden in the high collar of his costume. “And you finally made a mistake. This young man is hero-material, not scum like you.”

All Might stepped forward and carefully clicked the safety back on Katsuki’s gun before nudging his hands to lower it down. The young man did so, the anger bleeding out of his eyes to give way to more surprise. “Let’s make sure you don’t do something you regret, okay young man?”

Katsuki nodded slowly. All Might glanced over his shoulder at Aizawa and gave his family member a nod. Another knife, this one gleaming with a particular kind of poison, shot from his hands. It lodged itself shallowly into Shigaraki’s chest. The blue haired man let out a yelp and collapsed to his knees. He fought to keep his eyes open and his uninjured hand came down to support his stiffening body. A moment later he slumped, unconscious, to the ground.

All Might moved past Katsuki and crouched beside Izuku. He pulled a knife from its holster at the back of his belt. He smiled down at the green-haired man, hoping to reassure him, and felt a thrill of satisfaction as Izuku’s shoulders relaxed a bit. “Are you alright, young man?”

“Uh,” Izuku replied eloquently, blinking up at him. His gaze was fastened on his smiling mouth, though it flickered up to his eyes and mask occasionally.

“I’m going to start cutting the ropes.” All Might leaned closer. “Try not to move.”

“O-Okay.” Izuku said, voice rasping from a most-likely-dry throat. When All Might made quick work of the ropes that bound him and carefully rubbed at his limbs to help him regain feeling in them, he stuttered out a thank you as well. When All Might helped him up and they both found out that Izuku legs were too weakened to support him, All Might easily lifted the man into his arms.

Aizawa picked up the ropes that were around Izuku and used them to tie up Shigaraki’s unconscious form. “I’ll keep watch of him here. You get those kids out.” He said.

“Alright.” All Might replied, gesturing for Katsuki to pocket his gun and follow him up the stairs. They moved silently out of the basement and then out of the warehouse. The gunfight has long since settled.

“Everything alright?” Torino asked, coming over to them. There was a smear of blood on his left sleeve, but he look uninjured.

“It would probably be best if this young man is taken to the hospital.” All Might said, glancing down at Izuku in his arms. He hoped there was nothing seriously wrong. Izuku stared back at him with a small, shy smile. All Might was keenly aware of how little distance rested between their lips. He turned away to smile down at Katsuki. “His friend here will go with you. Your name is Katsuki, right?”

Katsuki startled as if electrified. “How did you know what my name was? Were you guys watching me too?”

“No, nothing like that.” All Might laughed, taking care to not jostle Izuku as he did so. “You won a chemistry award a year ago, didn’t you? I remember seeing something about it in the local news.”

For the first time since he’d met him, Katsuki blushed. “Oh, uh, yeah. I did. It was through the university.”

“You’ve got a good head on your shoulders.” All Might said, staring at him. “I hope you’ll continue to do great things with it. These days heroes are hard to find.”

Katsuki stared at him, opened mouth. Another first. He had never seen the surly man speechless. He suppressed another laugh.

“Torino here will take you to the hospital. The police will likely come to find you two later in order to get your respective statements. I hope that isn’t a problem?”

“No,” Izuku said quietly from within his arms. “It’s no problem at all.”

“Good.” All Might handed Izuku to Katsuki, who grunted and mumbled something along the lines of “stupid nerd you’re heavy as fuck” but still made sure to hold him carefully, and stepped away. His gaze roved over the two of them for a long moment, unease nibbling at his guts at seeing Izuku’s blood stain his skin and clothes. He blinked. Izuku and Katsuki were safe now. That was what mattered. They would be okay. All Might gave them both a nod and his signature smile and strode off.

With the hit done, a few members stay behind to watch over the captured, and the dead, criminals while the other members of All Might’s family went their separate ways. Most would return back to the mansion in the next hour or two, but none would take the same route. All Might himself stuck to dark alleys at the edge of the city, carefully discarding his mask and tucking it into one of his pockets as he pulled on the hooded jacket that Nezu had tossed him before he left location.

It took him longer than usual to return. He found himself stopping to stare at his hands, smudged with a bit of Izuku’s blood, and peering suspiciously behind him and into the surrounding shadows for signs of pursuers. His jaw did not unclench until he was through the mansion doors. His eyes began to burn as he climbed the stairs. He was glad no one was close enough to see the emotions he knew were painted clear as day over his face.

When Aizawa finally returned and let himself into All Might’s room, he found him collapsed beside the bed, his head hung, his fists clenched in the sheets, and his throat sore from crying from insurmountable relief. Aizawa, being the good friend that he was, let him be for a few minutes before he got tired of wasting time and demanded an explanation.


Toshinori returned to his apartment sometime in the evening of the next day. Aizawa had listened to his story and his feelings without a word, then proceeded to throw him out of the mansion with a surly look and a “Not everything is about you, you goddamn-testosterone-pumped-idiot. Don’t make mistakes like this again.”

“But if we hadn’t been there— ” All Might had started.

“Yes, things might have been a lot worse. It ended with the best case scenario. That doesn’t mean it always will.”

“You’re a pessimist.”

“And you’re worse than a love-struck virgin. Go away.”

“This is my house.”

“It’s not your only house.” The look that came with that was a bit shameful. Toshinori had huffed and left.

It was Thursday, an hour before his usual running time with Izuku, when there was a tentative knock on his door. He rolled over on his bed — which he had not slept much in — and looked at his phone’s camera feed. Toshi lurched to his feet and bounded for the door, pulling it open. Izuku stood there with his hair slightly damp, small drops of water falling onto his long sleeved “ok” shirt. His feet shift on the ground and his sweatpants almost fully cover the bandages that cover his ankles. There’s a piece of gauze taped to the side of his head and his wrists are covered as well.

“Izuku!” Toshinori exclaimed, “Oh my god! What happened? Are you alright?”

“Hi Toshi.” Izuku said, letting out a small laugh. “Yes, I’m alright. Uh, can I come in?”

“Of course.” He pulled the door further open and stepped aside. As Izuku entered, Toshi realized that the younger man did indeed look better than the last time he had seen him, covered in blood and exhausted from being held captive by criminals. His skin had regained most of its color, and he looked sure of himself. Those green eyes were neither scared or anxious. Just curious and determined, like always. “Can I get you anything? Coffee or tea, maybe?”

“Tea sounds good.” Izuku said, giving him a soft smile. Toshi didn’t realize he still beared some of his worry from two nights before until it dissolved right there. He nodded and set out to make the tea.

Izuku settled onto his couch, once more folding his legs up underneath him and snuggling a bit into the cushions. The sun had yet to touch the windows, but it did provide a dim kind of light so they weren’t in complete darkness. Toshi left the kitchen light on as he made the tea and brought it over. Izuku made a soft sound as he inhaled the fruity aroma coming from his cup. Toshi  had a small section of his caffeine and tea cupboard dedicated to the fruity tea blends that Izuku liked. He himself liked black tea with some honey in it, but made sure to bring some sugar cubes for Izuku if he wanted them. As expected, the younger man dropped two into his own cup.

As they waited for the teas to cool enough to drink, and Izuku started to stir the sugar with the spoon Toshi gave him, his green eyes rested on Toshi. He stared for a long time. Enough time, in fact, that Toshi brought his tea up to his lips to drink, since it had cooled slightly. He was used to Izuku staring at him on occasion. He had overcome his nervousness about it. It was then that Izuku asked; “So, um, you’re All Might, aren’t you?”

Toshinori’s pulse jumped. He gripped his cup a little tighter and hoped the raise of his brow looked natural and his smile didn’t seem forced. “What? All Might? Why would you think that?”

Izuku’s eyes softened. He placed his cup back on the table, spoon still in it, and turned himself to face Toshi fully. “Monday afternoon I was heading to class when someone leaped from an alleyway and dragged me in. I tried to fight them off but they put a cloth to my mouth and I was out within seconds. When I woke up I was tied to a chair in a dingy basement.” Izuku sighed. “This pale guy came eventually and started talking about Kacchan. I figured these were the guys who had been giving him trouble. That’s why he’d been crashing at my place more recently these past few months. He didn’t want to make his whereabouts too predictable or they would start trouble. He said they approached him at his job on Sunday. That he kicked them out and was lucky his manager knew they were bad news or he would have been fired. That’s why he was crashing with me on Monday. And then suddenly Kacchan’s there in the basement too, yelling and swearing like usual even though these other guys have guns. He tells them to let me go, that I have nothing to do with this. The blue haired guy knocked my chair over and pointed his gun at me and suddenly Katsuki drew his own. I was so scared the other two were going to shoot us both then and there, but then there was gunfire from upstairs and they headed to guard the stairs and all of a sudden All Might is plowing through them and Katsuki is firing his gun at the other guy. And there’s Eraser Head behind All Might and I would have been screaming in joy if I weren’t so out of it.”

Toshinori smiled a bit at that. Izuku’s gaze drifted to his mouth. “That’s what gave it away. Your mouth.”

“What?” Toshi stopped smiling.

“You have a small scar on your upper lip. Hardly noticeable if you don’t already know it’s there.” Izuku said. “All Might has the same one. Funny enough, I noticed it when he smiled at me.”

“You’re...” Toshi turned his eyes away, a sinking feeling in his gut. His hands were cold around the warm cup. He took a sip to wet his suddenly dry throat and gazed back at Izuku. Izuku, his friend. Izuku, his love. Izuku, someone who he shared a bond of trust with. Izuku, who had noticed a small scar that no one else had. A small sprout of hope began to grow in him. Could he dare to hope that Izuku…? Suddenly, Toshinori realized something. All the hard decisions he’d had to make for the most recent part of his life, he’d made them as All Might. Not as Toshinori. And perhaps he had begun to hide behind his vigilante persona, make him make the decisions, make him save who needed saving and kill who needed killing. Shirk the full weight of the blood on his hands because elsewise he would be too human, too weak.

He thought back to his family’s reactions when he had snarled at Nezu. Fear. Intimidation. Concern. Unease. Showing anger had made him more human in their eyes. They did not know him as a human, not really. Not since Nana. And perhaps he had believed the same; that All Might couldn’t afford to be human, to care again.

Then what of his feelings for Izuku? There was more than mere feelings of caring there. Much more. He felt hot under his skin. Happy and anxious and sometimes unbearably turned on. He felt possessive, like he wouldn’t mind if he could just keep Izuku to himself for a few days. In his apartment. In his bed. He felt scared of what could happen to Izuku when he wasn’t around, and then he felt scared about what could happen to Izuku because he was around .

Toshinori realized that he’d already decided to become human again, long before he’d openly expressed his anger and relief the other day. He couldn’t even remember what exactly had made buy the apartment he now sat in. He had the mansion and he had the money to get a better place too. So why here?

Because this was where the people were. This was where children ran to school and office workers rushed to their cars or to their buses. This was where university students found cheap rooms. This was where the traffic was constant but never blocked, just a lazy flow down the street that bled into the main streets of downtown.

“You’re,” Toshinori started again, taking another drink from his tea. He smiled at Izuku over the rim. He wanted to be human. He wanted to be human with Izuku. “The first person to notice that.”

Izuku remained silent, those beautiful eyes of his sparkling, watching him with the focus of a hawk but without any of its mal intentions. “So you are him? I’m not wrong?”

“I never wanted to lie to you, Izuku.” Toshinori sighed. “Yes, I am All Might.”

Izuku’s eyes searched his own for a long moment before he finally smiled and closed them. He took a deep breath. “Do you want to know how I noticed?”

“How you noticed the scar?” Toshi asked, draining the rest of his tea and setting the cup on the table. Izuku picked him own tea up and gulped it down.

“Yes, the scar.”

“Did you not simply use your keen observation skills?” Toshi smiled at him. Izuku’s own smile had grown smaller, but somehow softer.

“Yes. Uh, no. Um?” He looked up at the ceiling for a long second, then looked back down at Toshi and said, “I’m always staring at your lips.”

“Why?” Toshi asked before he could stop himself. The sprout of hope was far too large now. There was too little air in his lungs. Izuku flushed.

“I love you Toshi.” Izuku blurted. They stared at each other. Izuku’s hands slapped over his mouth. His face was a delicious shade of red. Toshinori could hardly see his freckles under it. What had he just said? What had he just said ? “That’s why I’m always staring at your lips. Because I want to kiss them. And I’ve wanted to kiss them for a long time and at first I thought it was because you’re just insanely hot but then as we started to get to know each other I realized I had a major crush on you and oh god even saying that word makes me feel like a teenager but I do love you Toshi I really do and I hope you don’t think this is a joke because it’s not and I know love is a strong word to use but I love you. I love you. I love you. And I wanted to be with you as more than just friends but I didn’t want to ruin what we had and then everything happened the other day and I realized you were All Might and it all made sense and then I wondered if anyone else knew, like a girlfriend or boyfriend or something and I got so jealous —”

“Izuku.” Toshi cradled Izuku’s cheek. He both felt and heard the younger man’s jaws slam together. He smiled, hoping to convey all his love and excitement and disbelief in that one gesture. “Izuku, I love you too.”

“You what ?” Izuku squeaked. His eyes were the size of saucers. Toshinori laughed at how adorable he looked and brought his other hand up to cradle both freckled cheeks.

“I. Love. You. Izuku.”

“You love me?”

“I love you.”

“I’m not dreaming? This isn’t a dream? Because I’ve had dreams like this before. Though never any where I found out you were All Might. And your hands feel so good, though they’ve felt good before, but somehow this is different from the other dreams, I can’t really put my finger on how—”

“I don’t dream of you telling me you love me.” Toshi interrupted softly. At Izuku’s questioning look, he added, “It would break my heart when I woke up.”

Izuku groaned, tilting his head back and taking Toshi’s hands with it. “Oh, damn, damn. Now I know it’s a dream because there’s so way you saying something so sweet like that could possibly be happening in real life!”

“Izuku.” Toshi said, pulling his head back. His thumbs brushed over his cheeks tenderly. “May I kiss you?”

“Yes.” Izuku whispered without hesitation.

Toshinori pressed their lips together. He forgot about Nana’s murderer still on the loose. He forgot about Shigaraki behind bars. He forgot about the corrupted police force, about Izuku’s father in prison. He forgot about the money and power and deceit and everything in between, and revelled in the feel of Izuku’s lips on his own. The real Izuku, not just a figment of his love-starved subconscious.

His head tilted to the side, deepening the kiss. Izuku tasted like his fruity tea, and his hair felt like silk in between Toshi’s fingers as his hands slid back to cradle his head. Izuku reached up and wrapped his arms around Toshi’s neck. In that moment the old Toshi could have died happy, but the current one was human, and therefore, greedy.

He pulled away from Izuku’s kiss reluctantly, nosing down from his mouth as one of his hands drifted down to hold Izuku’s arched body again him. “Izuku,” he pressed soft kisses along his love’s jawline, “I love you.”

“I — Ah,” Izuku moaned as Toshi sucked a hickey into the side of his neck. His fingers tugged at strands of blond hair. “I love you more.”

“Ridiculous.” Toshi pulled back to stare down at him seriously. Izuku’s face was flushed, his pupils were blown wide, and his lips were swollen. The sight stirred more than just his heart. He felt like a cat who had gotten the cream. He strained to keep from grinding into the other man. “You have my thoughts. My mind. My heart. My body. My friendship. My trust. My love. You can’t possibly love me more than I love you.”

Oh. That look isn’t fair.” Izuku whispered against his lips before he kissed him again. Toshi hummed contently into his mouth as those lips parted for him and he slipped inside. Their tongues tangled in a tantalizing dance. Izuku’s hands slid from his hand to grip his back, as they had somehow ended with Izuku laying on the couch with Toshi hovering over him. His palms spread sensually over the broad expanse of Toshi’s shoulders, fingertips trailing over his muscles and dipping into the divets of his spine, pressing him down further onto him.

“Izuku,” Toshi said between kisses. “Love, I need to know how far you want to go.”

“Hmm?” Izuku replied, obviously distracted, seeking his lips once again. Toshi was dragged back in. It’s only when he feels Izuku’s legs come up to wrap around his waist, their pelvises coming together and grinding, that he lets out a rumble that sounds suspiciously like a growl and pulls away. Izuku whined in return and tried to pull him back — this time without any luck.

“You’re okay with this?” Toshi rasped, unable to control the way his hips grinded down into Izuku. The whines escaping the other man’s lips were addicting to hear. Each one sent a rush of blood straight between his legs.

“Toshi, I’ve been thinking about this for a real long time. I want this. I want you.” Izuku panted against him. His hips rolled up to meet Toshi’s in turn, eliciting a gasp from both of their mouths before their lips met again and their tongues tangled together.

Toshi’s arms slipped behind Izuku’s back and he pulled him up and into him. He mentally thanked his memory of the layout of his apartment as he somehow managed to carry Izuku to his bedroom without breaking away from his lips or bumping into anything. Izuku broke away with a gasp as his back settled against the sheets, peering around him through hazy eyes. Toshi seized the opportunity to mouth at his neck, biting and sucking his own marks against the freckled constellation that mapped across Izuku’s flushed skin.

“Ah, I — shit — I, mmh, I figured you had at least a king.” Izuku gasped out between moans. His fingers tangled themselves in Toshi’s hair.

Toshi popped off of the hickey he had just finished and rose up to smile down at Izuku. “I don’t fit in anything smaller.”

“I bet.” Izuku said, eyes trailing over him. They rested on the obvious — and large, very large — tent in Toshi’s pants, his tongue flickering out to lick over his swollen lips as he looked to be mentally measuring him. Toshi shuddered as he watched him. “You’re a big man.”

“I am.” Toshi pulled one hand away from beside Izuku’s head to finger the hem of Izuku’s shirt. “Can I take this off?”

“Please.” Izuku smiled at him. Toshi couldn’t resist diving back in for another kiss — he still couldn’t believe he could kiss Izuku now — as his hands pulled Izuku’s shirt over his head, taking care to not jostle the gauze at the side of his head. He tossed the garment off the bed and let his long fingers bracket the sides of Izuku’s ribs. The younger man shuddered underneath him, face flushing a bit as he watched Toshi feel his skin.

“Your hands are a bit cold.” he murmured, stretching a bit under him. Toshi moved to pull away, but Izuku’s hands came up over his and pulled them higher, over his chest, palms covering his nipples. He let out a sigh, eyes closed, body like liquid under Toshi’s hands.

“My hands have always been on the colder side,” Toshi murmured, “though I think right now it’s because the blood has gone elsewhere.”

Izuku chuckled, then hummed when Toshi flicked his nipples. As Toshi leaned down to take one between his teeth, he felt Izuku squirm and reach his arms over his back, grasping for his shirt. He pulled it halfway up Toshi’s torso before he could go no further. “Toshi.” He said on a moan as his now-swollen nipple was released and exposured to the air. Toshi huffed and pulled off his shirt quickly, about to go pay his dues to the other pink nub when Izuku cried out and slammed his hands onto his shoulders, stopping him.

“What’s wrong?” Toshi asked, freezing completely. Had he done something wrong? Had he hurt him?

“Your chest! Oh my god, are you okay?” Izuku’s eyes were locked on the left side of Toshi’s chest, where Nana’s murderer had nearly killed him in their last fight, the aftermath of which had left a large, twisting scar the covered most of the left side of his chest and abdomen.

“Ah, that.” Toshi said, pressing his lips together. “It’s an old scar. Nothing you need to worry about.”

He, admittedly, had forgotten about the scar and about how gruesome it looked. He hadn’t considered what Izuku would think of it, had been to high on the fact that his love was reciprocated to even consider that the twisted skin and harsh lines of it could be unattractive. His self-confidence began to plummet, only to halt at the feeling of tentative fingers tracing over his left side. The feeling was somewhat muted — the damaged skin had lost most of its sensory abilities — but deeply relaxing.

“So it doesn’t hurt anymore?” Izuku asked, fingers pressing a bit, testing him for the truth. When Toshi shook his head and, rather than flinch away from the contact, leaned more into it, Izuku’s mouth curled into a smile and his fingers continued their tracing. “Now that I’m seeing it closer, it kind of looks like flower.”

Toshi huffed. He reached forward to cup the injured side of Izuku’s head and thrilled as Izuku tilted himself more into his touch. “No it doesn’t.”

“Yes it does.” Izuku chuckled. “I just remembered, didn’t Kacchan call you Sunflowerman when he first met you?”

“Mentioning Katsuki in bed doesn’t really help my boner.” Toshi frowned, prompting Izuku to flush a bit as he laughed.

“No, I suppose it doesn’t.” His hand trailed past Toshi’s scar. Toshi sucked in a breath as those lithe fingers played with the hem of his sweats. “And I suppose these don’t help it either.”

“No,” he agreed, stooping to nose behind Izuku’s ear. “They don’t.”

“If you take them off,” his fingers dipped and scratched lightly at the sensitive skin above his crotch, “I’ll take off mine.”

“Love,” Toshi moved up to kiss Izuku’s lips. “that’s a very good idea.”

“Mmm,” Izuku hummed, shimmying back on his ass and hooking his thumbs into his own waistband.

“I think you should take off the rest while you’re at it.” Toshi shot him a grin, pulling his own pants and boxers down and kicking them off. Izuku let out a sharp whine, pants halfway down his thighs, and pressed his palm into the bulge in his briefs. His right leg gave a twitch as his gaze, heavily lidded, rested firmly on Toshi’s erection. “Is there a problem, Izuku ?” Toshi asked with a purposely low voice, wrapping his hand around his cock and giving it a slow tug. Izuku shuddered and rushed to get naked, reaching for Toshi before his pants had even hit the ground.

His arms wrapped around Toshi’s neck and Toshi bent to capture that delicious and eager mouth in his own. His hands trailed down Izuku’s sides as he found himself once again braced overtop of Izuku’s reclined form. Izuku had gotten good at breathing through his nose. Toshi was glad. He didn’t want to stop kissing him, though the ache in his cock made a good argument as to why he should. Izuku seemed to know the feeling, because his hands clawed down Toshi’s back and pressed his hips down. Their simultaneous groans broke their steamy makeout as Toshi thrust down, thrilling at the feeling of Izuku’s smaller cock rutting against the underside of his own.

“Toshi,” Izuku moaned, twisting his head against the pillow. Toshi’s hand carefully moved to cradle his skull so Izuku wouldn’t irritate his injury. Bleary eyes soaked in lust peered up at him. “Do you have lube?”

Toshi grunted and dropped his head to Izuku’s shoulder. “I do, but I don’t want to go and get it just yet.”

Izuku gave an amused huff that sputtered into a dangerous mewling sound as Toshi’s hand wrapped around both of their cocks. He set a place that had Izuku’s toes curling on either side of his hips and Izuku’s hips stuttering up, mouth gaped open as he drowned in pleasure. Toshi stooped down to kiss him again, this one coming out sloppier than the ones before. Izuku panted and moaned into his mouth. Toshi’s grip tightened around them, his thumb brushing over the head of Izuku’s erection as he reached the apex of his tug, smearing the precum back down over their lengths. He wasn’t sure if it was this or him biting down on Izuku’s bottom lip that had Izuku cumming with a soft shout, but he did know that it was that image of Izuku blissed out, still panting and trapped underneath him and in his hand, that pushed Toshi over the edge.

Their cum mixed in a splatter of white across Izuku’s toned stomach. Toshi pumped his hands over them a few more times before drawing back. He got a few inches away before arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him down. His mouth smashed none-too-gently into Izuku’s, and the startled hiss that sputtered from his lips was soothed by Izuku’s tongue asking to play. Toshi’s lips curved up and he eagerly obliged, resting more of his weight down onto Izuku and using his non-supporting hand to scoop up some of their cum and use it to brush a finger against Izuku’s hole.

“Toshi,” Izuku said on a sigh, lips brushing against Toshi’s as if he didn’t want to pull any further away to speak, a sentiment Toshi could quite easily understand. “As hot as it is to have you stretch me out with our own cum, I want you inside me now , so you’re gonna have to use the lube.”

Toshi stilled and pulled away, casting Izuku a quick smile before making use of his long reach to grasp the drawer handle while still feeling Izuku’s heat on his fingers. He grasped the bottle of lube quickly and tugged it out, uncapping it and slicking up his fingers in mere moments. Izuku smiled up at him and, with their gazes still locked, wrapped each hand around a knee and pulled his legs up towards his chest.

Feeling as if he was about to cough up blood because of the amount of it that rushed from all over his body directly downwards, Toshi’s burned the memory of Izuku with his legs pulled up, presenting , into his memory. His cock burned with need between his legs. He reached for that twitching hole and almost came right there just at the surprise of having it accept one of his long fingers easily.

“Mmm,” Izuku sighed, wiggling a bit with a small smile on his face. Under his closed eyes, his cheeks bloomed a delightful pink. “I, um, finger myself a lot. When I think of you. So I thought you wouldn’t need to stretch me too much, if we ever did this — which I still can’t believe we’re doing. Are you sure this is real?”

In response, Toshi pushed another finger in, feeling short of breath at Izuku’s words. Izuku moaned and grinded down as the two fingers thrust and scissored inside of him.

Ah , but, mmn! ” Izuku tried to push through his moans and rasping voice. “You’re too big, so you’ll need to stretch me more.”

Toshi’s fingers curled. Izuku cried out, quaking around the digits. Toshi grinned, rubbing against his love’s prostate as he added another finger and stretched. Izuku moaned and let go of his legs to grip the sheets with shaking fingers. Toshi defly caught one leg over his shoulder and made sure the other was at a comfortable position beside his hip. He continued to splay his fingers out, rubbing at Izuku’s prostate often enough that Izuku’s cock had started to leak steadily onto the mess on his stomach and Toshi’s own was red and throbbing against his own abs.

“Toshi, please, Toshi, put it in! ” Izuku mewled again, twitching. Sweat dampened the hairs around his face and forehead, made the planes of his body glisten in the early morning light. Toshi didn’t need to be asked twice.

His fingers pulled out with a lewd squelch and he used them rub more lube from the bottle onto his length before lining up at Izuku’s throbbing hole. The puckered flesh winked at him, testing his restraint as he slowly pressed the head in.

Ah! ” Izuku moaned, hands flashing up from the sheets to press against his chest and claw in . Toshi barely registered the imbedded nails, too focused on watching Izuku’s face for any signs of pain as he slowly, slowly, slowly, pushed more of himself in. He stopped three times, once a few inches in, another a couple more after than, and then finally when he had bottomed out inside Izuku, each time waiting for Izuku to adjust and give him a nod or a whispered “Go on, please .” before he moved.

Toshi panted, balls pressed against Izuku’s ass, cock fully sheathed inside of Izuku , feeling as if he could cum from just that. But instead he slowly started to pull out. He couldn’t go more than halfway before Izuku whined and his own self-control snapped his hips forward again. Izuku cried out. Toshi continued to repeat the partial thrusting until he’d set a deep and steadily quickening pace, one that tried to hit Izuku’s prostate as often as possible, and was working, considering the way Izuku had been rendered near speechless except for blabbered words that sounded somewhat like “Toshi” and “please” and “more” and “good”.

Toshi could feel his muscles clenching, his body burning, his mind blanking. On his next thrust he grinded into Izuku and captured his lips with his own when he breathed out another moan. “Izuku, I’m close.”

“Good, good. So am I.” Izuku gasped, hips grinding back on him. His leg jerked off of Toshi’s shoulder and suddenly the toned limbs were wrapping around his waist, the heels of his feet pressing Toshi deeper inside of him. The position forced Toshi’s pace to change to shallower, quicker thrusts, and as they broke apart to both gasp and moan, Izuku reached up again, threaded his fingers into Toshi’s hair, and said in a voice that would haunt Toshi’s wet dreams for the rest of his life, “ Come inside of me.

With a growl Toshi sunk his teeth into Izuku’s shoulder and his cock into the deepest part of him he could reach, hips stuttering in weak thrusts as he emptied himself inside of him. Not a moment latter Izuku followed him over the edge, calling Toshi’s name and clenching so, so deliciously around him Toshi’s mind whited out — impossibly — more.

Once Toshi regained himself, he retracted his teeth from Izuku’s shoulder and placed a loving kiss onto Izuku’s swollen, bitten, and spit-slicked lips, taking care to not deepen it so Izuku could actually catch his breath. When he moved to pull out, Izuku twitched, his hand coming up to wrap around the base of Toshi’s cock, the only part not inside of him. As Toshi hissed, oversensitive but still honestly turned on by the action, Izuku gave him a tired huff and a heated look at the interested twitch of the cock nestled inside him.

“Please don’t move just yet, Toshi.” He said softly. “I think you fucked half of my brains out on top of my entire being. Give me a second.”

“Of course. Sorry.” Toshi murmured, soothing Izuku’s heated face with soft kisses. Izuku let out a sigh, body pliant against sheets from his orgasm, fingers releasing him. Toshi’s hands smoothed over the legs still wrapped around his waist, carefully pulling them apart and to his sides. His fingers pressed and stroked up the muscles, moving from the edge of Izuku’s bandages up over his shins and calves, his knees and thighs, and stopping to tenderly circle his hip bones.

The walls around Toshi’s cock, still twitching as they were, gave a tentative squeeze. Toshi’s gaze drifted up to Izuku’s smiling lips and loving eyes. His heart stuttered, a feeling he imagined he would have to get used to, with how frequently it happened around the green haired man. Izuku’s arms came up to wrap around his neck.

“Pull me onto your lap?” he asked softly. Toshi eagerly obliged, shifting his weight so he could pull Izuku more firmly onto his lap. As his cock bumped against the sensitive walls enclosing it, Izuku muffled a gasp into Toshi’s shoulder.

“Alright?” Toshi asked him, wrapping his arms around him and trailing his palms down the smaller man’s back. He felt one of Izuku’s arms shift to in between them, but he didn’t feel the touch on his own skin. After a moment, he realized Izuku had placed his hand against his own lower stomach.

“Yeah,” Izuku said, nosing at his ear. “You fill me up so good.”

That wasn’t fair.

“Toshi! Hey!” Izuku exclaimed on the edge of a moan, shifting in his arms. “Don’t just get bigger!”

“I’m sorry, love.” Toshi said. He was sorry Izuku needed to adjust himself again, at least. “But it’s your fault.”

“It’s my fault?” Izuku gasped as the hips under him jerked up in a shallow thrust. His fingers came up to grip at Toshi’s broad shoulders.

“Yes,” Toshi murmured, kissing his parted lips, flicking his tongue inside. “Your fault. What did you expect when you say something like that to the man whose heart you have in your hands and whose cock you have at your mercy?”

“I- ah -I have you at my mercy?” Izuku hiccupped, gyrating his ass back down into Toshi. They both hissed into their kiss. “Then what about my heart and my ass? What are you going to, mmn, do with those, huh?”

“I’ll take them,” Toshi’s hands cupped the small cheeks of Izuku’s ass, spreading them a bit and watching Izuku shiver into his next thrust. “If you give them to me.”

“They’re yours.” Izuku whispered, kissing him deeply. When he finally pulled away, his green eyes glowed like sun-touched emeralds. His lips were quirked up in a smile. “I’m yours, my hero.”

“Hero, huh?” Toshinori thrusted faster into Izuku, feeling like he was being scorched alive by the delicious head that sucked him in, made feel as if he was losing his mind. He grinned back at Izuku’s melting expression. “I quite like the sound of that.”

“Mmm,” Izuku stared hard at him, or as hard as he could, given how much he was clenching and twitching and moaning on Toshi’s cock. “My very own streetwise Hercules.”

Toshinori Yagi, vigilante leader and wanted criminal, stared at Izuku Midoriya and fell — impossibly — further in love.