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a thousand miles

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“I didn’t think I’d get to be here,” Tang Mo admits as soon as he’s shown to a spacious office room. One wall is dedicated to a sprawling bookcase, while another is all (probably bulletproof) glass windows offering a great vantage point to the whole of Beijing. The wall behind the dark mahogany office table is cramped with framed certificates, mounted medals and other various awards. With a teasing grin, Tang Mo gestures towards the twenty-some medals lined up neatly above Fu Wendou’s head. “Major Fu, are those medals for decoration or are they sinister weapons of some sort?”

Fu Wendou’s lips twitch minutely, but for someone who’s as stoic as he is, it’s basically equivalent to him roaring with laughter. Thankfully for the psyche of his subordinates, it’s only the two of them in the privacy of this room. “They’re heavy and pure gold. They would make for deadly slingshots.”

Tang Mo laughs, a bit helpless in the force of his affection. It still amazes him, that he’s able to finally meet Victor and then find out that Victor also feels the same as him, even though they’ve mostly communicated in the context of online bridge games. But it’s at times like these, when he’s reminded of how exciting and unpredictable Fu Wendou is, that it really sinks in: he’s really in love with this man.

Of course, given that he’s traveled all the way from Suzhou just to make a surprise birthday visit, he definitely is more than just a little in love. Tang Mo doesn’t think he’d ever fall in love with anyone else in his lifetime and the next and the next. Fu Wendou is looking at him intensely and it warms Tang Mo’s heart to know that his feelings are reciprocated with just as much intensity.

…A little too intensely actually, that Tang Mo feels hot under the collar.

“Major Fu,” he ventures, raising up both his hands. “I’m actually just here to greet you on your birthday.”

Tang Mo volunteered to help out with a cross-city library venture just so he could have a good excuse to go out here when they’re not supposed to meet up until next week, based on their schedules. And as such, Tang Mo has responsibilities.

“Is that so,” Fu Wendou says, a little too silkily, as he rises up from behind his office desk. An office desk that has all of its papers cleared.

Tang Mo gulps. “I mean it. I…”

The rest of his words are swallowed up by Fu Wendou’s kisses.


Later that night, Tang Mo promises Fu Wendou retribution. Once he’s able to move. Once his arms and legs and brain stop feeling like they’ve been reduced to mush.

Idly, Tang Mo wishes that he’d develop a superpowered body so he can keep up with his boyfriend’s stamina…