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Emma's office whore

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"Regina? Are you even listening to me?" Emma frowned. 

"I am sorry, what were you saying? I was not paying attention to you." Regina Mills said squinting up at her boss, Emma Swan, as she stood next to her patio table.

"Regina, as your boss, do you not think it is imperative that you listen when I speak?" Emma asked reasonably.

"In the office, on your time, absolutely. On my lunch break, when I am dining, paying for my own meal, receiving no compensation from you or the corporation, I think not."

Emma gaped at her. The blonde was two inches taller than her yet Regina was staring her down like a linebacker. It took a lot of pluck to do that on the physical scale, let alone that Emma was her boss. 

"I did not realize that you were..." Emma started.

"Such a brat?" Regina supplied with a cock of her head. "Many women have tried to quell my bratty-ness. But alas, I am unquellable."

"I have never seen this side of you," Emma asks.

"I am a professional. I wait until you close your office door then whisper my bratty comments."

Emma laughed, then without asking took the seat opposite her at the table. "So these women that have tried to quell... what methods did they use."

"Well they all subscribe to my favorite philosophy, 'spare the rod, spoil the brat.'"

Emma blinked for a moment. "Did you just tell me that you like to be spanked?"

"Yes. Once again, I will point out that I am on my time, so I can say anything I want."

"It is a good thing that you keep your bratty out of the office, or I may have to enact a little corporal punishment of my own."

"Isn't that grounds for sexual harassment?" Regina smirks.

"Who says I would fuck you after I spank you?"Emma laughs loudly, wiggling her eyebrows teasingly.

"Well, what would be the point of that?" Regina purrs, biting her plump lips.

"So you would want me to fuck you?" Emma asked smugly.

"Well, duh, that is kind of the point."

"I would say there is no harassment if you asked for the sexual... on your own time when you are free to say whatever you want."

"Ms. Swan, are you planning to spank me?"

"That depends on your behavior. As long as you maintain the level of professionalism I expect from you then, of course, no. But if for some reason you were to behave in a manner that would require correction then I would be, as your supervisor, forced to administer punishment. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Absolutely. If I may be so bold, are you married, dating?"

"How is it that as my personal assistant you do not know this already?" Emma chuckled.

"Answer the question, it has a direct relation to my decorum." Regina huffed.

"There are a few girls that I correct the behavior of on a semi-frequent basis. No wife or girlfriend, however" Emma smiled. "And what about you?"

"There are a few women that endeavor to correct my behavior on a semi-frequent basis."

"Not anymore. All of the correction you require will come from me." Emma growled possessively.

"Isn't that a bit premature? I mean how do I even know if you will be able to correct me properly? Shouldn't we try it out before we make sweeping statements of fidelity?"

"You really do lay it on the line." Emma smiled. "I do not share my toys. But in your case, I shall permit a trial run so long as you do not seek punishment from any other source until you have decided that you do not want me to punish you."

"How is that different?"

"You can do as you like, until the moment I touch you, then if you decide that you need something else you may, have that so long as you inform me that you shall not be requiring correction from me any longer."

"So it is the same."

"Basically, but I am giving you the ability to continue the current path you are on until then."

"You are so magnanimous, thank you for your offerings."

"This is the brat that needs quelling."

"What about the few girls you correct?"

"They are at a club that I frequent. I shall refrain from attending the club alone, for the duration of this correction experiment."

"A Club?" Regina grinned. "That sounds fun."

"Corporal punishment elevated to an art form, including bindings, an assortment of instruments and specialized furniture."

"If this correction proves adequate to tame the brat, would this club be something that you would allow me to accompany you to?"

"Most definitely." Emma smiled. "Only after the trial period is concluded, however."

"That is some incentive you have..."

"Yes, it is."

"Oh well, my lunch break is almost over, I have to head back to the salt mine and deal with my tyrant boss."

"You have not seen tyrant yet, but I feel strongly that you will... very soon."

Regina stood and gazed at her boss with new appreciation. The Latina had always found her boss devilishly handsome, but the idea of the blonde wanting to spank her was enough to soak her panties. The brunette was going to have a very hard time concentrating at work unless she dealt with the arousal that was consuming her. She bit her lip and turned to leave.

"Regina, when you return to the office, you are not allowed to touch yourself. That is against company policy."

Regina's mouth fell open. How had she known?

"Yes, Ms. Swan. Anything else?"

"I will need you to address me as 'Madam or Miss Swan' Understand?"

"Yes, Madam."

"And so it begins," Emma smirked, gesturing her to go out.

Regina smiled slightly as she turned and headed for the office. She pulled out her cell phone and began texting her current spank buddy Mal that they were not going to be able to have dinner after all. There was no way that she could avoid being bratty for the rest of the afternoon without being able to touch herself.

Emma watched as her personal assistant walked away, the sway of her hips so alluring and enticing. She had never thought of Regina in a sexual manner before, not because she was not beautiful because she was. She had the type of ass that would be fun to punish, soft and giving, coloring up nicely. Round soft thighs that would heat so that when she slid between them she would feel her heat surround her everywhere. She had just always been the height of decorum and professionalism.

The afternoon looked like it was going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Regina sat at her desk diligently working as the afternoon progressed. She shifted in her chair trying to ease the ache in her pussy. Just the thought of Emma’s rough hands spanking her ass made her pussy throb in want. The worse her frustration the more likely she was going to act out. She knew that Ms. Swan was waiting and testing which was ramping up the frustration. She stared at the partially open door and blew a frustrated breath ruffling her bangs. 

Why was Regina fighting this so hard? She knew that they both wanted this, but the longer she held off the more respect she would garner. It was getting to be too much. She had been back from lunch for over 30 minutes and she just wanted to lash out.

The phone rang, saving her from her dilemma. "Ms. Swan's office, this is Regina."

"Ms. Swan, please."

"May I ask who is calling and what this is regarding?"

"This is Ruby Lucas, and she knows why I am calling."

"One moment please."

Regina stuck her tongue out at the phone before she pressed the intercom button. Emma answered with a tint of amusement in her voice. "Madam, there is a Ms. Ruby on the line."

"Tell her I will call her back shortly then step inside my office please."

"Ms. Lucas, Ms. Swan will have to call you back. Does she have your number?"

"Of course she has it. Did you tell her I was on the phone?"

"Of course, ma'am."

"Ma'am?" Ruby growled. "Tell her to call me, immediately. We have plans this evening that cannot be canceled so she needs to be here as she told me she would be."

"I will let her know." Regina rolls her eyes.

"Be sure that you do."

Once again Regina replaced the receiver and stuck her tongue out at the phone. She grabbed a note pad and pen before heading into Ms. Swan's office.

"Please shut the door, Ms. Mills." Regina completed the task then headed to the chair placed before the great mahogany desk Emma used to conduct business. "Do you think that it is proper to stick your tongue out at the phone? What if there was a client or an associate that saw you?"

"I am sorry Madam. I did not realize that I was being observed." Regina said, looking down at her feet in shame.

"You should act as if you are always being observed."

"I understand Madam. I apologize. I will have more decorum in the future."

"I fear that you do not have a deep enough understanding of the severity of the breach. I think that you shall have to face consequences for your actions."

"Yes, Madam." Regina nearly whimpered squeezing her thighs together. She was so wet.

"As my representative to the outside, you are held to my standards in all that you do. Please stand up and come over here." Emma gestured to the desk at her side. Regina shivered and stood, making her way to her side. "You will bend over and place your hands firmly on the desk. You will not move or make a sound as you receive 10 swats. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Madam," Regina whispered as she assumed the position.

Emma grinned, this was going to be interesting. She rubbed her hand over the rounded area and down the thigh as she moved to the hem of the brunette’s skirt. "This is going to need to be adjusted. If that is an issue you had best speak up."

Regina quivered and remained silent as the hand caressing her thigh began sliding the fabric of her skirt up. The soft slide of the tight fabric over her bent form was a caress all its own. She shivered and bit her lip, trying desperately not to make a sound.

Emma smiled as the stockings, held up by garter belt straps, came into view. The tan skin of her thigh tops over the stockings gleamed like a canvas waiting to be painted by her punishment. The black lace panties were bikini cut but covered the soft cheeks of the Latina’s ass almost entirely. Emma grasped the elastic top of the panties and drew them down until the material rested under the curve of her ass. 

"Regina, are you accepting this punishment?" Emma asked.

"Yes, Madam," Regina said forcefully.

"Why are you being punished?" 

"I did not behave with proper decorum that could have reflected badly on you and your position," Regina said.

"Good girl." Emma stroked the naked flesh of her ass and pondered the lovely sight of a submissive brat in the middle of the day. This was going to be incredible.

The swoosh of Emma’s hand moving through the air was the only warning Regina had before the fire exploded across her ass. The heat radiated out and then centered right in her core. The next slap landed on the right cheek, spreading the flame. Then the left, back to center, then low under the cheeks. Emma spread the flames over the expanse of the brunette’s ass evenly and completely. Emma’s skill at punishment could not be denied. The heat and the pain started a luscious throb in Regina’s sopping wet cunt. 

When Emma finished, she drew the brunette’s panties over her red ass and drew her skirt down. Emma put a hand on Regina’s shoulder and drew her up to a standing position. 

"That will be all, Regina," Emma said coolly.

"What?" Regina sputtered.


"What, Madam?" Regina corrected.

"That is all for now Regina. Please go back to your desk and continue with your duties."


"Regina, I believe I was clear. I expect decorum. You demonstrated a lack of it. You were punished. Now you will return to your desk."

"Yes, Miss Swan," Regina growled like a brat before heading back to her desk.

Regina stormed back to her desk and sat down forcefully. Her punished ass regretted the moment of pique instantly. She tilted onto her hip and started working. She was completing the task list on her email account, item by item. But for each one she finished another was added. Soon her frayed nerves, aching empty cunt and innate inner brat made it impossible for her to behave. She got up from her desk and grabbed her purse with her pocket vibe and headed for the bathroom. When she moved around the edge of her desk the door opened and there Emma stood.

"Regina, are you going somewhere?" Emma asked with a devilish glint.

"Just to the restroom, Madam." Regina lied blushing furiously.

"With your purse?" Emma smirked.

"Yes, Madam," Regina said looking down at her feet.

"Please come into my office." Emma turned away from the door and did not look back knowing that her new slut would follow.

Regina slowly followed Emma in and shut the door behind her. She stood there staring at the floor knowing that she was in trouble.

"What were you going to do in the bathroom?" Emma asked firmly.

"I was going to freshen up," Regina said raising her chin.

"That is a lie. Care to try again." 

"I was going to masturbate." Regina huffed.

"Good girl. Always tell the truth. It is your best course. But self-pleasuring in the bathroom at work is not very professional, and looks bad on my office and staff." Emma said moving behind the desk to sit. She reached into the drawer and removed a clear plastic ruler. "Remove your shirt and bra and kneel right here." Emma indicated to the floor at her feet. 

Regina bit her lip and began following Emma’s instructions her shirt and bra came off so she was naked from the waist up. She knelt on the floor next to Emma. Her head was bowed so she did not see the look of astonished lust that crossed the blonde’s gorgeous face at the sight of her ample bared breasts. She had kept her cleavage under wraps for the better part of 18 months while she had been working for Emma. The blonde had no idea how much she had been hiding until this moment.

"Ms. Mills, are you going to accept this punishment?"

"Yes, Madam," Regina said meekly.

"Good girl. Why are you being punished?" Emma asked drawing out the deliciousness of the anticipation.

"For lying and for trying to pleasure myself after I had been instructed not to by my Madam" Regina sighed softly.

"Good girl." Emma bent forward and lifted the brunette’s right breast in her hand, allowing her thumb to caress the nipple until it hardened and stood at attention. Regina bit her lip to keep from moaning. Emma blew softly across the tightened nub causing the Latina to shiver, all the while caressing the underside of her breast. Without warning, while the shivers still coursed through the poor brunette’s body, Emma brought the ruler down quickly across the peaked nipple. The squeak that escaped Regina was involuntary and unavoidable based on the sheer shock of her boss’s behavior. 

Emma clucked her tongue at her. "I do not want you to make noise Ms. Mills. You will control yourself."

Regina bit her lip and nodded. It wasn't the pain of the smack but the surprise that had forced her to react but now that the shock had receded the sting was making itself known. Her nipple burned and throbbed in a way that mirrored her clit. It was intense and distracting. She was not good at delayed gratification, and so far Emma had delayed gratifying her at all.

Emma smiled as her pet’s thighs tensed and relaxed under her gaze. The little vixen was trying to control her throbbing pussy. Emma cupped her pet’s other breast and teased it to life then slapped it in much the same fashion she had with the first, but this time her pet kept her volume appropriate to her instruction.

The breast spanking was kept light and only had 5 swats per breast. There was redness but no lasting marks. Emma surveyed her handy work as she sat back in her chair. Her new toy was a sight to behold. Emma wanted nothing more than to bend Regina over and fuck her on the floor of her office, but she had been thinking all day about the game that they were playing, and how to truly blow Regina’s mind and make her hers. With her plan in mind, she tucked her finger under the brunette’s chin and lifted her face to her gaze. 

"You may put your clothes back on. Then bring me your vibe." Emma smiled as the puzzlement on her pet’s face was replaced by frustration so strong it vibrated around her. 

Regina rose and replaced her clothes, dug in her bag and pulled out the small vibe cleverly disguised as a tube of lipstick. Emma watched as she struggled with her brat not to throw it at her boss before, she walked over and place the vibe in Emma’s hand.

"You may return to your desk, Ms. Mills."

The growl was so quiet that it was hard to call it sound. But before Emma could make comment Regina picked up her purse and headed to her desk. Emma smiled as she opened her email and began to type.

Ms. Mills,

I need you to come in tomorrow at 7 am. You will need to wear a white button-down blouse and black skirt. You will also need to bring a white button down shirt and black skirt with you. I will expect you to be in the same state you are now. There will be no self-adjusting of your current circumstance. If you are confused by this information or need further clarification please contact me by text or call on my cell. You are done for the day, so you may leave early.

Thank you,

Ms. Swan. 

Emma pressed send and waited. Within minutes she could hear Regina get up and gather her things. As she headed out the text message notification on Emma’s phone went off.

Not sure this is going to work.

Emma grinned knowing her toy was pissed.

We will discuss this tomorrow at 7 am. In the meantime do not touch yourself as I have instructed

Emma’s cock was throbbing for release just as much as her pet’s cunt so it was fair that they both suffer. Besides Emma had plans for that frustration.

Yes, Madam.

Regina glared at the cell phone in her hand. That handsome blonde was killing her and she was enjoying her misery and frustration. Regina smiled ruefully, be careful what you wish for, especially when it is a strong Dom. While Emma was strong enough to get her to obey, the blonde was going to push her farther than she let any other Dom push. 

The glow of the numbers on the digital clock was really bright. Regina had never noticed before how bright they were. As she tossed and turned, she came to a decision and grabbed her phone.

Can't sleep, Madam.

She stared at her phone as she thought about the dumb thing she had just done. Who texts her boss at 11:30 pm? 

I think you are looking for permission to be bad and disobey me.

No Madam. I really can't sleep.

Fine. There is something I need to know, anyway. What is your safeword?


Good. I will see you tomorrow.

But I can't sleep.

Think of 100 ways to please me. Do not touch yourself and go to sleep. I will see you in the morning. 

Regina sighed. Emma was a brute. She was on number 27 of her list of pleasing when sleep took her. She woke with her alarm and got dressed as instructed. She was at the office with her extra clothes at 6:45 am. She was placing her purse in the desk when Emma’s office door swung open.

"Seems like you are trying to get unauthorized overtime. Step into my office, now." Emma ordered.

The hard edge of Emma’s voice caused a thrill to race down the brunette’s spine. Regina stepped into the office and Emma closed it hard behind her. The snick of the lock sounded like the closing of a prison cell door. Emma moved into the office and faced her pet, staring intensely. Emma’s stare made her pet squirm. 

"Did you work up my travel itinerary for the Texas trip?" Emma asked.

Regina shook her head trying to remember what Emma was talking about. Her Dom wasn't scheduled to travel. Then it dawned on her, Emma was giving her an opportunity to use her safe word and reminding her to use it should she need to during this experience.

"No Madam."

"Fine, we will deal with that later." Emma moved toward her. It was so quick that Regina was completely unprepared for the attack. Emma had her pet turned with her face pinned to the door before she realized Emma was moving. "I know that you do not want this but I don't give a shit. I mean really what can you do about it? Go tell HR? I mean who will they believe, some lowly assistant that masturbates in the bathroom, or me a high ranking exec?"

"Please don't do this," Regina whispered.

"Why? This is all you are good for." Emma said groping her tits. "I mean you cannot even remember to schedule my Texas trip." 

The remainder was clear: Use it if the intensity was too much.

"Please, Madam. I am sorry, I will do better. Please don't do this."

"Shut up you worthless fuck meat. Be glad I found a purpose for you." With that Emma tore open her pet’s blouse, buttons flying everywhere. Then Emma was dragging at Regina’s skirt until it was bunched around her waist. Then the fabric of Regina’s panties was tearing under the blonde’s strong hand, shredding.

"Hmmm, feels like you are telling me yes with the wetness of your panties. I knew you were begging for it, whore." Emma hissed.

Regina wanted to moan and lean into Emma’s hand, but she needed to play her part. She wedged her hands against the door and pushed, forcing Emma back. Emma clamped down on her gripping her breast and pinching her nipple brutally. The blonde’s other hand tightened on her hip, trying to hold her still. She jerked in Emma’s hold trying to get away. Emma growled low in her throat as she squirmed. The blonde shoved her towards the sofa and she sprawled over the arm of the sofa, her soft ass partially covered in what remained of her black lace panties, sticking up at her new dom. Before she could move to correct her position Emma was there shoving her face into the sofa cushions. She kicked back at the blonde, but the handsome blonde simply forced her legs wide and moved between them. She felt Emma adjust the fastenings of her trousers and suddenly the blonde was filling her. Emma’s cock was huge and the fit was uncomfortably tight despite how wet and ready she was. Emma plunged in deep and hard. The force of Emma’s brutal pounding made her scream and arch her back in pleasure. Emma was hitting every delicious part, making her pant like a bitch in heat. She saw stars as Emma continued to ravage her greedy cunt. She is aware of her boss’s dick ever since she started working here but she never thought it is this huge.

"Stop, please. I don't want this." Regina squeaked trying to remember that she was supposed to be fighting this. She groaned low in her throat as the pleasure overwhelmed her. 

"Fuck, Regina, your cunt is so damn tight," Emma whispered reverently, forgetting her role. "Shut up, you know you have been begging for this since you started here. You wanted to get fucked hard by someone better than you deserve. Say it cunt. Say you wanted this."

"I don't. Please, I don't." Regina cried biting her lip to stave off the building orgasm. 

Emma gripped her hair and yanked her up. "Tell me you wanted this whore."


The slap across Regina’s face was more shocking than painful. "Say it."

"Please don't hurt me," Regina whined pathetically even though she wanted Emma to slap her again and again until she is falling apart in Emma’s strong arms.

"Say it." This time Emma slapped her ass hard.

"I wanted this." Regina sniffled.

"How much?" Emma smirked, smacking her ass again.

"I wanted to be fucked by you so much that I touched myself in the bathroom. Prayed for you to notice me. Begging for you to take what I couldn't offer you." Regina whined, tears spilling down her eyes.

"Good girl," Emma whispered in her ear. "You may cum little one."

With that the tremors shook Regina’s core and the flood of her juices soaked over Emma’s cock, drenching her pristine pants. Emma growled and plunged harder, deeper. Regina whimpered at the pain as Emma’s thrusting dick slammed into her cervix hard.

"Such a good fuck hole. You are going to please me with this and your other holes often. Take all of my cock, deep slut." Emma growled like an animal, drilling her pet’s needy core.

The muscular blonde ground deep inside and pulsed as her orgasm flooded inside her pet, the brunette convulsed around her one more time. They stayed there against the arm of the sofa for a while, trying to absorb the magic of the moment. 

Emma stepped back and righted her pants then swung Regina up into her strong arms and took a seat on the couch, holding her new pet against her chest. Regina snuggled into Emma’s hold and absorbed her warmth. "Okay?"

"Yes, Madam." The petite brunette whispered.

"How was that for you?"

"Amazing. It was so..."


"Perfect. I mean the scene, the build-up, the everything."

"I agree. Being in that scene with you it was like you were reading my mind." Emma said squeezing her tight. "I want this to continue."

"I do too," Regina said shyly, snuggling closer.

"Yesterday you said-"

"Yesterday you were not fucking me. You were amping up the frustration for a reason. Now I see it and I am able to piece together the whole picture. I do not deal well with delayed gratification. Which is why I masturbate in the bathroom. I get bratty when I am horny."

"I know, and sadly for you, I love it. But if it makes you feel better I was suffering last night too."

"Really?" Regina asked, surprised.


"Tell me?"

"Well, I knew what I had planned. So imagining you getting raped, and me shoving my dick inside you was torture. I wanted to be edgy when we did this so I did not take it into my hands so to speak."

"That was so fucking hot." Regina purred, kissing Emma’s strong jaw. “You are so hot”

"Good. Get to the bathroom and clean up and dress in your other clothes. No panties." Emma said pushing her to her feet.

"Yes, Madam." She purred like a kitten rubbing her naked body against Emma like a horny little slut.

The morning was the most productive that they had had in a long time. They were working well together getting things accomplished. Emma used the intercom at 11:30 and told her to order lunch for both of them from the local deli. She agreed and placed the order. It was only after the delivery that she realized that Emma was not going to let her out of the office today. She carried Emma’s lunch into her office and set it on her desk.

"Where is yours?" Emma said barely glancing up.

"At my desk." She replied.

"Bring it in here."

"Um, I was going to take it outside. Get some fresh air."

"No I do not think so," Emma said barely looking away from her computer.

"Excuse me?"

"You will get your lunch and bring it in here," Emma said finally looking over at her. The heat in her green eyes only partially desired. Part of it was anger. Obviously, arguing with Emma was a good way to get punished. She bowed her head and moved toward the door. When she returned with her lunch she closed and locked the door. 

All of the gentle warmth and calm from the morning's encounter was gone now. In its place was the clawing frustration and desire. Emma was controlling and she was moving into other areas of her world than just her sexuality. Emma was determining her movements and it was skirting very close to a hard limit for her. She was not and never would be a slave.

"Come here," Emma growled as she stood up. Regina set down the food and approached her. "Assume the position."

Regina placed her hands on the desk and bent over. Emma caressed her leg raising her skirt. "Do you know why I am punishing you, Regina?"

"To be honest, no, Madam," Regina said softly.

"I am punishing you because I need to. I am angry that you did not want to dine with me and all the connection we had from this morning started feeling very tenuous." Emma admitted baldly.

"Madam, I am accepting this punishment but you need to know that I am not a slave. I have free will and I will use it. I will be submissive to you as needed but I draw the line at being a slave. Do you understand, Madam?"

"Yes, Regina. I do not want a slave. I am fine with your submission and your lack of it too. Makes it fun to punish you." Emma said smiling.

"Very good  Madam," Regina said crisply, wiggling her bare bottom temptingly.

"Oh yes, Very very good." Emma purrs, smacking her ass.

Regina moaned and she can't wait to feel her dom's cock deep inside her again.