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“Okay, but I just have one question for you.”

“And that is…?”

“Why French History? Since when do you even remotely care about France, let alone its history?”

Hana pretended to look offended, scoffing at the audacity of her long-time friend Dae-Hyun Park poking a hole in her master plan. “A girl can’t give herself some culture? I want to learn a little more about the world and you shit all over it. Real nice, Dae.”

Dae-Hyun rolled his eyes but was polite enough to keep the door open to the quickly filling classroom in the Foreign Studies building. With the new semester starting after an eventful spring break, the last thing on Hana Song’s mind was actually going back to Oasis University. Not just anyone could come here and yet her feelings towards her academics were neutral at best and nonexistent at the worst.

Which was a shame because she was no slouch in her intellect, that she had “untempt potential” and “a mind ripe for success” despite her youth. All very flattering credentials to have on a permanent record but most of it was last minute acknowledgments on an otherwise subpar day in class before she pulled through a perfect score and the gateway to a million career opportunities opened up like clockwork.

The truth was that Hana would much rather be back in game design or tinkering with machines in the privacy of her dorm or, better yet, plaguing a hundred more leaderboards with her initial DVA insignia for the world to see. But education came first and the reward of topping a few more scores in League would be all the sweeter when she could also brag about her essays in the same breath.

“The curriculum says I need to have at least one more foreign studies credit to graduate,” Hana said, taking her seat in the far back of the classroom as she always did, a growing collection of chewed gum beneath the table would soon be marking it as her own. “It’ll just be a minor but that means I can get it over with even faster, right?”

Dae-Hyun chuckled, “I don’t think that’s how minors work, Hana. And something tells me you only chose this class so you could ‘borrow’ my notes for the rest of the semester.”

Hana offered a cheeky smile. “It got us both through high school, didn’t it?”

“Well you better soak it up while it lasts because I’m gonna be the Minister’s official apprentice starting today. I was next in line after Mei Ling Zhou dropped out so I guess I got lucky." Dae-Hyun said smugly.

"If being her apprentice is so great, then why the nicest girl on campus drop it?"

“That's not the point," Dae-Hyun said. "Just letting you know you won't be able to cheat off me while I’m up in her penthouse.”

“Dae, your mommy kink is showing.”

Dae-Hyun playfully punched her arm right before the professor made their way in, immediately silencing any chatter among the students. Though her role as an Oasis professor was enough to get a few people sitting upright in their seats, her appearance was so immensely striking she would easily have the same effect simply strolling around campus.

Mademoiselle Lacroix read the name on the whiteboard and was presumably the preferred title of the statuesque beauty that would be their teacher this year. Lacroix’s figure was slim and toned and damn near perfect with a high ass and wide hips, modest breasts but not so modest cleavage spilling out from the front of her top.

This was a classroom of adults after all, everyone knew what a boob was before they even stopped sucking on them, and yet Hana’s gaze couldn’t quite shake itself away from it.

A nice lacy black bra peeking out from underneath complemented the dark garter belt suspending Lacroix’s socks under a skirt that should have been worth a number of dress code violations. Hana couldn’t even wear her snapback in class and yet her own teacher was constantly in danger of flashing the students if she as much dropped her pencil.

Hana tried not to notice-she really, really did-but the attire seemed to be made specifically to draw attention to Mademoiselle Lacroix’s makeup, namely a shade of waxy purple lipstick that Hana hadn’t seen beyond some teen’s going through a phase or some artsy magazine shoots.

Mademoiselle Lacroix smiled, observing the silent room with eyes like solid gold. And in an accent as thick and syrupy as her choice of lipstick, Lacroix said, “My, it appears as though we won’t have any noise complaints this morning. Always a delight to have such an obedient class.”

She laughed, and it felt like the room became ten degrees colder despite the ongoing hum of the air conditioning.

“Are you seeing this, Dae-Hyun?” Hana asked her friend in a whisper, nervous to offset the foreboding silence that had overtaken the class.

Dae-Hyun wasn’t of much use, just proving Hana’s point about Mademoiselle Lacroix’s strange presence. He only nodded, his pupils blown wide as he watched their new teacher start up a projector and instruct everyone to turn their pages to the fifth chapter of their textbooks.

Hana had to admit she felt a little scummy. It was beneath her to degrade someone just for the way they dressed, especially since she was no stranger to wearing a creative cosplay or two during her live streams, but something about Mademoiselle Lacroix just felt off.

The reactions were the real tipping point, how even the chattiest students were eager to comply, not once passing notes under the table or sending discreet text messages. Not one person had a magazine or a far more interesting book slipped between the covers of their textbooks and that was just too odd for a group of people Hana considered herself well acquainted with.

Dae-Hyun was a good student, a far better one than she, and even his behavior seemed robotic and compliant in comparison to how he acted in other classes. Realizing that now wasn’t the time to do some snooping, she played along but could only find herself skimming the detailed biography of Marie de' Medicis.

“Excellent work today, class. Tres excellent. I hope to see you all soon.”

Mademoiselle Lacroix sent everyone off with a wave, the students still dead silent as they rose from their desks. Hana was just a few steps away from Dae-Hyun until a hand rested on her shoulder, eliciting a yelp. “Ah!”

“Relax, mes ami. I only want to talk.”

“Sure, just hold on,” Hana said, turning to address her friend. “Uh, Dae, wait up! Your next class is kinda close to mine, remember?”

Hana said to get no response, only Dae-Hyun quietly making his way out and down the quickest path out of the building. They’d have until break for them to properly speak again and damn was he going to get an earful. Walking together wasn’t a necessity or anything but it was a bit rude to ignore her all period and not even offer a goodbye. Let alone, rude for everyone to do the same. She sighed, turning to face her teacher.

“Anything the matter, Miss Lacroix?”

“Quite the opposite, actually.” Lacroix said, releasing Hana’s shoulder. “I’ve heard many good things about you and was hoping we could have a small chat. Don’t worry, I’ll write you a pass if I take up too much of your time.”

“S-Sure,” Hana said, her hands feeling clammy around the grip of her bag.

Mademoiselle Lacroix was quite a sight even from a distance but up close was like standing directly in smoke. Her features were so pointed and perfect, as if carved out of something solid and given life from the hands of someone divine and inhuman. Her pale complexion and droopy eyelids accentuated by the curve of deep, dark eyelashes and-Hana couldn’t believe she was noticing this again-those full lips smeared with a shiny shade of purple.

She felt like staring at Lacroix’s impressive rump or open shirt seemed a little more appropriate by comparison.

Lacroix grabbed a paper off her desk, a worksheet that Hana had filled out earlier about the reading. “This was an amazing assessment. You truly understand the impact of one of France’s most dignified monarchies.”

“Well, I didn’t think it was much. It wasn’t anything that hard if I’m being honest.”

“The start of a new course can be intimidating,” Lacroix replied. “I see you’re already working hard to be the best possible student. I commend your efforts and hope to see more of it in my class.”

“Of course,” Hana said, the worry she felt earlier starting to subside. Perhaps Mademoiselle Lacroix was just any old gorgeous teacher with a nice fashion sense.

There was still that lingering worry about the classes behavior and how unaffected Hana seemed to be from the air of order Lacroix carried, but Hana would chock it up to first day anxiety. Everything would be normal by the time a week or two passed. It always did.

“Thank you,” Hana checked her phone to see she had roughly two minutes to get to her next course. “I gotta go. Thanks for the talk, though.”

Non, non I have something else for you, mes ami.” Mademoiselle Lacroix said, holding the paper up between her slender fingers. “I’ve already graded your assignment, so I’d be more than happy to give it back to you. Just let me give you your score…”

At that, Lacroix took the paper between both of her hands and planted a long and lingering kiss to the top, right where Hana had signed her name.

Hana felt her jaw drop, trying to make sense of such a bizarre scene. She still didn’t have any answers when Lacroix pulled her lips away from the paper, a satisfied smirk as she gave it to Hana. “There, a perfect score. I’ll write you a note and you can be on your merry way.”

“Uh…I-I…” Hana could hardly speak, noticing the big messy lipstick stain that was smudging the penmanship of her handwriting. Especially on such clean white paper, the color of Lacroix’s lipstick was bold and striking and seemed to consume the entirety of Hana’s signature.

“Keep up the good work and you’ll get even more,” Mademoiselle Lacroix threw in a wink at this, passing over a piece of flowery stationary with a late pass written across it. “Now go on about your day. So sorry for keeping you occupied.”

“Mm hmm,” Was all Hana said as she calmly back peddled out of the class before making a mad dash out of the building once Lacroix was out of sight. What the hell? What the hell? What the hell? “Who does that?!”

It was only once Hana was outdoors and safe by a water fountain and vending machine that she stopped to catch her breath, her concerns about her attendance far behind her at this point. All those around her didn’t seem to notice her state of panic, a few offering waves and “hellos” that Hana had to acknowledge mostly for her own sanity. Resting her head against the wall, she took a breath and tried to soak in the subtle chaos of the campus.

Noise, cars running by, people on their phones or talking over their lunches, the sound of shoes on concrete-this was reality, real life. She was a budding gaming superstar at a pricy college with her childhood friend who only had to get through months of whatever the hell that was to hike her ass out of Iraq and join an e-sports team.

When she felt like her sanity was finally catching up with her and she snuck a new piece of gum into her mouth for extra measure, she noticed an offsetting dark mark on the back of her excuse note. She had nearly choked on a piece of half chewed Strawberry Surprise when she made out a massive purple kiss mark.

“Uh, hey, do you mind if I sit here?”

“Huh, yeah sure.” Hana didn’t even bother further acknowledging the voice beside her, figuring it was one of many people she recognized around campus. With morning classes all settled, she got to kill time of the early afternoon at her favorite hang out spot beside the arcade out of town, her favorite table at the Oasis University food court-a table that also bared her signature collection of old gum.

Despite her most recent stick being the last thing she’d chewed since breakfast, she couldn’t say she had much of an appetite. The image of Mademoiselle Lacroix’s plump lips pressing against her finished assignment was twisting her stomach in knots. A part of her wanted to assume she had imagined the whole encounter but that didn’t make any of the students behavior seem any less bizarre.

She hadn’t smoked anything in the past month, unless of course that flat soda during a midnight stream had a few lingering side effects, but even her worse highs could be fixed with a good night’s sleep and some caffeine.

“Ugh,” Trying to make sense of it all honestly just worsened the headache she didn’t know she had.

“Are you okay?” Said the student beside her, distinctly feminine now that Hana actually bothered to notice.

“I’ve been better. I think I just need something to eat.” Hana said, looking up from her hands.

This turned out to be one of her smarter decisions that day as the view was far more welcoming than an indirect kiss from her French History teacher. The student was someone entirely new to the campus and Hana had to take a moment to notice every little feature they were blessed with.

The girl was awfully tall, taller than most girls for that matter, with a strong physique she could freely expose with a form fitting tank top due to the warm climate. Was that a tattoo on her firm shoulder? Yes, and of gears, no less. Her ponytail was high and a sun kissed brown but somehow was far less intimidating than the height of Lacroix’s own hairdo.

“If you’re hungry, you can have something of mine,” The girl reached into her satchel designed with the imprint of an orange tabby playing with yarn and pulled out a small plastic tin containing a piece of pie. “My mom makes apple pie like it’s going out of style. I wouldn’t mind if you cut into our surplus.”

“Th-Thank you,” Hana said, taking the tin to notice the name “Brigitte” written across it in curling black font. “Oh, you’re name’s Brigitte? You must be new around here.”

She laughed, “Actually it’s pronounced Bruh-Geet-Uh. My godfather is German and insisted on naming me.”

“Brigitte,” Hana said herself, earning a nod of approval when she said it correctly. “That’s so pretty! Well, I’m-”

“Hana Song! Streamer, star student, mini robot fighter champion. Yeah, I’m kinda familiar with you.”

Hana laughed and suddenly the stupor she was in before began to fade.

“Your friend Dae-Hyun and I have the same Geometry class and we caught up there. He invited me to coffee at the ‘Song Table’ and I couldn’t refuse.”

Hana rolled her eyes at the mention of Dae-Hyun. “Caught up? You guys already met?"

"You didn't hear about the Oasis World Fair? It was a full week of scientific achievement!"

"Not enough of a nerd to bother," Hana explained. "Way too many games on my to-do list."

"Well, me and my dad were doing a presentation and Dae-Hyun got a personal invite on the third day since he was approved as the Minister's new apprentice. We talked about technology and got so excited when he heard I'd be heading to the same college after break."

"Hm, small world," Hana said. "Where is he anyway?"

“Where’s who?” A voice from behind her said.

“Dae! Don’t surprise me like that!”

Dae-Hyun put down a tray full of coffees and bagel sandwiches and took his seat. “Still jumpy from the Resident Evil reboot, I see. I told you not to play it in nightmare mode during a storm.”

“It was the poll winner for the stream,” Hana retorted, taking her sandwich from the tray and taking a bite. It was only then that she noticed just how hungry she really was, and a spinach and egg frittata was really hitting the spot right now. “You have no idea how many hits and subs I got in just one night.”

“Yeah, yeah three thousand,” Dae-Hyun said, looking towards Brigitte. “I take it you met my new friend. She just came here from Sweden.”

Hana swallowed her bite. “Oh, really? I’ve always wanted to go there.”

“It’s not much,” Brigitte said humbly. “I actually spend a lot of time traveling and just recently settled down in Sweden right before I got the invite to come here. My dad really wants me to get a major in mechanics, so I can take over the shop when he retires.”

“I thought she could help us with our little robot wars,” Dae-Hyun said. “We'll be short an actual tech expert on our team once I start my apprenticeship."

“No,” Hana said. “It’s just that we have two now.”

The casual afternoon lunch turned out to be just the thing Hana needed to forget about the whole Lacroix fiasco. Usually the only cute girl Hana needed to acknowledge to get into good spirits again was herself and maybe a few from a dating sim, but her and Brigitte were already becoming fast friends. Better yet, the two of them would be in the same computer science course. There was just one thing she had left to do…

“You didn’t even say ‘bye’ when we left French. I was a little hurt.”

“I didn’t?” Dae-Hyun said.

“Yeah, you just walked out like you didn’t know me,” Hana replied, throwing her coffee into the nearest recycling bin as she made her way down the hall. “We always walked to your next class together. Since grade school.”

“I’m sorry,” Dae-Hyun looked honestly puzzled, scratching the top of his head. “I mean, Mademoiselle Lacroix walked in, she greeted the class, we started the lesson…” He made a face then, as if he were trying to suppress a wince. “I honestly don’t remember much of what happened. We were talking about a queen or something, right?”

“Marie de' Medicis,” Hana added smugly. “I’m the lazy one around here, not you.”

“Maybe I’ve still got spring break on the brain. And I’ll admit that minister internships is kind stressing me out.”

“You’ll be fine, Dae. I mean, I’m sure Minister O’Deorain chose you for a reason.”

“But she’s a Minister! If I even got her coffee wrong I might lose my scholarship or worse.”

“What, your head? She kinda comes off as a queen sometimes but she’s no dictator.”

Dae-Hyun rolled his eyes as he turned on his heel to where his class was being held, this time offering a wave before he disappeared into the crowd. Hana exhaled sharply out of her nose, just a twinge of guilt in her gut. Maybe she was being too harsh, but she couldn’t help the feeling that Dae was one of her few real friends on the campus. Plenty of people who knew her were just fans but her and Dae had history that traced back years ago.

Time in the sandbox during kindergarten, having their first VR experience in middle school, sharing lunches and answers on tests up to their early adult years-it all meant so much more than those who would ask for selfies and repeat a few of her catch phrases back at her. And though Brigitte didn’t quite have the same level of history, she’d be a welcome addition to not just their robotics team but their social circle. Maybe even give Hana a much-needed reboot to her surprisingly uneventful love life.

Maybe Dae-Hyun already felt bad and was apologizing via a cute Swedish transfer student whose mom could cater their wedding with amazing pie. How cunning!

Brigitte was excused early from their lunch by a student to talk to an unnamed professor which give Hana less time to gawk but more time to think of some sweet one liners to try out later. Too bad she was doing French History, if she knew more about Sweden she might be able to be culturally relevant to someone who must be feeling homesick.

That guy who made Minecraft was Swedish, right? Did Brigitte like Minecraft? Of course, she did!

“Hmm, Miss Lacroix, I never really thought about a foreign studies course. I guess I could consider one before the week ends.” That voice.

“There’s no rush, mes ami. You are new to Oasis, after all. You have plenty of time to decide what you’d like to do here.” That voice!

Han felt a shiver run up her spine as she tried to make her sidestep through the crowd look casual. She followed the noise, hiding behind a wall and peaking out to see Brigitte and Miss Lacroix were standing outside of the restrooms, chatting it up.

The scene wouldn’t look the slightest bit suspicious if it weren’t for what Hana saw of Lacroix before, and she had to fight the urge to jump in between the two with only a kiss mark covered piece of paper as evidence. For now, she could just watch from the corner, trying to stay hidden. “I hear all the foreign language classes are a little new.”

“A few things are,” Lacroix said. “Minister O’Deorain wanted to provide a variety of new studies to keep the students interested. A few of our veteran teachers have retired over the break, but there’s nothing wrong with a little...relaxation.”

“Yeah, I hear Miss Colomar will be in charge of Computer Science, now. I’ll be in their soon, so I sure hope she likes me.”

“Oh, Colomar is a friend of mine! She’s a bit of a character but I’m sure she’ll just adore you.”

Miss Colomar? Hana skewed her brow, already frustrated at the chance of anyone Lacroix considered a ‘friend’ invading another one of her classes. Yeah, the old Computer Science teacher wasn’t exactly at the prime of his youth, but that just made opening tabs to watch internet videos between lessons a hell of a lot easier.

“Well it was nice talking to you, ma’am.” Brigitte said, chipper as ever. “Thank you so much for showing me around.”

“Not a problem,” Mademoiselle Lacroix said, producing a similar piece of stationary from her skirt pocket and handing a prewritten note to Brigitte. Hana’s stomach dropped but she couldn’t make out a lipstick stain from where she stood, and Brigitte didn’t seem to see one either. A regular note, perhaps. “Now run along, take this just in case you’re late.”

“Oh, it’s no problem.”

“And take this incase you forget about me,” Lacroix then took Brigitte’s hand into her own and gave it a firm kiss, a loud popping noise as her lips left the skin there.

A massive purple mark was now on Brigitte’s hand, just as dark and prominent as her actual tattoo. With the way the image seemed to be permanently etched into Hana’s memory, it may as well had been one.

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Whoever Miss Colomar was didn’t have much respect for Oasis’ personal taste in aesthetics. Hana would have personally preferred a little extra pink and maybe some rabbit shaped bean bag chairs with Pachimari laptops, but that would be a blueprint put to use when she opened her own internet café.

She sure as hell wouldn’t be consulting Miss Colomar for the project who thought glow in the dark neon stickers and sugar skulls on earthy browns and cream-colored whites would not make a classroom look horrendously gawdy. It was like all the worst parts of The Cave of Mystery, but Hana would get a grade at the end of the day instead of a stuffed alien toy.

“Hey Hana!” Brigitte’s voice beckoned from a desk, waving her arm to get Hana’s attention. An empty seat was beside her despite the quickly filling classroom and Hana smiled as she made her way over.

“Hey, Brigs!” Were they at a point in their friendship where they could have nicknames? Probably not.

“The design in here is so inspired! Reminds me of the time I went spelunking with my godfather and found a cavern of gems.”

“Really? At least tell me you brought some back.”

Brigitte chuckled, “Couldn’t upset the natural ecosystem for some jeweler to give me a check. I respect nature first and foremost.”

“Boo,” Hana wondered if now would be the right time to ask about the Minecraft thing, but instead found herself reeling back to the talk Brigitte and Lacroix had over an hour ago.

Hana glanced at Brigitte’s hand to see there was no leftover mark from Lacroix’s kiss. She knew better than to mention it, leaving a bad impression on the new girl that she was a stalker wasn’t exactly ideal, but Hana quietly convinced herself that Brigitte had simply cleaned her hand already. Maybe because lipstick didn’t have supernatural properties and even if the marks on Hana’s own papers had yet to fade, didn’t mean anything was wrong.

“I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous.” Brigitte said, interrupting the fog of Hana’s thoughts.


“I’m good with my hands but I’m not nearly as tech savvy as everyone else,” Brigitte said. “My family’s really traditional so computers were never really our thing.”

“Listen, a lot of people who came in here last time couldn’t even recognize a decent search engine. You’ll be fine.”

Hola, mi estudiantes!” A cheerful greeting signaled Miss Colomar’s arrival, haphazardly tossing a bag onto the floor as she entered. “Sorry, I’m late, had a talk with the Minister.”

Judging by the looks being sent her way as she walked to the front of the classroom, more than just Miss O’Deorain seemed interested in her.

Miss Colomar was quite a sight though in a much different way than Mademoiselle Lacroix. Miss Colomar was dramatically shorter but no less attractive. She was clearly a lady of Spanish heritage, brown skin and a playful accent-be it one that had little to do with her subject of choice.

Her wide forehead and impish mole made her seem more playful and youthful while the full bust seemed to exist just to remind people she was a fully-grown woman in her own right, all of which was discounted by her neo-punk teen attire.

Colomar’s entirely necessary black crop top was thin enough to show the faint outlines of her striped bra, a few strings of colorful beads around her neck disappearing into the valley of her cleavage. A pair of ripped jeans over lavender leggings and boots and she looked like she had stumbled out of a rave, but not before dying her mohawk the most glaring shade of magenta she could get her hands on.

While Lacroix’s wardrobe gave her the look and respectable appeal of a rich baroness or a dominatrix at her side job, Colomar’s whole ensemble was bursting with rambunctious energy. It would be hard to tell she was even a teacher if it weren’t for the name plaque on her desk.

Colomar had far more obvious warning signs than anything Lacroix would probably accomplish and yet Hana found herself, once again, noticing the at most minute detail of some very distinct lipstick. A bright lime green was the choice this afternoon and Colomar even took her sweet time to reapply her gloss for an extra coat of shine while the class got settled.

“Okay,” Miss Colomar shut her compact closed and slid it back into her desk drawer. “I know the old man you guys are used to couldn’t stay much longer, but that’s why I’m here.” Miss Colomar gestured to herself, drawing attention to the vibrancy of her nail polish. “It’s the first day so I’m gonna take it easy on you tech newbies and start with the basics. Don’t worry, you can sleep through this old video I found. Not really a ‘taking notes’ kinda guy myself…Oh, you over there, honey?”

The student in question was meteorology major Mei Ling Zhou, someone who was easily as smart as she was timid and awkward. She rarely ever spoke in class unless she was blessing someone’s sneeze so seeing her speak was enough to get a few heads turning. “Uh, does this mean you’ll also be taking control of the robotics club? That was one of Mr. Fisher’s jobs.”

Colomar blinked. “You guys have a robotics club? Moira didn’t tell me that…”

“Well, are you?” Mei said, fiddling with her glasses.

Hana was just now putting two and two together and realized the horror of the robotics club being managed by one of these strange new teachers. She had yet to prove if Colomar was as odd as Mademoiselle Lacroix, but Hana was starting to cast suspension on what should have been at most harmless changes as of late.

Sure, Mr. Fisher was less in charge as he was the authorized supervisor for the club to get a pass, but his sleeping, snoring body in the corner of the basement felt like a necessary backdrop to the ensuring carnage. Colomar seemed roughly as uninterested but way too much of a, as Mademoiselle Lacroix put it, “character” to stand by and let the club go by without interruption.

“I guess I can pinch in and see what you are up to,” Colomar said as she booted up the laptop to begin the video. “Count me in.”

Hana swallowed, dreading that the same effect that Lacroix had on French History just might repeat itself here at any given moment. Would she be a victim this time only to have her memory wiped like Dae-Hyun’s? And what about Brigitte? She seemed fine despite having direct contact with one of these two, but who knew how long that would last.

Hana glanced around briefly to see if any dip in the atmosphere had occurred, only to see the students were doing the opposite, shifting around in their seats to grab their phones and whatnot.

The room was awfully dark aside from the glow of computer screens and wall decor, but Hana could still see that almost everyone looked remotely normal. A few of them a bit antsy, even the silent Mei didn’t have her nose in a book, but much better than staring off into space.

She breathed a sigh of relief, letting her shoulders relax. If she could pass off the whole incident before and the one before that as a big messy drug trip she’d be lucky, but better one potential creep sneaking onto campus rather than two.

“Ah, here it is,” Colomar opened the window to widescreen and pressed the play button. “Vamos a ver una peli.”

The video started off normally enough and Hana could relax in the realization that the less focus was on Miss Colomar, the better. She hadn’t done anything odd besides deciding to put that on this morning, but better the new teacher who considered Lacroix a friend spend as little time talking as possible.

Hana mostly dazed out through the duration of the instructional video that droned on and on about some of the most basic of basic computer maintenance protocols. It looked so cheaply produced, it was likely some historic piece from this sacred nineties time period old people were always ranting on about. All crackly audio and really ugly shirts and bad scene transitions, Hana almost had to suppress a laugh at how terrible the acting was.

“Oh my gosh, did people really watch this stuff? Who makes this garbage?”


Hana turned to see Brigitte likely hadn’t registered her joke, the Swedish girl looking oddly fixated on the film despite its subpar quality. Brigitte was a novice to tech, but even she had to know this stuff was way past the state of relevance. With Dae-Hyun in his other class, Hana didn’t have anyone else to shoot some playful jabs at and settled for looking for something more interesting around the room.

Mei looked like she was trying to readjust herself in her chair, moving her hips around as if the hard plastic would somehow get more comfortable if she applied more pressure. Mei licked her lips, a light sheen of sweat over her brow. Mei was so absorbed in watching the film that she didn’t seem to notice Hana’s cautious gaze.

Hana stared down at her computer screen to will herself into thinking Mei was just scratching a very unfortunate itch. She gave the rest of the class some glances to see they were all lightly sweating and visibly distracted. Some were rubbing their thighs, others bit and licked their lips or sucked on their fingers.

Hana felt something building in her throat as the sound of muffled moans started to overwhelm her. She tried to keep her voice to a whisper. “Brigitte…?”

“Ah, mmm…”


“Hnn,” Brigitte was pressing down hard on her knuckle with her teeth, rotating her hips enough to definitely trigger some sort of stimulation.

“No, no not you too.”

“No talking during class, chika.” The closeness of Colomar’s voice made Hana jump and she was soon pulled head first into a backwards embrace, her head smushed between the warm cleavage of her teacher. Colomar adjusted Hana’s head to watch the screen despite multiple protests, a grin spreading over her face.

“Aren’t you enjoying the movie? Everyone else is.”

It was then that Hana noticed the subtle changes spliced between split seconds of footage. Brief close ups of feminine mouths were the most recurring, each one a different shade than the last. Popping, smacking, puckering, and blowing kisses while a massive spiral began to build and ease out of its transparency until it was overtaking a huge chunk of the reel.

Even as the spiral grew to its maximum size, the sound of active lips was still heard in the background, meshing with the synth rifts in perfect synch. “Wh-What is this?”

Colomar didn’t respond, just positioning Hana’s head towards the screen again as she puckered her own lips close to Hana’s ear, chuckling maliciously. The movie ended abruptly with a cut to a familiar shade of bright lime green closing in on the screen and smearing the camera with kiss marks and a pierced tongue coating the screen in neon tinted drool.

“I made it myself,” Miss Colomar purred, squeezing Hana a little tighter. “Glad you appreciated my work, babe. And here I thought the cute ones were a little dumber.”

Hana wrenched herself away from Miss Colomar’s grip, trying to give herself as much distance as possible. “I don’t know what you and Lacroix are up to but it’s not going to work.”

Miss Colomar smirked. “And what do you think that is, Song?”

“That you’re….well, obviously you’re-”

Hana realized then that she didn’t have a solid explanation. Trying to manipulate the campus through weird lipstick choices was a pretty hard pitch to sell, even to herself. It was so absurd she couldn’t even quite put it into words or really explain the absurdity of her current situation. She may not have known what was going on, but she couldn’t deny that something was incredibly wrong, and she was probably the only one who could do something about it.

“You’re thinking too much, pequeño conejo. See how relaxed everyone is?”

“If you mean brainwashed,”

“Whatever you wanna call it,” Miss Colomar said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “I just wouldn’t recommend preaching to the choir if you don’t even have your facts straight. You spend all day playing games and suddenly you think you can call the shots in reality? That’s rich.”

“…H-How do you know that?”

Miss Colomar only shrugged, patting Hana on the shoulder as she walked back to her desk and shut the film off. “Just give it time and I’m sure you’ll learn to like us. Me and Lacroix can be very-” Colomar popped her lips. “Persuasive.”

 “I can’t believe I’m at my first basement robot match! I feel like one of the cool kids already!”

“You seem really excited,” Hana said, her most convincing smile in place as she tinkered with her robot for some last-minute fixes. “This stuff can get pretty intense, but I’ve always got it under control.”

“You have for awhile now.”

And Brigitte’s warm look was enough to shake off the bunch of nerves Hana was battling since Computer Science. A threat and a mind control video would do that to a person and a little rough in tumble in the university basement probably wouldn’t fix that, but Hana could always try.

The fact that Miss Colomar followed up on her promise to host the event hadn’t made things any easier and Hana would have to try to avoid direct eye contact-or lip contact, whatever-if it meant keeping her sanity in check.

Much like the Lacroix incident, the effect Colomar had on the students had entirely disappeared with no one the wiser. Brigitte was going about things as if the day wasn’t a complete nightmare and Hana tried desperately to convince herself that as well as she fastened some screws on Tokki.

Things may have been going to hell but at least Hana could say her legacy as a robot pit fighting champ was great as ever. Thirty matches, twenty-nine wins, one tie.

And that one single tie was not only the turning point of her career but would be the final showdown between her and the second most promising contestant, Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes.

Local piece of human filth, infamous slacker, and potential hoarder, Jamison didn’t get his name for nothing. One would eventually earn the title of The Junkrat when you collected bits and pieces of your fallen foes machines as trophies. With each victory, Jamison would take it upon himself to collect the remaining scraps left on the battlefield and use it to upgrade his own machine.

It made for some hideous aesthetic choices design wise, but it only insured The Total Mayhem was as unpredictable and massive as it could be. And Hana had no intention for the parts of her pink, rabbit inspired robot to be added to that collection. Not only because it would deem her a failure and make her short a few bucks for a pizza party she had in mind, but because the color scheme just wouldn’t do.

”How precious! Getting it all nice and shiny for me?” Jamison said, his ugly mug appearing in the corner of Hana’s eye. Oh yeah, practically looking and smelling like a rat probably helped such a name keep its relevance. It wasn’t Jamison’s fault he had the chin of a used hammer and a bend in his nose that The Wicked Witch of the West would be envious of, but it certainly made Hana all the more determined to make that hideous face be one of despair.

“Tokki just likes to look good for the cameras,” Hana said, giving her robot a supportive pat. “Hope you greased up The Total Mayhem with your spit and piss.”

“That was just once!” Jamison retorted, turning around to see his wingman/only friend Mako Rutledge standing behind him. “She’s bluffing, right?”

“Mmhm,” Mako said, as large as he was silent. The few times Mako did speak it seemed to be entirely at the risk of Jamison’s ego which made their friendship all the more bizarre.

Brigitte smiled, stepping aside to initiate a handshake. “You must be Hana’s opponent. I’m Brigitte, I’ll be filling in for Dae-Hyun today.”

“So Song’s machine isn’t the only thing she’s upgraded,” Jamison said, a lecherous pan of Brigitte’s physique as he shook her hand. “Gotta admit, that Dae-Hyun bloke was never really my style. Where is he, anyway?”

“The Minister’s office,” Hana interjected. “Because he’s got way better things on his mind than perv out on girls he’s got no chance with.”

”Well Mei hasn’t turned up yet so we’re one pair of tits short if you ask me,” Jamison said. “You sure as hell aren’t filling that quota.”

Brigitte smirked, “I’m sure your friend will let you play with his.”

”Ohhh burn!” Hana said, giving Brigitte a high five.

Jamison left with a huff, unaware that Mako offered a supportive thumbs up before following him to their end of the basement, seemingly unbotherd by the comment. 

“He seems fun,” Brigitte said.

The match properly began as everyone formed a circle around the two contestants, Hana’s supporters on her end while Jamison’s fans tried to make as much of a ruckus. Miss Colomar parted her way through to the center, getting everyone even more riled up as she pumped her fist into the air, a small white flag in her hand.

“Okay, I’ll admit this looks like my kind of party. Could use a little more booze, though.”

She finished her can of beer at that, crushing it against her head and throwing it into the crowd.  “Let’s get this show on the road.”

The audience shouted their approval and Colomar held the flag in between Hana and Jamison’s robots, the suspense growing before she lifted it, properly starting the first match.

The thing to keep in mind about Jamison’s excuse for a machine was that the moves may have been wide and erratic but were easily telegraphed.

Turns out no matter how many screws and bolts you used to upgrade your robot came at the risk of making it an even bigger pile of junk. Too many inputs and new moves to memorize at the risk of something solid worthy of battle.

It may have been enough to trick a few other saps, but not Hana who optimized Tokki to be as nimble and quick as The Total Mayhem was slow and strong. Jamison growled as Tokki sent a swift kick into a weak spot, sending The Total Mayhem down on the five machines that made up its back.

“You can give up now if you want,” Hana said, making Tokki do a mocking shake of their tail end. Jamison managed to get The Total Mayhem back on their feet right as the buzzer for the first match ended.

“Hana, you’re amazing!” Brigitte said.

“It’s all in the wrist,”

When the crowd finally settled down, Colomar spoke again. “Whoa, that was something! Looks like the queen will be keeping her crown again.” Hana’s side of the ring cheered in approval.

“How about we raise the risks?” Miss Colomar proposed, a thick wad of the prize money between her fingers. “You kids like a little danger, right?”

“Absolutely,” Jamison replied, his toothy grin eager to please. “Whad’ya have in mind, lass?”

Hana furrowed her brow, already dreading what kind of stakes a potential sociopath had in mind. Not wanting to draw suspicion, she nodded. “Sure, why not.”

Miss Colomar grinned, shoving the large sum of money between her cleavage. “Let’s say this whole fight will be worth all the marbles. Winner doesn’t just get the cash but gets to steal the title of the reigning robo champ for the rest of the semester.”

A few “oohs” and “ahhs” were heard from the audience, the crowd beginning to murmur amongst themselves as the chance of the Queen D.Va possibly losing her rank in just one day to the living embodiment of campus backwash.

Jamison looked ready to jump at the opportunity, the glory all his if he could just will Hana’s machine into submission, or better yet, spare scraps for his own device.

“You hear that, girly?” He shouted. “You lose to me and the crown goes over to Jamison ‘Junkrat’ Fawkes The First! Unless you wanna scurry on home with your tail between your legs, princess.”

Hana gave Brigitte a look to see her friend offering a compassionate but worried smile. “If you don’t want to, that’s fine,” Brigitte suggested. “It’s just one game. I’d hate for you to lose your rank so easily. There’s nothing wrong with stepping out if the odds aren’t fair.”

“Who said I was going to lose? I got this.” Hana replied, shooting Jamison a sneer. “You’re on, Fawkes! Winner takes all.”

“Oh, but that’s not all,” Colomar said. “Since I’m the host of this little event, I thought I could pinch in my own reward…” She leaned over to emphasize her point, the money still nestled firmly in her bosom. “Winner gets the money, the title, and…a kiss from yours truly.”

The noise from the audience only grew then, some clapping and hollering at the sheer debauchery taking place. Hana could read the room. The crowd had never looked this pumped over a battle, and that was including the most brutal of championship matches. Perhaps it was just the hold Colomar seemed to have over the students, but Hana couldn’t deny there was no backing out with this much hype.

But only she seemed to know what was wrong. To everyone else, a kiss from the hot new teacher was just fanservice but Hana had all the warning signs to know that such an act carried malicious intent. If what she knew about Mademoiselle Lacroix and the subliminal messages in the computer science video were true, the offer of a kiss was more or less sealing her fate in the hands of this woman. As to what it foretold was beyond her, and yet the whole idea was making her skin crawl.

Sticking to her guns like the stubborn rabbit she based her persona off of, Hana nodded, flipping back her hair with a demeanor that oozed confidence. “Fine, let’s do it.”

The crowd agreed, stomping and chanting as Hana and Jamison readied their machines and Colomar held the flag down the middle of the ring. “Round two begins…now!”

Hana immediately started the boosters of Tokki, sending it into a forward dash that nearly threw Jamison’s machine off its hindlegs. “Ya gonna play like that, girly? I invented playing dirty!”

Jamison retorted as he gave his controller a spin, a number of sawblades jutting out of his robot and going into a deadly rotation. Tokki could risk losing an arm but if the legs were taken out it be game over. Slamming down on the button that sent Tokki into a vertical leap, Hana narrowly avoided the onslaught of blades, earning a cheer from the crowd in the process.

She found herself grinning, her natural flow returning as she navigated Tokki to and fro despite the erratic movements of Jamison’s robot. Jamison was getting visibly upset, losing whatever cool he had left as his button presses became more aggressive. Hana avoided each with elegance, the pink paint of Tokki’s metal exterior not even taking the slightest inkling of damage.

“Wow,” Brigitte said in amazement, giving Hana a supportive pat. “Looks like you’ll be keeping your role after all.”

“That and more, chika.” Miss Colomar added, giving her chest a shake as she popped her lips.

All at once, Hana felt that same wave of fear and confusion overwhelm her. The kiss, the prize-all delicately orchestrated to ensure Colomar’s lipstick print would be a sure sign of victory but especially submission.

Hana had so much to gain if she won this fight but also far more to lose. Something was very, very evil about Mademoiselle Lacroix and Miss Coloma-their attire, their demeanors, their waxy, perfect lipstick that was taunting Hana’s peripheral vision throughout the whole match.  The warning signs were everywhere and yet she seemed to be the only one who knew something was afoot.

As she tried to keep herself focused on the match, her mind was going through just as many mental gymnastics. Win and her title would remain, and the campus would be once again reminded of the reigning champ of dog pit robot fights. Jamison would have to sit and sulk and prey off weaker foes for another couple of months while Hana reaped the benefits.

But a victory also promised a kiss from someone Hana simply didn’t trust the lips of. It was like when amphibians were covered in spots and dangerous colors to show they were poisonous and that shade of brilliant lime green was as tempting as it was toxic.

Even if it wasn’t on the lips, who knew if the effects were any less dangerous on her cheek or forehead. And declining? No. The crowd was eating this up enough as is. Shoot down a chance to give everyone some girl-on-girl action and she’d be the laughing stock of the campus no matter how the fight ended.

The grip on her console became shaky and Hana felt her heart start to beat tenfold.

She couldn’t.

She couldn’t risk it.

“Hana?” Brigitte’s concerned voice wasn’t enough to make Hana stop Tokki dead in their tracks and let a massive blade slice it clean through, splitting the robotic rabbit in two. Silence fell over the crowd and all eyes were on Hana, watching her stand and offer Jamison a respective bow.

“Looks like my console got jammed. You win fair and square.”

No one spoke the whole time, not even Jamison who looked more shocked than pleased to have earned such an amazing reward. Hana turned to leave with the few pieces of Tokki she could salvage stuffed into her bag, wanting to exit the basement before anyone could see her crying.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t quite late enough in Oasis University for the street lights to be shut off which gave Hana a bright enough path to navigate the way back to her dorm despite the sting of tears overwhelming her sight. With most students either in the basement or in their dorms, Hana was luckily able to cry in peace, her reputation not at the risk of being destroyed any further.

She would have kept up her sprint the whole way if she hadn’t found a familiar silhouette off in the distance and felt a smile creep over her face, making her way towards them shouting. “Dae! Dae-Hyun!”

Dae-Hyun turned around, his bag over his shoulder and head bent over his phone. “Hana? Whoa!”

He nearly dropped both when Hana collided into him, sending him back a few steps at the force of her limp body pulling him into a hug. “Hana, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Hana felt her sobs become more ragged as she buried her face into Dae-Hyun’s shirt, not offering much of a response beyond sniffling and hiccupping around her words. “I-I…I don’t-I can’t-“

“Okay, slow down.” Dae-Hyun wrapped his arm around Hana and escorted her to the food court, sitting down at their table.

“Alright, start from the beginning.” Hana had to take a moment to catch her breath and rubbed her runny nose against the sleeve of her hoodie, accepting a napkin from the dispenser on the table that Dae-Hyun was polite enough to grab for her.

“It’s gonna sound dumb,”

“I highly doubt that,” Dae-Hyun said. “I was actually really looking forward to talking to you again after the day I’ve had. Come on, there’s no better time than now.”

Hana nodded, blowing her nose. “Okay, let’s just say that…I lost my title to Jamison.”


“Yeah, but not for the reasons you’d think.”

“Wh-What happened? You’re way better than that creep.”

“Miss Colomar, the new Computer Science teacher, she’s hosting in place of Mr. Fisher and decided to make it so whoever lost that match could have the role of champion for the rest of the semester. I knew I could beat him even with the odds against me, but, she also said that…” Hana felt the tears coming again, trying to steady her breathing. “Whoever won got to get a kiss from her.”

Dae-Hyun furrowed his brow. “Were you just really uncomfortable about the idea of her kissing you? You could have just said no.”

“But for some reason I felt like I couldn’t,” Hana said. “It was more than just backing out of a wager, it was like I had no choice in the matter, and in the end, letting myself lose was a hell of a lot safer.”


“You don’t get it,” Hana said. “These new teachers, they’re evil. Or, at least I think they are. You haven’t noticed anything odd about Mademoiselle Lacroix or Miss Colomar? The way they dress? How everyone reacts to them? In Computer Science, Colomar put on some sort of mind control video and forced my head between her tits before she threatened me. Something is very wrong, and I seem to be the only one who notices that!”

“Hana, you’re shouting.”

“So what!”

“Listen, I know you’re worried about all this, but I promise there’s no reason to make a big deal. I met Miss Colomar myself when I was in the Minister’s office and she was perfectly normal.”

Hana narrowed her eyes. “I’d love to hear your definition of ‘normal’.”

Dae-Hyun scratched the back of his neck. “Well, she seemed pretty close with Minister O’Deorain, and they just gave me a rundown of what being an apprentice would mean on my status as a student.”


“And then Minister O’Deorain said she would look forward to working with me, gave me some papers and…Hm, now that I think about it, my mind kinda went blank after that.” Hana slammed her fists on the table, grabbing Dae-Hyun by his shirt collar.


“What can’t you remember?! Tell me! What did Colomar do to you?!”

“Nothing, Hana! I’m fine! I swear!” Dae-Hyun explained, pulling his collar out of Hana’s strong grip. “Damn, and I just got this shirt.”

“Whatever,” Hana stood up, long past the point of sulking and motivated to take action. Wipe Dae-Hyun’s memory once and she’d pass it off as a farce, but twice was where she drew the line. “Which way to the Minister?”

“Uh, her office is on the highest floor of the science building. You’ll have to take an elevator to reach her, that is if she’s even still there.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Hana started her path towards the science building despite some of Dae-Hyun’s protests.

Though she couldn’t control her temper any longer, Hana knew her frustration was justified. How else was she supposed to explain that a choice of lipstick was the signifier of some sort of evil mind control conspiracy? If Dae-Hyun, someone far more level headed than she would ever be, didn’t believe her, then who else could she confide in?

He believed her when she said there was a monster under her bed in the third grade, thought that swallowing seeds from fruit made trees grow out of your bellybutton in fifth grade, and totally bought into the idea he would stop growing past five foot one when puberty hit. But that was when they were children, gullible little idiots who rather believe fairy tales than the stark blandness of reality.

Hana was way past the point of making excuses and knew she had to do something about this mess if it meant keeping herself and the rest of the campus safe. But how was the real question.

As far as she knew, she was the only one immune to the charms of these women and there was no denying they were both targeting her for that exact reason. Talking to the Minister was perhaps the simplest option she could think of but maybe, just maybe, she could get the most powerful person of the college to do something about it.

Hana probably didn’t have a solid story, but she still had Lacroix’s note and the words of Miss Colomar ringing in her ear. Complain enough, play the victim, get them fired, and everything would be back to normal. Maybe she was just crazy but better crazy than some mindless drone at the will of a lady’s choice of makeup.

Hana impatiently tapped her foot as the elevator rose, stomping out the second it opened its way to the long corridor leading to the Minister’s office. She was lucky enough to spot a light from beneath O’Deorain’s door, knocking a few times just for the sake of politeness. “Minister, Minister I need to talk to you!”

There was a quiet shift in the room but give or take a few seconds and Minister O’Deorain voiced her permission for Hana to enter.

Pushing aside the door, Hana stepped inside to then realize she had never actually been here before. The office was intimidatingly large with a high vaulted ceiling and arched windows overlooking the campus and the ocean surrounding the island. All around were photos, medals, and trophy’s commemorating O’Deorain’s long and successful run of the school.

Her wisdom was even evident in her appearance, O’Deorain almost pushing fifty and not looking the worse for wear with her spiked red hair, tall and lanky physique, and a thing for really pricy acrylics. The woman in question was turned around in her chair, a few strands of her hair peaking over the top as she observed the moonlight washing over her school. She gave a wave of her hand, signaling Hana to take a seat.

“It’s a bit late, Miss Song. I imagine something is troubling you.”

“Uh, yeah,” Hana said, sitting in the single chair in front of the Minister’s desk. “It’s about the new teachers.”

“Lacroix and Colomar? It’s only their first day,” Minister O’Deorain said. “You can’t possibly have complaints this early in their career.”

“Well, I do.” Hana said, reaching inside her bag to pull out her assignment and late pass with present kiss marks. “They’re doing something to the students and I don’t find their behavior…uh, acceptable given their positions of authority. I demand you speak to them and have them removed from the premises immediately.”

It felt like pulling teeth to talk so formally but Minister O’Deorain was the type to wax poetically about a piece of toast if you gave her the air time. Better to speak her language than to sound like the moody teenager Hana unfortunately was at the moment. She got up and dropped the two papers of evidence on the desk, face up where the kisses were placed.

“Mademoiselle Lacroix kissed my assignment to show she liked it and she kissed the back of my late note and you can probably guess why I think that’s weird. I just don’t think it’s appropriate, ya know.”

Minister O’Deorain still didn’t turn around, instead leaning back in her chair and crossing her legs. “And about Miss Colomar?”

“I don’t have physical evidence, but she showed the class this weird video filled with people kissing the screen, I even think it was her mouth in most of them. Everyone just got all…excited when they watched it. My friend, Brigitte, she was practically masturbating in class along with everyone else. Oh, and Lacroix pretty much turned everyone into robots the second she walked in! I know I sound crazy, but you’ve got to believe me. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.”

Minister O’Deorain was silent for a moment, humming to herself. “Sounds like quite the colorful predicament. Have you spoken to anyone else about this?”

“Yeah, but no one I talk to seems to remember any of it except for me,” Hana said, starting at her feet. “I almost thought I was imagining it all but whoever I talked to would act like none of it had happened. A part of the reason I even came here was because your new apprentice is a friend of mine and he couldn’t even remember this meeting.”

“I do recall Miss Colomar offering her assistance. She seemed to be quite fond of him.”

“That’s what’s got me worried.”

Minister O’Deorain let out a cold laugh, “Afraid he may be making new friends, Miss Song? I know he’s been your little errand boy for years now, but there’s no need to get possessive.”

“That’s not the point! It’s just that I know things will end badly for him,” Hana said, her fists clenching in frustration as she felt the tears coming again. “Can you please at least look at me when I’m telling you this? I feel like enough of a joke already, I don’t need you laughing at me too.”

Minister O’Deorain finally complied, turning around and getting up from her chair. This time it was Hana who was reeled back into her seat, stumbling backwards as her eyes blew wide. “Y-You’re-”

“Use your words, dear. You were doing so well before,” O’Deorain stepped fully into view, nails trailing down the fine wood of her desk as she swiveled her hips with a confident strut. The bold Minister uniform Hana had seen so many times before looked tame in comparison to O’Deorain’s ensemble.

Lacroix and Colomar had some creative attire but O’Deorain took it a step further with a featureless latex gown, gripping every inch of her narrow frame with shiny black material that reflected off the light of the room, a dramatic fur shawl draped over her wide shoulders. A long slit running up the side of the dress revealed a pair of thigh length boots. Entirely unnecessary heels clicked against the marble floor, claiming the silence with each slow step.

“You’re looking pale, Miss Song.” O’Deorain said, a smile growing across her face which Hana saw with horror was coated with a shimmering shade of golden lipstick. “All that time cramped up in your dorm playing games can’t be good for you. It’s a miracle you’re even in this university given your colorful hobbies.”

Hana still hadn’t found her voice, tears spilling over as she curled into the seat, knees to her chest. “Hhh…Hah…”

“My, it seems I’ve already taken your breath away,” O’Deorain pulled out a riding crop held in between the links of the chain belt adorning her long torso, smacking the end against her open palm with a loud snap. “Perhaps I won’t have to gag you after all.”

“Hana!” Dae-Hyun’s voice startled her, and she turned to see the doors swinging open. Dae-Hyun looked clearly upset in between his tired panting, half stumbling towards the front of the room. “Hana, I told you not to run all the way up here. I’m not letting you make a fool of yourself in front of the Minister.”

“Dae-Hyun, get out of here! It’s not safe!” Hana shot up from the chair, trying to keep whatever distance she could muster between him and O’Deorain.

“What are you talking about? Hana, you’re really starting to freak me out.” Dae-Hyun furrowed his brow, trying to look more presentable when he noticed Minister O’Deorain standing before them. “I-I’m incredibly sorry, ma’am. I don’t know what’s gotten into her.”

“Here to knock some sense into Miss Song, I see.” O’Deorain cocked her head smugly and she cracked the crop against her hand again. “A bit of discipline will do you both some good.”

Dae-Hyun looked desperate, pushing Hana aside as he pleaded. “Ma’am, you know I didn’t want any of this to happen. I promise, I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Hana felt her anger reach its peak, giving Dae-Hyun a hard shove. “I’m not some dog, Dae-Hyun! Why the hell are you trusting her more than me?! I’m your friend.”

“Not everything is about you, Hana! For once, can you let me have this?”

“This isn’t about me at all,” Hana said. “I’m trying to save your ass so you don’t…I dunno, die or whatever.”

Dae-Hyun squeezed the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Real funny, Hana. If I was really in danger, I would have already known that. Just please, go back to your dorm and get some rest. We’ll talk later.”

“I’m not leaving you alone in here,” Hana grabbed his arm, trying to pull Dae-Hyun towards the door without much luck. “You have to believe me. Can’t you see what she’s wearing? How much more obvious can it get?”

“That’s quite enough, Miss Song.” O’Deorain interjected. “Your little squabble has been entertaining, but I don’t have all day to watch your bickering. In fact,” She raised her riding crop again. “I have much more important things to attend to at this hour.” The end of the crop struck Dae-Hyun’s cheek, throwing him down to the floor with one hit.


“He’ll be fine,” O’Deorain stepped over Dae-Hyun’s crumpled form to reach Hana, placing the crop under her chin. “You know better than I that he won’t remember any of this. I say we have some fun with it.”

O’Deorain snapped her fingers and Dae-Hyun immediately sat up on his knees, unbuckling his pants and pulling out a half hard cock.

“M-Minister, what are you-Ah!” A sharp crack of the crop hit her cheek.

“No need for formalities, dear. From now on, you will address me as ‘Mistress’. Understood?”

“In your dreams, creep.” That was met with another hit.

“One more word out of you and I’ll have to give you a spanking,” She looked over her shoulder at Dae-Hyun who was already fondling his cock, working himself to a full erection as spirals overtook his blank stare. “I’m sure your friend would just love watching me play with your cute little body. In fact, he won’t be able to reach orgasm without you in mind. Olivia made sure of that.”


“You may know her better as Miss Colomar,” O’Deorain said. “And she just loves a good submissive boy to push around. Men aren’t really my type, but their session made for an eventful afternoon.”

She knew it. She knew Miss Colomar had done something to Dae. The caring, dorky friend she knew was now an obedient husk of a man, mindlessly stroking himself with a glazed expression.

Minister O’Deorain leaned down and grabbed Dae-Hyun’s chin, his body shuddering in ecstasy just from the contact. Her lips were close to his ear, a mocking smirk sent in Hana’s direction. “Would you like that, Mr. Park? You want to watch me punish your little friend? Fuck her in ways you never could?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I’ll even let you come on her face,” She added. “Imagine how lovely she’ll look with your semen staining her skin. I know you’ve told me and Colomar about how it’s one of your fantasies. In fact, you’ve always wanted to pin her down and make love to her while everyone on campus watches, marking her as your own.”

Dae-Hyun nodded, the speed he was pumping his cock getting faster. “Yes, just like that.”

“What would you like her to wear, Dae-Hyun?”

“Nothing at all,” Dae replied. “I want to rip her clothes off and give her my come to wear. All over her tits and ass and her pretty face. She’s so pretty, Mistress.”

“She certainly is,” O’Deorain rewarded his efforts with a kiss on the cheek, a massive golden lipstick print left behind. “Now come.”

Dae-Hyun let out a moan as he messily ejaculated, thick ropes of come shooting out of his cock with a few stray strands marking Hana’s slack jawed face. Hana wanted to scream, to say anything at all, but all she had left were the tears already trailing down her cheeks. Her vision started to blur, losing her footing as she collapsed.

Hana awoke with a start, eyes groggily getting adjusted to the morning light she dreaded to see was coming from the window of the Minister’s office and not her own dorm. Not that she would be safe there, but it would have been easier to write off the incident that knocked her unconscious as a bad dream. “Dae…Dae-Hyun?”

“He’s in class, dear. I apologize for him interrupting our little session, but there’s no better time than now to pick up where we left off.”

The voice that greeted her made her skin crawl until she realized it was the restraints pinning her arms behind a chair that was making her body prickle over. She gave a tug. Nothing. Luckily the only thing made of latex in the room was the straps holding her down, the Minister finally out of the form fitting dress and now a dark turtleneck and slacks that made her look a hell of a lot more modest but no less intimidating. The belt from before was repurposed as a long necklace, the riding crop sitting idly on the desk.

O’Deorain stood by the window with arms folded behind her back, the rising sunlight instead reflecting off thin, naked lips and not the shade of gold she had dawned the night before. She turned her head, her smile unnervingly calm. “Feeling well rested, I’m assuming.”

“I’d kinda prefer a bed,” Hana said, blowing her sweat slicked bangs out of her face. “Not being held hostage helps too.”

“My, you’re not a very grateful guest,” O’Deorain said. “My other option was to strip you naked and tie you down in a spread eagle on my desk. The least I could do was let you keep your modesty after such a long night.”

Hana grimaced at both the description and dreadful reminder of the Minister orchestrating such unhinged control over her closest friend. “Okay, gross, but, if I’m gonna be your guest, at least tell me what the hell is going on. I’m done playing games with you and your little lackeys.”

“Let me start with one simple question, dear: do you feel loved?”


“Do you feel loved?” She repeated.

“Uh…I guess.” Hana replied, not quite sure where this was going.

“I think we can both agree there are those who love and those who are beloved,” She began. “Much like a queen and her subjects or a mother and her children, there are certain hierarchies in the world we cannot deny. And you, Hana, are proving to be an exceptional case of this. You were destined to by fate to be the pinnacle of endless, unmistakable devotion. You have every little student here wrapped around your finger and yet you play it off all so coyly. Me and my colleagues-my sisters as I prefer to address them as-are here to study and absolve the power of love through scientific means.”

“Through…kissing people?”

“I suppose,” O’Deorain said. “Is the saying not ‘true love’s first kiss’? It only seemed appropriate.”

“So, you’re like vampires or something?”

“Is that what you kids are calling it now?” Minister O’Deorain chuckled. “No, no I am a scientist first and foremost, as human as anyone else on this campus. Though I admit, there are some things you lower lifeforms would never fully understand no matter how I put it. Trying to explain it all to you in one sitting would take too much time, and I’m sure you would love to stretch your legs.”

“Even if you untie me, I’m not leaving until you give me answers,” Hana said, standing her ground despite how terrified she really was. “If I’m the only one immune to this stuff than I’ll be the one to stop it.”

Minister O’Deorain laughed, a cruel cackle that revealed just how rotten she truly was. “Immune? How precious! You aren’t immune, Miss Song, you’re merely capable of withstanding the work of my weaker allies. Your ability to process what me and my sisters are up to is an at most minor form of defense. But like even the strongest shields, like those I have destroyed before you, enough pressure and eventually you’ll break.”

“I’m still confused,”

“Are you not the most powerful force of love on this campus? My current experiment relies on ones lack of love in their life, and I’m afraid the devotion the students have pledged to you has given you some resistance to our charms.”

Hana readied herself to speak but stopped when she considered what O’Deorain said. The idea that her own ability to simply be liked by her fellow students granting her temporary immunity was a hard concept to swallow and yet it was probably the least dreadful part of this whole ordeal. She couldn’t say that the appeal of Lacroix and Colomar didn’t at least have a minor effect on her, but unlike the others she at least had some fight to spare. She saw the signs, did something about it, and even that didn’t feel like enough.

Hana stayed silent, letting O’Deorain continue.

“Before I even started this project, I never thought much of cosmetology as a science, but you’d be amazed what a combination of endorphins and basic chemicals in an ordinary tube of lipstick can accomplish,” Moira produced her own tube of lipstick from her pocket, smearing a heavy coat of gold over her lips before rubbing them together and making an audible pop. “Even I had my doubts, but the psychological effects have been astounding.”

“You weaponized endorphins?”

“I suppose that’s the short of it, but it’s a very complex procedure, something you would never understand. All that matters now is a simple cause and effect,” O’Deorain said. “With each kiss, the subject becomes overwhelmed with the sensation of being loved. It’s as if a shot of adrenaline was sent directly into their minds, granting them all the desire and adoration they’ve ever wanted. There’s no drug quite as addictive as the want to be loved by others, to be the center of attention, to be needed.”

“But what about all the brainwashing stuff, like the video Olivia showed everyone?”

“Just some extra procedures to get the point across,” O’Deorain said. “My partners have already found a way to utilize their natural essence of authority over their subjects, and yet you kids are always so easily distracted. What better way to ensure compliance than to override your minds with positive reinforcement,” Minister O’Deorain began simply, stepping away from the window and in front of Hana. “It took some work, but Lacroix and Colomar were given a special genetic makeup to produce a certain array of chemicals to the student body, triggering any reaction they pleased. For Lacroix that is silence and order, for Colomar that is aggression and pride. It does come with the minor side effects of memory loss, but I imagine you’re already familiar with it.”

“And the kissing?”

“It gathers up every little piece of their new biology into a single sample, strong enough to overwhelm one’s own personal desires and make them addicted to getting more. The effects may not be automatic, but that only gives it time to absorb into the tissue and make work of the brain more directly.”

Hana felt her stomach drop, remembering the discreet kiss Lacroix had shared with Brigitte. How quickly it had faded. The horror of knowing Dae-Hyun was subjected to not one but two by now. How both had no memory of anything, the chemicals already worming their way inside and destroying what made them them.

“To kiss is to be loved,” O’Deorain said. “To love is to kiss. To be kissed is to obey.”

“And you did it to yourself, too.” It wasn’t even a question, but a moot point. A dreaded conclusion Hana had left to sulk in.

“My, you are smart!” Minister O’Deorain said. “But, yes, I made some necessary changes to my biology for the sake of this experiment. It be awfully lazy of me to stand on the sidelines. I not only prompt obedience out of my subjects but free reign of the mind, releasing it from all the terrible binds they’ve put on themselves.”

“That’s what you did to Dae-Hyun,” Hana said, her voice low. “Why he said all that.”

“You’d be surprised how much the human mind can relax once you release their inhabitations,” O’Deorain said. “Dae-Hyun would have taken that fantasy of his to the grave, but now it’s out in the open where it belongs.”

“But I never wanted to know that!” Hana said. “Me and Dae have been friends for years and knowing something like this could ruin everything.”

“Then there’s no better time to give him what he wants.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You know now that Dae-Hyun desires more than a friendship,” O’Deorain explained. “Appeal to his wishes, let him fuck you for the whole world to watch.”

Hana grimaced. “You’re sick.”

“It’s society that’s made me ‘sick’, Miss Song.” Miss O’Deorain said, her tone bitter as she placed her hands on her narrow hips. “We live in a generation where meekness and fear are given the same, if not more, respect than those who challenge the constraints of the world. Me and my sisters are only trying to free humanity from this crisis for they too have been shunned for their skills not fitting the molds weaker minds made for them. You see, this campus is teaching and developing the intellect of future leaders, teachers, people who will make all the difference, and I simply wouldn’t be doing my job as Minister if I let them be shaped into what a spineless species desires of them.”

“Oh boo-hoo,” Hana rolled her eyes. “Everyone knew you were crazy and told you to fuck off. What, am I supposed to feel bad for you?”

“No…” O’Deorain said, smiling as she cupped Hana’s face in her hands. “I expect you to submit to me.”   

“Go to hell,”

“Dear Hana, you can’t honestly tell me the sight of my glorious project hasn’t enticed you in the slightest,” O’Deorain puckered her lips just slightly, the shine more obvious in the daylight. “That you haven’t been desperate for a little basic affection, someone who truly cared for you...You want a lover in your life, Hana, not just some mindless fan.”

“Not from you!” Hana tried to reel her head away as much as she could only for O’Deorain to force it back into place.

“It is true that you are loved by the masses, and yet you have no one to hold your hand. No one to caress your naked body in the dark of night, no one to ease your weary soul of the most trivial of worries,” O’Deorain trailed her long nails down Hana’s cheek, teasing the skin there. “I can provide all that for you, Hana. That and more.”

It was then that Hana noticed a forming bulge in O’Deorain’s slacks and she felt her own cunt wink at the hint of gut-wrenching arousal. Hana loathed to admit she was still a virgin in her early adulthood, the prospect of being desired as a sexual being something that never quite pushed past her reputation as cute, petite, and pretty. She may be small and delicate, but she was in need of something far greater than people fawning over her from afar.

She could have so much. So much more. Hana felt her eyelids become heavy, leaning into O’Deorain’s touch.

“Which would you prefer in your mouth first, my love?” O’Deorain proposed, a hand massaging her clothed erection. “My tongue or my cock?”

“I…I want…”

Lacroix and Colomar had such deep, colorful lips and yet O’Deorain’s were still the most tempting, the most perfect and ready for kissing. That shimmering shade of gold beckoning to Hana’s slowly weakening mind, desperate for the blessing of having the Minister’s love. No, her Mistress.

She felt her sight begin to blur again, her vision overpowered by spirals zoning in on her Mistress’ wonderful mouth. “Your tongue,” Hana confessed. “I want you to kiss me, Mistress.”

Chapter Text

Hana’s presence was requested in the Minister’s office in early noon. Not quite twelve p.m., making it just far enough past morning classes for the suspension Minister O’Deorain would leave her alone for the day, but even that was too generous an opportunity for the Minister to ruin. So, it was the awkward time slot of one thirteen that Hana was ordered back to the science building and it was one twenty-five that she arrived.

Despite the sweet time she took to get there, Minister O’Deorain wasn’t all that upset, treating Hana to a deep embrace and long kisses on the cheek and forehead that left massive golden lip prints in their wake. A punishment in its own way as Hana had learn to accept her inevitable fate as the Minister’s personal pet and the kisses had her knees buckling and wetness collecting in her panties, heavy spirals throwing her thoughts into desperate little pleads for more.

She had only come back to her senses by the time Minister O’Deorain had begun their little game and Hana quietly cursed herself for letting the lipstick so quickly overwhelm her common sense. The part of her that knew all of this was insane and that she was better off leaving campus all together at the risk of everyone else’s safety wouldn’t have agreed to now have her toes dangling over a small, ceramic dish that reeked of her fallen cum.

Hana was hung from the ceiling by a hook Moira had specifically crafted for this occasion, her clothing sitting in a pile on the Minister’s desk with only the rope burn on her wrists and the prints of Moira’s riding crop on her skin to compensate.

All the while, Moira would fondle the perky meatiness of her ass, grabbing handfuls of the sensitive flesh before letting it drop and bounce as she pleased, casually prompting ideas of depositing a butt plug that sported a fluffy white tail at the end.

“And it’s so adorable,” Moira had said. “But I’d hate to use all of my toys on you in just one day. After all, we do have a whole semester ahead of us.”

Hana’s breasts would receive the same treatment, the leathery length of the crop being held up under her small tits as she commented on their meager size. “My, your about as small as I am. Olivia would disagree with me, but I personally think smaller breasts have their benefits-” She then slapped Hana’s left breast with an open hand. “-more sensitive.”

Oddly enough, Minister O’Deorain-or, Moira, as Hana came to realize was her captor’s first name-had chosen something just a little less bizarre this day. No less erotically charged or flamboyant, but at least with a consistent theme and simplicity Hana could recognize.

Once again, an outfit of latex. Once again, form fitting and made of a shiny blackness. But this time it presented itself in a bodysuit covering every inch of Moira’s long, lanky frame aside from her pointed face and spiked hair. The only returning accessory, her weapon of choice, a riding crop more fit for horses than college students.

The unnecessary extra height from her shoes were now platform boots rather than stilettos, a different brand of the borderline gimmicky dominatrix role play Moira was so eager to rope Hana into.

And the worse of it was that even the rational part of Hana was being aroused by such blatant abuse. As a virgin who had at most gotten a little tingly from a drunken make out session with a graduate and would open incognito tabs for porn videos she knew by name every so often, she couldn’t say she had an accurate comparison to whatever she was feeling now.

Her mind was straddling a tight rope of quiet obedience and internalized rage and yet the part that enjoyed feeling cum slip past her thighs and drop lazily into such an expensive dish made her excited. It was the mind control, it had to be, but why was she cumming more than she ever had in her life?

Moira hadn’t even penetrated her, let alone given Hana the permission to suck their cock in the one day she had pledged submission, and yet her body yearned for more cracks of the crop against her sensitive skin. She wanted more foul words whispered into her ear from those tantalizing lips, knowing that a mere kiss from them was the only thing to throw her back into a sleepy daze.

She never realized just how nice it felt to forget. To be treated so poorly, to cum this much in so little time and still want more of it. No, no! Fucking hell, Song! This is wrong. You know it’s wrong.

There it was again, the part that hated all this. The part that knew she deserved better than to be someone’s weird sex slave. Hell, for anyone on campus to be at the will of these women, for that matter.

A killjoy but the rush of reality she needed whenever the heavy fog cleared away.

Though perhaps a little too idealistic given their situation, Hana had a glimmer of hope that her and Brigitte could possibly bump uglies after getting to know each other better. Their friendship was little more than a few casual exchanges at this point, but Hana made fans fast and friends within a week or two.

In the heat of her embarrassment, thinking about being able to talk to Brigitte over Nano Cola and a movie, going about rebuilding Tokki to its full glory and sharing pie during break, kept her swiveling mind a little closer to earth than what Moira’s mental bondage would allow. It wasn’t much, but easier a splinter to tend to than an open wound.

A harsh slap of the crop against Hana’s ass had her jolting out of her thoughts, Moira not being one who liked to be ignored for long. “I asked you a question, pet.”

“Wh-What, you did?”

Moira shook her head, clicking her tongue. “Dazing out again, I see. Very well,”

Moira trapped Hana’s head between her hands, planting a long kiss against Hana’s lips. Hana felt her cunt twitch, more wetness building despite how much she had already come before.

As if a secret ingredient had been spliced into her saliva-even more likely given the technical science of the whole operation-Hana felt her body slump and relax as much as it could given her restraints.

Heavy spirals overtook her vision, eyes rolling back in ecstasy as her mouth merely stayed opened like the peddle on a trash can. Those glossy, colorful lips soon pulled away, Hana’s vision zoning in on the luscious shine their combined saliva had created.

“There, much better. Now, allow me to ask you again: Do you love me?”

“I submit to you, Mistress.” Hana said simply, all signs of resistance temporarily drained from her speech. “But I don’t love you.”

“Oh, but submission and love are all the same in my book,” Moira propped herself down in her desk chair she had pulled into the center of the room, letting her sit comfortably in-between what felt like hours of Hana’s egregious session.

“For true submission to another is the ability to love, isn’t it? The willingness to strip yourself bare of all your personal bonds, to become small and vulnerable for the one single person who deserves it-that is the love I know.”

“That doesn’t sound right,” Hana said, feeling an inkling of her true voice returning though the spirals had yet to subside from her vision. “I’ve never been like that with my family or friends. Even with just little crushes, I always knew it was all about compromise.”

“Friends are temporary, Hana. Fans even more so,” Moira said with a roll of her eyes, crossing her legs. “Love is eternal, though I see I must further clarify only a certain kind of love. The love I seek is the willingness to sacrifice yourself to someone else, to become part of one another. I want our love to be inseparable, to the point you might just die if you aren’t close to me.”

Hana furrowed her brow. “…But, that doesn’t sound like love at all.”

“If my plan commences as I hope it will, then I’m certain the rest of the world will have more than enough time to debate this topic,” Moira said. “And I must ask, but who do you love, Hana? Dae-Hyun? He’s more of a lackey in my humble opinion. Your ‘bitch boy’ as Olivia would say, ‘une petite chienne’ to Amélie.”

“N-no, I’d never call him that.”

Moira let out a loud and cruel laugh, “Oh, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for the Swedish girl?! She’s awfully cute but it’s only been a day, my dear! Technically you and I have more history than you two ever will!” Moira continued to laugh, throwing her head back at what Hana assumed was supposed to be a joke.

She stopped herself soon enough, a finger to her chin in contemplation as she smirked.

“Unless, of course, you already feel as though you’re entitled to her love…” A spark carried over the woman’s mismatched eyes, something malevolent in her smile as she stood, her pace slow as she approached Hana.

“Yes, that’s it, isn’t it? You are so used to everyone groveling in your presence that the mere sight of a new victim gets you excited. Another prisoner to your love. Someone to assimilate into your little cult of followers. Give it time and she’ll be on her hands and knees as quick as Dae-Hyun was. Right, Hana?”

“No, that’s not it at all! I’m not some psycho like you!”

“Don’t belittle yourself, pet. I must commend you for understanding how this all really works,” Moira continued, roughly grabbing Hana’s chin and pulling her face closer to her own. “The domination and control one must carry to be an adequate lover aren’t skills many can acquire so easily. Even I had to take extra precautions to ensure me and my sisters could even step foot on this campus again, all you had to do was exist.”

The cold look Moira overwhelmed Hana’s gaze which shook some sense back into her half-paralyzed mind, shaking her head briefly enough to warn off the enchantment for what would hopefully be another few minutes.

“You do realize I’ll never agree with you, right? You can’t even keep me brainwashed for longer than an hour which I imagine can’t be all that easy for a love slave or whatever the hell you want,” Hana said. “I know I’m not immune but I sure as hell have something others don’t, and I imagine it’s driving you crazy by now.”

Moira laughed to herself, playing with a strand of Hana’s hair between her fingers.

“Quite the contrary, Miss Song. You like games, right? I’m practically a fossil now, but even I know that confronting the hardest challenges and most devastating opponents in your little digital sphere doesn’t mean you should give up, but that you should try harder than before to defeat them,” Moira said. “The world of science has quite a bit in common with it. You run into a problem, you try and fail to solve it a million times over, until eventually you find the missing…uh, key or cheat code or whatever it is you call it, to, hmm, get your new hat at the end of the level.”

“Okay, now you’re just trying to piss me off.”

“The point is that I have a reputation of being stubborn in my field, and when Oasis was the only community willing to accept that, I was able to truly find my calling and put my theory into action. Some people may have gotten hurt during this transition, some more than others, but what matters is that I got what I wanted,” Moira said. “Isn’t that what you kids call ‘leveling up’?”

“It’s more like you changed the difficulty.”

“Fair enough,” Moira finally untied Hana from the ceiling but kept the rope in place around her wrists, the loose end working as a leash of sorts. “But I must ask if all this you’ve left for me disproves your statement.”

She leaned down and picked up the dish, still sticky with cum. Hana blushed as she realized just how much there was, enough to form a small little pool of clear fluid that made an audible slosh as Moira gently shook the dish side to side.

“T-That doesn’t mean anything! Anyone can get hot and bothered from being whipped around a little.”

“But how much is normal and how much is love for the person doing it to you?” Moira placed the plate closer to Hana’s mouth, the foul scent wafting its way into her direction. “If you’re so embarrassed, you may as well get rid of the evidence.”

“You…you want me to-”

“You said it yourself. Your reaction wasn’t special, it was all natural. It’s entirely up to you, dear.”

“You’re as fucked up as I thought if you think I’m gonna drink my own jizz.”

Moira cocked her head, her smile unfazed. “I see. Then I might just keep this on my desk for everyone to enjoy. Some flower petals on top and I’m sure it won’t look much different than some abstract art. I think I’ll title it….’Hana Song’s Undying Submission.’”

Hana felt a cold sweat slipping down her brow, Moira knowing fully well she’d never let such a thing happen. She may have lost her title to Jamison but everyone in school and even the faculty members seeing her cum as a memorial to her resistance? Too much. She couldn’t allow it.

Hana shivered, shaky hands taking the plate to see a murky reflection looking back at her. Disgusting. She was disgusting. But she figured this would be better than to let Moira possess something so vital. Moira already had a tightening grip on her mind, letting her own her cum would only add fuel to the fire, something she’d never forgive herself for doing.

She felt her mouth dry out as she titled the dish back, parting her lips just enough to let a slow trickle enter without really tasting it on her tongue. That didn’t make the texture any less nauseating, warm and sticky in thick globs she could feel slide down her throat. Tears stung her eyes as she dropped the plate to the floor, dry heaving into her hand.

“Son of a bitch,” She uttered, but she didn’t know if she was talking to Moira or herself at this point.

“Hana, there you are! What’s going on? I haven’t seen you all day.”

“It’s nothing,”

“Hana, I know we just met but I even I don’t think this is normal,” Brigitte sat down at the same table Hana was slouched over, the food court now dark and abuzz with a few students talking and passing around liquor.

With no one checking ID’s, Hana was able to secure an entire pack of beers to herself and occupy her usual spot for breaks, already making her way through a third cold draft that should have been making her stomach churn. She didn’t even like beer that much and yet the tartness was a lot more satisfying than the lukewarm cum she had to swallow earlier.

Brigitte seemed to notice, expression worried as she saw another empty can join the pile forming in front of Hana. “You kinda disappeared after the match and you didn’t show up on campus all day. I got really worried.”

“Well, I’m here now.”

“That’s not really what matters,” Brigitte said, pulling the pack of cans aside before Hana could reach for another. “Don’t get mad, but me and Dae-Hyun have been talking and we think something’s bothering you. He knows you a lot better than I do so I took his word for it that you aren’t acting right.”

Hana rolled her eyes. “He’s not exactly someone I’d go to for advice right now, Brigitte.”

“You know we’re just worried,” Brigitte said, resting a strong hand on Hana’s shoulder. Hana finally acknowledged Brigitte with a look, the beautiful new student she had formed such a quick crush on just as stunning at night. “Why don’t we talk about it? Whatever it is, I’m sure we can work it out.”

That warm honey gaze was so comforting and compassionate that Hana almost fell into her own trap. Brigitte was clearly a kind, loving person and yet the influence overwhelming her would just make Hana’s explanation sound like mad ramblings. There was no point. She was done trying to explain everything to people who wouldn’t listen-couldn’t listen was more like it.

Just knowing that a Brigitte out of an erotic trance could be this kind and empathetic made Hana all the angrier, wondering just how sweet of a girlfriend they could be in another life.

Just like Dae-Hyun, Brigitte was tainted, ruined by something foul and impure but didn’t have the foresight to do anything about it. And Hana knew that one day she would become one of them. Oblivious and empty and quietly playing along with Mistress-er, Moira’s games for the sake of some scientific rhetoric being proven.

As Hana took in the scene around her, a small group of a friends from a club she wasn't part of, she thought about the tranquility of it all.

The power of ignorance, to be oblivious to the evils working their way into the school and still go about things as if you had a million more days to spare. Those in the heat of it all were just as happy, happy enough to be concerned about her own pointless mental health. 

Dae-Hyun could cum buckets on Hana's face one day and be back to chatting with the transfer student she had a pointless crush on the next. And Brigitte....God.

Hana's heart sank as she considered what Lacroix considered to be an adequate use of her plaything. Dae-Hyun may have been the designated Stretch Armstrong at the moment but Brigitte was viewed as the same disposable cog. Moira would always insist otherwise, but Hana's place here, her value as a human being, was becoming more and more trivial as the days went by. 

“You wouldn’t understand. I'll see you tomorrow.”

Hana gently pushed off Brigitte’s hand and grabbed the pack off the table, making her way back to her dorm with the sting of Moira’s crop still irritating her skin in the middle of the warm night.

With five beers left to finish before she puked the day out of her system and anyone with authority away for the day, she had all night to drink herself into temporary amnesia and spend the morning next to her toilet. Getting wasted in the privacy of your own dorm was the pinnacle of college life so it wasn’t like she was doing anything wrong.

She stumbled into her dorm room, letting out a small yelp when she saw someone who wasn’t her roommate occupying it. The Oasis light system had already triggered their presence, the dim lighting of a few lamps revealing the foreboding nature of their presence.

The person before her could only be defined by the shape of their body as every other noticeable detail that would let Hana in on her intruder’s identity was concealed by a rubber suit covered in multiple white spirals. Solid black and shiny with dumb boots like Moira’s but their posture and physique was all wrong.

They were too short, breasts a little near average as opposed to near nonexistent, and the few contours Hana could make out through the mask didn’t have Moira’s distinct nose or her long chin. Hana had yet to see Moira’s cock in the flesh, though she could assume that the strap on protruding from the front matched the girth of Moira’s own impressive dick print.

Still not Moira, though. Hana knew faces, not figures, and even here she was drawing a blank.

She ought to be a lot more scared and yet her only feeling at the moment was at most mild irritation.

“If you’re one of Moira’s lackeys, you can leave me alone.” An underwhelming statement given the intruder could have easily meant her harm, but Hana’s hangover in the morning would be quick to call that out. “What kind of gimp suit is that, anyway? You don’t even have eye holes. And where is the zipper? Can you piss in that?”

No answer.

“I guess you aren’t allowed to talk or something,” Hana said. “Well if you’re looking for someone to give you a good time, you won’t find it here.”

She undid a can from one of the plastic rings, putting it on the nearby desk as a sort of peace offering. “You probably heard I had booze. I know I can’t really drink yet but cut me some slack. I had a long day.”

The figure at least noticed the beer can though only with a slight swivel of the head, not seeming to care much for it or take a step closer in its direction. Hana was trapped between them and the automatic door that had already shut itself closed, the open hallway still an option if she wanted to escape, and yet she didn’t move an inch.

Blame it on her drinking or the kissing, but she just couldn’t quite work up the motivation to be scared for her life. Whoever this was clearly had something so heinous in store for her they had to conceal their identity and yet her only concern was if they had tracked any mud inside.

For whatever reason, Hana couldn’t help but find this all oddly funny. She hadn’t laughed this hard and long in a while and it felt so incredible. Even before all of this mess happened, even before she even went to college, she never found anything else to be quite as funny as this.

“Oh yeah, I get it! You’re here to fuck with me, too! Everyone is! It all makes sense now.”

The figure in the suit didn’t flinch though Hana could still feel the ghost of their eyes watching her, silently following her uneven steps as she closed the distance between them, an accusatory finger in their direction.

“It’s like Silent Hills, that game Konami fucked up. You know the one. Anyway, it’s like I’m stuck in a house that keeps repeating and repeating and repeating and I can never fucking leave because someone has it out for me,” Hana said, knowing she was grasping for straws with the comparison. “And I’ve gotta gauge someone’s eyes out in a photo or a fridge full of blood is gonna fall on me…that’s what happens. It’s a secret ending. Look it up.”

Still no response. How rude! And right after Hana just came up with a convincing lie whatever dipshit was running Game Theory now would totally eat up. Hana pouted. “You suck. Everything sucks now, but you especially.”

Hana stumbled to her bed, flopping on her back. The figure at least turned themselves around now to watch, what was likely a look of confusion or satisfaction under the mask. “But I know what you’re here for, buddy. It seems to be the only thing on anyone’s mind right now. If I give you what you want, you’ll leave.”

She undid her shorts, pulling it down with her panties. “I know I don’t have big tits or much of an ass. Hell, Moira’s a walking bean pole and she’s still got bigger hips than me. What a bummer.”

Hana pulled her shirt and bra up high enough to leave her breasts exposed. “Maybe if you fuck me I’ll turn into a real woman like Olivia. She’s actually real hot, but I’d never tell her to her face.”

Hana spread her legs open. “Come on, while I’m still raw from being whipped all day.”

After what felt like another few minutes, it only took a few careful steps for them to come closer, straddling Hana’s hips down to the bed with hands on either side of her head.

They angled their dick at her entrance, slowly pushing in without the consideration of using lube. Hana was plenty wet already through some sort of sick anticipation for all of this-being violated by a faceless goon likely sent to torment her. What a deliciously awful way to have her virginity taken. Maybe they’d beat her and rob her later, break their silence and call her a whore in between thrusts.

Choke her. Spit on her.

“That’s it, this is what you wanted…” Hana wrapped her legs around their waist, pulling them closer despite her pussy already struggling to contain the size of the toy.

Hana was being fucked so deeply, every nerve in her neglected cunt on fire as the slickness of the suit’s fake cock kept her nice and full. She didn’t even complain about how the stretch was hurting her abdomen and how the suited stranger was fucking her in a way more suited for someone with experience.

All the better, Hana thought, eyes fixated on the sway of the stranger’s breasts. She could make out a pair of nice round nipples through the fabric, the deep spiral design creating a hypnotic effect around the center as it jiggled in time with each push of their hips.

Hana felt a combination of the alcohol and the moving spiral pattern lull her into a state of calmness, a wave of drowsiness washing over her mind as the spirals kept her vision hazy yet laser focused. Just tits and cocks and cum and kisses and lipstick and rubber and whipping and Mistress and-

She gasped as their hands moved to grab her wrists, leaning down closer and further smothering Hana’s face in the valley of the stranger’s cleavage, their thrusts becoming deeper as their strap on just got a little closer to her lower stomach with each push.

Hana whimpered, tears of relief trickling down as she could feel her orgasm building.

Hana pushed her head back into the softness of her bed, cunt tightening around the strap on as she came loudly, calling out for her Mistress before blacking out.