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Day 1 to Day 3: Steve

It all started with a promise.

Before Steve started his months long operation to bring in the Ghost, he made a call to Peggy. He made that one promise to visit her in California, but didn’t realize he would be skipping town, looking for his old friend from Brooklyn that happened to turn into For-Hire Assassin that was being controlled by his primary care doctor.

So instead of taking the day to fly out for the weekend, Steve just left D.C. He took out as much money he could from the ATM, parked his car at some random lot, and walked to the bus station to purchase his ticket to leave the East Coast.

A promise was a promise and he wanted to stick with it, even if was a two and a half day bus ride.


In Saint Louis, Steve started to get paranoid. He started to look at the people in the crowded lines. Black hair would emerge, and Steve would tighten his grip on his ticket, silently hoping it was Bucky so he could hug him and kiss him and try to convince him to come back wherever. As long as they were together. He would see red hair, thinking it was Natasha following him, but in both cases, they usually ended up being some other random person.

As the bus hitched, stopping short at a light, the thoughts started to run through Steve’s mind.

He let the Ghost go. He gave him a key to the guard’s car. He made it look like It was all Bucky’s idea.

It wasn’t.

He was a fugitive. He would be charged with Assisting or even instigating an escape. That could be up to 10 years.

He needed to hide. At a small pit stop, Steve saw the small shop, and walked inside to pick up a generic looking baseball cap and aviators. It wouldn’t do much. He was still a 6 foot 2 tall, 220lb guy, he couldn't blend into the the crowd any more he was already doing, but if it was to ease his mind, it was beter than nothing. 

Steve sighed, as the thoughts went through his head, and shoved his cap down to catch a little bit more sleep.

One more stop, and a train ride to go.


Steve was happy he was using the pre paid phone, and even happier he remembered to change the number. He brought a small black booklet of numbers he wanted to have in his back pocket just in case...something happens.

He texted Peggy when he got on the train.

See you in 17 hours. Train is pulling up to union station at 7:30ish.

Look at you, not taking a plane.

I’m choosing to be more impulsive this year

Certainly seems like one of you choose a Greyhound over First class.


Steve walked off the train to the fresh Californian air. During this time was too sunny. He was used to the bitter winds, and light snowfall that would shut down cities at a time, but warm air and palm trees would have to do. 

Los Angeles - the city of stressed out actors and one and only Peggy Carter. Steve readjusted his duffle bag on his shoulders and placed his sunglasses on, hoping Peggy called him a cab. However, when he saw a bright red car sitting at the curb across from the tracks, looking like it just drove off the studio lot, he had a feeling that Peggy didn’t care who saw her. 

“Steve!” A British accent was heard. “Steve! Over here!” Peggy waved from the driver’s seat. He smiled softly. Always the one to make an entrance. 

“A little flashy for an FBI agent, huh?” Steve said as he looked into the open window.

“Considering how you probably thought that you were going to take a cab like someone out of the 1950s, I thought I would spice it up a bit.”

“It’s going to be two days of this, isn’t it?”

“No, not at all,” Peggy answered sarcastically and gave a grin. “Get in, Daniel is making dinner now.”

Steve placed his bag in the backseat, got into the passenger side, and just relaxed. He turned his head over to see her just smiling back, while holding onto the steering wheel. “It’s been too long, Pegs.” 

She smiled back, and put the car into drive. Peggy put the windows down, allowing the warm wind to wash over their faces. 


Steve dropped his bag by the guest room, and walked back to the kitchen. 

“You must be Steve,” Daniel looked up from his iPad, and smiled. He stuck his hand out to give Steve a handshake, and Steve accepted. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“You as well, I’ve head nothing but good things about you from Peggy,” Steve smiled. 

“Thank God,” Daniel laughed, “She’s always telling the Vegas story to people, so I’m glad you still think of me as a saint.”

“The Vegas story?” Steve asked with a chuckle.

“Oh, God you don’t want to know,” Peggy walked into the kitchen with places and utensils, and started to set the table. “Hi, babe,” Peggy walked around Steve and placed a kiss to Daniel’s lips. He gave a smile in return. “Steve, sit down, Daniel made tacos for tonight. Water? Iced tea?”

“Something stronger?” Daniel laughed.

“Water, actually. Thank you,” Steve said. “But, I think I might take you up on that offer later,” he directed the statement to Daniel. 

“So, how long are your travels?”

“Long term?” Steve sighed, “Not sure. But, I’m here for a couple of days.”

“Work’s okay with that?” Peggy questioned.


Peggy didn’t believe him. 

“You can stay longer if you want, Steve. I personally don’t mind, and I don’t think Peggy has any issue,” Daniel looked at Peggy, “with that?”

“Thank you, really. I have, uh, some stuff to straighten out,” Steve sighed softly.

“Okay, okay, but the offer is out,” Daniel said. 

Peggy put the ground meat on the table in the center. “Well, it’s two days more than we’ve had since Richland.”

“Richland was that mission in Washington state, where -”

“Yep,” Peggy said quickly before continuing to place food on the table. “Let’s eat.”


Daniel went to bed after a couple of after-dinner scotches. Peggy grabbed a big sheet for Steve’s bed and opened it up, letting it fall on the bed.

“Peggy, I got this, got to bed,” Steve said softly.

“Well,” she said as she started to tuck in the first corner, “I’m pregnant, not suffering. You can help, though.”

Steve dropped his head, “Okay, okay.” He tucked the second corner in, and Peggy and Steve almost moved in unison tucking in the other two corners in. 

“So,” Peggy said as she threw Steve a pillow. “Last time we spoke, you said that you would visit after your latest gig.”

“Yes,” Steve caught another pillow.

“Shocked, honestly, that you’re not in another coma.”

“I was still in the hospital for a few days.”

“Steven Rogers, did you get yourself shot?”

“Shockingly, no.”

“So, you just end up in a hospital for fun?” Peggy asked quickly, as Steve continued to hold the pillow. “How many times are you going to risk your life for your job?” Peggy was starting to get angry.

“What about you, Peggy? What...what about Daniel, your child. This job is a risk - it’s in the contract.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I quit,” Peggy folded an unused sheet. Steve was just quiet, and put the pillow down. 

“You...quit?” Steve was quiet.

“Well,” Peggy sighed, “I quit field work. I’m positioned in a more senior role.”

“Pegs, that’s,” Steve stopped and sighed. “I feel like a huge asshole. I haven’t even really asked about you. That’s amazing, Peggy.”

Peggy smiled. “Steve, you are the furthest from being an asshole. Just an idiot.” 

“Well, I’m the idiot that now works under you. How should I be addressing you now?”

“Deputy Assistant Special Agent Margret Carter.” 

“That’s a mouthful, are you sure I just can’t call you Peggy, still?” Steve smirked. 

“Outside the office, Special Agent Steve Rogers,” Peggy used her serious tone.

Steve gave her a sloppy salute. “Yes, ma’am,” Steve dropped the last pillow to the bed. “I’ll tell you the story another time, Peggy. I promise....just not today.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Peggy smiled.

“Goodnight Pegs."

“Goodnight, Steve.”