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The rayquaza attacks

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Meanwhile at Hoenn, in a lab, a shiny haunter was making a research about some previous events such as miyamoto´s encounter with mew or mr.fuji´s experiments…
While doing his job, he encountered with a scientist.
Scientist: researching about kanto,right?
Haunty: clearly yes, my hometown is full of events.
Scientist: I know, I know, but hey, the space center of mossdeep city are telling about a meteor coming to the region
Haunty: a meteor?
Scientist: that girl that you had as a trainer will love it.
Scientist: oh c´mon, what will happen next.
Haunty: how about the weather?
Scientist: what do you mean?..nevermind, see you tomorrow.
As scientist go away.
Haunty looked at some pamphlet about shamouti island.