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Falling In Every Sense

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Warm morning air lazily moves through the open windows of the Oro Jackson’s kitchen and dining area. The golden-pink sunlight shines across the floor of the room, patterns created by the wispy clouds passing in front of the sun swirling on the wooden panels of the floor. Low chatter fills the room as the early wakers of the Roger Pirates grab their breakfast and sit down to eat.


Buggy, who had just presented as a sylph a week earlier, was grinning smugly as he drifted through the air, grabbing food off of the plates of the older, hung-over crew members that were too slow to catch him. He cheerfully drops the ham and bacon he’d stolen onto his plate, along with the eggs he’d gotten. He laughs at the tired, bleary-eyed pirates that reach up to swat the blue-haired male out of the air, only to find him beyond arm’s length. His loud, hyena-like laughter only serves to make the older mens’ ears ring and they give up on trying to grab the sylph out of the air in favor of covering their over-sensitive ears.


A proud smirk finds its place on the light blue tinted skin of the sylph’s lips as he floats down to take seat at the table, his grin only growing wider at the sight of the older men and women glaring at him. “What? I’m a growing boy, I need protein!” He says in place of an explanation.


Crocus rolls his eyes as he raises his cup of coffee to his lips. “At least we know that you’re getting enough protein to keep your transformation going well.” The dryad grumbles before taking a long drink from his mug.


“I’ll make sure you never have to worry about that!” Buggy responds with a cheeky grin and a mouth full of ham. Even sitting down, his sylph attributes still show through in the way his blue hair floats around his head, his skin flushed blue rather than pink, and his eye color - which only a week ago had been grey - now reflected the color of a sky on a cloudless day. He had still to adapt to the clothing of his species and instead wore a loose shirt and pants. While his appearance was changing rapidly, it was still very obviously the same boy the Roger Pirates had taken in when he was young.


Crocus nods as he sets his cup back on the table and in its place picks up the newspaper and begins reading through it. “Oh I know we won’t have to worry about that . What we have to worry about is you eating too much.” The deadpan delivery of the comment makes the other members of the crew laugh as Buggy’s grin drops into a frown even as he gnaws on a piece of bacon.


However, before the youngest crew member can respond, the second-youngest Roger Pirate stumbles into the room. It was obvious from the very second Shanks pads into the room that something is off about the redhead. ‘Stumbles’ is only a word ever used to Shanks when he’s drunk, yet he hadn’t drank the previous night, too busy spending the time with Buggy instead. They had been out on deck late into the night to see how high the other male could fly and how much control he had over the wind (several leagues into the air and enough to fill the Oro Jackson’s sail). But that shouldn’t be enough to make Shanks move like he had just been resurrected from the dead.


Yet here Shanks is, shuffling into the kitchen, staggering over to the table, and collapsing into the chair across from Buggy.


Several pairs of eyes turn to Buggy, asking him what was wrong with Shanks. The sylph shrugs before his own gaze turns back to the tan male across the table from him.


Shanks’ tan skin looked unusually pale, but also somehow more pink than normal. His red hair was greasy and tangled, sweat making it stick to his forehead and cheeks in a way that Buggy had only ever seen when he was sick. His parted lips look cracked even as his tongue hangs out of his mouth as he pants. But what scares Buggy the most are Shanks’ eyes; his hazy, glassy eyes were slowly moving all over the people sitting at the table before him as if he was analyzing them. But, even after several minutes of looking them over, his eyes seem to dismiss each of them after not finding what he appears to be looking for.


It’s dead silent as everyone watches the uncharacteristically quiet, serious Shanks disregard all of their crew members without so much as a single-word or quick gesture for a greeting. Then the redhead’s eyes lock on Buggy, and his cloudy chestnut-brown eyes suddenly sharpen as he leans forward, resting his chin is his hand. He still looks a mess, hair sweat-drenched and sticking to his face and skin still an unnerving combination of pale and flushed. “ There you are… I wondered where you were… ”


The absolute quiet seemed to drop into a whole new level of quiet, an almost negative sound, after Shanks’ quiet, raspy voice spoke those six words. Crocus was still holding his paper, but it was crumpled in his fists. The look on his face combined with Shanks’ strange behaviour was setting off alarms in Buggy’s head as he leans back, away from his friend. The redhead only leans even further forward, his attention completely on the sylph. A smile - no, a grin - was forming on Shanks’ lips, and while most forms of grins looked normal on the cheerful male, this one was different. It was sly and mysterious while still somehow conveying genuine happiness to the person on the receiving of the smile. It was… seductive , as much as Buggy didn’t want to use that word.  


“You uh… You’re looking at me like you’re gonna eat me, Shanks… You… You hungry?” Buggy chuckles as he pushes his plate of eggs, bacon and ham across the table to his friend.


Shanks doesn’t even look down at the food as he brings his free hand up to push the plate aside, leaving nothing between the sylph and himself. His hand comes up in a slow, almost sensual motion and he wraps some of the long, blue strands of Buggy’s hair around his index finger. That smile, that dangerously attractive smile, is meant for Buggy and it makes a sky blue blush bloom on Buggy’s cheeks. Then Shanks speaks and the blush only gets darker. “I am hungry. So, so hungry. But… If I said that I did want to eat you… would you let me?” Shanks’ words send the room into motion. However, while Buggy was expecting several wolf whistles and catcalls at his expense, that’s the opposite of what happens.


Crocus immediately stands up and walks toward the exit. “I think I know what’s happening. I’m getting Rayleigh and the captain. Everyone else, file out. Stay out of Shanks’ path unless you want to end up as a pile of guts and limbs. Buggy, stand your ground and make sure Shanks doesn’t try anything funny.” All the remaining members of the Roger Pirates give a simple nod before making their way out of the room.


The warning given to everyone else makes Buggy go stiff as his eyes go wide and dart between the looming figure of Shanks and the retreating form of Crocus. “WHAT?! Cr-Crocus! Why are you making me stay behind?! What if he tries to hurt me ?!” Buggy protests as he tries to pull away from Shanks, but his hair that’s wrapped around the redhead’s finger prevents him from moving back any further.


Crocus stops in the doorway, looking back at the two youngest members of the crew. It’s only then that both Buggy and Crocus notice that Shanks’ nails are less nails and more claws , sharp and blood red and dangerously close to Buggy’s face and throat. Buggy draws in a sharp breath, but Shanks doesn’t seem to notice this new change in his appearance, or at least he doesn't seem to want to use it against the other pirate. The changes on Shanks’ appearance are what finally clue the sylph in. Buggy realizes what was happening; Shanks was finally presenting, and if Crocus’ reaction is anything to go by, Shanks was presenting as something powerful.


The dryad takes one more look at Shanks’ eyes, one more look at the gaze and smile the redhead is directing at Buggy, before looking back at the anxious sylph. “He won’t hurt you. You’re the only one who’s safe right now. If you leave him right now, then we’d all be in for a shitstorm so big that none of us could handle. So please, for the love of ale, treasure and everything else good in this wretched world, keep him distracted.


“G-Got it. Ju-Just… go do wh-whatever you need to. Shanks is kinda freaking me out.” Buggy swallows deeply as the sharp claw slowly allows the blue locks to unravel from his finger. The doctor gives a small, subtle nod as Shanks moves to sit on the table, his sharp, dark red claws gently curling under the sylph’s chin. Crocus quickly nods before leaving the room to get the captain and first mate in case everything went downhill.


Shanks’ hand under his chin gently guides Buggy to look up at his friend with wide eyes as he breathes in and out in shaky, shallow breaths. It’s now that Buggy can see how Shank’s eyes have a gold ring around the pupil and his lips look smooth again, but more… alluring than before. They were fuller, and had a dusty red hue to them. They look… Fuck, they look kissable to Buggy, and he hates that he thinks that. It’s only when they purse that Buggy realizes Shanks was speaking to him. “Hm? Why do you look nervous, beautiful? Please, come closer. I wish to see you.”


‘Beautiful?’ Now there’s a word that Buggy had never heard anyone use to describe him. Sure, most people said he looked better now that he’d stopped wearing the clown makeup he’d taken to at a young age. When he’d presented, he’d decided his blue-tinted skin tone, aquamarine lips and bright blue eyes were even flashier than his make-up and had thrown out the old stuff. Almost immediately, he’d found that his appearance was making him stand out even more, fueling his ego.


But now was not the time to dwell on Shanks’ weird choice of words. Instead, he moved to sit cross-legged on the table across from Shanks, who smiled even wider at the sylph’s compliance. “Much better.” Shanks purrs. He purrs , like he’s some hero in a shitty romance novel that are right next to the newspaper stands in the bookstores that Crocus goes to. “I’ve been looking for you for so long, my dear. Where have you been? I’ve felt so empty without you.” And the look in Shanks’ eyes is nothing but truthful, but that makes absolutely no sense. Buggy and Shanks were never apart, and hadn't been away from each other since… Well, since they'd met.


“Where I’ve been…? Well, here. Duh. Before that, I was in our room. And whattya mean ‘you haven’t seen me for so long?’ We spent the whole night together last night. We share a room. I saw ya snoring in bed before I came down for breakfast!” Buggy asks, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. His eyes nervously follow Shanks’ clawed hand as it moves from under his chin to burrow in his hair. “Shanks… Are you feeling okay? You’re… You’re acting weird…”


Shanks’ hand is careful as it begins to gently massage Buggy’s scalp and he smiles as the blue-haired male seems to relax at the touch. Buggy can’t help the way his eyes flutter as he leans into his friend’s hand; the contact is reassuring, in a way, and during a situation like this, it certainly helps. Shanks seems to realize what Buggy has said and he seems almost confused. “We share a room, a bed? Then why do I feel an aching in my chest like I haven’t held you, haven’t touched or kissed you? Are you not mine?” His expression only shows that he feels sorrowful and confused and empty as he asks Buggy those weird questions.


Buggy lets out a choked noise before he begins coughing into his fist. “Wh-What?! The hell’s that supposed to mean?! Share a bed?! Kissing and touching?! Why the fuck would we-?!” Buggy’s shrieking is cut off by another fit of coughing that forces him to lean forward, his head nearly hitting Shanks’ chest in the process. “Wh-Wha…?” The blue-haired man rasps like a deflating balloon as he buries his bright blue face into his hands.


Shanks tilts his head to the side like a confused puppy as he moves his other hand to Buggy's hip. Buggy jerks at the action, but he can't deny that because it's Shanks, he's not overly frightened. Instead, he lets his friend pull his body even closer with this new grip as his head lands on Shanks’ shoulder. “Are you asking why would kiss and touch? Because the answer to that is quite simple; we clearly belong to each other. I would give anything for you.”


Buggy let out another choked noise of embarrassment as he lands a weak hit against Shanks’ chest. The redhead simply removes his hand from Buggy's hair to trap the hand above his heart with a pleased smile. “What the hell are you even talking about? I mean, yeah, we're friends. We're nakama. But what you're tryna imply here is that we have romantic feelings for each other. But you're also acting like you don't know me. Hell, do you even know my name right now?” Buggy protests as he sits up straight, not even bothering to try to free his hand from Shanks’ hold.


“I… I'll admit that it is my first time being awakened like this. I'm presenting, and when my kind presents, it is… strange, at the very least. Our transformation is much different than many other creatures’ in that our brains need to reset, to adjust,” Shanks explains in a calm, even tone that helps to put Buggy at ease. The sylph nods along as his friend speaks, trying to process everything. “We have parts of us that need to awaken, and while they try to match up to the things that we already know, we may have to put our personalities on the back burner for awhile. I apologize if I am unnerving or unappealing to you in my current state of mind, I'm just… trying to synchronize my new mind with my old one, I suppose.” Shanks lets out a soft sigh as he offers Buggy an apologetic smile and a reassuring squeeze of his hand.


Buggy breathes out a steady exhale as he gives one last nod. “I… guess that makes sense? I dunno, I've never really seen your type of creature present.” The sylph shrugs before he realizes something. “Wait, you never said what type of creature you were.”


Shanks realizes the same thing and nods as he uses the hand on Buggy's hip to rub comforting circles through the fabric of the sylph's shirt. “Ah, my apologies. I am a daemon, specifically an incubus. Now may I ask what you may be, if you've presented yet? It would also be nice to know your name, should you care to provide it?”


“I’m a sylph. Ya know, an air spirit. And my name's Buggy.” Buggy finds he doesn't mind this contact between them, even going as far as to lift his free hand to push Shanks’ still sweaty hair out of his face. As he's pushing the damp red locks of hair behind his friend's ear, he notices two small bumps on either side of Skanks’ head, each just behind both of  his temples. “Hey, did ya fall and hit your head recently?”


“Ah, a sylph. I should have guessed, with the way your hair forms a halo and your eyes shine with the the warmth of a cloudless summer sky. Sylphs are so lovely, so graceful. Of course you would be a such a beautiful creature. It only makes sense.” Shanks smiles whimsically as he leans closer towards Buggy. This time, the blue-haired man doesn't lean back. “And such a cute name, ‘Buggy.’ I think I shall speak it often.” The redhead's eyes are half-lidded as his voice grows lower, smooth as honey and cream as he moves in close enough to Buggy that they're sharing the same air. He completely ignores Buggy's question as he decides to ask one of his own. “Lovely, do you know what an incubus is?”


Buggy finds Shanks’ charm to hard to resist, and he's honestly not sure that he wants to. As their faces move closer together, his own eyelids grow a bit heavier as his lips part so he can taste the air between them. He knows he just ate meat and eggs for breakfast, but the only flavors on his tongue are those of raspberries, pomegranate seeds and dark chocolate. He finds himself too sated, too sedated, to make the heavy muscle in his mouth form words. Instead, he simply nods in response to Shanks’ question.


“So you know that we feed off of the energy of others, specifically their sexual energy?” Shanks voice is like a drug, the kind Crocus uses when he needs to perform surgery. It makes Buggy's limbs heavy and dulls any feelings of nervousness or doubt, makes him feel like he does when he flies. “And you know that all creatures need an especially large intake of substance when they are transforming?”


Again, Buggy nods. He tries to form the word ‘yes’ with his heavy tongue, but to no avail. Only his lips make the proper shape, and hopes that is enough for Shanks to understand what he's trying to say.


Apparently it is, because another warm, pleased chuckle falls from Shanks’ lips, the sound washing over Buggy like much needed rain. Shanks asks yet another question as he pulls his best friend closer still. “But did you know that an incubus gets the most energy from the one who he… hm… who he craves and desires the most?” Shanks asks as he leans in even closer, close enough that Buggy can feel each vowel and consonant spoken against his lips. Their noses nearly brush as Buggy's hand falls from Shanks’ scalp to his neck, fingers calm but eager as they twine in the soft hairs on Shanks’ nape.

“I-I didn't…” Buggy finally manages to force the two words out as his eyes fixate on his best friend's mouth. He can't help but watch the way those attractive lips form words - especially such suggestive, sensual words - as he leans in closer to the sylph, one hand on Buggy's hip and the other holding the Buggy's hand to his chest so Buggy can feel the way Shanks’ heart grows excited under his palm.


“Well, that is a true statement. It's why I came here first; I was looking for you.” Shanks smiles as he gently nudges the the tip of his nose against Buggy's own. The small action brings a faint noise from Buggy's throat that he would've found embarrassing, if this was any other person or any different situation.


“Shanks… Do-Don't do this to me… Please … Don't tease me like this.” He protests weakly as his head falls forward, forehead resting against Shanks’ own. Even that small amount of contact is too much, but he doesn't pull back. His body is both overly warm and soothingly cool, and he feels like he could either melt  at any given second. Shanks chuckles in a smooth, low note as he gently nudges Buggy's forehead with his nose so the sylph looks back up at him. When he looks back up, Buggy's eyes are wary, but there's something dainty there that Shanks decides to call hope.


“I never meant to tease, my darling. But now I find that I must once again ask you the first inquiry I posed to you today.” Buggy nearly lets out another weak noise as he finds Shanks’ lips less than the width of a finger from his own. He has to bite down on the inside of his lower lip to keep from whimpering as Shanks’ lips start moving again, nearly touching Buggy's with every other word. “If I told you I was hungry - was starving - and more than anything else I craved you … Would you let me eat until I was satisfied?”


Buggy lets out a shaky exhale before he could respond. “Until then and more.” He whispers weakly in return. He doesn’t know where that response comes from, but for reasons he can’t begin to fathom, he doesn’t question it. He feels Shanks’ heart rate pick up even more as a rosy hue covers tan cheeks, and his own cheeks take on a cobalt shade. He shocks himself with his answer, but he knows it's true. He's known it for awhile, though he never really posed such a question to himself


The answer surprises Shanks even more for some reason, and he assumes that part of his old mind didn't expect this answer. Still, the fact “Then may I…?” Shanks starts with a nervous excitement as the hand on Buggy's hip grows tighter, bringing him close enough that their knees overlap. His smile has faded and in its place is a nervous pair of parted lips that await an answer he already knows he will receive. Never let it be said that Shanks isn’t a gentleman, even when out of his mind with lust and hunger. Still, there’s a pause in the air that lingers for a few seconds as the young men share a shaky inhale.


“Until you're full.” Buggy murmurs back with the slightest nod of his head. The words come so easily that for a moment, Buggy isn't sure he's actually said them out loud. Shanks erases those concerns easily and without a single word.


Less than a second later, a warm, soft lips are pressing against Buggy's own as his body is pulled into Shanks’ lap. His own hand tightens its hold on the incubus’ neck as the redhead takes the time to release his grip on Buggy's hand just long enough to intertwine their fingers together. They're chests are pressed together in their new position and now the heat of their contact is both overwhelming and so very welcome.


Their first kiss doesn't last long, only a few seconds of chaste contact between their lips. Buggy feels clumsy and inexperienced, not that he would admit that. Thankfully, as they pull back from their kiss and their lips separate with a soft noise, Shanks doesn't seem to have noticed anything wrong. Instead, he smiles lovingly at the sylph, giving Buggy’s hand a soft squeeze before leaning back in for another. Buggy complies, using the hand on Shanks's neck to pull him closer. This action earns him a pleased hum as their lips meet again, aquamarine pressing against rose red in another slow kiss.


Buggy finds himself smiling into the contact, and he can feel Shanks doing the same. Giggles start to fall from both of their mouths as they shift slightly, lips moving against each other's in order to deepen the contact. However, they are forced to separate now that their giggles have grown into laughs. They let their foreheads rest against each other’s as soft, contented laughter fills the room.


The young men take a few seconds to listen to each other's light laughter as they watch how their lips form to make the noises. Then, once their giggles fade and they're left in silence once again, they look up and catch each other's eyes, and the soft, loving look they find renews the vibrant blushes that had just began to fade from their cheeks.


Finally, Shanks speaks up as his fingers dip under the thin fabric of Buggy's shirt. The feeling of fire-hot fingertips directly on his hip makes the sylph draw in a sharp breath, and his eyes are drawn to the motion. However, the second his eyes look away from the incubus’ face, he feels the hand tangled with his own pull away so it can gently grip Buggy's jaw and guide the younger man to look back at the tanned face of his best friend. Shanks looks apologetic yet happy as he speaks again, as if he feels bad for feeling good about what he is about to say.


“Buggy… I'm afraid I'm still very hungry… Could I ask to possibly… have some more to eat?” Shanks asks with a carefulness that's so uncharacteristic for him that Buggy can tell his body was beginning to ache with hunger.


“Yeah, sure.” Buggy nods without so much as a second thought as he leans in to press another kiss to Shanks’ lips, adding more pressure this time around. Shanks responds in kind, pressing back with an equal amount of pressure as he moves both hands to slip under the sylph’s shirt so the can rest on Buggy’s hips. The incubus’ clawed thumbs are careful as they rub along the ridges of his best friend’s hip bones, and the new contact of skin on skin brings a light sigh from both of the young men as they slot their lips together again.


Shanks is practically purring as he pulls his friend closer until the only reason preventing their chests from touching is that it would make it a more difficult angle to kiss at. Speaking of chests, it’s only when one of Buggy’s hands moves from Shanks’ nape to his shoulder that he notices that Shanks has no shirt on.


This new information made Buggy give a small twitch from shock, and he has to physically calm himself down as he lets the full weight of his hand rest on Shanks’ shoulder. A low rumbling noise - a growl, almost - is the immediate response from Shanks, and it surprises Buggy enough to make him pull back a little. However, before he can pull back too far, Shanks is raising a hand from Buggy’s hip to his cheek and pulling him back in like Buggy was a pint of beer and Shanks had just won a fight he thought he’d lose


Buggy makes a small noise of shock that's smothered by the warm, soft press of Shanks’ mouth against his own. However, despite Buggy's surprise, he easily moves back into the flow of the kiss and gives a light tug on the soft hairs on the base of Shanks’ skull. Another small growl-like sound comes up from the incubus’ throat, and the noise stirs something hot and molten in Buggy’s lower abdomen.


At the age of 18, arousal was no stranger to Buggy or Shanks, but this was a completely new kind of desire, a new kind of need for another person. It was different, but it felt so easy to touch like this. Maybe it was because of the experimenting they'd done with each other in the past, but this felt less awkward, less hesitant than before. Now when their lips meet, they are soft but decisive and ardent in their movements. When they move their hands to touch each other, their placements are calculated, while still feeling natural. When their bodies shift against each other, its light and playful, but with a lingering heat under it that has both men internally begging for another slight adjustment of their position.


Finally, both men had to pull back as a need for oxygen presses at their diaphragms. They are forced to take in deep, slow breaths that are followed by heavy  inhales and exhales. They stay like that for awhile with Buggy’s eyes searching Shanks’ faces for any sign of what the hell  was going through the damn redhead’s mind as the incubus returns the gaze evenly.


Unfortunately, the only thing Buggy can read from Shanks’ face was lust and want and now and desirecraveneedyou before the older male is moving back in for another kiss while his hips grind up against the sylph’s.


Buggy’s breath catches in his throat as a noise of pleasure as he feels a very obvious bulge press between his legs and grind against his own hardness. The instinctive reaction Buggy has is to move his hands to Shanks’ neck - which he does not do in a quick, shocked manner - and tangle his fingers in the soft strands at Shanks’ nape and hold on tight. He  takes in a quick breath before leaning back in to meet Shanks’ lips with his own.


However, just as the chambré skin of Buggy’s lips brushes with the scorching skin of Shanks’, they hear a throat clearing behind them. Buggy instantly tries to back away from his nakama, but Shanks’ arms wrap around his hips and pull him closer, until the redhead’s cheek is pressing against the sylph’s breastbone as he glares at the intruders.


The intruders - who, in fact, aren’t intruders at all - happen to be Captain Gol D. Roger. Silvers Rayleigh, and Crocus, all three of whom look unsurprised, but unhappy all the same.


“What did I tell you? The kid’s a incubus.” Crocus says simply as he looks to the captain and first mate.


Rayleigh simply sighs and shakes his head before pushing his glasses up on his nose. “Well, what the fuck do we do now? I’ve never dealt with a damn demon before!”


Roger looks slightly less worried than his first mate and the ship’s doctor, but still put-upon by the situation. He looked over the pair, who were both looking right back at their captain, though with very different expressions. Buggy’s face was bright turquoise as his eyes dart from the trio of older pirates to Shanks, who only holds tighter to Buggy. Shanks, unlike the sylph, is glaring at their captain, first mate and doctor . “Well, I guess we just do what we do with everyone else and confine him to his room with as much meat as he can eat. I’ve never asked a demon what it was like when they presented, but protein is always important for growth, right?” The orc asked the crew’s resident doctor with a strange look.


“Yes that should be…” Crocus nods, but he cuts himself off in the middle of the action. The dryad looks closer at Shanks, who audibly growls at the doctor. All four of the other men in the room turn to give a wide-eyed look at the usually calm and relaxed redhead, who was now directing a scathing glare at the doctor, captain and first mate. “Shanks… ? ”


Buggy lets out a startled shriek as his friend only holds tighter to the blue-haired male. “What the hell, red hair?! Fucking let go!” His hands fly to Shanks’ shoulders and try to push the older man away.


Shanks turns his face to look up at Buggy, and his expression has changed drastically. Now, his warm brown eyes were wide, his brows were drawn together and his shiny, kiss-swollen lips - which Buggy is not looking at - were weighed down in a picture of confusion, betrayal and sadness. “Buggy… ?” His voice was quiet, almost less than a whisper as he keeps looking up pitifully at his best friend.


Buggy’s enraged blush calms down into a mildly embarrassed flush as his hands stop their frantic attempts to push Shanks away and instead just rest on tan shoulders. “W-What? Why are you looking at me like that?” He asks, unable to look away from Shanks. He can hear their captain and first mate move closer from somewhere behind the incubus, but he can’t force himself to look up and see what they’re doing.


“Why are you trying to push me away… ?” Shanks asks, still quiet. Buggy kind of appreciates it, how the hushed tone keeps the question between them. Shanks’ eyes are fixed on his own and he seems to be looking for an answer to a question besides the one he asked out loud.


Buggy wants to look away, he does, but he can’t make himself look anywhere but Shanks. “What do you mean? W-We aren’t, y’know, together, and you’re acting weird, and you just growled at the captain! You… You’re presenting and you’re being stupid! You need to be confined in a room with whatever provides your type of creature energy!” Buggy protests as he begins to try and pull away again.


Shanks’ response is to press his hands firmly against the sylph’s lower back, pressing Buggy’s hips, and his hardness, against his own stomach. The redhead lets out a single low breath of laughter as he looks back up at his friend, but he’s still not smiling. In fact, his expression is mostly the same though less unsure, but his confusion and hurt is still there. “But what about your arousal, my darling? Is that not of my doing? Do I not-”


But before Shanks can finish asking his lewd questions, both of the young men are pulled apart with Buggy falling back into Rayleigh as Roger grabs Shanks and holds his arms back as he plants a knee between his shoulder blades. Shanks’ features twists in anger and frustration as he immediately begins to try and free himself from the strong hold. An animalistic snarl and narrowing of his eyes has the captain looking down in confusion at the usually cheerful man. “What the hell is going on with you, Shanks?”


“Buggy, you okay?” Rayleigh asks as he helps the sylph to his feet. The only response he receives is a nonverbal nod, and he lets out a sigh of relief that the youngest crewman seems startled, but is otherwise fine.


Buggy, on his part, is too shocked and confused to even try to cover the tent in his pants as he watches his captain try to wrangle the redhead. He can tell their captain is stronger than his friend, but Shanks seems stronger than he was even a day ago. His arms seem more muscled, his form more filled out as he struggles to free himself from Roger’s grip. Buggy absentmindedly notes how it’s strange he didn’t notice that sooner.


The dökkálfar looks from the blue-haired man at his side to the scene in front of them. Shanks is obviously stronger than he was even the day prior, but he’s not yet mature or experienced enough to beat Gol D. Roger.


“Let go of me! I need him!” Shanks growls as he tries to escape his captain’s grip. However, anyone with any sense could see that the only major actions Shanks could take in that position would result in two dislocated arms and, despite being rather out of his own mind, even Shanks knows that’s far from what he wants.


Crocus is the first to speak up as he moves to kneel in front of Shanks. “What do you mean you ‘need’ Buggy? He’s right there.” Crocus states gruffly as he examines the younger man’s face.


Shanks only seems to grow more frustrated by the questions from the doctor, but what little energy he had was wasted on the struggle he tried to put up. Now he hangs limply from their captain’s hands as his eyes move back to Buggy. “I know he’s there, but he’s not close enough. He’s too far.”


The dryad looks back at Buggy, who’s still frozen in place as he watches Shanks, curious to see what the doctor says next. “‘Too far…?’ But he’s hardly a yard away.”


“Too far.” Shanks immediately repeats, eyes locked onto the sylph. He’s growing pale again, Buggy notes.


He looks up at Rayleigh and points at the redhead. “Should I uh… ?” He trails off, hoping what he’s asking is obvious.The dark elf nods and moves his hand off of the younger pirate’s shoulder.


Buggy doesn’t bother walking around the table, instead choosing to climb over it as four pairs of eyes watch his movements. He finally stands beside Crocus - a couple feet from Shanks - and crosses his arms in attempt to hide his awkwardness as he looks down at the redhead. “There. Now I’m closer. Better?” He asks with a gruff tone as he finds himself again unable to look away from the caramel colored irises of his best friend.


Shanks returns his gaze with a longing and hope with a strength Buggy has never seen in his carefree crewmate. It honestly catches him off guard and forces the breath out of his lungs as he wonders what Shanks is going to say next.


The tan male draws his soft, raspberry-hued lower lip between his teeth and sheepishly shakes his head. “No…”


The sylph lets out a huff to hide any traces of fondness in his actions as he takes two steps closer until his feet nearly touch Shanks’ knees. “Now?” He asks simply, barely hiding his embarrassment behind an annoyed facade.


Again, Shanks shakes his head, though he doesn’t say a word as he gives a pointed look to Buggy’s arms, more specifically to his right hand. His gaze moves between Buggy’s face to his hand and back.


Buggy tilts his head, confused, as he follows the path of Shanks’ eyes. “What? What do you want now, red hair?” He asks with his false annoyance trying to hide his actual confusion and concern.


The incubus leans forward to nudge Buggy’s hip with his forehead, despite how the action clearly pains him because of Roger’s hold on his arms. He looks back up at Buggy’s hand and murmurs a light prayer of  “Please?”


“Wh-? Oh!” Realization hits Buggy and he uncrosses his arms before he reaches out to place a light hand on the mess of red hair. The reaction is immediate; Shanks’ entire body seems to relax, even in the uncomfortable position it’s in, and his expression does the same. His eyes flutter closed as his lips turn up in a soft smile and he presses up into the touch.


Buggy stares, blush washing up on his cheeks like high tide on the shore as he looks to the older pirates, unsure of what to do. Roger looks just as surprised and confused as Buggy and gives him a shake of his head and shrug of his shoulders. Rayleigh is startled as well, but is also on the verge of laughing and is no help whatsoever. Crocus looks away from his examination of the redhead long enough to offer him a roll of his eyes as he makes a petting gesture with one hand.


The movement doesn’t make any sense at first, but once Buggy realizes what Crocus is miming, he begins to softly run his fingers through the red locks. He doesn’t say anything, and neither does Shanks, but he gives a contented hum at the action. Taking this as a good sign, the blue-haired man continues doing it, every so often tousling or ruffling Shanks’ hair. These small acts earn him purrs and sighs as Shanks begins to relax even further.


Eventually, when it seems like Shanks could almost fall asleep from the soothing contact, Roger eases up on his hold before letting go of Shanks completely. The redhead falls forward, face burrowing into Buggy’s upper thigh as his arms wrap around the sylph’s left calf. Buggy lets out a small noise of surprise as he feels a tug on the leg of his pants, and he looks down to find Shanks looking up at him with a lazy grin and half-lidded eyes. “What is it now?” He asks, but his tone is quiet so he doesn’t disturb the calm that’s finally taken over the dining hall.


“More~” Shanks croons as he fondly gazes up at the younger pirate while gently tugging on his pant leg a few more times. His cheek rests against Buggy’s hip as his smile grows wider.


The sylph rolls his eyes and uses the hand that’s combing through Shanks’ hair to give his head a gentle push back. “You’re sure sounding better. Almost like your normal self.” Some tension leaves the room at the interaction and Buggy lets out a sigh of relief.


Shanks only lets out a small laugh as he lets his friend give his head a small shove. “You make me feel all better~” He coos as he wraps his arms around Buggy’s knees.


“Well, if you’re feeling better, than I guess we should send Buggy out so I can do an examination and find out what we need to do for your transformation.” Crocus says easily as he stands up and gives a nod to Buggy. The youngest of the Roger Pirates gives another nod and steps out of the loop of Shanks’ arms before taking a few steps towards the entrance of the dining hall so he can head back to his room.




A hand around Buggy’s wrist and unexpectedly tugging him back nearly sends him falling, but he manages to catch himself before he trips. An audible groan comes from the three oldest of the crew as Shanks wraps an arm around Buggy’s waist. “Goddammit, what is it now?!” Buggy yells exasperatedly, though he doesn’t even bother trying to shake off the incubus’ arm.


“All I need is Buggy and the privacy of our room. He knows the situation, and I know what steps must be taken. I will take care of him and keep him informed on the situation so he is never afraid when he is with me.” Shanks yet again sounds unlike himself and more like a demon out of some old folktale, and Buggy lets out a weak sigh. They were so damn close!


Crocus looks to the blue-haired man, who turns to face the older pirates with a nervous smile on his lips. “Buggy, what’s he talking about?”


“I dunno. He said something about being an incubus.” Buggy shrugs as he shoves a sharp elbow in between Shanks’ ribcage and hip bones. Much to his annoyance, Shanks doesn’t so much as flinch and only seems to take the gesture as another form of affection, if the soft smile that appears on his lips is anything to go by. The redhead leans over to press a quick kiss to Buggy’s cheek in return, making him flush and splutter before elbowing Shanks’ again. This time, it earns him a chuckle and another kiss that lingers longer than the last.


“An incubus? Are you sure?” Crocus asks as he looks over the duo. The dryad taps his chin as he thinks. “Well, it certainly makes sense. And in that case, he wouldn’t need extra food so much as he would need…” He looks up again, eyes focusing on the points of contact between Buggy and Shanks. He nods again, more resolutely this time. “Alright, it’s settled. Buggy, you might want to go grab some preserved meats and water from the kitchen. Shanks, you can go with him. I heard somewhere that demons, especially succubi and incubi, find pomegranates, raspberries and peaches particularly filling during… strenuous activities.”


The captain and first mate look lost for a few moments before realization washes over their faces. They both let out a choked cough that was clearly an attempt to cover up the barks of laughter that threatened to spill out of their throats.


Crocus rolls their eyes at their immature antics as he ushers the younger pirates through the swinging door into the kitchen. “Ignore them. Just get what you need and head back to your room. Lock your door and I’ll make sure no one interrupts you two.” He states as calmly as possible before leaving Buggy and Shanks to themselves and pushing the captain and first mate - who were red in the face with barely restrained laughter - out of the room, presumably far from the youngest crew members.


Shanks’ arm relaxes around Buggy’s waist, but doesn’t release its hold. “How nice of him. Very understanding.” He says shortly with a smile before turning his head to look at Buggy. His expression is still painfully fond, but now some of that desire he’d shown earlier makes its way back on to Shanks’ features in the form of a seductive grin. “We should grab those provisions and make our way back to our room. I’m growing hungrier than before with each second around you, my darling.”


He says the words so calmly that for a second, Buggy just nods as he moves out of Shanks’ hold to grab a couple flasks of water. Then the words register in his mind and he goes tense, a shiver running up his spine at the sensual lull of the incubus’ voice. “Wh-What do you mean?” Buggy asks nervously as he slowly turns to look at his best friend, who has a bowl in his hand and is inspecting a few peaches before placing them in the container with the pomegranates he’s already gathered.


“Hm?” Shanks grabs a small carton of raspberries and gives them a quick once over before carefully setting it in the bowl. He looks up at Buggy, his expression giving nothing away as he smiles at the younger man. “Oh, I mean the more time I spend around you, the more I want to get down to the fun stuff.”


Buggy chokes on air at the blunt statement and ends up coughing like he’s about to hack up a lung. He nearly drops the bottles of water he’s holding as he tries to catch his breath and regain his composure.


Shanks is at his side in a second, the large bowl of fruit shifted onto one hip as he puts a gentle hand between Buggy’s shoulder blades. “Buggy? What’s wrong?” He asks with his brows drawn in concern.


Buggy shakes his head as he manages to calm his hacking down to rough, rattling breaths as his free hand comes up to rest on his chest. He shoots a glare at the redhead as he tries to even his breathing. “What the hell?! You can’t just go saying things like that!” Buggy snaps as he straightens himself and readjusts the flasks in his hand.


Shanks looks confused, but the smile stays in place on his lips. “But why not? We both clearly want it, and I’m just excited to finally be able to kiss and touch and hold-”


“Shut. Up.” Buggy growls as steps away so he can grab some dried meats and wrap them in some cloth. It’s also a convenient excuse to hide his blushing face from the incubus as he turns his back to Shanks so he can grab a bottle of ale that’s hidden near the back of the shelf.


Though Buggy can’t see him, he feels Shanks’ smile drop before he hears slow, solid footsteps moving towards him. It takes everything in the sylph’s willpower not to flinch when he feels a warm - no, a scathing - exhale against the back of his neck. (Somewhere in the back of his head, Buggy curses the three inch height difference between them.) It’s even harder not to let out some pathetic noise when a scorching hand slides under his shirt and comes to rest against Buggy’s lower back, right where his spine meets his pelvis. Shanks’ little finger is partially under the waistband of the younger man’s pants, and Buggy nearly whimpers.


Suddenly, a strange, whip-like cord wraps around Buggy’s upper thigh and the blue-haired man lets out a shriek as he jumps back, which only forces him against Shanks’ chest. His eyes follow the scarlet cord back to its source, and find that it leads behind the older man’s back. “Is… Is that a fucking tail?!” Buggy screeches as he tilts his head back and bends his knees slightly to look up at the redhead.


The other man looks down at him with a curious tilt of his head and a blink of his eyes before he smiles brightly at his best friend. “Oh, yeah! Didn’t you see it earlier?” Shanks asks as he unravels his tail from Buggy’s leg. The motion causes the tail to brush against Buggy’s erection and the sylph lets out a shaky exhale. He can hear the way Shanks gives a pleased little huff at the reaction, and Buggy’s eyes look to the side so he he doesn’t have to see the happy expression on Shanks’ face. “Here, this is what it looks like.”


Buggy looks up hesitantly as he feels a weak breeze on his face. Now the tail was waving in front of him, and the sylph noticed the tip of the tail. It wasn’t in the shape of a heart, like he’d heard most incubi and succubi had. It wasn’t even the normal triangular point of a demon or an animalistic type of tail, nor was it jagged, serrated or splintered in a way that could be weaponized. The tip was, instead, rather decorative. Almost ornamental, in a way. The tip has an elongated diamond shape that leads into a steady but slight widening of his tail.


Buggy’s curiosity gets the best of him and he has to turn around so he can see the full length of Shanks’ tail. He sets the cloth-wrapped food and bottles on a nearby shelf so he can feel Shanks’ new limb. His hands come up to take hold of the lazily waving appendage, which startless Shanks, if the sudden straightening of his tail was anything to go by. Buggy’s lips twitch up at the fact he’s finally managed to catch Shanks off guard instead of the other way around. His hands roam over the expanse of the tail, and he’s surprised to find it’s not scaled or rough. Rather, it’s soft and velvety as Buggy’s fingers caress the silky, crimson appendage.


“Hnn… Y-You should pr-probably not… Hah~” Buggy looks up at the noises to find Shanks’ eyes half-lidded and hazy, his dark eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, which are quickly turning the same shade of red as the pomegranates in Shanks’ bowl. His full, soft lips are parted as he tries to draw in deep breaths and steady himself, his chest rising and falling with his inhales and exhales. Buggy doesn’t know why, but he suddenly feels like he’s standing on the edge of a cliff or walking on a tightrope. He feels like he’s tempting his own fate by touching Shanks like this.


And, for some reason, he wants to fall. He wants to see just what happens when he takes that gamble.


He takes in a deep breath of his own, one distinctly more shaky than the incubus’, before his fingers add a bit more pressure to Shanks’ tail and moves his hands to stroke the diamond-shaped tip of Shanks’ tail. He lets it curl around his fingers and rub over his palm while keeping his eyes on Shanks’ face. “Why not?” He asks in a neutral tone as he raises the tip of the incubus’ tail to his own mouth and presses a light kiss to the velvety surface.


The effect is immediate as a low moan falls from Shanks’ lips and his head falls back. He steps closer to the sylph, his hand reaching out for something. Either to take his tail back or to touch the other pirate, Buggy doesn’t know. But, either way, he doesn’t allow him that satisfaction as he steps back with a grin tugging at his lips. He lets out a low laugh as he presses another kiss to the soft tip.


Shanks lets out a low, rumbling moan and Buggy can see the way the redhead’s knees buckle as he makes another weak grab out towards the sylph. Buggy doesn’t even have to step away to escape the weak reach of his crewmate, which is thankful since his back is nearly up against a shelf. “B-Buggy…! Ple-Please…! I can’t wait anymore…!” Shanks whines, but it sounds more like a pitiful plea.


Shanks falls silent as he watches the sylph’s movements, which are relaxed and lazy like a lion’s as they lie in the sun. Buggy evenly holds the incubus’ intense gaze as he raises the tip of Shanks’ tail to his lips again and takes the edge of the diamond between his smiling lips. He lets his tongue flick against the silky flesh before giving a soft suck on the tail’s pointed end.


A growl reverberates out of Shanks’ throat and it makes Buggy’s heart speed up in the best way possible.  For a moment, it looks like the redhead’s legs are going to give out from under him, but he manages to reach out and take ahold of a shelf to keep himself up. “F-Fuck! Buggy, y-you need to… to…” Shanks’ voice fades off as his lust-coated eyes catch the movement of Buggy’s warm, wet tongue sensually lolling out of his mouth so it can slowly lick from the farthest corner of the diamond to the tip of Shanks’ tail. “Hah~ Can… Can you please… just…”


“‘Just’ what, Shanks?” Buggy asks in self-satisfied tone as he lets his teeth gently scrape over the scarlet, velvety surface of Shanks’ appendage. “Is there… something you want from me?” Buggy holds himself up more as he feels pride swell in his chest as he finally discovers something that he can hold over Shanks’ head. It’s a first for the both of them; usually they were on even ground in everything they did. If they were ever unequal in anything, it was because Buggy would get angry and flustered over whatever they were they were arguing about while Shanks smiled and laughed at the way Buggy flushed in anger. “Anything I can help you with?”


Shanks stumbles forward a bit, his legs still obviously shaky as he has to catch himself on the shelf just beside Buggy’s head. Despite the loud noise of Shanks’ hand slamming down on the wooden shelf, Buggy doesn’t even flinch. Instead, his lips only pull higher in a smug grin as his fingers rub the apparently very sensitive tip of Shanks’ tail.


Shanks lets out a heavy, tired sigh as he watches the younger pirate toy with his new appendage like a cat toy would with his favorite feather teaser. Shanks crosses his arms with a huff before a low whimper is pulled from his throat at the feeling of Buggy’s finger running along the thin edge of the pointed tip. The small noise feels like the greatest victory Buggy has ever achieved. The incubus pouts as his eyes slowly trail up from the blue lips and tongue to the mischievous eyes that enthusiastically watch the redhead’s reactions. “Buggyyy! … Is teasing me really that much fun to you?” He asks as his eyebrows draw together in a way that makes him look like a dog begging to be petted.


Buggy can’t help the delighted laughter that the petulant question draws from deep in his chest. Shanks’ tail wriggles in his grip and occasionally flicks against the sylph’s cheek, only spurring on the jovial cackling. He manages to look back up at the incubus with a pleased smile and nod as his laughter dies down to sniggering. “It really is. You wouldn’t believe how much fun I’m having with this.” Buggy says between chuckles.


“I’m sure I would. I did the same to you earlier, after all.” Shanks’ arms uncross and his pout quickly unfurls into a smile as he watches the other man laugh at his expense. It wasn’t often that Buggy laughed so freely, and the redhead found him to be quite attractive when he had fun like this. “Alright, now let me have that back so we can get back to our room.” He steps forward, hand outstretched so he can take his new limb back from the all-to-pleasant hands of his friend.


Buggy shakes his head, still chuckling as he raises the tail back to his lips as presses a slow, heated, open-mouthed kiss to the soft tissue. The action catches Shanks off guard and makes his arm drop back to his side as he lets out an exasperated groan. “Hg-! I thought we were done with this for now! Can’t you wait until we get back to our cabin to do that? Because I’d love for more of that in our room, but we need to get there first.” Shanks quickly amends as he tries to hold back a moan as Buggy pulls away from the kiss with a sly, proud grin on his lips.


“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” Buggy rolls his eyes as he grabs the flasks and meat from the shelf next to him as Shanks moves to do the same. The taller man is less shaky on his feet now, though he’s still a bit careful as he moves. Buggy watches him gather the stuff he’d set down, a smile growing on his lips as Shanks’ tail seems to drift towards the sylph of its own accord. It brushes against Buggy’s leg and the blue-haired man can see the way even that light contact makes Shanks shiver. “I didn’t know I had such a strong pull over you.” Buggy comments with a sense of pride in himself as the velvety appendage tries to wrap around his upper leg.


Shanks’ eyes watch his tail from his peripheral vision as the elegant tip playfully darts under the loose, thin fabric of Buggy’s shirt before pulling out again. His lips curl up at the end in a warm smile as the tickle of flesh against flesh makes the younger pirate’s giggling fit start up again. Shanks’ features grow even softer and fonder as he turns to face Buggy and finds a contented grin on the blue lips as he lets the incubus’ tail come to rest snug around his hips. “You have the strongest influence over me of everyone I’ve ever met.” He responds with the same ease and pride as if he was announcing that he’d finished his chores early.


Buggy’s laughter abruptly fades away and his eyes move from the thin appendage that gently squeezes around his body to meet the steady gaze of his best friend. Shanks’ irises are a warm brown rather than a cooler shade, Buggy notes as their eyes lock and he tries to figure out why those twelve words seemed to hold as much weight as an entire library.


Silence falls on and around them like a heavy coat of snow descends upon a city with enough weight to crack branches but not enough to destroy houses. It weighs on Buggy's shoulders and he subconsciously shrugs his shoulders as if it would displace the uncomfortable tension. When that doesn't work, the shorter man clears his throat and looks away from Shanks so he can jerk his head towards the entryway. “Alright, if we've got everything we need, let's head back. Don't need you trying to jump my bones out here again .” The sylph shoots Shanks a dirty look, but the anger and exasperation he tries to convey with it are severely impaired by the flush that splashes across his cheekbones and on the pointed tips of his ears.


Shanks’ smile goes brighter and wider as he moves over, gesturing his free arm out towards the door. “After you then, my dear.” He croons with enough happiness and warmth to melt an entire ice cream stand in mere seconds. Buggy just rolls his eyes and purposefully tries to hit Shanks in the face with his ponytail as he walks past. The sound of spluttering only serves to make the sylph cackle evilly as he walks past Shanks and into the hallway.


Something warm and soft wraps around Buggy’s hips and he doesn’t even need to look up to know that it was Shanks’ new tail. He gives an exaggerated sigh, but he doesn’t make an attempt to push the appendage away, even when the tip tries to dip into his pants. He does, however, give Shanks a look as he pointedly clears his throat. “I thought you wanted to wait till we got back to our room to start anything?” He asks with a direct look to the front of his pants, where Shanks’ tail was struggling with the sash that keeps Buggy’s otherwise loose pants up.


“‘Want?’ Not in the slightest. Know we’d have our asses kicked for having sex out here and would like that to not happen? Absolutely.” Shanks doesn’t mind the fact that he’s caught in the act of literally trying to get into the younger pirate’s pants. His sunny grin remains on his lips as he wraps an arm around Buggy’s shoulders as his tail continues to struggle to get into the sylph’s pants.


Buggy’s arms are full, and he tells himself that that is the reason he hasn’t swatted both Shanks’ hand and tail away. However, he knows that he actually quite values the comfort and warmth they provide, because despite the fact that they had been sexually involved in the past, this was different.


This time, Shanks had verbally declared that he wanted Buggy.


Well, it wasn’t like he hadn’t said it before, but this time, Shanks had meant a different kind of ‘want.’ This time… This time, the kind of ‘want’ he meant was more than wanting his friend to join him in some prank on Crocus, or more than wanting simple release. The way Shanks had talked in the dining hall almost made Buggy think that the incubus was telling him that he wanted all Buggy had to offer; his head and thoughts, his lungs and words, his throat and voice, his mouth and kisses, his hands and touches, his eyes and glances, his heart and his everything . It’s an intimidating thought, but Buggy has to admit that he isn’t opposed to the idea. So he lets his arm rub against Shanks’ side as they walk and lets the tail continue to struggle with the sash at his hips as he makes a remark about how desperate the redhead seems. Shanks only nods, smiles brightly and agrees with another comment that has Buggy blushing all over again.


It only takes a few minutes before they reach their room, and when they stop in front of their door, Buggy can feel his heart rate speed up at being so close to doing the deed. Shanks steps forward and opens the door, the motion forcing them to separate and Shanks’ tail to have to unravel from around its new favorite resting place. If Buggy had been less proud of a man, he would’ve pouted at the loss of contact.


Thankfully, Shanks is still rational minded enough to usher Buggy in and wait until the door closes before he plants a rather loud kiss on his cheek. He pulls away from the younger pirate His smile is one part puppy-like eagerness and two parts sly seductiveness as he takes slow, precise footsteps back to Buggy, who lets out a groan and rolls his eyes before sidestepping him and setting down his own supplies on the table. He takes a seat on the edge of the closest bed, which happens to be Shanks’. He looks up at the redhead that moves to sit next to Buggy, the same desire in his eyes that had been there in the dining hall.


“Alright, we have lube, right? Or lotion, or something?” Buggy asks, heart beating way too fast against his ribs. Truthfully, he’s just trying to stall. He knows all too well that both of them have enough lube, lotion, scented oils to hold them over for the next few months. “Because there’s no way in hell we’re trying this with spit again.” That had been an awful mistake that had earned them a very embarrassing but very informative lecture from Crocus which they repeated to any teenager they had encountered afterwards.


“Of course not! We will never do that again.” Shanks nods in agreement as he reaches under his bed. Buggy watches him for a moment but looks away the second the incubus sits back up, mainly to hide his vibrant flush and nervous breathing. However, even with Buggy’s head turned away, Shanks can tell that his friend is anxious. The thought of Buggy being apprehensive about what they are about to do absolutely breaks Shanks’ heart.


The bottle of lube is set down on the bed and Shanks reaches over to take Buggy’s hand in his own, using his other hand to gently take hold of his chin. “Hey… Look at me for a second?” Shanks’ voice is muted as he tenderly turns the sylph’s face for him to see.


Buggy reluctantly allows Shanks to look at his nervous expression, but his own eyes focus on the redhead’s throat, watching it move as he speaks. He knows he looks scared and weak, like caged rabbit, but he doesn’t know how else he could look in a situation like this. “Y-Yeah? What’s up?” Even to himself, he sounds like a building one harsh breeze away from collapsing in on himself.


“Buggy. My eyes are up here. Please, I just… need to know this is what you want.” Shanks’ eyes widen a bit as he realizes something. He looks at Buggy, looking pained and disgusted, and in that second Buggy can tell exactly what he’s thinking. “Oh, fuck. I never asked if you actually want this. I-I made you-”


“No. No you fucking didn’t.” Buggy states firmly, squeezing Shanks’ hand as his eyes lock onto the other man’s. He turns his body to face Shanks, their legs overlapping at the knee. “Don’t you dare think that for a fucking second, Shanks. I want this just as much as you do, and you better not doubt me.” Buggy’s voice is firm and unshakable as he wraps his other hand around the back of the redhead’s neck and draws their foreheads together. “I want this. I promise.”


Shanks looks up at Buggy, his nervous eyes searching the other pirate’s for the truth in his words. He seems a bit reassured, but his voice still comes out uncertain when he asks, “Really? You’re not just saying that?”


Buggy nods, a comforting smile slowly spreading across his lips as his fingers gently scratching the back of Shanks’ neck. “I mean it. Don’t make me repeat it, red hair.” He jokingly sticks his tongue out, drawing a small laugh out of the taller male. The fact it seems to cheer up Shanks makes Buggy feel better before he takes in a deep breath. “I’m just… nervous, I guess.”


“Oh! That makes sense.” Shanks offers a caring smile in return as he lifts Buggy’s hand to his own chest, uncurling the sylph’s fingers so his palm rests flat over the tan male’s heart. Buggy’s cheeks go as blue as the water the Oro Jackson sails on; this is the first time he’s touched Shanks’ bare chest in at least a year, since it’s been about that long since they’ve had any sexual contact. “Here, feel my heart. I’m nervous, too.” Shanks’ words bring Buggy to the realization that the older man’s heart rate is, in fact, increased.


“Oh…” Buggy says simply, his eyes looking down to see the way their skin contrasts. It wasn’t overly interesting, but it was a new sight, with the new aqua hue of Buggy’s skin. It was a sight Buggy finds he actually really enjoys.


“Mmhm~” Shanks hums lowly as he rolls his head forward a bit so he can nudge their noses together. The action draws Buggy’s attention and he looks up to see a fond gaze directed at him. It brings another smile out of Buggy as he feels heavy, syrupy adoration begin to pump through his veins once again. The remain like that, warmth and intimacy weaving webs between them, for a few more moments before Shanks speaks up again, still using a soft tone. “Hey, Buggy… I wanna kiss you again. Can I?”


In lieu of a response, Buggy uses the hand on Shanks’ neck to drag the redhead in for a kiss. He lets the fingers on the tan chest lightly press the tips of his nails into the skin. The light groan it draw from Shanks is like wine as it’s poured against Buggy’s lips. The incubus’ hand slides back to cradle the back of Buggy’s head. It seems like Shanks’ is having difficulty trying to position his hand, since the sylph’s ponytail is getting in the way. A quick snap and the problem has been taken care of. Shanks lips twitch against Buggy’s own and the hot headed man can tell Shanks is pleased with himself for ridding Buggy of the hairband that the incubus had proclaimed his hate for many times. Lucky for him, Buggy can’t find it in himself to care as he rolls over to straddle Shanks once again.


The change in position brings their hips together, and it’s obvious that their erections were still very much into this situation. The way Buggy has to angle his head in this new posture sends his hair falling like a curtain over both of the pirates’ faces. The soft mane tickles both of their cheeks, but Shanks chuckles into the contact as his other hand comes up to join its match, messily pinning the blue hair back with the action.


After a few moments of soft, lazy kissing, hey part from their kiss so they can take in fresh oxygen. The easy grin on Shanks’ features  brings a matching smile to Buggy’s lips. “You know, I think I really like this position.” Shanks comments cheekily as he lightly tussles Buggy’s hair. Then he goes absolutely silent and fixes an intense stare on the sylph’s face, going absolutely still in concentration.


Buggy blinks and draws his eyebrows together in confusion as Shanks’ eyes explore his face. “What is it now, red hair? I thought you wanted to get started already?” He asks, trying to force annoyance in his voice. It doesn’t work, because Shanks smiles brightly as he gently lets go of Buggy’s hair so it can frame his face.


“I love your hair. You need to leave it down more often.” Shanks says with a fond inflection in his voice. “Mainly around me, so I can touch it.”


Buggy scoffs and gently swats at Shanks’ hand, but not with enough force to bat it away. “You're being ridiculous. Now pull off your pants. I wanna get to business.” Pale blue hands let go of Shanks and instead tug off his own loose shirt, leaving him at the same level of undress as his friend.


Shanks doesn't move, instead watching as the sylph’s skin is revealed to him and making Buggy roll his eyes. “You're so beautiful…” Shanks murmurs with a dopey grin as he moves his hand to touch Buggy's bare side. Before he can, Buggy pushes his hand away.


“Undress first, Shanks. You're getting weak and hungry again.” Just as Buggy said, Shanks was growing pale and his movements were shaky. When the incubus opens his mouth to protest, the shorter man puts a hand flat against the center of Shanks’ chest and gives him a light shove. It’s a testament to how indisposed Shanks is that such a weak push lays the man out on the bed.


The breath is forced from Shanks’ lungs as his back hits his mattress, but he doesn’t complain. Instead, he gives another attempt to reach up and set his hands on the newly bared skin. This time Buggy lets the rough hands bracket his ribcage, the calloused thumbs rubbing just under his pectorals. The heat that Shanks’ hands press into his own cooler skin is calming, in a way. Shanks was always warmer than Buggy, and it was nice to see the redhead still was generating enough heat to warm up the air spirit.


However, despite how nice the moment is, Buggy knows that they need to actually have sex so Shanks is able to complete a healthy transformation (and because damn if they both don’t want it). He kicks off his boots and unties the sash around his pants before tossing it to the ground and fixing Shanks with an impatient look and a huff. “Red hair, do I need to tell you to take your pants again, or are you planning on cumming in your pants like an overexcited fourteen-year-old?” Buggy snaps as stands up to pull his own pants off, leaving him in his boxers at the foot of the bed.


The dreamy, whimsical look in Shank’s eyes clears abruptly and is replaced by an intense focus. It’s such a new expression on the usually relaxed face that the younger pirate is a bit taken aback. Buggy that feels his heart beat strangely at the realization that the concentrated expression is because of him and only him. Shanks nods and begins to unbutton and unzip his pants, though his eyes remain locked on the sylph.


Buggy becomes very aware of the way his lips tingle from their kissing, and they was his underwear is tented for the same reason. There’s a blush painted across his cheeks and up to the pointed tips of his ears, and he is willing to bet his pupils are blown. The quick removal of his clothes has left him cold, especially after moving away from Shanks’ warmth, and goosebumps begin to rise on his lukewarm flesh.


In other words, Buggy feels strangely attractive


When he and Shanks had talked about being suave, charming Casanovas in their younger years, Buggy had pictured himself being heavily-muscled with a pint in one hand and a bag of gold in the other, laughing with his admiring crew as he was swooned over by gorgeous men and women alike. He certainly hadn’t pictured himself like this, pouting with crossed arms as he stands at the foot of his best friend’s bed in their shared cabin and orders Shanks to strip.


Still, it wasn’t a bad feeling. What can he say? Buggy’s a sucker for someone looking at him like he’s their favorite candy. And he knows for a fact that Shanks hasn’t had cotton candy in a good long while.


Shanks kicks off his loose pants, and Buggy gives an exasperated groan as it’s revealed that the redhead didn’t even bother to pull on undergarments before searching for the shorter man. “Really? You didn’t have the time to find your boxers?” He asks with a roll of his eyes. He tries to pretend his eyes aren’t drawn to the swollen arousal that proudly stands between Shanks’ legs. It’s flushed red, redder than Shanks’ face, and as Shanks pulls back his foreskin, it looks like precum could begin beading  from the slit soon.


The overall sight of a flushed, needy Shanks watching Buggy with a flushed, needy erection is powerfully arousing, and it catches Buggy off guard enough that his arms fall to his side. He tries not to seem eager as he takes a few steps forward so he can kneel one leg on the edge of the bed. “Move back.”


Shanks grins shamelessly wide as he scoots back on the bed so his back rests against the headboard. “Didn’t have time. I needed you right then. Still need you actually, if you couldn’t tell.” He says those words and winks in a playful manner, but it feels more seductive than anything.


“Shut up, idiot.” Buggy murmurs, eyes focusing on Shanks’ face rather than his cock. He reaches up to the waistband of his own boxers and pushed his thumb under the elastic band. To his delight, Shanks’ pulls in a sharp inhale as he watches the sylph begin to pull off his undergarments. Buggy pauses before letting out a cackle at the sight of Shanks yet again going weak and desperate for the blue man. “What, excited? You’ve already seen everything before.” He proudly grins as he slowly pulls his boxers down, revealing more and more of his happy trail.


“Yeah, but I haven’t seen it when it’s blue.” Both men blink at each other. Without breaking eye contact, Buggy uses his control over air to summon a pillow from his bed and throw it forcefully into Shanks’ face.


The back of Shanks’ head loudly collides with the headboard and he lets out a yelp that’s muffled by the pillow still pressing against his face. He tries to lift his hands to pull the pillow away from his face, but the strong flow of wind Buggy controls only presses his hands to the headboard. As Shanks lets out smothered squawks, Buggy can’t tell if the incubus is letting him do that, or if the sylph is really that strong, or if maybe Shanks is just that weak right now. It’s that last thought that gets to him, and he drops his hand, letting the forceful breeze stop entirely as he uses his now free hand to pull down his boxers.


“You’re lucky I didn’t just suffocate you with that pillow.” Buggy spits with very little venom in his voice. He steps out of his undergarments and kicks them to side before quickly moving to keep Shanks’ hands pinned to the headboard. The action leaves Buggy straddling the redhead’s thighs as he smirks down at the taller man, his hands firmly holding Shanks’ on either side of his flushed face.


Shanks is busy trying to catch his breath, tongue hanging out of his mouth like he’s a panting dog, when the sylph moves on top of him. Despite the fact Shanks can hardly breathe, he manages a weak, shaky smile in return to the vicious smirk. His hands are pinned and he’s weak, but Buggy finds that only a few seconds of holding this position, Shanks has managed to get of the younger pirates hold. At least, in a way. Shanks had wriggled out of the grip until he can intertwine their fingers, until they are holding hands.


Buggy looks at their hands as a slow tide of aquamarine washes over his cheeks. “You… You-!” He makes to screech at Shanks in protest, but before he can, he feels soft lips pressing against the corner of his mouth. It wasn’t a clean, gentle peck, but more of a messy, awkward press of Shanks’s lips to the open corner of Buggy’s mouth. To Shanks’ credit, it does stop Buggy from yelling at him anymore. “Hey-mngh-!”


The sylph decides to pretend that it’s pure luck - rather than Shanks’ newly developed skills of seduction combined with Buggy’s pre-existing feelings for his friend - that manages to keep him from making fun of the incubus at the incredibly awkward kiss. Shanks’ “luck” manages to shift their mouths into yet another smooth meeting of their lips.


The sigh of annoyance that Buggy lets out morphs into one of arousal as Shanks slips his tongue against the crease of the shorter man’s lips. Buggy supposes that this sort of grip on Shanks’ hands will just have to work, and he roughly presses the redhead’s hands against the backboard. Shanks lets out a startled gasp as he leans back from their kiss so he can look at Buggy. “Wh-what was…?”


The response he receives in a sly, fox-like grin, combined with a heavy gaze and the words, “What? Not a fan of pain, red hair?”


Buggy’s words only spur Shanks on.


The incubus squeezes the nimble, turquoise fingers that are laced with his own and smiles back at Buggy with the confidence of a lion. “Actually, it’s the opposite. And you know you can say my name, right?” He purrs before leaning back in to catch Buggy in another heated kiss.


Buggy doesn’t even pretend to be annoyed anymore and instead returns the squeeze to Shanks’ hands and forces them back against the headboard even harder. He parts his lips eagerly, allowing Shanks’ tongue to slide against his own as the sylph slowly lowered himself to sit on Shanks’ upper thighs. The motion causes their cocks to rub against each other in a way that they hadn’t in at least a year and forces them to moan into their kiss.


“F-Fuck, Buggy, that feels great .” Shanks growls lowly, but the sound doesn’t intimidate Buggy so much as it empowers him. “Can you let go of my hands? I wanna touch you.” He states plainly as he rocks his hips up against Buggy’s, their erections rubbing against each other again.


Buggy chuckles through another sound of pleasure as he rolls his hips. “Not a chance, red hair. Besides, you were the one who decided that you want to hold hands.” Buggy gave a small shake of their hands with a sly smile before rocking his hips again.


A light whimper fell from Shanks’ lips as a bead of precum begins to bead up from his slit. The sight and sound of an aroused incubus is powerful, but even more powerful is an aroused, desperate, needy Shanks that just wants to pleasure his partner. It’s overwhelming, in a way, but not quite as overwhelming as the fact Shanks is so excited to have sex with Buggy, a sylph, which ranked much lower on the power scale of creatures. Not that Buggy would ever settle for being weaker than Shanks.


“Buggy! C’mon, please?” Shanks pleads softly before his voice cuts off in a sharp keen as Buggy leans forward to nip at Shanks’ lower lip while rolling his hips again.


“Hmm… Fine, I guess.” Buggy pretends to have mercy as he lets go of one of the redhead’s hands. With his free hand the blue-haired man reaches over to grab the lube, giving a sharp, short inhale followed by a long exhale when he feels Shanks’ hand wrap around both of their cocks and begin to slowly stroke. “Slow down, dammit! At least wait until I get the lube,” He berates as he pulls the cork out from the mouth of the bottle.


Shanks watches Buggy with excited eyes as the slightly shorter male carefully pours a small amount of lube onto both of their cocks. The cool liquid makes Buggy shiver and Shanks draw in a hiss before the incubus begins to slowly move his hand again. Immediately, both men let out heated moans, their linked hands squeezing each others’. “Shit, that’s good.” Buggy murmurs lowly as he attempts to pour more lube into his only free hand using said free hand. As expected, it doesn’t go well.


Shanks gives a small exhale of laughter before releasing his hold on their now proudly dripping cocks. “Here, I got it” He takes the small vial from Buggy’s hand and pours a generous  amount of the liquid into Buggy’s palm.


“Hey, not too much! We need to make this last for as long as your transformation lasts! It’s not like we can go to the store with you like this.” Buggy scolds. He wiggles his fingers to spread the lube onto his digits, using his thumb to get it on the back of his fingers.


“So you’re staying with me the entire time?” Shanks winks as he moves his hand back to wrap around their members. Despite his playful teasing, Shanks seems pleasantly surprised by the implication of Buggy’s words.


Buggy scoffs as he raises his hand to see if it’s slick enough to make preparing himself as painless as possible. “Of course I am, moron. You said you were hungry, didn’t you?” He refers back to the earlier statement like it’s nothing, but he still flushes at the seductive nature of the words.


Shanks beams at the other man as he rubs his thumb over the heads of their cocks, collecting the precum and smearing it against their heated skin. “Absolutely famished.” He croons as he watches Buggy look over his hand. “And I gotta ask, why are you putting lube on your hand?”


Buggy gives him the same look he always does when the taller male says something stupid. “Did you expect me to not need any prep? Seriously, give yourself some credit.” He shakes his head as he reaches back with his free hand. What he doesn’t see coming is how Shanks tries to let go of Buggy’s hand and shake himself free of the contact. The sudden movement makes him yelp and roughly shove Shanks’ hand back against the headboard with enough force to rattle the entire bed. “What the fuck-?!”


“But I wanted to prep you!” Shanks whines like a child. His lips puff out in a pout, but the neediness in his eyes are proof of  just how much he actually wants it. He squirms under the younger pirate a bit, still trying to free himself from the sylph’s hold.


Buggy rolls his eyes and makes sure he has a firm grip on the redhead’s hand as he uses his slick digits to rub some of the lube onto his rim. “Don’t care, I’m doing it. Besides, it would be a weird angle for you, and I trust myself more, especially since you’re bigger than you were last time we did this.” His voice is a bit shaky when he speaks and he has to take a few deep breaths to make sure he’s relaxed enough for what he’s going to do.


There’s a petulant mumble of, “but I’d be careful…!” before Shanks falls eerily quiet as he watches Buggy press the tip of his index finger against his puckered hole. The incubus watches his friend closely as the sylph  draws his lower lip between his teeth in concentration. He hasn’t seen Buggy pleasure himself in years, and even then he’s never seen Buggy prep himself; he usually lets Shanks do it, which was one of the reasons the redhead wants to do it now more than ever. But he knows that now more than ever, Buggy was right, and he’s the best one to prepare himself, so he said nothing, and instead enjoys the sight of his best friend and hopefully lover stretching himself.


Buggy’s eyes fall half-lidded as he slowly presses his index finger inside his own body. It was hot, hot enough that it took him by surprise, but he didn’t stop. Instead, he continued to push his digit in further, allowing it to give his walls a very slight stretch. “Hah… Nn…” Small noises fall from his throat as he manages to press inside to his second knuckle before needing to stop and allow his body to adjust. It’s in those few moments of stillness and silence that Buggy realizes that Shanks has stopped stroking, and that it would be much more fun for everyone involved if Shanks gave them something to do while the shorter man works himself open.


“Hey, Shanks… Keep going. I’m getting bored like this.” He speaks quietly, as if he suddenly realized the position he’s in. Blue eyes flick up to Shanks’ face, taking in his expression before they both flush and look back down to where Shanks’ hand is wrapped around their members. Shanks nods, but doesn’t move quiet yet. “Shanks, please. I… I need you to move.”


Shanks’ breath is stolen from his lungs by those words. He’d never heard Buggy beg for him, even if it was simply for him to do something. And the fact he’d even used Shanks’ given name… It was almost an honor to make him beg like this, so he decides not to push the issue and instead starts the slow, even strokes again.


Buggy lets out a broken sigh as the he works a second finger in next to the second. He finds that he had been missing this, the stretch before feeling himself being filled and worked up to his climax. It had been weeks since he’d been able to do this to himself, months since someone could do it for him and over a year since that ‘someone’ was Shanks. It always felt best when it was Shanks. Buggy had denied it was because of his attachment to the other man, but now… maybe he didn’t have to.


A low thumping against the mattress catches Buggy’s attention, and he looks to his right to see  Shanks’ tail is now happily smacking against the bed. It looks pleased with itself as it applauds the young men for finally getting to the point they have. “Your tail is wagging .” Buggy exclaims with a hint of laughter in his voice.


Shanks flushes but chuckles a bit at Buggy’s astonishment. “Yeah, it kinda does that when I think of you.” He blushes even darker as they both watch Shanks’ newest limb move to curl around Buggy’s upper thigh. To his surprise, the action only makes Buggy laugh more, a clear, happy sound that was unlike all of the smug, proud howls of laughter Shanks had grown accustomed to.


“Fine, it can do what it wants. Just make sure it doesn’t get in the way.” Buggy instructs with a faint smile before he begins moving his fingers inside of himself again. He lets out a small whine as he takes both digits to the knuckle.


Shanks smiles as he continues the slow, steady strokes of their dripping cocks. “It won’t, I promise. I’m getting better control over it.”


“You better be. We don’t need your tail trying to woo me when we’re in front of the rest of the crew- Hah!” Buggy cuts himself off with a sharp whimper as he lets his ring finger begin to press against his entrance with his index and middle finger. His eyes close and eyebrows draw together in concentration as he tries to focus on keeping himself relaxed.


“Gods, your beautiful. So gorgeous.”


Buggy allows one eye to open to look at Shanks while he fits his fingers in to the first knuckle. “Wh-?”


Shanks just continues the lazy, steady movements of his hand on their dripping cocks. “You look amazing like this. Well, you always look good, but right now, letting me see you like this? I feel like the luckiest person on the planet. I mean, I must be. I get you .” A happy laugh bubbles out of Shanks’ throat as he gives a soft squeeze to Buggy’s hand.


Buggy feels a blush like a tidal wave wash over his entire body as both of his eyes go wide. “What are you talking about…?” He asks with a raspy voice. His hand goes still with three fingers halfway inside his body.


Shanks smiles bright as the sun and leans forward to press a soft peck to Buggy’s cheek before nuzzling his nose against the soft aquamarine flesh. “I’m just thinking out loud. Keep doing what you were doing.” He urges softly as the diamond-shaped tip of his tail brushes over the soft swell of the sylph’s ass. “I’m just appreciating you.”


Buggy wants to protest, but he can’t deny the way Shanks’ words make his heart swell and he’s not quite sure he wants it to stop. He doesn’t say anything, simply nods as he begins to push his fingers in deeper. A small keen forces itself out of his lips and it feels more intimate now that he knows Shanks wants to hear them.


“Holy Virtues, Buggy, you sound so damn pretty, too. It’s been forever since I’ve been able to hear you. Do you know how much I missed your moans and whines and gasps?” Shanks’ voice steadily grows lower and more gravelly as he speaks, eventually reaching a needy growl. His hand grows tighter with every other word until it forces a choked gasp from Buggy’s lips.


The gasp quickly turns into a pitiful whimper as Buggy’s hips buck into the tight grip of Shanks’ fist. “Sh-Shanks… T-Tight-!” He whines, thighs beginning to shake as he tries to hold himself steady through the overstimulation.


Shanks doesn’t loosen his hand like Buggy thinks he would; instead, he begins to move his hand a bit faster while maintaining the relentless grip. “I know, darling. It’s selfish, but I can’t wait anymore. I need to see and hear you cum. It’s been too long. I can’t wait.” Shanks offers an apologetic look - which Buggy thinks doesn’t look sorry at all - before giving a slight twist of his wrist as his hand reached the heads of their dicks.


Buggy lets out a breathless little laugh as he begins pushing his fingers in and out of his hole. “Sure, you’re the selfish one. We can go with that.” He says airily as he tries to keep from thrusting up into the heavenly tight grip again while his fingertips scramble to find that one spot that Shanks never seemed to have a problem finding. All the while, the pads of his fingers push at his walls, sending small jolts of pleasure up his spine and down his legs. “Ngh! Hn… ! Ah!”


“Oh, but I am. I need this. I need you and, if I can be blunt, my body needs your climax.” Shanks murmurs as his head dips forward and nudges Buggy’s nose with the tip of his own. He lets out a small huff of laughter at the way the sylph’s hips jerk and twitch under his ministrations. “Love, just relax. Let your body do what it wants. I want you to cum for me, Buggy. Please.”


“O-Okay- Hah! Ah!” Buggy’s back arches when his middle finger roughly knocks against his prostate, and he leans forward to capture Shanks’ lips in another passionate, loving kiss. He lets his hips give uncoordinated bucks into the redhead’s hand while pressing his fingers against his prostate. He lets out small, muffled noises into their kiss that spur Shanks into moving his hand faster. This new pace has Buggy’s legs shaking and his hips twitching wildly as he presses hard against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside his body.


Shanks is all too happy to return the kiss, his own moans and grunts and gasps pressed into the heat of Buggy’s mouth. Their tongues move in an uncoordinated, messy dance that both find too gratifying to care about how unpracticed it is. Soon, saliva builds up at the corners of their lips and begins to stream down their chins, smearing when they tilt their heads at a slightly different angle.


A heavy stream of pearly precum is streaming from Buggy’s cock, and Shanks’ newly developing incubus instincts tell him that he wants to lick up every drop. Judging by the amount that’s dripping down his fingers, the way Buggy’s hips are sporadically twitching, and the pitch of the desperate, primal sounds falling liberally from the sylph’s lips, Buggy was incredibly close to cumming. Shanks gives a bit more of a squeeze to the blue-haired man’s base as he pulls back so he can watch his lover cum.


Buggy nearly protests when Shanks pulls back, his turquoise tongue darting out to swipe up the strand of saliva that connects their lips, but the look on Shanks’ face stops him. “Mmn! H-Hah, Sh- Shanks !” Buggy gives a pleading whimper as his pleasure peaks, Shanks’s hand and tail wrapped so tight around him as his own fingers press hard against his prostate. It’s so much, too much, and he spills over both Shanks’ and his own chest as he continues to whine out Shanks’ name on repeat. “Shanks… Shanks…”


It’s not the most overwhelming orgasm he’s ever had, but it’s still strong and hot and satisfying and leaves his whole body with a feeling of the most pleasant dizziness. He’s panting for air, and he knows he’s a mess now. His hair must be a mess and his lips stained and his whole body trembling as he leans forward to rest his forehead against Shanks’ shoulder. As the dizziness begins to fade, he can hear a low, smooth voice speaking to him.


“Heavens damned, Buggy, that was the most beautiful this I’ve ever seen.” Shanks is murmuring with the sweetest tone Buggy’s ever heard. The shorter pirate turns his head so his cheek is resting on the warm-hot skin of Shanks’ muscled shoulder. His eyes turn up to Shanks’ face as he feels the other’s still slick hand wiping up the cum off of Buggy’s heaving chest. The redhead gives him a playfully seductive wink as he raises his now cum-covered fingers to his mouth and licks the sticky, syrupy fluid from his long, calloused digits with a low groan of satisfaction.


The sight makes Buggy got shock still. It’s an arousing scene, but semen has a reputably bad flavor, and that was a fact both of the young men knew. Buggy flushes and gapes at Shanks, who seems to be enjoying the bitter, salty flavor, before he begins sputtering. “Y-You don’t need to do that -!”


Shanks peers down at him curiously as he draws his pinky into his mouth so he can suck the white liquid off the digit. “Hm? Oh! I’ gwivez uz m’re enregi.”


“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Buggy rolls his eyes, but his gaze is immediately drawn to Shanks’ mouth.


Shanks pulls his finger out of his mouth with a small ‘ pop ’ before repeating himself. “Sorry. I said it gives us more energy. Not to mention that it tastes great.” Shanks adds before looking back down at his hand and seeming disappointed to see all the seed had been cleaned away.


“Huh. Weird.” Is what Buggy says, but he’s thinking more along the lines of ‘hot’ or ‘sexy.’ He looks up when he feels a dull ache in his right forearm. They’re still holding hands, he notices with a barely there grin. He releases his hold on Shanks’ hand and lets his own fall to his side, which is a giant relief on his muscles. But when both of his hands fall to his sides, he remembers that Shanks hasn’t cum yet. With trembling legs, Buggy moves to sit further back on Shanks’ legs. “Hey, stay still. I’m gonna blow you.”


Shanks’ shoulders jump in surprise and he takes in a sharp inhale before letting out a shaky laugh. “Now there’s something we haven’t done in a while.”


“Been a while since we’ve had the time.” Buggy shrugs as he looks around on either side of him for a hair tie before remembering that Shanks had used his claws to ruin his last one. “Hold my hair out of my face for me.” He orders easily as he braces himself on his hands and leans over until his lips hover over Shanks’ cock.




Buggy looks up as one of Shanks’ hands gathers his hair behind his head. “What?”


“I think this week is going to be the best damn week of my entire life.” Shanks smiles in a way that makes Buggy sure that the redhead’s entire heart is in it.


Buggy gives a lighthearted scoff. “If this isn’t, then it’ll be because we only get better in the future.” He replies with a confident grin and a wink.


Shanks’ smile only gets wider as his tail begins wagging happily and thumping against the bed. “‘In the future?’ You mean you want to be together in the future?”


Buggy nods before his eyebrows furrow. “Of course I do. Do you not?”


Shanks shakes his head lightly, his red hair swaying with the action. “I do, I do. Just… wasn’t sure if you wanted to.”


Buggy nods, features forming a mischievous grin. “I do, so you better get used to coming in second!”


Shanks laughs happily, his entire being relaxing. “Only if it’s to you.”


A scoff and a blush are the first two responses he receives. “It’ll only ever be to me, got it?”


“Got it.”