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Who Was I

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The people closest to you felt it worst, and that, unfortunately, meant everyone in the class. Everything was a blur, nothing made sense. Heroes were out on the lookout all over the building where the class had been told to stay put (or else there would be serious consequences.) There were policemen with police dogs all over too, as your disappearance had come to light only hours ago.

The kidnapping of [Lastname] [Name] was sudden, shocking and terrifying. It happened so fast that it didn't even seem true until later when the incident started becoming so much bigger than the students would ever realise. Sure, there had been stories of unfortunate people who had been involved in a kidnapping on the news but to have it happen so personally to them, it was unreal. Your disappearance was so obvious, so painstakingly felt in the Yuuei dorms that it felt just scary to even speak.

The television was on and their teacher was on the screen, Aizawa was addressing the issue with a face of passive nerves because they all knew he was just itching to go out there and look for you. He was speaking so clearly, almost no emotion and a hard look in his eyes, like he was thinking on the spot - what to do, where to go, where were you, how did you get away so silently and without anyone realising? - while his own students were watching, he knew this, and he looked at the camera, 

"We won't stop until we get her back."


It was only hours before that you were resting on the couch with Kaminari and Midoriya, your head rest on Kaminari's lap while your feet were graciously upon Midoriya's thighs and they invited you to make yourself comfortable while you took their offer immediately with sweet words or gratitude, smiling and giggling like you always seemed to be. Popcorn was being passed around and without even asking, Todoroki bought the bucket towards you. 

Without mercy, you reach your hand in to grab a handful of the buttery treat and laughed as it crumbled over your chest - Denki helped himself to eat some of the fallen popcorn while you fed your mouth and watched the movie playing on the flat-screen TV (the same one they were watching without you, about your mysterious kidnapping) and Midoriya flinched when your toe touched his stomach lightly, "say ahh" you grinned and he stared for a second longer before realising dumbly and opened his mouth with pink cheeks, you threw the popcorn lightly and it floated right into his mouth, astounded, he ate it with a dumb smile growing on his face and Kaminari cheered quietly for your success.

"Thanks, Shouto," you whispered and he nodded back at you before turning back to see the movie, a Disney one just for him since he seemed to have missed out on that part of a childhood. And everyone was crowded together in front of the screen; either on the floor or cuddled on the couch or others had ever brought down their own pillows and blankets to make themselves extra comfortable.

It was only hours before the incident that you had taken to go on your phone for a bit instead of watching the movie, catching Denki's attention when he smirked at the contents on your phone as you scrolled through social media and liked images of memes. He got his own phone and instantly started recording this on snapchat as you scrolled through unknowingly, laughing to himself as he sent it to just about everyone in class. Watching in amusement when everyones phones seemed to either light up, vibrate or ding with a notification, opening it to see what you were doing and laughing back at you when you slowly realised what was going on,

"Huh? What is it?" You sat up and noticed Todoroki watching the video too, seeing yourself from above and you laughed towards Denki as the boy snickered, "you ass! I'm watching the movie, I was just a bit bored!" He laughed aloud now and the sound made your smile grow, "idiot.."

"[Name], are those dank memes?" 

Sero had a smirk on his face and you honestly didn't know why that would be a surprise, "Huh?... so what if it is..?"

The boys; mainly part of the self-proclaimed 'Bakusquad,' laughed while you couldn't help laughing along with them.

It was only hours before you were taken that Kaminari decided to follow you when you professed that you would be heading to bed early. You knew full well that you were actually going just so you could watch some random videos on youtube in your bed. After Kaminari came Sero and along with him came Kirishima and then Bakugou too. The last boy didn't really have a choice but when Kirishima dragged him along with a teasing grin and then there were four guys in your dorm room along with yourself and without needing to say anything, they all made themselves comfortable in your room.

Kirishima falling backwards into your large beanbag on the floor, Kaminari diving right into your bed to bury his face in your pillows and Sero effortlessly sitting on Denki's back, scooting back to rest his own back against the wall. And Bakugou took the seat by your desk, twirling around to see everyone while you sat on the floor and turned on your television seeing as you had four other unexpected guests here.

"Why'd you guys follow me?" They knew you didn't mind, in fact, everyone knew that you loved it when people kept you company in your room, whether it be just to mess around or to talk about issues or to play games and watch movies or even to do school work together. You were kind of like that person that no one could hate even if they physically tried and it showed by the way you just smiled every day, throughout everything you went through.

It showed when some girls from a different class came to you for love advise because you had unintentionally helped their friend get with her crush. It showed when Uraraka's crush on Midoriya could be handled in a good manner so that the two could still be friends because they were first and for-most becoming heroes. It showed when Bakugou came to you about how to be a little bit nicer to his peers because no one was willing to deal with his angry and unfair outbursts. It showed when Kaminari came to you about his crush on Kirishima, when all he could do was rant about how manly and handsome the red-haired boy was and you just agreed because it was true.

You listened to everyone and for that, they were all so grateful to you.

But hours later when your disappearance was made known in the early hours of the morning, no one knew what to do but everyone was thinking the same thing, they had to get you back no matter what. They couldn't waste any time when they all knew that you would've gone after any one of them without a second thought.


Somewhere in Tokyo, 04:29,

A group of men were holding you and your unconscious body was dead weight, easy for them to hold and touch while taking you away while the perpetrators held in their grins until they were completely off the grid. Neither thinking nor feeling, your body was nothing more than a sack of potatoes as they transported you away from your home and from your family and from your friends. Away from the heroes that still weren't aware that you had been abducted in the building where you were meant to be the safest. 

"'m gonna have so much fun with this lil cutie," one of them muttered, his head, the head of an odd looking rodent, was looking down your body with mirth and no one said anything because they still didn't even believe that their plan worked so well. Laughing inwardly at the idiots that call themselves heroes - but kudos to them for saving that other boy that had been abducted by the League of Villains - but now that another student had been successfully taken, they were determined to ensure that you didn't get away from them until they wanted you to.

Then the people of Japan would see how hopeless these heroes are, unable to even protect their own pupils. Civilians would cause an uproar and no one would feel safe, it would be chaos and just the thought brought the leader; Akuma, so much pleasure that he couldn't help caressing your soft cheek, at the touch you roused from your sleep.


"Ah, our sweet girl is waking, let's be sure to see that she doesn't wake up Tokyo," Akuma's voice was dark, like thunder in a quiet storm and you didn't understand what was going on, your eyes adapting to the darkness when you felt their hands, tight and hot, grabbing your arms and your legs and your waist, moving up and down wherever they pleased, and you flinched multiple times while licking your lips to try and wake up, blinking repeatedly when your brows furrowed, your heart spiking frantically when you could finally make out the four men surrounding you,


"It's okay, angel face, we'll be home soon," Your stomach dropped so hard it made you sick, tears came to your eyes and you tried to speak up louder as the early morning light was finally showing, the sky turning from that dark navy-black as it turned to a dark blue, going lighter as your eyes try to look around to spot anything that seemed familiar, "st-stop.." your mind was so hazy, your body so weak, your mouth almost felt numb, lips moving without you even knowing as you tried to make a sound, 

"Hide, put your bandana on her mouth," The one with that deep, hypnotising voice spoke and the other man did what he commanded without a second thought, as if he didn't have control.

"No- mmmmnhgnmm!!" The material tightened around your head, your mouth struggling to talk as you tried and failed to remove it. Your voice was muffled, unable to be understood and your body was tingling from the effects of whatever they had done to make you so easy to take, steal, from your home.

A kick, your foot was asleep and you kicked again, the hand squeezed, a blinding pain and you look down to see some sort of knife type weapon protruding from another mans forearm, Akuma rumbled, "Don't damage my goods, Neikan," 

"Yeah, boss." He retracted the white, sharp thing from your leg and it went back under his skin, your skin crawled with fear, unable to think properly when your body started convulsing in fear, "alright, alright, my princess is finally awake, huh? You can feel your body again, that's nice, but you'll have to nap for a little longer, okay sweetie?" He caressed your cheek again, your body was trembling with sobs, the material in your mouth was wet with snot and saliva, tears and sweat.

Your mind was screaming to get away and only as you kicked your other leg towards the other man, did you scream in utter agony, blinding and numbing, so awful that it caused your entire body to freeze like a doll, not dead weight but instead like a mannequin, there was something, some contraption, on your foot that had you screaming in complete despair, screaming till your throat stung, screaming to each and every neighbourhood in Tokyo to please get up and take me from these people, screaming to your teachers, to your friends and to All Might,

Please save me!!

And you kept screaming, mind going dizzy with frantic thoughts that were all combining into each other that you couldn't even think, you tried getting away but nothing was happening, your quirk was doing nothing, as if you had never been born with one and with eyes wide in terror and desperation, you shook and moved like a savage animal, frantically trying to move to escape, to get out of their filthy hands, to be free again, to run back home and forget everything but you were so weak. 

You were powerless, so all you could do was shake and kick and pull, pushing in hopes that one of them might loosen their hold on you but you were so weak (just as Bakugou said before telling you how to improve) so all you had was a voice while you were still awake to scream and scream until your mouth bled and to wish upon every single star in the sky that someone, anyone, would get up and help you, call the police, make this all stop.

Some people came out.

They watched you being held, carried away to places you didn't know anymore.

They ran back inside their homes.

And a pinch was felt, your voice broke, your shoulder hurt for a bit and then you heard someone crying so loudly, you choked on your own saliva, it was a mess, you were a mess, trying to survive, your vision was going hazy once more just like it was when you woke up. The sun was rising, ah that crying was me, and the leader spoke again, his voice echoing through your mind when your eyes fluttered closed, "that's it, baby..."

And a new day began with Class A missing a student and it was only hours before that you had been laughing along with your best friends when no one knew anything of the Akuma.