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Shrek X Trump X Hitler

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It was a cold December night at an old bar in New York City, the bartender washing dishes as only three patrons remained in the bar- an older man who could only be described as a racist cheeto that fell under a couch and collected 20 years of blonde pubic hairs- another man with black hair and what looked like a dirty sanchez on his lip- and the third was a mighty, green ogre who emanated raw sexual energy from every pore, like a majestic stallion he drank, eyeing the other two men, the mighty ogre then stood and walked over to the two men and seduced them with nothing more than a wink and the words “Would you two like to come back to my place?” The two men immediately clung to the ogre like the sexually charged beast that the mighty ogre was. They left the bar onto the cold and lonely streets, the bartender locked up and began vigorously masturbating at the thought of the majestic ogre winking that he had witnessed, after only 35 seconds, his semen exploded out from his throbbing 3cm cock, filling a mug he had been cleaning, he then heard the ogre’s soothing voice in his mind, gently urging him to drink it, he did so without hesitation, imagining it was the mighty ogre’s hot jizz sliding down his throat.
As Shrek guided the two men he found into his lonely swamp from the bar, his massive cock began to harden at the thought of what was to come, he hurried the two men not to his bedroom- but to his basement, a chamber filled with stone walls and floors, filled with metal chains and whips. The two men looked around in shock as Shrek asked them their names.
“Donald Trump” the racist, pubic hair adorned cheeto said bashfully.
“ADOLF HITLER, LEADER OF THE THRID REICH!” The man that looked like he had some shit on his upper lip screeched.
“Now, now” said Shrek, “Keep calm or you won’t be getting any of this tonight” The sex-charged ogre then pulled out his 69cm long cock, already hardened from the excitement of bringing them here so easily. Hitler quickly quieted down, eager to take such a massive, thick, meaty, throbbing, green, and mighty dong in his virgin asshole. The strong and mighty ogre then asked the two men to stand still as he bound them to the wall with thick metal chains, the ogre then tore through their clothing with his mighty hands and licked them from head to toe with his slimy ogre tongue, before long, he decide that he would penetrate Trump first, as he had a very experienced asshole that hung loose, like the gaping maw of some giant beast. He quickly bent Trump over, spreading his floppy ass cheeks wide as he lined up his massive donkey dick with the dark void that was the mans gaping hole. As he began to enter him, the massive abyss that the president called his asshole stretched even more than it already was, immediately causing Mr. Trump to scream in pleasure as Shrek’s mighty dong pounded him fiercely, his own tiny, insignificant penis ejaculating incessantly into the waiting mouth of Hitler, who happily swallowed all of the jizzum until Trump could take no more, and blacked out from the force of the mighty phallus deep in his rectum. Shrek continues to smash that loosened asshole with the vigor of an uncontrollable beast, until he unleashed a burst of sweet mangoo that blasted the president off of his rod of infinite power and coated him in potent seed.

“Good, now GET OUT OF MAH SWAMP YOU DUMB FUCKING CHEETO!” Bellowed the mighty Shrek, tossing the unconscious, cum slathered body out of his swamp, having it land several miles away.