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My Fucking Hero Academia

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 People are not born equal. That’s the hard truth I learned at age four. But that was never a fucking setback.

 It all began in shitty Keikei City in China with the news that a bioluminescent baby was born! After that, “exceptional” individuals began popping up all over the world. The cause was unclear. Time fucking passed… and the “exceptional” became the norm. Fantasy became reality. At present, 80 percent of the world’s shitty population consists of superhumans with sucky special abilities.

 The world is in fucking chaos! And a profession that everyone once only dreamed about entered the goddamn spotlight.

 Along with the exceptional abilities came an explosion in the crime rate. While nations struggled to overhaul their legal systems, brave fucking individuals took up the mantle of heroes straight out of comic books, protecting the people from evildoers! With public support, some quickly acquired the right to serve as heroes in an official capacity. Depending on their shitty performance, they have potential to earn government pay, fame and glory.


  “Enough, Kacchan! Y’already made him cry… stop it!” The tiny, green haired boy stands, fists raised defensively, in front of a spiky, blond haired kid. He musters up the courage to speak again. “I won’t let you.”

 The blonde smirks, explosions sparking from his hands as he smacks a punch into his own palm. The smaller of the two flinches, trembling at the obvious display of power.

 “So Deku, the quirkless wonder… thinks he can play hero, huh?” The blonde’s lackies — a short, stocky boy with wings and a tall, sleazy-looking kid with extendable fingers — snicker as they approach the smaller green haired kid, holding him in place as the explosive blonde grabs his shirt and throws a punch across his freckled face. More fists and feet continue to fly.




7:30 A.M.



 Katsuki’s morning walk to school is interrupted by a villain. The quirk — gigantification — would be an impressive power to probably anyone but him. The youngest Bakugou glances briefly over the buildings as the towering man shakes the ground but doesn’t stop his trek, merely rolling his red eyes and continuing his slouched speed walk to his first class. He refuses to ruin his perfect attendance at the end of his middle school career, even as a giant woman appears to kick the bad guy down, flustering the professional heroes standing on the rooftops dealing with the man.

 He’ll read up on it later but they aren’t all that interesting. Their quirks are subpar. Stepping stones to the top once he’s done with his education.

 Arriving early, the spiky haired blonde sits down at his desk, kicking his feet up onto it. He’s nearly an hour early, pulling out his phone to watch news coverage of the villain attack and read news articles. He’s smart enough to not stand too close to a fight and become a liability to the heroes, opting to catch up on whatever event later with his phone. Students begin to file in after him and sit down in their own respective desks, only the one behind him is left open. If Katsuki had to guess he’d say the kid behind him was watching the latest villain attack instead of coming to school, as the kid often did.

 With minutes left before the bell rings, a messy mop of green hair rushes into the classroom, brimming with excitement as he sits down behind Katsuki and begins to write in his notebook.

 A hidden look over his shoulder tells the blonde that the smaller teen is writing about a new hero he probably saw at the villain attack. Red eyes roll in irritation as the explosive boy growls, turning back to the front of the class.

 “You guys are all third years now,” the teacher began, drawing the class’s attention. The older man waves the papers in his hands, at the class. “It’s time to start thinking seriously about your futures! Now, I’d hand out these Career Aspiration forms but… you all, for the most part, want to be heroes, yes?”

  The teacher throws the forms into the air to discard them as the class erupts in excitement, roaring out an enthused “YEAH!!” as they activate their quirks. The teacher continues.

 “Well, well. Everyone here has exceptional quirks! But beware, using your quirks at school is strictly prohibited.” The students quickly stop using their powers, some slower to deactivate than others as they settle down and high five each other. The slowly declining noise level is quick to pick back up, however, when Bakugou (who’d been silent and uninterested thus far) decided to speak.

 “Yo, teach!? Don’t lump me in with the rest of these shitty extras. As if I had anything like their crappy quirks.” Bakugou let out a small, mirthless laugh at the thought.

 The class quickly erupts in righteous fury, shouting “ Get over yourself Katsuki!!” at the blonde. He erupts right back.

 “Shut up! Extras should act like extras!”

 “Ah, Bakugou…” The teacher speaks up, drawn by his loud voice. “You, of course, must be aiming for U.A. High School.” The class quiets for a mere moment before chattering starts up again with fervor.

 “That national school?! The cut off score this year is 79, right?!”

 “I hear they barely accept anyone!!”

 The blond growls at their lack of faith in him as he jumps up onto his desk, drawing everyone’s focus. A glance behind him would’ve told him the green haired boy was hiding his head, not paying attention to Katsuki’s show, but he never looks back.

 “Ah, the stupid chattering of extras!” He shouts, firing himself up. “I aced the mock exam!! I’m the only one here with the stuff for U.A.. I’ll surpass even All Might and become the best hero out there! Not to mention I’ll be one of the richest people in the world!!”

 “Oh,” the teacher says, now looking elsewhere. “You’re also going for U.A., aren’t you, Midoriya?”

 Katsuki freezes where he stood on his desk, arms held in front of him with his hands flexed like talons to the ceiling, prepared for his explosions. His proud, wide, rather sinister grin freezes and his upper lip twitches in irritation. The green haired boy flinches behind him as the class goes silent, slowly turning to face him. Everyone hesitated momentarily before letting out the collective breath they held in a puff, laughing at the absurdity of it.


 “Huh?! Midoriya?! No way!!”

 “Good grades alone can’t get you into the hero program!” The laughing continues as the greenette, Midoriya, stands to defend himself. Bakugou doesn’t hear the stuttered “ Th-that’s not necessarily true! Sure, there’s no precedent, but…” , merely letting his anger fester and boil over until he’s whipping around to the smaller boy with a yell.

 “Come on, Deku!!” There’s an explosion, the blonde’s quirk expressing his emotions for him as he slams a hand down on the wood of the greenette’s table. Midoriya is blown back with a startled noise, flying back out of his seat to the floor below as his chair and desk topple over.

 “Forget the crappy quirks. You’re totally quirkless.” Katsuki growls, that grin turning more sour than it had been before. “And you think you can rub shoulders with me?!”

 Katsuki emerges from the smoke of the explosion, unharmed. He’s looking down at the tiny, freckled boy with malice as they scoot away from him, hands up in surrender.

 “Wa-wait, no, Kacchan.” Katsuki growls and grits his teeth at the nickname, stepping forward. Midoriya’s back hits a wall and he startles into talking once more. “I wasn’t… saying I could compete with you! Not at all!”

 It’s not enough to get the blonde to back down though, waving his hands as the tall teen takes another stomp forward.

 “I mean it. It’s just… been my dream. Since I was little. And well...” Midoriya gets quiet, ducking his head and hesitating. “There’s no harm in trying…”


  Couldn’t he at least have been sure of himself? Of his fucking goals. He says he’s wanted this since he was little, and I know that’s true, but it doesn’t show at all. It pisses me off.

 How can you say you want something and do nothing to work towards that goal? Did he think he’d just manage to get by? Have some miracle make him stronger?

 At the moment, he can barely lift his backpack with one arm, how the hell was this shitty twig going to be a hero like that?

 How was he going to save anyone as a hero if he couldn’t win a single fight?

 Fucking Deku.


 “Try?! Try what?! The entrance exam?!” Katsuki growls, crouching down and widening his stance as he glares angrily. “You’re taking the exam just to ‘TRY’ ?!”

 “What can you even do?”

 It’s unanimous, said by all. And they snicker.

 Midoriya doesn’t say anything.

 Katsuki hopes it’s some sort of realization, but, if the pattern continues as it has since their childhood, Midoriya will ignore his wake up calls.




12:02 P.M.  



 A scream rings out over the street, ringing in the entrances of stores.

 “Thief!! Someone stop him!” The thief is a man made of sewage and slime, greenish ooze making a quick escape from the area. Running through a pole does nothing to slow him down, his liquid body warping around it.

 “Catch me… if you can!!” He gargles.

 A blonde, skeletal-looking man coughs roughly into his hand as he emerges from a shop carrying two bags. The crowd around him mutters softly.

 “Someone’s bound to show up.”

 “This guy must’ve been inspired by the chaos this morning. Lots of people out there who can’t control their quirks. I guess.”

 “There’s no end to them.” The thin, fragile-looking man is nowhere to be seen. In his place is a towering form of muscle with a broad smile.

 “Yes, there is.” The thief of goop looks back, frightened by the powerful, deep voice of the tall blonde. “Why, you ask? Cuz…

 “I AM HERE!!”




3:07 P.M.  



 The class chatters in the last remaining moments of class, many kids finding each other and making plans for later in the day. Midoriya is absorbed in his phone, excitedly scrolling through some article or another. Bakugou approaches as the teen gets ready to leave distractedly. As Midoriya grabs his notebook, he snatched it from him, holding it by the bottom corner as Midoriya reaches for it with a startled noise.

 “We ain’t done here, Deku.” He says, looking down at the book as another classmate extra asks what it is. He turns the cover to them. It reads ‘Hero Analysis for My Future, No.13’ .

 “‘For My Future’? Seriously?! This guy, Midoriya…” Said boy rushes forward towards the book, waving his arms.

 “C-come on. Give it back!!” Katsuki doesn’t, instead pressing it between his hands as he glares down at it, letting off a small explosion and singing all the pages.

 “ HUH ?!” More than just Midoriya let out the exclamation but his rings the loudest, followed by a hesitant “ Why… ?!” Bakugou lets out a puff of breath, a huff of indignation. He carelessly tosses the book out the window, watching the freckled face of the smaller boy contort in shock and mild horror.

 “The best heroes out there, well…”


  I didn’t know how to word it.


 “They showed signs of greatness even as students.

 “I’ll be the first and only hero from this crappy public junior high! The first to win the honor of becoming a student at U.A. High. Guess I’m just a perfectionist.”


  I was. And I was vain. But I had a goal and I had to achieve it, had to work for it. Deku had a goal he wanted to achieve, but he refused to work for it.

 So what if he was born with ‘nothing special’. Some heroes don’t even have useful, flashy quirks, they just have a will to win. They make something out of what they’re given, they don’t just wait for the world to bless them with strength.


  “In other words…” Katsuki smiled without mirth, laying a hand on Midoriya’s shoulder. “Don’t you dare get into U.A. nerd!”

 Midoriya jerks as the hand warms and smokes his uniform, making the shoulder uncomfortable and nearly painful. When Katsuki let go, he moved briskly around the other, heading to the door as the one he tormented moved to the window to look down and find his discarded belonging.

 “Jeez… typical. C’mon, say something…” The blonde stops at the door after his classmate lackey is done speaking.

 “He can’t say anything. He’s so lame. Even as a third-year… he still can’t face reality.” Katsuki pauses, turning over his shoulder to glance at Midoriya. “You wanna be a hero so bad? I’ve got a time saving idea for you…”


  That’s right. Time saving. Factually, I was right, he would save time and effort… You couldn’t get a quirk by trying hard. You were born with it. Or you weren’t. People don’t, can’t, just hand them out. It isn’t wasn’t a thing.

 In Midoriya’s book, being a hero equaled having a quirk… However, I’m still not the greatest at expressing or interpreting emotions. But that’s not a fucking excuse for what I said next.


  “If you think you’ll have a quirk in your next life… go take a swan dive off the roof!!” Midoriya startled with surprise, his face overtaken with an unreadable emotion. Katsuki growled low in his throat, palms crackling as he responded in kind to the freckled face’s expression.

 “Yeah? What?”

 Midoriya stood stock still. Trembling.


  He looked mad.

 He wasn’t.




6:17 A.M.  



 “Eh?! Damn brat, always playing the same damn video. You’re probably responsible for at least ten thousand of those views. I’m not fucking watching it again.”


  It was… an old clip. There was a bigass disaster a while back. But in the aftermath, a certain hero made his debut.


  The clip was decent quality, voices crackling into existence along with rippling fires and wreckage.

 “Are you seeing this?! He’s already saved a hundred people!! Wow!!” The reporter raves to the camera. There’s laughing in the background as the hero, who’s carrying an exponential amount of people on his back and arms, emerges. “And he’s smiling!!”

 The camera zooms in on the hero’s face as he speaks.

 “Fear not! Why, you ask? Cuz…

 “ I am here!!

 The blonde boy watching the video smiles, glad his mother, Mitsuki Bakugou, had left the room. It’s like his own personal bubble here at the desk, seated in the large, leather cushioned spinny chair. He grips the wooden surface before him, tugging hard to the right and sending himself spinning as he laughs.

 “He’s so cooooool!! I’m gonna be just like him!!”





  There were sirens the day my quirk manifested.


 Katsuki had woken up hot and sweaty, but not a cold sweat that meant he’d had a nightmare. He sluggishly had breakfast, tugged his father’s sleeve for help with bathing, and essentially carried on his morning as usual. Even after the bath, however, Katsuki’s hands still felt clammy.

 Standing up and getting dressed had the young blonde swaying on his feet and feeling suffocated by the fabric of clothes. The four year old stumbled back to the toilet to empty his stomach of his breakfast, body trembling and sweating as his systems seemed to reboot. His skin itched and crawled with warmth as his heart pounded in his ears. Suddenly, his hands were sparking against the white porcelain. Fireworks bursting from his palm, scorching the bowl.

 “Old Hag?!” He called weakly, trying to pull away from the mess.

 “Eh? What is it brat!” That was his mom. She didn’t sound too worried.

 “Hag...!” His hands twinged and his eyes itched. “ Ma! Mom!! H-help.”

 “Brat?! Hey? Katsuki!” Footsteps, then the door is swung open. “Oh… baby .” The second bit is whispered as she races forward, moving to flush the toilet and pull her boy into her chest. The woman turns to the open door, shouting again.

 “Masaru!! Call an ambulance!!” There’s a response, softer than the other two voices who had been shouting so far.


 “The brat… Katsuki’s quirk manifested.” Masaru is racing up the stairs now.

 “Really? What’s he got?”


 “Wh-what?? How?”

 “Your sweat plus mine, I assume.” Mitsuki says softly, taking her son’s hands in her own and flexing them. They spark and he yelps at the new sensation but it doesn’t seem to burn. “Seems to be mainly his palms. Sparks or concentrated heat come from them, too. Seems he’s immune to possible burns from them as well.”

 “Why the ambulance then?” Masaru holds the phone in his hand, leaning against the bathroom door. He hadn’t dialed yet.

 “I don’t know about you… but when my quirk manifested, it meant I had an entirely new substance introduced to my body with some adverse effects. Plus, we need to have his quirk tests done.”

 “Ah, I remember the effects of my sweat. Not fun. Let me call in.” Mitsuki nods silently, combing fingers through short, sweaty, blonde hair, shushing the boy. Masaru leaves the bathroom, his voice becoming background noise as he walks away.

 “Hey, brat?” Katsuki makes a soft sound in his throat, tired and dizzy. Mitsuki smiles into his hair. “Hey there, kiddo. I know this is sudden, yea? But you’re damn strong. This happened to me and your father, too. You’re not alone.

 “Right now, your body is getting used to an entirely new substance overflowing its system. You’ll get used to it.” Katsuki growls. Mitsuki ruffles his hair aggressively. “You will, you little asshole! Your body was built with your quirk in mind. It’ll fucking adapt in a few short days. We’ll have your quirk tested and they’ll give you some advice on how to strengthen it, use it. What profession you should go into.”

 The four year old nods, pointing one shaky hand to the toilet as the other clasps over his mouth. Mitsuki’s quick to move him so he can lean over the bowl and spew.

 “And we’ll figure out what exactly your sweat is made up of,” she snickers softly, rubbing his back.





 “He looks very promising.” It’s the first thing he’s heard from the doctor and it totally confuses him but the man doesn’t seem to be focused on him. “Just as you said, Mrs. Bakugou, your son’s body will easily adapt to the changes in chemical balance. In fact, it almost has already.”

 “Promising? How so?” Mitsuki manages to keep her swearing under wraps in front of a professional. She glances at her son sitting beside her in his hospital bed, then across the bed to her husband.

 “He has the quirk of an amazing hero. I have no doubt he’ll be one someday. Of course, having this new chemical in his system is something he has to adapt to but considering how rapidly his body has adjusted, I’d say he’ll be perfectly fine in a day. If even that.” There’s a pause, the doctor looking down at his clipboard. “That said, it’s dangerous. He’s literally a living bomb. But, from what I can see here,” the man pats the clipboard and looks up, “your son is a strong, smart boy. Expanding the uses of his ability should be easy and quick. We did a few tests with a quirk specialist revolving around his ability and it’s perks.

 “For one, his sweat is very similar to nitroglycerin and he’s able to ignite it at will. Usually by flexing his hands. Right now, the explosions are tiny, like a party popper, but the more he uses them the stronger they’ll get. He’ll have to train his body as well, since there will be some extreme kickback when he gets bigger explosions. As of right now, the size of his explosion coupled with a layer of his sweat means he’s resistant to the heat of smaller explosions. However, I don’t think this will continue to be the case in the future.

 “With a quirk like his I’m assuming you’ll push for him to be a hero. That said, he’ll be working day in and day out to find ways to use his quirk and strengthen it. Right now, the explosions are small enough and far enough from his hands to only make them tingle, maybe sting. As they grow, it’s likely that their detonation point will grow closer and closer to his hands to make them stronger. I wouldn’t be surprised if he burned himself frequently in practice. My office is always open for him if that ever happens and he needs treatment, I'd love to support the next generation of rising heroes.

 “As a warning, he may find some trivial things hard to do in the future. With the potential of burns, I can see him becoming used to the heat of the explosions as they slowly get stronger. He’ll build up a resistance as he builds his quirk. But, he may lose some of his hearing and writing may become a bit of a challenge. I don’t think it’s truly anything he needs to worry about. Once again, with what I see on his record, he’ll do absolutely fine, but I recommend either preparing for hearing loss or speaking louder the older he gets, and I recommend having him take notes in class as quickly and sloppily as he likes before coming home and rewriting them neatly. Both for practice and to keep nice notes.”


  Promising . Perfect hero . Strong. Smart. No problem for him. He’ll be absolutely fine.


 There’s nods all around, Katsuki even straightening a bit in his chair. He wants to be a hero. This is exactly what he needs.

 “I’d see to it that you either call in a professional trainer, have him take classes or set up a workout schedule yourselves for him to train his body. As for his quirk, I can recommend specialists that can help him hone his skills or give you a list of private places where people can go to practice their quirk without fear of breaking the law.”

 “Thank you for all your help,” Masaru says softly, hesitant smile in place.

 “Why, of course!” The doctor exclaims. “I’m more than happy to help a future hero and his family! If you need anything else, feel free to call. As of right now, I’d say your son may be discharged tonight.”

 The Bakugous smile as the doctor parts, closing the door softly behind him. There’s a lull of silence before Katsuki speaks up.

 “Hear that, Ma? I’m gonna be a hero!” They let out a little laugh as he cheers.




3:46 P.M.  



 Katsuki grit his teeth and growled low in his throat, kicking a soda bottle out of his way as he walked down the street beside the school. His two buddies walked behind him, prattling on.

 “Haven’t you known him since you were kids?” The short, dark haired boy spoke, placing a cigarette between his lips. The other nodded, long hair shifting as he used his quirk to extend his fingers to the other’s cigarette box, snatching one for himself.

 “Yeah, you went too far today.”

 “It’s his fault for messing with me. Seeing him so full of dreams like when we were kids...” Katsuki ignites his hand with a small explosion as his hand flexes and tightens into a fist, thinking of the green haired teen Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya. “Just pisses me off.”

 His friends goons jump back, pulling the explosive blonde’s attention back to them. He snarls, shaking out the hand he ignited to soothe the ache and clear the smoke created.

 “Thought I told you to stop smoking!! Get caught and it’ll go on my record too…”

 They fail to respond, looking past Katsuki. The short haired one stutters out an alarmed “H-hey!!” and they both point to the thing they see. The third teen makes a face, startled and confused at their sudden fear. Until…

 “A body…” Katsuki pales, shuddering. He has barely any time to turn around, catching sight of jaws wide and dark crashing over him, covering him in vile goop. There’s a startled noise that leaves his throat before he’s enveloped by green sludge, liquid pushing at him. “...with a quirk.”

 He struggles, seals his lips and eyes shut so nothing can creep in, gritting his teeth and doing his best to aim explosions at the villain. There’s nothing his can do when it pushes into his ears and nose, flooding his systems. His eyes bug out as he suffocates, trying to claw his nose free of the liquid before the other’s quirk layers over his arm, squeezing, tugging, caging him, movement halted. Sewage rises to his eyes and he tries to yank his head back, gasping through his mouth before there’s slime their too.

 Suddenly he’s choking, too. Firing off explosions as he tries to force his way free, tears springing as his eyes burn from smoke and lack of air. His hands flex, muscles taught as he screams silently into the liquid. His vision goes blurry briefly, everything is muted and unclear.

 Doubling over, the biggest explosion yet rockets from his hands against his will. He feels his mouth moving without his command to.




 He knows there’s heroes here by now. There has to be. Because there’s slime sinking into his clothes, sliding through his hair and over his face and down his throat. There has to be someone.

 Yet he feels alone. His struggle renews with a cry that carries over the crowd.


  As if I’d let this mudman take my body for himself.


  The presence of his friends is gone, a few words filtering through the slime to his ears.

 “Single lane… I can’t...”

 “...fires… my weakness… someone else…”

 “ my hands full…”

 “He’s too slippery… his hostage with the explosive quirk is resisting!”

 “It’s… a minefield out here, but we can’t do anything.”


  It was my fault I was stuck. I was weak. I was in the way. But I no longer had the control over my own body to stop it. To stop myself and my quirk.


  There’s more talk. Exclamations by heroes about being powerless and unable to help. He was left to fend for himself. He yanks down, folding in half as he cracked the earth with an explosion. Katsuki’s head is pulled back up with a vicious tug, slime sliding over his head towards his eyes. He can’t breathe, he can’t breathe and his body aches as liquid squirms around— in — him. Red eyes scan the crowd as his head whips to the side, hoping one last time for help. He catches a mop of green hair as his vision starts to darken from the outside in, the sludge villain’s eye sliding over one of his own.

 The green hair rapidly moves closer, moving into a range he can see. It’s unmistakable who it is.

 “It’s that kid.”



  They’d met?


 It’s merely a thought, but it’s accurate.

 “You’re dead.” The villain prepares, pulling Katsuki’s arm back with his liquid form. Midoriya looks scared but a second later there’s a bag hurtling toward his head.


  Had he been practicing after all?


 The villain growls, Izuku getting as close as possible while the sludge is disoriented, Katsuki pulling his body from the sludge briefly to gasp the air he’d been denied.


 “YOU! Why?!”

 “My legs just started moving! Why? I dunno!!” Midoriya tries to claw the slime away from Katsuki as it begins to slide back into place, finding its way back into his mouth and nose. “You… You looked like you needed saving.”

 There’s nothing to say to that as Katsuki’s eyes start to roll back into his head, the gasp of breath wasted on talking wasn’t enough to sustain his struggles. He feels his arm move in a swipe before it’s grabbed by a much larger hand.

 “The lesson I left you with… I should practice what I preach!!” Katsuki didn’t know who this person was or what they were talking about. “A pro should always be ready to risk his life!!”

 A brief pause, then…


 “ SMASH!!!


  All Might.


  The air swirled tightly around them and suddenly the explosive blonde could breathe again. Katsuki inhaled quickly, gasping and struggling for a breath before retching some of the slime left within him. Coughing wetly, he’s quick to pass out beside his green haired childhood friend.





 Waking up to a lecture probably would’ve been better than waking up to praise. His mood, already in the gutter, seemed to sink and sink as heroes went on and on about how strong and brave he was, how resilient. Beside him, Izuku was lectured and fretted over.

 Katsuki grit his teeth and scrunched his nose, blocking out the noise of the useless heroes and glancing over at the green haired boy.


  They could’ve at least asked if I was alright.


 Izuku was quick to sneak away as reporters swarmed the scene, Katsuki wasn’t so lucky. Cameras and microphones were shoved in his face and he felt even more suffocated than he did when in the grasp of the villain.

 It took less than two minutes for him to blow up on them. Literally.

 By the time he got away, it was a race to catch Izuku on his way home, stomping angrily. When he caught up, he was still shaking from the whole event.

 “Hey, Deku!!” Midoriya turned to face him. “I… I never asked you to save me! As if you could!! Huh?! Well?! I could’ve beaten him myself.”


  I knew, even then, that I couldn’t beat him. Not alone. But I was strong, young, and I had things to prove. I couldn’t… I couldn’t fail. I couldn’t lose. And I had to make sure it never happened again. Without his shitty help.


  “How dare a quirkless failure like you pity me. Trying to win me over?! Don’t you dare mock me!!” Izuku’s face changed to something unreadable to Katsuki, the blonde growing angry at the hidden expression. “Stupid nerd!!”

 He swiveled around, stomping off in the opposite direction toward his own home, ignoring Deku behind him as he raced away. Not too long after, he was forcing the door of his family’s home open with a kick after unlocking it. Mitsuki’s already home.

 “Oi, brat?! What did I tell you about fucking kicking the door in, you beast.”

 “Fuck off, Old Hag!!”

 “...Eh?!” The woman appeared from thin air, popping around the corner and into view, her fingers finding his head and squeezing as she forced him down into a small bow. “You backtalkin’ again, you little shit.”

 “Fucking let go!” Katsuki’s hands popped with explosions.

 “Control yourself. I saw the news, shithead. You got in the Pros’ way didn’t ya? With that damn quirk. You gotta get stronger, kid. Don’t let yourself think a flashy quirk means victory. You got schooled out there.”

 “Damn you, woman.” One more squeeze to his head before he’s shoved towards his room.

 “Dinner in fifteen, brat. Take a shower.” There’s a grunt before he disappears into his room.


   My tone, from the moment I walked through the door, clued her in. Sure, to any outsider we’d just be shouting shit at each other. But truthfully… “You need to be more careful” was the only thing I heard.

 That’s exactly what I did, training to stay safe with my quirk. Find out any and all possible uses.

 After all, if I wanted to be a hero who never fails, U.A. entrance exams were in ten months.

 I had to be ready.