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A Knight To Remember

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The King always got bizarre ideas. They would only and always benefit him, and often he didn’t care at what cost.
He often relied on his Royal Knight, Kylo Ren, to put together any missions and meetings. In other words, anything that took time and effort.
Kylo often disagreed with the things Snoke planned. He’d taken innocent villagers hostage and keep them as slaves. He called them servants. But it was always against their will.
Snoke even took it as far as taking women for heirs- but when they refused to give the child up, or ended up not having a child, they’d be killed.
Kylo hated it. He wished he could kill Snoke, sometimes. Especially when Snoke came up with the idea of Kylo himself finding a woman to bring heirs.
“You’re a much younger man, Ren. A woman would do anything for you. I don’t see them refusing to give you the child.”
There were even ceremonies where Kylo would have to “look for the bearer of his heirs”. They never worked, as Kylo often left them.
He wasn’t one to socialize.
So when Snoke decided that he wanted his land to be expanded, that meant a village would be taken over.
Lake Country was a quiet village on the outskirts of the Naboo territory. It was perfect in Snoke’s eyes. It had plenty to offer.

You always found yourself zoning out from the world. Wether you were out in the farm, cooking, or bathing the children, you always day dreamed of something else.
You deemed your life simple. You’d always grown up that way.
Screaming suddenly filled the kitchen, as two young girls had just came down from a bath.
“Girls! What have I told you about screaming? I’m dealing with boiling water, don’t scare me like that!” You yelled at the two.
“Sorry,” the two said at once.
“Why don’t you set the table?” You asked. They both nodded.
Soon, their pregnant mother came down the stairs.
“Ona, don’t follow these girls around all day! You need to rest,” you rushed to help her to the living room, where she could keep an eye on the twins while making clothes for the next baby.
“I can’t let them run free, (y/n). All hell would break loose.”
You laughed. “I’ll watch them. And so will Sarina, whenever she returns home.”
Just as you finished that sentence, you heard the door open. It must’ve been Sarina-
Ah. Rose, your dear friend.
Then more voices followed.
“Come on, they’ll be glad to meet you!” Finn’s voice came next.
“Yeah, this is the most welcoming family you’ll find in this town!”
Did they make a new friend? Who was the muster person?
Right as you turned the corner, you saw your three friends and then a girl, holding Finn’s hand.
“Oh, hello,” you spoke.
“(Y/n)! This is Rey!” Rose informed you. “She will be marrying Finn!”
You gasped. “What? Finn, why didn’t you tell me?”
He chuckled, “well, she lives a bit far, actually. I didn’t want to tell you guys until I was certain it was happening.”
You walked over to meet her.
“They’ve all told me wonderful things about you,” She said. “I’m pleased to meet you.”
You nodded, “as am I, Rey. Where are you from?”
“The desert, Jakku.”
You gasped. “That far? That’s more than a week of traveling by horse!”
She shrugged. “Not when you go fast. So, do you like this town?”
You nodded, “I grew up here. I’m sure you and Finn will have a great life here.”
She smiled. “Thanks.”
“So, (y/n),” Rose started. “Tonight’s the festival. Are you coming?”
“Not for long. I’ve got to help Ona with the twins.”
Rose sighed. “Gosh, (y/n), with the way you stay in, I’d expect you’re the mother of all these kids!”
You laughed. “Yeah, Yeah. Soon, I’ll be able to go out more.”
“I hope so.”

The party would go until midnight, so you brought a cloak, knowing how cold it could get.
The festival was in Theed, the larger town of the Naboo territories. It’d be a long travel, but you’d be with your friends.
The five of you all had your horses trot along slowly, and the sky was clearer than ever, allowing for a relaxed trip to Theed.
“So, how many siblings do you have, (y/n)?”
“Too many. I’ve got two older sisters, one older brother, and then my mother lives alone with my younger brother and sister.”
Rey gasped. “I can’t believe you’re so lucky to grow up like that. I was alone. My father dumped me off in the desert... and I don’t know why.. he said he’d come back.. but..” she trailed off, a sad look in her eyes.
“What about your mother?” Rose asked.
“I never knew her. And I can’t even remember my father’s name. I was so little...”
You felt bad for her.
“Well, you’ll be welcome in Lake Country, for sure,” you told her. “You’ll find the whole town wants to be your family.”
She smiled, “that’s reassuring..”

The party was amazing, and you hadn’t let yourself let loose in such a long time... you missed having fun. All you did was work, now.
Finn was dancing with Rey, spinning her and, you hadn’t seen him so happy.
Rose was talking with her sister, who lived in Theed. Obviously, the sisters didn’t see each other often.
And you listened to the music, swaying back and forth on your own.
Poe, you had no clue about. He was probably with some of his friends from work.
Shouting was heard from a distance, but it was hard to make out what the voice was saying with the music so loud.
Until the crowd cleared and a knight from Theed rushed into the center of the square.
“The First Order knights are coming to Lake Country! Hide your famil-“
He was shot dead by an arrow.
People started screaming, and you ran to your horse, forgetting your friends were even there, until you saw them rushing off.
Jumping onto your horse, you don’t know how fast you had her go, but you knew you needed to protect your family.