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It’s a normal day at the Yavin royal palace. Everything has been going smoothly with the integration of the new family member. Some might say it had gone abnormally well. The princess, at her husband request, had taken an official post at the military base as a mechanic. It was now a common sight to see both of them walking onto the airfield, hand-in-hand, in their respective jumpsuit. It had made some of the more traditionalist reporters and citizen talk for a while, some off them disturbed that the prince would allow his foreign wife to work in their military. The king had quickly shut them down saying that he was proud to have a daughter-in-law that wanted to contribute to the country and to the army. However, both the prince and the princess didn’t work full time at the base anymore, something that made the prince a bit sad, as they are both getting ready to take the throne when the king abdicates. The only upside to this, the royal couple found out, was that they now had more free time together.


“We should take an unannounced trip to Yavin to see how Rey is doing,” King Luke states to his wife about three months after the wedding.

His wife, Queen Mara, lowers the newspaper that she’s reading to peer at her husband. “You want to take a spontaneous trip to a foreign country to see our daughter without telling her that we are coming?” Mara responds, unsure what Luke means. Since seeing Poe and Rey interact after the wedding, she’s had the feeling that they have a really good relationship and that her daughter is really happy with her marriage. This feeling is not one that her husband shares. “We could at least tell them that we are coming,” she adds. She does want to see her daughter, but she wants to do it in a respectful manner.

“If we tell them we’re coming they might not act like they normally would. I just want make sure she’s okay.”

“If you really think that it is a good idea, we can go,” Mara tells him and sighs. “When do you want to leave?”

“We could leave tomorrow afternoon and stay for the festival in Yavin,” Luke replies, happy that his wife is getting on board with his plan.

“You had already thought about this,” Mara deadpans and looks at Luke incredulously.

“I may have given it a thought or two in the last weeks,” he admits with a small smile.

“You’re impossible,” Mara pushes her chair back and stands up. “I’ll start preparing our stuff to leave.”

“I love you!” Luke calls out before the door to the room closes.

“I know you do!” Mara answers, her voiced slightly muffled by the door.


A day later, they step out of their car, greeted by Kes himself.

“Luke, Mara, what a lovely surprise!” Kes exclaims, clearly happy to se them. “To what do we owe the pleasure of seeing you today?”

“We heard that the festival was happening and we were curious to come and see it,” Luke answers enthusiastically.

“We are sorry for not calling ahead,” Mara adds quickly.

“It’s fine. I’m happy that you decided to come! The festival is for everyone. Let’s get you settled in your rooms.” Kes motions them to follow him.

Luke restrains himself for about two minutes before speaking up. “So where is Rey? I was hopping that she would come and greet us.”

“I think Poe brought her to the lake to swim for the afternoon. They’re on their day off from base today,” Kes turns back to look at his two guests. “They decided to have lunch on the shores after they finished their fittings early.”

“Do they do that often?” Mara inquires curiously.

“Rey asked Poe to teach her to swim a month ago and they’ve been going there at least once a week.”

“That’s really nice of him. I’m sure that Rey is enjoying all these new things she can learn.”

“Can we go see them?” Luke cuts in.

“It’s usually their private time and we don’t disturb them, but I’m sure they would make an exception for the both of you,” he tells them amicably. “But let’s get you settled first,” he repeats before opening the door to the guest’s quarters.

When they enter, Mara spots Rose immediately. Rey’s handmaiden smiles brightly at them and comes over to help the other servants place the luggage in the right place, remembering exactly how her former employers like to organize their belongings. When the girl finally comes back, she greets them properly.

“Your Highnesses, it’s really nice to see you!”

“We are also happy to see you dear,” Mara tells her. “How are you liking Yavin so far?”

“It’s really nice. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the other employees here and learning a lot of new stuff.”

“Aren’t you with Rey most times?” Luke asks her.

“Well when she’s not on base, she likes to spend most of her time alone with the prince, so I leave them their privacy. It’s not a problem at all, everybody is lovely here,” Rose says quickly, not wanting to worry the older couple.

“That’s great Rose!” Mara tells her happily. “Isn’t great that both of the girls are enjoying Yavin honey?” She turns back to look at her husband who is currently looking outside.

“Yeah, it’s great. I can’t see the lake from up here,” he mumbles, clearly not concentrating on the conversation anymore.

“Oh, right! I would suggest you change into something lighter and that breaths a bit more before going to the lake side,” Rose tells them after she eyes their thicker outfits. In Jakku, it does get colder as the sun goes down. However, in Yavin, it gets really warm during the afternoons and the nights. “Trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t.”

Rose waits for them outside the apartments while they change and then brings them back to Kes. They met up with the king at the one of the doors that lead to the gardens. The trio starts walking towards the lake, leaving Rose behind so that she can go back to preparing Rey’s things for the festival.

“It’s really nice that you let Rey work at the military base,” Mara says to Kes as they walk between the hedges. “I’m sure she appreciated it a lot.”

“I was happy to let her work,” Kes responds with a smile. “Really, it was something my son told me would be good for Rey and that he wanted her to be happy here. So, I helped Poe to pull a couple of strings so that she could work at the same base.”

“Still, it must not have been easy to convince your council to do it. It’s not really traditional,” Mara adds.

“It was not that complicated honestly, it wasn’t the first time I had to convince the council to do something similar. Did you know that my wife was a pilot in the army? We kept it secret, but she loved flying so much and when she married me, I couldn’t ask her to stop doing the thing that she loved the most,” Kes tells them with nostalgia. “Also, Poe is my only child and the council wasn’t too sure to let my only heir have a dangerous job in the Air Force. Letting Rey work on planes in the safety of the base was not really a problem. And from what I’ve heard, she’s been impressing a lot of people there.”

“I’m really happy to hear that.” Mara smiles at Kes, truly happy that her daughter is truly accepted in Yavin.

They finally reach the balcony that overlooks the lake. They finally spot Poe and Rey. Poe is laying in the sand, propped up on his elbows so he can look at Rey in the water. Luke finally smiles when he hears his daughter laugh. Luke moves to walk down the stairs that go down to the beach, but Mara puts her hand on his chest.

“Let’s just look at them for a couple of minutes,” Mara tells him.

“You’ll see how cute they are together.” Kes smirks and crosses his arms over his chest.