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Chaton Noir

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A loud scream pierced the otherwise calm atmosphere of the bakery.


“Tikki! What is this?!” The source of the scream shouted in a panicked state, gesturing at the ‘this’ in question.


“Marinette, I told you that magic is not a toy!”


“I just wanted to add a bit of shine to the doll’s eyes, I didn’t think it would do this!


This was a now living Chat Noir doll capable of moving without any human hands or outside influence. It looked around in confusion and awe at its new existence in a way that was downright adorable if Marinette wasn’t too busy panicking to fully appreciate it.


Tikki was less than sympathetic. “Well, it does. It’s the power of creation. It’s meant to give life to things.”


The girl groaned. “Tikki, what do I DO?!”


“It’s your responsibility.” Tikki replied. “You’ll have to take care of him. He’s alive now. Unless you intend to change that.”


The ‘him’ in question stared up at the two in growing horror, his little mouth beginning to wobble.


Marinette gasped at that and surged forward, hands up in a peaceful gesture as she attempted to calm him. “No, no! I wouldn’t hurt you! I was just shocked, that’s all! Please don’t cry!”


He rubbed at his little button-like eyes as he looked up at the girl, making her heart melt.


He then held up his little plush hands in indication of clearly wanting to be held, making her heart a puddle of goo.


Marinette caved.


“Okay. It’s okay.” She murmured as she picked him up. She sent a ‘look’ at Tikki, who simply gave a shrug in response.


The Chat Noir doll remained unaware of this silent interaction in favor of enjoying the warmth and remaining creation magic from his creator. He gave a tiny purr, rather liking the affection and the steady thrumming of her heartbeat.


Marinette sighed, resigning herself to her new houseguest and her apparent role of a mother-figure to a toy she accidentally brought to life. There was just one other problem…


“Chat Noir can never know about this.” Marinette muttered.


“…at least he’s cute.”