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Not Your Traditional Facility

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Teen Wolf they belong to their creator. I own Evelyn Hale and anything/anyone else you don't recognise.  


Not Your Traditional Facility

Chapter 01: An Introduction

Evelyn 'Evie' Hale (nee Argent) the oldest of Chris and Victoria's children, was adopted at age three after her birthday parents couldn't take care of her any more. When she turned eight her little sister Allison was born. Evie decided to become a therapist/counsellor when she was eighteen, which was also the year her parents adopted Theo. She met Derek Hale on her twentieth birthday, which led to her find out that her Aunt Kate had raped him. Evie never liked her Aunt Kate as she'd spent most of the time picking on her. Evie started working with her mother and mother-in-law at the age of twenty-eight at the Beacon Hills Rehabilitation and Psychiatric Facility (The Facility). They have two children a fourteen year old, Xander and three year old Sophie.
(born in 1987, adopted in 1990, met Derek in 2007 married in 2009 became a licensed therapist in 2015)

Derek Stephen Hale, second oldest child of Talia and David. He met Evie Argent at the age of nineteen and married her two years later. He was raped and taken advantage of at the age of sixteen by Evie's Aunt Kate, but only told his sister Laura who in turn told her their parents. He was working as a mechanic when he met Evie. Derek could have done anything he wanted with what his mother did but he chose to work with his hands while studying. Derek occasionally helped out with the physiotherapy sessions. They have two children a fourteen year old, Xander and three year old Sophie. Boyd and Isaac moved in with Derek and Evie after they graduated high school, before Boyd moved out with Erica.
(born 1988, married Evie 2009)

Staff Sergeant Theodore 'Theo' Raeken was adopted into the Argent's family at the age of ten he never thought that he'd get close to his two older sisters. His birth parents and older sister Tara died in a car accident that nearly took his life as well. It may have taken his sister but he received her heart which saved his life from the same accident. Evelyn Argent, the oldest of Chris and Victoria's two daughters was often who Theo went to, as she spent the most time with him when their parents were busy. Allison, his other sister was the one he went to if people were picking on him at school. At sixteen he nearly lost Allison after she was shot in drive-by. When Theo turned nineteen he enrolled in the army, eight years later he was medically discharged after his convoy was hit. He lost his left leg above the knee, and his right leg below the knee.
(born in 1994 adopted in 2004, joined the army in 2013 medically discharged in 2022)

Allison McCall (nee Argent), the middle child of Chris and Victoria Argent. She met her husband Scott McCall when she was seventeen after their family moved to Beacon Hills. That same year Allison nearly died after being shot by a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting. After finishing High School she joined their father at Argent Arms. Allison and Scott married when they turned 25, they have two year old twins Vanessa and Millie. Her best friend Lydia Martin works with her mother. Allison is the most protective over both of her siblings.
(born in 1994, married in 2019, twins born in 2022)

Victoria and Christopher 'Chris' Argent, married soon after they both turned eighteen years old. They adopted Evie when she was three and a half. In 1994 they had their daughter Allison. By 2004 Victoria was a licensed psychiatrist, and Chris was a federally licensed arms dealer running Argent Arms. They also adopted Theo in 2004 after his parents and sister died. Chris wasn't surprised when Allison decided on following in his footsteps as she had shown more of an interest as a child. Allison almost died in a drive-by shooting when she was seventeen. Victoria was surprised when Evie decided on becoming a therapist/counsellor. Victoria started working with Talia Hale after their children married. They became grandparents for the first time in 2010 to Derek and Evie's son. Son-in-law Derek Hale works as a mechanic and physiotherapist, while son-in-law Scott McCall works as Veterinarian.
(both born 1970, married in 1989, adopted Evie in 1990, had Allison in 1994, adopted Theo in 2004)

Talia and David Hale, married in 1985 and had their daughter Laura that same year. Three years later they had their son Derek in 1988 and their youngest daughter Cora in 1994. Talia became a psychologist in 1999 while David became a high school teacher. They became grandparents for the first time in 2010 to Derek and Evie's son. Talia and Victoria Argent started working together sometime after their children married. David wasn't sure about Derek's decision to marry am Argent, however after speaking with Evie and finding out that her family was nothing like her Aunt Kate they were okay with it. Adopted Vernon Boyd and Isaac Lahey in 2011 after Cora found Boyd alone without a home; and Derek found Isaac being abused by his father.
(born 1966, married 1985, daughter Laura born same year, Derek born 1988, Cora born 1994, adopted Boyd & Isaac 2011)

Laura Hale, oldest child of Talia and David Hale. Born shortly after her parents married, decided to follow her own path which saw her become a Lawyer at the age of 34. She was one of Beacon Hills best, working with Deucalion Black. Laura wanted to warn Derek not to get involved with an Argent again, but that changed after she saw the way that Evie was around him and that Evie wasn't an Argent by blood only by name. Only after thoroughly looking into Victoria, Chris and Evie did she let her mother partner with Victoria. Protective over her younger brothers and sister. Laura was 3 when Derek as born, and 9 when Cora was born. Laura is in a relationship with Jordan Parrish.
(born 1985, became a lawyer 2019)

Cora Hale, the middle child of Talia and David, after they adopted two teenage boys slightly younger than her in the same year. Cora followed in her fathers footsteps and decided on becoming a Phys Ed teacher at Beacon Hills High School. She started dating Lydia Martin in their senior year of High School. Cora became close friends with Allison and Theo after Derek married their sister.
(born 1994, became a teacher in 2020)

Vernon Boyd and Isaac Lahey, both adopted by Talia and David in 2011. Isaac after it was determined that his father was unfit to care for him after the abuse was discovered. Isaac from the age of twelve was locked in a freezer if he didn't live up to his fathers standards; was also physically and mentally abused. Boyd decided to become a nurse so that he could help Isaac. Isaac continued to help Scott and Doctor Deaton at the Animal Clinic. Isaac had been slowly going blind after his father decide throw glass at him. Boyd sticks close Isaac because of this. Boyd was found by Cora one afternoon after school; while Isaac was found crying and bleeding in an alleyway by Derek. Boyd married Erica Reyes in 2021.
(both born 1994, adopted 2011, Boyd became a RN in 2018)

Sergeant Mieczyslaw 'Stiles' Stilinski, the only child of Claudia and Sheriff Noah Stilinski. Was best-friends with Scott McCall from the age of 4 years old. Stiles joined the Pre-FBI program after High School, before deciding on joining the army after two-years. During that time the only people that he kept in contact with were Scott and his father. Sure both of them told him what had been happening while he was going on but he was still surprised by what he came home to. Stiles was medically discharged from the army after just over eight years with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a damaged left shoulder restricting movement and a shattered right knee. Stiles played lacrosse in high school with Boyd, Isaac, Jackson Whittemore, Danny Mahealani, Corey Bryant, Liam Dunbar and Scott.
(born 1994, joined pre-FBI 2013, joined army 2015 medically discharged early 2024)

Sheriff Noah Stilinski, widower of Claudia who died in 2004. Noah has been the Sheriff of Beacon Hills for the last twenty years. Noah joined the military out of high school. Sometime in the early nineties he married Claudia and they had their only son Stiles in 1994. Currently in a long term relationship with Melissa McCall.
(born 1966, joined army in 1983/84, married Claudia in 1992, became Sheriff in 2004)

Deputy Sheriff Jordan Parrish, good friends with Derek Hale and previously Camden Lahey. Jordan joined the army straight out of high-school 2005 where he served with Camden Lahey for four years. He was an Explosive Ordinance Disposal technician - he served two years in Afghanistan where he nearly died but was saved barely by Camden who died in his place. Jordan moved to Beacon Hills sometime in 2011 where he met and befriended Derek and Evie. He started seeing Talia some time in 2013 when he started hallucinating at work before seeing Evie in 2015. Jordan is in a relationship with Laura.
(born 1987, joined the military in 2005, joined the BHSD in 2011)

Lydia Martin, only child of Natalie Martin. Has known Scott and Stiles since she was a child. She's been best-friends with Allison since sophomore year of high school in 2011, she later met Cora Hale before she started seeing her in their senior year. Lydia became a psychologist/therapist 2022, where she joined the Argents and Hales at the Beacon Hills Rehabilitation Centre and Psychiatric Facility. Lydia's mother Natalie is current principal of Beacon Hills High School.
(born 1994, graduated high school 2013, started seeing Cora 2013, became a psychologist in 2022)

Melissa McCall, ex-wife of Rafael McCall. Mother of Scott, and mother-in-law of Allison. Grandmother to Allison and Scott's twins. Melissa has been an ER Nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial for over twenty years. Melissa helped to train Boyd and his wife Erica when they decided to become nurses after high school. She's in a long term relationship with Noah Stilinski. Rafael left Melissa when Scott was a small child after pushing him down the stairs during an argument. Rafael is an FBI agent that rarely contacts his son.
(born 1971 & 1970, Melissa became an ER nurse in the 1990's, Rafael an FBI agent in the the late 1990s)

Scott McCall, only child of Melissa and Rafael. Scott's been friends with Stiles since he was four years old. Played lacrosse with Danny, Jackson, Stiles, Isaac, Boyd, Corey Bryant and Liam Dunbar. He worked at the Animal Clinic with Doctor Alan Deaton during high school. He and Allison started dating in their sophomore year, that same year she nearly died. They married at the age of twenty five, and currently have two year old twins. Scott attended Berkeley University becoming a veterinarian and beginning to work alongside Deaton.
(born 1994, married Allison 2019, licensed Vet in 2021, twins born 2022)

Peter Hale, younger brother of Talia. Brother-in-law to David, uncle to Laura, Derek and Cora; adoptive uncle to Boyd and Isaac. Father to Malia, Peter is every bit the playboy though deep down he cares about his daughter and his family. Peter collects and sells antiques on the side while being a respected Doctor.
(born 1972, daughter Malia born 1994, licensed doctor 2009)

Malia Tate/Hale, only child of Peter Hale – was adopted by the Tate's before she met Peter at the age of seventeen. Malia was a voluntary patient at the psychiatric hospital determining that she needed help on her own terms suffering from severe anxiety in social situations. Peter had been the one to talk with his daughter about what was going on, it was only then that she talked with her aunt. Malia works part time at a cafe when she's under control and with her partner Kira Yukimura. Began seeing Kira in 2018.
(born 1994)

Kira Yukimura, only child of Noshiko and Ken. Kira moved to Beacon Hills in their junior year where she met Malia who had started at Beacon Hills Highs School at the same time as her. Kira works part time a bakery while teaching self-defence classes. She and Malia began seeing each other in 2018.
(born 1994)

Erica Reyes, only child of Mr and Mrs Reyes. Erica fell in love with and married Vernon Boyd after they finished high-school. Erica looked up to Melissa as a child, as she was always kind to her whenever she was taken in due to her epilepsy. Erica, like Boyd became a nurse and started working at The Facility.
(born 1995, married 2021)

Aiden and Ethan Steiner, the twins. During junior year Ethan dated Danny Mahealani before moving to London where he met Jackson Whittemore; that same year Aiden dated Lydia Martin. After finishing high-school both decided that would either work security or become bodyguards. What they didn't count on was Ethan being ambushed and severely injured one evening. Their legal guardian since they were fifteen has been Deucalion Black.
(born 1993)

Danny Mahealani, left Beacon Hills High School in their junior year where he moved to San Francisco with his parents. He was on the lacrosse team with Scott, Jackson, Stiles, Isaac, Boyd, and Liam. Started his own IT business after graduation, and currently does freelance work with the Beacon Hills Sheriff's department and The Facility. He's still best-friends with Jackson.
(born 1994, freelance 2018)

Jackson Whittemore, adoptive son of the Whittemore's. Jackson moved to London at the end of their Junior year where he met Ethan Steiner. During sophomore year of high school he dated Lydia Martin. After high school he became a lawyer, like his adoptive father. He currently works alongside Deucalion and Laura. Currently in a relationship with Ethan. He was on the lacrosse team with Scott, Danny, Stiles, Isaac, Boyd and Liam.
(born 1994, lawyer 2023)

Liam Dunbar, the only child of Jenna and Doctor David Geyer. Liam went to both Devenford Prep and Beacon Hills High School where he played Lacrosse. He has been best-friends with Mason Hewitt since he was a child. Liam was currently a the assistant lacrosse teacher at Beacon Hills, due to take over after Coach Bobby Finstock retires. Liam is also close friends with Theo and Corey Bryant. Liam's step-father David is a doctor at Beacon Hills Memorial, while his mother is a home-maker.
(born 1996)

Mason Hewitt, only son of Mr and Mrs Hewitt. Has been best-friends with Liam since he was a child. Mason started seeing Corey Bryant in their junior year at Beacon Hills High School. During Mason's sixth year at university he started to volunteer at The Facility at the recommendation of Evie. He started working with them midway through 2023. Corey and Mason married in 2021.
(born 1996, married 2021, licensed therapist mid 2023).

Corey Bryant, oldest child of Mr and Mrs Bryant. Corey met Mason in their junior year at Beacon Hills High School, and subsequently started seeing him. He was on the lacrosse team with Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Boyd and Liam. Corey works three days a week at a bakery and two days a week at the Beacon Hills Rehabilitation & Psychiatric Facility in the kitchen; a practice he picked up in high school working two jobs.
(born 1996, married 2021)

Alan Deaton and Marin Morrell. Siblings, Alan is the owner and head veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. Marin works as a French teacher at the High School, along with school counsellor. Marin occasionally calling the Facility to ask for help when they have difficulty with a student.
(born 1968, and 1975)

Deucalion Black, family lawyer for the Hales and Argents. Deucalion has known Talia Hale since the early nineties. He is also the legal guardian of Ethan and Aiden Steiner.
(born 1969, became a lawyer in 1999)