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Rock 'n Roll Highschool AU

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Hoping to scatter any goths or Mr. Deacon who might be hiding inside of them before the big fight. After clearing out any other hangers-on, Jon went over to ask to Bill about his day while the other Crimsons showed up and Alan went to go sit on the swings with Steve, who wasn’t feeling good enough to go to class but could maybe sit in on a fight. Alan agreed this was sound logic and Steve asked who the hell he was. Jon informed him it was their friend Alan, and that Sweet William was now Big Bad Bill, discouraging news.

Gradually both sides filled in, Yes, a medley of outraged punks, and the private school kids (Genesis something something, even worse, Christian Private School), and on the other side looking ugly as bugs and twice as mean, oh it was the worst of the worst, by which I probably mean just a bunch of normal kids who wanted to feel included in something. Oh they had them all: John ‘E-Z Money’ Wetton, Peter ‘Sin 2 Win’ Sinfield, Tony ‘Stick It To The Man’ Levin, Bill ‘The Bill Bruford’ Bruford and more to come yet. Even Greg was there, but as a bystander, watching from the sidelines to see who’d fall.
Moz was there too, already weeping openly from inside his trash can, moved by the (impending) violence.

Finally Chris and Robert arrived and a hush fell over the crowd. Robert had never actually fought someone before but he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to call the first shot, and he threw himself ineffectively at Chris, and everyone went crazy. Were someone filming this on something other than a phone really shakily, someone might go in afterwards to make it look like Chris went first, much to the outcry of fans. What in fact happened after Fripp engaged him was that Chris just kind of stared at him on the ground while Mick and Rick started whaling on Adrian and Trey threw wood chips at them. Jamie pulled Rick’s hair and down he went. Phil valiantly leapt into danger and was largely ignored by all the people he yelled ‘fight me’ at.

Boz and Mel double-teamed on Tony and Mike who were not opposed to using weapons, and were beating them with their own instruments. Steve was wandering around aimlessly at the edge of the playground and found Ian’s wasp nest from earlier, and kicked it towards Fripp but Adrian dived and caught it in a stupid act of loyalty. With friends like these… destroy your enemies I don’t know something like that. Other Steve in the meanwhile, was being tormented by Pat, and bit him. Other Robert turned his head to see what Pat was yelling about and Chris tackled him into the wood chips. Peter was still lying on the ground under the swings, poets were a gentle delicate sort, and didn’t take well to being tackled. Or wood chips. Why couldn’t they just have gotten a nice recycled tire base instead? What was this the dark ages?

The fight had been going on for quite a while and Chris was admittedly getting tired. There were just so many people and he had yet to make any moves on Fripp. It seemed every time he got close to him, one of the other Crimsons would take him head on or somewhere Jon would suddenly be in danger. He was convinced he could help, calling on his fairy friends to assist him and Rick just shook his head telling Chris to let him, but neither wanted to see him get hurt, he didn’t deserve this. Sure some of them did but it really hurt to see the little boy chasing people and waving his arms get whaled on by these thugs. At least he knew Bill wouldn’t hurt him; motherfxcker as he were, he still cared about their little friend too.That being said, Bill was currently forming an alliance with the Genesis kids and things were starting to look bad.

Patti walked up to Joe, who was leaning up against the swings, holding his chin and watching mouth slightly open. “So how’d it go?” she asked crossing her arms.

He raised his eyebrows, “How’d what go? Oh the fight’s still going on.”

“…Alright well I’ll see you next year.”

He waved her off still watching what was probably still considered a fight by some circles, “Yeah alright. See ya.”

Some of the kids had already left and gone home, or forgotten what they were fighting for, and gave up, but Chris wouldn’t give up so soon, if they had to continue this until to-morrow, so it would be. He glanced across, spotting Fripp again, finally alone. He crept up from behind and stood over him, “Miss me?”

He casually looked up, “No, not really. We were wondering when you’d show up though.”

Jon climbed up out of the slide and waved, “Hello Chris! I’m a hostage!”

“No you’re not come on,” Chris glared and shoved Fripp backwards down the slide and followed after him, to grind his face into the dirt at the bottom.

Jon shrugged and slid back down, landing on top of them. “Robert would you like to be a hostage?”


“I know Christopher is a terrible bully. You should take a stand against that sort of thing, it’s a terrible problem in schools everywhere.”

“Jon, I know you’re trying to help but I think I’m doing a good job right now keeping him from standing.”

Fripp attempting to scramble free managed to lift his head and spit out some turf to shout for help. Bill paused talking to his new friends and dashed back to see what was wrong now, spotting Chris and charging full out towards Chris, knocking him off Fripp. Jon gasped and jumped ontop of Bill, pulling his curls and shouting that this was no way to treat a friend. Which, was probably right, but to outsiders, probably just looked like a big dumb dog pile, and like a bunch of big dumb idiots, they tried to join in, Genesis just watching until it would seem that someone had given up, and was shrieking from under about a dozen over-impulsive teenage boys; Fripp, at the very bottom. It was a forfeit. Victory went to Yes.

While they commenced mandatory rejoicing, Robert slunk off, Crimsons scattering after. It was doubtful this would truly mean an end to them, and certainly not an end to the bullying in the school, as during the fight, ELP had taken on the punks who’d left after about 3 minutes, but there were three definites in all of this; Chris felt better about himself, Robert felt worse, and Alan would insist on everyone getting celebratory ice creams.

So Yes and Genesis went to get ice cream and everything was wonderful and lovely for 5 consecutive minutes and I did not attempt to clumsily write another fight scene for at least a week.